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Weleda Skin Food 75ml 75ml

4.6 of 250 reviews


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4 instalments of $6.24


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Weleda Skin Food 75ml

Weleda Skin Food 75ml

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4.6 of 250 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Got a small 10ml tube of this as a bonus and it has changed my life. This is an intense moisturiser that can be used all over. If you have dry skin, this will literally save you in Winter. Apply in small amounts as too much can make you look very oily. Will be buying this again and again as it is the most hydrating thing I have EVER used. Does have a strong scent but it’s actually quite pleasant.

Most Helpful Criticism

This cream smells so good but I'm not sure if it's working or not.
It's very thick and gets a bit sticky after application, but I used it on my face and hands sometimes for the smell.
I'm not sure if I will buy it again though.
  1. It was good, just not for my skin

    I used this for a good month at night, recommended by friends. However I found this to be way to thick on my face and it broke me out. I think if you have dry skin this would be perfect, I was actually so sad it wasn’t right for my skin!
  2. Nourishing

    Got a small 10ml tube of this as a bonus and it has changed my life. This is an intense moisturiser that can be used all over. If you have dry skin, this will literally save you in Winter. Apply in small amounts as too much can make you look very oily. Will be buying this again and again as it is the most hydrating thing I have EVER used. Does have a strong scent but it’s actually quite pleasant.
  3. Very moisturising

    I received a sample of this with one of my orders and I've only used it once, but it is so hydrating! It isn't too thick when applied and seems so rich!
  4. Great for dry skin

    My first impression of Skin Food was that it was SUPER THICK and smelt a little strange, however there is no denying it is definitely an effective product for re-plumping dry skin. I’ve been it once or twice a week after being in a lot of heating and have found it really made a difference.
  5. Lovely

    this product is honestly amazing! It nurishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definetly recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  6. I do really like this but...

    I actually like this hand cream but I find it slightly oily - like I can see my hand prints around the place after I use it...I would never put it on while I am at the traffic lights!

    It does smell lovely - very light citrus fragrance.

    I now have it by my bedside table and use it before I go to bed. So soft hands and the hand prints are not left everywhere!
  7. Dry skin

    I am 50 yo and as I have aged my skin has become a bit dry and flaky. I have found it difficult to find a product for my face that keeps my skin hydrated all day.
    This product is quite thick when first applied but as it warms on the skin it blends in.
    I use it night and day, my skin has improved has I highly recommend.
  8. Perfect for winter!

    I have only started using this product in the last 2-3 months and I wish I had it in my life earlier!!

    This is so perfect for the winter skin - I put it on in the evening and wake up with smooth non-dry non-flakey skin.

    Plus, it smells really nice - like light citrus. My partner even comments on how nice I smell after I put it on.

    Highly recommend.
  9. Great for dry hands !

    After hearing good things about this I decided to buy it for my dry winter hands. It’s s thick texture and you only need a little bit but I can’t see myself using this in my face. The thick texture makes it difficult to spread on the face and I personally don’t like wearing fragrance on my face. Speaking of fragrance this smells “herbal” to me. Works a treat though for dry elbows, cuticles and hands!
  10. Nourishing

    I have super sensitive skin with dry patches and Weleda Skin Food is a great as an overnight treat for my face and body. (For face, if I use it during the day my makeup does not layer well.) The scent is a little strong at first but fades quickly. Love knowing it's toxin free. Tube was smaller than I expected for the price.
  11. Good for very dry skin

    I received a sample of this in a recent order and quickly purchased a full size tube. I have very dry patches of skin on my arms and legs, especially in winter, and this is the best cream I have found for them.

    It is very thick, almost waxy, but it is also easy to apply and doesn't seem to transfer to or stain clothes. It isn't highly scented, so it doesn't irritate broken skin, but it does have a pleasant smell derived from the ingredients.

