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The Wet Brush Original Detangler Classic - Black

4.8 of 111 reviews


4 instalments of $4.24

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4 instalments of $4.24

Or 4 instalments of $4.24 with LEARN MORE

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Detangle hair with less damage and less effort with The Wet Brush Original Detangler Classic - Black. This hair brush glides through tangles with ease, gently loosening knots without pulling or breaking hair.

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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The Wet Brush Original Detangler Classic - Black Reviews

4.8 of 111 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I love this brush. I have lots of fine hair that used to break off in other brushes. I find with this I lose a LOT less hair. It detangles hair quite fast with less breakage than a tangle teaser.

Most Helpful Criticism

It’s ok, not great


I bought this to replace my previous Wet Brush, but it’s definitely not the same. This one is quite light and doesn’t have the same mixture of bristles. It’s ok, it does the job, it just doesn’t feel as nice.
  1. Great


    I love this brush. I have lots of fine hair that used to break off in other brushes. I find with this I lose a LOT less hair. It detangles hair quite fast with less breakage than a tangle teaser.
  2. My hair is so happy


    I have slightly wavy hair that gets tangled easily, and I don't like to over-condition as it can weigh it down, but if I shampoo only it could be painful to run a comb or brush through to get the knots out. This glides through my hair like a DREAM and where I used to have tufts of hair come out with my old brush this was a few strands at worse. So good!
  3. Great for curly hair


    I have curly, frizzy hair and a sensitive scalp, and because of this have only used a wide tooth comb to brush through my wet hair to prevent chaos. This brush is nice and gentle, and doesn't contribute any additional frizz
  4. a good staple


    affordable and effective, but longevity isn't amazing. That might be because I was using it to run over with hair dryer whilst drying, so take it with a grain of salt, but otherwise yes, I would re purchase. it's cheap and doesn't pull on my fine hair.
  5. Great for thick hair


    verified purchaser
    Very soft and gentle on thick hair!
  6. Amazing


    For some reason, it is so much better than my normal hairbrush. Super easy detangling and smooth brushing. Will be repurchasing!
  7. The Only Hairbrush


    I have the thickest, curliest, wildest hair ever and its always been frizzy and damaged but I never thought my hair brush could be contributing. Since using the wetbrush the quality of my hair has improved so much, it's much less frizzy and damaged. It's the only brush I can get through my hair when its wet without ripping all my hair out.

    Highly recommend!!
  8. Great


    Good for getting tangles out! Love it, works really well and keeps my hair super healthy
  9. Terrible brush


    This is terrible. Bought it as well as the Epic Quick Dry Vent Brush(same brand) and both are useless. This does not untangle hair at all and does more damage than good. I don't recommend this at all.
  10. Worth the money!

    Worth it

    I always get skeptical on buying detangle brushes because they never do as they say but this one was totally worth it! I have fine hair but it gets constantly knotted I used this in conjunction with the eleven Australia detangle spray and honestly worked a treat. It didn’t pull or snag my hair. After brushing and styling my hair was smooth and tangle free! My hair is long and fine so it took less ...
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  11. wet brush


    really gentle and feels like a nice scalp massage on my head.
  12. So gentle


    love this brush, so gentle on the scalp and hair
    Have definitely noticed a lot less hair loss since using this brush! And my hair just feels 100% stronger, healthier and happier!!
  13. It’s good


    This is a good brush to detangle but also speed out the products when applied on wet hair. It does do its job but I do think that there are better brushes out there.
  14. Great!


    I bought this to replace my old wet brush which broke after a long time. I love how much wider the head is on this, and the fact that it has holes at the back for drainage. I have long curly hair and this is honestly a lifesaver when it comes to detangling
  15. It’s ok, not great


    I bought this to replace my previous Wet Brush, but it’s definitely not the same. This one is quite light and doesn’t have the same mixture of bristles. It’s ok, it does the job, it just doesn’t feel as nice.
  16. Amazing


    This is the best brush you can buy. Never pulls on your hair and lasts for ages. I am on my third one.
  17. A Classic


    After my 6 y/o tangle teaser cracked, I instantly knew which brush to get straight away! It is super gentle on both wet and dry hair, I love it!
  18. Good brush.


