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The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% 30ml

4.1 of 574 reviews


4 instalments of $2.46

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4 instalments of $2.46

Or 4 instalments of $2.46 with LEARN MORE

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The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% is a water-free, silicone-free stable suspension.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 74% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Deep Lines

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%

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The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% Reviews

4.1 of 574 reviews

74% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



this stuff is almost like a chemical peel. It gets rid of all my dead skin and makes it feel so nice and soft the next day. It's pretty strong so either clears up blemishes or brings stuff to the surface so it can clear up quicker. Highly recommend!

Most Helpful Criticism

Sensitive skin


My skin is quite sensitive and this product stings every time I put it on. I've never used an vitamin C products before, however the sting here is quite unbearable and I've also noticed that it sometimes makes my serums underneath peel off (even if I wait up to half an hour after applying). It has however made my skin more plump and glowy, but I don't think I will buy again.
  1. I love vitamin C


    Takes a little bit of time to get used to as it is a high percentage and would recommended mixing it into moisturiser for the first few uses as your skin adjusts, but once adjusted the results are incredible
  2. Workday go to


    Just a little tingle and my face is smoother and more matte than ever. Smoothens the lines and brightens the dark circles with such a minimal amount.


    this stuff is almost like a chemical peel. It gets rid of all my dead skin and makes it feel so nice and soft the next day. It's pretty strong so either clears up blemishes or brings stuff to the surface so it can clear up quicker. Highly recommend!
  4. Brightening


    I love this product for the difference it has made to my acne scars and overall brightening of my skin. However, it is quite thick and oily and doesn't seem to sink into the skin- so I would recommend to use it at night. I have gotten amazing results though! One of my favourite products from The Ordinary.
  5. Tingling Face Food

    Miss Tarnia

    I must admit, after seeing and feeling the effects of the Retinol 0.2% I was more intrigued at this products description and got it. The Ordinary literature said day or night and after 1 use during the day, I opted for night application. It’s a bit like the exercise burn, the tingle makes me feel like it’s working and boy, is it working. I apply it near the end of my regime, before the Moisturisin...
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  6. Another lil gem from The Ordinary


    I suspect there’s probably similar products on the market which are 3-4x the price! Likely more dressed up. It has an almost powdery texture and for a cream it’s not at all hydrating. What it is is more akin to a toner or peel. Definitely a patch test candidate as it’s tingly on first use and that’s usually a good sign it’s working. Very good for uneven skin/ rough texture. I use it on my cheeks/ ...
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  7. The Ordinary works!!!


    Just trying the ordinary products and very happy with all of them!!!
    Just remember to test it first as it may cause skin irritations. I blend in the vitamin C with the buffet and the result is amazing
  8. So so Vit C


    I wanted to like this Vitamin C, but it's just OK. The texture is quite grainy, and yes it stings on application until your skin gets used to it. Mine still hasn't after a few months of use. I've mixed it with serums to improve the texture, but overall I don't find it does much in the way of brightening my complexion or making me glow, as so many people who use Vit C creams say.
  9. Skin feels plumper and smoother, but haven't seen dramatic fade in scarring

    Iris S

    I have been using this every second night after my water based and oil based TO (interchanging between Hyaluronic Acid, Niacimide, Buffer, Lactic Acid, and Granactive Retinol). When I started it stung my face quite a bit and felt hot - it's been half a year of using this and it no longer stings me and I'm used to it. It does pill a lot when applied directly on to the skin so I either mix it with m...
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  10. Sensitive skin


    My skin is quite sensitive and this product stings every time I put it on. I've never used an vitamin C products before, however the sting here is quite unbearable and I've also noticed that it sometimes makes my serums underneath peel off (even if I wait up to half an hour after applying). It has however made my skin more plump and glowy, but I don't think I will buy again.
  11. Amazing cream


    My skin used to sting a bit at the start when I used this one year ago. I then stopped and went on retinol. After a few months, I tried this again and have continued to use this. My skin no longer stings and it makes my skin look tighter
  12. Radiant skin!


