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The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution 30ml 30ml

4.5 of 415 reviews


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$2.33 x 4

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Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads

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The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution 30ml

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution 30ml

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4.5 of 415 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

will clear up/shrink any blemishes you have overnight. i use about once a week all over my face, or spot treat as needed

Most Helpful Criticism

good for acne
helped in drying my acne but it worked for a short period of time. after few months it stopped working. maybe my skin got used to it.
  1. amazing!

    will clear up/shrink any blemishes you have overnight. i use about once a week all over my face, or spot treat as needed
  2. Excellent for oily, blemish prone skin.

    I absolutely love it! I use it in the AM and find it keeps my pores unplugged and any zits at bay. Would highly recommend as the price point in itself is insanely cheap. One my faves from TO.
  3. Acne who?

    HOLY GRAIL! Before using this I had the deepest blackheads on my cheeks and now they've disappeared. It also helps to lower the appearances of my sebaceous filaments on my nose. The package however says to use in the AM and PM but I would recommend only using in the PM just because it is drying even for my oily skin.
  4. Works well

    Great product, incredible price point. Definitely clearing up my skin
  5. Great for blemish prone skin

    I bought this product with my other Ordinary favourites and so far it has been great. Sometimes I use it as a spot treatment and other nights I put it all over to keep my skin in control. The Ordinary has delivered another effective product for a very attractive price. Would recommend this product for sure
  6. If you have acne, you need this product

    I had very bad acne, combination/ oily skin with some dry areas. I used this product twice a day on my whole face and it has 100% helped to reduce my pimples now to the point where i have next to none. I have very resilient skin with harsh products so I haven’t had an issue with this product drying out my skin, especially because I moisturise and use the buffet serum but I noticed on some occasions where it definitely dried out my skin a little so if you have sensitive skin this could be a problem but it also works well as a spot treatment as an alternative! If you have acne... get this product, I’m cured!!
  7. Adult acne killer

    I have sensitive skin and adult acne flare ups along my jaw. Other salicylic spot products are too harsh and make my skin red and dry. This is much lighter. My skin feels calm and I can see the spots clear up over a few days. Also great to add a few drops to my serums to help clear up smaller white heads on my forehead where I wouldn’t need to use a harsher product.
  8. Does what it claims

    I use this product as a spot treatment on pimples. It dries them up and they heal fast. Stings a little on application which I kind of like for a pimple treatment. Great price. Cute packaging. The product works. No complaints from me!
  9. LOVE

    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle!
  10. Holy grail

    Despite being in my 30's, I have oily combo skin and get pimples every now and then. This salicylic acid really helps the pimples go down within a couple of days. Also using it like a serum every other day reduces breakouts for me.
  11. Clears breakouts but can be harsh

    I have very sensitive skin - so strong acids can cause itchiness and make my skin feel raw and dry.

    I can only use 1-2 drops diluted with other serums or moisturisers and pinpoint in the areas I want to target aka upcoming breakout areas. It definitely helps with clearing up the skin. I use this for a week and the breakout is almost gone.

    I use the lactic acid more often as this one can be too harsh for my skin and have had similar results.
  12. Best serum for acne prone skin

    It is definitely the best serum for acne prone skin ever. It helps to heal and dry out acne just for a few days.
  13. Great initial results

    Within a couple of days of using this, twice a day, my skin cleared up wonderfully. Although, now that I’m on second bottle, I find that it isn’t as effect anymore and I still get a fair amount of breakouts even while using it.
  14. Great, affordable spot treatment

    This product is great for spot treatments, especially when you find it hard to keep your hands away from your face! I use it at night after cleansing. Once or twice on the same spot should do the trick. Really affordable and a tiny amount goes a long way.
  15. dries out skin

    it dried my skin so intensely and made it very sensitive so it did not work for me at all. i did not even have a terrible acne problem just few spots here and there but it dried my skin very badly
  16. Great

    Does what it says
    Really usefull if you have the odd pimple now and then or if it is that time of the month. It helps the blemish to dry out quite quickly.
  17. Great

    I have combination and acne prone skin. This product works amazing as a spot treatment. It instantly dry out the acne. However, it can be a bit strong and dry out the skin around the acne therefore I always put on a hydration mask after using this product. Highly recommend.
  18. good value great product

    It is such a good serum that helps with lots of skin problem: Acne, blackheads, Ingrown hair, unsmoothness, unevenness... I love it so much that I stock up 2 more bottles LOL
    The Ordinary line is not expensive at all. Good value!
  19. great value for money

