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Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminising Sun Serum 50ml

4.5 of 427 reviews


4 instalments of $11.75

Or 4 instalments of $11.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $11.75

Or 4 instalments of $11.75 with LEARN MORE

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A sunscreen for everybody who loves a bit of glow, Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ has a serum-like texture and feelings like nothing at all. Free from oils but full of skin-loving native Australian antioxidants so your skin is happy, and is protected from the sun and free radicals.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made
  • Has SPF

What customers say

GREAT - 89% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminising Sun Serum

Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminising Sun Serum

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Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminising Sun Serum Reviews

4.5 of 427 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Thank god a sunscreen for dry skin that is light!!


I had so many problems trying to find a daytime sunscreen that wasn't super heavy and cakey & I tried alot! A friend recommended I try Ultra violet & I will never ever go back. This specific one would probably not be as good if you had oily skin (although I believe the brand does other types with other skin type specialties) but for dry skin it has been a godsend. So light but still felt fully covered. Definitely forgot it was even on!

Most Helpful Criticism



This particular one seems to break me out. I prefer the clean screen due to this. Protects from the sun though
  1. Research the ingredients BEFORE you purchase!


    I was delighted to find a rose-like scent upon first use. Turns out that this scent is most likely the phenoxyethanol: releases a rosey scent and is harmful when inhaled/absorbed into the skin. This ingredient is accompanied by parabens and excessive silicones. Majority of ingredients are harmful with excessive use. One ingredient I found, causes cell damage (that's right, SKIN damage). I purchase...
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  2. Ok


    verified purchaser
    This particular one seems to break me out. I prefer the clean screen due to this. Protects from the sun though
  3. light weight


    For an SPF 50 sunscreen it`s pretty light weight. It absorbs semi quickly and a little goes a long way. I`m not a fan of the glitter tho. I don`t see the need for my sunscreen to shine.
  4. Glowy and lightweight- not a fan of the dropper packaging


    verified purchaser
    Loveee the fact that it's so lightweight and literally absorbs into the skin perfectly without leaving any residue. However, this is my first time using a dropper sunscreen duo and I am not a fan of that. I made that choice and I am glad I did because the overall product is great from the inside but perhaps next time I would order a non-dropper one just because it is not a watery serum its a sunsc...
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  5. Only if you want Mica on your face daily


    I purchased this product twice. Everything was fine with the first bottle. It gave me super-moisturising skin with a great "glow". I loved it so much that I ordered it again.
    When the second bottle arrived, the product seemed to leave visible glitter all over my face. When I contacted Adore, I was told that the gold specks are due to Mica in the product. Maybe this was a damaged batch. But ...
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  6. Thank god a sunscreen for dry skin that is light!!


    I had so many problems trying to find a daytime sunscreen that wasn't super heavy and cakey & I tried alot! A friend recommended I try Ultra violet & I will never ever go back. This specific one would probably not be as good if you had oily skin (although I believe the brand does other types with other skin type specialties) but for dry skin it has been a godsend. So light but still felt fully cov...
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  7. Light and smooth - love the rose scent


    Light and smooth - love the rose scent
  8. Glowy and lightweight


    Absolutely love this sunscreen, its lightweight and sits perfectly under make-up, it also looks great just on its own and gives you a glow. It being 50+ is also a huge plus.
    Highly recommend!
  9. This looks and feels really good on my skin

    Harley H

    For refernce my skin type is combination (very dry after shower/cold days if not using moisturiser, a little oily in hot days). I love how it feels on my skinn. At first it feels a bit oily but absorbs very quick and feels smooth after that. Yes it does give you a dewy shiny look which is my type and also a reason I bought it. Packaging is attractive, i think that’s also why it caught my eyes firs...
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  10. So happy!


    verified purchaser
    Didn't think it would live up to the reviews and hype but it does. I adore putting this on in the morning - the light moisturising lightly natural rose scented serum is a dream.
  11. Great sunscreen that feels like a syrum perfect light weight product!


    Perfect every day product very impressed
  12. Great sunscreen that feels like a syrum perfect light weight product!


    Great sunscreen that feels like a syrum perfect light weight every day product!
  13. Great sunscreen


    Easy to apply, absorbs quickly, no white cast, doesn't pill. Works well under makeup and leaves you with a great glow! My skin is dry and sensitive and this product doesn't irritate or cause me to dry out.
    Only slight issue is the fragrance is very strong it is floral and not the typical sunscreen smell but still overpowering. However in saying that it does reduce once the product is absorb...
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  14. Best of the bunch!


