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The Wet Brush Basin Detangling Comb - Black

4.5 of 93 reviews


4 instalments of $2.24

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4 instalments of $2.24

Or 4 instalments of $2.24 with LEARN MORE

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An essential for managing all hair types, The Wet Brush Basin Detangling Comb - Black is innovatively designed to deal with tangles and knots.

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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The Wet Brush Basin Detangling Comb - Black Reviews

4.5 of 93 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive


Alice McAvoy

I was not sure when at to expect from this comb as the wiggly ends look like a gimmick but it is definitely worth it. Best comb I have used and helps w my very knotty hair after a shower

Most Helpful Criticism

Works but pricey for a brush


Combs very nicely through tangled hair in the morning! But if youre looking at value for money, maybe not that worth it.
  1. Winner

    Alice McAvoy

    I was not sure when at to expect from this comb as the wiggly ends look like a gimmick but it is definitely worth it. Best comb I have used and helps w my very knotty hair after a shower
  2. Best comb

    shannonrose2 shannonrose2

    This is the best for detangling hair
  3. Really useful


    This is a really useful tool to have. It can distribute product, untangle and tame frizz.
  4. Works well with treatment


    I bought this to use in the shower to comb through conditioner. It works very well when hair is saturated with product. But found it doesn't work well if the hair isn't saturated with product. Hair felt amazing after washing and using comb, when normally hair just feels ok.
  5. Great for wet hair


    verified purchaser
    This is great for distributing product through wet hair. It doesn't pull on the hair strands and detangles with ease. I use on wet/damp hair when a brush would be too harsh. It's sturdy and hard wearing too. I've dropped it a few times in the shower and it shows no sign of wear and tear
  6. Works well with masks


    verified purchaser
    Essentially a basic comb, but it does work really well for combing through masks in the shower or hair products through your wet hair before drying. Helps minimize breakage for sure. Affordable comb that does the job!
  7. A good comb


    verified purchaser
    There's not really too much to say about a comb. It's a good comb for the price and I find it works well to distribute product through my hair in the shower.
  8. Harsh


    verified purchaser
    Given the gentleness of the wet brush (Which I love!) I was expecting the comb to also be a great quality hair saving piece, but it feels like cheap hard plastic and the tips are a little brutal on the scalp.
  9. comb


    detangles hair very easily in the morning. very affordable too
  10. really good


    love using this after I've washed my hair, leaves it super soft
  11. Big comb but does the job


    I normally have knotty hair regardless of what length my hair is. I bought this comb as I was so sick of pulling my hair out with my current brush. I wish I had discovered this comb, or at least this type of comb, earlier. It glided right through after a towel dry, something I hadn't experienced in a long time.

    The only downside is the comb fingers are a little long and awkward for me...
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  12. The best


    This is the only hair brush I need. I have thick wavy hair and this comb is perfect for detangling without brushing out all of my waves. It is super sturdy and works great.
  13. Good quality comb.


    I really like this comb, it's sturdy and does a great job of brushing out tangles. I also use it to comb through treatments. Had it for ages and it still looks brand new.
  14. great for the shower


    i like to use this in the shower to brush through the conditioner through my super curly hair and it work well
  15. Does the trick


    Really good at getting all the knots and tangles out. The teeth on the comb are a good space apart, and nice and sturdy, so I don't think they'll snap. Reasonably priced too.
  16. good size

    Perfecting Skin

    it is of a good size the bristles of the comb have the right amount of gap in them. darkest black color. good quality decent price.
  17. great detangling comb


    Really happy with this comb, doesnt get stuck like others and easy to clean. i use on my 4 year old and 1 year old and they dont complain as much when i use this one compared to others. heavy duty plastic, pretty great overall!
  18. Love this!!


    I absolutely love 'The Wet Brush' hair tools. They are amazing! They don't pull or tug at your hair, they effortlessly remove knots and take away the pain from hair bushing, both wet or dry brushing. I have purchased a Wet Brush for everyone.. my mum, sisters, friends and family. Best thing ever! This one is great for after the shower or o the go
  19. love the wet brush


    love the wet brush, I have a few of them now and i use this comb in the shower when I have conditioner in
  20. great!


    great to use after a shower. it’s sturdy and definitely works well on wet hair. it’s very gentle but detangles my hair nicely. works for my thin hair that gets tangled very easily
  21. Best comb for wet hair!