    It has worked really well calming down and moisturising my skin and will be a staple for me from now on.
  12. Great

    This is a great cream for winter and helps a lot with my dry, flaky skin. It also leaves my skin really soft
  13. Use it for everyone in the family

    Thick, but the skin laps it up! I use it as a night cream on particularly dry days and my skin loves it.
    Also use it on my daughters dry skin and it helps.
    Best ever!
  14. Great

    Received this as a sample and it's great. Very hydrating! Love the soft scent too.
  15. Moisture

    I got a sample from my last purchase. it was quite thick but my skin feels moisturised and hydrated after using. I leave it over night and my skin feels so soft in the morning.
  16. not sure about this cream

    I am not sure about this cream, its very thick and sticky and take long time to sink into skin.
  17. Couldn't use

    I'm quite disappointed as the full ingredients list isn't available here. One of the essential oils is lavender, which i'm allergic too. It would have been great to see the full ingredients list so I could make an educated choice before I purchased it.
  18. Wonder product!

    I am obsessed with this for my dry winter skin. It is incredibly thick and sort of hard to apply but I slather it on every night and my skin is so soft and glowy in the mornings.
  19. Always works well

    This is great for winter, and for tough feet, hands, elbows and knees
  20. Beautifully nourishing

    I found out about this product after seeing a famous dermatologist in NY using this night and day. She has the money to buy any product and this is the moisturiser she chooses day and night. That was good enough for me, and both my Hubble and I love it

    This cream smells so good but I'm not sure if it's working or not.
    It's very thick and gets a bit sticky after application, but I used it on my face and hands sometimes for the smell.
    I'm not sure if I will buy it again though.
  22. nice

    nice and light and moistuiring for my oily skin everyday use, highly recommend
  23. Lovely

    this hand cream makes my skin feel and look amazing! it hydrates my hands so well and makes them stay smooth for hours! it smells so good and lasts for ages because you don't need to use much each time
  24. Really thick.

    This is the one you want for really dry scaly winter skin, or good for hands on the plane.
    Love the 'herby' fragrance.
  25. Travel essential

    This is a must for travel, saving my dry skin on many occasions. It’s thick and a little greasy but it does the job.
  26. Hand saviour

    As a mum I’m always washing my hands, this cream is my hand saviour. I apply liberally overnight and in the morning my hands and nails look x100 better. A staple HG in our house.
  27. Lovely

    this hand cream is amazing and i love it so much makes my hands feel so soft and smooth
  28. Hydrating, th

    I find this product to be really hydrating, the smell is not over bearing which is good, a nice natural scent, not too overpoweringI have been applying it on my hands that has dermatitis, can’t say it’s improved it’s condition nor made it worse, have to trial it out abit more. So far it’s just hydrating, nothing overly special.
  29. Super Rich

    Super nourishing and thick. You could say greasy... I find all purpose balms confusing to be honest. I wouldn't use it on my acne prone skin (face) but then it's too thick to be used as an all over moisturiser for the body. Good, but not sure that I'll ever finish mine.
  30. Moisture boost

    I damaged my skin from too many acids and rosacea returned. This is my saviour for night time moisturising. My skin still has a way to go but it’s getting there quickly thanks to this!I love the herbal smell and it now has a permanent place in my routine.
  31. All over body savior

    Anything from an intense hand cream, dry patches, lip balm, hair mask.... Weleda Skin food does it! It’s a great staple to your beauty cupboard. The only reason why I knocked a star off is because, depending on where to apply it, it can feel a tad greasy. I’m not a lover of it on my oily combination face, and it’s too close to the nose with such a strong smell. But I do recommend!
  32. Excellent for dry skin

    This is a must for dry skin types. It has helped me get through many winters living in air conditioned environments that dry my skin.
  33. This is it

    If you're looking for thick and moisturising, this is it. I've tried Loccitane and Crabtree & Evelyn and whatever else is out there but nothing is as thick and long lasting as this and nothing better for the driest of skin.
  34. Soaks in immediately

    I was looking for a moisturiser to combat winter dryness. So far, this is perfect.
    The smell is strong, but I like it, and it fades quickly as the cream absorbs into the skin.
  35. Not for me

    This cream is quite thick and has quite a strong scent.

