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Ultra Violette Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Facial Sunscreen 50ml

4.7 of 273 reviews


4 instalments of $11.25


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4 instalments of $11.25


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Supreme Screen is a three-in-one that combines the protection of a sunscreen, with the hydration of a moisturiser, and the makeup-readiness of a primer. It’s hydrating enough that you need one less skincare step in the morning.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made
  • Has SPF

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Ultra Violette Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Facial Sunscreen

Ultra Violette Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Facial Sunscreen

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Customer Reviews

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4.7 of 273 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

The best sunscreen is the one you want to wear every day


I never used to wear sunscreen unless I was at the beach or going to be spending all day outside in summer, but this sunscreen is so nice that I'm now wearing it every day. It's not cheap, although I see it as good value for money because it's also a moisturiser. The packaging's really nice and the pump applicator makes it easy to know how much to use. When I first put it on it's quite shiny, but after about 10 minutes it sinks into my skin and the shine is gone. The only thing I don't like about it is the added fragrance, but it's quite subtle and after regularly using it I no longer notice it. Wish I could buy it in a larger size.

Most Helpful Criticism

Didn't blend well with my foundation


I got this product as a sunscreen that I could wear everyday under my makeup unfortunately for me this product doesn't seem to blend with my liquid foundations. I find the product just sits on my skin so when I apply my foundation the sunscreen moves around causing my foundation to become patchy. I will be wearing this sunscreen the days I don't wear make up.
  1. The best sunscreen is the one you want to wear every day


    I never used to wear sunscreen unless I was at the beach or going to be spending all day outside in summer, but this sunscreen is so nice that I'm now wearing it every day. It's not cheap, although I see it as good value for money because it's also a moisturiser. The packaging's really nice and the pump applicator makes it easy to know how much to use. When I first put it on it's quite shiny, but ...
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  2. My right hand man


    I love this sunscreen! Since I bought it, it hasn’t left my handbag! I use it throughout the day about 3-4 times and I haven’t been burnt on my face since! Highly recommend this product.
  3. Does not feel like sunscreen


    I LOVE this sunscreen.

    I go between this one and Queen screen, but find myself reaching for this one more!

    It has a slight tint which means no white cast, and rubs in really easily. I would say this gives a slight glow but not oily.

    I have combination skin and really enjoy this product.

    It layers really well with skincare and makeup.

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  4. Favourite sunscreen!


    verified purchaser
    This is by far the best sunscreen I have ever used! I have oily skin and I find the hydrating one works best for me! Non-greasy and sits nicely under makeup.
  5. Amazing!!


    This sunscreen is amazing!! Yes its a quite expensive, but one tube lasts 6 months or so. Doesn't make my skin break out like a lot of other sunscreens I have tried and isn't oily. Sits well under make up. Highly recommend!
  6. Loving this sunscreen


    verified purchaser
    This product is awesome! Was worried it won’t work well with my make up but it does. It serves as my moisturiser and primer! I have a combo skin, noticed how it hydrates my face but not sticky or oily!
  7. Not the best in the line


    I love this brand and what they are doing! This isn't my favourite product of theirs though as I find that Queen Screen serum goes on nicer and has a nicer finish and consistency
  8. Great


    This is my go to sunscreen. It does not make my oily skin greassy
  9. Great facial sunscreen


    The best facial sunscreen I have ever used.
    Makeup sits nicely when applied over it, it doesn't look or feel greasy and doesn't have a strong sunscreen scent.

    Use a dry beauty blender to reapply over makeup during the day without disturbing your make up to ensure coverage.

    I have very dry, sensitive break out prone skin and this does not break me out, cause my skin...
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  10. Quality product


    verified purchaser
    I bought this sunscreen with a lot of apprehension. Due to having sensitive skin and eyes I was worried it would aggravate my skin, but I was pleasantly surprised. This product was hydrating, smooth and has gone a long way. I would definitely recommend this product to add to your usual routine!
  11. I want to love it but...


