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Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream 6ml

3.5 of 46 reviews


4 instalments of $3.75


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4 instalments of $3.75


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  • 20s
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  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream

Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream

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3.5 of 46 reviews

68% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love how my lips feel


This is very very hydrating. The texture isn’t like a normal lip balm but more of a cream. It sinks into the lips very quickly and works a charm! Very happy I found it!

Most Helpful Criticism

herbal scent and taste


this was a miss for me, I wasn't a fan of the herbal scent and taste
  1. Treatment not balm


    I purchased this thinking it would be more like a gloss or balm and wasn't sure if i liked it at first. BUT now that I realise it is supposed to be a thick and creamy treatment, I Iove it! It soaks into my lips right away and leaves them feeling so hydrated!
    My only issue is that every time I take the lid off, the product continually squirts out of the tube until I have to put the lid back on! Maybe my tube was a dud..
    Will purchase again!
  2. Love how my lips feel


    This is very very hydrating. The texture isn’t like a normal lip balm but more of a cream. It sinks into the lips very quickly and works a charm! Very happy I found it!
  3. Great for everyone


    I love to use this at night time and apply a nice thick layer.to my dry lips. It soaks in nicely overnight and leaves you with nice, soft and hydrated lips in the morning.
  4. herbal scent and taste


    this was a miss for me, I wasn't a fan of the herbal scent and taste
  5. good product


    This is not like any other lip product I've used before- it has a creamy texture and feels weird on the lips- it leaves a white cast and also dries down like a hand cream would. love using a night
  6. Weird but I like it


    This lip cream is exactly what it says it is, a moisturiser for the lips, has the consistency of a light face cream, I like to put it on after a shower and let it absorb then apply a balm, a teeny tiny amount is all that’s needed. At first I wasn’t sure about the scent, I generally have the same reaction with all Aesop products, but it’s grown on me.
  7. Incredibly good


    This is kind of weird... it’s not like a balm at all. It’s sort of like a cream moisturiser for your lips. It’s really really moisturising and my lips soak it up right away, I absolutely love it. So worth the money and I’ll continue to purchase it!
  8. A cream, not a balm


    I bought this lip cream thinking that it would protect my lips like a balm, so I was surprised when my lips absorbed it the first time I put it on.
    Once I figured out it was more of a treatment/daily cream, I could see that it was actually great.
    I had ultra dry, cracked lips the first time I tried it (Melbourne winter and not drinking enough water that day) and as soon as I put it on, the appearance of my lips had improved and they no longer hurt.

    I use this cream morning/night and now when my lips are a little dry, they don't crack or look horrible.
  9. Good lip moisteriser


    This lip cream is amazing but isn't so much a balm. It dries so wouldn't use this as a base for lipstick. I use it every night before I go to sleep and my lips are so soft. Great in winter when lips can become cracked.
  10. Visible improvement


    I seem to suffer from dry lips, and this is the only product I’ve seen consistent improvement with. I apply at night before bed, and lips feel healed in the morning. Sometimes I apply before my morning make-up routine, but I give the cream time to set before applying anything to the lips. Very visible improvement, and the tube lasts a long time, so good value.
  11. Odd lip balm


    Odd lip balm. More of a moisturiser rather than lip balm. Odd scent.
  12. Great!!


    I love using before a night out when I am planning on wearing a matte lip as it really works. Isn't the nicest tasting or smelling though, but in my opinion it is worth it!
  13. Effective but an acquired taste!


    This is unlike any other lip product I've used before- it has the texture of an eye cream (creamy but not oily/slippery like lip balms tend to be) and feels quite odd on the lips- it leaves a white cast and also dries down like a hand cream would. I quite like the herbal scent, but the taste is not nice at all. I think this is best used before bed- or left on to dry and then wiped off with a cotton pad before applying any other products on top. It does leave the lips feeling nourished but is not as easy to use as other lip balms.
  14. weird consistency but good


    I'm used to oily type consistency. Although it was creamy, it felt like I was putting a water based serum on my lips which felt unmoisturising. However, it seemed to do the job, and after I got used to it I quite liked it. It absorbed into the lips rather than staying on top like most oily lip balms do.
  15. It puts the lotion on its lips


    It literally feels like lotion but for you lips, may feel a bit drying however I can tell that’s it’s more like a shield against the weather. Would be. Steer to use before you apply your makeup.

