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The Ordinary The Daily Set 50ml, 2x30ml

4.7 of 91 reviews


4 instalments of $8.25

Or 4 instalments of $8.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $8.25

Or 4 instalments of $8.25 with LEARN MORE

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Every day, we strive for better skin. The Ordinary Daily Set is a complete set of skincare basics that are well-suited to all skin types, leaving the skin comfortably hydrated and ready to go. Each product in The Ordinary Daily Set is a best-selling full size.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan
  • Alcohol Free
  • Paraben Free

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SUPERIOR - 100% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary The Daily Set Reviews

4.7 of 91 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

A great pack


3 of my favourites all in one package deal. You'll be glad you ordered this pack. The cleanser at first seemed like it wasn't doing anything, give it time. It's really great, the other two products are fantastic as well. They all work wonders together too. You can order them all separately, however I find seeing I like all, you may as well save a little and get them in the pack. A little goes a fair way too.

Most Helpful Criticism

soft and smooth


I didn't really notice a difference however it is a nice feeling product.
  1. A great pack


    3 of my favourites all in one package deal. You'll be glad you ordered this pack. The cleanser at first seemed like it wasn't doing anything, give it time. It's really great, the other two products are fantastic as well. They all work wonders together too. You can order them all separately, however I find seeing I like all, you may as well save a little and get them in the pack. A little goes a fa...
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  2. Amazing!


    I have big pores and milia, I've tried so many products and this was going to be my last time "wasting money" on products that don't work. I am just blown away by how well this works, my pores are so small now and my milia has also changed. I've only been using these products for about 6 weeks and I noticed the change within 2 weeks! The other great thing is you only have to use such a tiny amou...
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  3. Amazing!!!!!


    This basic and affordable set has done my skin wonders, highly recommend!!
  4. Perfect nothing to complain about


    This is the perfect way to venture into the ordinary products, and these three are all one of their best sellers! Received this as a gift and each one is great. Suits all skin types and its such good value for 3 items
  5. great starter kit


    I bought this a while back and I think it is a great starter kit. The cleanser is my least favourite, it is very mild and gentle. I love the other two products.
  6. great value set


    I bought each individual products and repurchased this set which worked out even cheaper. great value for money.
  7. Perfect set


    This set includes my everyday skincare staples. It's a great range of moisturising and hydrating products.
  8. A great set!


    This is the perfect set to first try out the Ordinary’s products. It’s a great snapshot of what their products can do. Try it! You won’t be disappointed.
  9. Fantastic

    Priyanka Sharma

    It’s a good product perfect gift as well
  10. Perfect gift


    This Daily set includes all of my stapels that I use in my everyday skincare. Its a perfect gift to gift someone starting out with skincare or wanting to mix up their skincare routine. I highly recommend this
  11. Great beginner set


    Good basic skincare set
  12. Great


    An awesome way to try some ordinary products. This are great and obviously at an amazing price! Worth a shot.
  13. Good basic setup


    Great place to start a skincare routine. No frills basic skincare
  14. Fantastic gift set


    My friends got me this set as a gift and it got me into skincare,. Has all the basics for someone starting out
  15. Pretty good


    I have been using these products twice daily for three weeks now. While I am still experiencing some pimples and such, I definitely blame that on the stress and lack of sleep that is university life, and my skin seems to be in a better state than it should be, considering. My skin feels soft and having a skin care routine makes me feel way more put together.

    If you are on the fence a...
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  16. Perfect starter pack/gift!


    Obsessed with this brand and the results I've been getting. This little pack is an awesome way to get started or gift to a love one.
  17. Best skincare I’ve ever tried!


    I’m in my mid-20’s and until now I’ve never been able to find a suitable skincare range for me. Every brand I’ve tried has made my skin breakout and I’ve spent 100’s on different attempts. I’ve been using the ordinary set for a few weeks now and WOW what a difference it’s made to my skin!! Can’t recommend enough especially for the price and the result. 100% recommend
  18. Love this!


    Everyone should have these three products as a starting point. Its a great introduction to the brand and all the products are great.
  19. Great bunch of products


    This honestly cleared my skin up so so much. I’m obsessed with the ordinary products, they are awesome! I’m really happy I got my hands on this, definitely give it a go if you can!


