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Weleda Skin Food 75ml 75ml

4.6 of 481 reviews


4 instalments of $6.24

Or 4 instalments of $6.24 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $6.24

Or 4 instalments of $6.24 with LEARN MORE

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Rough, dry skin that has been exposed to the damaging effects of wind and weather will appreciate the soothing and healing properties of Weleda Skin Food, now available in a travel size tube.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Weleda Skin Food 75ml Reviews

4.6 of 481 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Very impressed


I received samples of this and noticed a different in my dry skin immediately particularly in between my fingers from washing my hands so often. I generally use other cocoa butter brands which do the trick but I am switching to this now, worth paying a little bit extra for

Most Helpful Criticism

Very thick with very strong smell


I was disappointed in this product. I bought it as an intensive face moisturiser, but found that it was so thick it was difficult to spread on my face. Also, I found that the smell was very overpowering. I now just use it on my legs. I find it too greasy to use as a hand moisturiser.
  1. Very impressed


    I received samples of this and noticed a different in my dry skin immediately particularly in between my fingers from washing my hands so often. I generally use other cocoa butter brands which do the trick but I am switching to this now, worth paying a little bit extra for
  2. As thick as they get


    I have dry skin and in winter time its a disaster. This product is that thick and moisturizing that it stopped flaky patches appearing. Have to admit maybe it not for daily use as its super rich but good a few times a week for a little boost. Also is great for hands!
  3. Thick and hydrating


    Love this sooo much. It's a bit too rich to use all over the face but it's awesome as a hand and body cream on super dry skin (like elbows and knees). I have also used this sparingly on dry flaky skin on my face
  4. great for hands


    this is great for dry hands, it is very thick and it does leave your hands feeling a bit sticky but i feel like its worth it for the soft hands
  5. Very very moisturising


    I’m super impressed by this, very very hydrating cream and feels amazing on the skin! Loving it.
  6. Amazing product


    I use this as a night time moisturiser in winter when I need that extra bit of help. It's thick but it works well.

    I also love to slather it on my lips before bed. Does a better job that most lip balms!
  7. Lovely heavy moisturiser for night cream and tattoo brightening


    I first brought this when I was travelling in a cold climate and was desperate for a super moisturising face cream and have now repurchased it. I love that it is natural and smells nice but isn't irritating to me at all. I use it as a night cream, I have very dry skin with hormonal break outs and I even pat a thin layer of skin food on over rose hip oil at night and find that in the morning my ski...
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  8. fav moisturiser


    this has become my everyday moisturiser, i love it! keep in mind it is VERY thick and moisturising so if thats not your thing you won't like this but I personally love that and the dewy look it gives my skin and the texture works fine if you rub in it your hands to warm it up and pat it on your skin (which is a lot better than rubbing anyways). it also works great on any dry patches on the rest of...
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  9. So nourishing


    verified purchaser
    This cream feels sticky when applying, however once absorbed it leaves skin feeling so soft and hydrated. I love using this cream all over my body, especially during winter when my skin is a tad dry. I personally feel it’s too thick for my face, but lovely to use everywhere else.


    This is one of my favorite moisturizers that i use on my face. I've been using it for about 2 years now.
    Just a heads up, i think this contains fragrance (natural, not synthetic).
  11. Dream Come True Winter Cream


    I heard people wee putting this on their faces and I was skeptical especially with having combo skin, but after trying the small size I could not purchase the larger size faster. Has not broken me out at all. The cream is very thick when it goes on, so it's better for night time. My skin looks amazing when I wake up and feels super plump and hydrated. I love the smell and the price point can't be ...
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  12. The best intense hydration product I've ever used.


    I received a sample of this product and absolutely loved it. It feels so luxurious, and instantly my skin felt rejuvenated and like it was on the mend. A great price point. It can be used overnight, almost like a hydration mask, and skin feels great when waking up. Feeling plump and hydrated. I have combination skin so my cheeks are usually very dry, and this has really helped me stop getting so m...
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  13. Hydrator from heaven


    I have oily skin but when I started using acne products that were drying out my skin, this was a god send! Perfect for hydrating dry skin but definitely too heavy for oily or normal skin.
  14. I love the name ... Skin Food


    I received a small tube as a sample from Adore Beauty, and I was surprised at its concentration. Almost looks like hard butter coming out of the tube! I’m a fan of creams, not lotions.
    And this is way up my alley.
    I ended up buying this main size, as I keep the smaller one in my bag - mainly use for my hands/nails and also use the tiny bit of residue from my hands to smooth any flyaw...
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  15. Multipurpose Miracle Product


