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Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Smoothing Kit 1 Chest Pad

3.8 of 33 reviews


4 instalments of $10.50

Or 4 instalments of $10.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $10.50

Or 4 instalments of $10.50 with LEARN MORE

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A unique, non-invasive approach to solving wrinkles. Wrinkles Schminkles brings you 100% Medical Grade Silicone Chest Smoothing Kit that works overnight to target those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles around your chest that are caused by ageing and sun damage. 

  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GOOD - 64% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Smoothing Kit

Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Smoothing Kit

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Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Smoothing Kit Reviews

3.8 of 33 reviews

64% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This product helps to smooth out the wrinkles but not for long term.

Most Helpful Criticism

Great results but doesn't stay in place more than 2 uses


I absolutely love how this product smooths my chest wrinkles, but this is the second time I've used one and the stickiness hasn't lasted more than two applications. By the third use it comes off during the night. I use gentle medical tape to keep it in place now, and next time I think I'll look for a different brand.
  1. Not suited for side sleeper


    I was really excited to get this product as at 37 years old and have sleep lines on my chest when I wake up in the morning. I read the other reviews and bought this with the cleaner to make it sure sticks. Unfortunately, every time I have used this it has come off in my sleep - this may be because I am a side sleeper (which is also the reason I am waking up with sleep lines / wrinkles
  2. a really good product


    I use the chest patches for a few hours before, if I want to wear a low cut top and don't want chest creases to be seen. It works! I think they are good for short term use, but they don't seem to me to keep the creases from returning, unless you were going to wear them every day and use them during sleep. Definitely something to use as a quick beauty fix though , but do wish they would be more ...
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  3. Not great


    I bought this hoping to alleviate some fine lines caused from sleeping on my side. I found that it wouldn't stick overnight and was uncomfortable to remove.
    Also having to buy cleaning product separately makes the cost not worth the purchase. Wouldn't buy again.
  4. Disappointed


    verified purchaser
    Very disappointed with this product, yes my skin felt super smooth immediately after removing but it lasted maybe 2 hrs. It also says 20-30 uses but is losing stickiness after only 3 uses. Would not recommend.
  5. Excellent results


    This chest pad is excellent; I have been developing premature cleavage lines after years of sleeping on my side, and they have been getting deeper and more noticeable. I purchased these on sale and although I was sceptical and the pad is a bit intrusive to wear overnight, my lines were completely gone by morning. The effect is temporary, lasting a few days at the most, so these would be ideal if y...
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  6. Wish they lasted longer


    This is my second chest kit I’ve ordered. Last time I ordered it with the serum and the cleaning spray, but I don’t really think the cleaning spray helps them last longer - I really found it only worked well twice and then started losing it’s stick, so it’s best for special occasions. The serum is amazing! On the first use, these have amazing results! I’m mid 30’s and wake up with a very crushed l...
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  7. Good


    This product helps to smooth out the wrinkles but not for long term.
  8. Great results but doesn't stay in place more than 2 uses


    verified purchaser
    I absolutely love how this product smooths my chest wrinkles, but this is the second time I've used one and the stickiness hasn't lasted more than two applications. By the third use it comes off during the night. I use gentle medical tape to keep it in place now, and next time I think I'll look for a different brand.
  9. Looooooove!!


    verified purchaser
    Love this for special occasions - hydrates skin and reduces fine lines. I wish it came as a two-pack as it would be far more economical. x
  10. Nice


    This only works for short term. It helps to temporarily reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Quit nice.
  11. Lovely product!


    I am so glad I bought this. It really has helped decrease the noticeable creases on my chest. Definitely recommend.
  12. Nothing special


    Interesting idea but nothing incredible in the long run..
  13. Not always good


    I’ve been using these pads since they came out..love the idea & generally they work well at keeping chest wrinkles at bay. However there’s definitely inconsistency in adhesive quality. I use these exactly the way the manufacturer suggest, use the cleansing solution & store them properly...but they just don’t always stick to my skin properly or last the 20-30 uses. I’ll probably keep buying this pr...
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  14. Refreshing


    This did make my chest feel nice and revitalised after one use. Perhaps save for special occasions as this is pricey
  15. Brilliant


    These are fantastic, my chest is so smooth the morning after wearing it. I’m a side sleeper & wake up every morning with creases on my chest, wearing this to bed fixes that!!!! I do still get a crease mark at the edge of the pad however
  16. Good


    Great for a short term fix. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles temporarily but you do need to keep using for it to be effective. I got 8 uses out of this before it lost its adhesive
  17. Amazing


    These wrinkle pads are an absolute miracle! I had immediate results from using this silicone pads and is much much better and cheaper than any skin treatment in the market!! My favourite is the eye smoothing kit which is great before going out and to relax with! It’s definitely on my Christmas list!
  18. Expensive for 1 use!


