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Weleda Skin Food - 75ml 75ml

4.6 of 572 reviews


4 instalments of $6.74

Or 4 instalments of $6.74 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $6.74

Or 4 instalments of $6.74 with LEARN MORE

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Rough, dry skin that has been exposed to the damaging effects of wind and weather will appreciate the soothing and healing properties of Weleda Skin Food, now available in a travel size tube.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Weleda Skin Food - 75ml Reviews

4.6 of 572 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



My cousin recommended this to me when I was complaining about the state of my skin. Winter had left me with severe dry patches, redness and flakiness - not cute! This product has left my skin silky and soft. Its heavy duty, quite thick but soaks in well. It does leave you quite shiny, so i like to put it on just before bed and let it soak in proper over night! My skin is so much better now! ZERO dry patches!

Most Helpful Criticism



I am not a fan of this product. if you have really dry skin I reckon this would work well but it just leaves a greasy feeling after applying
  1. Perfect layering moisturizer


    Good to use as an occlusive moisturizer on top off other skincare products to lock in moisture. Need only a little bit so a bottle will last a long time but heavily scented.
  2. LOVE!


    My cousin recommended this to me when I was complaining about the state of my skin. Winter had left me with severe dry patches, redness and flakiness - not cute! This product has left my skin silky and soft. Its heavy duty, quite thick but soaks in well. It does leave you quite shiny, so i like to put it on just before bed and let it soak in proper over night! My skin is so much better now! ZERO d...
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  3. Love this product


    I have repurchased this many times I use it at night as a heavy night cream and I go to bed feeling extremely moisturised and smelling like a mandarin. In the mornings I put it under my eyes as this area i like to be very moisturied. I do prefer heavier moisturiser so if you are looking for something light this would not be a good option - it's very rich
  4. Heaven!


    Honestly amazing product, recommended to all my friends - helps dry eczema patches heal
  5. Super Hydrating!


    This product goes on thick but quickly absorbs into the skin leaving it to feel super nourished and hydrated. The perfect product to combat dry cracked winter skin!
  6. Household staple

    Katrelle Granshaw

    I have purchased this product over and over again without disappointment It has a very thick consistency however it is the most moisturizing product I have ever used Have recently had a baby and use it on her dry spots as well confident that it isntgoing to upset her gentle skin
  7. Very nourishing but strong fragrance


    I have dry and flakey skin so this product is amazing as a night cream, i wake up with plump skin, the only downside is the fragrance is too strong for me.
  8. Perfect for dry skin


    Have recommended to everyone I know. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin, I use it twice a day as a face moisturiser and is the only thing that doesn't make my sensitive skin worse.
  9. I use as a night cream

    Elle R

    I got this as a sample and loved it so much I bought the full size. I use as a night cream. It made my skin abit shiny so probably wouldnt use drying the day out and about. I have combination skin so maybe that makes it abit more 'shiny'
  10. Love this night time cream

    Brown Skinned Gal

    Amazing night time moisturiser. I love the smell, the consistency, makes my skin glow in the morning! I don't mind the greasy feeling, it doesn't last long and it makes me feel like my skin is absorbing the product well after application. Highly rate it! Will continue to purchase as my night time moisturiser!
  11. love

    Lady Bree

    Love this product. It is a little thick, but very moisturising, and works well on dry elbows and heels.
  12. The MVP


    This is the most versatile, cure-all type cream ever! I use it on everything! I got some for my mum who has extremely dry sun damaged skin and she uses it all over, it needs to come me in a bigger size!
  13. Not good


    This product is not suitable for me as it gives a greasy feeling after using it.
  14. Thirst-quencher


    Love using this at night just about everywhere - face, hands, elbows, feet - everything. I have previously had acne-prone skin and this doesn't break me out. Love the fresh scent as well.
  15. So rich and moisturising!


