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Weleda Skin Food 75ml 75ml

4.6 of 180 reviews


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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Weleda Skin Food 75ml

Weleda Skin Food 75ml

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4.6 of 180 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Love the results!
My skin usually feels rough & dry, more so in the dry, harsh winter months. I bought this moisturizer to try and tackle my dry cracked skin on my face & body, since I have applied a small drop, in circular motions to my skin on my face & body (wherever is needed) and it makes my skin feel so soft & hydrated almost instantaneously after.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not sure on this one
I bought this due to the hype initially I liked it but I find its super super thick and the scent is overpowering and very citrus like. Not sure on this one.
  1. Love the results!

    My skin usually feels rough & dry, more so in the dry, harsh winter months. I bought this moisturizer to try and tackle my dry cracked skin on my face & body, since I have applied a small drop, in circular motions to my skin on my face & body (wherever is needed) and it makes my skin feel so soft & hydrated almost instantaneously after.

    I adore this hand cream! I have very dry hands, and I find this product very moisturising as it doesn’t strip away excess oils from my hands. Would recommend to anyone!
  3. Not sure on this one

    I bought this due to the hype initially I liked it but I find its super super thick and the scent is overpowering and very citrus like. Not sure on this one.
  4. New staple in my routine

    Love this smell, love how thick and luxurious it is! Amazing night time cream for face and any dry areas of the body.
  5. Sticky but effective

    Tried this product. It is very thick and sticky which I found difficult when applying to hands. However, after it absorbed left my skin feeling very hydrated.
  6. Perfect product for winter!

    This moisturiser is a godsend if you suffer from dry skin. It’s very thick going on but once it’s rubbed in it’s super hydrating! Will eliminate dry patches and works well on my sensitive skin with no irritation.
  7. Great

    Overall a great product, it was what I was expecting but I found it too thick at times.
  8. Excellent for dryness

    This product is excellent for my dry skin it can be used on the face and all over body especially on areas of rough skin.
    The smell at first is a bit grassy and the texture is somewhat oily but it’s worth using if you suffer from eczema or flaky skin especially during winter
    It has worked wonders on my dry chapped hands and elbows
  9. Great Hand Cream!

    I came across this from a friend and i love it! I have very dry hands and i found this product very moisturising. Would recommend !
  10. Thick rick ointment like cream

    This product is rich and thick. It has an ointment component to it and lovely citrus scent. I've found it a bit too thick when applying by hand but when I used a beauty blender, it helped the product to absorb really well.
  11. Smelly but effective!

    Bought this after hearing all the hype. So hydrating! Have used it on my face and body and am really happy with its moisturising efforts. Not a fan of the smell however. Was warned of how thick it was but thats not a huge issue. Rubs in easily enough. Will be great for winter dryness!

    I recently purchased after hearing the hype from beauty gurus worldwide! It lives up to every great word discussed as it instantly plumps and hydrates the skin. However it is heavy and thick however so if that is not your vibe then you will not approve. Every single time i apply this at night i wake up and get glow compliments all day long
  13. Lives up to the hype

    I bought this product because I was looking for a very hydrating moisturiser to tackle the dry, sensitive skin on my face. I prefer to invest in serums and topical treatments, so finding a facial moisturiser which met this brief and one that was affordable was almost impossible ... until I came across this product. This hydrating, soothing all purpose cream leaves my skin moisturised, and prepped for makeup.
  14. Great

    Very thick cream, leaves the skin feeling super hydrated. Will buy again.
  15. Nice product

    I love this cream. Very moisturising and sinks in well without feeling heavy or greasy. Beautiful scent and natural ingredients. Great for anyone with dry or irritated skin
  16. Love this!

    First of all, I always get compliments on the smell. I wash my hands aswell as use alcohol gel constantly at work and this has saved my hands from cracking and drying at the end of the day/shift. I also use a tiny bit on my face (I have naturally very oily skin) I love the feeling of it and surprisingly it doesn't make me oily at all.
  17. Great all-rounder

    I swear by this in winter and use it all over my face and body. It works wonders on dry elbows. I use it in the mornings under makeup but need to let it sink in for a few minutes before applying foundation. I also use it as a night time mask. Highly recommend.
  18. Found - the only hand cream you'll ever need

    No other hand cream I've ever used has been as hydrating or lasts as long throughout the day. I almost wish I'd bought the smaller size tube because this is almost too much for the quantity I use. Not a huge fan of the smell (bitter citrus) however it really does the job like no other! I like the metal tube but over time and use it has become difficult to screw the cap back on as the metal deforms around the base of the tube. Especially if carrying in handbag! So again, I would recommend the smaller size.
  19. So nourishing!

