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Weleda Skin Food Body Butter 150ml 150ml

4.7 of 112 reviews


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4 instalments of $7.99

Or 4 instalments of $7.99 with LEARN MORE

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Nourish your body. The cult classic Weleda Skin Food is now available in a formulation made just for the body to help you banish rough and dry skin all over. With the same natural actives as the original, this body butter is rich and decadent.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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Weleda Skin Food Body Butter 150ml Reviews

4.7 of 112 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best Body Butter


Love this! Have finally found a product that softens and moisterises my skin. This is the fist winter I have used it and is the first time that I have not had dry, scaly legs.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not my favourite!


I received the body butter as a sample. I usually adore body butters as they keep my tan looking beautiful. It soaked into my skin well but could not stand the smell!
  1. Best Body Butter


    Love this! Have finally found a product that softens and moisterises my skin. This is the fist winter I have used it and is the first time that I have not had dry, scaly legs.
  2. very thick


    this is a very thick butter. It is good for me and my super dry skin but might be a bit much if your skin isn't that dry.
  3. Amazing!!!


    This body butter is amazing!! My skin is usually very dry and scaly when unmoisturised, however after one use of this I noticed a huge difference. My skin was so soft and hydrated! The scent isn’t the best but I like that this body butter isn’t sticky like the original skin food. Must have!
  4. Holy grail


    I bought this after trying the skin food and loving it. I have eczema and dry skin all over my body, this has been better than anything else I’ve tried as an everyday moisturizer for my body. I use it straight out of the shower and feel like my skin is protected from the elements all day. I regret not trying it sooner, would strongly encourage anyone to try that struggles with dry skin especially ...
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  5. New staple


    verified purchaser
    Love the feel, the smell, super hydrating for my dry skin and perfect for winter. The way it's whipped makes it feel less heavy but still a very intense hydration that lasts all day. Will buy again
  6. Wow. Very thick! Like butter.


    After using Weleda Skin Food and becoming a big fan, I was so happy when my sister gave me this Weleda Skin Food Body Butter as a gift! It definitely is what I was expecting and was hoping for. I just personally would have liked the aesthetics o free packaging to be a little different, but that’s just my personal taste.
    The scent is a very minimal citrus scent...which I was hoping for it to...
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    Courtney (Adore Beauty Staff)

    After showering I NEED to apply moisturiser/lotion all over my body. I cannot go a day or evening without doing so! I finally got around to trying this body butter! As Skin Food was super thick in the tube I was a bit nervous it wouldn't spread. It did though! This formula is super creamy and just glides on with ease! I woke up this morning and had my shower and did not need to apply any lotion af...
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  8. Super hydrating!


    Bought this after reading great reviews of the Weleda skin food products and was so happy I did. The consistency is beautiful and it absorbs quickly and leaves no residue. It’s so hydrating and yet not heavy like some other really hydrating moisturisers. I also love that it’s not really heavily scented but the scent is fresh subtle.
  9. Body cream


    verified purchaser
    I’ve used the Waleda body oil before but this is superb. Really good consistency, non greasy and smells like summer. Totally leaving my skin (57) soft and really hydrated. Love it.
  10. Dry skin savior


    The product came in a simple packaging. The cream is really creamy and has a faint herbal smell. Bought it for my very dry & sensitive skin partner to help with his skin-peeling back. Visible result in 2 weeks!!!! Would recommend it as a winter remedy given the cost & thickness of the cream :)
  11. Great


    This is a genuine body butter l have purchased many body butters from various brands in the past and some are really just a cream. This product is thick and set in the container l have used it daily for over a week and l really like it my skin is hydrated and soft. I don’t mind the scent of the body butter it’s very refreshing l will definitely purchase again.
  12. Rich and delicious


    The perfect body butter for winter. It’s very rich, so I use it sparingly straight after a shower so it spreads easily. I love the smell of this stuff too.
  13. Great for dry skin


    Takes a little bit of rubbing in, but a great product. My partner uses it daily on his face and hands, and he loves it! Scent is nice and mild (and natural!), and the texture is pretty good too.
  14. Buttery pot of loveliness