    I had been recommended it by numerous people as an overnight mask and I did wake up to lovely soft skin the next morning, however unfortunately for me it also gave me a red itchy rash on my face.

  36. really hydrating, never found anything better

    I love this cream, it is more like an ointment rather than a cream because of how thick and hydrating it is. I have naturally oily skin but with using a lot of vitamin A on my face it dries out very quickly. This is my go to cream I use it day and night! It is quite heavy so during the day I wear a full coverage foundation and matte powder so it keeps me hydrated all day long.
    My only wish is that it would come with an SPF!
  37. As good as everyone says it is!

    I am so happy with this product.
    Perfect for dry skin or dry patchy areas.
    I applied this at night time as a step in my skincare routine and I woke up to beautiful feeling and looking skin! So good.
  38. Amazing cream for face & body

    I wrote a review recently for this cream where I said I thought it would be too rich for face (even though it’s brilliant for everywhere else) but my skin on my face has been so dry with the cold dry weather that I thought I’d give it a go & put it all over my face before bed - & I woke up this morning with my skin transformed! Not even a touch of dryness, & so smooth! Not a hint of congestion or breakout. Let it soak in for a while before you go to bed so it doesn’t come off on your pillow. I love this cream. Also love that it is natural & made by an ethical company, & not too expensive.
  39. Just as good as you hear it is

    Absolutely love this stuff! I'd been getting random itchy dry patches on my arms and it totally cleared it up. Also use it on my kids (8 and 6) for wind chapped faces thanks to winter and next day the redness and dry skin has disappeared. I've also purchased the lip balm and light version as I love it so much.
  40. Incredible product for skin conditions

    I received this product in a sample size, and immediately used it as a hand cream. I get dermatitis on my hands and during winter this condition is exacerbated. Skin food soothed my hands so well. I immediately bought a full sized bottle and expect that it will be my best friend this winter.
  41. Amazing for dry skin

    My mum uses this as she has very dry, mature skin she loves it!! She would not change after using this
  42. Winter must have

    This is an amazing product for people with dry skin! It is super thick but works well if you warm it up first and place on skin. Looks great under makeup too.
  43. Very hydrating night cream

    I like using this at night as it is too thick for me for daytime and makes my skin look a bit too shiny for day wear. But I love wearing it at night though as it is super nourishing and hydrating. My skin feels good in the morning after use.
  44. Awesome

    very hydrating but not sticky. absolutely in love. the best moisturizer for my normal skin type
  45. Awesome

    very hydrating but not sticky. absolutely in love. the best moisturizer for my normal skin type
  46. Great value products

    I like the Weleda handcreams, got a free sample of the Skin Food, I used on my body not face, has a decent light fragrance, and great for winter.
  47. Beautiful rich moisturiser

    This is lovely - great for my dry hands, arms, elbows, neck, lips, probably a bit rich for my face but if you have very dry skin, or in super cold climates, would be nice. Beautiful fragrance, natural ingredients. My hands have been so rough & itchy over winter & this soothed them straight away & after a few hours seemed to have healed red patches. Love it!
  48. Excellent for dry skin

    I have combination skin and therefore usually steer away from any thick products, in case they cause breakouts. However, the last few weeks the weather has been quite cold and my face has become very dry. I received a sample of this product and decided to try as a night cream in an effort to rehydrate my poor dry skin. My skin was much better in the morning! I have now used several times overnight and no breakouts. Would recommend for occasional use for dry skin or for use as a hand cream / body cream. Might be too thick for regular use, unless your skin is always very dry. Also smells great.
  49. Best thing for sensitive/dry skin!!