    I purchased this after reading about it online and hearing celebrities used it as a miracle cream. This product totally lives up to its reputation! I use it on my combination skin at night during summer and at night and during the day in winter. It is ultra moisturising and leaves my skin with an amazing glow and plumped up feel! Note only a little bit is needed as it is quite rich.
  20. ok but not great

    didn't work as well as I had hoped and it is a little bit expensive
  21. So nourishing

    This product comes highly recommended from the You Beauty Facebook group so I was very excited to pop in into my basket. It did not disappoint. It is so hydrating and nourishing. I have oily and somewhat problematic skin so I thought it might be a bit heavy on my face but I love wearing it to bed like a hydrating mask. It's also really nice for dry elbow, knees, feet and hands. I will be repurchasing when it runs out and will probably try some of their other products as well.
  22. A necessity

    Besides a hydrating serum, lip balm and what is left of my stock of the Tatcha Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream, the Skin Food from Weleda Skin Food is a necessity in my winter arsenal. It is my daily facial moisturiser if I leave my house. I love to walk and the Skin Food is one of the few products that seems to shield me from the eczema patches lurking just underneath my skin. I would recommend this product to anyone with dry skin, who hasn't tried it before. Pop down to your local health foods store, get a sample, try it for a couple of days in the cooler seasons, and see if this works for you.
    My only quip is that years ago, the Skin Food came in metal tubes. This product is now in a plastic tube. I would love to see the Skin Food packaged in metal tubes again (or even a glass jar), to make it recyclable at the end of its life.
  23. Rich but maybe too rich

    I had heard miraculous things about Weleda - and I love the brand as a whole but found this ultra rich cream to irritate my dry/sensitive skin causing it to almost immediately breakout on my temples and jawline. I think it would be great to use on my hands, knees and elbows however.
  24. I like this for very dry skin

    I used this on my very dry elbows and it really helped, the smell is nice and it is all natural as far as im aware and effective, used as hand cream too, really liked it
  25. MUST HAVE for eczema sufferers!

    I was skeptical of this as an eczema treatment for myself and my son as usually the only thing that works is a steroid cream. I was worried about the near constant use of steroid creams and wanted something natural...this is it! I saw almost instant results, especially on my son’s skin and I’m honestly not sure I’d even consider him ‘eczema prone’ any more. Total game changer.
  26. thick but moisturising

    I find this to be a bit thick and doesn't spread easily but it is very moisturising and great for dry skin
  27. Highly recommend for dry skin

    I have dry hands and feet and generally my skin type is dry. I absolutely love this product. Only recently discovered it, but I know it will be a staple for me. It is a bit on the thick side and has a slightly sticky texture that's not long lasting, but it really helps with dry skin and I would highly recommend it
  28. Dry Skin Saviour!

    I have had this product before and wish I had repurchased sooner! This has saved my dry skin and I love lathering it up before bed as a super nourishing face mask! Perfect for dry hands, face and dry spots!
  29. Smells Amazing.. super thick texture though

    This smells amazing. Reminds me of Aesop hand cream but better priced.
    Texture is super thick, kind of balm like. So if you want a thin or light moisturising treatment this is not for you. Weleda have just released a light version which I can't wait to try.