    I have never loved a sunscreen as much as I love this! It's hydrating, luminous, doesn't clog pores and doesn't pill! I have tried this and supreme screen, but supreme screen clogged my pores whereas this one doesn't. I am not the biggest fan of the scent and price, but there is no other sunscreen that I have tried that works as well as this one. I definitely recommend this to everyone with dry sk...
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  15. Non-greasy sunscreen. Hurrah!

    Fiona Dev

    I don’t know what I expected from UV sunscreen but I’ve been blown away by how easy it is to use and how little I need to cover my entire face and neck area. It isn’t greasy and is a great base for make up!!

    Lucy B

    *****HIGHLY RECOMMEND*****
    I was using Mecca Cosmetica's 50+ sunscreen for years and they had been out of stock for a while and you can never not have SPF!!!
    After reading reviews about Ultra Violette I decided to try the 'Queen Screen' and I will never use another SPF again.
    This product is amazing, it gives you an incredible glow and makes your skin feel amazing.

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  17. Love this for a nice glow!


    This stuff is great!! I have the whole collection and i find that they are all amazing! Best investment! And they all sit under makeup really well! This one is great for makeup free days when you still want a little glow! Love it! Super light too!!
  18. Love it!


    I have oily skin and find this a perfect everyday sunscreen when i know i will be out and about. I apply as last step of skincare in the morning and dust a very light powder over sometimes depending where i am going. But you definitely don't need to worry about a white sheen to face or oily texture. It still smells like sunscreen to me but has a strong rose scent when applying which is nice and...
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    I am not a real fan of products containing SPF - usually, I am turned off by the smell and the thickness and when it gets in your eyes it's the most painful thing ever.
    But when I tell you this... This product is by far the most gentle, lightweight formal I have ever tried. With also being VEGAN and CRUELTY-FREE I had my hands all over it. It has a light rose scent that makes it pleasant to...
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  20. Obsessed with the feel and smell of this product


    This sunscreen feels like a serum and smells like rose water! It is beautiful to apply and that is what keeps me using it despite its more expensive price tag. My bottles do last me a fairly long time though so I think it’s money well spent considering sunscreen is the best way to protect your skin from damage and aging.
  21. Love this SPF


    Love this SPF, it soaks in so well and isn't thick or greasy at all. Just make sure you use enough... I had been using it for several months before I learnt you need at least two full droppers for it to be effective.
  22. Best face sunscreen I've tried!


    Obsessed with this sunscreen. Have tried multiple brands for face sunscreen but this is my favourite!

    Best things about it:
    -very light consistency so barely feels like sunscreen. After I apply it, my skin doesn't feel oily/sticky/greasy at all
    -absorbs super fast
    -doubles as a moisturiser
    -the dropper bottle (makes applying sunscreen feel more exciting!)
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  23. Smells like roses


    First week trying this out & enjoying it so far. The first thing l noticed was the lovely but quite strong fragrance which smells like roses.It's got a nice light consistency and it feels lovely on the skin. Leaves me with a luminous glow which is nice but I'm looking out for how it will go as the day goes on as l worry it could contribute to my skin looking more oily.
  24. Obsessed!


    After a recent scare from a routine skin check, I've been looking for the perfect SPF and I've finally found it. I LOVE Queen Screen! A little goes a long way, it absorbs beautifully into my skin and gives me a dewy glow. This is the SPF that makes me feel good about applying and reapplying and I feel much more confident knowing that my skin is fully protected. It has a subtle rose scent and is no...
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  25. Luminous


    I am so impressed with the quality of this sunscreen. It is very lightweight and when applied under makeup it makes your complexion luminous and glowing. Very happy that’s it’s SPF50 and you only need 1-2 drops to cover the whole face. Will be repurchasing again.
  26. Great SPF


    This is a really great SPF. Sometimes I find when I wear spf it gives me greasy, red and irritated skin. This one doesn’t, it dries down nicely too. Great for under makeup
  27. Very glowy


    Really nice sunscreen, feels light on the skin and it has a pleasant scent. It is definitely glowy though so if you are oily this might be too much for you.
  28. Hydrating sunscreen


    I love this serum. I have combination skin and I find this does not make me oily instead it feels silky and hydrating and not like I'm wearing sunscreen at all.
  29. You'll get the best glow ever


    I absolutely love love love this SPF! It gives you an all day glow and works well under makeup, although I prefer to use it on makeup free days as it makes your skin look amazing. It is a little greasy but I don't mind it as I love having that glow.
  30. Expensive but a must have!


