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Weleda Skin Food Light 75ml 75ml

4.7 of 45 reviews


4 instalments of $6.24


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4 instalments of $6.24


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A wonderful alternative to petrochemical formulations, Weleda Skin Food Light is a must for rough and dry skin that has been exposed to the damaging effects of wind and weather. Designed for the whole family, Weleda Skin Food Light gives you a lighter way to access the soothing and healing properties of Weleda Skin Food.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.7 of 45 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

love the texture


love finding a natural good moisturiser - perfect texture for skin

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice feel but not sure on the smell


I received this as a sample and it feels quite nice on the skin without being overly greasy or thick. What I couldn’t get past though was the smell - it was just to strong for me personally.
  1. love the texture


    love finding a natural good moisturiser - perfect texture for skin
  2. The new best thing after the original Skin Food


    So i use the original Weleda Skin Food as a hand cream in Winter, but i figured it could be too heavy during the other seasons. Little did i know Weleda had a "light" version, and it is awesome! With Spring coming up, i think ill stick to the Weleda range and use the "light" cream!
  3. Weleda Skin Food


    Love this cream for dry areas, elbows,... not suitable for oily skin but great as a hydrating mask once in a while.
  4. Holy grail!


    This moisturiser is fantastic for your face. I used the original version on my face but did find it a bit too greasy for under foundation.
    This moisturiser is fantastic for dry, chapped or wind burnt skin and preventing these conditions.
    I spend a lot of time outside in the wind or sun all day riding horses and find this is the perfect heavy duty facial moisturiser for stopping wind burn or my skin becoming tight, dry and painful.
    It’s also fantastic for the ski fields or when you get a chapped irritated nose when you have a cold.
    I have very acne prone skin and this has never broken my skin out.
    It does have a strong scent but it is from the natural ingredients, not added fragrance.
  5. great body moisturizer


    wish these came in larger tubes because I go through them so fast! makes a great body moisturizer
  6. favourite moisturiser


    the best non irritating and natural based moisturiser i can find. always stocking up when i run out
  7. So Nourishing


    This feeds my skin the nutrients it needs and i have noticed amazing results. brighter and more healthier skin! Im so happy
  8. Literally a miracle


    I've been on the hunt for a moisturiser that absorbs but is also oily and thick in texture and I've found it. It is soooooo hydrating, it feels beautiful on your skin, great mixed with a heavy foundation to make you glow and the smell is heaven. So much so my 3 year old can't stop smelling my face.
  9. Weleda skin food light


    I am in my late 40s with maturing dry/ tight skin with post acne scarring from my teens.
    My skin is especially dry/ tight in the winter and this product has been fantastic it’s a little richer than my current moisturizer but not as heavy as the original skin food (which I love to use on my body) I use this product daily and really lather it on at night, like a semi masque. This product feels nourishing and restoring I love it!!
  10. Good moisturiser


    This is a very good moisturiser and not as greasy as the original Weleda Skin Food. Has a nice texture and absorbed well into my skin. Has a strong fragrance.
  11. Every day staple


    Love the entire weleda range and use this moisturiser everyday. Sinks in quickly and works well under makeup. My skin feels hydrated all day!
  12. Another winner from Weleda!


    I received a free full size of this as part of another amazing promo by Adore Beauty and it’s another gold star product from Weleda! For dry skin that doesn’t need quite the extreme power of the OG, it deeply nourishes skin and is especially great during winter! Also much nicer to use on the face than the OG as it’s not as greasy/heavy.
  13. Lovely


    this product is honestly amazing! It nourishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  14. excellent


    this product is honestly amazing! It nurishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definetly recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  15. Lovely


    This is the perfect all body moisturizer! it hydrates my body so well, but its not too thick so it doesn't feel gross on your skin. I love it so much and definitely recommend
  16. so great


    I found this is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely natural scent afterwards. I love to use this before bed and it's a must before travelling!
  17. So good for winter dryness!


    I love putting this on over my Hyaluronic Acid Serum in the morning!! It’s light but has enough nourishment to keep my complexion supple in the icy winter mornings! Absorbs really well too! :)
  18. Nice feel but not sure on the smell


    I received this as a sample and it feels quite nice on the skin without being overly greasy or thick. What I couldn’t get past though was the smell - it was just to strong for me personally.
  19. good alternative to the original


    I tried this after buying the original weleda skin food and it is really nice, especially for people who think the original cream is too thick or oily.
    It still has a nice dewy finish but it's much thinner in consistency not ointment style like the original, this one is more like a cream.
    Its a good price for a really hydrating face cream, and its not irritating at all!
  20. Wow


    So I turned 28 and suddenly developed acne I think due to dryness but who knows. Started to use this at night and daaaaamn my skins cleared up and looking so fresh
  21. Lovely and refreshing


    I love this brand and this product.
    I received this particular one as a sample so only used it for 2 days in a row and can't give like a long term review.
    The product feels and smells really natural and organic in a good way.
    The cream is lovely and refreshing. As soon as it goes on the skin, it feels really nice and soothing.
    I would recommend and would definitely buy the full size.
  22. Skin Food Liquified

    Tea Sommelier

    This light version of the Weleda skin food is much easier to spread into the face. The smell and colour of the skin food light remains the same, but the formula is now more liquified. Personally, I really like this product as a daily moisturiser, it feels more protective and hydrating compared to most day moisturisers. I try to use this everyday in winter, accept the really windy days, than I'll switch to the original. The light is just as effective in preventing eczema patches from forming, and I can't imagine what I would do without these Weleda products.
  23. Light, non-greasy moisturiser


    I received this product as a free sample and tried it on my skin - I liked how it rubbed into my skin (not leaving a greasy residue), and it smelt very natural and soothing. I would not use it on my face, however liked the nourishment it gave my body.
  24. Lovely!


