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The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% 30ml

4.2 of 406 reviews


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4 instalments of $2.46


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The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% is a water-free, silicone-free stable suspension.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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GREAT - 75% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Deep Lines

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%

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4.2 of 406 reviews

75% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great long term result, worth the mild irritation


I use the Ordinary Vit C 23% for skin tone and pigmentation. I've found it has a positive effect with little irritation when use 2-3 times/week and leaves my skin feeling smooth

Most Helpful Criticism

Not the best vitamin c


I wanted to love this product, but I just didn't. The texture is unpleasant - it's a little bit grainy and doesn't fully sink into my skin. I wouldn't buy again as I think there are lots of other much nicer vitamin c products out there (albeit which cost a bit more).
  1. My first Vitamin C


    This was the first Vitamin C Product I tried and it was okay, but I found it didn't work well alongside the rest of my routine and pilled when I added my sunscreen. I quite liked the texture on application though, and would recommend it if it works with the rest of your products in your routine.
  2. Too intense


    While I saw almost immediately amazing effects, it was a thick and crumbly consistency that my skin hated. The ordinary have better vitamin c products for sure!
  3. Odd Texture


    I found the texture grainy and it does take ages to absorb. I apply in the evenings and it has helped smooth my skintone but will try one of the other The Ordinary Vit C products next.
  4. Great long term result, worth the mild irritation


    I use the Ordinary Vit C 23% for skin tone and pigmentation. I've found it has a positive effect with little irritation when use 2-3 times/week and leaves my skin feeling smooth
  5. Spreads well from a pea size drop .

    Ordinary girl

    Used this for the very first time and have never used any vit c before .
    I used a pea size amount and it covered my face , and I can feel a tingle sensation , but it’s not a sensation of “ burning “ and it tolerated easily .
    Its not super gritty as I had read and I have sensitive skin but thought to give this product a go .
    Less then 10 mins .. now feel no tingle and I had first placed on my face the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 as my PM REGIME .
    I like it and can’t wait to see what goodness it does while sleeping .
  6. Great Vitamin C


    I loved this! It makes my complexion a lot brighter which is exactly what I was looking for. It can have a funny texture and tingle but nothing too uncomfortable and I found the results happened quickly.
    I would use this on alternative nights to retinol as I am using niacinamide in the morning
  7. Highly recommended


    Use this product as your night moisturiser for a clean, soft feeling in the morning. Has a definite tingle upon application but that's to be expected with vit.C.
    In general I wouldn't use in daytime especially in direct sun but awesome at night


    I started off my skincare journey with The Ordinary, I use the Niacinamide solution for my acne prone skin and blemishes. I got this serum two months after not seeing much results from niacinamide. My first ever vit c product and boy did it not dissapoint! I started seeing results within a week, my dark scars started fading away, the results appeared so quickly that I thought I was imagining it lol! I use this product only at night, I reckon if you use it twice a day, it'll be much faster. The first week you use it, it will irritate the living hell out of your skin but trust me after that it will feel just like applying a primer. The texture is very similar to a matte primer. It does make your skin VERY oily so I wouldn't recommend using it in the daytime. Overall, definitely worth buying it!
  9. Didn't like


    It really set my skin off. Lots of break outs. I have dry sensitive skin and this did not react well to my skin at all.
  10. Great value!


    I really think this product brightens my skin and reduces pigmentation. I started to notice a difference after just one week in the clarity of my face. I use it after cleansing and toning, and before applying The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA. I'm taking a star off as the texture of this Vitamin C is a bit unpleasant, though I think following it with the moisturiser reduces the graininess. If it were more finely-milled it would be worth 5 stars, as I think it's as effective as far more expensive Vitamin C serums and great value for money!
  11. Grainy, greasy, but works.


