The 8 Best Essential Oils

Aromatherapy via Essential Oils has been used to heal and soothe the mind, body, and soul for centuries. They can transform your health and well-being when used properly. From Essential Oils for sleep to Essential Oils for migraines, there are specific purposes for every oil.

Loved by yoga studios across the globe, Essential Oils aid relaxation in times of high stress. Many people believe that Essential Oil benefits include better sleep, less anxiety, and more relaxation. Essential Oils can be found in many household products because they offer healing and a variety of other caring effects.

BlackChicken EssentialOil Diffuser - small bottle of essential oil sits in front of black diffuser, a white pot plant and a gold ring - 1080 x 720BlackChicken EssentialOil Diffuser - small bottle of essential oil sits in front of black diffuser, a white pot plant and a gold ring - 1080 x 720

When life becomes busier and your days become longer, it’s nice to be able to give yourself a little bit of attention with minimal effort. An Essential Oil diffuser will allow natural aromas to flood your space, so you feel calmed and comforted with every whiff.

Some relaxing essentials are one of the best ways to end a tiring day. We’ve done some research to discover exactly what Essential Oils are good for and what ones you need in your life!

What are essential oils and what are they good for?

The best Essential Oils are liquids that are extracted from seeds, flowers, roots, fruits, and flowers. They’re like nature’s relaxation gift! The concentrated extracts are what’s left after a natural extraction process. If you’re going to apply Essential Oils to your skin, mix them with Sweet Almond Oil to protect your skin and to ensure the scent carries across beautifully. You could always add a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil to your pillow or pillowcase at night if you need help sleeping. You might prefer to tuck a sachet or piece of cotton next to your pillow instead.

Inhaling the healing aroma of an Essential Oil will instantly help calm you when you’re under pressure. There’s no one overall benefit to using an Essential Oil; each scent serves its own purpose. Incorporating Essential Oils into your everyday routine will give you a greater sense of satisfaction. You’ll also enjoy relying on the scent when times get a bit tough. Our senses are incredibly powerful, and they can trigger strong emotions and feelings in our bodies. The scent of an Essential Oil might take you to a calmer place, change your mood, support your immune system, and give you an enormous sense of well-being overall.

If you’re looking to find a favourite Essential Oil, you might want to consider what you want to use it for. A bad headache can be truly debilitating, but an Essential Oil for headaches could help. If you want to help soothe your soul, check out these truly gorgeous Essential Oil scents.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

If you’re looking for a unisex scent to help relieve nausea and ease digestion, Lemongrass Essential Oil can help. The wildly fragrant, but still subtle, scent will help your mind drift away every time you smell it. The perfect ingredient if you want to add some zing to a homemade household cleaning product, Lemongrass will give you a clean, fresh scent every time you use it.

Lavender Essential Oil

One of the most popular natural fragrances, Lavender Essential Oil has been helping people sleep for centuries. It’s a powerful antioxidant that helps calm the mind, body, and soul. Classic Lavender is a great starter oil for someone who’s never used an Essential Oil before. Renowned for its stress-relieving properties, Lavender Oil will immediately help you breathe more deeply.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

If you want to use an Essential Oil for coughs, you might want to take a look at Eucalyptus. A great Essential Oil for colds, this scent is made from the healing leaves of the koala-nourishing Eucalyptus tree. Amongst us humans, Eucalyptus is known for its immunity-boosting properties but also works perfectly to relieve muscle pain, fungal infections, and certain respiratory issues.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

One of the most well-known essential oils, Tea Tree is great at treating trouble spots that might pop up on your skin. Also known as Melaleuca, this oil can be used around the home to clean surfaces thoroughly. If you’re fighting acne or persistent blackheads, Tea Tree is a natural remedy for inflamed skin. It will soothe any dryness while also helping heal sore or raw skin.

How to use Essential Oils?

Essential Oils can be used in so many different ways, from an Essential Oil perfume to Essential Oils for hay fever. It’s all about finding the blend that works perfectly for you.

While it’s lovely to scatter a few drops of scent around your living space, it’s not always a good idea to rub an Essential Oil onto your skin. Even natural essences can be toxic or inflammatory when applied directly to the skin. So, always dilute your Essential Oil for topical use in a mild carrier oil, such as Grapeseed, Jojoba, or Almond. And if your skin is very sensitive, you might want to do a tiny patch test before applying the oil more liberally.

It’s also important to look for blends that are ethically made using the best pure oils. Organic Essential Oils Australia are much better for your skin. It’s not a good idea to use an Essential Oil that’s older than 3 years. Be sure to tell your doctor if you experience any severe reactions.

An easy, soothing way to introduce Essential Oils into your everyday routine is with an oil burner or diffuser. Let your chosen relaxing Essential Oil blend take over your space to unwind and calm down after a busy, stressful day. They may even replace your favourite candle.

To help kick-start your Essential Oil journey, we’ve found some Essential Oil blends that will soothe your soul and help you relax.

A calming blend of Ylang-Ylang, Lemon Rind, and Bergamot Rind, the Aesop Anouk Oil Burner Blend will introduce a luxurious cloud of fragrance into your space. Expertly crafted, this aromatic blend releases a distinct, revitalising scent into your home. Anouk offers the perfect antidote to stress and a busy day. Blended in Australia, this heady mix of fresh scents strikes the perfect blend between floral and citrus.

The Aesop Anouk Oil Burner Blendis a luxury scent that will help you create a calm atmosphere when you add it to an oil burner or use it in a diffuser. You don’t need to use a lot when you use this delightfully warm but fresh Essential Oil. Apply a maximum of 5 drops to your burner and replenish frequently to keep enjoying the scent. Wipe your burner down with a damp cloth after every use.

