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Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil 100ml

4.5 of 81 reviews


4 instalments of $7.24

Or 4 instalments of $7.24 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $7.24

Or 4 instalments of $7.24 with LEARN MORE

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Help alleviate the development of stretch marks on the body with this vitamin-rich oil.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil Reviews

4.5 of 81 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great oil


Wow a great oil I gave this to my mum and she loved it loads . So nice that it has vitamin e too

Most Helpful Criticism

Strong scent


It’s a lovely nourishing oil but the scent was far too strong for my pregnancy nose!
  1. Great oil


    Wow a great oil I gave this to my mum and she loved it loads . So nice that it has vitamin e too
  2. Strong scent


    It’s a lovely nourishing oil but the scent was far too strong for my pregnancy nose!
  3. great


    this is a fantastic massage oil, works really well
  4. Great oil but not for strech marks


    Great oil for the body but doesn't do a thing to stretch marks
  5. NICE


    This feels like a beautiful salon treatment and my skin loves it in terms of hydration but to be honest, I haven't noticed a reduction in stretch marks.
  6. feels nice


    this feels nice on the skin but it does not help with my stretch marks.
  7. great


    not sure about its benefits for stretch marks but it is a great massage oil
  8. Really works

    Lisa Marie

    This oil really helped during my pregnancy, I did not get any stretch marks and I even use it now after Bub.
  9. Great stretch mark oil


    verified purchaser
    I started using this oil when I found out I was pregnant with my second baby after reading great reviews. It smells beautiful, is very thick and nourishing. I found it to not be oily or leave a residue. Definitely made a difference in my stretch marks and the amount I got
  10. Weleda is the best


    I've use this brand for years and I just have good words to say about it. High quality ingredients, good and visible results, and made it from an holistic approach.
  11. bye marks


    this is soon good! it is so hydrating and i loved it post my breast augmentation. it helped minimise any lines/stretchmarks and aided in my wound healing!
  12. Not just for mummas


    This is super nice body oil, yet to see results on stretch marks but it actually absorbed into my skin, lingers enough to get a proper massage make sure to flip the label on the back for some nice tips!
  13. Second order!


    I love the smell of this oil and it is very hydrating. I’m applying twice a day and haven’t noticed any stretch marks yet.
  14. Recommend


    Purchases for a friend who has said only positive things about the scent, texture and how well it's moisturised during her pregnancy.
  15. So good


    This really helped my stretch marks. I get them on my bum from working out and this has helped keep my skin clear from them! Been a really awesome product and smells really good too.
  16. Gorgeous!

    Elle H

    I was late to the party with this one and wish I’d found it earlier! I ended up with some intense tiger stripes after my fourth baby but I’ve enjoyed using this to try and help fade the damage. Early in to my usage I’m seeing positive results and the oil is lovely to use.
  17. hydrating


    this is hydrating, I feel like it would need a long time to see results for stretch marks and I have only used it for a couple of weeks.
  18. Miracle oil


    I’ve been using this throughout my pregnancy and do not have a single stretch mark which is amazing considering the size of my belly. I’ll definitely continue to use after I give birth.
  19. Love this!


    Bought this as a gift for a pregnant friend and she is obsessed with it! Such a smoothing, hydrating product - she loves it!
  20. Love this


    Helped soften my skin after surgery! Improved the appearance of my scars. Feels so potent and healthy for the skin!
  21. Love this oil


    I have been using this oil since 16 weeks pregnant and it rubs in very well and is very hydrating. I enjoy putting it on twice a day hoping that it will keep any stretch marks away. So far no stretch marks at 24 weeks pregnant so hopefully it stays that way. Almost need to reorder my next bottle. Definitely recommend!
  22. Okay


    It hydrates but did not help with my stretch marks. It feels nice on the skin though.
  23. Ahhhmazing


    The nicest product ive ever used. Not sticky, not gritty, smells lovely, no stretch mark in sight. I've used it since everyday from week 8 of pregnancy, now in week 29 and not a stretch mark in sight. I also get my partner to use it on my back for twice weekly massages ;-)
  24. Essential


    Love this item. I went through my pregnancy using this oil daily and not one stretch mark. I definitely recommend. Its a must have!
  25. Nice moisturiser


    I like this as a moisturizing oil but I don't think anything can actually get rid of stretch marks. It's feels nice on though.
  26. Great massage


    Perfect oil for massaging. Makes my skin feel so soft. Really great, highly recommend
  27. It’s great


    I use this daily and it’s super nourishing and my body feels great after but also helps lighten marks I really have noticed a difference!
  28. It works!