    So far so good! Loving how sheer it is and doesn't feel like a heavy sunscreen! It's a little expensive but you only need a small amount, definitely recommend a good shake before use.
  31. Light weight and non greasy


    Love this sunscreen. It’s hard to find a face sunscreen that isn’t too oily and works well with your makeup but this ones a treat! Can’t recommend enough :)
  32. Not the biggest fan


    Unfortunately I didn’t love this product! Initially the smell got me, I found it smelt of seaweed or something which disappointed me. Didn’t personally suit my skin, made it glowy but when being in the sun definitely felt oily and shiny. Love the brand though and supreme screen was a far better fit for me and is a holy grail
  33. Excellent sunscreen


    Love this. All sunscreens make me breakout but this one doesn’t. It gives a you a lovely dew without the typical yuk sunscreen feel.
  34. Worlds most fabulous SPF - AKA Anti-aging miracle product

    Tay Tay

    This is an incredible SPF serum. Extremely light and non oily formula. Completely soaks into the skin leaving your skin dewy and glowing.

    100% recommend to anyone who is new to SPF and hates the feel of thicker formulas.
  35. Happy!


    Very happy with the aromatherapy rose scent and light moisturising serum consistency without being greasy. I actually look forward to putting this on my skin every morning!
  36. Over hyped


    I liked this product, however I found I had to use at least two full dropper amounts to fully cover my face so went through it quite fast. A bit disappointing for the price. A bit of a luxury product, other face sunscreens also do the job.
  37. Best sunscreen


    Such a glowy beautiful light weight formula, bought this for myself a week ago and just repurchased as a gift for Mother’s Day!
  38. Don't believe the hype!


    Bought this product based on all the amazing reviews but to be honest it is not different to any other sunscreen. It definitely does not warrant the $47 price tag, and yes it is light weight but it's also oily. I won't buy it again I much prefer a $12 cancer council sunscreen.
  39. What a glow!

    Ruby. B

    This is a great serum spf if you don't like creams on top of creams.
    My only gripe is that it has fragrance, but the smell disappears as soon as the sunscreen seeps into your skin. Also, this range has a frangrance-free option if you want it.
    As a heads up, i'm south asian and there is no white cast. It even makes a great makeup primer!
  40. Lovely texture, hate the scent!


    I had a sample to try. Lovely liquid texture, easy to apply enough, glowy finish but not excessive on my dry skin. No irritation, no white cast. The packaging is perfect for the product.
    My issue is the that the fragrance is very strong, and not at all something I enjoy. It does dissipate quickly so for the finish I would consider purchasing.
  41. dewy finish!


    really nice light serum that gives you a dewy finish. instead of a full face of makeup I can wear this with a little bit of bronzer and that's it.
    smells a tiny bit sunscreeny but quite floral at the same time. overall I really like this!
  42. Perfect Glow


    Love this as a sunscreen, hard to believe such a light-weight, easy to apply product like this has SPF 50+l! Definitely make sure your skin is hydrated/exfoliated before application as if you tend to have dryer skin (like myself) it can peel slightly which can make it hard to apply make up over :)
  43. Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminising Sun Serum


    I have now repurchased about 4 times. I use this after serums in the morning and before makeup. I have found that it has replaced my morning moisturiser, which i love as like everyone else, I am always in a rush in the mornings!
  44. Absorbs fast!


    I use this over my paulas choice vitamin C and glossier solution and it absorbs into my skin so fast! Usually my sun protection takes forever to absorbs and forms like white layer but this doesn’t. I love this
  45. Genius


    This product is absolutely stunning. A little goes a long way! I love how smooth and hydrating this product is. It smells like roses and is also a great primer for my makeup. Would highly recommend
  46. Great sunscreen


    This is the best sunscreen I have ever used.
    It isn't sticky and doesn't leave a white cast on your skin.