    I have normal to dry skin and when my skin is dehydrated I see fine lines appear around my mouth and eyes. I started using Skin Food two weeks ago as an intense overnight mask and my skin has never looked better. The product goes on thick (which I prefer overnight) and I wake up to it fully absorbed, with soft, glowing skin every single time. I have told all of my friends about it and will repurch...
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  16. Thick and hydrating


    This cream is really thick and moisturising. Great for those winter days when your skin gets really dry.
  17. Weleda


    Would recommend for really really dry skin. i had dry skin due to acne medication and this totally saved my flaky, peeling skin.
  18. A little heavy


    Tried this because of its good reviews but I find that it's a little too thick for me. I'm not a big fan of heavy products on my face but it is really moisturizing.
  19. For really dry skin


    This is for really dry skin where the pores are really small (i.e. i don't really recommend on the face, more like a hand cream). It does really well after all the dishwashing i do with the bare hands.
  20. very thick


    this is very thick and hydrating, this size is perfect for on the go too
  21. Very hydrating


    I have quite dry skin and this product is great.

    It is quite thick, so I mostly use it at night or after a drying acne face mask. It is a bit too heavy for regular use.
  22. Hydrating


    Hydrating on the skin - felt great after using this!
  23. One of the most amazing products!


    Adore Beauty originally sent me a small sample tube of this in one of my orders. I have very tricky skin - very very sensitive, severe rosacea, dry patches, breakout areas, oily patches - you name it. I often react to many products and I’m forever trying to find products that help me and keep my skin in good condition despite my problems with it. After going through my sample tube I was hooked. Ho...
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  24. moisturising


    skin food was very moisturising but I prefer the light version for everyday wear
  25. Really nice balm!


    I received a sample of this and I really like it. The amount lasted for a while and I was surprised at how well it spreads on the skin. It is a nice balm that really feels like I am nourishing my dry and irritated skin.
  26. Too rich


    I have super sensitive and dry skin. This one is too rich to be absorbed. I would recommend the light one. Plus I don’t like the smell neither. On the other hand, it doesn’t make my skin itchy so it should have great materials.
  27. holy grail


    you must use this if you want hydrated skin! use as a spot treatment or as a mask or mixed with an oil for an intense moisturiser, the hype is so real for this must have product!
  28. Nice product


    This is a lovely emolient moisturiser. I use mainly as a hand cream but have used as a night cream a couple of times. Feels slightly sticky at first but once rubbed in provides good hydration and a protective layer on the hands. Wish the tube was bigger have just ordered another one! Smells nice and fresh, not overbearing.
  29. Obsessed


    I've been hearing about this moisturiser for years and finally bought it to help with dry and chapped hands due to an increase in my hand washing and sanitation. It's thick and creamy and it just works PERFECTLY. I also use it on my lips and on my crows feet before bed.
    Because it is so thick its best for small areas so I wouldn't use it for an all over body moisturiser. I initially didn't ...
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  30. Thick, but really good


    This is really thick, but I love it. I wouldn't recommend it on the face straight up, but it blends quite well with a good quality oil (eg Rosehip) or the Ordinary's Hyaluronic acid product for a great overnight moisture boost.

    Great for dry winter skin.
  31. Love it


    I've started using this on my face as I have really dry and the hydration lasts all day. It also smells great. It's really thick so maybe more suited to drier skin types. Love that it's certified organic too!
  32. great night time moisturiser


    It's a lovely natural moisturiser alternative. But for an oily/normal skin type, I would only recommend using it for the night time. As when it is applied it left me with a greasy residue after it has sunken it.
  33. Drink of water for the skin


    Loveee the skin food..
    Super rich and thick, I found it best to warm the product up vigorously in my hands and then put onto my faces so that it sinks in better.
    I use at night and in the morning my skin is so hydrated and soft.
    I wouldn't wear this in summer thought as it is thick.
  34. Constantly repurchasing this product


    I LOVE Weleda Skin Food! Despite its thick consistency, it never clogs my skin. My skin always feels nourished and hydrated. The smell of the product is nice and natural and it has even helped with calming my eczema.
  35. It’s super rich with nice scent, I love it and my family too.