    Great value for money. You only need a few drops a day so a small bottle goes a LONG way. definitely think it helps with my chin acne. I use in combination with Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, Lactic Acid 10% + HA. I use morning and night. It isnt too sticky and has no scent.
  20. Best product for acne

    I have been using this product for over 12 months now and absolutely love it. You only need a small amount. I apply to the areas I have active acne and scaring, it drys out the acne fast and I feel has helped fade my scaring.
  21. Great

    I have treatment resistant chronic acne. This does stop my acne however the purple spots afterwards heal quicker and I found in conjunction with glycolic acid over the months it has reduced some of the scarring. Great for value.
  22. Great Product

    I have enlarged, blocked pores - this has cleared the majority of congestion and minimised my pores since starting a week ago. I can’t wait to see the clarity of my skin after a month.

    To note, my skin’s super sensitive and I have no irritation from this product.
  23. A staple in my routine

    I have been using this product for almost 2 months, have been loving it. It is now a staple of my routine and I use it everyday. Absolutely no complaints and a great price point.
  24. Amazing

    This is amazing for that pesky spot before an event! Much cheaper than other alternatives too
  25. Great for spots!

    Brings those nasty blind pimples to head pretty quick! Great stuff! Definitely an essential for the skin
  26. Perfection!

    I absolutely love this stuff!
    I use a thin layer of it all over my face of a morning after cleansing, it helps treat problematic areas on my face and leaves my skin feeling smooth
  27. Great product for acne prone skin

    I have acne prone skin, since I use this product my skin looks smooth & clear, some spots were gone because this product. Very recommended to use & very affordable product
  28. Effective Salicylic Acid Serum

    This product is really effective at fighting acne. I use at night after cleansing, and will often use it as a spot treatment if the rest of my face is looking ok. Absorbs easily into the skin, and very affordable compared to most Salicylic Acid serums. I didn't have any skin reactions to this product as some reviewers have said.
  29. Not for me

    I have oily skin and breakout easily after I got my implanon and was hoping that this will work (like other people). But I think it's just not meant for my skin. I put it on my acne spots and the next morning I have mooore acnes. I am confused why it's like that. So I stopped using it, and just use the niacinamide and zinc to remove the new acne. They are slowly going away.
  30. great

    visible results within 2 days! it cleared up a spot that kept flaring up. really happy
  31. Life saver

    My skin will break out over literally anything and I've found this product to be super helpful for combating my acne. I have pretty oily skin so I haven't had any issues with drying out or reacting. I use with the lactic acid, retinol, and the chia seed oil at night.
    My boyfriend who has dry skin uses this too, but if he doesn't put any oil/moisturiser after his skin does dry out, and it goes pretty pink if he uses too much. So he uses a little bit in problem areas which does the trick
  32. Good product for blemishes and scarring

    I think this makes a difference to my skin after one use - it helps fade blemish scarring and stop blemishes developing. I use it when I need it (not regularly). Would recommend especially for the price.
  33. Liking it so far

    I find that it does minimise pores with consistent use. However, make sure you start off little, for example: either using a tiny amount of product or introducing it slowly to your skincare routine. I rushed into it immediately and suffered with red agitated skin. Nowadays, I use a small amount and am liking the results.
  34. Holy Grail

    I have suffered terrible acne for my entire life. Of course going on the pill helped quite a lot, but after deciding to rid my body of synthetic hormones I was devastated to find my acne came back with a vengeance. Somehow I discovered the ordinary salicylic acid and I've never look back. Nothing has made my face look as good as it does now! I wish that I knew about this earlier! I started by using it with the niacinamide, it took a month of my skin purging and looking horrible but the results after that month were AMAZING!
    I love this product and I will use it forever!
  35. Great as a spot treatment.

    I use this as a spot treatment, mostly on my chin around that time of the month. It takes the pimple or whatever blemish I am dealing with down dramatically over night. It's confidence in a bottle.
  36. A must for a clear skin

    This is a must for my skin care routine alternating with retinoids and vit c and b to achieve flawless skin! Very happy. Whenever I have pimple I use this and it works wonders
  37. Helped clear my acne

    I love this product for clearing breakouts as its it brings noticeable results overnight, helps with redness and dries out my acne really well. It has really made a difference for my skin and is a product that I will be repurchasing.
  38. Hello clearer skin!

