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Tweezerman ProCurl Curler by Tweezerman


Get more out of your mascara by starting with this gorgeous Rose Gold eyelash curler!

The Tweezerman ProCurl Curler has been designed with comfort in mind and an eye-opening expert curl.

Designed with a narrow top bar to fit to most types of eye shapes and reach every lash so that you can curl with the thick, curved black pad which is wider, to give maximum curl and avoid the "crimped" effect.

The body of the Tweezerman ProCurl Curler has an ergonomic doubled-body and shaped finger-loops for strong, comfort curling and includes three replacement pads.

In stylish Rose Gold, every makeup bag, dresser or vanity need the Tweezerman ProCurl Curler.


With eye opened wide and pad positioned at the base of lash-line, hold handles firmly and gently squeeze. Hold a few seconds, open curler completely and gently release lashes. Repeat, moving all the way up to lash tips to create a more dramatically sweeping curve. Apply mascara and follow up with Tweezerman Iashcomb for an even more flawless, clump-free curl.

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The absolute best - 05-04-2018 by

I'm obsessed with great lashes and have tried many eyelash curlers. My eyes are round and I find this curler fits my eyes perfectly. I have rather straight uncurled eyelashes and find that this curler lifts and curls my lashes really well. My eyes look bigger, my lashes are curled and have this great volume that I can't achieve with mascara alone. It curls my lashes so well I can get away with no mascara on the weekend!

It never pinches my eyes, the handles are comfortable to use and you get three replacement pads so you won't have to replace this for a very long time. It is my absolute favourite tool and love that it comes in a nice rose gold colour!

Great curl! - 13-03-2018 by

Definitely worth it! Love how easy it is to use and gives a great curl!

Easy and quick to use - 28-11-2017 by

Well made, easy to use and effective lash curler > made for a round eye so might not be the best if you have big and wide eyes.

Finally I have curl!! - 30-10-2017 by

My lashes are dead straight and I have always found it hard to curl my lashes. This works! It gives my lashes an awesome curl and it seems to stay put throughout the day. Love it and wont go back to anything else.

Wont go back! - 14-02-2015 by

I bought these as a bit of a splurge and at the time thought I was crazy for spending $30.00 on a eyelash curler but I won't go back. I recently lost it and went back and bought one from one of the brands chemists stock and I instantly regretted it. This one completely curls your lashes and they stay curled.

Beautiful and Functional - 04-05-2013 by

The fact that this curler works wonders on your lashes, is even more impressive than the lovely rose gold colour of it. In the past I've only used cheap eyelash curlers and they've had little impact on my lashes, pinched my eyelids, and crimped my lashes. This curler has changed my perspective so drastically, I realise my lashes are actually quite long when curled correctly. They seem to suit a broad range of eye shapes having used them on myself and others quite comfortably. The handles also feel comfortable to use. They are cheaper than other high end options, but i cant imagine them doing a better job. They are more expensive than a cheap drugstore eyelash curler, but so worth it. The packaging is beautiful and functional (I kept them in their box for the first week I found it so pretty) they also come with a small container holding 3 replacement inserts (very convenient). A wonderful mid-range eyelash curler which I highly recommend.

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