    While thick, it absorbs into the skin well, and is dry to touch after a minute or two. Unfortunately though, I just couldn’t justify paying $45 again when another brand I had used prior is 1/4 of the price and is very similar in quality.
  12. Amazing


    This is very hydrating for my skin and it does not leave a white cast
  13. Mixed feelings


    I wanted to love this, but I’m not overly fussed. It’s very moisturising which is good, but I find it a bit heavy. I don’t think I’d like it under make up and I also don’t like reapplying it later in the day because my face already feels horrible and oily and without adding the heaviness of this product.
  14. Best sunscreen I’ve ever used!


    I’m not lying when I say this is the best sunscreen I’ve ever used. It’s not at all oily, has a lovely smell and beautiful consistency. I still use moisturiser so not sure what it’s like without, but I have ditched the primer in place of this and I find it’s working better than my primer! Protect and prime, winning! I was going to get the clean screen as I am prone to hormonal breakouts (I get the...
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  15. Great under makeup


    I'm loving this daily sunscreen when I'm wearing makeup. I have combination/oily skin so I've been able to use this as my moisturiser. I also mix this with a little bit of vitamin C powder which makes it a bit thicker and I think gives it a little bit more mattifying effect. I still need to use a mattifying primer on top though. After I apply my mineral powder makeup I get no shine from this prod...
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  16. Can feel oily over skincare


    You pump out this product and it's like a beautiful soft and smooth beige-coloured moisturiser. It's easy to spread with and gives an even coverage (important for spf!). However, after working it into the skin for a bit, it starts to turn into an oil (not the 'grippy' primer base I was expecting). I have a feeling this relates more to the skincare I use underneath, but I am reluctant to change my ...
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  17. Lovely Sunscreen


    I was actually a little reluctant to try this product as I have combo skin, and thought it may make me an oil slick like Queen Screen does, but it definitely does not. Having tried all 3 products this is definitely my pick.

    It is hydrating (for me I don't need a moisturiser as well) and the smell is (in my opinion) the best of the 3 products. It is high SPF and wears well under ma...
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  18. Best sunscreen for under makeup!


    Wonderful non greasy finish, no white cast and looks so nice under makeup. If you’re not dry you can easily skip moisturiser as tis is quite hydrating. New favourite!
  19. You MUST Try It!


    Literally the best sunscreen I've ever used! I have quite dry skin and not only did this soak well into my skin, but it also sat super nicely under my name up! It gives your skin a really healthy look! A bit pricey for a sunscreen, but couldn't recommend it enough! I used it for only 1 week before I made another order! THAT convincing!
  20. Weird reaction


    I loved that this is SPF 50 however I reacted extremely weirdly to this.
    While I did not put this directly on my lips, it made my lip and skin surrounding the lip extremely irritated and dry.
    My reaction stopped once I stopped using this product.
  21. Best sunscreen I’ve ever used


    This sunscreen really is a game changer. It feels beautiful and silky on the skin. It is so hydrating, kind of like an amazing serum/moisturiser all the while having a really high SPF. Only thing I don’t like is that they don’t sell it in larger tubes. If you are truly reapplying every 2 hours, you’re likely to get through it reasonably quick. Worth it though.
  22. Doesn’t go oily


    I don’t wear foundation everyday so I can’t review how this sunscreen looks under foundation but it provides really good moisture for my skin and doesn’t make me go oily throughout the day (I have combination skin).
  23. Supreme sun protection


    I have always used body sunscreen on my face in the past, with breakouts to follow each time. I have quite dry skin but this sunscreen has been fantastic and great as a base for my makeup. Highly recommend.
  24. Best SPF for your skin


    I have had a lot of trouble with SPFs making me break out, even the sensitive ones. I had read a lot about this brand and finally settled on this product. And I can tell you it delivered! It's really nice on the skin, still a tad oily like all SPF but sooo much better than any other brand. You can't feel it on you skin after 10 minutes. Sits really nice under makeup just give it 5 before putting i...
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  25. Good sunscreen