    I happened to purchase this pre-pandemic when my usual hand cream was out of stock, and, oh, my God, I’m so glad I did. It’s super rich, which is great for my dry, over-washed hands. And the scent from the citrus is really nice.
  36. Night time hydration


    This cream is not for those who like a thick moisturiser. I, however, love it and use it around 3 times a week as a night cream in conjunction with other serums. It is thick and moisturising. There is quite a strong herbal smell but I don't mind it at all, especially for the price point.
  37. All-rounder


    Initially had this in the smaller size, but it's worth getting the larger one I reckon because this product just does everything. It's an intensive treatment for hands (especially now when they're dry from so much washing/cleaning/sanitising) and it also is great for face and body. Had a bad cold lately and it sorted out the dry flakiness around my nose and upper lip. Absolute winner.
  38. Best multipurpose cream


    This cream is amazing and so cheap. Again another PWDKWN recommendation! I use it as hand cream, foot cream and when I find my elbows or knees dry. So good and it’s a clean product.
  39. Very thick with very strong smell


    I was disappointed in this product. I bought it as an intensive face moisturiser, but found that it was so thick it was difficult to spread on my face. Also, I found that the smell was very overpowering. I now just use it on my legs. I find it too greasy to use as a hand moisturiser.
  40. New staple


    Purchased this as a rich but 'simple' moisturiser for dehydrated skin after seeing a few YouTubers recommend it. It's a super rich and thick cream, which feels really nice on the skin.

    I have used it on my dry cuticles and hands, as well as popping it on my face after oil before bed as an overnight mask. It's nourishing but can be sticky and I feel like it doesn't fully 'sink in' on ...
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  41. insanely moisturising!


    so so nice and moisturising, i put this on my hands after work or dry patches on my body and the dryness is gone.
    quite a thick moisturiser but once it soaks in it's amazing!
  42. The best!!


    I was recommended this by a friend with dry skin who swears by it, and now I love this product too! I have normal skin which is prone to dehydration. Every night that I use this (and you only need to use very small amount), I wake up and think “gosh my skin looks great today!”. Probably too greasy for me to use during the day but I’m very stoked about this find. Would definitely recommend.
  43. Covers dryness


    This is really good for dry skin, it keeps my skin moisturised and last a while. With continued use I have seen a difference, my skin no longer feels rough. I gave it 4 stars because I have used better products, but this one is up there.
  44. too thick


    Not good for sensitive skin, skin reacted to it & only used as a hand cream. Not recommended.
  45. Go to winter moisturiser


    This is my go to moisturiser in winter and when my fave needs a little extra love. It keeps me week hydrated and locks in all the moisture. I love it.
  46. Great


    This has helped my skin so much from dryness. Can be a bit hard to spread sometimes
  47. Beautiful for hands and body


    This is lovely moisturizing cream and so helpful for dry hands (or feet!) I use it mainly at night because it is so rich and a tiny bit sticky at first. This was recommended by Caroline Hirons and yet again, she has guided me to an excellent product.
  48. Lovely but too much


    This moisturiser is very intense, and has been great for spots of dryness, but it is just too much... It leaves a greasy layer on the skin, which doesn't go away. It's good as a night cream I guess, but I think it has been one of the reasons of my slight red breakouts... Too much of a good thing I guess.
  49. Recommend to everyone


    After hearing a couple of gals from the beauty world recommend this to make your skin feel 'bouncy' again I bought this product and I'm so happy I did! I use as the last step of my routine every night (I have very dry skin) and every morning my skin just feels full, happy and hydrated. It is VERY thick so you dont need a lot and I warm it up on the back of my hand before I apply. I also try and do...
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  50. Essential


    This was recommended by a friend at work, and now myself and nearly everyone else at work uses it daily. I only use at night, as it is too dewy and thick for daytime wear for me. But it just feels like hydrating nourishment in a bottle, and like you are doing your skin a favour. Love the scent too.
  51. Not for the face!!


    I initially used this on my face, as it was really dry. No good, just made me breakout! But, once I started using it on my body (mostly hands, damn hand sanitiser dries them out), very happy with it! I put in on my feet too, overnight with socks, after I've exfoliated them!
  52. The best moisturising product EVER!


    My favourite ever moisturising product. It's very thick and love to put it on my face when I'm feeling quite dehydrated. Use it as an all over body moisturiser too as I have VERY dry skin. Can't recommend this product highly enough.
  53. Perfect for very dry skin


    I love this product for very dry skin. I use on my face and body. It is my go to if my skin is red, sore or sensitive. It is a must have!
  54. Love this product.


    After reading the reviews, I had high expectations from this product and I was not disappointed.
    The cream is super thick, smells like heaven and is very moisturising. I apply it on my face at night and wake up the next day with baby soft skin.
    Highly recommend.
  55. A must!!


