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Ultra Violette Extreme Screen Hand & Body Sunscreen SPF50+ 150ml 150mL

4.4 of 63 reviews


4 instalments of $8.75

Or 4 instalments of $8.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $8.75

Or 4 instalments of $8.75 with LEARN MORE

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Ultra lightweight, with just a hint of shimmer for barely-there day-time-glam and a stonking SPF50+ rating plus 4 hour water resistant, this is the sunscreen for people who want to protect themselves against both ageing and burning, but who aren’t willing to compromise on their top-to-toe slathering.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Ultra Violette Extreme Screen Hand & Body Sunscreen SPF50+ 150ml Reviews

4.4 of 63 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Ultra Violette have done it again


This is hands down the best sunscreen I have used. I am so glad it does not have that gross sunscreen smell. I actually get excited to put on sunscreen. The packaging is super cute as well

Most Helpful Criticism

Cult follower!


The Ultra Violette range was amazing from the beginning. This sunscreen DOES NOT disappoint! I will be sad when it comes to end...it’s brilliant in every way!
  1. Ultra Violette have done it again


    This is hands down the best sunscreen I have used. I am so glad it does not have that gross sunscreen smell. I actually get excited to put on sunscreen. The packaging is super cute as well
  2. Amazing for your body


    I adore this brand and it's great coverage and it has a beautiful sparkly sheen that glistens in the sun. And it is has a beautiful scent.
  3. Great product


    Use this product daily on my neck and arms. Doesn't stain my clothes like other brands or leave me feeling oily.
  4. Great body sunscreen and handy bottle


    The lid twists to release the product, and excess can easily be swiped to the side and into your hand. No gluggy build up here. The texture of the of the product is so smooth and melts into the skin. Doesn't make body sunscreen feel like a chore. It feels and smells like a good body lotion.
  5. Love love love


    Fantastic body SPF with a delightful scent and a bit of shimmer. Just finished the bottle having taken my Irish skin to WA in December. Easy to reapply and didn't burn at all despite being in the water all day. No irritation, moisturising and easy to wash off in the shower. Very impressed and will repurchase.
  6. Great body sunscreen


    This sunscreen is amazing, it leaves a lovely shimmer and sinks in without feeling sticky or leaving a white cast. I do find that it is still too greasy to be used as a hand sunscreen, but on the rest of the body, it is great. Would be great if they could make this seat or water-resistant, as currently, it is ineffective if exercising or swimming.
  7. Best sunscreen brand


    This brand can do no wrong when it comes to sunscreen products. A staple everyday product that’s not sticky and has a nice scent
  8. Love this!


    I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I purchased this product. I thought it would be like every other sunscreen, with the gross smell and the sticky feeling but no - this goes on like a body moisturiser and it rubs in easily. There isn’t a nasty smell and the little shimmer bits make my skin look shiny and healthy. I wear this product everyday and it works. I live in Queensland and it gets...
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  9. really goof


    this is a really good quality sunscreen, I like how this feels and sits on my skin too, very lightweight
  10. Perfect for the beach!


    I love this so much! Perfect to bring to the beach. Wish it's more affordable.
  11. Smells like summer


    I purchased the full size of this after receiving the smaller size as a freebie. I love the coconut smell and the subtle shimmer but it is quite thick and still feels and smells quite 'sunscreeny'. Overall it is a nice body sunscreen but there are lighter products out there.
  12. I love wearing sunscreen now


    Ultra Violette has changed how I think about sunscreen and this product is one of the ones I use every day. I love the texture and consistency and the fact it is 50+. Highly recommend
  13. Moisturising


    I love using the Supreme Screen and bought the Extreme Screen to try. Because it is for the body it has a more traditional sunscreen texture however, it isn't too sticky, absorbs quickly , smells like coconut and leaves a subtle shimmer on the skin that makes me look and feel fresh and healthy. The lid has a very convenient twist opening and closing mechanism that prevents mess while applying.
  14. Protective


    High protection and has a slight shimmer but small tube for the price so doesn’t last long with full body application
  15. Fab body moisturiser your new best friend


    Love this body moisturiser. It smells good, isn’t thick and doesn’t leave white marks once applied. It has a slight shimmer which I really like! Only con is that the tube does not last long. I now use it to apply just my chest and arms and a more generic sunscreen on my legs, otherwise I’d be replacing this every few weeks!!
  16. Great but hate the shimmer


    I bought this for the car so I'm reminded to protect my hands from sun damage - great size for the car or bag. it's nice and creamy, no white cast however it has a shimmer to it which is just unnecessary and annoying
  17. Hydrating and beautiful


