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The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution 30ml 30ml

4.6 of 501 reviews


4 instalments of $2.33

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4 instalments of $2.33

Or 4 instalments of $2.33 with LEARN MORE

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The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution helps exfoliate the inside walls of pores to fight the appearance of blemishes and to enhance skin clarity and texture with continued use. 

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

GREAT - 88% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads

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The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution 30ml

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution 30ml

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The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution 30ml Reviews

4.6 of 501 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Perfect for a spot treatmenr


I use this when I get a breakout, just put it on at night and seems to reduce size but can’t put it in too many days in a row as it will make your skin dry and flakey

Most Helpful Criticism

not the best


it did work for me in the start but after using them 5,6 times i felt that my skin was drying out too much and the pimples were not budging. so i stopped using it. however, initially it did make the pimples small but not disappear.
  1. Tingling goodness


    I love this product!! I used to use this nightly in my skincare routine, but since I've got sensitive skin, I've reduced my usage to once a month for a full sweep clean of my face. I put it on before my moisturiser and then head sleep. I love that it reduces congestion. If I have a few bigger whiteheads, it reduces the size and the redness overnight. I usually use 2-3 pumps for my face!
  2. Perfect for a spot treatmenr


    verified purchaser
    I use this when I get a breakout, just put it on at night and seems to reduce size but can’t put it in too many days in a row as it will make your skin dry and flakey
  3. not the best


    it did work for me in the start but after using them 5,6 times i felt that my skin was drying out too much and the pimples were not budging. so i stopped using it. however, initially it did make the pimples small but not disappear.
  4. A breakout’s worst enemy


    This product is AMAZING for breakouts. It’s so gentle on the skin compared to other salicylic acid products I’ve tried and just a dab of this on a pimple at night diminishes it by 70% in the morning. Would strong recommend! For reference I have normal to combination skin (oily t zone).
  5. Great spot treatment


    verified purchaser
    Using this all over made my face cry. However, a single teeny dot of this on a brewing pimple is the answer your pimple has been hoping that you'd never find out. My skin is a sensitive soul, so I like to put said dot on over a bunch of moisturising things. It still gets to work. Trust me. One dot, then put down the acid and walk away.
  6. Average


    This works ok for spots and breakouts but it's not dramatically more effective than any other spot treatments. It is a cheap buy, much cheaper than most other products. I would always recommend the Mario Bedascu Drying Lotion - it's the most powerful spot treatment out there and is incredible.
  7. Great spot treatment


    verified purchaser
    I use this as a spot treatment as soon as I get a pimple, it definitely helps them go away faster and sometimes stops them from developing a head which is great. If I'm feeling really congested sometimes I will rub a lot all over my face until it foams up and then wash it off in the shower.
  8. Good product for the price.


    Keeps skin feeling soft and smooth. It helps to clear up acne on my back.
  9. Well priced but can’t confirm good results


    verified purchaser
    I had been suffering from adult acne and purchased this to use as a spot treatment. It seemed to help minor pimples but can’t confirm that my skin had an amazing response to this product.
  10. Great for spot treatment


    verified purchaser
    I use this in certain areas where I’ve broken out. It’s so much better than a typical cleanser. Works faster than expected too
  11. Effective but texture isn't my favourite


    This is definitely effective for helping blemishes and keeping skin clear but I'm not a fan of the texture as it can sometimes pill.
  12. Great spot treatment


    I used this product as a spot treatment. Just be careful on how often you use this and what you use it in combination with since it’s an active product. Knowledge is power and if you know what is safe for your skin into have on it, your skin will love you.
  13. Affordable price for great skin!!