    Nice brush for detangling and smoothing wet hair. Very afordable price point. I would recommend, definitely.
  19. Great brush but poorly made


    I always love these brushes and have purchases a few. Unfortunately this time around the handle snapped off within six months of use. Not sure if I got one that was weak?
  20. Good brush


    A good affordable brush that doesn’t damage hair but also properly brushes my long and thick hair!
  21. Rave review


    I already wrote a rave review on the teal swirl version. Basically I love the Wet brushes and they changed my life.
  22. good for in shower brush


    I love this brush to help comb all the conditioner and hair treatments through. But as for brushing with dry hair, i dont like it as much. Overall would buy this again but need to find another brush for brushing while dry.
  23. Amazing for price


    I have curly/fine hair and love how gentle and smooth this brush is on my hair. I have used many more expensive hairbrushes but always choose to use the wet brush over them now.
  24. Best hair brush I've used


    This is such an affordable high quality hair brush, that is gentle and easy on my fine hair (I have fine, very long and lots and lots of hair)
    I have been ranting on to anyone who will listen to how amazing this brush is, get onto it girl you won't regret it
  25. love this


    makes it so much easier to get knots out without hurting my hair
  26. Is it possible to love a hairbrush?


    Yes is the answer to the question, you can love a hair brush. I have struggled with unruly thick and wide hair all my life and this brush just glides through, no knot or tangle is too much. It's super gentle and soft but combs through and tames my locks with ease.
  27. Best brush there is.


    I think this is the best brush out there. It detanges my hair and doesn't make it fall out heaps. It's really good for the price as well. It looks quite sleek being a shiny black colour too. Highly recommend.
  28. The only hairbrush to use on wet hair !

    Jes M

    This brush is the only hairbrush I would ever use on wet hair. I was recommended it by my hairdresser 3 years ago and I will never go back to a normal hairbrush.
  29. legendary


    the best hair brush out there. Better than tangle teezer. This is just great for damaged hair that has lots of knots
  30. Better than a comb!

    Miracle worker!

    Knowing your hair is the weakest when its wet, I am very cautious when brushing and usually lean more toward a comb however I feel like the comb doesn't get a good grip on pulling through my hair. This brush is way better! Easy to hold and works through the hair really well. Would recommend if you are looking to protect your hair when it's wet
  31. Game changer


    This brush is an absolute must have! I have thin hair but a lot of it and it's very long and this gets all of the knots out very quickly without pulling on my hair and causing breakages. I will definitely be buying another one for my boyfriends house!


    This is seriously the best hair brush ever, i love it! I buy these for everyone as presents and it changes lives! Its so gentle and effective. This will change your life!
  33. Strong Brush with bristles that don’t scratch your head


    I have a mixture of my mum’s white European hair and my dad’s Jamaican hair. It’s straight/curly hair that loves to dread up. This brush gets through my hair easily & detangles. Pretty strong brush, which is great because I have broken hair brushes while brushing my hair. Love it
  34. a must have


    this is a must, I use it all them time and it helps get out knots without the pain and very cheap
  35. It feels amazing on the scalp!


    I've always had a cheap brush from kmart and didn't really think anything of it. I decided to try this brush and OMG I find I'm brushing my hair all the time because it feels SO NICE on my scalp. It's great for both wet and dry hair, and it feels likes it's a lot gentler on my hair but still effective. Love it!
  36. Would recommend


    Just received this brush and used it for the first time . I have frustratingly knotty and fine hair and it breezed through it with no difficulties.
  37. A decent brush, pleasantly surprised


    I purchased this brush 2 months ago, inspired by the positive reviews. I have extremely thick hair, with a natural wave-curl and frizz at the roots. I don't use any colours/bleach/heat treatment bar the occasional hairdry if my hair is still damp before bed. I now also sleep on a silk pillow, which I think helps also.
    Anyway, this brush definitely does do a good job of gently and effectively...
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  38. So gentle!


    I believe your hair is the most vulnerable when it’s wet, so brushing your hair with an ordinary brush will cause you hair to break. This brush has been great, it’s so gentle on your hair especially when your hair is wet!
  39. Best detangling brush!