    I was previously using the Vit C powder but decided to try this as have super dry skin. It has a very grainy and greasy texture and even my dry skin takes a while to soak it up. I also had some congestion/breakouts after I started using it before my skin got used to the extra moisture. I do think it works (it certainly zings!) but difficult for me to appropriately assess as I fell pregnant shortly after starting it and definitely have more pigmentation than I did before (despite SPF 50 over the top). Recommend more as evening moisturiser than morning as can cause piling when used in conjunction with SPF and foundation (bearing in mind I always use quite moisturising versions of each).
  12. so hydrating!


    my dry skin loves this product! i apply it after my serums and it helps keep the problem area of my under eyes supple and moisturised.
  13. Tingles but so worth it


    I absolutely love this product. I put it on top of a thin layer of moisturiser and it really does tingle but I leave it on my face for half an hour then put some more moisturiser on and in the morning my skin looks and feels amazing.
  14. Great


    This makes my face look almost flawless. Just wish it didn't have a metal like smell
  15. Brightens and fights ageing


    It definitely brightens but there's a knack to using this product correctly so make sure you read the notes from Deciem. Personally, I use it as a 1-minute mask, massage in well, especially on target areas like cheeks and 11s between the brows, rinse and continue with my AM or PM routines.
  16. Seems okay but a knack to applying


    I've been using for about a week and it seems to be fading and refining texture of my skin. I'm also using it with other The Ordinary serums (peptide and HA). I've been putting it on first and then using the other serums and the grainy texture seems to dissipate that way. My biggest complaint is that it has oxidized on the palms of my hands (turning them orange!), so make sure to really wash your hand after using. I'm still not sure if I prefer a more expensive less gritty vitamin C...I'll give it a bit longer.
  17. Brighter Skin

    L Wright

    I have been using this product for approximately one week and have noticed a difference! My skin appears clearer, and has an illumination that I would normally have to wear make up for. I use it after cleansing, after hyaluronic acid and before moisturiser at night. It does have a slight graininess to it but I learnt the best way to overcome this is to swipe it on the skin very quickly without rubbing excessively. I then wait about 15 mins before putting on my moisturiser and it sits perfectly. Has definitely lived up to expectation and I would recommend it.
  18. Brighter Skin

    L Wright

    I have been using this product for approximately one week and have noticed a difference! My skin appears clearer, and has an illumination that I would normally have to wear make up for. I use it after cleansing, after hyaluronic acid and before moisturiser at night. It does have a slight graininess to it but I learnt the best way to overcome this is to swipe it on the skin very quickly without rubbing excessively. I then wait about 15 mins before putting on my moisturiser and it sits perfectly. Has definitely lived up to expectation and I would recommend it.
  19. Great product at this price point


    This product is fantastic for my skin. It has helped with my redness concerns a lot and my skin is much smoother now. Be aware the texture is quite gritty but this didn't bother me at all. I have noticed my pigmentation is reduced as well.
  20. Loving this


    Now I've worked out how to correctly use the Vit C suspension I'm loving it. I've read other reviews how it beads and drags and is weird. I had all those problems too. The trick is to put it on last, after your serums, oils, moisuriser have settled well into your skin. Then I dot small amounts around my face then lightly smooth it all over. It becomes a lovely silky finish. I also learned to NOT use it with any retinol based products. It may tingle on first use, but for me, it's now part of my daily AM regime. The results, along with retinol at night, are astounding. Give it a couple of weeks.
    How awesome is Adore Beauty !! On hand advice about everything. Great prices. Spectacularly fast shipping. Goodies arrive very well packaged. You can make a cuppa to have with the timtam while you open your treasures and also enjoy all the freebie samples. I'm absolutely loving this site. You guys know how to run a company. Cheers ;)
  21. Not the best


    This is an ok product, I feel that it does help with skin tone but I wouldn't use it during the day as it is quite greasy.
  22. Not for me


    The texture of this was really strange and pilled.
  23. Helps with skin tone


    I love this Vitamin C Suspension - I've been using it for a few weeks and I really feel like it is helping to even out my skin tone (I have acne and acne scarring/redness). A little goes a long way, so definitely don't slather it on! I do feel a mild tingling after I apply it, and sometimes a slight itchy sensation that usually goes away after a short time. The texture of the product is a bit gritty, which I personally don't mind but I wasn't expecting it.
  24. Try to like but I cant


    I try to like this vitamin c serum, I know as it's strong it is good for fading my pigmentation, but it stings, and it feels awful on my skin, it also smells bad, have purchased a couple of times as it's cheep, but will keep searching for something a little nicer to use.
  25. Brightening


    This product does as it says - it brightens the skin. It does tingle a little, so if you’re sensitive mix with one of the Ordinary oils - I use the squalane. If you’re on a budget I would look no further for some quality skin care for very reasonable prices.
  26. Oily - I don't know how people are using this in the morning