    I use on hands / feet / elbows etc and my husband uses it on his head after shaving...We will always have a tube of this around!
  30. Love it

    Found this so good for elbows and knees because of its thick consistency! Lovely smell
  31. must try for dry skin

    if you have dry skin like me, you should definately give this a try. it's rich and nourishing and really relives dry skin
  32. Very creamy and rich

    This cream does it all and you can use it any where on your body. I’ve used it as a moisturiser, as a face mask, lip balm, for dry and cracked feet and as a hand cream. It’s very multipurpose and incredibly hydrating which is why I love it so much.
  33. Love this cream

    If you're looking for a rich cream then you should try this one! While it is on the heavy side, a little bit goes a long way. I use it all over from my dry knees and elbows to dry spots on my face. I've never had breakouts from using this on my face since I use it sparingly. I love the fresh smell and the metal tube it comes in too. If you have some dry spots and are looking for a clean product then you should try this amazing cream.
  34. very rich

    I use this every night and I have oily acne prone skin, it is one of the few moisturisers I can use that doesn't cause more break outs or irritate my skin. I also use this after chemical peel when my skin is very dry and irritated and full of broken skin or scabs.
    After using glycol cleansers and retinol treatment my skin feels taught and dry and I use this after to compensate.
    During the day I don't use it unless my skin is very dry or in winter and I'm peeling/cracking through a chemical peel.
    Smells great like citrus and is quite a thick cream so I rub it between my fingers to thin it out so its easier to spread.
  35. A little goes a long way...

    ... especially when mixing in a little oil!! Definitely needs to be used on hydrated skin otherwise is impossible to rub in. I used it lathered on overnight and woke up extra hydrated. Definitely great for coming into winter!
  36. Great all-round product

    I bought this when I was living overseas in a very cold winter and love it! Great all-purpose product. I use it as hand cream, a small amount for a overnight rich moisturiser, on long flights, as a protective barrier under sunscreen when skiing - list goes on! A little goes a long way as it is so so thick and rich. Smells great too!
  37. Essential product

    This is such a handy little product to have around. I use it on all sorts of things for both myself and my children. Thick product so it works well for rashes which light moisturisers would likely sting.
  38. Luxurious

    This cream is thick and luxurious and really helps to combat dry skin. I use it on my heels and elbows and sometimes my hands and it feels great. It really does stop your skin from drying out
  39. The only thing that works for my super dry skin!

    I have super dry skin on my knees and patches on my feet and ankles. Whenever I fake tan the tan clings to these patches and looks super dark and awful. I have tried scrubs, oils, balms, moisturisers, all to no avail. Until I tried Weleda Skinfood. It is super thick and has a slightly odd scent, but boy does it work! Within a week of using twice a day my dry skin is all but gone, a feat no other product has come close to. I am so happy with this product. Definitely recommend for those with stubborn, dry, scaly skin.
  40. Amazing cream

    I'm so in love with this cream. It's thick, very hydrating and smells great.
    I have normal/dry skin so i need something that works and keeps my skin hydrated. I put it on before bed and my face was still soft and hydrated in the morning.
  41. Great for winter skin

    I bought this for my kids that were getting dry skin in the winter wind. A couple of days later their dry flaky skin was completely gone. I also use this at night as an overnight face masque for my dry skin.
  42. All purpose cream

    Extremely soft with a lovely scent. Instantly smooths and hydrates. Works really well with my dry and sensitive skin.
  43. Hydrating for my dry hands

    I purchased this to use as a hand cream to rub into my cuticles as they have been getting dry. So far, I have noticed a difference in hydrating. The consistency of the cream is a little thick but it does work. I also use on my dry out blemishes to make them more hydrated.
  44. Best body lotion for very dry or problematic skin

    This is one of very few lotions (non-pharmaceutical) that help me with very dry skin and psoriasis. It's a brilliant product and well priced.
  45. Great For Super Dry Skin

    My partner has ridiculously dry skin and he refused to use anything for the longest time until I bought him this. He loves it and it has improved his skin so much! If you're dealing with uber-dry skin it's a must have!
  46. My favourite product

    My entire family now uses this product and we have ages 13 - 60. It seems to suit all skin types including very sensitive skin and is so nourishing. I hope they never stop making it because I will keep re-ordering as long as they make it.
  47. Only apply at night

    I’ve tried this cream on my body and face. It’s super thick, which makes it difficult to work into the face. Peru for dry knees and elbows though. I recommend applying it at night time.
  48. perfect for dry skin

    My go-to in winter months, or when my skin is feeling irritated and dry. Very soothing super moisturising. Has helped me manage my dermatitis. Although not mentioned for use on the face- i find that it has been really useful for my dry patches on my face. very useful for flights too!
  49. Best multi purpose cream ever!