    This sunscreen mixed really well with my moisturiser. I love it and will repurchase.
  26. Habitual sunscreen


    LOVE this sunscreen! Great dewy finish and super hydrating. I'm normally quite sensitive to sunscreen but love this formula and it's got me wearing sunscreen everyday now. Have rebought multiple times and will continue too!
  27. Excellent Sunscreen


    Definitely the best sunscreen I have ever used - goes on beautifully (like a moisturiser) without a strong smell. More like a moisturiser than a sunscreen. I would give this 5 stars if it wasn't for the very shiny finish it leaves on my skin, and I don't think I am even that oily normally. The sheen I do find annoying, but having said that I would repurchase as I've never used a face sunscreen as ...
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  28. sunscreen dream


    This sunscreen is the first facial cream that I have used and I’m in love with it. It’s lightweight and a little goes a long way. Packaging is perfect to keep in my bag and one in my car. I’ve also used it on my 18 month old daughter and she was perfectly fine.

    It does leave tour skin feeling a little clogged but that’s expected knowing it’s protecting me from the sun. Not as greasy ...
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  29. Nice


    This sunscreen provide protection and hydration at the same time. Definitely my first choice.
  30. Two for one


    The best facial sunscreen around. I wanted to trim down my morning routine and use this as a moisturiser as well. Great texture, no white cast and doesn’t make you smell like sunscreen. Sits nicely under makeup too.
  31. Great sunscreen


    Love this brand and the sunscreens.
    This one is my least favorite out of the 3, but not because its bad, I just find I tend to reach for the others more.
    The consistency and finish of this one is very similar to the clean screen.
    Super hydrating and not greasy.
  32. Impressed


    This feels lovely to apply, definitely doesn't feel like a sunscreen so great. It has a lovely smooth texture. The reason I took one star off was because of the scent. Not a fan of how it smells but I try to ignore this as I love the texture.
  33. Easy and versatile


    Love this sunscreen. Super hydrating and I don't find it greasy.
    Honestly I don't notice the difference in the finish of this product any differently from the other 2 in the range.
    But having said that I love all 3 and don't feel the need to try any other brands at this point in time.
  34. Great under makeup


    Tried this as an alternative to Go-To's tinted zincredible and find that it sits much better under makeup. Leaves my skin really moisturised and smooth, while also being protected. It's quite dewy which is what I was going for - I watched the video on Instagram to decide which one in the range would suit me best. Downside is the terrible smell, but it doesn't last long.


    I adore this product! It has a slight sunscreeny smell but feels more like a morning moisturiser or primer. I put this on every morning underneath my foundation (hourglass veil) and it sits beautifully. I have noticed since using it religiously for three months that I haven't gotten my usual summer freckles. This is a must have for any aussie girls beauty regime.
  36. Great product that I love to use


    The product felt great on my skin and absorbed well. Left my skin hydrated and protected, exactly what I was looking for in this product.
  37. Great


    I’m so happy with this sunscreen. I don’t get any white cast and it sits very well under makeup. Will definitely repurchase.
  38. Quite impressive sunscreen


    I always chose my sunscreen among Japanese brands because I like the light-weight ones and was hesitated to buy sunscreen in Australia since the majority of the products here are greasy and leave white cast. I checked the ingredients of this product before purchasing because I want to avoid the products containing avobenzone and Oxybenzone. I found the active ingredients are the following three in...
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  39. Pricey but worth it


    I had heard a lot about this brand and was super excited to see what the hype was about. I was reluctant to spend $45 on sunscreen, but I have to say this is definitely one of those situations where you get what you pay for. Supreme Screen does not feel like a sunscreen at all (not sticky) and feels quite lightweight on the skin. I have dry skin so I like to apply some moisturiser before I apply t...
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  40. The best sunscreen


    This is the best sunscreen I ever had. I used so many different sunscreen but this is the only sunscreen which is hydrating and not oily for my skin. It doesn't leave any white residue and very light in the skin. I just couldn't ask for more. This is my 2nd purchase and will keep purchasing it in the future as well.
  41. The BEST


    This is the best suncreen I have used in its price range, it is tinted and does not leave a whitecast, it melts in really quickly and is a nice base for my makeup. I have found even on really oily days when my makeup has shifted that I still have sun coverage and do not get burnt. It is also nice and moisturising, I think I will purchase the matt one next time as I am quite oily in summer.
  42. Sun protection, Moisturiser and Primer all in one!