    This is a lush, creamy, buttery pot of loveliness. The smell is kinda fresh and fruity - I would liken it to fruit tingles? Very helpful on my dry, wintery skin, and feels luxurious to apply. A winner.
  15. Obsessed


    This stuff is amazing! I get dry skin and this literally reverses all the dryness overnight. Worthy winter investment
  16. LOVE


    This is a wonderful body butter, thick and creamy but absorbs well. Super great for dry winter time legs. I love the scent too
  17. Great non-greasy body moisturiser


    I love this stuff - one of the few body moisturisers I've found that sinks in quickly and allows me to get dressed quickly while actually feeling like it hydrates my dry skin. Unfortunately it's a little bit expensive to purchase regularly so it's lost a star on price.
  18. So hydrating


    Leaves my skin soft and hydrating, but not sticky. It applies and absorbs well. Definitely noticed a difference after use.
  19. Perfect


    This really nourishes the dry areas on my face and body. Perfect
  20. Love it


    So smooth and delicate! Left my skin so hydrated. Not oily at all!
  21. Gave my skin a great glow!


    I really like this body cream as it hydrates my skin without just sitting on the top of it and doesn't feel sticky or greasy. It's also very gentle and hydrating
  22. Nice


    It has to be rubbed in but once rubbed in, makes my body feel smooth and hydrated.
  23. Actual food for your skin


    Deeply moisturising body butter for the whole body. Can get dressed right after application because it sinks in so well. Love all of the Skin Food range
  24. Will be buying this for the rest of my life!


    Love, love, love it. I have a chronic issue with dry heels and have tried countless products without success. This product has transformed my feet- they are unrecognisable. A little goes a long way with this super hydrating body butter. I listened to the other reviewers and apply this at night, particularly if using on my legs as well. I have recommended this to so many friends and am definitely c...
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  25. Nice


    I love this so much. My legs get so dry and this always helps replenish my skin to prevent itchiness.
  26. Amazing body butter


    Love this body butter so much. Makes my skin feel so great and hydrates it. Highly recommend
  27. Best hand/body cream!


    Have repurchased this body butter multiple times. I use it as a hand cream. It is the best hand cream I've ever tried (and I've tried lots!). Luxurious body cream. Lovely scent. Absolutely love this product.
  28. All rounder!


    I was worried about this product because the Weleda skin foods are so think and hydrating. But I found this body butter to be every so hydrating but not thick or too heavy. It soaked in really nicely to my skin and I could get dressed after it! Bonus!
  29. Great smell


    Received this as a sample and loved the thick consistency and smell. Very moisturising, will probably buy again for my partner to use on his feet.
  30. Not my favourite!


    I received the body butter as a sample. I usually adore body butters as they keep my tan looking beautiful. It soaked into my skin well but could not stand the smell!
  31. Silky


    I found it beautiful on the skin.
    There was no obnoxious smell that can often accompany body products.
    Not super heavy and didn’t leave a greasy residue.
    My skin drank it up while leaving it wonderfully moisturised.
  32. Very impressed


    Received this as a sample and will definitely purchase on my next order. The body butter is has a luxurious feel and melts into the skin nicely. Just came back from a beach holiday and my skin absolutely loved this. Smell is subtle and the product is priced so reasonably.
  33. Not greasy and totally nourishing


    I received this as a free sample with purchase, and was excited as I had been wanting to try it for a long time. When it comes to body moisturisers/body butters, I’m a bit on the lazy side. It’s usually my in-shower moisturiser or nothing. Also because I live in Qld and the humidity means you normally sweat it off within minutes anyway.
    This product is thick, so nourishing and not at all gr...
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  34. Deeply nourishing


    I’ve been looking at purchasing this product for a while because it’s received so much press attention and I love using other Weleda products.

    The Skin Food Balm is so rich, it’s perfect for very dry areas of skin.

    I slather my hands and feet in it at bed time (you actually don’t need much and it melts as you rub it between your hands).

    I’ve tried it on m...
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  35. Best hand/body cream!