    I use this every day all over my body where ever i feel i need hydration. The scent is so fresh and leaves your skin feeling instantly soft and hydrated. You can use all over the body and is so good for sensitive skin like mine.
  50. Bible product!

    I discovered this beauty about a year ago on the hunt for a natural night cream but found that this is an all-rounder! The cream is incredibly rich and potent but a little goes a verrry long way and I always wake up with the most beautiful dewy and soft skin. The tube lasts you super duper long and you can use it as a hand cream, foot cream or on any dry spots that need a good drink. The only issue about this product is the packaging: when it starts getting low, the tube splits and makes it very messy and hard to get product out. No issue though as you can easily put the remaining product into a small travel jar :-)
  51. Skin Food

    Been using it for years - an all round product, also great for chapped hands.My husband uses it daily - the only skin care product he will use!
  52. Great cream for dry skin but undesirable for my face

    Found this product great for super dry skin areas like hands/elbows etc. (especially working in an air-conditioned office every day that dries out my skin) but a little too rich/thick for my face- the cream is very dense- unlike most creams on the market.
  53. This is now my daily hand cream

    I received a sample of this and trialed it as a hand cream. I was genuinely surprised to find it's the first product I've used on my hands that doesn't slide off when I wash my hands - because it's already absorbed into my skin. It's now the only product I use on my hands. I live in sunny (aka hot & sticky) Sydney and work in an air conditioned office and I love that this stuff never feels slimy and keeps my hands soft all day. The lime-citrus smell grows on you too :)
  54. Great Product

    Nice and thick a great moisturiser! Even used it on sunburn, Only wish it came in a bigger tube
  55. It’s okay

    I don’t love this as much as everybody else does unfortunately, and I also don’t really like the smell which probably puts me off using the cream more. I do think it works well on my face as an overnight mask when my skin feels really dry and needs something super hydrating.
  56. Multi-purpose balm

    I had very oily skin that had become dry and dehydrated as I’ve entered my late 20’s. I struggled to find anything that would leave my skin softer in the morning without rubbing off on my pillow and leaving my skin dry. This does exactly that and as an added bonus I’ve also experienced no break outs from it. This cream is very thick and balmy and I believe would have been too much for my skin a few years ago but has been incredibly effective at stopping dryness. I have also loved the tip of applying over makeup as a subtle highlighter which looks really healthy and natural!
  57. Nappy bag essential

    rich formula with a fresh smell. Good multi-purpose intense moisturiser for hands and dry areas such as heels, elbows and neck! Absolutely couldn't live without
  58. People with dry skin this is for you!!!

    Yes! I have very dry skin and often i'll pile cream on only to have to do it again in a few hours because my skin feels dry again. But this stuff is good. Note, it is really sticky and thick so you press it onto your skin rather than smooth it on. I mix it in my palm with a few drops of oil sometimes to help make it go on easier. This saved me through winter. Says its for elbows etc but i use it on my face. I don't think it looks too oily or anything. Also is now in a plastic tube rather than aluminium which is better for squeezing it out.
  59. Good for parched skin

    Very rich formula. Strong (but nice) smell. Good multi-purpose intense moisturiser for body but not great for the face in my case (caused clogged pores and pimples).
  60. Rich and Hydrating

    Love this product for a rich hydration. I like to use this around my elbows as they can get quite dry. Instantly soothes and hydrates.
  61. Not for me

    I received this as a sample and I had high hopes of healing some small dry patches of skin on my body, in particular on the side of my big toes. The formula is thick and way too greasy and unfortunately I couldn't handle the herby citrusy scent, although to be fair I am quite sensitive to the smell of different products. I used this for a couple of weeks on the dry area with socks on at night to keep the moisture in (and prevent the greasiness from getting on my sheets) and it didn't seem to help very much at all. I find paw paw ointment does a better job with a much more tolerable (to me) scent.
  62. Perfect for dry skin

    I absolutely love this product. It's a thick cream which I use on my arms and legs most nights - it is so good that it keeps my dry skin hydrated the following day so that I don't need to moisturise again in the morning. I purchased this product again straight away after realising how great it was. The only thing I don't love is the packaging - I would prefer it come in a larger size with a pump or lid rather than the tube.
  63. Love