    Used this product religiously during my second pregnancy & had zero stretch marks.. have also seen great results from using on the stretch marks on my thighs.. soaks in easily & quickly & smells lovely..
  29. It works!


    Used this product religiously during my second pregnancy & had zero stretch marks.. have also seen great results from using on the stretch marks on my thighs.. soaks in easily & quickly & smells lovely..
  30. Best product for skin issues


    I really love this oil. I apply it somewhat generously after the shower to my entire body, not just areas of concern. My skin looks and feels well hydrated and conditioned after use. I did notice my skin tone was smoother and much softer. Just love how my skin looks and feels with this oil . Quality product.
  31. Great


    This softens the area of my stretch marks and is not very sticky
  32. Love love love


    I am super self conscious of my stretch marks and have used a number of oils, I find this product to be the least offensive and gives me peach of mind (even if just placebo) when at the beach
  33. Love this


    This is a great product, 30 weeks pregnant and love it. Not a single stretch mark on my belly, belly’s always soft and smooth and I love the smell. Have been using since 10-11 weeks pregnant and will use it again for sure
  34. Nice massage oil


    This is a nice massage oil to use on your bump. It kept my skin moisturised throughout my pregnancy however it didn’t stop stretch marks. Feels nice on the skin and absorbs well.
  35. A great oil!


    I loved using this oil. It was silky smooth, smelt lovely and was absorbed just enough so thay my belly didn't feel oil. A lot of people think that stretch mark oil will prevent or get rid of stretch marks and yes sometimes it can but a lot of times it can't and there are other factors at play. Basing my review on what a massage oil should be this is exactly that. Great product!
  36. So nourishing


    I used this twice daily combine with a cream over the top and it helped my pregnant belly stay smooth and not itchy. I wish I used it in my first pregnancy. I did get a few stretch marks the week before I was due but this oil definitely helped prevent any more.
  37. Beautiful oil


    This is a beautiful moisturising oil that softens tight skin. Will definitely help in reducing stretch marks
  38. Soothing and moisturising


    I have this massage oil to thank for no stretch marks. I have used it during both my pregnancies and it has soothed stretching and itchy skin. It is lovely to rub on belly hips and thighs during pregnancy to help skin stretch
  39. great!


    been using this oil for a few months and my skin looks and feels more supple!

  40. 31 weeks and no stretch marks in sight...


    I started using this oil from the start of my second trimerester. I'm now at 31 weeks and haven't had a stretchy yet - I'm not sure if it's good luck or the oil but I'm not prepared to take any chances. I love the lovely soft, natural scent and I have no hesitations applying it to my bump given the ingredients. Have gone through two bottles to date and am looking to purchase my third to get throug...
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  41. Great oil for preggi bellies


    I used this oil on my belly for two pregnancies and used it throughout even before I started showing. I thankfully didn’t get any stretch marks and the oil itself is lovely and not overly fragranced and not too heavy. It sinks in nicely and was a great relief for my dry skin!
  42. not sure it works


    I like this oil, makes my skin feel really nice and smooth but so far I haven't seen results regarding stretch marks so not sure if it really works
  43. Results after one month


    After one month I have noticed my stretch marks fade significantly
  44. Fades stretch marks


    Has helped tremendously with new, bright stretch marks and has helped fade them into a white almost non existent colour. Im very happy with the results
  45. Lovely Oil


    I've been rubbing this on my pregnant belly - love the citrusy smell and it is absorbed really quickly into the skin and isn't sticky!
  46. Love it


    I had some stretch marks on my thighs and bum and this helped out a lot. Smells nice and natural and I also love the consistency as it sinks in really well and doesn’t stain my clothes!
  47. Mild, delicate scent and a lovely moisturised bump!