    Helps with my eczema, as i was looking for a thick hydrating cream to help relieve itchiness.
  50. Great winter moisturiser

    Bought this after hearing it recommended on a beauty podcast. It is a super thick cream that I am using as a night time face moisturiser. When I wake up it has all soaked in and leaves my skin feeling soft and super hydrated. I don't love the smell of the product, but it is bearable for soft skin. I find it is too thick to use as a morning face moisturiser.
  51. SO SOFT

    love this so much made my skin feel so so soft and amazing
  52. Amazing for sensitive / dry skin

    I struggle to find a product that soaks into my skin well and does not burn/turn me red and blotchy. This is amazing on my face and really helps soothe the dry patches. I LOVE it!
  53. All time favourite

    I'm on to my 3rd tube of Skin Food and I will never be without it. Perfect to fix those dehydrated spots on my sensitive skin, great lip repair and pre makeup primer. Love it. Good price and good overall moisturiser and healing cream for dry skin
  54. It’s perfect For winter

    Smells not nice but,It’s seriously food of the skin. I got a sample of this product. Definitely it is super saver for your face on cold weathers.
  55. Perfect for winter

    I use Weleda skin food as a face moisturizer and love it. It’s deeply hydrating yet doesn’t clog my pores. I like it in summer but love it in winter. Highly recommend this baby!
  56. Keep a tube in your bag/bathroom cabinet/make up bag/ bedside!!

    I have used the Skin Food range for over a year now, and have seen a dramatic shift in the tone of my skin. Managing dry skin thats prone to redness and showing early signs of ageing has become as simple as applying this nightly. I wake up with fresher skin than 10 years ago! Best still, you can use it ALL over your body, and is particularly amazing through winter. You must keep a tube in your bag and bedside. Is also an amazing natural illuminator when blotted on high points of the face!
  57. Great low priced product

    Great in winter I notice a big difference in my skin with this much more hydrated!

    This product is amazing! It's so thick and rubs into the skin so nicely. Skin feels so hydrated and has a beautiful glow after use. Plus this product smells so good!!

    This is amazing. I have the worst dry, scaly skin in winter and summer alike, and this is the only thing strong enough, that doesn't leave a horrible sticky residue. Can be hard to spread because it's so thick, but it had immediate results. Can see myself using this forever.
  60. Amazing!

    I adore this product! Very rich, nourishing moisturiser that I use on my face, lips and hands. It leaves a dewy/ shiny finish and I usually use it as a night cream in winter. I also love lathering it on my lips as night for an intense treatment- you look a little scary for 5 mins with white lips- but it melts into your skin really well and saves dry lips :)
  61. Niceeeee!

    such a great moisturiser. I mainly use it at night over my face oil. I warm it up in my hands and then tackle the driest parts first (cheeks, chin) and then spread everywhere else, including my neck and chest. I wake up every morning with glowy skin thanks to this. I rarely use it during the day as it’s a bit thick. I have combination skin, so I try to not over do it.
  62. Great for dry skin

    I use this product on dry areas as a result of "winter skin" such as hands, shins, heels and it works wonders, smells great and is very natural.
  63. Great for dry or chemically treated skin

    This product is great for dry skin, it literally creates a layer of moisture on your face. It can be a bit thick and sticky though so I recommend using it at night time before bed.
  64. So many uses

    It took me a little while to understand Skin Food, as I initially thought it was too greasy. But it hydrates beautifully as a hand cream at night, heels, elbows, etc. I can get a little dry and sensitive on my neck and find it replenishes without irritating. Now I couldn't live without it!
  65. Good as night cream

    Very rich and sticky but smells amazing and feels good once it has melted into the skin.

    I use it as an intense night mask cream.

    Love it!
  66. AH-MA-ZING!