    This is by far the richest and most moisturizing facial cream I have ever used. I immediately fell in love! It feels great on the skin, penetrates deep, and it doesn't leave a film or residue on your skin (which I really love because I like to apply my facial creams generously!). It smells great too and has a thick creamy texture. The only minor issue I have is that it has alcohol in the ingredien...
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  16. Must have


    So good. Great fo sensitive, dry skin/rashes. Wake up to calmed skin in the morning.
  17. So lovely


    This is very hydrating and so lovely to apply. It can be a little heavy as it is quite a thick texture, but it just means that a little goes a long way. The gentle fragrance is lovely and the style of packaging is very convenient.
  18. Lots of moisture sealing


    Lots of moisturisation for dry skin, i use it as a hand cream but can be a bit too heavy for summer.
  19. hydrating


    this adds some hydration back into my hands, really enjoy this
  20. Hydration Plus


    Love Love Love this product. I have horrible dry skin and I use the product every day and my skin loves it. It has become less flaky and dewy looking. Will keep buying forever.
  21. A good night cream


    I use this when my skin is extremely dry & needs that extra moisturising boost. The consistency of the cream is very thick & does take a bit to rub into the skin, which I find too much for daytime wear, but amazing by itself or over my serums at night. I also use this on dry patches of skin on my arms & legs, which adds hydration & soothes. I have repurchased a couple of times & will continue to u...
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  22. Perfection


    This is the best. It does not irritate my eyes or my skin. Makes my skin nourished
  23. *Adds to cart forever*


    I discovered this in peak isolation and have been restocking on it ever since. It was great on my face in winter, however during summer i tend to only use it on my hands, elbows knees.
  24. Amazing

    My skin is like 'feed me'

    I love Waleda but their skin food is the best! I use it when my skin is feeling especially dry/dehydrated. I wouldn't use as an every day moisturiser as it is quite thick but it nice in the evenings esp. as it smells so good.
    Amazing as hand cream too.
  25. Thick cream


    I find this cream fairly thick, not a product I would use on face but my knees and ankles. The smell is herbal but not overwhelming.
  26. For face and body


    I use the skin food on both my face and body. I have dry ankles so I am liberal with the skin food on there. On days when I have really dry skin, I use a pea size amount on all of my face and neck and it's not too thick.
  27. intense! hydration


    this is for really dry skin! I am a nurse and have to wash my hands many many times a day and so my hands dry out a lot but using this has been amazing would definitely recommend to people with dry skin problems, i also used this a couple times on my face after i had a bad reaction to a retinol and my face dried out and began to peel and this really soothed it down and helped. Definetly not a prod...
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  28. Natural cure for very dry skin


    This worked very well on my dry feet and ankles. I used it about 3 times to address the problem areas. It is probably too sticky to use on larger areas like arms/legs. The smell is a little “herby“/medicinal but not unpleasant. It feels like a very natural product.
  29. really works for sensitive

    Kylie Deng

    When I used retinol, my skin was a bit inflamed. Weleda's cream was very thick and hard to push away, but the next day it saw results, it made my skin condition healthier, and it was reasonably priced. Also, the smell is not very good but not a problem I think.
  30. Great


    This smells heavenly and leaves my skin looking healthy
  31. The best lightweight moisturiser


    I love how this leaves my skin feeling, soft and never dry with this in use
  32. Nourishment


    This smell is heavenly and even though I have oily skin, I use this at night and my skin feels healthy
  33. Obsessed


    This amazing product is my new obsession. I have used daily since it arrived and I was so worried that I was going to run out I kept it only for my face and ordered the body butter for my body.I hope the body butter is as good as this!!
  34. Super Hydration


    I initially bought this for my face to use as a moisture mask but it's turned into my go-to for dry elbows, knees and ankles before my fake tan! I think the smell is a bit too strong for face usage but other than that very thick and hydrating.
  35. very smoothing


    this has really helped smooth out the dry skin on my hands and it smells great
  36. Rich and nourishing


    Everyone should have a tube of Weleda lying around the house. I grab for it when I feel I need that extra kick of hydration and nourishment; think scabby hands, knees, ankles and the backs of your feet where shoes rub. I don't need to use it every day, but I love knowing it's there!
  37. Great for dryyy skin


    The product has a nice natural smell, it’s really thick but not to hard to rub in. I used on my face at night when I’m abit dry and dehydrated and wake up feeling a lot softer.
  38. Great Moisturiser


    Great moisturiser which smells amazing and leaves skin glowing and hydrated. I have normal skin, and use this on my face at night when I need an extra moisture hit. It also works great on dry elbows.
  39. Best face cream if you have dry skin