    I absolutely love all the Weleda products! I have tried pretty much their whole range!! This is a gorgeous lotion!! And best of all it’s all natural with no nastys!!!
  64. Good for skin but not for face

    This moisturizer is nice and thick, it really deep moisturizes my skin but I would not use it on my sensitive and prone to break out face
  65. Awesome all purpose product

    This is such a handy product for so many reasons. I have used it for scrapes, rashes and dry skin so far and it is always quick to heal. A must have.
  66. Perfect for dry skin

    I was sent this as a sample and I'm so glad I did because I have very dry skin. This product is perfect for applying to anywhere on the body. It is very thick which I find a llittle inconvenient but it does the trick! I think I will be buying a larger tube for winter, when my skin is the driest.
  67. Amazing moisturiser

    My regular day and night moisturiser wasn’t doing a great job so I tried skin food out and oh boy it is amazing! You only need a tiny bit when you apply but a little bit goes a long way. The patches of dry skin I had were gone after a couple of days and my skin feels so soft. My skin is very sensitive and prone to breakouts but after using this I’d say I’ve broken out a lot less
  68. Dry skin saviour

    This is a very thick cream, perfect for any really dry areas on the body. I love using this in winter on my feet and elbows. Very nourishing and keeps them nice and baby soft.
  69. My go-to rich cream!

    Love this cream, but A LOT goes a long way. It works great if you thin it out on your hand first. Perfect for every dry area.
  70. Excellent All Round Product

    I bought this based on the reviews and have been very happy. It can be used anywhere on the body and is very hydrating. I have been using it mostly on my face as a night cream and as an under eye cream by using it thickly in the area. My skin is looking better due to it.
  71. Great product all round

    Love this as a hand moisturiser as my hands get very dry after washing numerous times throughout out the day. I usually use this before bed and it makes a huge difference. My hands feel super soft!
    Also use this as a body moisturiser and occasionally on the face when I get super dry skin during winter.
  72. So many uses!

    This is probably one of the most versatile products on the market. It can be used as a lip balm, hand cream, foot cream, elbow cream - you name it! My favourite way to use it is to apply a thick layer before bed for 10 minutes, and then wiping it off with a tissue, and rinsing it in the morning. It acts like a deeply nourishing masque!
  73. Great for dry skin

    I have dry skin and this is very moisturizing and instantly relieves my skin.
  74. Love it

    Love everything about it. It’s so nice and thick and moisturising. I like to use it on my hands before bed and it also helps with the eczema itch.
  75. Great for dry cuticles

    Skin Food is ultra thick and more than a little greasy - don’t put this on your hands if you’re planning on touching anything - but it’s great for dry cuticles, or any dry skin. It’s definitely not an everyday moisturiser or lotion but if you have some unsightly dry patches this will do the trick.
  76. Awesome

    use it for everything awesome product
  77. Great product!

    Skin Food is such an amazing product that can be used on the body, hands lips to help moisturise and soften skin. It's especially a lifesaver in winter!
  78. Holy grail product!

    Skin Food is such an amazing product that can be used on the body, hands lips to help moisturise and soften skin. It's especially a lifesaver in winter!
  79. excellent for dry skin

    It helped hydrate my face and elbows over winter and a little goes a long way. I am now using as a night cream. I will definitely repurchase.
  80. Good, but not great

    I received this in a deluxe sample tube. The smell is nice and so is the texture. However it made my hands a bit greasy and it didn’t heal my dry patches. I prefer other brands for moisturising.
  81. Heavy duty

    I have very dry hands from lots of nappy changes so was searching for something very hydrating. This cream has an interesting herbal smell which I don't love but is also not unpleasant - I'm very fussy when it comes to product scent. I found this cream to be tacky and oily so I only use it before bed. I find it only gives me short term relief of dry hands so would not purchase this product again.
  82. Absolute go to!

    I love Skin Food! I literally use it for everything. Great for dry hands, face and lips.
  83. Does as advertised

    Really hydrates and restores. I could feel and see the difference in skins flakeyness immediately. Cream is quick thick but absorbs rapidly. Good value. Although the scent is pleasant it is a little intense for me, i need a well ventilated area when using haha
  84. LOVE it

    This is such a well-loved product and it is hard to not see why.
    It is thick and easily absorbed, any dry areas and immediately improved with a bit of this bad boy!