    I don't know what this is doing for my skin. I use it at night but I find it so greasy - like others have said, my skin does absorb it overnight and it does feel nice in the morning, but I don't think it's actually doing anything for me. Perhaps I am using it wrong? I have been using it every 2nd night for three months now and I won't be repurchasing.
  27. Took me a while to figure out how to use it but it's AMAZING


    When I first started using this I was really displeased with the texture and the 'clumping' effect it had on my skin. It also felt very oily and uncomfortable.
    After switching to a deep pore cleanser and using it immediately before my night skincare routine as well as changing around the order in which I used products, I found this worked way better.
    No clumping and no discomfort. I think you need a lot less than you assume you need, as well.
    I always apply it before any other creams.

    It makes my skin feel amazing, look super plump and my skin tone is so even. One of my absolute favourite products after adjusting my routine.
  28. Not the best vitamin c


    I wanted to love this product, but I just didn't. The texture is unpleasant - it's a little bit grainy and doesn't fully sink into my skin. I wouldn't buy again as I think there are lots of other much nicer vitamin c products out there (albeit which cost a bit more).
  29. Not the best with my super oily skin


    After hearing about the wonders of Vitamin C, this is the first product I've tried and I think it might be good for drier skin than mine. In my case, the cream was very oily to put on, and was very greasy. It also had a slightly rough texture, which was a bit off given the oil factor. I will probably limit use of this product to about once a week and give it a few more goes.

    I should add the morning after, my skin seemed to soak up the goodness and wasn't worse for it. Didn't cause breakouts or irritation, but I just didn't like the experience of putting it on!
  30. Great


    This has helped my pigmentation, texture and made my skin glowly and plump. I just don't like the smell
  31. Bright and glowy


    Love! I use it every morning after Hyaluronic acid and it has improved my skin tone/brightness insanely so. I have quick pink, flushed skin and this product brightens and evens my tone so well, I finally feel confident to not have to wear make up to hide my pinkness. Will repurchase forever.
  32. Good alternative to pricier products


    My skin is on the drier side and gets irritated quite quickly, I also have some pigmentation on the side of my face. The consistency is a very runny lotion with some gritty bits in it. I have found it best to mix it with a tiny amount of serum, that dissolves the gritty bits and it goes on perfectly. It does sting slightly, but has not irritated my sensitive skin at all. It does a little bit oily after application, but just give it a few minutes and most of it should sink in. I can definitely seen improvement in my pigmentation and my skin looks bright and even toned. This might be my favorite vitamin c product!
  33. Very strong... but works


    This product is super duper strong. I was reading one of these blog post on adore that tells you which The Ordinary product to use.
    It recommend this one if you’ve used Vit C before which I had. Didn’t really warn against how strong it was though. So if you have quite sensitive skin I wouldn’t recommend

    Note that it has a bit of a grainy feel and lots of skin peeling when using. And that’s normal.

    I only use at night an I use 2-3 times a week (and a weaker Vit C daily)
    I use this mainly as a “deep exfoliator” now I guess and with the peeling it really does a great job of cleaning the skin up, I rub the product in (a little goes far) then apply a HA serum and a really good face moisturiser before bed

    It works and I dont mind it. But not sure if I would get again
  34. Not for sensitive skin


    I brought this in the hopes of glowy skin and have heard great things about vitamin C, I have dry and slightly sensitive skin and found this to be quite rough and grainy and stung, it was very unpleasant to have on so I didn't use it very often.
  35. Caused my skin to break out


    I am mid 50s with slightly dry skin. My main issue is pigmentation post menopause. I started using this a couple of weeks ago. Slight tingling but not uncomfortable. Then I noticed that I was getting pimples. I haven’t had pimples for about 40 years. This was the only change I made to my skin care routine. I have stopped using it so hopefully they will go away.
  36. My favourite the ordinary product!


    I love this product. Leaves my skin glowing and also helps keeping small breakouts away. I am using it daily and couldn’t be without it.
  37. Enjoyed this muchly.


    This had a really tingly effect on my skin, not painful but definitely a new sensation.
    Did pill up a bit but nothing major
  38. Collagen booster!


    The Ordinary Vitamin C has really helped improve my skin, by boosting the collagen production to make my skin appear smoother and fresh. It is actually an incredible product to use before bedtime. I don't put anything over it and let it tingle until I fall asleep. Great product!!!
  39. Silky smooth skin


    Every time I use this product my skin feels so much smoother!
  40. glowing!