    This comb is wonderful for combing conditioner or treatment through wet hair. It’s easy to get through the hair and doesn’t pull or tug causing stress or breakage on the hair shaft. I have 2 of these, one I leave in the shower and the other I use to comb oils/leave in treatments through damp hair. Great price point too!
  22. Good quality


    I use this in the shower to comb the conditioner through my hair. I find this means I need to use lesss product as the comb can evenly coat my hair in conditioner. I have very thick hair and this comb can manage that really well, it doesn't feel like the teeth will break in my hair. It is great at getting out knots too.
  23. The Wet Brush Basin Detangling Comb - Black


    Great for curly hair! Obviously it works best when hair is wet, but if you spray some deranged in, it does a great job at getting all the tangles and snarled out. I use on myself and my curly kids and this is the only brush that doesn’t make them cry
  24. Great Product!


    Great to use in the shower or on wet hair. It detangles easily and is great for combing through conditioner. I love the quality and the price is really great.
  25. Love it


    Am amazing comb for detangling my thick, wavy hair without hurting me in the process and pulling my hair. Super for the price.
  26. Love


    Love this comb simple and easy to use detangles my thick hair so easy highly recommend
  27. Great for curly hair


    This brush is my best purchase in a while, it is so great for brushing thick/curly hair without losing its shape and going all frizzy from a regular shaped brush
  28. Good comb


    Use this everyday, it’s great at untangling my hair and for combing through hair masks and conditioner.
  29. Solid detangler


    Great at detangling my hair. My hair is not very thick, but is wavy/ curly and knots so easily. I think it's reasonably priced for what you get.
  30. Love it


    works great for my thick, wavy hair.
  31. stunning


    love this comb so much. use it all the time. great for wet curly hair
  32. Works but pricey for a brush


    Combs very nicely through tangled hair in the morning! But if youre looking at value for money, maybe not that worth it.
  33. Good comb


    This is such a great basic comb! Easy to carry in your bag! Doesn’t pull on hair!
  34. I like this


    This is really awesome to keep your hair in great shape. It’s really handy.
  35. Smooths every strand


    Having fine frizz prone over processed hair that is styled with a blow dryer and straightener most days I need to take care with how I comb out the tangles after washing . This comb is a dream , glides through every strand without fear of breakage .
  36. great for detangling


    Great comb for detangling hair. I use it in the shower with conditioners and cleansing treatments, and on wet hair after the shower. Really well priced too
  37. Wow - love it!


    I've never used this kind of comb before and now I'm using it all the time to help work in conditioners, masks, toners etc. Really happy with it and amazed that it doesn't catch or snag at all.
  38. Must have detangle brush


    Such a great price point, I use this brush as soon as I get out of the shower! Helps to detangle my knots, that Can be a daily struggle. This brush is a must have!
  39. Great detangler!


    Great price and works wonders! Gets all the knots out of my hair easily without ripping my hair out.
  40. Best Brush!


    Love how this brush just detangles my wet hair so easily without any breakages. It goes thru wet hair so smoothly. Wouldn't be without it!
  41. Perfect to use after washing your hair


    This brush is so so so perfect to use straight after you’ve washed it! It gets rid of every single knot but is very gentle on the hair so it doesn’t break while wet! I definitely recommend this comb!
  42. Good detangler


    I have long, straight and very knotty hair, and I use this in the shower to comb out conditioner/hair treatments. It does a good job of detangling wet, treated hair without causing any breakages, but I found that it does cause breakages and snags on dry hair.
  43. Doesn't tangle my hair


    I use this to comb my Olaplaex/other hair masks through my hair and it's the only comb that works without tangling my hair in the process. I have quite thin hair but a lot of it so combing while it's wet or has product in it is never easy.
  44. The best!


    I use this every single time I wash my hair and now on my children’s hair as well. It glides through easily and doesn’t pull. I have repurchased multiple times as I’ve accidentally dropped it and some teeth have snapped off. Highly recommend.
  45. Great brush


    Nice and goes through the hair well even if you have knots
  46. Love the design

    NI (Natalie)

    I find it is perfect to use before blow dry the hair. The design makes it great with wet hair and very gentle.
  47. Really good for getting rid of stubborn knots


    Really good for getting rid of stubborn knots. I run this through my hair in the shower, once I have conditioner in. It works really well.
  48. Works on straight and curly hair!


    This comb detangles hair without pulling it out or causing severe pain. Works equally as well on my fine colour treated hair as it does on my son’s curly hair. The best comb I’ve used.
  49. Not as good as the brushes for detangling but...