    Recent purchase of a second bottle of Ultra Vilolette Supreme Screen and really love it!
    I have dry/ combination skin and find it hydrates my face without becoming greasy during the day.
    Easy to apply, great under makeup and added bonus of 3 products in one.
  43. SPF winner


    I listened to the podcast and read all the reviews so this product has a lot of hype to live up to. I’m in my late 20’s and have started wearing spf daily for about a year now. I’ve tried a fair few products and none sit well under make up most give a shiny effect or make your skin look whitened. This product does none of that. As the price is more on the expensive side for me I save this for days...
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  44. Favourite SPF


    The Supreme Sceen is my favourite SPF from the Ultra Violette range. It is super hydrating and you can skip moisturiser in your skin care routine as a result. It acts as a beautiful primer and sits well under make up. It does not cause break outs like so many other SPF products. This is my go to daily SPF - Highly recommend!
  45. My holy grail sunscreen


    This is simple amazing. I think I've just about tried every SPF under the sun (pun intended) and none of them had it all - a good consistency and texture, lightweight on the skin, ability to be layered with other products, a high SPF, nourishing, moisturising, priming...until this one.

    This product is amazing and does everything I could want it to. It doesn't pill under makeup or othe...
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  46. Best Sunscreen


    Best protection for my face against the UV rays. No break outs with this sunscreen. Non greasy and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. A staple for everyone’s beauty routine.
  47. Such a lovely sunscreen


    This sunscreen soaks into the skin so nicely just like a moisturiser, plus there is no icky sunscreen smell!
  48. Perfect Sunscreen

    Sim T

    I really like this sunscreen for my Combination Skin type, it is not too oily and not drying, it really just feels like another moisturiser. Not oily underneath makeup at all.
  49. Great


    This works great for my oily skin and does not feel chalky or oily like some other sunscreens
  50. The best!


    I’ve only just begun using this recently and I’m loving it! It’s non greasy, which is amazing, as many I’ve used in the past haven’t been. Leaves my face feeling so moisturised too. Also got my mum hooked on this!
  51. The best!


    I’ve only recently just begun using this and I’m loving it! It’s non greasy, which is great, as many SPFs I’ve used haven’t been. Also love how moisturised it has my face feeling. Got my mum hooked on this too!
  52. Not for everyone


    (I lost a very detailed review that took me ages so this is a much shorter summary).

    I’m female, over 40, with normal to dry skin that is quite sensitive. I have red blotches on my skin from medication induced acne which seems to be clearing up. I use vitamin C in the mornings and a retinoid over night.

    Ultra Violette Supreme Screen.

    - quite h...
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  53. Hydrating but not great with all makeup


    This has taken top spot in my choice of daily facial SPF. I was previously using Invisible Zinc tinted daywear. Ultra Violette Supreme Screen is way less greasy and it feels really hydrating. My BB cream doesn't blend so well over the top, but my foundation does. It probably also has to do with the fact that I blend my BB cream with my hands but use a beauty blender for my foundation. I feel like ...
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  54. Great Sunscreen


    After all the hype surrounding Ultra Violette, I thought I would try it to see if it was any good. I wasn’t disappointed, this feels like a moisturiser when applying, with no sticky residue. When using under makeup, I use this as a primer and my foundation goes on great with no pilling. Good coverage, pleasant smell, and I don’t get burnt. I have mature normal to dry skin, and It hydrates my skin ...
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  55. Greasy Texture


    I personally found this sunscreen too greasy for daily use.
  56. Good natural sunscreen but didnt work with my combo oily skin

