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Tweezerman Slant Tweezer - Geranium

4.8 of 37 reviews


$8.24 x 4

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$8.24 x 4

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Tweezerman Slant Tweezer - Geranium

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer - Geranium

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4.8 of 37 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Worth the price
I was a bit funny about the price when I first saw this, but oh my goodness is this thing great! It picks up every little stubborn hair! Magic ⭐️

Most Helpful Criticism

Good quality, very sharp
These tweezers are great for tiny hairs, although I stopped using them as they are so sharp I kept nicking my face
  1. Worth the price

    I was a bit funny about the price when I first saw this, but oh my goodness is this thing great! It picks up every little stubborn hair! Magic ⭐️
  2. Good but not amazing

    These are fine tweezers, but i find they can break the hair too soon if i'm not super careful about the pressure i'm applying. Better than average but i was expecting greatness from my first pair of tweezermans after all the hype.
  3. Used to be better

    I’ve been using these tweezers for years, I find them the best at getting short, fine hairs and they are super precise. I just purchased a new pair though, and they seem to not be as great as they used to be at grabbing fine hairs without snapping them. May just be me though.
  4. Best tweezers hands down

    These pluck eyebrow hairs better than any other tweezer I’ve used. They grab short and fine hairs and grip them well. Well worth the money as mine has lasted YEARS without losing its effectiveness.
  5. Best tweezers!

    I have been buying Tweezerman tweezers for years! Always reliable and do a great job
  6. Best tweezers!

    I have been buying Tweezerman tweezers for years! Always reliable and do a great job

    very nice and sharp, i can easily pull out my little hairs that are very grown!! they come with a cute case that helps keep them safe and sharp
  8. Perfect tweezers

    Perfect tweezers! They have the absolute precision you need to pluck the smallest hairs and even come with a silicone cover for the tip so it is protected and can't be bent out of shape.
  9. Great tweezers!!

    Amazing tweezers!! They are expensive but honestly they are worth it. I've had mine for 2 or 3 years now with no regrets. The slant is great and they are very sharp and precise. Would definitely recommend and I would purchase again if I ever lost mine
  10. Nice tweezers!

    It’s hard to find nice tweezers, but these ones are just perfect!
  11. Love it

    I asked my beauty therapist what tweezers she used and she was always able to get my hairs out regardless of how small the hairs were.
    She told me she had this tweezers, when I saw the cost I was a little apprehensive as I thought I was wasting my money.
    A year later and I’m obsessed with these tweezers and found they do an amazing job at removing hairs.
  12. High Quality tweezers perfect for plucking stubborn hairs

    These tweezers are perfect for precision plucking and are great quality (justifying the price). They are quite sharp at the tip though, and you have to be careful when using them. Outside of that, they do the job particularly well.
  13. Worth every cent

    These are amazing! They are so fine that they actually grab every single hair, even the tiny ones. The quality is great, plus the colour is cute too. Definitely worth the money.
  14. Worth it

    Definitely worth the money. Sooooo much easier to use than other other tweezers I have ever bought, and if they last as long as everyone says - you can't go wrong!
  15. Good quality, very sharp

    These tweezers are great for tiny hairs, although I stopped using them as they are so sharp I kept nicking my face
  16. Best tweezers

    Best tweezers! Purchased them years ago and still work as amazing as the day I got them! Best tweezers
  17. Still on the fence

    I still can't decide if i like these or not, the problem for me is that because they are sooo sharp, they slice straight through fine hairs on my chin before i can pluck them out, which defeats the purpose. on the other hand they are amazing at removing splinters or really stubborn bikini hairs.
  18. Great

    Great precision, last ages and cute colour
  19. 2nd pair

    these are the best that there ever has been. I would only recommend tweezerman to anyone!
  20. Worth the price

    Why would you use any other tweezer but this one? I absolutely love plucking my own eyebrows and the precision edge of these tweezers grabs every stray hair, even ones that have just broken through the skin's surface. They are quality and last years. Plus the geranium colour is cute and stands out in my bathroom draw so that I don't have to hunt around for them. Sure, you could get other tweezers for cheaper but they don't have the grabbing power of these and after a year or so they begin to lose their shape and don't aren't effective at all. A great investment.
  21. Good tweezers... But price?