    Wet or dry hair, it doesn't detangle as well as the brushes. But I like the wide teeth. So it's good for combing hair treatments through the hair without tangling it all up, And of course, super easy to clean and wash.
  50. Works well


    Worked well with my hair, detangled my hair effortlessly
  51. Broke two teeth one month in


    I was so happy with this brush initially cause it worked well with my long hair, but one month in two of the teeth have already broken off. Detangles like a dream but not so long lasting. A little disappointed but I'd purchase again.
  52. Who would of thought..


    This brush is awesome, it allows the conditioner to soak into my hair and I find using a comb after washing my hair has changed my hair and how long it stays clean for. I have super thick hair and I find this is very gentle :)
  53. Not


    I have fine to medium straight hair that got really tangly due to getting them bleached from black to blonde hair. I used cheap - I mean - $2 combs before, however it did not work out anymore for me. I then decided to buy this detangling comb ($8.95 before) way back Nov 2018. I used this comb everyday since day 1 of receiving it. This was my only comb. It does seem to detangle my hair - with pain,...
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  54. Unfortunately not overly impressed


    It's an okay comb but didn't find it detangled much. It's probably better than a normal comb. Maybe I had high expectations and it's not right for my fine hair but I wouldn't really recommend.
  55. A decent comb


    I broke many other combs on my thick, knotty, textured hair in the shower. This wet brush has enough strength that it doesn’t flex too much and will last for along time. Happy with my purchase.
  56. Great comb


    I love this comb! It's great for wet or dry hair, although this is my second one because the first one snapped at the handle whilst I was brushing my hair.
  57. Works well


    The product works well in and out of the shower, find a lot less of my hair is on this comb versus other ones, notice less breakage at the top of my hair too
  58. would be great for other peoples hair


    My hair is pretty healthy, I use natural/organic products, my hair isn't over treated and I have regular salon treatements. my hair though has many different textures and this comb really struggles do get through the tangles when I have my conditioner in. I purchased one of these for my mum she has a lot of fine hair, she is "blonde" and her hair loves this comb. So whist its not the best for m...
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  59. perfect


    my favourite rough comb for my long, textured, difficult hair
  60. Liked it while I used it but the handle broke off


    I really loved this comb as it worked really well in both wet and dry hair. It found it super comfortable in the hand because of the non-slip handle. I have short, fine hair which doesn't get all that knotty and the hand broke off while I was combing my hair which surprised me. Pretty disappointing but it was good while it lasted.
  61. Love!


    Absolutely love this comb! I use this comb when I jump out of the shower with freshly washed hair. It detangles my hair effortlessly without pulling or hurting. Also love that it does not disturb my curl pattern. Great buy!
  62. Great value, does the job


    Love this comb! I use it every time after washing my hair. It de-tangles my wet hair without pulling all my hair out!
  63. Doesn’t pull!


    A great comb, works well on my waist length thick hair with conditioner in the shower. I don’t find this works as well on my hair when it’s dry, but I got it specifically for use in the shower so I don’t mind.
  64. Noticeably minimises hair loss


    I generally lose mounds of hair after showering, Hebert since using this I have noticed a difference with minimal hairs coming out when detangling my hair
  65. Wide tooth comb


    its wide teeth are great for running it through normal hair in an easier way, but I find that from the mid-length to ends of my (coloured) hair, this brush doesn't assist in detangling anymore than any normal brush. for my hair, even when wet, this brush does the job, but i wouldn't say its good for anti-breakage any more than most normal brushes. for the price though, its pretty good for what it ...
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  66. Life Saver!


    This brush is so good for long/thick hair. I use the original wet brush so thought I would try this detangling one and I love it. I use it in the shower post hair wash (often with conditioner) and find it makes brushing my hair after the shower so much easier.

    Tip. It is also a great wide-tooth comb to brush out curls.
  67. Perfect for combing through conditioner


    Use this in the shower or when you’ve got conditioner in your hair and it won’t tug or pull out hairs. So much healthier then a brush!
  68. great for detangling


    i use this in the shower to comb through my conditioner and treatments and works a treat, never any tangles and lasts a long time
  69. Very satisfied!


    I love love love this brush. It's easy to use, easy to clean, easy to hold and the curve in the brush fits the curve of the scalp so it's very comfortable too. I have not used it on my wet hair because it's very fine and tangles epically when wet but for dry hair I cannot fault it!
  70. Ok


    Good for detangling my hair fast after I shower and easy to use .
  71. Detangling comb


    I love this comb because it helps with naturally curly hair
  72. Great for wet curls


    I use this comb in the shower to comb through my conditioner and it works a treat. Hassle free detangling in curly hair is the best!
  73. Love this


    I use this to comb through my hair when it's wet and also to comb through my conditioner in the shower and it doesn't get tangled or knotted
  74. Does the job


    Nice quality wide tooth comb also combs out curls nicely
  75. Great detangler


    I have long thick hair and often have to treat it so that it remains knot free. This comb glides through my hair from root to tip and never an ouch moment. A great price too.
  76. Great quality at a good price


    Great comb to avoid breakage with wet hair.