    Such a nice and hydrating formula offering the highest sun protection. Has a shimmer to it as well which is really nice, although would also love one with no shimmer finish
    Highly recommend for a non sunscreen feeling sunscreen!
  18. Great for guys


    Just started using this and the formula is incredible -it’s really hard to find a texture that applies well if you have body hair. This does so really really easily and the mentioned shimmer is non existent in my opinion (bonus). Scent is neutral and doesn’t overpower other scents I wear.
  19. Amazing


    Formula is so this and vanishes into skin nicely. Does have a shimmer so my male partner won’t use it but I loooooove it. Not greasy whatsoever
  20. Hydrating on the skin


    I used it on my arms and hands when I got it as a sample and it was quite hydrating and I enjoyed using it. It didn’t make my skin itch or red.
  21. Best sunscreen ever!


    I love this sunscreen! I have been using it daily on my hands, and have used it on the rest of my body when out all day in the sun. No burning, no greasy feeling like normal sunscreen! Pleasant smell too, can't fault it!
  22. Great texture


    Received as free sample.
    Great texture , not too thick.
    Good packaging , expels through lid.
    Good quality sunscreen.
    Definitely consider purchasing this brand.
  23. What's with the glitter?!


    I got Extreme Screen as a sample and I am glad I didn't buy it - it is full of glitter!
    It is a delightful cream, subtle smell but I can't get pass the glitter. Please UV create a glitter free one.
  24. Cult follower!


    The Ultra Violette range was amazing from the beginning. This sunscreen DOES NOT disappoint! I will be sad when it comes to end...it’s brilliant in every way!
  25. Really good


    I use this on my hands every day to keep them protected and youthful. I’m really happy with it and it lasts forever!
  26. Great sunscreen


    I use this sunscreen for both my face and body and it works really well for both areas. It's not thick and does not leave a white cast. The only thing I think may be a turn off for some people is the mirco sparkles.
  27. a must


    this is a must for sitting out in the sun, really enjoy this sunscreen
  28. Really nice


    I absolutely love the UV range of skinscreens. This one, for your hands and body, doesn't feel like one of those traditional thick body sunscreens. In fact it actually sparkles (like Queen Screen), which might put some people off. The only issue is that I use this so much on my arms and legs that it runs out fairly quickly. A bigger tube would be ideal.
  29. Great for summer


    I like this sunscreen but prefer if it was slightly matte. Otherwise great sunscreen
  30. Love it so much


    Especially like this body sunscreen, now the summer is coming, is an essential daily necessities for me, I like its texture, not greasy, very easy to absorb.
  31. Great sunscreen


    Love this brand and I adore this sunscreen. I’ve been making a way more conscious effort to wear sunscreen on my hands and think this does the trick really well! Love it.
  32. Beach must


    This has a permanent place in my beach bag. Love it but wish it came in a bigger size!
  33. Best body sunscreen.. wish it came in an even bigger size!


    Love love love this! So happy I found this sunscreen! It glides onto the skin beautifully. It isn’t heavy and doesn’t leave any cast. I was expecting it to be super sparkly from reading other reviews but it just leaves a lovely glow to the skin. The scent isn’t overpowering either like normal sunscreens. It’s actually a really nice scent.

    Love the packaging too and the twist cap make...
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  34. coverd up


    you can never go wrong with this ultra violet body and hand sun screen this protects me very well if you have quite fair skin and i definitely recommend,but this is also for all skin types.this lotion is cruelty free and oil free so there is no harm done.
  35. Loveee this


    Such a great sunscreen! Feels so nice on and I love the little sparkles it has in it. Feels Like I’m not wearing sunscreen and of course is 50+ so that’s a win
  36. Smells amazing


    If you have purchased UV before, you will know that you’re paying a premium but for a great product. Being a body sunscreen, you could definitely go for a cheaper option but I do think this is luxurious with the smell and texture. The bottle is lovely too.
  37. The ultimate body sunscreen


    After trying a few of the face products from UltraViolette, I had to get my hands on this body sunscreen and it did NOT disappoint. It has a lush coconut scent, glides on and sinks in easily and doesn't have that sticky feeling of a traditional sunscreen. I actually really like the sparkle in the sunscreen - like a built-in highlighter for the body - but then again Edward Cullen from Twilight is m...
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  38. Love this sparkly sun potion


    This sunscreen smells good, sinks in and doesn't leave a film. However, it does have a bit of sparkle so keep that in mind. Would love a scent-free version - the coconut is nice and summery though.
  39. Summer staple