    I have used every item in this pack and would highly recommend purchasing. My skin has improved so much and I think this pack is great value if you’re wanting to try multiple products.
  21. First time user


    I have used a primer from this brand but had found the amount of skin care available a little overwhelming. I started with the daily set and now I am hooked.

    I have oily/combination skin and up until recently I have used DMK products (hugely expensive) and gone for a monthly facial. I have always had problem skin prone to break-outs.

    This pack comes with a oil based clea...
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  22. New to Skincare


    I am fairly new to skin care and have read so many positive things about The Ordinary products, so I decided to try The Daily Set. This is such an easy routine to get in to and is pretty straightforward. My skin is generally really dry and this set has really helped hydrate my dry skin. The cleanser is great to use and doesn't foam up, which I've heard is prone to drying out the skin. The Hyaluron...
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  23. amazing


    I got this as a gift. There full-size products. I love the ordinary product. A very great product and also great for the price. The hyaluronic acid I love a lot. After using that my skin just feel so different.
  24. Perfect trial set


    You can't really go past this product when it comes to a sample of a company's offerings. The price is so low relative to the exposure it provides to the brand that it's a no-brainer for them to offer it. The quality is also very high for the price with several very serviceable items. If you've never tried the ordinary and want to give their daily skincare products a go, then add this to cart and ...
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  25. love love love


    Let just start by saying, for the price point, THIS SET IS AMAZING!

    I bought this set to try for fun after hearing good things about The Ordinary and it didn't disappoint. Whilst the products themselves ran out fairly quick due to the small package sizes, this was mostly because I was using them all the time haha. The cleanser is great for removing makeup and very hydrating, as is th...
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  26. love love love


    Let just start by saying, for the price point, THIS SET IS AMAZING!

    I bought this set to try for fun after hearing good things about The Ordinary and it didn't disappoint. Whilst the products themselves ran out fairly quick due to the small package sizes, this was mostly because I was using them all the time haha. The cleanser is great for removing makeup and very hydrating, as is th...
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  27. Love the ordinary


    the ordinary is so great and my favourite is the moisturiser. This pack is great for starting out and super affordable!
  28. Good starter set


    If the ordinary confuses you, like it confuses me; this set is a great starter set. I had tried all of these products separately first, but needed another set as a backup at my boyfriends house. The moisturiser is a light summer/day time moisturiser, the cleanser is really easy to use (apply on dry skin, that part I got wrong for 2 weeks..) and the hyaluronic acid most definitely rivals other more...
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  29. My New Favourite Products


    Bought this pack as I wanted to try this brand out and wanted to start being more serious about my skin care. The best thing I have done. I love the way my skin has changed since using this. It's more firm and youthful.
  30. Best Starter Set


    Bought this set as an introduction to the Ordinary, and now im hooked! Love it!
  31. Cleared my skin


    I sorted using it and I could instantly tell that it I’m proved my skin paired with borage seed oil and caffeine solution.
    Worked great for me ☺️
  32. a great trial pack


    this is a really good trial pack to save a few dollars, I love the moisturiser
  33. The daily set


    This is great to try out some of the ordinary products i like that they stick to simple ingredients and basic packaging!
  34. soft and smooth


    I didn't really notice a difference however it is a nice feeling product.
  35. Great Starter Pack


    I wanted to try out the products and I didnt know where to start. All I knew was that I needed a cleanser and a moisturiser. I did my research - read reviews and the product information - and this was the perfect starter set for me.
  36. Great set


    My first Ordinary product and a perfect entry! The cleanser is divine
  37. Great for Oily skin

    The ordinary

    Bought this set to try improving my skin and i have found it works and helps control my excess oil would recommend any one to try and i love how these products are so affordable.
  38. Better than I initially thought.


    I reviewed this previously but I've been using this product even more regularly and prolonged and thought it needed a different review... Here's why.

    Staying home more now that we're all in quarantine.... My skin is less oily and I found that my normal cleanser was a tad too drying. So though I use this as a first step cleanse sometimes, I thought I'd switch over to using this product...
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  39. loved the moisturiser


    I liked the hyalauronic acid. However i found the cleanser didn't actually clean my pores, it was more of a surface cleanser, it did make my skin feel really soft though. The moisturiser is super hydrating which i love
  40. Great but tubes aren't full


    I received my set about a week ago and so far it's been working out well. The products are easy to apply and seem to be doing wonders for my skin- they've already gotten rid of blackheads that have been there for months.