    Great product for those with breakouts. Works great as a spot treatment, but can be drying when used on the entire face. Lasts ages as a little goes a long way. If you like mixing serums and finding what works for you.. the ordinary is a great place to start !!
  14. Great Value


    Great product at an affordable price, good option if you don’t want to spend hundreds on high end product
  15. Great skincare staple for breakouts


    I've been using this since 2017 and love it, although it doesn't always work for a whitehead which I find needs something more hardcore/drying.
    I have normal to dry skin which has a tendency to breakout and this really helps keep the breakouts under control. Plus it's an absolute bargain and you don't need to use a lot.
    A must have for every skincare cupboard.
  16. Great for Breakouts


    I have bought this serum for a second time and it has changed my initial thoughts. I found results were noticeable after extensive use. My skin cleared with regular use. I can however find it drying so you definitely need to pair it with some sort of hydration. It's great for the price!
  17. Good exfoliator but strong


    I like this, but it is a bit strong so don't need to use it often. It's also a little drying, but thats whats expected with a BHA. It is a good product, but maybe using it as a mask instead of an overnight treatment might be better for those who find it a little harsh.
  18. Works a treat


    Very effective serum for spot treating pimples. It dries quickly so I can use it during the day under makeup as well as at night if needed.
  19. Good in Moderation


    I really love this as an acne preventing solution however, I do not recommend daily use if you have really sensitive skin like me.
    It made my skin very red and sore after a week of daily use.
    But once I began using it about 3 times a week, the soreness stopped and I noticed a drastic difference in acne coming through.
    I also think it's best to use this as a prevention rather t...
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  20. Great value and good results


    Great affordable product that has helped with monthly hormonal breakouts on my combination skin. I mainly use it as a spot treatment and it absorbs quickly and appears to help calm down the breakouts overnight.


    I bought this a few months ago now along and it's done wonders for my skin, I was breaking out really badly due to hormonal changes. I would use this at night and my breakouts were basically gone by the morning!! My skin is doing heaps better now so I just use it as a spot treatment when I feel a pimple about to come on.

    I tried a lot of expensive products without really seeing any re...
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  22. Great


    I use this on my face a few nights a week and I have noticed that my skin almost never breaks out anymore except before the time of the month
  23. Great for acne prevention


    This serum took me a while to figure out how it would work for me. I wouldn't recommended using it as a spot treatment as it actually ended up burning my skin, but I've found it AMAZING as a general all-over-the-skin treatment. I use it every morning on my face and on my back. I actually have worse acne on my back and have found this to be a godsend! Within a couple of days of using it once per da...
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  24. This should be your best friend if you have acne!


    I don't know what's in this product but everytime I have a pimple (white head mostly), I use this as spot treatment and the next day my pimple is reduced in size. Sometimes I use this if I know a pimple is going to form and it won't come up to the surface. It is that good. Just be careful not to overuse it as it can be drying.
  25. Works like magic!


    This product is the ultimate life saver if you have a pimple rearing it's ugly head. Perfect for reducing the appearance & growing of blind pimples. A little goes a long way. Works best as a spot treatment. Love this product, can't live without it! Could not recommend enough.
  26. Helps clear pores


    I like to use this a couple of nights a week all over my face. I have big pores all over my face which are prone to congestion. This procuct helps to reduce my congestion and clear my pores. Would definitely recommend for acne prone skin as this has also reduced my breakouts
  27. Purchased for my teenage daughter


    Uses as a spot treatment and has definitely noticed how quickly it will dry up a spot - no irritation which is great!
  28. Perfect for treating bumps and pimples


    This form of salicylic acid is the only form I'll buy. I can lather my face in it when I have my monthly breakout session and it works to reduce the size and redness of pimples overnight.

    It's non-drying (trust me, no matter how much I've used) and it's really effective. There's no need to buy cleansers with SA in it when you can just use this.

    I like to use it every se...
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  29. Bought this product for my teenage daughter


    And so far so good!
  30. Amazing!!!