    I haven't had much opportunity to use this (as I read online that Vitamin C does not mix well with Niacinamide so I generally prefer prioritizing using Niacinamide over this product) however from the 10-12 uses I did get out of it (over the span of the last month) I can definitely say that my skin does feel more radiant! If it wasn't for the bumpiness of my skin, I would prefer using this product ...
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  13. A bit grainy, bit otherwise a nice product.


    This product really brightens my skin, leaving it very soft. It definitely delivers results. The only thing I don't like is how grainy it is, so I will be trying the ordinary vitamin C in silicone next purchase.
  14. Perfect Addition


    This product has changed my skin in addition to other The Ordinary products by making my skin smoother, softer and gives off an airbrush effect. It does sting a little when used and exfoliates well. I don't actually need to exfoliate my skin now because of this product. Love this product and have already bought a second one. It is also well priced for the result that it has given me.
  15. Amazing !!


    I am just about to order my second tube of this product. I love it, goes on so smoothly, a little tingling happens but not uncomfortable. My skin looks much better having used this. Great range in this brand and very affordable.
  16. Good value and effective vitamin c


    Beware sensitive skin, for this one stings. If I had a blemish it really stung. I do love this product, as it is really effective and you could see results after one use. I have combination skin, and it really helped bring my dull skin to life. Definitely would buy again.
  17. Great vit c!


    I have just started using this in the past week. I only use every second night. I thought I had sensitive skin, but I haven’t had much burning to stinging, which I’ve read other people had. The formula is very gritty, so I leave it a while to sink in before applying moisturiser. I only use at night. It seems to be working, so very happy with the product. I’ll be using it as my go to vit c now.
  18. Not for oily/normal skin


    I have a combination oily skin and I tried it in different scenarios. The most beneficial way is to apply this in the evening and leave it over night. There are some other unsuccessful ways of wearing it, so if you want to save some of your time, please read more:) I used to wear it after finishing a lunch work out in pre Covid times (gosh feels like a century ago) and an hour later I would find m...
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  19. Worth the sting


    I bought this product after reading about the benefits of Vit C serums. The texture is a bit gritty (as I expected) and the product definitely has a distinct smell; it's not offensive, but I wouldn't want to have it on all day (it's fine at night when you're going to sleep!). I find that the product does make my skin tingle and string, but I also find that it works really well to help exfoliate th...
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  20. Not bad but not in love


    I love every product I’ve used from TO and think they’re products are great value for money, but I just felt this vitamin c was a little underwhelming.
    The smell and texture is not the most pleasant but is definitely would be able to get past that if the product was great but I really didn’t see results. I also found it didn’t sit that well underneath makeup and did notice some congestion f...
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  21. Stand out Product


    This is by far my favourite product by “The Ordinary”. The results were instant, and it seems like this is what my skin has been begging me for! It does have a gritty texture (like a lot of Vitamin C products), so I only use on make-up free days and in my night time routine. The product makes the skin tingle, but in a way that suggests the ingredients are active and working (not in a burn-my-skin-...
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  22. Good choice for someone trying vitamin c for the first time


    This was the first vitamin c product I have ever tried and I experienced no irritation or stinging. It definitely had a brightening effect on my skin. It does feel a bit gritty when applied due to the formulation, and I felt it took a while to soak in to my skin.
  23. Weird texture, but makes your skin glow


    I recently bought The Ordinary's Vit C Suspension with HA Spheres as my skin was looking dull after pregnancy. I wont lie- the texture feels disgusting, but I have never used a product that has made my skin look so dewy and amazing by the next day! It's awesome! It does sting a little, but that fades over time... a must have to bring glow back if your skin is looking or feeling a little lacklustre...
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  24. Mixed feelings


    This was my first entry into topical Vitamin C. It's tingly, tending towards stingy if you have any open wounds on the skin (such as open breakouts). It's a bit gritty and can pill if you don't wait for it to sink in completely before applying other products. It's quite intense for my acne prone skin, and caused sensitivity and breakouts until I started mixing it into my moisturiser. However, it's...
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  25. Texture


    Over the past three weeks of trying this product, the only thing I’ve noticed it the unusual gritty like texture when applied to skin. It also makes my neck very irritated but not my face.
  26. A little disappointed but still love The Ordinary.