    I am a beauty therapist and whilst I have used plenty of different branded tweezers I still feel like tweezerman is good although I can't justify the price. I have had a few of them but to be honest I've also baught a few pairs from sephora that have literally lasted 11 years. So whilst they're great tweezers... I wouldn't be breaking the budget to purchase these. They're good but not the best.
  22. Best tweezers out

    My first tweezerman tweezers lasted nearly 8 years (till daughter left them in rain and they rusted) so I bought my second pair and 6 months later they are still perfect. Will always buy tweezerman
  23. Love them

    I've had numerous tweezers over the years, many of which don't last very long, twisting out of shape, rendering them unable to grab onto hairs!

    However, I have had this pair for years and they're still as good as they were when I first got them.

    The slant helps grab onto tiny hairs and I have not had to look elsewhere for a replacement and I'm sure I won't have to for years to come.

    Love them.
  24. Tweezerman are the HG of tweezers

    These just work - I have multiple sets of tweezers around my home, all the tweezerman slant tweezer, Not to mention they come in cute colours (and nice bright colours make it harder to lost them...)
  25. Reliable

    Tweezerman are by far the best tweezers on the market! I didn't even realise what I was missing out on before these. They are super sharp and precise, making it a breeze to tidy my eyebrows
  26. The best!

    A great fun colour to make these already amazing tweezers even better! I thought all tweezers were the same, until i tried Tweezerman! The slant of the tip allows me to get the smallest hairs. The tweezers are strong and give a great grip of the hair - stopping hair breakage. Cant recommend enough!
  27. Great tweezers

    I really notice how much easier these tweezers are to use than tweezers from the chemist or of a lesser quality. So the quality of these tweezers is clearly better and it's worth purchasing them.
    They will also last well as long as you take care of them and don't drop them (this can cause the tips to become unaligned and precision is ruined). The bright pink colour makes them easier to find in my over-flowing drawers.
  28. Love the color. Love the tweezer!

    Love these. Worth the cash. They last and pull out the tiniest hairs with ease.
  29. Great quality

    This is a really quality product, can't fault it. The slant of the tweezers and the sharpness allows you to be really precise and pluck even the smallest of hairs with ease. Couldn't recommend enough.
  30. Amazing tweezers

    I have used tweezers that just don't work but this feel like they are really good quality and get out the smallest of hairs while plucking my eyebrows
  31. OG

    The only tweezer brand and style I’ll ever own. These are the best.
  32. Worth the price

    These tweezers are the best I've ever used, Ive been using them for a few years now and they are still not blunt. I have very thick brow hairs and these remove all those stubborn hairs with ease. SO worth the investment.
  33. Incredibly precise

    These are one of my favourite tweezers. I have thick brow hair that grows back really fast. These tweezers allow me to have perfectly manicured brows all the time. With the precise end i can pluck even the shortest hairs. They have a really good ability to grab individual hairs and are really good at getting the hair out in one go. Overall I would really recommend using these.
  34. Best Tweezers Ever!

    Bought a pair for myself and one for my partner. They're so good! Have lasted years now and still not blunt.
  35. Worth the investment

    Definitely worth the investment! Super light and easy to use. Plucks even the small hair that are otherwise too difficult to pluck.
    I was hesitant at first to spend that much on tweezers but glad I did. It's much better than any other tweezers I've used.
  36. Buy them!

    I know, I know, $32 for tweezers!? But they are so worth it. They are so sharp and precise and get every hair. I have had mine close to 9 years (!) and they still work well. Saves buying lots of cheaper versions that don't work as well!
  37. Excellent product!

    I have dark eyebrows and it becomes obvious when the little hairs start growing back after a threading. These tweezers are foolproof! They grab every single little hair and you don't have to fuss around. So precise and last for years! I have bought a few to leave at work, home, travel toiletries bag to make sure I'm never without. Will always have pair on hand :)
  38. Effective tweezer

    I'm a tweezer klutz, basically i have gone through my fair share of cheaper tweezers but after hearing so much about this, I decided it was time to invest in this. It is heavenly. Its silly to gush about a tweezer, but after a year of very successful tweezing, I still love this little tweezer. It gets the smallest of hair strands and even with my klutz hands, I manage to decently tweeze my errant hairs and fuzz.
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