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VIRTUE Recovery Conditioner 200ml 200ml

4.6 of 32 reviews


4 instalments of $14.00

Or 4 instalments of $14.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $14.00

Or 4 instalments of $14.00 with LEARN MORE

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Hydrate, soften and renew dry, damaged and dehydrated hair with Virtue Recovery Conditioner. With a rich formula that glides through hair and easily rinses out, this conditioner enhances softness, shine and manageability while repairing damaged lengths and brittle ends. Enriched with first-of-its-kind Alpha-Keratin 60ku, this Virtue Recovery Conditioner treats and repairs damaged hair while infused it with softness and hydration.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

GREAT - 87% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Dull, lacking shine

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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VIRTUE Recovery Conditioner 200ml Reviews

4.6 of 32 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

As good as the shampoo

Jacqueline Van Woerden

I feel like there are quite a few reviews not rating this conditioner very highly but I absolutely love it has a really nice thick consistency that my hair drinks up I have significantly less breakage great shine and will continue to buy this along with the shampoo

Most Helpful Criticism



this is good, nothing too spectacular especially for the price but it did make my hair soft
  1. As good as the shampoo

    Jacqueline Van Woerden

    I feel like there are quite a few reviews not rating this conditioner very highly but I absolutely love it has a really nice thick consistency that my hair drinks up I have significantly less breakage great shine and will continue to buy this along with the shampoo
  2. Invest in this!


    Beautiful conditioner that makes your soft and shiny after one wash. I have thin hair and this didn't feel heavy at all!
  3. Not hydrating enough


    Unfortunately this wasn't hydrating enough for my dry/frizzy hair and didn't leave it feeling conditioned, agree with another review, the shampoo is the standout. I won't purchase again.
  4. Love this


    This stuff smells amazing and helps get all those tangles out


    Ok so I have been on the hunt for a really conditioner forever and I've finally found it! Paired with the virtue recovery shampoo this is amazing. I've noticed so a difference in my hair- so much shinner and smooth. Highly recommend!
  6. good


    this is good, nothing too spectacular especially for the price but it did make my hair soft
  7. Smells great


    I received a sample of this product so I have not used it for long to see the long time effect, it smells nice (like a sweet bubblegum), need to use a lot and not sure if the price justified what it offers.
  8. Beautiful


    verified purchaser
    Beautiful product. Smells delicious and leaves my hair feeling and looking incredible. Lost a star for the price but I know alot of research and science went into it so I guess it is justified
  9. Another great virtue product


    Really amazing stuff.
    Totally hydrating and gives body to my fine hair.
    Amazing scent.
    Only down side is the price and i find I have to use alot to condition my hair.
    Other than that exceptioal quality.
  10. Decent Conditioner. Terrible Packaging.


    The conditioner is OK (the shampoo is the standout product in the range). But the packaging is a nightmare when you get towards the end of the bottle. It’s basically impossible to get the last third of the product out without trying to break the bottle in half. I think the product testers must have tried a full bottle and thought the design worked... but it’s crap. Considering the price point, I’d...
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  11. love


    Love this provides my hair with hydration and nourishment
  12. Beautiful but a bit a little over-priced


    I really enjoyed this conditioner. It smells incredible (Vanilla/Caramel like scent)
    I did find given I have rather thick hair that I went through it very quick! The shampoo lathers a lot better so therefore I felt that did go a long way as opposed to the conditioner. Not sure I would buy again based on the priced and how fast I used. My hair did feel a lot stronger and healthier but not su...
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  13. I LOVE THIS!


    Honestly this is a gamer changer, it has made my hair soo soft, only need to wash twice a week and does not leave my hair oily between washes!
  14. such a nice conditioner


    this is really good, the conditioner is so hydrating for my dry hair
  15. Huh? It's okay


    I have to admit, I don't get the rave reviews. I have to use so much of the product for my hair to feel conditioned which considering the cost, makes each wash pretty $$. Also, now that I've used the first half, the packaging is all crinkled and awkward which makes it harder to use.

    Don't get me wrong, my hair smells and feels nice. Just at this price point, you very rarely need to u...
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  16. beautiful texture & smell


    It's a very hydrating light textured conditioner. I'm no longer using olaplex because it works so well!
  17. very hydrating


    this is really hydrating and smells nice. It left my hair feeling nice but it is a bit pricey
  18. Hydrating but not heavy


    I was nervous about trying this as it is more expensive. ButI'm hooked! My hair definitely feels stronger and my ends are less dry after a month of use. I also notice it's significantly less frizzy. I use it in conjunction with the Recovery Shampoo.
    A little goes a long way and it smells amazing too!
    If you have dry/blonde/damaged hair, I'd definitely try it!
  19. Favourite conditioner!