    I love The Ordinary range but unfortunately not this product. I used it for about 3 weeks every night and I did not use it with my Niacinamide + Zinc serum but still experienced a lot of piling when I applied it on my face. I mixed it with some moisturiser which solved the piling issue but then found my face breaking out in areas that I usually have no issues with. My skin is dry in some areas but...
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  27. Disappointing


    I love the ordinary and have used many of their products. However I have not noticed any difference or brightening from this product. It also has an unpleasant smell and feels very heavy.
  28. Unimpressed


    I really wanted to like this product but unfortunately it's been the most disappointing product of The Ordinary brand.
    It has a weird texture that's kind of sticky and pills- nothing like what I've experienced with other vitamin C products. It also has an unpleasant scent of some kind of metal (that's the only way I can describe it). I didn't even get half way through the tube I ended up th...
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  29. Amazing product


    My skin looks brighter as soon as I apply it. Longer term use gives you that photoshopped glow.
  30. irritating


    found this really irritating, my skin is sensitive though so maybe it is just me
  31. First vitamin C product I've used


    This is the first vitamin C product I've added into my routine and I love it! It is amazing value and gives me such a great glow. I started out using it every second night as I noticed some irritation initially as I have sensitive skin and after about a week or so began using it every night. It does have a slightly odd texture but I don't notice it once I've finished applying it and have put my mo...
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  32. Not a fan


    Very thick texture, didn't rub in very well, and skin tingles a lot
  33. Careful with sensitive skin


    Excellent product if you have previously used products that toughen the skin with regards to pH. use sparingly at first, then increase to more often per week, at night. Keep away from eyes, lips & nostrils.
  34. Disappointing


    I purchased this product over the Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% 30ml purely because they were out of stock where I purchased it. I've been using The Drunk Elephant C-Firma for some time now but decided I would try something new. I didn't enjoy this product because it's gritty but also because I noticed a lot of white bits balling up on my face as I rubbed the product in. The first night I experi...
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  35. Great!


    This product is great! It does feel greasy, but I mix it in with my moisturizer before going to bed, so I don’t notice it too much. By the morning, my skin is always super glowy and soft and I can really tell a difference.
  36. Not up to The Ordinary standards


    I really wanted to love this product but unfortunately it’s not for me. The texture is very strange and gritty, not very pleasant to apply to the face at all, and difficult to layer under moisturisers and makeup. I also found that if I applied it when my skin was a little drier than normal it would sting and my face would experience an uncomfortable prickling sensation for 15-30 minutes.
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  37. Love it


    You can feel this tingle when you put this on (in a good way). I really feel like it works. I use as a primer after I have out on my buffet serum and moisturiser. It makes my powder sit nice and I have had a few people compliment my skin since I have started using it. I have purchased the other vit c by the ordinary in squalene but this one is my fav. Have just repurchase :)
  38. Grainy texture


    I was really hoping to love this! But unfortunately the feel of it (a grainy texture) I found really hard to put make up on after (I like using my Vitamin C in the AM).
  39. Good affordable Vitamin C


    This is a good vitamin C for the low price point. The texture can be quite gritty so I like to mix it with the Ordinary's moisturiser. It can also be a little irritating so mixing it with the moisturiser reduces the potential of irritation and sensitivity. I've used this Vitamin C for over a year and seen great results with the brightness of my skin as well as a reduction in breakouts. I would rec...
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  40. Slighty Gritty & Stingy


    Price is really reasonable!

    First few uses, I found it stung a little bit and dried my skin (I expected that). So to dull the sting i mixed it with Hyaluronic Acid which worked a treat! No more stinging! Slightly Gritty in texture nothing major but noticeable.

    Overall, after a few weeks use my skin is visibly more bright and even in tone.