    Just amazing, cleared up my stubborn acne and I saw results in just a week. My acne scars were lighter and after another repurchase its been 3 months now and they've almost disappeared. Definitely reccomend!
  31. hormonal acne life saver


    With my hormones being unbalance for the last few months, this product has definitely helped keep them under control. I've been getting a lot of hormonal breakouts (only the sore cystic acne!!) all over my chin and stubborn 1 or 2 on my cheeks. My skin hasn't completely cleared but this product has helped significantly to reduce the breakouts and speed the process.
  32. Great spot treatment


    I love using this product when a spot rears it ugly head. It works wonders, I put it on usually at night and by morning it has significantly reduced it size, or gone completely!
  33. Good, but not for me.


    I got this as I tend to get a few breakouts but on the whole my skin has already gone through the acne stage and I just have scarring. So this product didn't really do anything for me. But I think it seems to be more aimed at people current dealing with acne.
  34. Very mild


    I used this until I finished the bottle and didn't see any major differences in my skin. I guess it's good at preventing big breakouts but in terms of existing blackheads and breakout it doesn't really do much.
  35. Loveeeeeeeee this product


    This product is amazing. I had bad acne and it helped clear my skin so much. If I feel a pimple coming up, I just dab a bit on and it helps it so much. It helped clear my hormonal acne and it helps prevents those nasty time of month pimples from erupting all over your face!!!!!! You may need to watch out if you have sensitive skin though, I have a bit of sensitivity but my skin was able to handle ...
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  36. Great spot treatment


    Initially I thought this product wasn't effective but I kept using it and it really does work. It's amazing at preventing breakouts especially for my hormonal skin and it's a great spot treatment. You can't really beat the price point.
  37. Gentle but effective


    I have very sensitive skin that was formerly a frustrating mix of dry patches and angry redness with breakouts. I thought breakouts were for teenagers!
    I was worried that using salicylic acid on a daily basis would be too harsh on my skin, but I have been so pleasantly surprised. This serum tackles inflammation and stops most spots before they become angry and ugly.
    I use it every eve...
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  38. Brilliant for clear skin


    This my fourth purchase of salicylic acid and it has definitely stopped me getting huge pimples/cysts that sit under the skin and take forever to go away. I use this with their niacinamide every night after removing makeup and cleansing and I haven’t had those huge nasties since. I’ve also made sure that all my makeup is noncomodogenic as well.
  39. Great for prevention


    I have been using this product for over a year now and while I think it’s a great acne and blackhead prevention serum - I haven’t seen any reduction in the size of my black heads, which is why I originally bought it. Thinking I might need something stronger
  40. Basic


    This is a good spot treatment. For all over a personally prefer a toner consistency better than a gel but it does it's job.
  41. Perfect blemish control exfoliator


    I was new to the chemical exfoliators and was recommended this from a friend and god it works! You can either use it as a spot treatment or all over but i use it at night all over before applying other serums. The bottle has lasted me a while as i only use it twice a week and it has been keeping large blemishes at bay.
  42. Great product for daily use


    This is high strength salicylic acid and works great at clearing pores. I found it didn't do much for my pimples though!
  43. Wonderful product for great price


    I have used it about a week now but after first application my skin looked so fresh and clean next morning. Very happy with my purchase :)
  44. Works for teens skin


    My teen daughter loves this. She is so self conconscious about her skin but this product really has worked in inhibiting her acne and when she does have a breakout, drying it up. Forget expensive acne treatments, if you have acne this will work.
  45. Repurchased 4 times!


    My skin can be very problematic but I’ve found that using this Salicylic Acid has helped tremendously! I’m a stress picker, so I tend to pick at any little lump or bump on my face but I’ve found that even though I might get the odd swollen or red pimple and make it worse by picking and squeezing it, this serum has really helped with healing and preventing them from coming back!