    I have purchased this countless times. I use it as a body moisturiser and hand cream. My husband swears by it as a hand cream too. Smells great. Luxurious consistency. Can't speak highly enough of it!
  36. Great!


    Such a delicious-feeling formula that I can highly recommend for those who are after a body moisturising product with a luscious texture to it's formula.
  37. Love it


    I could never stand the original skin food tube because I found it greasy. The body butter is SOO much better, especially on legs overnight. Great smell.
  38. Amazing!


    I love this body butter as my night time moisturiser. Keeps my skin nice and moisturised and soft without the greasy feeling of the original skin food. Love!
  39. Super hydrating


    This body moisturiser is super super hydrating. I apply it before bed as it takes a bit of time to absorb. Although it is worth it in the morning when my body feels very moisturised, it can be a little unpleasant if you don't like that 'sticky' feeling when first applied.
  40. Love Weleda!


    This is the best ever skin food!! Absolutely live it!!
  41. Not for me


    This has to be rubbed in and rubbed in some more for it to seep into my skin and still leaves this white hue. It smells nice and that's about it.
  42. I love this body butter


    I love this body butter it is so moisturising and leaves my skin very soft and silky
  43. nourishing butter


    this is a skin nourishing butter and I like the texture, it's actually not too thick and works for my dry and sensitive skin.
  44. Mosturising and nourishing body butter


    Skin Food in a body butter. Thick and hydrating tend to use this more before bed than in the morning as it is quite thick and takes a while to absorb. Love that it contains natural ingredients
  45. Lover of wekeda skin food


    I’ve use weleda skin food for years. It’s a staple in my bag, desk, bedside table. I still do , but it’s great to have this alternative for my entire body.
  46. Rich, nourishing and smells amazing


    I use lots of Weleda products during pregnancy and received this butter as a sample. The texture is quite unusual, really feels like butter, takes some time to absorb which encouraging you to massage your skin a bit more, it feels good. It doesn't feel greasy, just soft and hydrated. I felt safe applying to my belly knowing it is completely natural. Loved the smell too. I consider buying this prod...
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  47. I love it


    It’s a thick consistency but rubs in quickly and easily. My skin feels very soft and has a non greasy feel. It has a nice, light natural sort of scent to it. I only received this as a sample but I would purchase the full size product for sure!
  48. Perfect for use all over the body


    Perfect for use all over the body. This one makes my skin feel incredible. It's really good value for money too as a little goes a long way.
  49. Need time to let it sink into the skin

    Chloe Rose

    Leaves a greasy film on the top of my skin, so I only apply it at nighttime. I can't slap it on quickly in the morning.

    Beautiful scent though!
  50. So nourishing

    Love this!

    I have recently purchased this and it’s my new favourite! Very thick but absorbent and nourishing all day. I have used it for my legs and have noticed an immediate difference!
  51. so good


    I love to use this before bed. I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky!
  52. Love Weleda!


    Lovely natural products never fail! High quality German products.
    Leave the skin so soft and moist!!
    Love this brand of products!
  53. beautiful!


    this butter is divine. it is thick but easily spreadable and sinks into your skin super fast. all organic so it is essentially feeding your cells!!!
  54. A Treat for your skin!


    Wow! I love the Skin food body butter! I was not sure about purchasing this because of the price but WOW so worth it! It is such a treat for your skin. Nice and thick BUT it actually soaks in nicely and doesn’t leave you feeling icky.
    Looking forward to using this through summer!
  55. WOW such a fave!


    In love with this balm! Not only is it lovely and moisturising, it has a lovely super subtle colour... all that and it doesn’t EVEN stick to your hair in the wind. YESS!
    And the best part is that it has spf 30! It’s such a win win product!
  56. A nice body butter but expensive


    This body butter smells really nice and soaks in to the skin very well. I have slightly dry skin so this is so good. Just a shame it is a bit expensive for the quantity you get. I tried this as a sample and am sadly put off by the price
  57. Great body butter


    This is my favourite body cream.
    It does have a strong scent, but it is from the natural ingredients not added fragrance.
    I find this helps my fake tan last longer if I use it the day before I tan, and stops any patchiness, particularly over the arms, elbows, knees, and ankles.