    Easy to apply and reapply.
  47. Great Sunscreen


    This looks amazing on my skin and has helped my complexion look better over time
  48. Best sunscreen ever


    This is a great sunscreen as the SPF is high but it doesn't have the heavy, sticky texture of other sunscreens. It's super light and fluid and feels more like a glow tonic than sunscreen!
  49. So glowy


    I love this product for when I’m not wearing any other makeup as it gives me such a glow. I found when putting makeup over the top though it almost became to shiny to the point of looking oily.
  50. Worth a try


    It took me a while for my skin to like this sunscreen. I found I would go red under my eyes if I applied it to my cheeks but imagine that is because of my sensitive skin. That said, I had no issues applying it to the rest of my face and liked the way it was easy to apply, absorbed and left a slight shimmer. However, I haven't bought a second bottle.
  51. Love the concept of a Sun Serum


    Love this concept and the fact that it has extra skin benefits beyond sun protection. The packaging is also hella luxurious in the glass bottle dropper. The texture is runny and milky and is quite moisturising. My skin is probably a little too oily for this product as it doesn't absorb fully on me. But I like to think of it as giving me an extra glow. A dusting of mineral powder also does the tric...
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  52. Glowy and hydrating


    My favourite sunscreen!! This product is a serum/sunscreen dream, super hydrating and leaves your skin glowing
  53. love this


    love this stuff
    it doesn't feel as sticky and heavy as usual sunscreen


    I love this product. It has made me [as a 25 y/o] enjoy applying SPF daily for the first time. I've gotten over my PTSD of summers as a child being bathed in sunscreen by my [loving] mother.

    And if the packaging doesn't make you want to buy it just to put in your bathroom - I'm sorry I can't help you from here.
  55. Reconciled me with sunscreen


    I am usually not a fan of sunscreen: the smell, the thickness, the tackiness.. I loathe it! Until this serum... It has certainly reconciled me with sunscreen. It is light, smells wonderful and doesn’t turn the skin into a sticky mess. The bottle is gorgeous too, which adds a touch of luxury to your daily skincare routine. You’ll come back for it over and over again.
  56. Smelling like roses


    After a week long trial, i have fallen in love with spf. First off the smell is amazing and lasting, application is simple, doesn't feel like wearing sunscreen at all and with my oily skin after a few minutes setting in doesn't feel greasy.
  57. not sensitive skin, but face feel hurts and burning


    I have very stable skin, never sensitive. But this one make my face feel very hurts.
  58. GLOW x 100


    This gives such a nice glow to the skin (if you're into that kind of look) and makes for a perfect primer under foundation. I find this to be a little too much for the summer/humidity, but can't wait to use this in winter. The rose scent is quite strong, so if you aren't into scented this might not be for you, but I enjoy it.
  59. yes exactly how described


    I love this product so light weight can’t even tell your wearing it. I use it everyday without fail, I wear the ordinary lightweight serum over and the top and leaves me with a nice glow.
  60. Can't say a bad thing about these products


    I bought the serum and the cream to decide which I like better, the cream is probably easier to put in quickly. I am in love with these products, not oily at all and great sun protection. Is now an essential in my skin care routine
  61. Pleasantly surprised


    After much research and tossing up between this and the Ultra Violette Supreme Screen I decided to go with this one as it was a bit more versatile. I can say I have been very impressed to date. You only need a few drops, it is easy to apply and isn't heavy like your typical suncream. I have combination skin and I was concerned that it would make me look very oily but for my skin, I don't seem to h...
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  62. Didn't love the texture


    I got this as a sample. I tend to use a moisturiser with sunscreen in, but thought I'd give this a try. The smell was a bit weird- it's supposed to be roses, but it still kind of smells like sunscreen too. I didn't love the texture on my face, it still felt like I was wearing sunscreen, but did feel better as the day went on. It definitely wasn't as thick feeling as traditional sunscreen.
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  63. My fav sunscreen


    I adore this sunscreen, its my one and only now and have my Mum using it too now and a few friends. Love how well it plays with my sunscreen and how glowy it makes me, the perfect base for my makeup
  64. Couldn’t live without!


    I live in a tropical climate so this light weight formula is perfect in the humidity. It sits nicely under foundation and smells amazing!


