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Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream 75ml

4.8 of 40 reviews


4 instalments of $3.99


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4 instalments of $3.99


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Delicate skin in the nappy area needs special care to keep skin supple and healthy.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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  • Baby

Skin Concern:

  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.8 of 40 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Hydrating and natural


I think a lot off people think that this product is supposed to get rid of nappy rash and it will over time but it's not medicated and it's purpose it not to fix severe nappy rashes. I think it does a great job in soothing and protecting a little bottom. It smells lovely and my baby always enjoys his nappy changes,

Most Helpful Criticism

Good but a bit oily


I tried this product for my toddler's nappy rash but I didn't really noticed any difference like I notice in a few hours with sudocream or desitin . I also found it a bit oily.
  1. Great for babies


    Great for babies. Doesn't leave a rash, a little oily but other than that its perfect
  2. Hydrating and natural


    verified purchaser
    I think a lot off people think that this product is supposed to get rid of nappy rash and it will over time but it's not medicated and it's purpose it not to fix severe nappy rashes. I think it does a great job in soothing and protecting a little bottom. It smells lovely and my baby always enjoys his nappy changes,
  3. LOVE this cream for Baby!

    Weleda Nappy Cream

    verified purchaser
    A tube of this wonderful nappy cream was given to me when I had my baby and I must say it's worth the hype. It works a treat at preventing nappy rash, at one point we ran out of this and my baby developed a bit of redness however once we started applying this cream again it was gone within a few hours. It's also nice knowing that there are no nasties in this product.Highly recommend.
  4. Best nappy cream


    verified purchaser
    I Would definitely recommend! I used to buy this nappy cream for my nephew in Myer and Pharmacy . It's very easy to apply and smells good. It turns out that adore beauty is also on sale. That’s great!
  5. Must have


    verified purchaser
    THE best thing you could buy for baby. Used with every single change, this keeps delicate skin in tip top shape to help prevent irritation. When irritation does occur, this really soothes skin and helps repair it quickly. I love the white mallow version as well, but this one with calendula is my top pick. Never hurts to have both though - white mallow for prevention, calendula to address irrit...
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  6. Staple baby product


    verified purchaser
    I have used this product consistently for 2 years now and my little girl has vert rarely had a red bottom. Only when we now use it less often as she's older, a little redness can sometimes show up and when it does, this trusty nappy cream soothes it overnight. It's truly the best on the market and has no nasties like Sudocrem and the old school products we are told are good.
  7. Soothing with lovely smell


    verified purchaser
    Great for baby's bottom, doesn't smell synthetic, easy to apply with a little going a long way. Would definitely recommend!
  8. Natural


    Very nice, very natural nappy rash cream. I feel
    good using this as it’s a nice natural cream gentle on young skin.
  9. Amazing smooth and fragrant butt!


    verified purchaser
    Only nappy cream I’ve ever used and never had reason to try another. I felt confident using this beautiful and natural product on my delicate baby’s butt. Our son had terrible nappy rash during teething that would unexpectedly flare up, he would be red raw and quite sore and this would soothe and heal with an application or two. You could tell from his little face it felt good on his butt and neve...
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  10. Nice alternative to other barrier creams


    verified purchaser
    I use this as an alternative for eczema relief. I have recommended this to my sister in law for my 3 year old niece. It takes the redness straight out of the rash. It’s not as thick as the clinical creams but it settles in nicely.
  11. HG nappy change cream


    I love knowing this product is all natural and super effective. Apply liberally for best results. Smells good too!
  12. Gentle & soothing


    Gentle on baby, good moisturising cream all round
  13. So good


    so so good oml I've been searching for a good moisturizer for ages and this is perfect!!!!
  14. lovely cream


    I would recommend this to anyone with children! Very good for sensitive skin as it's nice and gentle on a baby's skin. Another great product from the line.
  15. good nappy cream


    Used this on our little one, it seems pretty gentle. I tested it on my skin before using it on our baby and it's mild and suitable for sensitive baby skin
  16. I buy this for every new baby in the family


    I first used this cream on my first baby 9 years ago. She had at that stage undiagnosed lactose intolerance which resulted is very severe nappy rash. I was trying everything I could to help her and the I found this cream and didn’t look back. It protects babies delicate skin but most importantly helps heal and soothe any existing nappy rash. When I had my second child I didn’t even bother with any...
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  17. Great Product


    I have used this cream from the day my baby was born and it is fantastic. Never had nappy rash or any problems. I tried another brand when I was out but went straight back.
  18. The only nappy cream we use


    Our infant daughter has sensitive/eczema prone skin. We tried everything but this is the only product that consistently prevents AND calms/treats rashes, abrasions, redness. Safe, gentle and effective. It’s the only cream I buy now.
  19. Go natural , go weleda


    Best natural alternative nappy cream iv used, won’t switch to anything else
  20. Calming with a beautiful scent


    I use this on my daughter's nappy rash, and whilst I find that the result isn't as quick as other brands like Sudocreme, I find the result is better and the product is more gentle on her skin.