If you’re looking for a warm scent to lighten the load of your day, the Aesop Catherine Oil Burner Blend will help. A unique blend of warm notes and a soothing citrus scent, this oil eases a tired, weary mind. Cedarwood Atlas, Clove Bud, and Orange Rind will fill your room with a relaxing aroma every time you use this unique blend.

The Aesop Catherine Oil Burner Blend works perfectly in an oil burner or in a diffuser. The refreshing, complex formula can calm a tired mind and help bring back a sense of clarity. You don’t need to use a lot of this blend to maximise the aromatic results. Pour 4 to 5 drops into an oil burner and let the heady scent relax you from your head to your toes.

One of Aesop’s signature scents, the Aesop Isabelle Oil Burner Blend mixes Rosemary Leaf, Sage Leaf, and Spearmint Leaf to invigorate the mind, body, and soul. This minty, herbaceous, fresh scent is the perfect accompaniment to a working environment because it stimulates your thoughts and inspires your day. This is the perfect scent to wake up your inner and outer sanctums.

Established in Melbourne in 1987, Aesop is known for its deeply aromatic, beautifully blended scents. The invigorating Aesop Isabelle Oil Burner Blend comes perfectly packaged and makes a great gift. Add a few drops to your favourite oil burner, and wipe the burner clean after every use. The gorgeous mix of Rosemary, Sage, and Spearmint will enliven even the most tired mind.

The right Essential Oil will help you inhale balance and exhale all your worries. And the Black Chicken Remedies Serenity Essential Oil Blend will help you do exactly that. This expertly blended therapeutic oil will positively affect your mind, body, and soul every time you smell it. The Serenity blend has been made to help you fight exhaustion—especially when you need to keep going.

Working hard to ease frustration and balance a frantic mind, the Black Chicken Remedies Serenity Essential Oil Blend will positively affect your well-being. This blend of Basil, Neroli, Pink Grapefruit, Patchouli, Lavender, Marjoram, Champa, and more invigorates you and brings you back to life. Helping you fight unwanted fatigue, this Essential Oil also helps calm the mind and soothe any stressful thoughts.

If you’re looking for Essential Oil blends for sleep, the Black Chicken Remedies Slumber Essential Oil Blend will summon the sandman. This mix of pure healing Essential Oils encourages your body to relax along with your mind. Blended specifically with sleep in mind, the healing scents reduce nervous tension and anxiety to promote deep relaxation and comforting tranquillity before bed.

The Black Chicken Remedies Slumber Essential Oil Blend contains a mix of Essentials Oil that will help you fall asleep with ease. The soothing scents include Bergamot, Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Marjoram, and Vetiver, which work together to enhance your levels of relaxation. Any irritability that you’re feeling will be released; nerves are calmed almost immediately. This blend will help prepare the body and mind for a night of restful sleep.

If you’re struggling with a cough or a blocked nose and you’re armed with a packet of tissues, you might want to call in a reinforcement: the Black Chicken Remedies Respire Essential Oil Blend. This expert aromatic blend has been formulated to deliver relief from congestion. Respire contains a powerful combination of antioxidant and antibacterial Essential Oils that help you breathe deeply with ease. The perfect blend to help you unwind after a period of being unwell, this blend will make sure you feel soothed and healed every time you smell it.

The Black Chicken Remedies Respire Essential Oil Blend is a powerful aromatic blend that soothes your mind, body, and soul with every whiff. The mix includes Menthol, Oregano, Niaouli, Camphor, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Ginger, and Rosemary to help clear airways and soothe any uncomfortable muscle pain. Working hard to strengthen the immune system, this oil can be burned when you need to recover quickly.

To help you effectively burn your oil and fill your room with your desired scent, the Black Chicken Remedies Skypipe Essential Oil Diffuser is your perfect companion. This ultrasonic diffuser doesn’t heat up the oils or break them down. Instead, the diffuser creates a cooling mist that delivers 3 to 7 hours of fragrance. The nifty, sleek design also includes a built-in nightlight, giving you all the tools you need to unwind in a relaxing and forgiving environment.

The Black Chicken Remedies Skypipe™ Essential Oil Diffuser has been designed to use with an assortment of Essential Oils, so you can enjoy any scent you desire. The diffuser features a porcelain body and ultrasonic mechanism, which give it a modern design. Perfect at helping you create a calming atmosphere, this sleek diffuser lets you create the ambience you desire.

If you’re looking for an Essential Oil to help you settle down for the evening, the Maison Balzac Le Soir Essential Oil could be just what you need. Featuring notes of tangerine, cedarwood and myrrh, this fabulous oil can de used in an oil blender or difusser to carry this beautiful scent. It's soothing and restorative - and it comes in an artistically designed bottle.

Full of goodness and beautifully packaged, the Maison Balzac Le Soir Essential Oil 25ml is a truly calming scent. This simple and subtle scent is perfect for unwinding after a long day. It's fresh without being overpowering and truly helps you settle into a comfortable night in. Plus, you can use this oil with the Maison Balzac Brule Parfum Oil Burner- Amber if you're feeling extra chic.

BlackChicken EssentialOil Diffuser - diffuser and small bottle of essential oil displayed on top of a book on a cane wicker chair - 1080 x 720BlackChicken EssentialOil Diffuser - diffuser and small bottle of essential oil displayed on top of a book on a cane wicker chair - 1080 x 720


Essential Oils are one of the easiest ways to introduce a sense of calm healing into your stressful everyday routine. And the wonderful thing about scented oils is that there are so many to try! Whatever your ailment, whatever you’re trying to achieve, there’s an Essential Oil that can help support you along the way.

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