    Also prior to the purchase everyone seemed to complain about the packaging .... and I totally agree
  16. Great for prepping lips or softening overnight


    Warning - this is not a lip balm, but it is a really lovely primer for the day under gloss or lip tints/matte lip paint to soften and hydrate or as part of a night time routine to condition and hydrate the lips.
  17. not a fan


    I don't dislike this but the cream is kind of hard to apply when your outdoors so I only use it at home. It's too fragranted for my liking as well
  18. Fantastic


    This is one Of the better and much better lip creams you can purchase....it's just that a cream, not a balm, or a gloss ...
    It is light and smooth to apply,has that magnificant smell of rose and you can feel it going to work, you also do not have to continually reapply to achieve results...
  19. It's okay..


    Temporarily makes my lips feel moisturized but doesn't last well. Could definitely find better products that are a little cheaper. I personally think their SPF lip balm is a lot more hydrating and long lasting.
  20. Thick


    This goes on super thick and I feel like it is truly a 'cream' in the respect that I put it on very I moisturise my face and body after a shower but wouldn't use it during the day to wear
  21. A non abrasive cream exfoliant

    Tea Sommelier

    I love this Lip Cream from Aesop, but I would like to rename it. This is the perfect product to apply first thing in the morning if you plan to wear a traditional, matte lip stick and am in a rush. It seems to tighten your lips, shed any excess and preps them for a layer of hydrating lip balm. After five minutes or so, you can line and apply your lipstick as it establishes a great base. I have worn this Lip Cream and nothing else underneath a matte lipstick, and regretted it three hours in. This will not hydrate lips for an extended period of time. You must turn to something else for the hydration.
    The fourth ingredient in this is Cetearyl Alcohol, which is why it immediately absorbs and draws in your lips. It might be good for those who accidentally wake up with chapped lips and are intent on wearing a lip product (so long as you add that coat of balm in between).
  22. Nourishing lip cream


    What a great product, shocked that it's received such mixed reviews. This is NOT a lip balm or gloss but a hydrating lip cream, to soothe and nourish. Great to wear under a lipstick, really preps the lips well.
  23. Odd texture and not my favourite


    For those with truly chapped lips who require frequent re-application, I would give this balm a miss.

    The texture is different from what you might expect in a lip balm; it almost feels like you're applying a body moisturiser to your lips. It kinda sits on top of your lips and gradually gets absorbed, but I didn't feel like there was any long-lasting protective barrier like that you'd get from other balms.

    My lips felt soft after application but it just kinda felt like the cream was absorbed and then disappeared. The upside is that if you don't have particularly dry lips and just want to lightly condition them, this product might work for you.

    Because the applicator is like a miniature medicinal cream with a long, narrow tip, you can't just spread it on using the packaging, which is annoying. Despite being in a tube you need to spread it on with your finger, meaning it might as well just come in a pot.

    Overall I'm not that impressed, seeing as I normally love Aesop products. The upside is that it's not remotely sticky once applied and it won't transfer. That's not enough for me to repurchase though -- I'll be sticking with Lanolips.
  24. Makes my lips dry


    Somehow, this just makes my lips feel worse than when I don’t use it. I find it really drying. The package is cool and it’s well priced, but there’s definitely better products out there in that price range.
  25. Nourished soft lips


    Fantastically nourishing, helps repair and sooth cracked and sore lips far better than the balm version. Smells lovely and lasts for ages.
  26. Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream


    This lip balm is great! I find it best used over another nourishing lip balm (my nuxe riev de miel) - it really locks in the product and works like a lip mask. Just purchased my second!
  27. lovely


    Because it's cream, it doesn't feel/look greasy at all. But it's nourishing enough for many people I guess. The smell is of natural rose which is amazing. I always have dry lips. This one doesn't work like a miracle for me. But I don't think it's necessarily a downside. As a cream, it's already much more than what I expected, given the common trade-off between nourishing effect and greasy look.
  28. Luxe but not worth the hype


    It feels luxurious on your lips because Aesop but it doesn’t really hydrate deeply enough for my dry chapped lips. More or a light primer for lipstick.
  29. Not what I expected


    Completely agree with the other reviews. It’s more of a moisturiser that my lips quickly absorb, so my lips feel dry again shortly after use. Due to the packaging, product “explodes” out and wastes a bit when the tube is opened- not ideal. There are better out there.
  30. Affordable lip cream but a bit odd


    This is an affordable lip cream considering the brand but unfortunately I did not enjoy this so much as drugstore lip balms! The scent can be offputting to some but I personally found it okay - however the formula of it is a bit too waxy/creamy, and feels a bit too heavy for my liking
  31. Not great


    Am not really a fan, and it’s quite disappointing given the rest of the range is so good.