    People with Sensit...
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  41. Texture


    The texture is a bit gritty, but it can be resolved by applying in a mix with another serum. This suspension brightens my skin like no other Vitamin C I've tried. I'll be repurchasing this one when I run out
  42. So brightening


    It's true that this product creates a very strong tingling sensation when you first begin using it. Regardless, the sensation doesn't last long and it's worth it. This vitamin C suspension has done so much to brighten my skin. I've only been using it a few weeks, but I noticed a new, visable glow almost straight away. I will continue to purchase this product and may experiment with the pure, powde...
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  43. Good results but not pleasant to use


    I have combination-normal skin and wanted a product to help with dullness and texture. I think this product is really effective, it definitely makes my skin glowy and is worth the price. It's not the most elegant formula - it takes a while to rub in and turned my white hand towel a bit yellow over time after I washed my hands. I probably won't repurchase because I'm worried about turning my pillow...
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  44. A bit gritty


    I read the reviews that this was a gritty product but it’s so cheap I wanted to try it. I have very dry skin with sensitive cheeks. I used it every third night for three weeks and it’s still tingly when I use it. I add some bio oil to make it easier to apply. The bottle is a bit annoying, lots comes out and you only need 2 drops. It’s very grainy and I try to avoid any sensitive spots. My skin is ...
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  45. Hmm, good but...


    Very thin formula which is great and easy to use, but a bit gritty. And have found it has contributed to an increase in blackheads on my nose...
  46. LOVE!


    I bought this product after using the ordinary's vit 10% and loving the results but wanted something with abit more power and this product delivered despite the slight tingle I've found it goes on smoothly and leaves my skin visibly brighter, I cant wait to keep on using it!
  47. Good price, but there is better out there


    When you look at how cheap this is compared to other Vitamin C serums, it is ridiculously affordable. However, I've used a couple of other Vit C products and this was my least favourite, particularly because it piles on the skin. It does feel like it's working though, it's just not the greatest to layer with other products because of the residue.
  48. Great value for a great product


    I have quite dry and sensitve skin and often get eczema on my face an neck. Due to the eczema, my skin has become heavily pigmented, patchy and scaley in places. I can only use this product when my inflammation is down or my skin is not too dry because it stings like mad otherwise.

    However when the eczema is settled and I apply it the next day my skin feels amazing and smooth. It qui...
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  49. Visibly brighter skin


    Brought this product to reduce some of the dark spots around my chin from acne/pimples. After just one week I really started to notice the difference! My dark spots have definitely faded (not completely) and my skin is slightly brighter. Would agree that it stings on application and is quite oily/shiny when applied, not a great layering product. My only real complaint is that the bottle makes the ...
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  50. love it


    this has been great, it does have a gritty texture which does not bother me. I use this at night and I have found that it does brighten my completion. I would buy again
  51. High Potency Vit C


    This is a VERY strong Vitamin C treatment (I beleive it's the strongest in the ordinary Vit C range) I've purchased this many times and always loved it. I used to use it 3 nights a week with good results. However, the past few months since I started using tretinoin 0.5, my skin has become too sensitive and this Vit C started giving me actual skin burns (my fault, not the product). Although I h...
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  52. Perfection at a great price


    This goes on so smoothly on my skin. It also helps with fine lines and improves my skin so much
  53. Tingly skin

    Mel Mac

    Just received this about 2 weeks ago. Have been using it of a night as I use the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% of a morning.
    Feels a bit gritty on the skin but spreads well and soaks up quickly. Feels tingly when putting on which can last a few minutes - especially if you keep touching your face.
    I think it is giving me some benefit - bit too early to be sure though.
  54. Clear bright skin


    I have been using this product for some time now, and my skin is noticeably brighter and my pigmentation is significantly reduced. It is non-irritating and I think this product is a great element in a complete skin care regime.
  55. Great but a little harsh - use with caution.