    I tried this out for my first pregnancy and it was amazing. I suffered terrible morning sickness well into second trimester and yet found the scent mild enough for twice daily use. It is lovely and moisturising, absorbing in quickly after a shower without leaving an oily residue. I know there are many reasons for stretch marks and some can’t be avoided but using this twice daily I had no irritatio...
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  48. Great for skincare routine


    This Weleda stretch mark massage oil is great to apply to any stretch marks you may have. It feels nice on the skin and is good to use as part of a regular skincare routine. It leaves the skin feeling smoother.
  49. Excellent for growing belly


    I bought this to use with a moisturiser as I'm pregnant during the winter and in my last pregnancy my skin would get itchy as I got bigger. This oil has been amazing! I've got no stretch marks and my skin has stayed well hydrated
  50. Medium


    This has improved the condition of my skin on the stretch marks areas a lot. However I do not know if it has helped reduce my stretch marks but it is super nourishing
  51. Feels nice, and that’s about all


    I hate my stretch marks and have tried a lot. Isn’t the worst and feels nice on skin, but doesn’t make much of a different with the stretch marks
  52. very oily feeling


    I really like this massage oil, especially on my stretch marks. However it is quite oily feeling and I have to wait a while for it to dry before I dress my clothes otherwise the oil residue transfers onto my clothes.
    I use it at a night time because I don't care if it transfers onto my pjs. I definitely noticed a softening in the appearance of my stretch marks.
  53. Lovely oil.


    I love the pump top and the way the oil smells and feels. I'm not sure of results yet but overall its good for my skin.
  54. good oil


    The wifey uses this, bought it for her when her belly started getting bigger and she says it's worked quite well for her.
  55. Gorgeous oil


    Bought this based on the reviews and they don’t lie. Really light oil that rubs in easily and a pleasant, not overpowering fragrance. 18 weeks pregnant and applying after my daily shower; 2 pumps to belly, 2 pumps to upper thighs, 1 pump to breasts.
  56. Loved it


    This helped my skin a lot. I liked the smell and it made my skin feel lovely. Only down side is that it didn’t last long at all! :(
  57. Miracle oil


    This oil is fabulous! Really works if your are consistent with it! Helps the stretching skin stay supple soft and hydrated therefore helping prevent stretch marks. Smells beautiful too
  58. Lovely nourishing body oil. Not intended to repair existing stretch marks


    I realise this isn't intended to reduce the look of existing stretch marks, so I wasn't expecting miracles. It does however deeply moisturise my skin and is very pleasant to use. Would definitely purchase again.
  59. Good body oil


    I haven't seen results as of yet but this is a good body oil that smells nice and isn't too expensive!
  60. great!


    been using this oil lately, my skin looks and feels more supple
  61. Works well


    After pregnancy I had very noticeable stretch marks on hips, two years later I found this product. Slowly my stretch marks turned silver and much less noticeable.... that’s all I wanted. Very happy.
  62. Nourishing and moisturising oil


    I applied this to stretch marks on my stomach and things and it completely transformed the texture on skin, which I found really amazing. Will definitely purchase it again.
  63. Love the texture & Smell


    I love the texture of this massage oil and it absorbs through out massaging the skin and make my skin feel so soft.
  64. Stretch Mark Massage Oil


    I imagine most people using it to prevent and/or repair stretch marks would use it regularly so a larger bottle makes sense.
  65. Lovely oil


    I loved this glass packaging. However i purchased this oil for existing stretch marks on my thighs and belly and didn't really improve the appearance but defiantly moisturised my dry skin
  66. Great product


    I purchased this when I ran out of Bio Oil, just to change it up a bit. It works just as well as bio oil. I’m about to have my second baby in a few weeks and I’m so thrilled to say that I don’t have any stretch marks on my belly. And my belly is HUGE!
  67. Nightly pregnancy ritual


    The Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil was the highlight of my post shower evening ritual throughout my pregnancy. I adore the scent and it was extremely nourishing. Stretch marks are unfortunately down to genetics so I did get them on my legs and bottom however did not get any on my HUGE belly, winning! I still use the oil post partum.
  68. Weleda Convert!