    Bella octavia

    Tried this cream when my face was angry with perioral dermatitis - it immediately calmed my face down. My skin is dry and I get occasional breakout but this doesn’t break me out. I do night shifts because of my work and this cream makes me look as if I had a good sleep when in fact I had not slept all night!
  40. True multi-tasker


    This product is great as it has so many uses and is bound to be useful in one way or another to everyone. For me, I didn't notice any difference when used on hair but it worked well as a face mask. It provided a lovely shot of moisture for my skin and left it glowing with radiance.
  41. Holy grail


    Holy grail product for dry skin. Overnight on face and chest
  42. Very hydrating


    This works great for my skin when it's extra dry and needs a little bit of care. The only thing to note is that this has quite a strong fragrance if that's something you find irritating to your skin.
  43. Strong smell


    Strong smell,however the product does work effectively. I like using it around elbows and knees for max hydration. I suggest following up with body oil for even better results!
  44. Good


    This does not irritate my skin and it leaves a radiant finish on my skin
  45. Skin food!


    This is a gorgeously smelling cream, skin food is right! It is thick and pastey and leaves your face shiny so its not an every day cream. Buy definitely good to rehydrate your skin.
    Wonderful on elbows and dry parts of the body also. Feels like it has healing properties
  46. Awesome product


    I love this one. Leaves my skin very soft, moisturised and healthy.


    Good if you want something to lather on after a drying day but not versatile due to its thickness! Mixes well with oils at night though!
  48. Highly recommend


    This is honestly the best product ever! It is quite thick and ointment like so definitely a night time product but I cannot recommend it to enough friends. You seriously wake up the next day feeling super nourished. Although thick it does not break me out. Perfect for winter dryness
  49. A little disappointed


    I really wanted to love this after hearing so many people rave about it. I wanted it as a thick face moisturiser for those days I’m feeling extra dry however there must be something that doesn’t agree with my skin as I don’t have that amazing hydration i was expecting. However it is great for dry hands.
  50. For winter skin


    Excellent to retain moisture in winter, but too thick for my oily skin in other seasons. This has gotta be the thickest moisturiser ive ever used, probs best just to use as a hand cream
  51. pricy


    This leaves my skin soft and moisturised
  52. holy grail


    This is my night time moisturiser and it's the thickest one I've ever used. I love how thick and hydrating it is, and love the smell (did take some getting used to though). On colder days this can be harder to squeeze out of the tube, I suggest leaving by the heater for a minute!
  53. Super thick and moisturising


    But I can’t give it 5 stars as the price is too high for the amount
  54. ok


    I am not a fan of this product. if you have really dry skin I reckon this would work well but it just leaves a greasy feeling after applying
  55. It’s Ok


    I’ve got it on my free sample, and I was expecting more of it. I have dry skin, my legs, arms, hands are always very dry and the cream wasn’t good. It is very light and easy to spread, the fragrance is good but it doesn’t keep my skin hydrated after a while. I give 3 stars as it a good product but not the right one for me.
  56. Great for really dry skin


    Love using this for those random patches of dry skin on my face or body! It is quite thick but I find it helps to warm up in my hands and press into skin as needed. It also doesn't make me break out even though I use it on my face regularly. Must have for dry skin!
  57. Extra lasting hydration


    My dry skin loves this. The moisturizing hydration that lasts all day but does not feel at all greasy. Pleasant smell and a little goes a long way.
  58. A must have


    This rich moisturiser does wonders for me during winters.
  59. Very sticky and oily - but very moisturising!


    I bought this to use as a night moisturiser on the days where my skin felt a little dry. However, while this moisturiser was thick and rich, it was VERY sticky and oily. It's consistency reminded me of Vaseline. It didn't sink in and instead just sat on top of my skin, leaving a thick, greasy film. While I do not like the texture or skin-feel of this moisturiser, it did do a good job at making my...
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  60. Very thick


    This is very very hydrating. I think if you have super dry skin, you’d absolutely love this but if you have normal/oily skin I’d really stay away. I think it would be easy to clog your pores if you aren’t careful. It’s still really lovely though.
  61. The best night cream


    This almost doesn't need a recommendation, as its reputation precedes it - But I will anyway. A heavy, luxurious night cream for the cheapest price. Smells heavenly. Yes it is sticky, but a slather at night makes for plump lovely skin in the morning.
  62. Skincare staple