    I would definitely recommend this set to others- the only problem with it, is that the tubes of cleanser and moisturiser aren't filled nearly as much as the could be...
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  41. Don’t Be Fooled by the Bottle Size

    Miss Tarnia

    I’m not sure what I was expecting, but amazing is how my face feels.

    Such a tiny package, it’s suits the application.

    Only small amounts required and the effects are instant.

    The Cleanser is so easy, it’s gets waterproof eyeliner, mascara, foundation and lippy in one swoosh, rinse with water and it’s all gone.
    Move to the Hyaluronic Acid, again only 3-...
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  42. Easy Routine for Soft Skin


    I have never had a skincare routine before, having always had naturally nice, blemish-free skin. However as I have been getting older I have noticed my colour fade so I come across quite pale, and imperfections dot my cheeks. So after much research I tried The Ordinary. I have to say my skin has never felt softer, and is starting to look a little healthier. Blemishes haven’t completely disappeared...
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  43. Great for skin barrier


    I enjoyed these staples so much and they are all so gentle on your skin especially if you have an impaired skin barrier and you are replenishing moisture from overusing AHAs! Love it
  44. Great value - great products


    Really surprised with the quality of these products, I had never used any of the ordinary skincare before but after using this kit for over month I’m really pleased with how my skin looks
  45. Great starter pack!!


    This pack is great for starting out!!! The cleanser is great as it also takes off my leftover make up from the day. But I would suggest using a water based cleanser as well :) The serum and moisturiser are very hydrating together, great for dry skin but probably a bit much for oily skin like mine. I just used either the serum or moisturiser. Defiantly would recommend to anyone wanting an affordabl...
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  46. A genuinely great introduction to multi-step skincare!


    I've always found it really hard to get into skincare without feeling overwhelmed, but this set is GREAT for helping you find your footing! I have dry skin with some oil build up around my nose and hairline, and this set managed to get my oily areas under control, whilst keeping all the dry parts moisturized! Can't recommend enough!
  47. Great value for money


    Definitely great value for money, don't expect anything life changing. Can't say it changed my skin at all but all does the job.
  48. Amazing


    I have never been one to really take care of my skin but thought I'd give it a good and oh my goodness, literally within 3 days of using this stuff my skin completely changed for the better. Can't recommend enough.
  49. Simple set


    This set is great for skincare beginners or sensitive skin minimalists for cleansing and hydration, there’s nothing wow about these products but sometimes it’s good to have no gimmicks
  50. The perfect starter kit

    Ally J

    I bought this pack because I wasn't too sure where to start with the Ordinary products. It feels a little overwhelming in the beginning because there was so much to research about skincare in order to try out this brand. However this was a very safe place to get yourself trying the range.
  51. Love it!


    This set is a great (and cost effective) way to test out whether the ordinary range is the right fit for you!
  52. Great Set!


    Great little starter or basics set that is excellent value for money.

    Has all the basic products you would need to keep up a decent skincare routine.

    Would recommend to all!
  53. Great beginner set


    I love this set you get all products you need to start a skincare routine. The HA serum is amazing and so hydrating, the Moisturiser is a bit thick but soaks in well, lastly the cleanser is great for a first cleanse I use a gel cleanser after. But overall a great kit.
  54. Best starter pack!


    After years of a pretty slack skin routine, I wanted to purchase some budget friendly products to get me started. I was recommended this by a friend and wow am I impressed! The Squalane Cleanser gives my skin such as good clean for both AM and PM, and together the Hyaluronic Acid 2% B5 & Natural Moisturizing Factors HA leave my face feeling smooth and refreshed. Definitely would recommend to anyon...
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  55. Amazing


    Amazing value set and the products are amazing
  56. Perfect basics


    Good price for the basics, plus they work pretty well, especially for the price point. Packaging is very nice, plain and sleek. Smell is fine, nothing special but not bad.
  57. Amazing Daily Set


    Seeing this all over facebook pages and peoples great reviews, thought i'd try it for myself. My skin has never looked so good. I actually feel comfortable not wearing makeup everyday
  58. Best Way to try out Products for the first time