    The Virtue Recovery Conditioner has improved my hair so much within a few weeks. My hair was quite dry and damaged but this product has helped smooth and heal my hair leaving it looking thicker and fuller!
  20. new holy grail!


    I love this conditioner, it smells sooo divine and is really hydrating without weighing down my hair!
  21. Holy grail conditioner


    This conditioner is a game changer. Even if it's on for a few seconds I can feel that it has seriously hydrated and smoothed my hair before rinsing. My hair feels clean, soft and shiny.
  22. My new favourite conditioner


    I purchased this for the first time after reading the fantastic reviews. I have been buying Kerastase for years and use the Nutritive range for conditioning and the Densifique range for extra volume. However, I really prefer this Virtue Recovery Conditioner over my Kerastase Nutritive. It definitely left my hair feeling softer and shinier, to the point where I was asked what I've done with my hai...
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  23. Amazing for frizzy hair!


    This conditioner is amazing! I have pretty damaged hair from years of dying it. This has done wonders for my brittle and dry hair. My hair comes out feeling soft and smooth instead of wispy and frizzy. I really didn't realize how well it was working until I switched conditioners in the shower one day just to see. I know it's expensive but I highly recommend!
  24. Extremely nourishing


    Amazing and REALLY regenerating treatment. Feels like.a mask every time I use it. Leaves my hair smoother than ever.
  25. Lovely


    WIth dry coloured hair, I am always searching for a new conditioner. My search has stopped here. I love this product!
    I don't have any issues with the smell, I think it smells nice but it doesn't linger, but I am yet to find a hair product with nice ingredients that does
  26. Expensive shampoo / conditioner skeptic


    Approximately a year ago I was using high-market hair care however after rediscovering how much better my hair felt after discovering supermarket shampoo/conditioner I quickly ditched my expensive items for more affordable ones that made my hair feel better. However, this week I was at the hairdresser at Edwards and Co in Surry Hills and I was introduced to Virtue by a trusted colourist. Upon spen...
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  27. Hydrating


    This conditioner has a light fruity scent, which washes out and doesn't linger in the hair, which I like.
    It makes my hair soft and smooth.
    I don't have any complaints about this but at the same time I don't think it differs from all the other conditioners I'vr tried.
  28. Nice shampoo


    This shampoo is a thick shimmery gold cream, which smells strongly of caramel.
    It lathers well and cleans my scalp well without stripping it or drying out my ends.
    It's great but all shampoos are pretty good, I don't think it's worth the price.
  29. Obsessed!


    I use this conditioner with the recovery shampoo and can not rave about it enough! My hair is coloured and is quite damaged and dry, but since using this line, my hair condition has improved so much. Unlike many other conditioners I've used, where you need to use heaps of product and end up going through the bottle really quickly, you only need a tiny amount of this conditioner because it feels so...
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  30. Don’t like the scent


    It’s nice and hydrating but I didn’t love the scent.

    I have dry-ish ends but not damaged, so I can’t say how it would go on really damaged hair.

    It didn’t seem to weigh my hair down either and my hair is somewhat fine.
  31. Wonderful


    This is a wonderful conditioner which I pair with the virtue recovery shampoo. A little goes a long way, I think this bottle is going to last ages. Makes my hair really soft and smooth without too much weight. Will be a staple in my routine for the foreseeable future.
  32. VIRTUE Recovery Conditioner


    I used this with its shampoo. My curls look less frizzy and more 'well maintained'. On the other hand, it feels more heavy and 'stiff' as compared to the silky lightweight bouncy texture it used to have. I guess its a tradeoff between looking good and feeling comfortable with the hair. I personally prefer the okder lightweight feeling so this is not for me.
  33. Luxury in a bottle


    Using this after the Virtue shampoo is a must! It repaired my hair so quickly and left it feeling strong and healthy. I could let it dry naturally without having to worry about frizz. So worth the money, I’ve never had such healthy hair.
  34. My best hair yet!


    I received a sample of this along with the shampoo and by golly my hair has never looked so soft and shiny! I haven’t had a haircut in waaaaaay too long but somehow it disguised or fixed my broken hair and split ends and made it look salon worthy! Highly recommend!


    I received a sample of this conditioner along with the shampoo and decided to give them a go and I’m so impressed! My hair instantly felt soft and silky and made my dry/brittle hair Feel healthy for the first time in forever!
  36. I'd give it a million stars!


    I got this as a sample. I didnt think much of it at all. Then I used and OMG!! My hair smells devine and it was so soft and bouncy like baby virgin hair! On my next buy list from Adore! Get it, you won't regret it!
  37. Sensational product


    this was sent to me as a sample with another order i placed and wow its great - love the way it makes my hair feel and smell - i normally use Opalex so will be using as an alternative
    great product love it
  38. Hair feels so soft


    My hair feels so soft and smells divine.
  39. Love love love it!!!!


    Buy it, you won’t be sorry!!
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