    I usually use this product at the end of my night routine as an overnight face mask and it does sooo well! I have also found that using this on my hands for dermatitis relief has also helped and done wonders especially during this time of COVID-19 as using alcohol based sanitisers and soaps has damaged my skin's barrier. I definitely recommend this!
  56. All time fav product


    If I was marooned on a desert island with a choice of one product to take, this would be it.
    This green tube definitely delivers a burst of goodness and is everything and more I had heard it to be.
    Super nourishing for face and body. I always like to have a tube handy and particularly like the 30ml travel size because it fits into my purse. Emulsify the cream by warming it up in your h...
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  57. the best!


    The best cream! I use it as a face moisturiser/primer on dry areas in Winter (too heavy for Summer), a hand cream, elbow cream, cream for chapped lips and I also use it on any dry areas of skin my kids get in winter.
    I want to try the light version to see if I could use that more often as a facial cream, but am worried I wont love it as much as this one!
    It is so thick so a little goe...
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  58. G R E A S Y


    I would not recommend this for the face!! I have super dry skin so usually love thick moisturisers but this made me look sweaty and greasy 24/7, I stopped putting it on my face due to looking horrid and tried it on my hands but the moisturiser is so hard to spread because its so thick
  59. Great Multitasker


    I always have a tube of Skin Food at home. It is such a great multi tasker! I like to use a small amount on my face when it is super dry, as an overnight hand cream or on the heels of my feet during winter. Great value for money!!
  60. Nourish your skin!


    I love how nourishing and rich this face cream is. Perfect for ageing or dry skin, or just use as an overnight mask, and also great to follow up after using actives which may be drying on your skin.
  61. Fab all rounder


    I love this versatile product. I use it on my hands, knees, elbows, feet and dry parts of my face. It’s the best!!
  62. Still the best


    The most nourishing occlusive soothing cream I’ve ever found - perfect for hands and feet and any dry bits. I’ve used on cracked lips as well.

    Best as a nighttime cream as it does take a few minutes to absorb.

    Especially wonderful at the moment given the extra hand washing that’s happening.
  63. Not bad


    hydrates but feels very heavy for my combination skin. I just use it on body now.
  64. Super Hydrating!


    It is so thick and buttery, it really made my skin so hydrated. I would recommend this as a night cream in winter!
  65. Great for the coming winter


    Winter is coming, and this will prepare your skin. The most moisturising hand cream ive ever used


    Wow is all I can say... i received this is a sample and with all the crazy hand-washing that i'm doing given the current situation this completely restores my skin, so soft. Love the natural smell too!!
  67. Extremely hydrating


    I have extremely dry skin, and this moisturiser is perfect for me.

    Skin Food is very very thick but not greasy feeling in my opinion which is perfect. I hate greasy feeling moisturisers. Usually my skin absorbs moisturisers and feels dry very quickly however this leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated all day. I usually apply in the evening before bed, but on days my skin is extra d...
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  68. Not Overly Impressive


    I have combination skin which responds quite well to light moisture but this is a thick and heavy cream. It has a strong essential oil smell, which I hate. I have used it on my face and it's very hydrating but very heavy, leaving my skin clogged in the morning. It might work better on the body (elbows, knees, hands etc). It also caused painful inflammation around my eyes, luckily I noticed before ...
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  69. Dry skins bff


    Sooo nice as an overnight mask its super oily and protective, and you wake up with super smooth skin. I dont really like the smell, but its a personal choice thing.
  70. Thick creamy goodness


    Love this rich, thick moisturiser. It can transform the driest skin to soft and smooth with one use. Feels a bit heavy and sticky but works so well, great for overnight moisturising
  71. Too thick for me


    Great moisturising properties, but due to the thick texture, it’s only good for spot treatment. Not practical for applying over a large surface, as you end up tugging your skin trying to rub it in. Warming it between my hands first also doesn’t help much. Lovely fragrance though I love how I smell after using this!
  72. Must have.


    This is a fabulous product, and the price is fabulous as well.
    I sleep with it and wake up with fresh and plump, plus I love the smell!
  73. Lightweight and nourishing


    This cream is so nourishing and hydrating for my skin, especially in the winter without feeling too heavy.
  74. This is everything!