    This set was super cute and a great size for first time buyers. They are a great size to have a few weeks to see how it reacts to your skin and you can repeat purchase in bigger sizes. My favourite was the hyaluronic acid! It has done wonders for my skin! Highly recommend !
  59. Amazing kit


    My skin is dry although I do get hormonal breakouts and I have scarring from acne. I had no routine, I basically used no products before. I bought this kit because I wanted to start taking better care of my skin and it is perfect! In just a few days I can notice the difference. It is super helpful for getting used to having a routine as well, this is your basic kit, and from here you can see what ...
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  60. Skins best friend


    I am prone to breakouts, have sensitive and combination skin. This package has decreased my breakouts and has given my skin a great hydration boost and always makes my skin feel amazing. It is one of the first skin care ranges that doesn't irritate my skin and make it go red. Good bang for your buck and lasts over a month despite the small sizes of the products.
  61. Great product


    i highly recommend this product! It came quick and makes my skin so soft !
  62. Love love love and affordable


    I love all the ordinary products as they don't break the bank, but give you the same results. This is a great pack for someone who wants to trial their products. I gave the pack to my sister and now she is hooked too!
  63. Affordable and effective


    A really great little kit that's affordable. It was better for my skin than some more expensive brands that u have tried in the past.
  64. Great little set


    I received this set for my birthday and it has been a great introduction to the Ordinary's products. The sizes of the products are still quite generous and I feel will last me a while. This set has helped me figure out which products in the Ordinary will be helpful for me to start with, and I will be trying a few new ones after doing more research and reading.
    My skin feels smoother after a...
    Read More
  65. Affordable basics


    If you want to try out the ordinary and don’t know where to start, this is a really affordable basic kit. These products probably won’t blow you away if you’re a skin care junkie but for newbies or teens would definitely recommend!
  66. Great value & basic everyday essentials


    This pack is super affordable and has everything you need to wash your face off after a day of work and get super hydrated before bed.
    I bought this to leave at my boyfriends house and it's the perfect size!
    The squalane cleanser is such a nice consistency and does a great job when teamed with a face halo :)
  67. Great essentials bundle for beginners


    This is an affordable bundle and a great starting point for a newbie. The consistency of the products is beautiful. Feels much more luxxy than a $30 skincare pack. Already starting to see changes to my skin, less oily and stays hydrated all day.
  68. Sensitive Skins BFF!


    for the cleanser..
    i just love how it melts and unscented it is. not itchy or redness.
    for the serum..
    like the cleanser its not that greasy and i love the feeling like you didnt put anything on your face.
    for the moisturizer..
    no heavy feeling or oilyness. its just everything in this set is perfect!
    recommended for starter kit or really sensitive skin.
  69. Perfect trial pack


    The Ordinary can be quite intimidating at first for those that aren't too knowledgable in skincare but this kit has done all the research for you. Each product is super basic but works great with every skin type. Highly recommend!
  70. Restored my skin


    Been struggling so much with my skin can’t believe something so cheap has fixed my acne. Couldn’t be happier makes skin way softer aswell. Would definitely recommend LOVE it.
  71. Actually fixed my pimply situation!

    The best

    I bought this pack along with other products for red and blemished skin. 3 days later I noticed such a difference in texture and redness.
  72. perfect starter


    i bought this to trial the prodcuts and instantly fell in love! they are my go to from now on!!
  73. nice intro


    really great pack if you want hydrated skin. all these products contain great ingredients and are all cult faves
  74. Beauty's best friend

    Izzy th

    The packaging was very nice, and delivery to nz was very fast, 3 days. I have tried so many products for my oily skin and break outs but most products leave my face feeling very dry. This cleanser pack has definitely been the best by far by not drying my skin but also by how well it works.
    Love the product and will definitely be buying more
  75. Where to start!


