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Tweezerman Slant Tweezer - Stainless Steel

4.8 of 51 reviews


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4 instalments of $9.49

Or 4 instalments of $9.49 with LEARN MORE

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The finest tweezer you can own. Perfectly aligned, hand filed tips grab the hair everytime.

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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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Tweezerman Slant Tweezer - Stainless Steel

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer - Stainless Steel

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Tweezerman Slant Tweezer - Stainless Steel Reviews

4.8 of 51 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Worth the investment!


These are worth every dollar that you spend. Unlike other tweezers, these have stayed sharp enough to grab the shortest of hairs even after using them for 5 years.

Most Helpful Criticism

Exceptionally sharp


These really are sharp, which make them great for getting out annoying ingrowns or the odd splinter. But, because of that they also slice straight through fine hairs, so i get really frustrated with them if i need to removed a fine chin hair.
  1. Worth the investment!


    These are worth every dollar that you spend. Unlike other tweezers, these have stayed sharp enough to grab the shortest of hairs even after using them for 5 years.
  2. Worth the money


    These tweezers are expensive, but they are definitely worth every cent. They work so well, and I am so pleased. I have had them for years now.
  3. Classic


    Classic tweezers that last forever. They are worth every dollar.
  4. The best


    So glad I invested in this tweezer!! Love love love it! It’s the best and even gets those tiny stubborn hairs that are hard to get! And great now during the lockdown! Thanks Adore beauty for stocking this
  5. These will get even the shortest hair


    These are the best tweezers I have had mine for about 6 years and they are still as sharp as the day I brought them. They will tweeze even the shortest hairs
  6. Worth the price


    Works for even the finest hairs and they last forever!
  7. Great!


    They're such great quality tweezers! Truly amazing! Pulls out ALL the hairs.
  8. Precise & easy to handle. Best tweezer EVER


    Theres a reason Tweezerman is the best in the game ans has a reputation. They are quality stainless steel and able to grip onto the tiniest of hairs with stability and ease. A+
  9. Amazing


    verified purchaser
    Great tweezers! Just what I wanted. Very precise.
  10. Sharp


    These tweezers are great for pulling really fine hairs (especially those annoying eyebrow hairs that are just starting to grow out) however they can be too sharp and hurt if you accidentally pinch yourself.
  11. Best tweezers available


    The tweezers work so well on eyebrow hairs and makes plucking the stray hairs much easier. Highly reccomend, I found out not all tweezers are made the same after using these
  12. Lasts forever


    Excellent tweezers, I have these in pink and red also. Much better than any other brand I have used and they work for years and years with no problems.
  13. A decent pair of tweezers


    I think these are okay. They are very sturdy which is a positive, however I also perhaps find them to be not as thin as they could be at the point. I like to get under a hair and pull it out, and sometimes because of the thickness of these tweezers you can’t do that with the fine hairs.
  14. Fantastic


    These are definitely my favourite tweezers. I love how well they get rid of literally all my eyebrow hair. They’re awesome!
  15. nice


    Reall good quality tweezers, they last forever. Pulls all the unwanted hairs.
  16. Classic


    these are ordinary classic tweezers. Good quality like most other tweezerman products. Easy to use and allow for precise removal of hair even when they are very small. Would recommend.
  17. Pretty good, but worth the price tag?


    I bought these because I was sick of crappy tweezers. Don’t get me wrong these are great tweezers. However, I have fine hair and find it difficult to get the smaller and shorter hairs with them. On the longer, coarse hairs these are a dream and much less painful than cheap tweezers.
  18. Tweezer of a lifetime!


    This is the best tweezer that one could ever own and it plucks hair like no others. I have had mine for years and it is still going strong! Highly recommended!
  19. Tweezer FOR LIFE


    Great tweezers, providing you don't lose them these will last a lifetime. Don't lose any spring but not hard to clamp together
  20. The best set of tweezers you can own


    I got my first set of Tweezerman tweezers in 2002, and have used the same pair for all these years.They are an amazing set of tweezers. I remember thinking they were expensive at the time, but wow what a great investment. I got tired of my husband stealing my tweezers so I gave mine to him and invested in a new set from Adore Beauty. The only "criticism" I could make is that the actual tweezer pa...
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  21. Perfect for professionals


    These tweezers are the bomb! As a beauty therapist I do ALOT of waxing! These tweezers have never failed to get even the most stubborn hairs. They are sharp tho so if your not a professional PLEASE be careful and use them properly, on an angle.
  22. Recommend


    I always seem to misplace my tweezers and find them after ive repurchased so i have quite a few pairs! I have tried other brands but although a little more procey tweezerman make the best ones.
  23. So precise!


    I don't know why anyone would want to buy tweezers from another brand.

    These are amazing and they are so great at grabbing the short and/or fine hairs.

    They are light weight but the quality of them can be felt when using them.

    I don't know anyone who doesn't like Tweezerman Tweezers.
  24. ALWAYS the best


    Tweezerman are the best brand going around. I have always used their tweezers and they are perfect and never fail to get those hairs! They are sharp, fine and grab the smallest hairs. You can’t go wrong. Worth every single cent and they last forever!
  25. Fantastic Product


    Love my tweezers- easy to use and they grip the hair well. They are so great that my daughter continually steals them and hides them in her bathroom :)
  26. try these!