    Kate O

    This is now my second time buying, I usually detest thick feeling products but the skin food just makes my skin feel so nourished and happy.
    And it smells DEVINE! It’s like an aromatherapy session for my face and I can’t sleep without it now. Love, love, love!
  75. Holy grail


    This is my holy grail product. It’s all natural and so hydrating for the skin. I use it more of a mask overnight for my face as it is very thick.. but a total life saver if you suffer from dry skin.
  76. Love the thickness and herby scent


    Great for crocodile legs! Very thick texture, slightly greasy for a bit after until it sinks in. I love the scent- very herbal. Great for travel, metal tube takes a battering, always a staple in my cupboard and travel case.
  77. VERY moisturising


    A little bit of this product goes a long way. It’s quite thick and creamy and will leave your skin moisturised for the entire day. I have an oily t-zone and dehydrated skin so it can make my skin look very oily by midday but I still love the product. It’s made my skin feel plumper. I don’t have to use a primer if I use this moisturiser and my makeup goes on smoothly. I will continue using this moi...
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  78. Will order over and over


    This is a second time order for me, I adore this cream, great for dry patches, but I have really dry skin and like to look dewy so I use it on my face morning and night.
    If you have dry skin, or like to look dewy not shimmery then this is for you
  79. For super dry skin


    For super dry skin or for extra moisture in winter. I use this as a hand cream, and its perfect for winter but too thick for other seasons. I.e. this product does what it claims!
  80. Skin heaven


    Use it all over my face and love it. Even use on my partners dry skin - works a treat.
  81. Amazing multi-purpose cream


    This product loves my skin. My husband's too - he loves this product and carries a tube around with him. Anytime I need a little high intensity moisture, this is my go to. Love a small amount on the high points of my face for a natural looking highlight. It's very thick and takes a while to absorb - so I won't use it on my hands if I'm going to be typing at my computer or reading a book - but work...
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  82. Super nourishing


    Ive been using this product as a hand cream before bed every night and when I wake up my hands are still super moisturized. I am super impressed and can see why this is such a cult product! You dont need much as the product is super thick. Would recommend to everyone!!
  83. Nice on the body


    I received two little samples. I used them as body lotion. I like the plant scent. My skin feels nice and soft after.
  84. Works well


    I have the dryest skin and I love this so much to help on days when I get really bad patches. Not everyday but great for moisturizing treatment.
  85. Food for your skin


    An amazing product!! Every time I get a instant itch on my skin, I use this. It smells amazing, takes away any skin irritation and heals wounds on skin very quickly. This is a must have in any handbag!!
  86. intensive moisture


    this product hydrates my dry skin without being too greasy or oily! the scent is unnoticeable and it works on both my hands and face. i love it!
  87. So good


    Such a great skin cream. Use it mainly for my hands and face. Makes skin feel so smooth and soft. Highly recommend
  88. Effective natural moisturiser

    Sweet Pea

    This is a multi purpose product can use on face, body, hands and feet. It is very thick and nourishing great to use on dry skin in winter. Would be great if the packaging was different and it came in some type of pump pack as it's sometimes hard to get out of the tube.
  89. skin food


    My skin gets super dry during winter and this saves my skin. So affordable too and it does not break out my acne prone skin
  90. Love love love


    I put this on my face before bed when I have a breakout. My face is usually clear within a few days and feeling super soft. Wouldn't recommend as a day cream
  91. Just so good

    Hannah P

    A beautiful moisturiser for those with dry skin. It really nourishes and is perfect under makeup if you have trouble with looking scaly! Also nice as a mask overnight if applied generously.
  92. Versatile


    This is such a versatile product. As a face cream, it's very thick and really needs to be warmed in the hands to aid in spreadability. It acts as a good barrier cream for dry skin in the winter months but does need to be layered on top of serums, as I didn't find it that deeply moisturising on its own.
  93. Excellent all rounder


    LOVE this product and it's many uses. Currently onto my third tube and using it as a face moisturiser as well as hand cream. Perfect for plane travel as it is super hydrating!
  94. Amazing!


    It’s light enough so it’s easy to blend, and it makes my skin so soft. The scent is so wonderfu. So relaxing. Thought I was having an allergic reaction or something but I wasn’t. I kept that one too though, for super dry skin for winter.
  95. Good stuff


    This absorbs well and is great for my problem cuticle and irritation from epilating.
    I took of half a star only because I doesn’t love it
  96. Nourishing and Non Greasy


    I got a sample of this with a previous order, and it's really great. I've heard lots of good things about this product and it's nice to see it actually lives up to the hype. I don't find it greasy or sticky, and it's great as an intense hand cream or just to use on dry cuticles.
  97. All rounder

    Holly K

    I love this product. It is quite thick but i like to add a drop or two of jojoba oil and use it as a night cream or a base for my full face of makeup. Goes on a bit greasy but i find it soaks in quick and really replenishes the skin. Also good for your body, dry hands/feet and cuticles.
  98. Thick and noruishing


    Great cream that I have had for as long as I remember. Is too thick for every day use but great for plane trips or days at home when my skin is dry and irritable!
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