    This is a pretty potent product so I mix it in with a bit of pure Vitamin E before I put it on my face and body. If i don't, it starts to irritate my skin and leaves an unpleasant burning sensation. On the flipside, this has faded a lot of dark spots on my legs, bum and face. Don't put this around your eyes either!! Unless you want them to sting!
  56. Maybe not for me


    Not sure about this one. I don't like the texture of the cream on my skin but feel that it does brighten my complexion.
  57. Very nice


    Good product does sting a bit on open skin but doesn't sting for very long. Helped with my dark spots and brake outs, in a week
  58. Tingley


    It's still only early days but this product stings my face, not in a pleasant way and I don't really vibe the gritty texture once rubbed in - BUT in comparison to my previous high-end vitamin c product, this has already shown some improvement in my pigmentation on my cheek area, in combination with the niamicide and HA. I would recommend using at night time alongside the other ordinary products if...
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  59. Not seeing any results


    I have been using this probably twice a week of an evening and so far not really noticing any difference. It has quite a tingly sensation when first applied so I would probably not recommend for sensitive skin or make sure you mix it with moisturiser, which is what I do. I also find it doesn’t work well with other serums. It all ends up peeling. Probably wouldn’t purchase again.
  60. Complexion Changer


    Metallic smell, stays on your hands so need to wash off. Not for sensitive skin. Tingles a little on application. However have seen an improvement in my skin, helps reduce scarring quicker and prevent sun damage.
  61. Works but wouldn’t buy again


    Product did make a difference in the brightening of my complexion but the consistency and feel to this isn’t worth it to me. Horribly drying and pills when on the skin. Mixed this with my face oil and was a bit more bearable on the skin.
  62. Vitamin C

    Rosie D

    Felt like a balm applying to skin then the itch from hell came on. It irritates the skin so much you want to scratch your face off. It lasts about 5 - 10 mins. Next day skin looked good but I don’t know if I can go this little horror every night. I really wanted to like this product as I love every other Ordinary product I own.
  63. Bright bargain


    First time vitamin c user, a fan pf other The Ordinary products and looking for a radiance boost. Texture ia between a cream and an oily lotion with a very fine grittiness. Mild tingling to almost itchiness wothin one minite of applying but no redness or sognificant irritation for me. I can see a difference in my complexion within a few minutes, very pleased with the results. Excited to ...
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  64. Brightening and amazing


    Good product - a bit gritty but great when mixed with moisturiser. I apply at night 2-3 times a week and my skin has improved alot.

    Just a note for those with sensitive skin like me, I'd say to slowly introduce it into your routine.
  65. Great product


    The only reason I havn't given this product 5 stars is because the product texture was a bit grainy. Initially my skin broke out in a small rash after using this - however after a few days (and using a smaller amount!) my skin adjusted and i'm really happy with the results.
  66. broke me out :(


    I have normal skin, with a history of acne/oily skin. This product, even when i mixed it with moisturizer gave me little pimples all over my cheek. The smell is pretty bad.
  67. Effective exfoliate for anti aging


    This inexpensive product delivers results. I have sensitive skin so I find it itchy when applied so I add a moisturiser on top. However the tingling makes me feel like it’s working and the results are brighter less dull skin and fading sun spots
  68. Better off somewhere else


    I picked up this product primarily to address the issue of hyperpigmentation on my skin and yet after consistent use, I am yet to see much of a difference.
    Just as the warning stated, there was quite a lot of burning when I would first put it on, and the texture of the lotion would rather be patted on than rubbed into the skin I think.
    I would suggest reaching for Skinstitute's 'Even ...
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  69. Great vitamin C product


    Works exactly as expected - skin tone is noticeably brightened! However the stinging is quite intense (much more so than the Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel, for comparison), and it has quite a granular texture (from the HA spheres I think), which I wasn't expecting from a suspension. Overall I'm really happy with it, but if you have sensitive skin I'd maybe give it a miss.
  70. Liking not Loving


    I'm liking this product so far, I definitely haven't fallen in love with it yet. I wanted to incorporate a vitamin C into my skincare routine but I think I would prefer a serum - this is a creamy consistency and it doesn't layer well.
  71. Great vitamin C product


    Works exactly as expected - skin tone is noticeably brightened! However the stinging is quite intense (much more so than the Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel, for comparison), and it has quite a granular texture (from the HA spheres I think), which I wasn't expecting from a suspension. Overall I'm really happy with it, but if you have sensitive skin I'd maybe give it a miss.
  72. So far so good!


