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The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution 30ml

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The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution 30ml  by The Ordinary


Salicylic Acid is a beta hydroxyl acid that exfoliates the skin. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution helps exfoliate the inside walls of pores to fight the appearance of blemishes and to enhance skin clarity and texture with continued use. 

To learn more about how to navigate this brand, click here to read our skincare guide on The Oridinary.

Caution: this formula should not be used on sensitive, peeling or compromised skin. Please refer to additional sun protection note and other warnings in provided Directions. 

Note: While exfoliating acids can result in quick visible benefits, The Ordinary generally suggest indirect forms of skin exfoliation in favour of direct forms such as this formula due to potential inflammation and sensitivity associated with acids.

Note: This product is not medicine. If you are fighting extensive or persistent acne, please consult a physician. Effective medicine exists to fight acne successfully, including retinoic acid and benzoyl peroxide. 


All of our products are filled/measured by weight/volume so the product is correctly filled to 30 ml. The packaging does not accurately reflect the size of the fill. However, this is intentional as some air must be allowed at the top for the product to actually close.

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Good for acne - 24-09-2018 by

It will dry your skin at the beginning of the treatment (i.e. 1 month), however it is quite effective against acne after using for a long period of time! good product

Amazing!! - 24-09-2018 by

Had a breakout, deflated my pimple in two days! Now just waiting for it to work on my blackheads!

Undecided - 24-09-2018 by

I was really excited to use this product but I'm not really sure I see why it is so overhyped.

I have dry/dehydrated and sensitive skin. My breakout area is my forehead— it is filled with little bumps and small red pimples. I've been using the salicylic acid since February/March this year and what it does is reduce redness of my breakouts. I guess that is a good thing but I was expecting much more such as clearing my skin overall and reducing blackheads as well as not causing my skin to dry up/become patchy.

I'm not really sure if I will repurchase this.

Actually a miracle... - 24-09-2018 by

I always get awful sore spots, but since using salicylic acid on my skin once in the morning and once in the evening my skin has been so much more manageable. If I need to I also use it as a spot treatment for particularly bad pimples. I don't know how to survive without it anymore! Love love love.

If you have acne you need this - 21-09-2018 by

I cannot go without this product in my routine - it has saved my skin. Prior to this I was prone to chin breakouts but not even do I get them during intense hormonal periods in my life.

I will use it at least once a day, sometimes twice and it has cleared and smoothed my skin more than anything else ever has.

YES. - 20-09-2018 by

Love this. It’s affordable and works. I use this everyday to help keep blackheads/pimples at bay. A little goes a long way. Love. YES - thank you The Ordinary!

The most efficient solution everrrr - 20-09-2018 by

OMG! imagine you're gonna have an event like in 5 days, and using this alternate days (only at night) makes my skin - eveerrrr flawless and eliminates most of my pimples.

I dont have to worry any pimples coming out anymore! Especially before PMS.

Love ittttt

YES - 20-09-2018 by

I’ve been looking for products that aren’t all marketing and The ordinary is exactly what it says no BS!
Effective, simple! Love it

Great for breakouts! - 20-09-2018 by

I have normal skin with the occasional breakout. I began by using this all over my face and found it brought up a lot of underlying congestion (stick it out - it gets better!) Now I just use this as a spot treatment when I get a breakout and find it's really effective!

Blackheads slide - 17-09-2018 by

Take it from a senior beauty therapist, ALL The Ordinary products are of GREAT value and true cosmeceuticals. Excellent product for spot treating pimples and blackheads. It helps to loosen blackheads for easier extraction

Good for blemishes but not for smoothing skin texture issues - 11-09-2018 by

I think I simply expected more than what I saw from this product. I feel perhaps if your skin was more blemish prone you might see a reduction in spots and redness, but if you were looking for just generally more smooth and poreless skin I would reccomend another chemical exfoliant instead. A good product but definitely depends on your skin concern.

Love - 11-09-2018 by

This is the only salicylic acid product that has ever made a difference to my skin! I love the foamy feel I get when I rub it into my face!

Clearing, long lasting solution - 11-09-2018 by

I love this product for the summer when I tend to break out more, as it completely clears up my skin in a couple of days. I only apply a very small amount to selected areas, if i used too much it can dry up areas and make my skin feel really tight.