    I tried this after receiving it as a sample with my last order. It feels fabulous and smells fabulous. My mature dry skin feels moisturised without being too heavy and looks smoother. I will be putting this on my next order for sure!
  25. Fabulous moisturiser


    If you found the original version to thick you will adore this version. Much less thick but super hydrating, better for the summer months.
  26. Just as great as the original Skin Food, but lighter


    The original Weleda Skin Food is amazing, great for dry winter skin but too heavy for me for summer, or during the day in winter (I just use on face at night), but this is great for warmer months & winter day time, still rich beautiful texture but not so heavy. Love! And smells like gin & tonic!
  27. Amazing!


    I’m a big fan of the full strength Skin Food so was super keen to give this a try! My skin loves it. The light version means I can treat my face to Skin Food day and night. Skin Food Light goes on lovely under makeup and my skin looks plump and hydrated all day!!
  28. excellent


    so so good oml I've been searching for a good moisturizer for ages and this is perfect!!!!
  29. No nasties & super moisturising


    The scent of this product won’t be for everyone (I liked it but feel it’s polarizing) but the product is lovely. Very moisturising, absorbs quickly (quicker than the Original Skin Food) & makes your face feel well hydrated. Definitely fine for face but you’d be happy using this as a hand cream or body moisturiser as well.
  30. Great moisturiser


    I bought this based on great reviews for hydration. I really like it but dont love love love it. It smells nice and isnt heavy but is best used at nightime if using on your face. I like it better when adding a face based oil to it for overnight hydration.
  31. Five Stars!


    Got this as a tester and I was truly impressed. The scent is lovely and the lotion was light and fast absorbing. I would definitely wear this under my SPF during summer. Checked the price for this product and yes, it's a bargain.
  32. great for travelling


    I always take this with me when I’m travelling! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands very hydrated, especially on the plane! I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use, highly recommend!
  33. new favourite


    i purchased the 30ml travel sized first and instantly fell inlove, with recommendations from dermatologists i had to try. my skin is very sensitive and acne prone but yet this does not irritate me whatsoever. i use it at night alongside a face oil and in the day for all weather conditions. good price too!
  34. bit light, good for summer


    I love the original and find this version a bit too light, particularly for winter dry skin. but this would be great as a summer moisturizer. it definitely spreads more easily and absorbs faster
  35. Love this light alternative


    I love this as an alternative to the original Weleda skin food. I found the original too moisturising, but this one is perfect. It hydrates without looking greasy on my oily skin
  36. Great alternative to the original.


    I have normal/combo skin and whilst I enjoyed the original skin food, I found it far too heavy as a facial moisturiser. The 'light' version is a perfect update, easy to apply (thinner consistency than the original) and feels very nourishing throughout the day.
  37. Good option for dry skin


    I'm a big fan of the original Skin Food, but find it far too intense and thick for day time. This on the other hand works well under makeup but still gives a real moisture hit when my skin is feeling dry.

    It's not, overall, a "light" moisturiser, so people who like their moisturiser to fully absorb, or have oily skin concerns, should probably stay away. Anyone else - would definitely recommend, and it is fantastic value for money.
  38. Best night time cream


    So moisturising and smooth on the skin. Best for all skin types. I always apply after I put my really drying active ingredient creams on so this is perfect!
  39. nice


    great if you dont like an overly heavy moisturiser but still does the job my favvvvv
  40. Good!


    Really great if you don’t like thick hand creams. Smells really good and works well!
  41. My new moisturiser


    Tried the original version and liked it, but definitely thought it was too thick- much like an ointment. This though is so great. Beautiful texture, smell and thickness. Absorbs easily and doesn't leave me feeling greasy.
  42. Lovely hydrating cream that can be used all over


    I've used the original skin food formula for some time and swear by it in winter.
    I recently tried the light version and was just as happy with the results. It absorbs easily and hydrates well. I think the light version works better than the original on hands as it is absorbed quickly. Highly recommend the original and light versions.
  43. love


    I love this lighter version, I find it works better as a hand cream as it's not too thick and absorbs faster
  44. Nice alternative


    This is a nice, lighter alternative of the skin food. Still moisturizing but just lighter and not as thick. Personally I love the original but this one is better for warmer weather
  45. nice light version of the original


    i like this lighter version of the skin food a lot, it's not as thick and heavy but it's still pretty moisturizing. better for warmer months when your skin does not need as much
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