    When ever i use this product for just a couple of days people always comment on my skin! Just makes it glow!! There is a slight tingle but I enjoy the feeling to be honest! My skin looks amazing!
  41. reduces redness


    Warning!! Upon first using this product I found it burned something crazy. However I soon quickly built up a tolerance and can even use it now immediately following my daily AHA/BHA cleanser too.
    I use this product in the mornings (and retinol at night) as I found it really helps to take the redness out of my skin. I use it on clean skin before any other products - even before hyaluronic acid - as I found it will go grainy and start to pill if you use it afterwards. Great product that I feel is actually working to increase my skin health.
  42. It's Okay


    I started using this in my routine, i usually have oily skin and it doesn't help with this, altho it adds great moisture without making me oilier and even tho it has a slightly grainy texture, it applies nicely and you only need a small amount, the price is very worth it
  43. Cheapest price ever


    Haven't seen any brand this cheap. It works on my skin, keep buying later
  44. Best Buy!


    The Ordinary is my favorite skincare product. Having an acne-prone skin type, i'm quite sensitive and always having that fear that skincare products won't work for me. But with this, it's absolutely amazing! VitC Suspension helped my skin glow and at the same time slowly removed my blemishes and made my skin tone back to normal.
  45. The most affordable and effective Vitamin C out there


    I love this product - I am quite acne prone (and prone to poking them!) so I often have scars I'm looking to fade as quickly as possible.

    This product helps my skin get there much sooner. I like to rub it in after using a hydrating serum so the two can work together to penetrate into my skin. Follow up with a thicker moisturizer and definitely wear sunblock!

    Tip - if you find the concentration too strong, mix it into your moisturizer rather than applying it as it's own layer to your face and slowly work your way up to it!
  46. Love it!


    I love the Ordinary brand. I've only used this product a few times and am noticing brighter smoother skin.
  47. Rapid Results


    I've got sensitive skin so I was a bit dubious when buying this product but given the price point it was worth a shot.

    Yes, it makes my skin tingle however I ensue I use one of my serums first before applying. It has a slightly grainy texture but it's not unpleasant. There's some slight redness when first applied at night but, come morning my skin looks noticeably brighter and fuller after a week of use every other day.

    I'm very surprised that a product with such a low price point can be so effective!
  48. Very powerful serum


    I have combination skin (oily forehead) but my cheeks tend to be quite dry. I started using this product once a week after cleansing and toning but found this product very harsh - strong tingling sensation that lingered for longer than expected (5 minutes). I had to layer on a thick moisturiser to help "calm" down the sensation. The texture of the product is quite gritty so best used at night. This is my first time trying Vitamin C so probably should have picked a gentler solution. I did notice the next day my skin is brighter but not sure if I can continue at the expense of my comfort. I have taken a break from this while I use other products overnight (AHA/BHA and Retinol). For the price, I would say this product would be worth it for people who are used to strong serums.
  49. Good product


    Late 30’s and freaking out about looking ‘aged’.
    I have been using this topical vitamin c solution for approximately 6 months, along with 4 other Deciem (the ordinary) anti aging products and my skin has improved significantly.
    I only use this one every second day because it does tend to increase my skins sensitivity when used daily. I would recommend this product.
  50. Excellent


    Don't use this product on it's own for the first time. Mix with a gentle moisturiser or something that isn't targeted at other skin concerns.

    It will tingle a bit, but that is intended. Only cause for concern if it remains for more than say one minute.

    Less is more. Do not use a lot of this product and expect it to speed up the process. It would definitely upset your skin, cause serious burning sensations and make your skin break out.

    I mix it with either The Ordinary's moisturiser or a lancome gel mousturiser (in the pink jar) at night after cleansing. Then I use a face mist and head off to bed
  51. VItamin C Suspension


    This cream does tingle your skin, especially when using it with serums..1st time I tried it I thought I’d have to go wash it off..however i put up with it, and I must say it does not tingle as much now...it’s a lovely thick cream that goes on beautifully...you can almost feeling it sinking into the skin...
  52. Not for me


    This congests my skin giving me blemishes. Really wanted to like it as it is such a good price for vitamin c but not for me. I have combination skin and it make my skin congested and dry
  53. Takes a bit to get used to, but then AMAZING


