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We’ve come a long way when it comes to female sexuality. Just a few decades ago, sexuality was widely repressed and sexual pleasure wasn’t something that was prioritised, or even considered. Held by men, these invisible chains controlled women, and those who did not act in an acceptable manner were often shamed and shunned. Prior to the sexual revolution, we could not openly engage in a conversation about sex and freedom to love. While there has been progress since then, women today are still not as comfortable speaking about or celebrating their sexuality because stigmas still exist. The work is not complete, and that’s where Vush comes in.


Vush is a brand that aims to inspire and empower all people to feel comfortable talking about their sexuality. From their sexual identity to sexual wellness, from love to sexual desires, Vush firmly believes having such conversations respectfully and freely is key to an open society that embraces sexuality. Every person should feel in control of their sexuality, and be empowered to do so. To help break the social stigmas and change perceptions, Vush began a revolutionary movement on the internet asking women and female identifying people to share their experiences on topics surrounding sexuality and love.


The big “O” is one of the many topics that’s been avoided in polite company for a long time. Vush was founded to bring orgasms to you without any shame or guilt. It wants to empower you with tools that will make them break out of your shell, let you embrace your true desires, and be proud of it. Experience a whole new sensation, using a sex toy that has been thoughtfully designed for your needs, and will make a difference to people all over the world.

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