    It doesn’t smell good, feels like a moisturiser on the lips, and doesn’t feel luxurious to use. It’s just a plain old throwaway product, like they thought they should make a lip balm but didn’t put much effort in.

    I bought it because I am a die hard fan of the brand but threw it out shortly afterward.

  32. Don't recommend


    Maybe a nice idea but what on earth is the point?
    I was given this Rosehip Seed Lip Cream as a Christmas present. When I tried to use it I couldn't get past the horrible smell and texture. It's basically a moisturiser - so you could put any facial moisturiser on your lips instead. There are no lip specific / balmy qualities to it. It just either sits weirdly on your lips or you accidentally eat it.
  33. Nice scent but odd


    The scent of the lip cream is really lovely but it doesn't sink into my lips like I'd want it too. Does leave a bit of white residue which is not ideal
  34. beautiful smell but hard to use


    I wanted to like this creamy lip balm, but it just wasn't for me. The smell is beautiful but I feel like it doesn't really rub into your lips and you are left with a slight white cast. I'm also not a fan of the metal tube, as if it gets squashed in your bag it will make a mess everywhere due to the pressure upon opening it next.
  35. not my favourite


    this lip balm its pretty average, nothing special about it. Temporarily makes my lips feel moisturized but doesn't last well. Could definitely find better products that are cheaper.
  36. Helps relieve Wind Burn


    Helps relieve Wind Burn but dries quite quickly and is a little sticky in texture
  37. Weird texture


    This lip "balm" is more like putting moisturiser on your lips. It's thin, and not thick and oily or balmy. I guess it feels moisturizing or wet if your lips are very chapped, but I don't think it necessarily does a good job at actually hydrating, soothing or protecting your lips. It also spills out of the tip because of the packaging. I haven't tried their other lip balm, but this was actually recommended to me by the shop assistant at Aesop so I'm a bit puzzled. Definitely try the Nuxe Reve de Miel if you're in the market for an amazing lip balm.
  38. Love this!


    Its a great lip cream. Only fault is the tube. Can get very annoying in a bag if squeezed and then opened. EEK!
  39. Strange but good


    This lip cream is a very strange thing haha. I was expecting it to go on glossy, but instead it soaks into the lips like a moisturiser. It does help when my lips are hurting to soothe them but I do prefer to have more of a glossy feel.
  40. Lipsaver!


    My go-to product to use under lip balms/gloss. Keeps lips softer and plump for longer, especially during dry winters. Smells natural and lovely, lightweight and super absorbent. No harmful chemicals and a tiny tube lasts forever.
  41. Annoying tube!


    I love the idea of this lip cream. when using it, you don't need a lot to apply on the lips. However the design of the tube is HORRIBLE!! everytime I open the tube lid, the cream keeps pushing up and you end up with continuous cream coming at the top that you have no idea how to close the tube lib without making a mess and losing a lot of the cream. Great cream but the tube design needs to be changed!!
  42. Great for dry winter conditions


    This is a great travel/bag size lip cream to nourish and protect from the cold wintery conditions. I love to use it at night before retiring. Another quality value product from Aesop
  43. Anonymous

    I so wanted to like this product. Firstly I didn't like the little tube this came in as I found you ended up wasting a lot. Secondly I felt like I should be applying this to my face not my lips purely because of the smell and that turned me off. Lastly I just found this didn't do a lot for me lips. So disappointed!
  44. Anonymous

    This tiny tube of creamy goodness ought to be made in a bigger size, it is ULTRA softening and you can use it under your lippie too. Being able to use a matte finish cream rather than something that my hair gets stuck to when the wind blows is great. I love the smell of this-like all Aesop products it has a fresh citrus scent but it's tempered with a hint of ylang ylang. My sole complaint is the packaging-as it's metal if it sustains a dent the product tends to spew out of the tube.
  45. Anonymous

    This lip cream looks, smells and tastes lovely. In texture, it reminds me of the Blistex Lip Creams. It is a nice product but I prefer a balm as opposed to a cream - they seem to last better on my lips, and offer more hydration. If you like a lip cream, I would suggest you try this one. It is very nice.
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