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Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm 8ml 8ml

4.2 of 64 reviews


4 instalments of $3.24

Or 4 instalments of $3.24 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $3.24

Or 4 instalments of $3.24 with LEARN MORE

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All the benefits of the cult classic Weleda Skin Food, now in a convenient lip balm format. The perfect alternative for those who wish to reduce the number of petrochemicals in their skin routine, Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm treats, protects and hydrates all in one.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

What customers say

GREAT - 81% recommend

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Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm 8ml Reviews

4.2 of 64 reviews

81% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

good for chapped lips


does an amazing job at getting rid of chapped lips

Most Helpful Criticism

More like lip oil, not great


The lip balm smells good. Feels like oil on the lips. I would've liked something thicker and more moisturising. Will not repurchase.
  1. More like lip oil, not great


    verified purchaser
    The lip balm smells good. Feels like oil on the lips. I would've liked something thicker and more moisturising. Will not repurchase.
  2. Stick to chapstick


    I have the skin food moisturiser which I like so I decided to purchase this lip balm as well and was SO disappointed. My lips chapped worse than they have ever before. I’ve used this for a week and they were bleeding and so sore last night.

    This doesn’t work at all. I switched back to my good old chapstick and my lips already feel and look 10 times better. Feel bad for cheating on my ...
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  3. good for chapped lips


    does an amazing job at getting rid of chapped lips
  4. The best


    Can’t go past anything from this range it’s amazingly hydrating and not at all overrated like you would expect from
    a brand with a lot of buzz around it
  5. The best for chapped lips


    the best for dry chapped lips, my holy grail in winter
  6. natural and fresh


    this is so fresh and really moisturises my lips. i love how natural and convenient this lip balm is. definitely recommend
  7. Nourishing lip balm


    Just like the amazing skin food moisturiser, this lip balm is super nourishing and a little bit goes a long way
  8. Nice for everyday use


    verified purchaser
    I purchased this because I LOVE the Weleda Skin Food cream. It smells amazing like the cream and has a runny consistency. It is moisturizing, but not as nourishing as my HG lip balm the Nuxe reve de mile, which I use every night. This is great for everyday use though and I love the smell!
  9. Comfortable but not hydrating enough

    Chloe Rose

    verified purchaser
    Great shine and feels very wearable – not sticky, more of an oil balm. However, not as hydrating as I would have expected, coming from the Skin Food range.
  10. Lip Balm Addict


    I love Skin Food so much that I was keen to also try the Lip Balm. It is a lovely balm that glides easily onto lips. It is not as hydrating as I would like but I find if I reapply often then it is not too much of a concern.
  11. Not bad


    it helps with chapped and dry lips but i find that i have to constantly keep on applying this.
  12. It's OK


    I'm a lover of Skin Food original cream so of course purchased this when I saw it at Adore. The tube is tiny, the product is a bit too runny and not as thick as the lip balms I love (lanolips, lucas' papaw etc). The smell is also really strong - and I like the smell of Skin Food but don't love how it comes out on the lip balm. Glad I tried it but wouldn't recommend it.
  13. Not for summer


    Really great in colder weather when the lip balm holds together, but it melts into liquid in summer, making it very hard to apply. The formula itself is quite hydrating but nothing special.. I think I’ll stick with lanolips from now!
  14. Nice balm


    I love this whole skin foods line as it keeps my dry skin looked after. And this lip balm works so well and doesn't feel heavy on my lips.
  15. super soft lips


    eaves lips super soft and such a great smelling product.
  16. No fuss

    Hannah P

    Easy and simple balm. I had this in hospital while birthing my son and by my bed once home and it kept my lips hydrated. Easy no fuss packaging and love the natural scent.
  17. Great


    I apply this at bedtime, I have a tendency toward dry and sometimes peeling lips.
    Keeps my lips nourished through the night.
    I love how you can squeeze it on and apply with the nozzle.
  18. Great!


    Tried so many natural lip balms, but they all seem to leave my lips drier for some reason. Not this one, though!
  19. Nothing special


    Would not repurchase. Was just a basic lip balm, a chapstick is better. Was expecting it to be just as amazing as the Weleda skin food but certainly missed the mark. Super small too.
  20. Not for me


    This is not at all soothing. In fact, this made my lips more chapped and that was in summer. Not to mention it is very pricey.
  21. Underwhelmed


    I didn’t find this very nourishing at all - in fact after using it for a few consecutive days I felt like my lips felt drier than usual. Also didn’t like the packaging - I cut it open when I couldn’t squeeze any more out and there was so much left!
  22. Moisture city


    Love weleda as it's a natural brand and apparently we all end up eating most of what we put on our lips. This has a lovely scent and keeps lips moisturised for hours.
  23. Beautiful lip balm


    This is a beautiful lip balm that makes my lips very soft and moisturised. A must have
  24. love the scent


    Im in love with the citrus scent of the skin food line and i find this also quite nourishing
  25. Moisturising lip balm


    Has a slightly runny texture, could be thicker but still good for hydrating and nourishing dry lips with their natural ingredients.
  26. Great lip balm


    Nice consistency, easy application, generally a great product. I have sensitive/eczema prone skin and I've tried so many lip balms. This is now my go-to. I only wish it came in a bigger tube!
  27. moisturising and rich


    really nice and moisturizing lip balm. one star off for the applicator though, i prefer stick balms but this one still works well, just have to use my finger to assist sometimes

  28. Cute, Great Lip Balm


    This lip balm comes is such a cute small packet, I wish there was more. It has a petrolium jelly like consistency and leaves a shiny gloss after application not sticky at all. I wake up with really dry chapped lips and use the lip balm at night before I go to bed. The Weleda lip balm is actually like food for my lips, I wake up with such soft and moisturised lips.
  29. Great concept - room for improvement.