    Buy it! My cousin recommended this product. Not only is it organic but also a certified natural product. It’s a simple moisturiser that gives you incredible hydration. A little on the greasier side, great for night time. Would recommend to wait few minutes before applying foundation. I have combination skin. Apply after serums.
  67. Very hydrating

    This cream is very hydrating and a little goes a long way. It is quite thick, so is ideal for dry heels or hands but I'm not sure I like the consistency.
  68. great product

    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands very hydrated !I would recommend this to anyone! Lovely cream from weleda
  69. Skin felt lovely

    I received a sample of this. The next morning my skin felt incredible it was soft and felt hydrated. I was shocked to see how cheap this product was considering the quality.
  70. Love the results!

    My skin usually feels rough & dry, more so in the dry, harsh winter months. I bought this moisturizer to try and tackle my dry cracked skin on my face & body, since I have applied a small drop, in circular motions to my skin on my face & body (wherever is needed) and it makes my skin feel so soft & hydrated almost instantaneously after.

    I adore this hand cream! I have very dry hands, and I find this product very moisturising as it doesn’t strip away excess oils from my hands. Would recommend to anyone!
  72. Not sure on this one

    I bought this due to the hype initially I liked it but I find its super super thick and the scent is overpowering and very citrus like. Not sure on this one.
  73. New staple in my routine

    Love this smell, love how thick and luxurious it is! Amazing night time cream for face and any dry areas of the body.
  74. Sticky but effective

    Tried this product. It is very thick and sticky which I found difficult when applying to hands. However, after it absorbed left my skin feeling very hydrated.
  75. Perfect product for winter!

    This moisturiser is a godsend if you suffer from dry skin. It’s very thick going on but once it’s rubbed in it’s super hydrating! Will eliminate dry patches and works well on my sensitive skin with no irritation.
  76. Great

    Overall a great product, it was what I was expecting but I found it too thick at times.
  77. Excellent for dryness

    This product is excellent for my dry skin it can be used on the face and all over body especially on areas of rough skin.
    The smell at first is a bit grassy and the texture is somewhat oily but it’s worth using if you suffer from eczema or flaky skin especially during winter
    It has worked wonders on my dry chapped hands and elbows
  78. Great Hand Cream!

    I came across this from a friend and i love it! I have very dry hands and i found this product very moisturising. Would recommend !
  79. Thick rick ointment like cream

    This product is rich and thick. It has an ointment component to it and lovely citrus scent. I've found it a bit too thick when applying by hand but when I used a beauty blender, it helped the product to absorb really well.
  80. Smelly but effective!

    Bought this after hearing all the hype. So hydrating! Have used it on my face and body and am really happy with its moisturising efforts. Not a fan of the smell however. Was warned of how thick it was but thats not a huge issue. Rubs in easily enough. Will be great for winter dryness!

    I recently purchased after hearing the hype from beauty gurus worldwide! It lives up to every great word discussed as it instantly plumps and hydrates the skin. However it is heavy and thick however so if that is not your vibe then you will not approve. Every single time i apply this at night i wake up and get glow compliments all day long
  82. Lives up to the hype

    I bought this product because I was looking for a very hydrating moisturiser to tackle the dry, sensitive skin on my face. I prefer to invest in serums and topical treatments, so finding a facial moisturiser which met this brief and one that was affordable was almost impossible ... until I came across this product. This hydrating, soothing all purpose cream leaves my skin moisturised, and prepped for makeup.
  83. Great

    Very thick cream, leaves the skin feeling super hydrated. Will buy again.
  84. Nice product

    I love this cream. Very moisturising and sinks in well without feeling heavy or greasy. Beautiful scent and natural ingredients. Great for anyone with dry or irritated skin
  85. Love this!