    This is a great all-round sunscreen. A must-have for the outdoors. It feels nice to apply and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.
  40. really great


    this is really good, it is spf 50 which is great and doesn't irritate my skin
  41. Almost perfect


    cannot stand the sparkles in it, initially I thought oh this is amazing BUT like one of the other reviews below..the sparkles rub off on absolutely everything. they should bring out a hand screen that doesn't have sparkles on it so when you drive etc you dont get sparkles all in your car like me lol. and keep the sparkly sunscreen for places like the pool and the beach and outdoor activities.
  42. Excellent


    Purchased mainly for my hands as they were showing sun spots and signs of overexposure to UV. A great cream that soaks in well and a decent size tube.
  43. Excellent


    Works amazingly and sinks in quickly. Great value
  44. Another winner from ultra violette


    A great companion to the Ultra Violette face products.
    I use it daily on my arms, neck and hands!
    It's lightweight and I love that it's got the extra benefits in it like Vitamin E.
  45. luxe body sunscreen


    It's a nice body sunscreen that sinks into the skin quicky. But this UV product does have a suncreeny scent, unlike the other ones
  46. Ultra Violette Extreme Screen Body & Hand Sunscreen SPF50+ 150ml


    It also has a very slight sheer glow/finish that makes my skin look a bit fresher. It works incredibly well under makeup and my skin seems to like it - I have combination/oily skin and haven't found this to be irritating or cause any problems at all. I love it! Have recommended to a bunch of friends too because I rate it so much!
  47. A great SPF body!


    This is a non-greasy, light weight lotion that smells great! It absorbs quickly and doesn't seem to stick to clothing like my other sunscreens. A great SPF.

  48. Protective


    My favourite high protection sunscreen I’ve tried so far, great consistency and lasts hours to protect my skin without worry
  49. Beautiful product


    I absolutely love ultra violette products. they make SPF fun. I love the packaging of this one and also the formula. It is a bit pricey but absolutely worth it
  50. The best sunscreen I've tried


    I am very pale so I've tried my fair share of sunscreens. This absolutely feels the nicest on my skin. As a body moisturiser though, no matter how hard I try with creams I always miss parts of my skin, so I'll be sticking with my mist sunscreen (until Ultra Violette bring out their own mist). Will absolutely buy the facial sunscreens this brand makes. Worth the price
  51. Must have sunscreen


    So I have severe reactions to sunscreens, one side effect is I actually burn worse with sunscreen than without it.

    We were camping 2 months ago and as I was putting sunscreen on my children my son asked why I wasn’t putting it on? He didn’t understand what I was telling him so I just put sunscreen on, (knowing that I would have a reaction)

    Sure enough I burnt, badly. Ab...
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  52. Great body SPF but it is exy


    Its not sticky, doesn't leave a sunscreen smell, and the product have little shimmer particles in it so you look super glowy in the sun. I must admit though it's a very expensive body SPF.. so may have to skip next time.
  53. Finally the ultimate face screen has a body screen to match


    Lightweight, no white film with this sunscreen. A big barrier to sunscreen for myself is my allergic reactions and I do not have any reactions with this. Please make it in a bigger size!
  54. LOVE THIS!


    I have been looking for a good body suncream since Clinique brought out a body one as a limited edition. This one is it! It is just like a body cream, except with suncream. I use everyday. Worth the price. I LOVE putting it on!
  55. Add it to the collection


    My collection of Ultra Violette is getting bigger and bigger and this will be another one that will be restocked regularly. I absolutely love the Supreme Screen and have repurchased a few times already but after having 4 moles removed in the last 3 months it’s about time that I start looking after my whole body in regards to SPF everyday. Unlike other sunscreens that are for sensitive skin there i...
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  56. Almost Perfect


    I like this sunscreen, but the shimmer in makes me not love it. The texture and lack of fragrance is perfect, however the shimmer annoys me a little as it rubs off on everything (my black backpack is now a black slightly shimmery backpack!). Oddly though, after i've applied it the shimmer is hard to get off the palms of my hands, so I am just shimmery all over! I guess that's a tick for the water ...
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  57. Amazing!


    I love this sunscreen and was super excited when they released a body version. I love the convenient cap where you just twist slightly and it comes out the hole in the lid - makes it very clean and no mess, don't have to try and screw a lid back on with slippery hands.

    The only thing I wish is that it was tested for sport as it does wash off quite quickly in the water or when sweating...
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  58. Wowza!


    Wow - I never thought anyone could make me excited to wear sunscreen on my body.

    I'm religious about sunscreen on my face, because, you know - wrinkles! But I never really bother on my body. Until this came along!