Not as effective - 05-09-2018 by

I don't think this helped my skin that much. I loved the texture and how easily applicable it was on my skin, it sat under makeup perfectly fine but I didn't see a drastic change after finishing a whole bottle. I used this once at night and once in the morning. Maybe if I used this with the Niacinamide it might be better? But I'm not sure.

Very drying - 05-09-2018 by

I have combination skin which is prone to breakouts so I like o use products which contain a small percent of salicylic acid or glycolic as it keeps my skin clear. However so far I have found this product particularly drying. Probably better suited just as a spot treatment or maybe adding it into a moisturiser.

One thing I have noticed is that it forms up on application, it does not go on like a gel or typical serum which is odd. Not sure if I would purchase again.

Blemishes all gone! - 05-09-2018 by

Only been using this for a week and already my skin looks so much better! Don’t think I’ll ever go without this bad boy again!

Skin has never looked better - 04-09-2018 by

Has helped my breakouts big time! Not only helps minimise spots appearing, but helps defeat spots if they do get through.

Perfect for smoother skin - 04-09-2018 by

While this doesn't work on my pimples, I like using it on the sebaceous filaments on my nose, under my mouth, and between my eyebrows. I rub it into those areas and they are noticeably smoother and clearer the next day. No need for harsh blackhead strips!

Great product - 31-08-2018 by

This product has been great on helping with breakouts. Minimises pores, calms redness and reduces break-outs. Have seen a significant difference since i started using it. You only need a tiny amount so the product will last for ages. Great price for such an effective product.

Completely transforms skins - 31-08-2018 by

I purchased this product with the hopes of minimising the huge pores I have on my cheeks and chin. Three nights later, my pores are practically non existent and the giant pimple I had on my forehead disappeared without a trace. I'm in awe of how effectively the salicylic acid has changed my skin to appear healthier and smoother.

A staple of acne treatment - 31-08-2018 by

I use this on my teenage son’s acne and it works. A well formulated basic, a little goes a long way and so affordable!

Great at calming break outs - 30-08-2018 by

This is perfect for my breakouts. I apply it morning and night and I notice a major difference in days. The redness is gone and it calms my pimples down. Plus it’s so affordable!

It does what it says - 30-08-2018 by

Cleans the pores well. The skin feels very smooth and soft in the morning. I am using it together with Ordinary Lactic Acid 5%. However, after using it for couple of months, my skin created some sensitivity. Unfortunately, can't use it that often any more.

Changed my life. - 30-08-2018 by

I cant say enough good things about this product it has honestly changed my skin and life for the better. I have skin that was constantly breaking out and nothing was working for me until i tried this product. The blemishes i did have cleared up in record time and i haven't had a breakout in almost a month which is amazing. I owe it all to this amazing product. If you too have blemish prone skin this is definitely the product for you.. thank you The ordinary.

Love it! - 27-08-2018 by

I have found myself falling in love with The Ordinary's products. So budget friendly yet super effective and does exactly what it says, no frills attached. I use this product in combination with the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% and must say that this has helped clear up my horrible break out in a matter of weeks. The first week or so I used this all over my face to target all of my blemishes but now that my skin has cleared, I use as a spot treatment. I hope The Ordinary never stops making these awesome products.

A pleasant surprise - 27-08-2018 by

This one totally came out of left field for me. I use the nicinamide and zinc ordinary serum as well as granactive. I bought this as I stopped using salicylic acid in my cleansing routine (after I changed cleansers) but felt my skin still needed the salicylic acid benefits. But I was not accepting it to be this good! My skin has come a long way. My acne scars are fading, my tone is the best it’s ever been, even and bright. I have literally done a double take when I’ve passed a mirror because of what this does to my skin. So so freaking amazing. I thought tee nicinamide and zinc was good, but damn it’s got nothing on this salicylic acid! It’s even nicer to spread and apply, I found the zinc too thick
And sticky. This just soaks in. Love love love

Life changing - 27-08-2018 by

My skin has never looked this clear. literally, every pore is invisible and blemishes are nowhere to be seen!