    Weleda's Skin Food Lip Balm was a great concept. It just got lost somewhere along the road to reality... Quality ingredients, just not so such a user friendly texture. Much too liquid to be called a balm. Looking forward to an improved version.
  30. Basic glossy balm


    I like how this gives a glossy sheen to my lips and seems to protect them in cold weather.
  31. Love it


    I consider myself a lip balm snob and this ticked all my boxes.
    I love the applicator, I find it spreads the product better and I need to use less so the tube lasts forever.
    It sinks into the lips and hydrates rather than sitting on top and evaporating.
    I'd definitely repurchase this.
  32. Weleda


    I love love love Weleda products! Their skin food is so hydrating and nourishing and never fails me in the cold weather! This lip tube size is quite small though (only 8g), but I still think it does the job fairly well.
  33. Disappointed


    I adore Weleda Skin Food ointment and was sure I'd love this too. Sadly mine is liquid like water, not thick at all. Definitely won't buy again :( :(
  34. Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm 8ml


    Have used this product for years! I've tried every other balm under the sun but nothing compares.
    A must have!!!
  35. Love this


    Very moisturising and an amazing brand. This is incredible for winter! So easy to apply and this is incredible. Very nice!
  36. Great lipbalm


    Fantastic lipbalm, it doesn’t contain petrochemicals which I love, or alcohol which tends to make me constantly re-apply as it dries your lips out.

    The only negative is the scent is quite strong for a lipbalm.
  37. don't like the scent as a lip balm


    I like the scent of the skin food when in body products, but not sure it works as a lip balm
  38. Awesome


    really nourishes the lips especially in winter, smooth lips after only a few uses and good amount of product, a little goes a long way
  39. Great Stuff


    Great for dry, peeling winter lips. Nourishes the skin and hydrates and moisturises!
  40. Yes!


    Loved this product. I have very dry lips during winter. They peel, hurt and crack. I have tried numerous products from beauty shops, chemists and online. I used this product probably 7 times a day for 2 days and my chapped lips were back to normal! It has a nice fragrance, beautiful silky consistency and really nourished my lips. Will be repurchasing.
  41. Reliable balm


    I love this balm, it’s super hydrating and the wear time is good, plus the formula isn’t full of nasties like some. I’ll keep repurchasing!
  42. nice and thick


    This goes on really well, and feels nice on your lips. It's thick, and feels hydrating. It's not sticky, which is good. There's a faint scent that I don't dislike, but don't really like either.
  43. Great value


    This is a great lip balm, has a nice texture and fragrance.
    Leaves my lips feeling smooth and soft. Excellent for over winter for chapped lips.
  44. This has helped me a lot


    My dry winter lips are banished by this incredible lip balm. I have never had such soft lips!
  45. Great for dry lips


    This lip balm is so nice! It is great for healing dry or chapped lips in the cold winter months. It is a perfect size for in the handbag.
  46. very nourishing


    this balm does wonders for my dry and chapped lips that peel in winter, its so nourishing and hydrating and my lips arent as chapped anymore, love the smell too
  47. Great


    Great lip balm for winter period. It instantly moistured my lips. Love it
  48. Cute little balm


    Nice and soothing. Feels light on application and has a subtle scent. Does wonders for my dry lips.
  49. favourite lip balm so far


    I brought this after using the skin food because I was previously using that on my lips LOL but this feels much nice and smoother especially in chapped lips. My favourite lip balm so far
  50. Love it!


    Great lip balm for dry lips. Not too thick but very nourishing. Smell is strong like the other skin food products but you cant taste it. Highly recommend.
  51. effective for winters


    it is great for winters when my lips feels a bit dry. just a little bit of this is enough to hydrate my lips
  52. Awesome


    one of the best lip balms out there. not too expensive
  53. Hydrating but runny


    A great balm that becomes more of an oil texture when warm.
  54. Unfortunately made my lips feel drier!


    I was so excited to try this product when it was released however unfortunately for me, it is one of those formulas that makes my lips feels drier/requires very constant applications to stay moist. I adore the rest of the Skin Food range, and this has the same lovely herbal scent, but unfortunately was not long lasting or overly moisturising on me. I did however find it to be quite a good base for...
    Read More
  55. An really good, natural lip balm


    I like this lip balm because it's not over perfumed and doesn't have that weird texture that a lot of lip balms have. It's very well priced too.
  56. Great hydrating balm for dry cracked lips


    I've loved the skin food lotion for some time and swear by it. I was pleased to find that the lip balm was just as amazing. It Is intensely hydrating and quickly absorbed. This is a life-saver in winter for dry cracked lips.
  57. Nourishing


    Brings my lips back to life. I use every night before I go to sleep. Can’t go without now!
  58. nourishing but scented


    I find the scent of this a bit strong but it is an incredibly nourishing lip balm that helps with dry/cracked lips
  59. very moisturizing


    Great lip balm that's very moisturizing. I prefer unscented but the scent isn't bad or strong
  60. Beautiful and nourishing


    I thought I would love this as I’m obsessed with the skin food moisturiser...and the lip balm was even better than I thought. I get dry lips and this brings them back overnight! Not sticky and I put it on before bed and when I wake in morning I can still feel it on my lips. Love it
  61. great lip balm


    really nice and moisturizing lip balm. one star off for the applicator though, i prefer stick balms but this one still works well, just have to use my finger to assist sometimes
  62. Really Hydrating


    I purchased this on a whim when buying some of their other products. Really glad I did as it’s a staple for me now. It’s not too thick and is really hydrating. Good quality for the price.
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