    First of all, I always get compliments on the smell. I wash my hands aswell as use alcohol gel constantly at work and this has saved my hands from cracking and drying at the end of the day/shift. I also use a tiny bit on my face (I have naturally very oily skin) I love the feeling of it and surprisingly it doesn't make me oily at all.
  86. Great all-rounder

    I swear by this in winter and use it all over my face and body. It works wonders on dry elbows. I use it in the mornings under makeup but need to let it sink in for a few minutes before applying foundation. I also use it as a night time mask. Highly recommend.
  87. Found - the only hand cream you'll ever need

    No other hand cream I've ever used has been as hydrating or lasts as long throughout the day. I almost wish I'd bought the smaller size tube because this is almost too much for the quantity I use. Not a huge fan of the smell (bitter citrus) however it really does the job like no other! I like the metal tube but over time and use it has become difficult to screw the cap back on as the metal deforms around the base of the tube. Especially if carrying in handbag! So again, I would recommend the smaller size.
  88. So nourishing!

    I purchased this after reading about it online and hearing celebrities used it as a miracle cream. This product totally lives up to its reputation! I use it on my combination skin at night during summer and at night and during the day in winter. It is ultra moisturising and leaves my skin with an amazing glow and plumped up feel! Note only a little bit is needed as it is quite rich.
  89. ok but not great

    didn't work as well as I had hoped and it is a little bit expensive
  90. So nourishing

    This product comes highly recommended from the You Beauty Facebook group so I was very excited to pop in into my basket. It did not disappoint. It is so hydrating and nourishing. I have oily and somewhat problematic skin so I thought it might be a bit heavy on my face but I love wearing it to bed like a hydrating mask. It's also really nice for dry elbow, knees, feet and hands. I will be repurchasing when it runs out and will probably try some of their other products as well.
  91. A necessity

    Besides a hydrating serum, lip balm and what is left of my stock of the Tatcha Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream, the Skin Food from Weleda Skin Food is a necessity in my winter arsenal. It is my daily facial moisturiser if I leave my house. I love to walk and the Skin Food is one of the few products that seems to shield me from the eczema patches lurking just underneath my skin. I would recommend this product to anyone with dry skin, who hasn't tried it before. Pop down to your local health foods store, get a sample, try it for a couple of days in the cooler seasons, and see if this works for you.
    My only quip is that years ago, the Skin Food came in metal tubes. This product is now in a plastic tube. I would love to see the Skin Food packaged in metal tubes again (or even a glass jar), to make it recyclable at the end of its life.
  92. Rich but maybe too rich

    I had heard miraculous things about Weleda - and I love the brand as a whole but found this ultra rich cream to irritate my dry/sensitive skin causing it to almost immediately breakout on my temples and jawline. I think it would be great to use on my hands, knees and elbows however.
  93. I like this for very dry skin

    I used this on my very dry elbows and it really helped, the smell is nice and it is all natural as far as im aware and effective, used as hand cream too, really liked it
  94. MUST HAVE for eczema sufferers!

    I was skeptical of this as an eczema treatment for myself and my son as usually the only thing that works is a steroid cream. I was worried about the near constant use of steroid creams and wanted something natural...this is it! I saw almost instant results, especially on my son’s skin and I’m honestly not sure I’d even consider him ‘eczema prone’ any more. Total game changer.
  95. thick but moisturising

    I find this to be a bit thick and doesn't spread easily but it is very moisturising and great for dry skin
  96. Highly recommend for dry skin

    I have dry hands and feet and generally my skin type is dry. I absolutely love this product. Only recently discovered it, but I know it will be a staple for me. It is a bit on the thick side and has a slightly sticky texture that's not long lasting, but it really helps with dry skin and I would highly recommend it
  97. Dry Skin Saviour!

    I have had this product before and wish I had repurchased sooner! This has saved my dry skin and I love lathering it up before bed as a super nourishing face mask! Perfect for dry hands, face and dry spots!
  98. Smells Amazing.. super thick texture though

    This smells amazing. Reminds me of Aesop hand cream but better priced.
    Texture is super thick, kind of balm like. So if you want a thin or light moisturising treatment this is not for you. Weleda have just released a light version which I can't wait to try.

    I use on hands / feet / elbows etc and my husband uses it on his head after shaving...We will always have a tube of this around!
  99. Love it

    Found this so good for elbows and knees because of its thick consistency! Lovely smell
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