Great for spot treating - 27-08-2018 by

I use this to spot treat and it gets rid of them pretty much straight away
i use it whenever I need it before applying moisturiser but do wait for it to soak in

Blackheads... what Blackheads? - 23-08-2018 by

This is my HG for blackheads! I have fair/sensitive/sometimes reactionary skin and I can use this with no negative side affects. I used to swear by those biore nose strips but a beauty therapist friend of mine told me off for using them so I decided to give this ago. I don’t use it on like a scheduled basis, I use it on a need-to basis, I.e. when I spot some blackheads! All I do is put it on before anything else (usually just in my t-zone) and let it absorb properly before putting on my moisturiser. When I wake up the next morning the blackheads are gone!

I personally wouldn’t recommend using it on a daily basis for someone with my skin type as I think it would be too much/too drying. However as a localised spot type treatment for blackheads it is the best thing I’ve come across!

Pimple blaster - 23-08-2018 by

This product takes a few goes to get used to, but after that - it works fabulously. Pimples are gone by the morning after. Skin tingles the first few times, but just takes a few times to get used to it. Highly recommend

No new pimples since using - 23-08-2018 by

I add a drop of this product into my night time serum and since using in the last week I have no new pimples. I feel it has definitely helped clear my skin up without drying me out. Would recommend this product to anyone with problematic skin!

Awesome on breakouts - 23-08-2018 by

I love this for occasional mature skin breakouts and it also works a treat for teenager daughters skin.

The Ordinary - 22-08-2018 by

Bought this product for my son , his is in his teenage years and suffering really bad acne.. I have tried a lot of product and spent a lot of money ! this is the best product I have ever bought after a couple of day's his acne started to disappear.. can not fault any of The Ordinary products Fantastic!

Effective on pimples without over drying - 22-08-2018 by

I have combination skin with some large pores and pimples. I have used salicylic acid treatments in the past that have dried my skin out and was a little worried to try this one, however after reading all the positive reviews I gave it a go and was impressed

This gel goes on a little sticky however dries quickly, I use it on problem areas and they are always less angry the next day and no dryness. I have re purchased in a larger size and this will be a staple product for me

It's a winner - 21-08-2018 by

I have dry and a-little-bit-sensitive skin. I still sometimes get hormonal pimples on my chin (not too often anymore - thanks in part to this product I think!). Initially I used Salicylic acid as a spot treatment and only used it on active pimples. After talking to my skin therapist, I now use this product all over my face (under other serums) as an all over BHA treatment. It's a but sticky. I think the most effective way to use it is at night. Cleanse your face and then dry. Apply this. If you have the time, wait 20-30 minutes to let the salicylic acid do it's thing and then use your other serums. I use some kind of acid on my face every second or third night and at the moment I alternate salicylic acid with lactic or mandelic (not all at once - on different nights!).

Exactly as promised - 20-08-2018 by

I have troubled skin (all the issues! Oily zones, dry patches, scars, discoloured areas,fragile and red as well as thickened skin and large pores),due to health issues and medication and I stumbled across this brand by accident, so glad I did!
I’m using the gentler products over all of my skin but have been using this one in my breakout areas and dotting directly over any new bumps and it is super effective, clearing old skin buildup and stopping new issues before they even show. I’m feeling so much more confident now that my skin is evening out. Really works!

Use as a spot treatment - 16-08-2018 by

This is great for unclogging pores and getting rid of blackheads. Definitely recommend. I sometimes use It as as spot treatment before I put on a clay mask, works well!

pimple exterminator - 16-08-2018 by

My skin tone is combination with the occasional pimple here and there. Whenever, I have that problem, I apply a small amount and it usually clears up in a couple of days.

Absolutely Amazing - 15-08-2018 by

I've tried a number of products from the Ordinary, and this is a serious standout for me. I have sensitive, freckly skin that is prone to dryness, dullness and redness. I use Salicylic Acid after cleansing at night and before Hyalauronic Acid and moisturiser, and no other product has ever worked so well to even my skin tone and make me glow. It makes my skin feel so clean and fresh, but doesn't dehydrate me at all. My skin looks so fresh and clear in the morning, it's truly bonkers. I've never had any irritations with this product either, which is rare for me!

Good product If get on pimple early - 15-08-2018 by

It works if you can attack pimple as it’s starting, I wouldn’t use on whole face as it’s very drying

Very Effective - 15-08-2018 by

I have combination skin (oily T-zone but normal to dry for the rest) and have one or two pimples come up from time to time (generally hormone induced). This solution was too drying for me to use on my whole face, but as a spot treatment it worked so well to dry out a pimple. I found the pimples never amounted to much, and that the skin was still being exfoliated on the target spot for a whole week later. I'm careful where I put the solution as it can irritate already dry skin, but it's really effective if you want to reduce the severity and duration of a breakout.