    This is a great brush for when you don’t want to use detangling products on your hair. I have used this for about 4 months now and has worked a charm every time. No products just brushing my wet hair and not a single tough pull through my hair. Love it and would recommend to everyone. :)
  40. A must have 100%


    I bought a Wet Brush about 4 years ago and It’s only just deteriorated so I’m buying my second one. I won’t go back to any other kind of brush. This one has seen my hair through its best and worst stages and made brushing damaged hair a lot less painful than normal brushes or combs. I even take it to the hairdressers as I have a sensitive scalp and brushing it used to cause a lot of discomfort. De...
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  41. Great detangler!


    This brush is great - it is inexpensive, it is easy to clean and it does great to detangle and smooth my hair. I notice a difference when I leave my hair to dry without brushing it with this and when I do. I would recommend this brush!
  42. Best brush


    I’ve heard about these brushes before but was really unsure on how it would work on thick long hair but if hair is sectioned well it works amazing! No more snapping sounds when I brush my hair
  43. Excellent brush


    Great brush - just like the description. I can brush my hair with such ease and without so much frizz. It doesn't pull at my hair either.
  44. This brush is a DREAM!


    I decided to purchase this brush after reading all the amazing reviews online. As I have medium to thick hair that is waist length I wasn't sure if it would be right for me. I was blown away, I used it on my wet hair and it glided through, didn't pull at all. The price and quality is amazing!
  45. ok brush for the price


    This is a good detangling brush, pleasant to use. However I don't find that it makes my hair look any better than another ordinary hair brush. In fact my wavey mixed texture hair looks really frizzy after using this and waves are the opposite of 'defined'.
  46. Lovely find


    I originally bought this brush to brush masks through my wet hair. But I actually fell in love.

    I use it on wet and dry hair. I have thick hair and it gets through the knots so well! It was so cheap and is just the best.
  47. love the wet brush


    love the wet brush, I have a few of them now but this classic one is my favourite. Makes it so easy and pain free to get knots out
  48. Removes Tangle Really Well


    My natural hair is wavy and since I'm trying to grow my hair longer, it also gets more tangled which cause hair fall. I read about this brush and gave it a try myself! I love how it helps me detangle my hair without causing hair fall. It's so soft and light to use and I could really feel the difference of this brush from the other brushes I've tried before. This is a lifesaver especially if you ha...
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  49. Best brush!


    I purchased this because my housemate recommended it and it is amazing! It doesn't pull on your hair and it is so easy to use. I've used it on wet and dry hair and it's great for both!
  50. Great brush!


    This is a great all-rounder brush. It glides through even the knottiest hair and is perfect for use fresh out of the shower. It probably wouldn't be great for thick hair but it's perfect for my medium hair,
  51. Go-to hairbrush


    This was my first time purchasing this hair brush, and I was very impressed. Excellent, accessible price. It doesn't pull out my hair, and feels like it brushes effectively without hurting or pulling on my scalp.
  52. Very impressed!


    I have seen this brush online for years and never gave it a second thought as I thought it was a gimmicky product. My old hair brush was damaging my hair and I thought I should give this one a chance. It's so gentle on your hair and glides through so effortlessly. Highly recommend.
  53. Great overall brush


    I find this brush easy to hold, glides through your hair easily. Suited for more fine to medium hair types.
  54. Great hairbrush


    The best hairbrush I have ever used.
    It detangles without pulling you hair and I have so much less hair in my brush than a normal hairbrush.
  55. absolutely love this


    this the best hair brush I have ever tried. Does not pull on your hair and it gets knots out so much easier.
  56. The Wet Brush Original Detangler Classic - Black


    By far the best brush I have ever used! I have straight hair, but am tender headed and this removes all the tangles with no pain. I was extremely satisfied and will never buy another brush. 10/10. recommend!!!!
  57. This brush stops the hair rip

    Wavy fine fro hair woman

    I have a 'white girl fro' - ie. fine, wavy, out of control hair that looks like Ronald MCDonald x100, and this brush gets through it without 'ripping my roots out'. I had the $50 paddle brush of another brand, and this brush kicks its butt. I use this brush on my wet and dry hair.
    Not going back for any other brush now! Love this!
  58. Very impressed


    Love love this brush on my thick curly hair
    Doesn’t pull and so easy to brush through
  59. Actually worth it


    I hate brushing my hair. But i have been told that brushing your hair regularly is good for your circulation bla bla bla that can help your hair growth. I am intrigued! But the problem is that everytime i brush my hair with regular ol brush, i feel like im losing more hair. Until i found this brush. I dont believe it at first, but it really just brush your hair beautifully without tugging or pulli...
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  60. Couldn’t be without this brush!