    The only thing I do not like about the product is that after a while of rolling around in my bag the corners of the packaging have broken open - which is a small gripe against such a great product!
  85. So hydrating!

    This cream is rich and smells great. I use it on my face over serums at night and mix it with a lighter day cream for a makeup base. It gives me fantastic dewy skin and has kept my skin hydrated throughout winter.
  86. Use it for everything

    A great cream for everything. I use this as a hand cream, on dry patches of skin, and as a moisturiser when my skin is looking dry. I have found that this cream also helps to heal my cold sores. Once the cold sore becomes scab, I dab some of this cream on to the sore a few times a day and before I got to bed. It speeds up the healing and prevents the scab from cracking and bleeding. Can't live without it.
  87. Great

    Love! I have repurchased this over the years and it is excellent. It is one of those products that you want to have 'just in case'. I use as a face mask sometimes, on my hands when they get very dry, feet and even on my body. Its a great multi use cream.
  88. Winter wonder

    Love this thick cream for very dry hands in winter. It was also the single only thing that calmed horrendously itchy skin during pregnancy - and I tried everything! The smell is quite strong and the product is very oily so I do not use it on the face or neck, but it’s remarkably effective for troublesome dry or broken skin elsewhere on the body.
  89. Good

    Always have this on hand as it's such a great multi-use product. I use it on my lips, as a face mask and even around my nose when it got chapped after a recent head cold. Can't live without it!
  90. Thick and moisturizing

    This moisturizer is thick and moisturizing, it is too think to use in my whole face (sensitive skin which is prone to break outs) but is great for a dry spot on my face and / or body moisturizer
  91. Dry skin saver

    Took me some time to get used to the orange-like smell but I love it now. So good for flaky skin on my hands and lips. I use it as a night time moisturiser on top of serums. Love!!!
  92. Beautiful

    I’m not the biggest fan of the feeling of this moisturiser. I put it on of a night. But SO worth it the next morning when my skin looks and feels amazing. Has been a lifesaver this winter for my dry cracked hands
  93. Dehydrated or dry skin

    Takes a while for my skin to absorb, but i guess because its that moisturising for your skin! Great for super dry skin (including oily or combination skins who are producing more oil for their dehydrated skin)
  94. A great all-rounder

    Such a creamy hydrating product and it smells fantastic too! I use Weleda Skin Food as a hand cream and because I love a dewy, glowy style of makeup i actually take a small amount of this to the high points on my face and just smooth the excess onto the other areas of my face to even it out and it gives my face such a lovely sheen.
    Such a diverse and wonderful product and i'm sure it will last for ages but when it finally runs out i will repurchase.
  95. Glowing skin

    I purchased weleda skin food after such rave reviews by makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes and it did not disappoint. Although designed for dry skin especially on rough areas like hands, this product can be used to create a dewy finish or base to your face giving it that fresh glowy look which is what I mainly use this product for. It has a very organic smell which I don't mind at all. I would be weary of using this on oily skin though as it will make you look shinier and makeup would not likely sit well on top of it. However for dry to normal skin, it is fantastic!
  96. Like nothing else

    So thick and moisterising. Perfect for any really dry skin
  97. Best Kept Secret of the Beauty World!

    I absolutely love the Weleda Skin Food. It does what it says. It actually moisturises your skin effenciently and effectively. One tube of Weleda Skin Food will last a very long time. It is so beautiful to use. It transforms dry, sunburnt, chemical burn or windburned skin back to normal. I use it as an overnight mask after exfoliating my skin. Never lets me down and I carry the small tube in my handbag.
  98. Thick, oily moisturiser

    The consistency is really thick but also oily, so takes a little rubbing and patience to absorb. I use this for my hands at night, and find that while it's really moisturising at the time, the next day my hand are dry again... maybe even drier than they were before using the product? Will continue to use every few nights, but undecided at the moment.
  99. Best handcream on the market

    Literally no other handcream works as well as this. The effects of this moisturiser can be felt on my skin days after it is applied, even with multiple hand washes.
  100. Great product for dry skin

    This is a great product for dry skin especially the hands during winter when the skin around the nails tend to dry out. It is great for all dry skin. Easily absorbed and has a lovely scent. Highly recommended all year round
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