  58. like it but too light


    I like this body butter but I still prefer the skin food. To me, this is even lighter than the light skin food
  59. Great for eczema


    Really nice on my skin and doesn’t flare up my eczema. Leaves skin super soft
  60. so amazing


    super nourishing on my body. softer, healthier skin with less dry patches!
  61. Amazing but doesn’t last long


    I absolutely love this body butter, it is amazing for my eczema prone skin and smells quite nice too. My only criticism is that it doesn’t last long! Perhaps try mixing it in with a body oil or lotion to make it go further.
  62. Amazing!


    I've developed really dry skin on my body this winter and nothing seemed to be working to relieve it. I don't like creams that are really heavy and greasy, so after seeing all the great reviews on this product I thought I'd give it a try. My fears of it being too thick were completely unfounded! Yes, it's super thick in the tub but if you warm it up between your hands for a few seconds before appl...
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  63. Great moisturiser


    I purchased this to use as my night time skin moisturiser after being so impressed with the original skin food cream. This isn’t as thick as the original but it spreads much more easily - perfect as my everyday moisturiser. Very impressed!
  64. Luscious but not good for sensitive skin


    Lovely cream bought for my daughter but she can’t use it as ,like many Weleda products, contains ingredients that are Very high IRRITANTS /causing bad reaction. Why it contains dangerous fragrances l cannot guess !
  65. A staple!


    The one area I tend to neglect and not spend as much money on is body creams. Weleda Skin Food Body Butter has changed that thanks to its price being really reasonable. It soaks into the skin really nicely yet leaves a sexy soft glow. It smells lovely but nothing intoxicating. It is made from all the good oils and rich butters that we all love these days. It really should be a staple in your bathr...
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  66. leaves skin feeling so soft


    in winter when my skin gets super dry this is my go to product! It nourishes my skin and leaves it feeling super soft. The formula is super rich and thick and it smells amazing! love this product so much everyone should go out and buy themselves one!
  67. AMAZING!!


    this product is the best body butter I have ever used!! it smells absolutely amazing and feels incredible!
  68. The best


    This is the best body butter! It leaves my skin feeling amazing, so soft and hydrated. I use it all over after a
    shower before bed, and wake up to amazingly soft skin!
  69. I would buy it again.


    So I received a free sample of the weleba skin food body butter with my package and I suffer from very dry skin, once I used this product my skin bounced back to be very nourished and smooth and ever since then I believe this is one of the best body butters to use for dry skin.
  70. this is fantastic


    This is incredibly rich and thick. So so good in winter when the cold weather gets to my skin! I think this is incredible, so lovely for the price point too.
  71. A M A Z I N G!


    Simply the BEST body butter I've ever used. Skin feels instantly hydrated without a greasy feeling. Honestly my skin feels so soft since I've been using this even my husbands noticed. If I could have a bath in this body butter I would!
  72. Suuuuuper rich and hydrating


    I am obsessed with using this in winter. I get very dry sensitive skin especially in cooler months and this works a dream and is such good value it lasts so long! I love the scent too.
  73. Fantastic moisturiser especially in winter!


    I received this as a sample and fell in love with it straight away! It is intensively nourishing and keeps my knees from being ashy lmao. Recommend.
  74. A must for dry winter skin!


    This body butter spreads more easily than the OG Skinfood so is perfect for putting on all over your body! I use this as an all over moisturiser and the Skinfood for my extra dry knees and feet. Immediately my skin feels soothed and moisturised and it has banished my scaly winter skin. It doesn’t irritate either and I can apply right after epilating or shaving!
  75. Best body butter


    Not greasy, absorb fast.
    Different feeling than other body butters.
    Awesome quality ingredients.
    Cruelty free!
  76. excellent


    this product is honestly amazing! It nurishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definetly recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  77. Very good moisturiser


    I found this to be a very nice smelling moisturiser. It is easy to apply all over the body and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. It does not at all irritate my skin.