    PSA- ...
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  46. Good spot treatment


    It's a good treatment, does the job. Good price. Really helps my breakouts
  47. So far so good


    I have been using this in the evening to help control my breakouts along with Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% in the morning. I have found that my breakouts have been less frequent with this routine. You don't need to use much of this product and it's great as a spot treatment. I haven't found it too drying and will continue to use it.
  48. A little is best


    I am using this product I hormonal pimples along my jawline. If I use too much it can dry out the skin too much and crack. A tiny drop on top every second night after moisturising seems to work well for me. Once my skin is used to the new products I might try it on nose blackheads too. Overall I’m happy with this one
  49. Great price for great results


    I was skeptical about the price at first but i quickly saw results after using this product as it definitely helped to clear up my problem areas. Its smooth, doesn't have a particular scent and it definitely drys out your pimples
  50. Great for Acne Prone Skin


    Love this product! I use it as a spot treatment when I get some pimples coming up and it diminishes them for they even have a chance to come through fully. It is also going to last me FOREVER because you only need a tiny amount! Highly recommend if you suffer from breakouts regularly.
  51. not very strong


    This isn't as strong as I need for my acne prone skin but it definitely helps a little bit in reducing the blackheads and whiteheads on my face. It probably suits someone with only a few break outs not heaps like myself.
  52. Sooo good


    This stuff is soo crazy effective! It targets blemishes and kills them like nothing else! It does an amazing job at killing under the surface bumps and pimples - a must for an acne routine. Make sure to use it at night though! And wear sunscreen. Will repurchase!
  53. Life Changer!


    I’ve been using this for around 18 months and its amazing! Has evened out my complexion, settled redness and just calmed my skin down - cant live without it.
  54. not sure yet


    I've been using this for a couple weeks now but I haven't really noticed a major difference in my skin yet. I'll give it some more time but I really hope it works for me!
  55. Zap that zit


    I wanted a BHA that wasn’t aimed at teenagers. In my 40’s I wanted something that was going to work but also looked like a mature product.
    It’s been working wonders. I started by putting it all over my face but learned it was quite drying, do now just dot it on my problem areas every 2nd night and we are in good place. Pop it on a pimple that is just coming up and it’s definitely gone down ...
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  56. Texture


    Great for toning down skin texture and getting rid of acne before it surfaces. Quite a strong formula so would recommend only a few times a week
  57. Really works


    I’ve seen an overall improvement in my acne and blackheads which I haven’t seen with other products, and you can’t beat the price. Would recommend.
  58. Good for its price


    Ive used paulas choice salicylic acid solutions, kiehls dark spot corrector with salicylic acid, and honestly this one works just as well of youre simply looking to exfoliate deep down. But i recommend using with other products (e.g. vitamin c, other serums etc) to see the real benefits
  59. Excellent!


    I was using The Ordinary anti-aging regimen but started a new job with high levels of stress and started to have a few break outs on my jawline and forehead. So, I switched to the blemish control regimen. It is SO good. My skin cleared up really quickly and is now super smooth and delish! So affordable too!
  60. Not for me- bf likes it though


    Personally my skin hates this formulation, red and bumpy things break out on my cheeks, think it is the witch hazel content. I've tried even just using as spot treatment but it's just a no go from me. Feels a little sticky too. Boyfriend uses this when he feels congested or has a pimple pop up and he finds it takes away the redness. Maybe patch test first to check how your skin reacts? Proceed wit...
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  61. Great for break outs!


    I suffer from some pretty bad hormonal acne along my jar line. I have been putting this Salicylic Acid on at night and it has been helping a lot. Doesn't dry my skin out like other products.
  62. Amazing product at an even better price


    I get hormonal pimples and I use this every time I get one and when I use it my pimple always looks less red, it clears it up very quickly and you cant beat the price of the ordinary. A staple in any girls skincare cabinet
  63. An Affordable Alternative


    I love my salycic acid and this product is in it's most basic pure form, why worry about expensive creams, treatments and cleanser with a hint of the stuff when you can have this!
  64. Great


    This product is amazing for my oily and acne prone skin. It has helped a lot with my acne. Will buy again
  65. Good product for good price


    I have been using this product consistently over the past few months after ordering a few ordinary products. This has shown the best results for me out of them all. It has improved my (not major) acne concerns so I’ll continue using / purchasing while also looking for something just as good. It’s cheap so great to buy and try but I think the price is relative to how well a product can perform. Wou...
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  66. great for acne


    I have been using this for about 4 weeks now and I have noticed such a big difference in my acne and flare ups! its work beautifully and shortens the life span of my acne!
  67. Instant results


    It definitely reduces the time that my pimples may linger for but hasn't completely halted them. Has really reduced my white and black heads and sinks into your skin so quickly with zero residue! I have been using every morning for the last 3 weeks.
  68. Great for acne prone skin!