    I have loved this product from the first application, I put it on before exercising outside and it does not feel oily or thick, stays on and best of all, it works!
  66. game changer!


    completely what i’d hoped for! normally i struggle with sunscreens breaking me out, i have combo/sensitive skin, and this product is perfect. will definitely be repurchasing
  67. juicy, glow and protected


    WOW! This is my first UV product and I can safely say I'll never buy a different brand of sunscreen now. Even though I have oily skin, it still works beautifully. Once you apply you are dewy for a little while. But once it has sunken into the skin, it's feels moisturising and more matte from when it was first applied it
  68. Amazing


    After loving the sunscreen from this brand, I wanted to try this serum and I am glad that I did. It is even better than the sunscreen and absorbs quickly into my skin without leaving any white cast and my makeup looks more hydrated and luminous. I highly recommend.
  69. Holymoly!!


    I have been always using a physical sunscreen
    After watching Labmuffin on youtube about chemical and physical, it has really changed my opinion about chemical sunscreen!
    I apply this after my skincare and this sunscreen is Deewwwyyyyy!!
    Nice and thin consistency with a rose scent. Easy to apply and sobsorbs well. My skin looks so glowyy. I love it!
  70. Love!!

    Eliza Jane

    This feels so luxurious. Hydrates my skin and doesn't leave me feel greasy/shiny like most sunscreens. I jump out of bed excited to apply my sunscreen!!
  71. SPF Glow up


    The dewiest thinnest and fanciest SPF I have used. Feels so nice on the skin, soaks in, smells divine. Can't fault it. Trying to Supreme Queen Next, but would happily go back to this. LOVE this brand!
  72. really nice


    great formula and sits so nicely on the skin
  73. Sexy Face

    The Skincare Rookie

    I walked into the office with just this on my face and someone said I had that post-sex glow. It hadn't had sex, it was just Queen Screen ;)

    Love the silky texture of this product and actually sits so well under makeup. Sexy bottle, sexy product, sexy face.
  74. I LOVE IT!


    I absolutely love this! it's super hydrating and luminous, it's not too thick and it sits well underneath makeup. Best way to apply SPF! the only down side is that product builds up significantly around the lid which is frustrating because you're losing product.
  75. Dewy suitable for sensitive skin


    I have sensitive eczema prone skin with dry patches around the mouth and eye. I found this sunscreen was moisturizing enough for me and didn't have dry patches earlier on in the day.

    For those with more normal/balanced skin I can imagine this would be perfect for those waiting to achieve the dewy/glass skin look! I used this over a LRP moisturizer and did find that my BB cream slipped...
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  76. Must have face sunscreen


    I usually have bad reactions to sunscreen, to the extent that I usually burn more with sunscreen on than without it.

    After listening to the podcast I knew I needed a sunscreen in my routine!

    When I ordered Queen Screen I was nervous it was going to be another product that I couldn’t use, but to my delight I had NO reaction, I have been using this product for about 5ish ...
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  77. Smells amazing!


    This sunscreen smells like roses and the smell lingers for hours after application, I love it. It spreads easily over my skin and feels like it's hydrating too, not just protecting me from the sun. The only issue is that the product in the dropper dries out so it can be difficult to get product to dispense
  78. OMG LOVE


    I have hearing about Ultra Violette for some time now and I finally decided to try it when I needed some new SPF. Omg I am in Love!!!! I got the Queen Screen as I thought it would be the best one for my skin, and I am in love. Sits beautifully under makeup and makes my skin glow. Love it!
  79. Good SPF


    This sunscreen has a nice texture and applies very nicely. I find it too oily for me to wear on a daily basis but it's perfect for under makeup. It has no white cast or pilling. I do wish the packaging came with a pump instead of the dropper though.
  80. Such a luxe SPF - love it


    I love this sunscreen. It feels very luxurious to apply and has a lovely texture and scent. I was worried it would make my skin look oily but it made me look glowy and hydrated, and I got compliments on my skin. Ultra Violette is my go-to for SPF forever now!
  81. Perfect for everyday!