Effective but not too harsh - 14-08-2018 by

Had worked well in clearing up the majority of my acne while coming off the contraceptive pill.
Dries on skin with a nice non tacky, clean and smooth feeling.
I use a nourishing face oil on top!
Will buy again!

Mixed thoughts - 13-08-2018 by

the problem is with the application to the skin, when you apply even a single drop to clean dry skin it starts foaming when you try to spread it and after you are done spreading and letting it dry and you try to layer anything on top it starts foaming up again which is very annoying, other than that i have no problem with it, i think i will wait a bit more before commenting properly on its efficacy at clearing up acne and congestion but i did notice a difference so far.

Great for pimples - 13-08-2018 by

Feel a pimple coming up? Just dab a bit of this on and it will be gone! Great as a spot treatment over night. Cleared my acne very fast! Love the price too

Has replaced my other BHA - 13-08-2018 by

It is nice and lightweight and does what BHA should do which is smooth the skin and prevent breakouts.

I bought this after the Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid got too expensive at $37 but this is a nice replacement

It is also gentler which is nice. I will keep using and buying this.

helped clear my skin - 13-08-2018 by

this product definitely helped clear up my skin, and now I only need to use it as a spot treatment occasionally! looooove it!!

Clearing up my blackheads - 08-08-2018 by

My combination skin has always suffered from blackheads and congestion in my t zone. The Salicyclic Acid 2% has helped to minimise the appearance of my blackheads, if not clear them up entirely on my forehead. Life saver!

Love love love! - 08-08-2018 by

Has helped so much to clean congested skin & breakouts, from the very first use. Will definitely buy this again!

OB-SESSED - 06-08-2018 by

I'd been battling with oily, hormonal skin for about 18 months and was almost at my tether when I stumbled across The (anything but) Ordinary.

This product has totally changed my skin. I use this product morning and night (after cleansing) and have seen a massive difference. No more angry pimples, no more blind pimples and no more oil slick for a face! My skin has improved so much that I no longer wear foundation. Granted, I use a suite of TO products now (Niacinamide in the AM and Granactive Retinoid in the PM to name a few).

I love this brand so much I now have family, friends and even my boyfriend using their products :)

Great - 03-08-2018 by

Love this product helps control blemishes and shine

Good but not quite strong enough - 02-08-2018 by

While I have noticed a small improvement to the texture of my skin since using this product, it is not as effective in banishing acne as other products. I will keep using it and repurchase though given the great price point!

Average - 01-08-2018 by

I tend to have pretty oily acne prone skin I find that this product helps with the oil control although doesn’t do much for my acne but does leave my skin feeling super soft with not much product needed

No visible effects. - 31-07-2018 by

I struggle with acne and constant breakouts and while this product caused no irritation at all I also did not find myself seeing visible improvements to any part of my skin. Perhaps multiple repeats are needed for more obvious results.

Staple for acne-prone skin - 31-07-2018 by

This is a great treatment for oily, congested, and acne-prone skin. I use it as a spot treatment on blemishes as well as an all over application that helps to reduce shine during the day. I like that it is easy to apply with the drop applicator and that it does not leave and sticky residue.

Love! - 31-07-2018 by

This is so good for pimples and oily skin. I use this all over my face, and it keeps my pimples at bay. I’m currently on my 5th bottle, and I still can’t get enough of this product!

Good product reasonably priced - 31-07-2018 by

I bought this product due to suffering from some hormonal acne. I was using a retinol at night time and this every morning. It is a good product for the price but I am not able to use it every single day as it can be a bit drying. Also it took a little while for the product to soak in so only a little is required.

great when paired with other products - 30-07-2018 by

I have pretty tough hormonal acne, and sadly nothing else from The Ordinary did much for my skin. But luckily this did, and I found it works best when paired it with a toner like Alpha-H's Liquid Gold, particularly on spots that haven't erupted yet. Wouldn't call it a miracle worker, but definitely notice a difference when I use it.

Fabulous - 27-07-2018 by

This product is great for killing those 'tough-to-pop' spots. I'd recommend using as a spot treatment rather than all over the face as I started to dry out. Works amazing as a spot-treatment.