    If you dont know where to start with the ordinary, this is the kit to try first! Try the products see how they work for you, and build up. perfect first set
  76. Good introduction


    Found this to be a good intro to a skincare routine, loving the way the HA is making my skin feel so farand the cleanser is nice and easy to use. The moisturiser may be a bit light for me by itself but paired with the HA I've noticed my skin looking really nicely hydrated
  77. Perfect starter kit


    I purchased this Starter kit as I have heard good things about the products. I wanted to try a couple of things as I can tend to have very sensitive skin. This kit is great for that and good testers before buying the full sized products. This is definitely the perfect starting point and offers a really simple and easy to use routine. So far so good, currently looking at other items for my next pu...
    Read More
  78. Great value


    Really good products, they are very hydrating the only thing I don’t like is that you have to apply the cleanser before you wet your face and I forget to apply it before getting into the shower other than that the products are great.
  79. Excellent


    Received this daily set a couple of days ago and cannot believe how good my skin feels in such a short time! Definitely my go to cleaning routine now
  80. Great Kit for hydration


    This is a great set for hydration. All these three products leave your skin hydrated. If you like these smaller sizes and routine you can then move onto the Super size.
  81. great


    It's a great introduction to the brand, but also for people like me who use lots of the products I think it's a great way to stock up at good value!
  82. The perfect starting point!


    I purchased this kit as a starting point for a new 2020 skincare routine. This is definitely the perfect starting point and offers a really simple and easy to use routine. I’m in love with the cleanser... I have combination skin and I find the consistency is perfect for moisturising my dry areas but not dominating the oilier areas.
    I would definitely recommend!!


    This is such great value! I loved having a taste of all the products and have discovered my new all time favourites as a result! Best to start with this if you want to introduce The Ordinary to your skincare regime!
  84. Worth the hype


    I love this brand so much, This is a great set for those wanting to try the brand, as it is super affordable and you can test out some of the best sellers from The Ordinary
  85. Hydrating


    Enjoyed sampling these products. Will definitely invest in the larger sizes now.
  86. the daily set


    great priced gift set for the basics in the ordinary range
  87. impressive


    i love using the ordinary skincare products! this is a cheaper deal than buying them individually..i highly recommend. it would be a great gift idea or someone trying the ordinary range
  88. incredible


    Very well priced for such an effective and hydrating product, will be repurchasing!
  89. Best deal ever


    I'm loving the ordinary so far. I have had malasma (mask of pregnancy) since I was 30 and no other skin care brand or beauty therapist treatment has even come close to what the Ordinary range has done. The moisterises and cleanser and Hyaloronic Acid + B5 are an awesome starter combo. I also use other Ordinary skin brightening, evening skin tone serums (Vitamin C) products, in combination with th...
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  90. Very impressed


    So I bought this because I've heard a lot of good things about this brand. What I was not expecting were immediate results. I used this for the first time today (btw shipping was really fast, ordered Friday and received Sunday) and my skins feels amazing, super soft and hydrated. I was worried the moisturizer would be a bit heavy but it's fine so far.
    So if you're even a little bit interest...
    Read More
  91. Brilliant products and value for money


    Love it!!!
    I thought the serum would be oily and greasy but not at all. Of the products end up leaving my skin feeling soft without any residue type feeling. Although the serum is sticky in the hands once it’s on that feeling goes.
    Love the moisturiser it’s perfect and the cleanser is brilliant - it removed my eye make up so quickly and easily.
    Great value for money and I will ...
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  92. Great Value


    This is a great value kit. I bought it because I am a fan of the HA and NMF, which layer on beautifully under tinted sunscreen, and give all day hydration and plumpness. The squalane cleanser removes SPF and mascara (which is what I mostly wear) quickly and efficiently. The only thing I don't like about it is the dropper bottle, I much prefer pumps. I might change HA brands because of it
  93. Good


    Good set but not as good as some other brands
  94. Essentials


    Great for clean and hydrated skin
  95. The best


    I love TO and this is great for travlling. Everything in one pack.
  96. Great products and price


    A really nice set that is amazing value for the price. A good way to try the range. Would recommend
  97. Great gift!


    I received this as a gift and I am hooked on this brand now.
  98. Best gift idea EVER.


    I have been using the ordinary for about 6 months, and I purchased 2 of these, one to give my mum for Christmas and one for myself because I wanted to try the cleanser and was out of the moisturiser and hylauronic acid. These products alone have healed my eczema on my hands that I have had for about 8 years now.

    The cleanser is awesome, it removes make up and sunscreen better than any...
    Read More
  99. Amazing


    This set is such amazing quality especially for the price
  100. Review & Earn
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