    Beauty lover

    I ordered this from adore beauty after researching looking for a natural sunscreen or reef safe. My skin type is combination oily T-zone and while it is a nice product it doesn't sit well on my skin as the day goes on and gives me an oily /shiny finish. This was a possibility as I had seen other reviewers say the same. Also some concerns that maybe not getting the level of sun protection needed. W...
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  57. Does not feel like you are wearing SPF


    Perfect SPF under makeup - it does not look or feel like you are wearing SPF
  58. Holy grail


    I recommend this product to all my friends and anyone who will listen. It is the definition of the saying they best sunscreen is the one you will wear’ - but the added bonus is that it is high SPF and works so well under make up, as an alternative to a day moisturiser or simply on its own if you can’t be bothered to do anything more! I love this product so much.
  59. Life changer!

    Christine W

    I have finally found the perfect SPF facial moisturiser! This is IT! The texture is amazing, would not think it is a sunscreen as the consistency is thin and so smooth to put on. I have dry (with an oily Tzone) skin and this has been so good for me. Works well under makeup and at times I wear without a primer. Love knowing that I have the highest SPF protection on my face when I'm out! This is a m...
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  60. Ultimate everyday SPF!


    Love this stuff! Ultra Violette has knocked my previous favourite, Mecca's To Save Face sunscreen, out of the park with its super cute packaging, pleasant scent, and comfortable, hydrating formula. So hydrating in fact that I now skip moisturiser in the morning! <3
  61. Game changer


    I've always been told about the benefits of wearing sunscreen everyday but have never found one that doesn't feel disgusting on my skin before now! I absolutely love this sunscreen, it makes a perfect hydrating base for my makeup and doesn't feel heavy on my skin. I am prone to breakouts but haven't experienced any with this product and have been using it every day for the past month. I have oily-...
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  62. Love it


    A big fan of this sunscreen. I mix together with my dermalogica moistures and apply. Goes well under my makeup and doesn't give a white cast. I have combo skin and it doesn't make my greasy at the end of the day. Will re-purchase.
  63. Best everyday sunscreen


    I use this everyday, either alone or under makeup. I’ve had no problems with it ‘rolling’ under makeup like other sunscreens, not does it leave me shiny; makes it easy to just pick up and use without worrying how it will affect my makeup application . The fragrance is fairly neutral, not amazing but not bad....it is on the expensive side for a sunscreen but if it means you’re going to use it every...
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  64. Great


    I usually get queen screen but thought I'd try Supreme as the queen has a lot more shine and when i re apply in the heat i look sweaty. The supreme defientaly had a less of a shine to the finish which i love but I found it stings my eyes a little and you need to use more pumps/ product for good coverage
  65. Decent at best


    This sunscreen is most certainly hydrating, it even leaves somewhat of a oily film on the skin which to some may not like but some may like the ongoing hydration that provides.

    It sheers out and blends into the skin well. It has a obvious scent - almost the same sort of 'biscuty' scent you get from some fake tans.

    I would recommend to those looking for a very hydrating su...
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  66. Didn't blend well with my foundation


    I got this product as a sunscreen that I could wear everyday under my makeup unfortunately for me this product doesn't seem to blend with my liquid foundations. I find the product just sits on my skin so when I apply my foundation the sunscreen moves around causing my foundation to become patchy. I will be wearing this sunscreen the days I don't wear make up.
  67. Light


    Love the 80s style packaging and the sunscreen is very pleasant to use. Doesn't pill under makeup and works as a moisturiser/ primer too. Impressed.
  68. One of my faves


    Much better than the queen screen which I found was too greasy and didn’t settle well under my makeup.This is a more matte finish and absorbed quickly
  69. Does what it says

    Lindsey C

    I purchased this sunscreen after my Clean Screen ran out to give it a go and it was also such a lovely formula. My skin at the time was quite dry so this was such a beautiful hydrating cream, it glides on, the scent was nice and it made me look very dewy and glowy. I even stopped using my face moisturizer because this was more than enough, plus it’s SPF 50 and does protect you from the sun. Winne...
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    I recently bought this as a travel friendly substitute to queenscreen.