    I’m not too sure on everyone say this is gritty. I found it really smooth and silky on my skin. Definitely tingles when it’s first put on but the subsides after a few minutes. Looking forward to seeing results on my pigmentation on my jaw line and temples. I love all of The Ordinary’s serums so hopefully this works just as good.
  73. Doesn't Do Much...


    When I first applied the product, I was put off by the gritty texture. The product itself is oily, so it felt like I was slathering sandy-oil on my face!
    It also made no visible improvements to my appearance in any way, even after using it for more than 2 months.
    I then read that this product was meant to be pat into the skin, still made no difference.
    Very disappointed and will...
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  74. She stings


    This stings! A lot. I don't really have sensitive skin and I've used other vit C serums before with no issue. It's possibly because this is quite a strong mix.

    I'm going to stick with it. Hopefully the potency will give amazing results.

    I have to admit, I don't like th HA spheres. They make it feel rough when applying, even if I pat it in.
  75. Pretty good


    I used the whole tube of this and while it definitely did sting when applying I’m not certain it helped my skin tone too much? I’m going to re purchase and try it again. Not for sensitive skin in my opinion as it definitely stings when applying.
  76. Great Results


    This is my favourite product, but also my least favourite product at the same time haha.
    I find the smell, and consistency a bit odd, it's quite a strong smell and the product can be slightly grainy when applying this.
    I also find that it doesn't mix well when I apply other products too, so I always try to just moisturize and then apply only this serum.
    Also - try and not to get...
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  77. Works i guess


    It works, it helps with dark spots, but the product experience is bad, the texture is not great and it is awful under makeup. It pills.
  78. Happy with results


    I've found this to really help with my dark undereye bags.
  79. Pretty good ingredients, but doesn't feel too nice


    I have noticed it brightening up the skin (due to Vitamin C), but the main reason I have repurchased it is because it also has hyaluronic acid in it, which I definitely notice my skin missing when I stop using it (my nose gets all dry and peely). However, my skin gets itchy around the mouth, and it stays shiny for a long time. I only use it in the evening because of this. If it wasn't so itchy, it...
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  80. Not the best


    I'm not a fan of the texture of this product + it's application. It leaves an unwanted sensation on my skin. I've read other reviews that recommend to mix this product with a moisturiser to help with the tingling sensation but it doesn't really seem to help. It does work and I've noticed a difference but will not be repurchasing this product.
  81. Great price and results!


    This product is an amazing entry into using a Vitamin C. I use this at night on its own - yes it's a little gritty and tingly, but who cares at night time? It's a great product, has helped to brighten my skin and it's such a great price!
  82. I haven't seen any results for using this yet


    I've been using this for about 2 months and it isn't really doing anything for me
  83. Great


    Such a great vitamin c product. There is a tingle when you apply the product, but only lasts for a few minutes. The next day my skin feels bright and vibrant.
  84. Love it


    I purchased this after listening to the Adore Beauty podcast, despite some negative reviews on the website. I love it! I wear it at night after cleansing. The trick is to leave it a good 15 minutes before putting your nightly moisturizer on top. The next day my skin is so bright and plump and I really rate it. It definitely tingles a bit, but that doesn’t bother me.
  85. Unsure


    I've never used Vitamin C on my skin before so was unsure what to expect.
    I really don't like the texture. It is very gritty on the skin and not pleasant feeling.
    The directions said may have tingling but that didn't occur for me.
    I've been using this for about 2 weeks now and have noticed nothing positive about my skin.
    My main negative with this is it has made my pores a...
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  86. Not something id use again


    Very harsh on the skin, extremely strong and of chemical smell. I wouldn't use again, id spend the money and get a vitamin C natural serum.
  87. I don't understand it. Yet.