    The quality of the comb was much better than what I was expecting for the low price! Would definitely recommend adding this one to your collection.
  77. Quality


    Such a great comb, quality is awesome. For the shower and as a dry comb, best I've found so far. And I've stopped looking :)
  78. Very good!


    I have thick wavy hair and I use this after the shower when my hair is still wet. Detangles my hair smoothly. Has made brushing so much easier and pain free.
    Definitely recommend.
  79. My favourite comb


    This is INCREDIBLE. I have never had a comb just glide through the hair painlessly as this. My daughter and I are love this product.
  80. Amazing


    Perfect for detangling your curls. I always use it after a shower when my hairs still wet and it works so well.
  81. Wouldn’t recommend


    I have shoulder length very fine curly hair when it’s wet and found this comb actually got caught when trying to brush it through instead of detangling. I tried it a few times and now find myself reaching for a brush instead.
  82. Detangles but separates curls


    This comb works well on my thick curly hair but it separates my curls, except working with on drenched curly hair with some product is amazing!! Doesn't pull at all like most other combs.
  83. Great on my fine, tangled hair!


    I use this in the shower after putting on my conditioner and it works well to clear my knots, whilst not pulling on or breaking my hair.
    I would definitely recommend to anyone, this is a great product and a great price.
  84. So good


    This comb is fantastic for use on wet and dry hair. I normally end up with a fist full of hair left in the comb after struggling to detangle my thick damaged hair, but with this there's barely a few strands. Also love the curves shape as it fits really nicely against the scalp
  85. Smooth


    I have long fine hair that gets easily tangled. This brush is so gentle and de-tangles with ease. I also use this brush in the shower to distribute the conditioner ant it works really well. Affordable price too!
  86. Love love love!


    I didn't realise how much my hair was missing out on before I used this comb. After combing through with a conditioner/mask, my hair feels AMAZING, as if the product has coated every strand of hair. My hair gets knotty less often now too. Love this!
  87. Good for wet hair


    I use this to distribute conditiioner/treatment through wet hair in the shower (I have thick, coarse asian hair).

    I do find if I haven't brushed my hair pre-shower, some of the bigger tangles still takes a few comb throughs to come out but this comb doesn't rip or tear my hair like my normal comb does so yes, a great product for great price :)
  88. Great


    my hair has been so much nicer since using this comb to brush whilst wet, compared to a normal brush - No more Split Ends!
  89. Gentle


    This is a very good and gentle comb. It does a good job of removing knots and making sure that my hair is sleek.
  90. Great


    This is a wonderful detangling comb which is particularly suited to people with curly, frizzy and/or fine hair (I tick all three of those boxes). I use this to detangle my hair after washing it to avoid breakage, but also use it in the shower to work conditioner through my hair. Excellent product.
  91. Love it


    Never had something like this. I am so happy to have found this brand! I need a brush for every room. I even brought one for my daughter.


    I never use combs because they hurt so bad but I liked the looks of this one.
    First off, it's alot bigger than I expected! And I love that. It's great for dealing with mine and my daugher hair after a shower. Just glides through the hair painlessly.
  93. Easy!


    I usually use this when I've just washed my hair and they're wet. This does a great job at getting rid of annoying tangles and knots in my hair.

    It doesn't pull and tug at my hair which is a bonus! I also use this to style my hair.
  94. Love it


    Absolutely love my comb. I have long thick curly hair and this comb has mad brushing and detangling so easy. 100% reccomend
  95. Great for in the shower


    My hair is dry from past bleaching. A lot of my hair falls out when I'm in the shower (which is to be expected as my hairdresser told me) but this comb helps me manage loose strands a lot better while evenly running conditioner through my hair therefore my hair is slowly starting to be in better condition!
  96. Perfect for curly hair!

    Alexandra (Adore Beauty Staff)

    As someone with curly hair, it's almost impossible to find a suitable brush or comb that can detangle without creating mass amounts of frizz, or if using it in the shower, that won't end up with half of my head of hair in my hands.

    This comb is absolutely fantastic - it's super gentle, doesn't leave me frizzy or rip out all my hair. It's super sturdy and I've now got them stashed all ...
    Read More
  97. Great comb


    Great detangling comb to use in the shower, does the job!
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