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Aesop Roll-On Deodorant 50ml

4.4 of 63 reviews


4 instalments of $8.75

Or 4 instalments of $8.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $8.75

Or 4 instalments of $8.75 with LEARN MORE

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Aesop Roll-On Deodorant is an aluminium and alcohol-free formulation to reduce and mask unpleasant odours. Shares the same essential oil blend as its spray sibling Déodorant.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made

What customers say

GREAT - 87% recommend

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Aesop Roll-On Deodorant Reviews

4.4 of 63 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Amazing item for summer!!


Gorgeous product for summer using!!I just love all of the Aesop products' smell,they smell really great and make people feel so relax!!

Most Helpful Criticism

Smells nice, but isn't an anti-perspirant


This doesn't do much to counteract sweat. In hot weather, or if I'm particularly active, I need something a bit stronger to stay dry. For this reason I only use this in winter.
  1. Amazing item for summer!!


    Gorgeous product for summer using!!I just love all of the Aesop products' smell,they smell really great and make people feel so relax!!
  2. Expensive, but smells nice


    verified purchaser
    This definitely masks body odour, but I am not sure it is worth the price. Smells like walking past Aesop though, so that's really nice.
  3. very good


    I found this one work really well! I use it all the time, nice smell and moisturizing.
  4. Pretty Good


    Received this as a gift and I really like it as a quick and easy morning deodorant application. The scent is quite lovely and lingers just enough but this isn't anything special, definitely a steep price for an average deodorant. Although the packaging is amazing and is travel; friendly.
  5. Last Long


    I've repurchased it many times. I tried many brands and this one can last the longest time.
  6. Smells nice, but isn't an anti-perspirant


    This doesn't do much to counteract sweat. In hot weather, or if I'm particularly active, I need something a bit stronger to stay dry. For this reason I only use this in winter.
  7. not amazing


    this was not amazing. Did not work as well as others and is also very pricey compared to other natural deodorants
  8. Love this


    I keep coming back to Aesop deodorants! They smell amazing, work great, and come from a company with high standards and ethics. I alternate between this roll on and the Aesop spray deo. Love both and would highly recommend.
  9. My holy grail deodorant


    This is the best deodorant I've ever used. It works very well and the smell is lovely and woody.
  10. a great natural roll on deodorant


    this is really good, stops you smelling and I prefer roll on. Small enough to chuck in my bag too
  11. good


    this one is definitely longer lasting and more effective than the spray. expensive but on low impact days, i love it
  12. Smells great but could last longer


    I'm lucky enough to have a friend who loves gifting aesop and I have been able to try so many things! This deodorant was one I enjoyed initially however, it did not last very long. Despite it smelling amazing and being easy to use, i felt it missed the mark of being an effective, sweat proof deodorant.
  13. Pretty great for a natural deodorant


    This is the best smelling natural deodorant I have tried. I dont like perfume but looked forward to putting this on each day because i5 smelt so good. Unfortunately after using it for a while I reacted to it (red rash) so am now using a qv deodorant instead (which is lot cheaper!!).
  14. I like it!


    This is one of the better performing ‘natural’ deodorants on the market.

    It doesn’t completely stop you from sweating or smelling, but it is pretty effective.

    As with many Aesop products, it has a herbal fragrance that smells very fresh.

  15. love this


    I love aesop deoderants, but this one is my favourite. It smells great and gives me the best protection
  16. One of the best smelling deodorant


    It's not going to stop you from sweating and that's my only complaint. I've tried both the spray and the roll on and I feel that the spray has stronger scent. After a while, I'm so used to the scent I cannot smell it after a couple of hours. It's not going to work if you are a sweater like me. you need to reapply a few times to maintain the scent throughout the day.
  17. Love it!


    I have used this whole stick and loved it. Expensive but love it!
  18. Doesn't leave marks


    Doesn't leave stains on clothes and has a pleasant botanical scent. Overall a fan
  19. Doesn't leave marks


    it has a nice clean smell and does not leave marks on my clothes. also it goes for the entire day. it is a bit pricey but totally worth it.
  20. Love this Deodorant


    Love this Deodorant, it smells so good and works well!
  21. Nice deodorant


    Nice deodorant, little bit pricy, but one last for a long time.
  22. pricey


    I prefer the roll-on to the spray but this is still pretty pricey for a product that doesn't last very long and requires frequent application. I do however like the natural scent

  23. Smells beautiful, but...


    This product smells amazing and is so moisturising for my underarms, but I find that halfway through the day I start getting some odour and wetness so I don't think it's as effective as I would like.
  24. Awesome protection


    A lovely alcohol and aluminium free deodarent, that works effectively and leaves your skin feeling calm and smooth. It works against odours and dries quickly
  25. natural


    i love the smell and hydrating on the skin. the price is a bit expensive but nice as a treat!
  26. Unsure


    I love the smell on the deodorant and I want to really like this, I also like thats its a roll on. But its not strong enough for me to last the day.
  27. Okay


    Smells nice but not the best if you need something strong
  28. Awesome


    absolutely love this, very moisturizing and smells amazing doesn't get sticky at all. the price is the only downfall
  29. A little bit "wet"


    My husband swears by the roll on however I find it stays a little wet under my arms, maybe not suited for a very sweaty person but the smell is just beautiful
  30. Pricey but good


    Lovely! I have used this whole stick and loved it. Very expensive for a deodorant though..
  31. excellent


    this is such a good deodorant and stops sweating 100% i love it so much and it smells so nice
  32. Convenient


    The roll on is convenient and the deodorant helps me stay fresh. However reapplication is needed compared to normal antiperspirants
  33. i prefer over spray bottle