    I've used countless tubes of this heaven. To make it easier to apply you can warm it between your hands/fingers or drop 1-2 drops of oil - I used TO Plant-derived squalane or B oil. Perfect for dry flakey skin and would smooth my eczema flare ups overnight. The only struggle is getting the last squeeze out of the tube so I end up cutting the tube to scrape the last bits out.
  63. Wanted to love


    I really want to love this product but I find it doesn't sink so well into skin and leaves it feeling quite oily.
  64. Something I always have

    Something I always have

    I love this and I've brought it multiple times great for feet and hands
  65. In love


    I got a mini version in a goodie bag and liked it but when i get the larger version and started using it daily i really saw the benefits. I wake up and my skin is glowing. its quite thick so you can't really use it for day time but if i have something planned for the evening i will put this on in the afternoon and just rinse my face with water and towel dry if i feel its still to heavy before putt...
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  66. Ultimate hydration


    I received a sample of this ages ago & it has lasted so long. It’s thick & super hydrating. Love the smell. Perfect to apply all over.
  67. Love Weleda Skin Food!


    I have super dry skin in the winter and this stuff is amazing. Hydrates my skin and doesn't break me out!
  68. I'm still in love!


    I don't know anyone who has used this product and has not fallen madly in love with it ( I know there are plenty of people, but I'm still in my love bubble with this product, and I am not ready to leave).

    I recommend Skin Food to everyone to the point where I am running out of people to share it with, and the people in my life are sick of hearing about it, hence why I am here.
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  69. great for dry skin


    bought this for my husband he has extremely dry skin, and he's loving it
  70. It’s great!!


    I have been using this product on my rosacea and dry spots around my nose and it has actually really helped with redness. I also use on my lips when they’re dry and they soak up the moisture of this product quickly.
  71. Who doesn't love Weleda Skin Food


    This is a cult product for a reason. Don't be scared to use on your face, despite the consistency. If you have dry or dehydrated skin, this is an excellent product for relieving wintery skin. I use this as an overnight mask every second night, and my skin has never been better.
  72. Incredible!!


    Such an amazing moisturiser if you're like me and get dry, flaky patches of skin. However definitely mix it in and dilute it with a regular moisturiser if you have acne prone skin. :)
  73. A dry skin dream


    Let me start by saying my skin is DRY, nothing else is enough for me in terms of a moisturiser. This will help super parched skin to feel bouncy and healthy and it smells divine. I've gone through 3 bottles of this already and will purchase more.
  74. Super hydrator


    After a recommendation I purchased and so glad so did. My skin is sensitive & dry and laps up this thick cream. I only wear it of a night time & wake up with hydrated skin. As other reviews have said it is extremely thick, but my winter skin loves it!
  75. i love this so much


    this is a realllyyyy thick cream that sits on the skin quite heavily, HOWEVER it is extremely plumping, moisturising and hydrating. it smells great and I love how hydrated my skin is, but it's difficult to apply to skin without mixing it with another product or warming it in my hands.
  76. Thick moisturiser


    This is great to use as a barrier. It is think and protects your face. I use it when I swim in a chlorine pool.
  77. Thick and heavy cream


    Used a sample. I think it’s too thick for my face. Used on hands and body. It’s a bit difficult to spread on skin.
  78. Nourishing!


    I received this product as part of a sample and immediately liked it. I mostly used it at night or if not wearing makeup during the day, as it is pretty thick and takes a bit to absorb. After waking up, my skin was super soft and looked healthier. I ended up purchasing skin food light so I can wear anytime.
  79. Great


    This stuff is great and it really does make a difference. Its the best hand product I have ever used. I removed a star because of the very overpowering scent! I think the scent is nice but it feels as though someone 50km away could smell it
  80. Fantastic fixer


    I bought this for my husband, he is a tradie and due to his job has been suffering from dry, cracked hands. He's been using this cream for about a week and told me that it has saved his hands! I have also tried some on my dry elbows and it fixed them. We are so pleased with this product!
  81. Thick and luxurious!