    This product feels a bit gross on the skin, it smells weird and is very gritty.
    The first couple of applications will bring a bit of stinging to your face which shouldn't be too bad.
    HOWEVER, the results speak for themselves after a week of using it at night. I'm glowing and look super radiant, and my skin is really soft!!
    The positives really outweigh the negatives on this one.
  54. Makes skin clear and bright


    Despite the grainy texture of this product which a lot of users dislike, I think its;s great to mix with your daily moisturiser. My skin has become brighter and clearer as a result. It's excellent value for 23% vitamin C in a tube for around $10. Highly recommend.
  55. Great product repeat order


    Awesome moisturiser skins amazing now
  56. Great product repeat order


    Super moisturiser will order again
  57. Helps!


    This has helped smooth out my face and fade my pigmentation
  58. Doubles as an amazing one-minute mask!


    I actually use this product once or twice a week as a one-minute mask. Apply on dry skin, wait 60 seconds and wash off. Skin is left glowing and plump.
  59. Amazing for pigmentation


    I started using this product on my highly pigmentented skin! After combining this with the TO retinol 1%, I found my pigmentations has drastically improved within a month.
    It is a great product to start the process of using Vit C in your routine.
  60. Amazing


    This is so moisturising and makes my skin glow. It has also lightened my hyperpigmentation and I alternate it on nights when I do not use retinol. Great product
  61. Refreshed feeling, but gritty texture


    I tend to use this product in my Ordinary routine every second night, to add some anti-aging oomph to my skin routine. It makes my skin feel fresh and wakes up looking more rejuvenated. However, this product has an unusually gritty texture, which feels like it is exfoliating your skin. I find I have to wait until the product has absorbed a bit, normally at least 30min before putting on any oils or creams afterwards. I do not feel much of a tingling sensation like others. Overall I like the product, but would be open to trying a different Vitamin C formula that is less gritty
  62. Very nice product


    I’ve only been using this product for about 5 days now but have seen a massive improvement in my skin already. Yes it is tingly/sings and yes it’s a bit rough when applied but I use it at night and wake up with the softest skin in the morning. It’s helped with my makeup application as my skin is so smooth after having it on.
  63. Very drying


    Didn't suit my sensitive skin, it was too rough and drying. Smells nice though.
  64. May just all be pseudoscience!


    I find this hasn't had that much of an effect on my skin and I'm also not a fan of the texture! I much prefer the powdered l-ascorbic acid. I have also read that vitamin C in tubes/bottles like these aren't actually proven or backed by science to be effective. But if it works for you then this definitely is a great affordable vitamin C!
  65. Vit C with a slight exfoliate


    I bought this as one of my regime for pigmentation. At first it was a warm tingle and quite a bit. But second day was a little tingle which the product said was normal. However i love that when i apply it and massage it on my face, it slightly exfoliates my face and you can see small bits of dead skin come off. Its great!!. Would not recommend for sensitive skin.
  66. Burns and broke me out, but that's me


    I have dry, sometimes sensitive skin that's prone to acne, so this was always gunna be a risky purchase. I didn't really use it long enough to see if it helped with pigmentation because it broke me out. It also was VERY tingly (borderline burning) which was tolerable but unpleasant. I didn't like the consistency much either, I found it was hard to avoid making this pill on top of my other products, even after waiting 30mins plus.
  67. not sure


    I bought this product after being told to use vitamin C on my skin. Decided on this brand because of its affordability. Im not sure if its because i wasn't using it properly. Used it as a base and then put moisturiser on top or mixed it with my moisturiser but found my skin started flaking and for some reason felt drier than before. It also stung a bit when it was spread on the skin for a few seconds.
  68. Brightening and great mild exfoliator


    I have started doing the 1 minute treatment in the mornings twice a week (leave it on for one minute than wash it off). I find it is great to do after cleansing as it refreshes my skin and brightens it for the day. So important to put SPF on after it though.
  69. Lovely product


    I really like this product. It tingles which is really normal but I apply it at night and wake up with a beautiful looking skin. I recommend this product.
  70. Really great


    Really great vitamin c serum, especially for the price! Fantastic brand and great for everyday use. I use my sunscreen after!!
  71. Great for the price


    I suffer nodular acne around my jawline and neck, which has left some scars. Im in my late 30s and I use this product on my scarring and to brighten up areas that have been congested. I use it with retinol and my scarring is definitely improving. Yes, it stings and it is scratchy, so I don’t use it on other parts of my face. When I’ve used it elsewhere on my face it has resulted in a lot of pilling. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin.
  72. I think this has made a real difference for me


    I am new to this face product game and started using The Ordinary range recently. I found this product quite tingly - but not painful. You only need a tiny bit for each application. I really like it.
  73. Aggressive skincare.