    I really don't like the feel of this. It feels gritty and sticky and it doesn't seem to absorb into the skin well, leaving the sticky greasy feeling on all day. Not to mention the sour tangy taste if you accidentally brush some on your lip. I was humiliated by discovering that there were balls of it stuck to my neck, and resorted to having to use a tissue to rub it off while I was in the middle of...
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  88. Beautiful Product


    Heard so many things about vitamin C and this product is amazing, my skin feels brighter and softer and is affordable. Couldn't recommend this product more highly.
  89. Question!


    Hello, I face acne issues and also scarring issues. So i bought both the Vitamin C suspension along with the niacinamide product. However, I later found out that I should never mix both product together. May I ask if it is ok for me to use niacinamide in the morning and vitamin C suspension at night?
  90. OK but not great


    The texture of the product is gritty and once applied leaves my skin looking very oily. It stings a bit but doesn't last too long. It seems to sit on top of my skin. The next day my skin always looks more congested. Not what was expecting. I will try a different Vitamin C next time.
  91. Amazing for brightening skin


    OK so like most of the reviews already say, the texture of this is a little surprising. It's slightly gritty (but like ultra fine sand not a scrub) and the first time I used it I was a bit thrown off by this, as well as not really knowing if I should apply moisturiser on top because I had read some reviews that said it doesn't combine well with other products. I actually skipped it the second day ...
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  92. It’s ok

    Skin care fusspot

    If the packaging were airtight I’d probably repurchase this. The product itself is good. I prefer the vitamin c powder by The Ordinary.
  93. Pills under makeup


    It works well to brighten and really helps with dark spots but if you put on your foundations before it fully absorbs it pills like crazy! not good for when you're in a rush but if you have 15 min to let is sit would recommend.
  94. Worth the price


    I purchased this because I have bad hyperpigmentation that hasn't gone away with anything I have tried before. I tried the Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate before this and although I loved it's consistency, I felt like it didn't do anything special for my face. I heard this was strong enough to burn the face even if you use a mosturizer but surprisingly it didn't do anything of that sort to me. I hav...
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  95. Vitamin C boost at a great price


    With skin that's not as supple as it used to be, I bought this product on the advice of many who sing the praises of Vitamin C. I have sensitive, dry skin so was tentarive to use it. But so far so good. I use it a few times a week at after cleansing. Then follow with 'The buffet' serum. I've been pleased so far and also stoked about the value for money.
  96. Great Product


    This product helps to brighten my complexion over a few uses, and helps to fade any scars from acne/spots. Does have an interesting texture and a little bit gritty but it doesn't bother me. I wait about 3-5 minutes before applying moisturiser on top so it can sink it and the grittiness goes away. Overall lovely product and so affordable! Also make sure to not put it on broken skin i.e freshly brok...
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  97. My new staple


    I didn’t read the reviews for this one, so was a bit surprised by the texture and consistency as it goes on quite gritty but it goes a long way. If you have sensitive skin I wouldn’t recommend as it can burn and sting if you’re skin is already irritated. But it has become my new Vitamin C staple!
  98. effective for pigmentation


    Use this product for the specific issues of pigmentation, brightening and exfoliation. It isn't particularly hydrating. so keep that in mind and have another product on hand to deal with that.

    The smell isn't great, but I would prefer to pay less for a product that doesnt have fragrance, which does nothing to assist your skin concerns anyway. I have pigmentation around my temples and...
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  99. Amazing results!


    I’m skincare obsessed but having acne prone skin and being on medication (making it extremely sensitive!) I’m really careful with what I put on my skin. A pea sized amount covers my face & it only stings a little when first applied. Like the other comments mention the texture is a little different than expected but I think it’s fine. Because most products make me breakout I was very skeptical but ...
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  100. Great but leaves an odour


    I am using my second bottle of this product, however I must note that it does actually leave an odour similar to that of fake tan. In saying that I do actually like the results. The formulation is rather gritty but I actually like that effect and the next day my skin always looks a little brighter. I’m still going to re-purchase as the smell doesn’t really bother me and it’s a cheap product compa...
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