    I’ve tried a few facial sunscreens, some good, some not as good. But after listening to the Beauty IQ podcast I thought I had to give Ultra Violette a go and I’m so glad I did. I love it! It smells nice, the consistency it’s light a dewy and it’s SPF 50! I’ve since bought it for my sister and best friend to get everyone on board the SPF movement
  82. Subtle glowy skin


    I was a bit hesitant to try this sunscreen as my skin can easily get oily and didn't want to look greasy. I was extremely impressed with results. Sunscreen melted in beautifully and gave subtle glowy appearance. I must admit it did give an oily appearance at start but after 10min melted in beautiful. I recommend letting it sink in for 5-10min before applying makeup. Will buy again.
  83. Not sure


    It has a nice roses scent but that fades quickly and turns into a really sunscreeny scent. It is nice and glowy but feels tacky all day. I wanted to like it better but I much prefer the Supreme Screen.
  84. Great


    This gives my dry skin a lovely glow but it doesn't make my skin look oily
  85. Lives up to the hype



    Applies on so nice, very even and thin yet a nice layer of coverage.
    Doesn't leave any trace of oil for me, even though i have a more oily complexion.

  86. Super Light Sun Protection


    I love this super lightweight serum! My sister recommended it to me after using it for a summer, we are both out in the sun all the time, at the beach and in the bush, but hate the thick greasy feeling of traditional sunscreen. We wear this serum under our makeup every day, and it never feels oily or thick. I have very sensitive skin (dermatitis and psoriasis, very dry in some areas, tends to oily...
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  87. Game changer


    This is the ultimate. I love the way queen screen goes on smooth. Doesn’t feel like regular sunscreens. Subtle fragrance. So gooooooood even my husband has been using it!
  88. Great SPF


    No irritation on the skin, no oiliness, no aftertaste of spf if you get it on your lips. t’s my favourite ultra violette SPF so far! I love how light-weighted this SPF is. It’s so easy to use under makeup!
  89. Amazing!!!


    This product is absolutely stunning. A little goes a long way! I love how smooth and hydrating this product is. It smells like roses and is also a great primer for my makeup. Would highly recommend
  90. Makes me shiny.


    I expected this to be better after buying in to all the hype, and for the price. It smells lovely and they say it’s got nourishing ingredients that are good for the skin, but I usually apply a sunscreen over my serums and I find this is just too oily for me. It leaves you shiny. I prefer a matte sunscreen, the aspect envirostat is better I think.
  91. My new must have


    Dear Queen Screen - because of you I wear SPF everyday. I have repurchased your 3 times and for someone who has only just started wearing SPF the last 6 months....says a lot.

    Thankyou for being so amazing that I can’t live without you.

    My future self will be forever grateful for not only keeping my healthy but glowing

  92. My Holy Grail Sunscreen


    Where to begin... I am quite sensitive to chemical sunscreens (mild allergy), therefore I am very picky when choosing my face sunscreens. However, I amazingly do not react to this one!
    The light, serum texture is beautiful, it's so glowly and hydrating, and I love the smell (nothing like yucky traditional sunscreens). Only thing I wish for is for them to have travel sizes as it can be annoy...
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  93. Recommend!


    I love the smell and consistency of this product. One of the best SPF's for face that I haver used and love that it's Australian. Great to wear under makeup and doesn't leave a white/oily residue. Good value for money.
  94. Lovely sunscreen


    I love this product, it has a serum like feel and absorbs nicely into the skin. I will definitely repurchase.
  95. Key to everyone's daily routine


    Amazing product that is essential to my daily skin care routine. It has a lovely rose smell and a consistency that does not remind you of sunscreen at all. My skin is on the dry side and I can use this either mixed in with my daytime moisturiser or over the top and it gives a great dewy glow. All of the ultra violette products I use are 5 star.
  96. Omg!


    The smell is amazing. Love that it is 50 spf. Light weight and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and supple


    I bought this after reading the reviews, and I am so impressed! I was concerned that it would be too oily for my acne prone skin, and I was so wrong! It gives a beautiful glow to the skin, without feeling like I have a thick layer of SPF on. Next time I'll either repurchase this, or I would love to try the Supreme Screen.
  98. Got an allergic reaction


    I wanted to love Queen Screen, but I developed an allergic reaction to it where my lips became inflamed and dry.
    If it hadn't been for the allergic reaction, I would have loved this! It smells great and the consistency is awesome. Unfortunately it just didn't agree with my skin.
  99. Repeat purchase, long time love!


    I normally HATE sunscreens as they cause my skin to break out and the thick textures sit heavy on my sensitive skin. However, this sunscreen is a dream!

    This is my second bottle and I'm still in love with it. It makes a great hydrating primer for my foundation but doesn't cause it to slide around. The lightweight texture makes it easy to blend into my face and decolletage, and the sm...
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