    I have long thick hair wavy hair and this brush is the only one that glides through it when wet without causing breakage. Love it!
  61. Best brush I’ve ever used!


    This is the best hairbrush I’ve ever tried! I always brush my hair when wet after showering and I have super thick long hair that often gets super knotty and tangled. With previous detangling brushes I’ve used they still pull in my hair and hurt. This brush is A GAMECHANGER! Wish I’d tried it earlier! Doesn’t pull or hurt at all , feels so nice on the scalp and detangles like a dream! So worth bu...
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  62. Love It!


    This brush is wonderful! I've been looking for a great brush to use to brush out my hair after a shower and also to use when I need to tidy up my hair before work. It seems really gentle on my thick hair and even though I've got quite dry hair at the moment, it seems to be looking after the dry ends.
  63. A very good brush


    This brush is one of the best I've used! It detangles nicely and leaves my hair with a healthy shine.
  64. Great detangler


    So good at detangling my hair. Got all the knots out and left my hair feeling amazing, and me feeling happy!
  65. wet brush


    yes love this - much like the tangle teezer in the uk. I get very tangled hair and it works well to get through without ripping Half my hair out but still getting out the tangles!
  66. How well it works


    Absolutely love this brush! I find it much better/more efficient with going through my just-out-of-the-shower hair, .Since using the wet brush, I am losing much less and my hair is not breaking as much. Great buy.
  67. Best brush


    I have fine hair but lots of it. I’ve also recently gone lighter so my hair is dryer than normal and sometimes feels brittle.

    I love that I can brush my hair when it is wet and don’t feel any pulling or snapping and no frizz just shine.
    It’s also soft enough to use on my young daughters hair.
  68. Best brush


    I have fine hair but lots of it. I’ve also recently gone lighter so my hair is dryer than normal and sometimes feels brittle.

    I love that I can brush my hair when it is wet and don’t feel any pulling or snapping and no frizz just shine.
    It’s also soft enough to use on my young daughters hair.
  69. Battles are over


    Hairbrushing for my four year old was hell on earth. Cannot believe she picks this hairbrush up now - to willing brush her hair! It's no Mason Pearson but it is probably better than every other plastic brush out there. I have thick long hair that demands strong sturdy nylon bristles. This brush does a brilliant job of brushing wet hair as it does dry. So, my Mason Pearson for polish and shine and ...
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  70. perfect for wet hair


    tis brush is great for using on wet hair. it is very gentle on the hair and gets all the knots out
  71. Take this everywhere


    This is perfect to throw in my gym or work bag - I take this everywhere with me as it is perfect for touch ups during the day
  72. I love this brush


    The perfect brush for thick wavy hair. This brush is my favorite and I’ve tried a few in my time. It doesn't pull and glides through unruly hair nicely. It lightweight too which allows you to hold hair up with the brush whilst you grab your ties.
  73. Miracle worker


    I have fine hair that tangles so easily - this brush is brilliant on my hair when its wet or dry
  74. Miracle worker


    I have fine hair that tangles so easily - this brush is brilliant on my hair when its wet or dry
  75. My second Wet Brush


    I really like this brush. My hair is very fine and tangles easily but this brush manages to get through it without much breakage or fall out. When my hair is dry and I'm pulling it back, the wet brush doesn't give the sleekest finish but a comb can help with that.
  76. Gentle on Hair


    I love this product it is gentle on my hair and doesn't cause my hair to snap like other brushes. It is great to use on wet or dry hair and doesn't make my hair static like some other detangler brushes do.
  77. Best brush I’ve used


    This hair brush is amazing! I have bleached blonde hair and am always worried about my hair snapping with brushing.
    Absolutely love it . Definitely worth it
  78. Best brush I’ve used


    This hair brush is amazing! I have bleached blonde hair and am always worried about my hair snapping with brushing.
    Absolutely love it . Definitely worth it
  79. Great for the price


    A good brush for my thick hair. Does make it a little fluffy though.
  80. Great for curls and squirmy kids


    My daughter has very curly hair that knots easily, this brush has been a game changer! So good for detangling quickly and painlessly.
  81. THE BEST foundation!!