    I have tried other brands of the same thing which have worked great and I thought I'd give WS a go. So disappointed! I got barely one nights use out of this and the second night it just kept completely coming off. I wouldn't buy again and I will be going back to the brand I bought previously which was much better quality and last at least a month.
  19. It works!


    Finally, an anti ageing product that actually works! Being a side sleeper with a larger bust, I wake up with serious creases on my chest. When I sleep with this on, I wake up with a smooth and soft chest. No creases at all! Love it. I just wish the cleaning solution came free with the product or was a little cheaper, because after a week or so it loses it's stick.
  20. $42.00 for only one night's use


    This product, after following all instructions and even speaking directly with the owner, has not managed to stick on for more than one night. I don't know if this is because I have a larger bust with cleavage and sleep on my side, still, this is not the product for overnight or multiple-night use.

    If you are to buy this product, I recommend to try using for small parts of the day re...
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  21. My favourite nightime product!


    I've read the other reviews on here and am very surprised by them. I've been using this product since it launched and I love it! It took a couple of nights to get used to it but after that, I didn't even realise it was on. My decolletage wrinkles have disappeared and I sleep well knowing I'm not creating any more. I'd love to try the eye pads next.

    TIP: Apply to clean, dry skin and al...
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  22. Poor product quality


    I have been using Wrinkles Schminkles for Chest for a year now and previously have had no problems with the silicone staying in place on the skin, however lately after re ordering I am finding that the silicone does not stick onto the chest area.

    It tends to lift off the skin on the rounded area of the silicone throughout the night causing me to press the area down causing me to wake...
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  23. Not happy


    I was not happy with this chest kit. I tried to sleep in it but it kept slipping when I tossed and turned. After following the instructions I am disappointed it didn’t work for me.
  24. great product


    I was rather skeptical about this product however It did what it said, reducing wrinkles in the chest area noticeably. It was a little difficult to sleep in but worked much better on cooler nights, overall worth it if wrinkles are a concern for you.
  25. Minor improvement and no extra wrinkles


    This product doesn’t stick as well as I would like however I can still wear and use it. I definitely recommend trimming to size. I also find mine sticks a little better on VERY lightly damp skin. I put mine on strait of a shower and towel dried. You can't do anything when it’s on though. Eg: It will fall off if you lean down to pick something up. I also wear a high neck fitted t shirt to bed to he...
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  26. It does what it says!


    It definitely works and because I wear it every night I do not see any wrinkle in chest area at all - they actually disappeared after only one night of wear!
    You need to get used to wearing it, but after a night or two, it hasn't bothered me at all. I will wear something that covers my chest area over the silicone pad and it keeps it in place when I move in bed.
    I'm on my 3rd chest pad...
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  27. Disappointing


    I am in my 60’s- skin on my chest was very sun damaged. I had previously used silicone strips on scars with good results so thought this was the answer. The silicone is thick & stiff & doesn’t stick on very well. Gave up after a few sleepless nights.
  28. Awesome!!!


    This is an amazing product. I wake up with around 85% less crinkles on my chest compared to the nights that I forget to put it on. My skin feels so soft too. If only they lasted a bit longer before they loose their stick.
  29. Awesome


    This brand is very good- have tried others that dont last very long or stick properly. It really does reduce decolletage lines and gives you the confidence to wear low necklines. Really love this product.
  30. Fantastic Product!


    Absolutely love this product! Waking up with a wrinkle free chest feels great and I can now wear tops that show my décolletage too A+++ for this product.
  31. Makes a Difference

    Renee (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I recently was watching an episode of Khloe Kardashian's Revenge Body where she mentioned that J Lo sleeps surrounded by pillows to stop herself rolling onto her side and developing chest/neck wrinkles.

    Unfortunately for me, I live in the real world where sometimes it's 35° overnight in my upstairs, non air conditioned bedroom and doing this is impossible. I've recently turned 28 and...
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  32. Average


    There are some things about this that are great but mostly no good.

    I took care of it exactly as per instructions and only got one good use out of it (and this first time I got a small blood blister when taking it off).

    It does reduce sleep lines from being on your side but I personally think active ingredients are going to get you further. I wear this every now and then...
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  33. Not fully impressive


    Second day of using. Still not sticking properly. After following directions and aslo purchasing the cleaner. Not happy at all.
  34. It works!


    I sleep on my side and was beginning to notice quite frightening wrinkles on my chest each morning. Moisturisers did basically nothing to improve them, which was a little scary. So I decided to give this a go ... I've been wearing it for 3 nights and I have to say it's brilliant! You can see instant results after the first night. It's well worth the slightly unusual feeling of sleeping with a pad ...
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