Great product! - 26-07-2018 by

This was my first bottle of acid and I was really amazed by the results. After about 2 months of using this, I can feel that my skin has brightened and it helps to treat my blemishes and scars. It soaks into my skin quickly and doesn't leave and sticky residue. It really is such an amazing product, would buy it again!

amazing!!! - 26-07-2018 by

works extremely well for acne prone and oily skin

If you are suffering with breakouts, include this in your routine - 26-07-2018 by

My skin type is combination and is definitely on the acne-prone side of the spectrum (especially around my jawline) - I have to be super careful of introducing new products because often they break me out! Fortunately, I haven't had any severe breakouts since using this and my skin is definitely less congested.

Loving this product - 26-07-2018 by

My dark acne scars are now fading. Makes me feel fresh after applying. Be carefull not to apply too much coz it gets foamy

Couldn't have asked for better! - 25-07-2018 by

I'm blown away by this product. I'm a chef and spend 12ish hours a day in a hot dirty kitchen, so my skin has always been very bad. I have used dozens of treatments and products (usually very expensive!) and none worked. This product cleared my skin up in a week, and it has remained clear with continued use. So many people have complimented me on how good my skin is looking, and for next to nothing! I will be buying several more bottles to keep on stand by.

Makes skin dry - 25-07-2018 by

I have oily combo skin, and never usually had any issues with dry patches, but after using this serum, I found that the lover half of my face has become particularly dry (from only using it once or twice a week max). Since then I have only been using this as a spot treatment, and I found this serum to help to dry out my pimples.
I think salicylic acid is a great mild exfoliant for the skin, and this product definitely helps with keeping my chin and jaw acne at bay, just don't forget to moisturize well after!

good for acne treatment - 24-07-2018 by

if you have acne all your face and extreme oily skin like me, you will love it. you can see an immediate effect after you apply it once. but just be careful that do not apply it around eye area.

Helps to keep my acne under control - 24-07-2018 by

I have acne prone skin and oily skin, after seeing some recommendation I bought this and I've been repurchasing. It has cleared some of my acne and does its job well!

Works! - 23-07-2018 by

Keeps my skin in check

Helped my acne - 20-07-2018 by

I have sensitive acne prone skin, and after using this product under my makeup for weeks I have noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin. My skin is much smoother and less angry. This is the only product with Salicylic Acid that I have tried that doesn't irritate my skin. So happy I found this! I recommend it if you have acne prone skin.

A staple item - 17-07-2018 by

I have combination skin, I get breakouts at least once a month. I love this product, it doesn’t dry me out, my skin has been so much clearer. It definitely reduces and prevents acne/scars. My skin has been glowing. I’ll be re-ordering today!

Perfect spot solution - 17-07-2018 by

This product is life changing! I am 31 and a flight attendant. I have struggled with hormonal acne and dryness for years and my skin has completely changed since I started using The Ordinary products. I use this as a spot treatment or all over my face morning and night before apply the Moisturing Factors with HA. It works a treat! It is like I have new skin! My skin is brighter, hydrated and I rarely get pimples. So incredibly impressed and I have recommended this product to all my friends and family. The best skincare routine I have ever used.

Works great on hormonal acne - 13-07-2018 by

I’ve tried almost everything to get rid of my hormonal acne on my chin and around my mouth but nothing had worked until I started using this salicylic solution. In only a few days, I already began to see a difference in my skin, the exisiting acne began to clear up and I havent broken out with any large, red cyst like spots after using this product daily. It does leave your skin feeling a little dry which is expected with most acne products so some form of moisturiser is a must. I will continue to use this product as I am very happy with the results so far.

Cheap and effective - 12-07-2018 by

Bought this product because of the cheap price and I am very impressed. I have dry and sensitive skin and if I use this as a spot treatment on my pimples at night they’re noticeably flatter the next day. Not irritating to my skin as well! Would repurchase in the future

Works but potent. - 12-07-2018 by

I bought this for my blemishes and blackheads and quickly learnt you should only spot this onto your skin. It is very powerful and works well to get rid of blemishes however it will cause the skin to peel if you place it on other parts of your skin. I use this only when a spot is coming up and I love it!