    Best tweezers hands down. Once you use these from tweezerman you won't be able to go back to cheap ones again! These are so precise and make removing eyebrow hairs super fast and relatively painless.
  27. Super precise


    It's so nice not to have to deal with the chunkiness of so many tweezers... These are sharp and precise and target the hair you are going for instead of the one three hairs over. The only downside is that they're SO sharp that sometimes they cut the hair instead of pulling it out.
  28. perfect


    the tweezers can help create such a clean and precise shape for brows and is perfect for grooming as its sharp, makes plucking quick and painless
  29. Precision!


    Such a great tweezer to keep for those stubborn hairs that you would need to pluck over 20x more times with any other tweezer - definitely would recommend!
  30. Pretty good


    This product is quite good get all the little stubborn hairs, only one complaint is that it can be too sharp and not actually pull out hairs.
  31. High quality tweezers


    It took me a while to get used to these as the pair I used previously was much thicker, but this one is definitely more precise and so much better for plucking eyebrows and precise hair removal.
  32. Could never have imagined...


    So I really thought tweezers were tweezers...I mean, how different could they be, right? Wrong. So very wrong.
    These ones from Tweezerman are simply incredible. The difference is like night and day compared to my old, cheap chemist-bought pair.
    I have only a few fine brow hairs to remove but tweezing those strays used to take a bit of effort given that they are so fine and hard to grab...
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  33. Would never use another!


    Worth the investment, serious precision. Just buy a pair and don't think twice. All other tweezers are inferior in comparison!
  34. Exceptionally sharp


    These really are sharp, which make them great for getting out annoying ingrowns or the odd splinter. But, because of that they also slice straight through fine hairs, so i get really frustrated with them if i need to removed a fine chin hair.
  35. excellent grip


    I wish I'd discovered these tweezers years ago. They are excellent, easy to use and very effective at grabbing small hairs that cheaper tweezers struggle with
  36. Great product


    Great to use the shape of the tweezers allows you to be able to grab more than one hair at a time. Time saver
  37. Excellent


    My go-to tweezers, they work really well and I've had mine for a long time and it's still working fine
  38. Efficient!


    Best tweezers I ever bought! Sharp, and precise, easy to use. No staying in front of the mirror for ever. Love it.
  39. Cult status for a reason!


    I always thought Tweezerman tweezers was expensive, but one day 2 years ago I bit the bullet and just bought one! These tweezers are a total game changer - I never miss a hair with these, and they stay sharp for ages (I haven't had to get mine resharpened yet!).
  40. Not your average tweezer


    I thought all tweezers were the same, untill i tried Tweezerman! The slant of the tip allows me to get the smallest hairs. The tweezers are strong and give a great grip of the hair - stopping hair breakage. Cant recommend enough!
  41. didn't think there was such a thing


    i thought all tweezers were created equal until i found these. i don't know what makes them so much better than all the others i've tried, but they are just so much more precise and sharp. i used to spend a couple of goes trying to grab an individual hair, but these get the hair first time, every time - and they don't just break it off either.
  42. Amazing


    Tweezerman tweezers are the only ones I buy. The slant is perfect and really helps you be precise when plucking your eyebrows. Cannot fault this product it works a charm. Their tweezers are always sharp and really easy to use.
  43. Do yourself a favour, buy these tweezers!


    While my skin is happy for me to try different skincare products, it does not like waxing or threading.

    Given this, I have had my eyebrows microbladed and now just tweeze the stray hairs.
    The precision of these tweezers is amazing! I can get those tiny little hairs and also avoid taking out the wrong hairs.

    Without a doubt these tweezers are worth the money.
  44. Love these


    Love these tweezers. These are precise and work like a charm. It's perfect for my brows and basically painless.
  45. The only tweezers I use


    Tweezeman tweezers are the best - they are really good at tweezing those super short hairs. You do have to be slightly careful to grab hairs gently so they don't get chopped off.
  46. Great tweezers


    These tweezers are great for doing brow work and removing other facial hair. They are precise with a strong grip for short hairs. I've never had any problems with these tweezers, I just had to buy another pair for my daughter as she kept stealing mine. Tweezerman tweezers are great investment to have a reliable pair that will last you for years.
  47. Never going back to any other tweezer

    N I

    I’ve heard so many good reviews about this tweezer and now I understand why! I’m never going to pluck a hair from my face ever again with any other tweezers because this one is just PERFECT. It is lightweight, slanted and very precise. This tweezer basically does all the hard work for you. When I plucked very short hairs with other tweezers they would leave me bleeding on my brow bone due to the c...
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  48. Excellent


    Excellent tweezers and the slant really makes a difference. They are easy to use and light. Have found that they are able to get at really short hairs without difficulty and don't break the hairs when pulling.
  49. Anonymous

    The Tweezerman Slant Tweezer is the best tweezer I have used. It is quite good at grabbing short and fine hairs that are often difficult to pluck.
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