    After reading reviews myself, I was curious as to whether is actually did dry enough to apply foundation straight over without the need for primer. I can confirm this does serve as multipurpose sun protection and primer. I feel naked without the final step of my routine now, I previously used Queenscreen with DB G...
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  71. Worth every cent


    I’m so happy with this sunscreen. I don’t get any white cast and it sits very well under makeup. Will definitely repurchase.
  72. New Favourite

    Katy B

    Really impressed with the texture and look of this sunscreen. Comparable to Mecca's To Save Face, similar textures and appearance. Ultra Violette's Supreme Screen is perfect for my sometimes dehydrated and flaky skin and acts almost as a primer. The instructions/details on the tube are also excellent. Will repurchase!
  73. Greasy


    Although it’s a hydrating formula I was not expecting it to be so greasy and look so shiny on my skin, which is normal/dry. Not a good base for makeup and I need to put powder on top of it even when I don’t want to wear any makeup just to counter the shine. Probably does a good job of sun protection but I definitely wouldn’t buy this again, going back to my Mecca one.
  74. Worth the hype!


    This sunscreen is absolutely worth all of the positive media coverage its getting - beautiful to apply, doesn't have a strong or overpowering smell, and creates a perfect base for foundation (I use Inika Foundation). They say the best sunscreen is the one you wear, and this is a product I now reach for every single morning after my serums. Beautiful packaging and easy to transport!
  75. My favourite sunscreen!


    I love love love this sunscreen!

    Feels super lightweight yet moisturising and leaves me with a nice glow for under makeup or on its own. It doesn't ball up or feel siliconey or thick. Its just amazing. Will definitely repurchase because its worth the money!
  76. Good


    This sunscreen provides my skin with great protection. It also hydrates my dry skin
  77. Holy grail!


    Hands down the best sunscreen i’ve ever used in my entire life!! I hated sunscreen my whole life but this sunscreen makes me too excited to use it every single day! Obsessed ❤️
  78. Perfect daily sunscreen

    The Ems

    I have been searching for a sunscreen I am comfortable to wear everyday and have finally found it! I have combination skin and this is the best I have found for daily wear without making my skin super greasy - even on hot humid days. After a week I bought a second tube to keep in my bag so I always have it handy.
  79. Great sunscreen.


    I really like this sunscreen and it makes wearing SPF everyday super easy. It is nice on its own or under makeup. It isn't oily or sticky like other SPF products. Also, it doesn't have a bad smell which is a bonus.
  80. Best sunscreen on the market


    I use sunscreen everyday and I have always thought I would never find "the one".
    Well, I am now eating my words as this is it!
    I use this everyday. On no makeup days or as a base before my foundation is applied.
    There is no white cast or oily residue that most sunscreens leave and my skin does not react. My foundation does not go streaky, oily, slide off or go cakey, this is the ...
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  81. Beautiful product!


    I love this! It's the most lovely facial sunscreen I've tried, and it absorbs well and goes beautifully under makeup.
    The texture is smooth, not oily. I have very dry skin and find this nourishing. It feels rather luxe, would definately buy again
  82. Amazing!


    Best sunscreen to use everyday. Non greasy and doesn’t make your skin feel heavy. I use this or the Queen Screen everyday. Totally converted to UV now!
  83. All in one


    This product is a great all in one to apply (primer and spf) but although it’s not as thick as skinstitut spf I find it thick, compared to the thin serum like consistency of Queen screen.
  84. Finally a suncream to love!