    I love this deodorant and find it much easier to use than the spray bottle! Only annoying thing is that you need to reply because there's no aluminium, still a great product though, would recommend
  34. Loved it


    I found this to work really well for me! I use it all the time and helped a lot with my sweating!!
  35. glorious!


    love this deodorant! i found that the spray deodorant just didn't work for me but this product is a winner. lasts all day and even leaves my clothes smelling nice which is a game changer
  36. So far loving it


    Decided to give this a go as I love their other deodorants. I've been applying it straight after the shower and I find you are protected all day.
  37. Works but I prefer the aresoal


    Lovely smelling product and did definitely work on keeping smells at bay but I do really love the spray one as I feel like I've got more control of how much I want to use, still a lovely product though
  38. Love it


    I love that this product is free from so many chemicals but actually works and smells lovely. Smell is subtle and lasts all day!
  39. good but different


    I must be going through an Aesop phase atm, but I'm really enjoying the scents they use for winter. Such comforting smells and none of that sickly sweet cheap smell in other 'luxury' brands. I love this so far, but it definitely takes some getting used to, mainly just that i have to reapply or I start to smell a bit. I think that's all of the more natural deodorants though to be fair, and this is ...
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  40. Excellent product!


    Smells lovely and is the first deodorant I have used that doesn’t irritate my skin! I will definitely use this again!
  41. Toxin Free


    I am always on the look out for deodorants free from toxins and this aesop one is exactly what I have been looking for- natural ingredients and keeps my smelling beautiful throughout the day
  42. Doesn’t last


    I like the smell of this product but unfortunately it didn’t really work for me.
  43. Genius Product


    After trying to find an aluminium free deodorant that actually protects you all day I decided to give Aesop a try.
    By applying it straight after the shower and then another application before getting dressed you are protected all day.
  44. Love the smell


    This deodorant smells really good. It does not last all day and I do have to reapply again.
  45. Subtle woody smell, aluminium free


    I recently began wearing this and love it. It is aluminium free, so doesn't prevent sweat but still leaves you feeling fresh in hot weather. One of the better aluminium free deodorants I have tried, and I have tried a lot over the years. Would definitely recommend.
  46. Best Deodorant on the market


    I use this roll-on deodorant in conjunction with the spray on version. I find the roll on one slightly heavier than the spray on version. They both have a nice texture and smell incredible. I buy both regularly.
  47. Good


    Used it last month for the first time and I liked it so will be using it again
  48. Fresh


    I like the scent of this but it does feel a little sticky for about 5 minutes after application.
  49. Great for sensitive skin and has a beautiful scent


    After trying to find an aluminium free deodorant that actually protects you all day I decided to give Aesop a try.
    By applying it straight after the shower and then another application before getting dressed you are protected all day.
  50. Aesop Roll-On Deodorant


    I love Aesop products and this deodorant is no exception. It actually works and smells great all day. The products are all packaged really stylishly and look great on the bathroom shelf and this one lasts for ages. Just as good as the spray deodorant.
  51. Great Scent


    I get many compliments wearing this. In terms of scent, no other natural deodorant can beat it, however, in terms of sweat control - it's not the best compared to Black Chicken Remedy. I also find that after long wear, you need to top up to get that fresh scent back. It's also very price compared to other competitor.
  52. lovely scent


    Bought it two weeks ago and been using everyday during my holidays in a humid environment and also in social situations (wedding/ reunions). i re-apply during the afternoon but not that i smell bad already but i just want the herbal smell to last longer.. and to just make sure i don’t smell. didn’t test if it would really last the whole day (9am to 9pm) but i didn’t smell for sure and the pits are...
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  53. Such a gorgeous smell


    I love the scent of this deodorant though it isn’t great in the Queensland heat it kind of just masks the smell doesn’t stop sweat which makes it have a very slimey feel when it’s very hot. Is great for winter though or cooler areas.
  54. Nice earthy smell


    This style deodorant takes a while to get used to after using conventional brands for years but I haven’t looked back. It has a nice earthy smell unlike some highly perfumed varieties you might find at the chemist. However may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin as it made my husband who has eczema breakout badly.
  55. Great


    Works really well, has an amazing scent like all Aesop products
  56. Natural


    I love that this product is natural, and it has a nice scent. However it is not very long lasting when exercising or in the sun.
  57. light, lovely and it works


    I alternate between this deodorant and the spray. They both work incredibly well, and both have a lovely fragrance. I am not a fan of perfume, so using Aesop's products infuses me with a subdued but lovely fragrance throughout the day.
  58. Natural scent


    I love this deodorant, it smells amazing and I always feel refreshed when I put it on. I have been looking for a natural deodorant that smells good and keeps me feeling fresh for a long time. This ticks all the boxes for me.
  59. Good


    Easy to use roll on deodorant that helps mask unpleasant odours. It has a nice but it's not very long lasting
  60. Great scent


    I like how it doesn't stop you from sweating but does help to mask unpleasant odours. The deodorant smells really nice like all aesop products
  61. smell


    I was really happy to find this the scent is lovely and it’s non sticky Keeps you smelling good and has natural ingredients something which I’m very much keen on
  62. Finally great packaging


    I love when the normal deodorant I love comes in this new and better packaging. You can control the amount and it just smells so good together with marrakech perfume.
  63. Pretty good


    Good but I like the spray version of this a bit better - just for convenience!
  64. Love this new format

    Danii (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I was a long-time user of the Aesop Deodorant in spray format and eagerly anticipated the roll-on version being made available. Still all the same skin benefits, smells amazing and non-irritating, but most importantly for me, I love that you can control how much or how little you use with the roll-on format. The bottle is luxe because it's glass but for that reason, not as easily transportable due...
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