    I have been using The Ordinary Salicylic Acid for about 3 weeks now and I have noticed such a big difference in my breakouts! I will either use this all over my face or as a spot treatment and its works beautifully. It definitely shortens the life span of breakouts!
  69. Too strong


    I have acne prone/combination skin. This product is too strong for me. It literally burns my skin which took me a week to recover. I’m always a loyal fan of the ordinary product as most product have work wonders for me but sadly not this one.
  70. best serum


    use this serum at night and works great on any pimples and also helps clear my pores without drying out skin and lasts a while definitely worth it for such an affordable price
  71. Works but be careful with that you use before it


    This does work really well when compared to more expensive products, however, make sure you don’t mix this with other exfoliating products! Got a small chemical burn from using it in conjunction with the glycolic acid toner. Other than that, this does work, can’t go wrong with the price point too!
  72. Effective and great value


    Great product and would definitely recommend as a first Ordinary product to anyone with acne concerns. Definitely helps treat my acne. I usually do a spot treatment, let it settle for a couple minutes, then I mix a few extra drops in with the rest of my serums and apply all over my face. I use morning and night every day and haven't had any irritation, although I don't have sensitive skin and I re...
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  73. Clear skin within days


    This product works wonders on improving skin clarity and texture. I've always struggled to find an affordable product that creates a noticeable improvement in the clarity of my skin, but this product is amazing. Redness in my skin decreased within days, and my skin felt smooth thanks to the gentle yet exfoliating serum.
  74. Great BHA


    I have oily skin and use this on my pimples and it dries them flat. I also use this on my nose once a week and it has helped with my pores and blackheads.
  75. Great BHA and so affordable!


    Absolutely love this for a spot treatment. It does so well at reducing active breakouts and tightening my pores. Would recommend starting 1-2 times a week and build it up to every other day
  76. cleared up spots that ive had for months


    skin type: combination to acne prone
    this treatments is amazing, I've heard of chemical exfoliates before but i always assumed they'd be really expensive, but after browsing and finding this i figured id give it a go, i had really stubborn headless spots on my left temple for months and after using this for about a week I am noticing a drastic improvement in the size and color.
    this tr...
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  77. Great product


    I use this as a spot treatment on my enlarged pores and blackheads and it has done a great job at tightening and cleaning out my pores! Definitely recommend this product to people with acne-prone skin and those susceptible to blackheads!
  78. WORTH IT


    Amazing spot treatment and well worth the money. With the proper routine you can definitely avoid this product drying out your skin although I wouldn't recommend for sensitive skin types.
  79. Very effective!


    I’ve found this to work better as a spot treatment than my Mario Bedescu drying lotion! Especially for the price point, it’s a must have in my skincare routine
  80. Bye bye acne


    I use this as a spot treatment for my pimples and it works wonders. I wouldn’t recommend using it for more than 3 days straught as it can dry you out.
  81. Good for pores


    This is a great treatment product for problematic skin types. It cleans out the Pores to keep this skin free of and debris. Good as a spot treatment as well. Gentle on the skin.
  82. Too cheap to pass up!


    I gave this a go to help with blackheads across my nose and chin and I've been using it 1-2 a day on these areas for maintenance, and with continued use I feel that it has been effective. Also have used for spot treatments of pimples with some success. Will be repurchasing based on its effectiveness - and the small amount needed for each application, plus the cheap price point!
  83. Wow!


    I love this for those horrible days when you have broken out or those days following an extraction facial when you need something to clear up your skin. I love this for reducing big spots however i have to apply moisturiser over the top other wise it is way to drying.
  84. Won't work for everyone!