    This brush changed my life!!! I have no idea how I was able to handle brushing my hair before using a Wet Brush. I have extremely thick and long hair that tangles very easily, especially at the nape of my neck for some reason. I HATED brushing my hair and would try to avoid it as much as I could and brush it lightly as I could so it wouldn't hurt. I actually ended up with such bad knots in the "un...
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  82. Gentle but effective, an improved hair brushing experience


    I normally do not like brushes that are gentle, as I like to feel the brush work on my scalp. But this brush manages to be gentle yet also feel really nice on my head.
    It is definitely gentle to hair and runs smoothly through. You still need to approach knots carefully, working to ease them out.
    Of course as per the name, this brush does also work while hair is wet.
    I found it e...
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  83. Must have for fine hair


    I use this to comb hair masks through while I'm in the shower and to detangle my hair after washing - it's really excellent for blow drying hair too, and I've noticed my hair has improved by using this instead of a normal brush.
  84. The best hairbrush ever


    I love the wet brush, it makes brushing my hair so easy. My hair can get quite tangly after I wash it but this makes it so easy. The best!
  85. Incredible pain-free brushing!


    I absolutely love this brush!!! I have notoriously knotty hair, even after not doing anything and I've always struggled to find a pain-free way to get rid of knots. This brush is incredible and there is little to no pain for even brushing out the toughest of knots!!! It works great on both wet and dry hair and leaves my hair so smooth and detangled!
  86. love love love


    i never really used to brush my hair when wet as i was too scared it would create damage, but after using this i will not go back! it helps my hair dry so much more smoother and i have had absolutely no damage
  87. Best brush


    I love this brush and don’t find it pulls or causes much breakage at all.
  88. You need this brush


    My hair has always been knotty and hard to brush. As a new Mum I knew I needed something to get rid of the knots after my hair has been in a top knot for days. Have used the tangle hand brushes for years and then decided to try this one. It’s amazing. Effortlessly goes through the hair when wet so it’s quick and easy to use in the shower. I love it and don’t dread washing my hair.
  89. Does the job


    Detangles wet hair nicely and much easier to clean than the Wet Brushes with the boar bristles. Although it doesn't brush my dry hair as smoothly as them.
  90. Only brush for my knotty hair


    This brush is an absolute lifesaver! Removes tangles to well without destroying your hair at the same time! Must have!!
  91. omg wet brushes are so amazing!


    i got this brush a while ago and honestly love it so much! it says its a wet brush but works so well for dry hair as well. when you usually brush your hair when its wet the strands break and you damage your hair, but this brush is very gentle on your hair and makes brushing it when its wet a whole lot easier!
  92. Totally worth it!


    Amazing brush. Makes it easy for me to detangle my dry bleached hair without breakage and pain.
  93. Very good


    I have really curly hair and this brush works great to help detangle knots in my hair
  94. So useful


    Perfect for combing through wet hair. My hair dries an absolute mess unless I comb it when wet, so this is really useful!
  95. Perfect! Does what it is designed to do


    This is exactly what it says it is - a brush for wet hair. It doesn't pull or feel like it is damaging my hair when I brush it after washing. I have very fine, curly hair that I like to brush with leave-in treatments/oils and this is very comfortable to use.
  96. Life changer


    This is the best purchase for your hair ever it’s so easy to use and no pain at all. I have really thick long hair and used to dread brushing but this brush makes it so simple and enjoyable (almost)!
  97. Love it


    This brush is amazing. It takes out all your knots easily and you can even use it on wet hair.
    One thing I would say is make sure you buy it off Adore Beauty or another reputable website. I think there are fakes on Ebay and they are not as good.
    I used this hairbrush all the time, and then discovered the flex brush - which is even better.
    But I love this one too and would def...
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  98. Best brush!


    The wet brush is amazing! The best brush I have ever used. It detangles hair easily and painlessly, and never pulls. Great to use on wet and dry hair.
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