    Absolutely essential to helping restore my extremely dry and cracking hands! So nourishing and a handy size to carry with you!
  82. Does what is says


    Great smell, texture is thicker so I warm it up in my hands first so it sinks in quicker. Good for the whole body.
  83. Natural moisturiser


    Very thick but absorbs well and keeps skin soft, smooth and hydrated. Would be great if it came in a pump pack as I'm not really a fan of the packaging. Can be used on multiple areas of the body. A great natural moisturiser.
  84. Hydration Nation


    I love this product! It's super thick in consistency but it is a dry skin's dream! I had quite a bit of dryness/flakiness around my eyes and this cleared it right up! I also love that it has natural ingredients and smells fantastic. A little goes a LONG way!
  85. A whole meal for your skin!


    I’ve just bought myself my third lot of skin good, opted for the tub this time because I go through it so quick! I love it so much and use it all over my body, even on my face at night if I need an intensive moisturizing or before makeup it works nicely as a primer. It smells so nice too! Highly recommend if you’re really dry. Only down side is it’s very thick and hard to get the end bit out of th...
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  86. Rich and efficient


    This moisturiser is great for dry skin. It basically does what it says it does. It's not sticky however, the smell is quite strong but after a while you do get past it. I generally mix it with some oil as it's super thick and doesn't apply very smoothly. It works, it hydrates and your skin will look nice and hydrated afterwards :)
  87. Love a rich cream


    This is such a great cream for dehydrated skin - especially now in winter. I generally use it on my hands however happily use it on my face and other areas if needed. The smell is wonderful. Love that its organic and certified natural.
  88. My third tube


    This is the third time I've purchased this product and it never disappoints. I love using this at night time or whenever I don't plan on wearing make-up. You only need a little bit of product, rub between your hands to warm it up, and then pat onto the face. My skin always feels and looks great the next day. It's very reasonably priced and lasts a long time.


    This is the BOMB! This is one of the best products out there. It smells like Gin! It's thick and full on! It's Stunnning. Really hydrating. Amazing.
  90. Others aren't as sticky...


    This one gets a lot of praise, but for me I found it really sticky once applied, with a greasy feel. I have really dry hands so I wanted it as an overnight cream with gloves, but I find the Kiehls hand creams way more hydrating in the long-term.
  91. A big drink for your skin!

    Natalie (dry af)

    This product is so rich and nourishing for my dry and dehydrated skin while on acne medication! It provides the juicy, plump and hydrated look and feel in the morning! My skin cannot get enough of this. A little bit worked in the hands is great for a primer too or slug during the night for a literal miracle worked overnight!!!
  92. Amazing


    This is a rich cream and it provides nourishment to my skin. Perfect for dry patches
  93. The best rich moisturiser


    I LOVE this cream. It’s thick & rich but doesn’t clog pores. Smells divine, like a lemony gin & tonic. Too rich for during the day but a great night cream, especially in winter, & a great hand cream any time of year.
  94. Thick but super nourishing


    This cream is mega thick but definitely does the job for dry, itchy winter skin. I'd recommend using at night before bed as it can feel too sticky on the skin during the day...
  95. Skin food


    This is very rich and it is amazing for my dry skin. Feels so therapeutic at the end of the day too
  96. A thick, rich moisturiser


    This is the thickest, richest moisturiser I have used and I love it. I generally have quite oily skin but I still love this moisturiser as an overnight treatment or for the winter months when I'm drier. I have an oily t-zone but will use this moisturiser around my eyes and areas where I want to avoid ageing. I wouldn't recommend using it every day unless you're really, really dry. You can't beat t...
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  97. really hydrating


    this is really hydrating, has helped my dry skin. Smells strong but it isn't bad.
  98. Strong, citrus / botanical scent


    Generally I love the richness of this product, however even as someone who barely has a sense of smell, I find the smell quite strong and while it's not an awful smell - it just becomes a bit much for me and I wish they'd do a version without the scent! :( Did not however seem to clog pores and I have very problematic large pores.
  99. Great moisturiser


    This is a great moisturising product. The scent isn’t the best and it is very thick and sticky upon application, however my dry skin soaks it right up and feels so soft and hydrated after using. I’ve also used it on my face when I find particularly dry patches, and it’s great at clearing them up.
  100. Love love love


    Amazing cream that lives up to the hype! I have super dehydrated skin and this instantly adds moisture. Can’t live without now!
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