Definitely works, but.... - 11-07-2018 by

After using this product for 3 days, there was a noticeable difference to my skin. It was smoother, tighter and even my wrinkles looked a bit less. however, I suffer from lupus which has increased my sensitivity to a lot of different products, so unfortunately this product also inflammed my skin quite a lot, so I cannot continue to use it. I would absolutely recommend this for general use, as it clearly works, but if you suffer from an auto-immune condition, it may cause more irritation to the skin.

This stuff actually works! - 09-07-2018 by

This stuff is literally magic! I've always suffered from an oily T-Zone and a very breakout/congested prone forehead. Ever since using this every night my skin has cleared for the first time in a long time!! It also works amazing as a spot treatment! Highly recommend.

WORKS! - 05-07-2018 by

I love this product now!! I was a little skeptical after a few uses as it just seemed to make my skin worse, but after a little research and patience it basically cleared up all my acne break outs and has kept more breakouts at bay!! Seems to be a gets worse to become better product as it draws out the spot and then heals the skin.

Great for acne prone skin - 04-07-2018 by

This helped with my pimples and breakouts so much and now i think that they have become less frequent. The product is so say to use and does not irritate sensitive skin. The only thing is that it did add to my dryness which i already have a lot of because it is winter and i have dry skin so i would suggest to use sparingly and only when REALLY needed on pimples specifically because it is so highly concentrated

great for pore prone skin - 04-07-2018 by

i have been using this product for my blackhead prone skin and it has really helped and in the short amount of time Ive had it I have definitely noticed a difference, I have also used it on pimples which has helped them reduce over night.

Amazing! - 04-07-2018 by

I have sensitive skin but do get some acne. I bought this to keep my pimples at bay and it works so well. My skin looks overall clearer and I hardly get any breakouts anymore. This product is affordable, effective and I really recommend it.

Good but not wowed - 04-07-2018 by

I have big pores which easily become blackheads. I thought this would remove all my blackheads, maybe I had unrealistic expectations. I think this works, but Best for pimples not blackheads.

A must have for blemish prone skin - 27-06-2018 by

WOW, this stuff really delivers. I started off using this product when I was suffering from reoccurring breakouts around my chin and on my cheeks and after a few days of use they really started to clear up. I find it is best used as a spot treatment when experiencing breakouts, and then once skin is looking amazing I apply a thin layer all over my face once or twice a week at night. It can be a little drying so be careful if you already have dry skin, but I generally just use a heavy moisturiser on top (once dry) and that helps.

does its job without irritation - 27-06-2018 by

this is a great product. clears up hormonal breakouts, and keeps blackheads at bay. I have dry skin, but this product didn't cause any flakiness.

Good stuff - 27-06-2018 by

Now, I don't really have acne issues, but I was looking for a gentle exfoliate and this is very gentle but it does feel like it helps clear any skin build up. But the best bit is, when I do get the odd pimple I dab it with this and it's gone sometimes by the end of the day if not the next day so who wouldn't be happy with that.

Blemishes gone! - 27-06-2018 by

I was worried ordering this product and using as a daily blemish fix, as I didn’t want to break out more as my skin just seems to be getting worse the last couple of months. Quick postage! And I’ve now been using for 3-4 weeks and my skin has cleared up so much! Less bumps, Black heads seem to be coming more to the front of my skin and then easily popped or just exfoliated off! Ive now been recommending this product my friends!

A must for teens. - 26-06-2018 by

I bought this along with some other items for my youngest daughter's 12th birthday as she gets quite bad pimples on her nose.

Wow! She tried this the night she got it as she had a fairly bad outbreak at the time. The next morning the really red angry pimples had started to decrease and while they were still a bit red, all of the inflammation around them had gone!
She's been using every night since and I now have to get some for her 14 yr old sister too as she's started pinching it after seeing the results!

I'll be trying it when I next get a breakout (I still get them at 42, ugh) as I was honestly surprised to see such a change in my daughters' skin.
This is a must for anyone who gets even just the occasional pimple but for teenagers then absolutely, this is essential. It also works brilliantly all over if you use the TO's Niacinamide and Zinc over the top.

So good - 25-06-2018 by

So great! Ever since i started using this product my skin has cleared so much - especially my blackheads.

Nice for the price - 25-06-2018 by

I use a little whenever I get a pimple. Put a single drop on my hand and tap a little onto the effected areas. 