    The essential oils give a beautiful scent, and I'm sure calm my bubs down too.
  21. So nourishing


    This cream is amazing on any skin issues I have. I suffer with dry skin and eczema, dermatitis. Occasionally I get flare ups and this always helps sooth my skin and clear it up. Also relieved to know I have this product in my stash
  22. Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream


    My fav is the baby range. My baby has eczema. The nappy cream is the only non steroid cream that works.. Thank you so much for making such a beautiful range.
  23. Natural nappy cream


    I love the Weleda baby range! The scent from the natural essential oils is so soft and lovely, everyone comments on it when I’m using it.

    There are so many ingredients I prefer to avoid and after researching, this is one of my go to products since baby was born.

    I’ve had no nappy rash in over 5 months!

    There is a little bit of oil on first use, it seems to ...
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  24. Nice!


    Perfect all natural nappy balm and all rounder for you and your little one!! Works just as it says!
  25. Great nappy cream


    This helped clear my baby’s nappy rash and has prevented any further redness. It is nice, thick consistency and smells good. Quite Pricey for nappy cream so we try to use just a thin layer which seems to work fine.
  26. Good


    This is hands down the best nappy cream. Soothes and heals the delicate skin so softly and quickly. And a little goes a long way. I've started buying for baby shower gift packs and everyone I give it to loves it.
  27. Best Nappy Cream Ever


    I have used this cream on my son since he was 3 days old and can’t recommend it enough! Friends of mine have told me about their children getting nappy rash and I tell them use the Weleda cream and now they too refuse to use anything else. Fantastic product!!!!
  28. Good but a bit oily


    I tried this product for my toddler's nappy rash but I didn't really noticed any difference like I notice in a few hours with sudocream or desitin . I also found it a bit oily.
  29. Best nappy cream


    Along with Sudocrem, this is the only nappy cream I’ve used that consistently reduces redness and heals rashes on my daughter’s skin. I bought heaps while in Germany and I’m so glad to find Adore Beauty stocks it as I’ll definitely be buying more for my second child. It smells nice and washes out of cloth nappies easily (although tbh I’ve never had a problem with other creams not washing out). Wor...
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  30. The best


    The best nappy rash cream ever! It really works and calms the redness.
  31. Nice Gentle Cream


    Babies skin are super sensitive and it's hard to find products that work well. This cream is excellent and prevents any irritation and soothes the skin.
  32. Best for baby butts


    I really love this nappy cream over others I've tried! A little bit goes a long way, it's hydrating as well as a good barrier cream for wet nappies. My daughter has never had nappy rash in the 8 months I've been using it. Highly recommend!
  33. Great for prevention


    Our baby got thrush and severe nappy rash when she was very young and needed a strong nappy rash cream as well as a thrush treatment; the nappy rash cream smelt of fish but worked brilliantly. This one wasn't strong enough to fix the nappy rash but has been good since and smells great.
  34. Best Nappy cream for sensitive skin


    My 10 month old had very red irritated skin and after using this cream once, her skin improved tremendously. The redness disappeared & her skin was practically healed after one application. I was so amazed that I have purchased 2 more tubes. I have tried many other creams, sudocrem, aromababy, paw paw ointment but nothing worked this well.
  35. it works perfect


    I have been using this product with my two kids and its amazing.
  36. Great for baby's soft skin


    I've been using the Weleda Calendula range on my baby since birth, so nearly 2 years now. This stuff is amazing - lovely and thick, forms a nice barrier but still absorbs, doesn't smell terrible like lots of nappy creams. The tubes last forever, we are only on our third tube ever. Magic stuff!
  37. awesome


    I like the smell and texture of this nappy cream . You can the yellow calendula oil from the cream. Good protection for daily use!
  38. A must-have


    After finding Weleda's nappy cream I wouldn't use any other. It protects and quickly heals the skin, which is exactly what you need if your child is suffering from a nasty nappy rash.
  39. Miracle cream!!!


    My baby is 6 weeks old suffering from severe nappy rash. I've used many other commercial products which you can easily get from your pharmacy on him but to no avail. Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream is the only cream that works and has miraculously healed my baby's bump just after 3 applications! A must-have for all parents!
  40. Must have for your baby!


    This cream is the best of the best.
    it is not just protect from nappy rush. It is also good for healing.
    I can't use any other products.
    Thanks weleda!
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