    Salicylic Acid isn't a product that works for everyone when it comes to tackling pimples but at this price, it's worth giving it a shot. Unfortunately for me, it did nothing for my pimples but I applied it in my T-zone and found that it helped a bit with oil control and clearing out my pores!
  85. Works but leaves a residue


    Good for the price but leaves a residue that I feel I need to rinse off before moisturizer or make up
  86. New favourite spot treatment


    I’ve been using this serum as a spot treatment over the last week and the results are amazing! I dab this serum on spots under my other The Ordinary serums, and they seem to shrink overnight! This solutions can be quite drying, skin will flake and ‘crack’ without using a moisturiser. I pair this serum with the Retinoid 2% solution and HA Factors moisturiser, and my acne-prone skin is healing beaut...
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  87. amazing!


    will clear up/shrink any blemishes you have overnight. i use about once a week all over my face, or spot treat as needed
  88. Excellent for oily, blemish prone skin.


    I absolutely love it! I use it in the AM and find it keeps my pores unplugged and any zits at bay. Would highly recommend as the price point in itself is insanely cheap. One my faves from TO.
  89. Acne who?


    HOLY GRAIL! Before using this I had the deepest blackheads on my cheeks and now they've disappeared. It also helps to lower the appearances of my sebaceous filaments on my nose. The package however says to use in the AM and PM but I would recommend only using in the PM just because it is drying even for my oily skin.
  90. Works well


    Great product, incredible price point. Definitely clearing up my skin
  91. Great for blemish prone skin


    I bought this product with my other Ordinary favourites and so far it has been great. Sometimes I use it as a spot treatment and other nights I put it all over to keep my skin in control. The Ordinary has delivered another effective product for a very attractive price. Would recommend this product for sure
  92. If you have acne, you need this product


    I had very bad acne, combination/ oily skin with some dry areas. I used this product twice a day on my whole face and it has 100% helped to reduce my pimples now to the point where i have next to none. I have very resilient skin with harsh products so I haven’t had an issue with this product drying out my skin, especially because I moisturise and use the buffet serum but I noticed on some occasion...
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  93. Adult acne killer


    I have sensitive skin and adult acne flare ups along my jaw. Other salicylic spot products are too harsh and make my skin red and dry. This is much lighter. My skin feels calm and I can see the spots clear up over a few days. Also great to add a few drops to my serums to help clear up smaller white heads on my forehead where I wouldn’t need to use a harsher product.
  94. Does what it claims


    I use this product as a spot treatment on pimples. It dries them up and they heal fast. Stings a little on application which I kind of like for a pimple treatment. Great price. Cute packaging. The product works. No complaints from me!
  95. LOVE


    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle!
  96. Holy grail


    Despite being in my 30's, I have oily combo skin and get pimples every now and then. This salicylic acid really helps the pimples go down within a couple of days. Also using it like a serum every other day reduces breakouts for me.
  97. Clears breakouts but can be harsh


    I have very sensitive skin - so strong acids can cause itchiness and make my skin feel raw and dry.

    I can only use 1-2 drops diluted with other serums or moisturisers and pinpoint in the areas I want to target aka upcoming breakout areas. It definitely helps with clearing up the skin. I use this for a week and the breakout is almost gone.

    I use the lactic acid more often ...
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  98. Best serum for acne prone skin

    Ming Min

    It is definitely the best serum for acne prone skin ever. It helps to heal and dry out acne just for a few days.
  99. Great initial results


    Within a couple of days of using this, twice a day, my skin cleared up wonderfully. Although, now that I’m on second bottle, I find that it isn’t as effect anymore and I still get a fair amount of breakouts even while using it.
  100. Great, affordable spot treatment


    This product is great for spot treatments, especially when you find it hard to keep your hands away from your face! I use it at night after cleansing. Once or twice on the same spot should do the trick. Really affordable and a tiny amount goes a long way.
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