Nice for the price - 25-06-2018 by

I use a little whenever I get a pimple. Put a single drop on my hand and tap a little onto the effected areas. 

great for my skin - 21-06-2018 by

i use this every night before bed, i have cystic acne and oily skin, while i dont see a difference with the oily skin it helps my pimples sooo much! it keeps my acne from having to many blow ups its a must have in my skin routine, i use it with the ordinary lactic acid and retinoid (not all at once) but between these 2 products my skin has improved so much

Not for me. - 21-06-2018 by

I'm not allergic to salicylic acid, but this is the second salicylic acid product that i do not react well too. My skin becomes red and itchy and irritated. i think its something else in the formulation. i had the same reaction to a paulas choice 4% foam.i use very rarely as a spot treatment. otherwise I'm all for salicylic acid products.

good for spot treatments - 20-06-2018 by

The first time I used this product my skin started burning so bad around the nose and mouth where I am more sensitive. After that I started by mixing the serum into a moisturiser which worked wonderfully for clearing up bumps from all over the face. Now I just put on less than a drop on areas with acne or bumps and use it primarily as a spot treatment as it is a bit too drying to be applied to the entire face.

Great spot treatment. - 19-06-2018 by

I use this as a spot treatment, at night, and the next day my blemishes have disappeared. This product is a must have. I probably wouldn't use this as an all over serum, as I think it might irritate my sensitive skin, but as a spot treatments, its great

Calmed my skin - 18-06-2018 by

I usually have combination, clear skin but in the last few months, I've suffered from consistent acne and reluctant to overhaul my skincare regime to address this skin concern, I decided to add this product to my regime. I use a drop of this on the affected skin area. In the first few days, I found out immediately cleared up my angry red skin and got rid of some of my pimples. However it hasn't been able to keep it at bay entirely but has generally calmed down my angry skin which in very grateful for! I don't think that product gets immediately cleared all my pimples but I will continue to use to in the hope it will benefit my skin over time. I find it layers well and doesn't dry out my skin.

Great for maintaining clear and clean skin! - 14-06-2018 by

I used to be prone to consistent break outs, oily throughout the T-zone as well as getting the flare up at 'that time of the month'. I use the Salicylic Acid 2% both morning and night - for those that are new to this ingredient I would recommend starting with once a day. It helps to get deep into the pores to clear out any unwanted dirt, dead skin and unwanted nastys. I find now my blemishes are kept at bay and my skin is left looking clear and clarified with continual use!

not sure - 14-06-2018 by

I have been using this for a few days but i haven't seen any difference in my skin, this leaves my skin very sticky and my makeup doesn't sit well over the top of it but if it works i don't mind that.

Simple yet effective - 13-06-2018 by

I have combination/oily skin with lots of blackheads and milia. I bought this and it has really helped get rid of the number of blackheads on my nose and forehead. It's such a good price and is super effective and lives up to its claims. I recommend this product and will most likely repurchase.

Amazing zit fighting product! Great value for money! - 11-06-2018 by

I have used multiple moisturisers with salicylic acid but this is the first time I've used a serum like this. Absolute bargain for money and works wonders!

I used this at night, followed by TO Natural Moisturising factors to prevent my skin from drying out - within 3 days my angry red acne bumps had flattened out.

My skin is sensitive and eczema prone, but this product didn't irritate or inflame it. For the price, this is absolutely worth trying!

This magic solution is staying in my skincare routine for the foreseeable future!

Acne is clearing up! - 11-06-2018 by

I have combination skin and have been suffering from severe around my chin and forehead acne since I was 13. Anything I would use would break me out, and the only product that I could use was a very basic moisturizer,
I tried this solution out because I had heard very good reviews from my friends, and am very pleased with it. I have been using it religiously every night for a week now, and I can say that 50% of my acne is gone!!
I use two drops for around the face, and one as a spot treatment for some problem areas. I don't think it is very drying.
Overall, I would recommend this product to my friends and their mums!

Not sure if actually works - 11-06-2018 by

I've used this product for a few months and noticed no noticeable difference, however I am unsure whether it would perhaps work for someone not experiencing teenage skin issues. It's very inexpensive compared to other salicylic acids and may work for you!

Incredable spot treatment - 11-06-2018 by

I use a little whenever I get a pimple. Put a single drop on my hand and tap a little onto the effected areas. My whole pimple process is sped up by 80%. It dries it out overnight you can really see it working.

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