    I researched this oil to use at the start of my second trimester. I also like that there a bunch of instructions included if you are unsure where to apply and the technique that is most favorable for that location. So far I am loving this, just wish I had purchased a larger bottle!
  69. Lovely product


    I have just purchased this product and started using it for the past week. It is lovely to apply with a gentle scent that disappears quickly. It is not sticky and does not transfer onto your clothes, so easy to apply day and night. In terms of efficacy, I will have to see! (but the other reviews seem very positive!)
  70. Amazing


    This is an amazing oil!! I have no stretch marks with two pregnancy’s! My tummy got super large on my little frame and with regular this really worked! Best of all it’s all natural with no nastys!!
  71. No stretch marks during pregnancy


    I have been using this oil since I was around 14 weeks pregnant right up until now when I am 39 weeks pregnant and I have had no stretch marks. I have previously been prone to stretch marks and have numerous marks from during puberty. Much to my amazement, this oil has prevented me from any during my pregnancy, I can hardly believe it!
  72. Amazing


    This feels amazing and super hydrating. I've tried a few different stretch mark oils this pregnancy and this is by far the best. Best value also!
  73. Nourishing and relaxing


    I have used this the whole way through my pregnancy and at 35 weeks and am yet to find a stretch mark on my stomach. It has also helped minimise the appearance of an old scar which is an added bonus!
  74. Amazing!!


    I have very sensitive skin and I have quite a few stretch marks on my bum and legs and its very hard for me to find a product that works well for stretch marks but my skin doesn't react to. I have tired many other expensive products but this one works better and its great value for money!
    I have repurchased this item 3 times now for myself and twice for two of my friends to use on their tum...
    Read More
  75. Great


    I'm sure that this oil played a huge part helping my skin as my big belly stretched all that skin. I loved the oil - beautiful consistency, smell and feel and made me feel good knowing I was using a safe product on my skin too. LOVE love this and will definitely use again when preggo in the future :-)
  76. On my third bottle!


    Love it!
    Its easy to apply and dosnt seem to stain any of my clothes like other oils i tried at first. I am in my third trimester and on my third bottle.
    Its great, i only wish they made it in a bigger size bottle so i dont have to re order.

    I have been applying twice a day, no sign of stretch marks yet, and a bottle seems to last me about 6 weeks.
  77. Great Product


    Smooth oil, easy application and easy to wash off hands once done applying!
  78. Nourishing


    This oil makes my skin feel super smooth and well nourished. It also has quite a nice scent too
  79. Great stretch mark oil


    I’ve been using this for a couple months, and it’s reduced old stretch marks and prevented new ones. The price is decent also! I would recommend using this in combination with dermarolling, bio oil and a rich moisturiser to get the best results. Stretch marks are in my genes and I got them very badly in my first pregnancy, and this product has really helped to reduce them and prevent new ones.
  80. No stretch marks from first pregnancy


    Used this daily in the morning after a shower from 3 months pregnant and on and even after birth for about 3-4months.

    Lucky me no stretch marks from my first pregnancy if it was due to this or genetics I will never know I just know I used this and my tummy looked totally fine afterwards.

    It felt like a nice ritual to do each day rubbing it in too.
  81. Best stretch mark oil I’ve used


    Couldn’t recommend this product more! Easily soaks in and I’ve noticed that my skin is super hydrated and supple. 36 weeks pregnant now and not a single stretch mark.
  82. Lovely smell - would recommend


    Used this throughout pregnancy several times a week from the second trimester onwards. It smelled lovely and was very relaxing and gave relief when my skin was itchy. I did end up with stretchmarks which appeared right at the end of the pregnancy but a lot of sources say that whether you get them is genetic and that the creams etc. can't stop them completely.
  83. Lovely smell - would recommend


    Used this throughout pregnancy several times a week from the second trimester onwards. It smelled lovely and was very relaxing and gave relief when my skin was itchy. I did end up with stretchmarks which appeared right at the end of the pregnancy but a lot of sources say that whether you get them is genetic and that the creams etc. can't stop them completely.
  84. 5 Stars


    As soon as I found out I was pregnant I ordered a supply of this body oil. 6months in and no stretch marks yet after applying it twice a day, every day. It smells great (not strong) and while it is oily enough to rub across skin it absorbs well. My skin feels very supple in between uses and of course immediately after use.
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