    My skin type is dry, my concern is hyper pigmentation. This product gave me sting sensation on my skin, as a lot of other reviewers mentioned. I use only on my pigmentation spots and I tired to use this with some moisturising cream. Still it gives me stings but I will continue to use it to see how things change. No pain, no gain. If you like aggressive type of skincare treatment, I would recommend this to you. For me, I can manage the pain to get the glowing skin. ;)
  74. Fantastic product


    I really like this product. It is fairly strong though so I highly reccomend combining it with another serum that goes with it so it doesn't "tingle" your face too much. I usually use it at night and I wake up with a bright complexion the next morning.
  75. Use it sparingly


    Purchased this product after hearing some great reviews. Some stinging occurred when I used it for the first time, so I have been diluting it with my moisturiser. Some brightening effect
  76. Disappointing


    I reaaaally wanted to love this product considering the rave reviews I’ve heard, as well as the amazing price point. However, it stung my skin pretty badly and I didn’t see any difference to my skin after 6 months of use. I’ll be sticking with my Skinceuticals C E Ferulic even though it breaks the bank a lot more!
  77. Strong


    Strong vitamin C formula. The product seems a little grainy on first application, but overtime does help dark spots fade
  78. Is it worth the sting?


    I have been using this for 3 weeks and it still burns pretty badly for about 5 minutes after application but it has brightened my complexion as this is the only new product I've introduced. Its quite oily and grainy and takes a while to sink in. FYI: I don't have sensitive skin and this burns like hell when you first start using it but beauty is pain :) I will continue to use this regardless of the cons because it is working for my skin.
  79. Give it a go


    If youre new with vitamin c products, this product is a good one to start with. But i honestly found kiehls dark spot corrector a better (but much more expensive) alternative as i found that the salicylic acid first exfoliates the area to allow the vitamin c to penetrate better. This product is nevertheless excellent for what its worth!
  80. Dewy effect


    Applies to the skin beautifully. No need to use a lot, it’s dense but spreads well. Skin is looking dewy after usage, and this product isn’t pilling make-up like other moisturisers can do (while using a primer).
  81. Great Product


    I've only been using this for around 2 weeks now, I purchased multiple products to use together and so far so good. I am really loving how hydrated my skin feels.
    I have oily / dry skin, I've noticed that my skin isn't quite as oily and it's more hydrated. I also have fairly sensitive skin, there were a lot of reviews mentioning stinging etc but I haven't had very much stinging at all. It goes on well, the other reviews mentioned it has a grainy texture, which it does, but only very slightly, it goes on nicely, absorbs into skin, now I'm just waiting to see the results!
  82. brighter skin, oily and grainy


    Skin type: combination
    Concerns: bumps, dullness, uneven skin tone
    Product review: I use this product after the retinoid step at night. I find that if I haven't used it in a while or I've recently exfoliated, it will sting a little more than usual. After 4 months of use every other day, I think my skin is a little clearer and tone is more even. It does feel quite oily and initially grainy, but the grainy feel goes away after 30 mins or so. For such a high concentration of Vit C this product is worth and I would likely buy it again and recommend it to others.
  83. Not a fan


    After trying a few products from The Ordinary I’ve decided the range isn’t for me. I found this to sting and was particularly grainy so it felt like it sat on top of my skin for ages before absorbing. The only positive is the price point - which is awesome.
  84. It works for me but probably not for everyone.


    I re-purchased this for my pigmentation removal regime. It does give you some sting sensation if your skin is sensitive. (probably not good to be used in AM.) My skin is very strong so I am ok with this. I mix with the Ordinary moisturizer to apply after The ordinary retional. I probably keep to repeat this while the pigmentation regime continue. Happy to see how my skin will go/improve.
  85. Love it


    This is a great vitamin c cream. A little goes a long way and it’s so cheap. The packaging in my opinion is quite sleek. The formula is a bit scratchy which is really the only thing I don’t like. My skin otherwise loves it.
  86. Brightened my skin!