    It would be five stars for me if not for two things. Firstly, it has a tendency to bead. Not excessively, but now I've noticed it I find the beading a little annoying. Secondly, it's not quite moisturising enough fo...
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  78. Nice body butter. Very moisturising


    I received a sample of this body butter and I do like it. It’s very moisturising and feels nice on the skin and doesn’t go greasy. Very plain smell though but would be good for sensitive dry skin.
  79. so hydrating


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my body very hydrated! This is a wonderful way to try the range! Another great product from the line.
  80. smooth and moisturizing


    this cream is very moisturizing i got it as a sample and absolutely fell in love!
  81. Beautiful winter treat!


    I got a sample of this beautiful body butter with my Adore Beauty order! It’s so lovely!! Absorbs really well! I have very dry elbows and this is perfect to soothe them! Will be purchasing the full size to get my skin through the cold winter!!
  82. So hydrating


    I bought this for winter and I love it so much it’s so hydrating for my very dry sensitive skin!
  83. Nourishing and moisturizing


    I applied some after the bath and made my skill so soft and moisturized, having dry skin in winter is a nightmare and this helps my skin feel so much better.
  84. Silk


    This leaves my skin silky soft and the hydration lasts for days. It feels good on the body too.
  85. Not as good as the original


    I received this as a sample and was excited to try it, as I love the original skin food, but ultimately it was disappointing.
    The butter feels nice going on but it pills and leaves a noticeable residue on the skin. It doesn't feel as greasy as the OG skin food but also doesn't absorb as well and left my skin feeling tacky.
  86. Hydrating & Indulgent


    I received this product as a sample; I'm glad I did because I have previously added & removed this item from my shopping basket many times...... I mean it must be good right?, Victoria Beckham uses it.... I used on my hands as they get very dry in winter. I'll be buying this product next purchase. It's super hydrating, the smell is lovely and it spreads easy.
  87. Delicious!


    This body butter is dreamy. My skin felt lovely and hydrated after application. And the scent is beautiful. Love it.
  88. excellent


    this body butter is amazing i love it so much and it makes my skin feel so soft
  89. Great!!


    Have been trying many products for my very dehydrated skin when decided to have a go on this one... what a great product!!!! Definitely a favourite!
  90. very nourishing


    This is a very nourishing cream, I use it all over my body especially in winter!
    It is very thick so i only use a tiny little bit as it spreads very easily.
    It is very oily feeling as well but if you have very dry skin it works a treat!! I also see long term results using this in winter I use it every day at the start then find my dry skin get much better and I only have to use it abo...
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  91. Best body moisturiser


    I have only just discovered the Weleda Skin Food range, I love the original for hands, lips, neck (and face in super dry cold weather), & this body butter is great for body as rubs in well & you don’t need much, nice & rich, great for winter. Smells great - fresh & lemony. Love it & will continue to use.


    so so good oml I've been searching for a good moisturizer for ages and this is perfect!!!!
  93. great cream


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands and body very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone! Another great product from the line.
  94. dry skin butter


    I love a good body butter. I have very dry skin and I like the consistency of this - it spreads and absorbs easily. I have noticed little grains in it, just tiny little hard particles, not sure what they are but other than that, this is a great body butter
  95. Thick and nourishing


    Weleda skin food is very thick and nourishing - and I love this on my legs and arms during winter. Feels like an extra layer of moisture on my skin. Sinks in beautifully
  96. Perfect body cream


    I love this, it’s rich and moisturising but not too thick to spread over the body. Beautiful smell, leaves skin soft and stops my skin feeling dry and itchy.
  97. Luxurious without the pricetag!


    I love this product so much for my dry skin! It feels amazing and completely saves my skin in the winter. The tub also lasts a decent amount of time, even with daily use. Will definitely repurchase once I run out!!
  98. Beautiful rich body moisturiser- a must try!


    I am a huge fan of the original Weleda Skin Food however it can be hard to use as an all-over body moisturiser given the very thick consistency. I was very excited to try this new body butter and wasn't disappointed! The same gorgeous herbal scent and deeply moisturising effect but this formula is much easier to spread and sinks into the skin quite quickly which is ideal if you need to get dressed...
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