    Originally from Ireland I have spent the last 5 years hunting for a suncream that won't break me out, sits well under makeup for work and still protects my naturally pale skin! After one use I was sold, the cream is lightweight, absorbs so quickly and my makeup sits perfectly on top...if I am going makeup free it doesn't leave a greasy shine to my skin!
  85. Great sunscreen, but hate the smell


    The formula is great, and Ultraviolette is my favourte sunscreen brand, i just didn't love the scent of this. I tried this after being an avid Queen Screen user and will be going back to that after this one - love the pump and formula but scent just doesn't do it for me.
  86. wow


    As part of my job, I work outside most of the day and this has been such a great help for my sensitive and oily skin. I apply it every two hours and it does not give me that greasy feeling, which most sunscreens gave me. I do recommend this product, and I will continue to buy this.
  87. Best Sunscreen


    This is hands down the best facial sunscreen I have ever used. It feels great on the skin and works well under makeup - it feels more like a moisturiser and doesn’t have that heavy, tacky feeling a lot of sunscreens can have. RE the smell, to me it smells like sunscreen, but maybe with a hint of curry powder or something? It doesn’t really bother me though.
  88. Great !!


    In this weather you just need a quick fixed from the sun. No messy stained on clothing and a Melting make up which slip down your face with that thick sun block lotion . But NOT ultra violette sun screen. Its absorbed quickly on any product that I have on my face . Best part you can just wear it alone .... I can't leave the house without this.You should try it now.
  89. A sunscreen hero!


    I mostly use a mineral sunscreen which seem only to go to a 30 + SPF. For the days I am out in the sun more, I will switch it a 50+ and now my go to will only be Ultra Violette Supreme Screen. It's super hydrating and has amazing coverage. I don't usually wear make up, but on the odd occasion when I do, the Supreme Screen acts as a great primer too!
  90. Just what my sensitive (sun-damaged) skin needs!


    This product really has been a game changer for me when it comes to sub protection for my face. I hated thick, white sunscreen that smells like sunscreen, so would often rely on my other products having some SPF content - but not anymore!

    I have sensitive skin that can become dry very easily, and this feels really hydrating on my skin! I love the subtle off-white colour, it all rubs i...
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  91. Amazing Brand


    Fantastic brand! I love this for beach/outdoor days it gives a subtle glow and really hyrdrates my skin. Sits perfectly under makeup however I do find when I wear makeup over the top of this particular sunscreen my face does get a bit oily towards the end of the day. When wearing makeup I prefer to wear clean screen as I find I don't produce as much oil!
  92. Amazing


    This sunscreen has a great texture and gives great protection.
  93. Nice at frist


    I really wanted to like this, but unfortunately I'm finding that after an hour or two, my skin feels quite tight and dry. When I first put it on, it feels nice and hydrating, but something in this is drying me out :(
  94. perfect sunscreen


    i usually hate sunscreen on my face. now this makes me want to put it on every day to protect my skin. not too heavy and can tell it does the job
  95. The only sunscreen worth your $$$


    This it the most hydrating, glow inducing sunscreen on the market! It is absolutely perfect! It doesn’t irritate sensitive skin and provides maximum protection! This is the only sunscreen I’ve ever purchased twice!
  96. Disappointingly not suitable for sensitive skin


    I had my eye on this product for months and was unfortunately very disappointed by it. The packaging is great, very pretty, and the idea of this product ticked all my boxes. However, the reality did not. Firstly - the smell. The product is heavily scented and not in a nice way. Secondly - it gave me a rash. Like a bad one. Other than that - texture was nice although not very hydrating. It sat well...
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  97. So luxe!


    Love this sunscreen! It goes on easily and really suits my skin. I can't stand sunscreens that make my skin feel greasy, so this one is an easy win for me.
  98. BEST sunscreen ever.


    Hands down the best sunscreen I have ever used on my face. It makes my skin look incredible on its own and is also stunning under makeup. I don't know how I ever survived without it. Already onto my third tube! I prefer Supreme over Queen, but would happily use either.
  99. Very happy!

    Sally G

    I started using Supreme Screen 6 months ago and haven't looked back. Other facial SPFs i've tried have been tacky/sticky but this glides on so smoothly and is great under my foundation and a great moisturiser. Great value for money and an end to a life long search for high SPF face moisturiser.
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