    I got a sample with my last order and. Figure maybe I'll throw some on the backs of my hands for a long day driving. OMG it's beautiful.

    It has ...
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  59. LOVE this!!!!


    I was so excited to hear ultra violette brought pout a body sunscreen after using and being in love with their supreme screen.
    The sleek tube with the twist call is handy and less risk of sunscreen leakage in your bag. The non-greasy and quick absorbing formula is great for my dry skin and low scent makes it even better since I also suffer from skin sensitivity and psoriasis.

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  60. Second Favourite


    Bought to try after reading lots of other very positive reviews. Wanted to love it. To be honest, it's fine but I don't think ill be buying more when this runs out, don't love it as much as the other reviewers. My current favourite sunscreen is still hands down from Natio. Compared to this I find the ultra violette feels heavier and I'm much more aware that I've got something on my skin. The ...
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  61. Love It!


    Love this sunscreen! I have sensitive skin which can react to some products. This is low scent, non greasy and a great SPF50 and not reaction. Love the twist top can also.
  62. Such a great body SPF


    a great sunscreen for the body. not sticky and doesn’t smell completely horrible, wears really well too - a great buy
  63. In Love!


    Such an amazing addition to the collection!
    Its not sticky, doesn't leave a sunscreen smell, and the product have little shimmer particles in it so you look super glowy in the sun.
    Its just so expensive in comparison to other sunscreen on the market (for the same spf and volume).
  64. Feels like a moisturiser


    I’m an Ultra Voilette fan (I love queen screen although I think I’ll try out supreme screen next time!) but I think this body sunscreen might be my favourite in the range. I LOVE the smell (although it is subtle) and it goes on so easily. Genuinely feels like I’m putting on a lightweight moisturiser.
    It’s not the sort of thing I’d put on for a day at the beach because it is pretty expensive ...
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  65. Best Skinscreen!


    This is the most amazing sub are product I have tried. Beautiful texture with very little smell. It leaves a gorgeous sheen on your skin. It’s just beautiful in every way!
  66. Smells fantastic


    This is a non-greasy, smoothe lotion that smells great! It absorbs quickly and doesn't seem to stick to clothing like my other sunscreens.
    Good for body and face.
  67. Lovely sunscreen


    Really like this sunscreen for its hydration and the fact that its not too sticky. Love the subtle shimmer too. A bit expensive for what it is so dont tend to wear every day.
  68. huge disappointment


    As a longtime lover of clean screen was excited to try the body sunscreen (and willing to pay the price for it!) but i wouldn’t ever recommend ultra violette again after using it! First warning sign was that it didn’t soak in to the skin but instead sat on it super greasy like a cheap supermarket one, nothing like the description, the second issue was that i got horrifically burnt! Mind you I wasn...
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  69. Love this!


    Love this sunscreen! Not sticky at all and dried quickly. Has a cute subtle shimmer and also a lovely coconutty fragrance. Love it! Will be buying more.
  70. Have been waiting for this!


    Obsessed. Will buy any UV product but honestly this is delicious. Smells good, feels good, is good.
  71. Smells delicious and less greasy than most


    I have fair and sensitive skin that has reacted badly to sunscreen in the past. I am currently also using (and love) Queen Screen from Ultra Violette so I was keen to try their new body suncreen. The first thing I loved about Extreme Screen is the packaging - it's super handy and doesn't require any removal of lids. Just a simple twist and squeeze. The subtle coconut smell is delicious too. It has...
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  72. Best sunscreen ever


    I love this sunscreen! It feels so light weight and moisturising. It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. I like how I can quickly get dressed after I apply it and it gives me a little bit of a glow.
  73. Terrible sunscreen


    I wore this body and hand sunscreen for a day at the beach, I applied it 20 minutes before sun exposure and reapplied after about 2 hours of wear. After being out in the sun for about 4 hours I am burnt like I wasn’t wearing any sunscreen at all, seriously horrific burns to my chest, shoulders, back and legs. While the packaging my look good this product definitely will not protect you from the ha...
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  74. Converted to this brand


    I have three tubes of the hydrating sunscreen because I never want to be without it, and this is also amazing.

    So light weight, so hydrating. Wish it came in a bigger size for the price but oh well. You won’t regret buying anything from this range!
  75. Sun smart whilst smelling delish


    I loved this body sunscreen, it was so easy to apply with minimal stickiness and it smells like a dream! I have already recommended this to many friends and family.
  76. good


    a great sunscreen. not sticky and doesn’t smell completely horrible. definitely worth a try.
  77. Not sticky


    I love this spf. Does not leave the skin feeling sticky. Dries quickly too.
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