    I noticed my skin seemed brighter and fresher after using this for just a short period of time. It also seemed like my red spots were less visible after a few days of using this. Have already repurchased! Amazing value for the price
  87. bit of a sting!


    first time using a vitamin c product so maybe I was unprepared for the sting
    however found that it really stung and made my face feel very tight and red
    started mixing small amount with moisturizer but had same effect
    didn't work for me
    normally love the ordinary products however
    so for such a small price it might be worth a try
  88. Greasy looks


    This was my first Vitamin C product and wasn’t sure what to expect. It was quite thick and left my skin looking and feeling greasy which I didn’t like. I had no irritation from it but I also didn’t really notice much difference in my skin’s appearance. I will be looking for a product without the silicone.
  89. Wouldn’t use any other vitamin c than this


    I’ve used high end and middle of the road brand vitamin C formulations but this one works by far the best. I’ve been using this for about 18 months in the morning, mixing with other TO serums and it’s never let me down. Yes it’s initially a bit gritty but it absorbs quickly and the grit disappears. No tingling since I’ve been using it so long and I use prescription strength vitamin A cream at night and they very much compliment each other, just remember to use sunscreen because all your beauty regime is useless if you don’t prevent sun damage.
  90. Brighter face


    I have been using this product for a month now. I found it helps make my face brighter and clearer if you know what I mean. You only need to use 1-2 small drops on your face. Its warm sensation when apply on face. So I have been mixing with other skincare.
  91. Pretty good!


    So, I started a new job a while ago where I no longer wore makeup every day and worked in a pretty dusty, gross environment. I was expecting some pretty horrible drastic changes for my skin, but I reckon it was this product that saved me. I still had some pretty bad breakouts (chemicals and paint dust are pretty hard to combat) but I was definitely expecting far worse. I didn't use it every day as I felt that if it stings a bit, probably not the best idea to stick with it. I've gone back to a different job where I wear makeup again, so I've gone from using this a few times a week to maybe once a week now, and my skin still loves it.

    *I have noticed that this doesn't play well with most other products, particularly those with a gel consistency and/or those for fighting acne. Might be a specific ingredient?
  92. Strong stuff!


    This is my first vitamin C product & was a little unprepared for how strong it is so I recommend using a tiny dab. Yes, it stung the first time but subsequent uses haven’t had the same reaction. Have definitely seen an improvement in my skin tone & the surface of my skin is lovely..
  93. Not good for sensitive skin


    I couldn’t use it for longer than a week without my face feeling like it was on fire. Caused a lot of dehydration and irritation
  94. Best Used with a Moisturiser


    I love this vitamin c product. I use it every other night and it is best mixed in with a moisturiser otherwise it can be a bit harsh and gritty on the skin
  95. Wouldn't recommend this one


    Unfortunately I couldn't get over the gritty formulation or the metallic smell. i wouldn't buy this one again but worth the try being so cheap. It ended up in my bin.
  96. Can’t get past the stinging


    Tried it for a few weeks but don’t love the stinging sensation. Didn’t see any results in terms of brightening so wasn’t keen to continue. Worth a try for the price though!
  97. LvLove e it!


    I have been using the vitamin c for 2 weeks now and have a noticeable improvement to my freckles and sun spots.
    Yes it does tingle sometimes verging on stinging the skin and it does have a slightly gritty texture, but you put it on at night, not before you put on makeup so I dont really see that as a downside like other reviewers.
    For the price and results i will definatley be buying again
  98. Brightens my complexion, but has a strange odour and leaves yellow stain on my pillow case and fingernails


    I am in my 30s with combination skin. I adore what this product does to my skin, as it definitely brightens my complexion. However it stings slightly, is a rough texture and has a strange odour which I find unpleasant. It also leaves a yellow stain to my fingernails and pillow case if I apply just before bed. I now thoroughly wash my fingernails after application and apply an hour or so before bed. I have recently purchased a different vitamin C formulation from the Ordinary and am looking forward to comparing the two.
  99. Love


    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle! Amazing cleanser
  100. Vit c product comparison


    I find this product too irritating to put on just before I sleep. I love that it’s available at such a reasonable price and it’s a great size to travel with. It pills quite easily if you’ve layered too many products.
    Overall I think it’s a good product but I’ve used other vit c product which I would prefer, but not at such a great price point.
  101. Review & Earn
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