    An amazing spot treatment, or great in a thin layer all over your face to prevent future breakouts. It's definitely helped me see a change in my problematic skin. I use it in conjunction with the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% & Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution for my nightly routine.
  39. The best addition to my skincare routine

    I have very oily skin and breakout often, I love this product because it's helped me to stop breaking out (with the exception of the odd hormonal blemish here and there). I haven't noticed that my skin has dried out but I do follow this product with a super hydrating moisturiser.
  40. Cleared up breakout in a couple days!

    Really impressed how quickly it cleared up my breakout. Took away the redness after the first day!
  41. clears up breakouts

    lightweight gel/watery consistency.
    I have dry skin but apply either all over, on breakouts or areas where I have blackheads.
    I mostly use on breakouts and find they disappear almost overnight.
  42. love it

    I've been using this to help get rid of small bumps on my forehead and it's been doing an amazing job, only criticism is that it is very drying so I've also been using a Hyaluronic Acid with it in order to keep that area hydrated
  43. Pimple be gone!

    Never seen a pimple run away so quickly! I have even used it on my husband! Nice consistency too.
  44. good for acne

    helped in drying my acne but it worked for a short period of time. after few months it stopped working. maybe my skin got used to it.
  45. Improves the texture and feel of my acne prone skin

    This product is great value for what it does. It hasn’t been a miracle solution for my acne prone skin (long term hormonal acne which varies in severity quite a lot), but when used regularly it has definitely improved the texture of my skin and is super helpful during times of breakouts to reduce the bigger, more inflammed blemishes. For the price; it’s definitely worth it!
  46. Noticed a difference in a week.

    I bought The Ordinary’s Salicylic Acid 2% primarily for my 12yr old son who has started to experience acne breakouts on his face; to use in conjunction with The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, but I started to use it as well to prevent my monthly breakouts.
    The difference to our skin was noticeable within a week! My son’s skin was smoother, had no new breakouts, and no new blackheads. My skin was smoother, my pores were less noticeable, and I’ve not had a new breakout- I don’t really suffer from blackheads.
  47. Good for breakouts

    I use this as a spot treatment when I need it or a thin veil over the whole face and it minimises my pores and tightens my skin. Be careful not to over exfoliate while using this product as it can be drying and harsh on sensitive skin. Be sure to moisturise after use. Cheap and effective!
  48. Stops pimples before they reach the skin!

    I have been using this for the past month, at least once a day and recently twice. I have definitely noticed that when I feel a pimple under the skin, if I apply this as a spot treatment it never actually reaches the skin! I have also been spot treating my blackheads and have noticed a difference in the quantity of blackheads, not seeing any new ones pop up!
  49. Amazing product, amazing price

    This is a staple of mine now. It helps drastically reduce my breakouts and is kind to my skin. The price is unbelievable too!
  50. Didn't work for me

    Had high hopes for this product but it unfortunately didn't help reduce my acne. I was hoping that this would help to dry up the acne on my jawline but it didn't do anything for me. Will probably give my bottle to a friend as I still have a lot of product left :(
  51. Dont over do it

    Was trying very hard to get rid of a pimple before my birthday so I kept applying this constantly. Don't recommend doing this!
    my skin became very dry and irritated, hurt so much

    if you do use this, use it in moderation!
  52. Amazing

    Love this no frills way to keep my skin clear of breakouts. I alternate between this and the Vitamin C suspension. I ran out of this on my travels and my skin was horrible for a few days until I came home to a fresh bottle!
  53. Stubborn blemish gone

    I have pretty good skin very minimal breakouts. I do sometimes get these little bumps under the skin that don’t go away for ages. Squeezing didn’t help in my case for this particular bump. So I bought this product as a spot treatment. After using it for 5 days the bump is almost gone. I’m confident it will be completely gone in another few days. I use it twice a day. Next I’m going to try it on some pigmentation I’ve got!
  54. Staple for acne!

    If you have acne prone skin this one is a must, always helps with breakouts to prevent and while they are happening.
  55. Too weak to act as acne treatment

    I purchased this product to use as a topical acne treatment as salicylic acid is known for its anti-acne effects. Unfortunately, I used this almost every night for a couple of weeks with no real difference. This might be useful as a spot treatment for small blemishes, but it's not very effective for helping clear up or prevent acne.
  56. A must

    My skin is congestion prone around the cheek area. I’m prone to producing more oil and I tend to get build up that results in small under the skin whiteheads that are only obvious when in direct lighting. It was very bad for a long time until I started using salicylic acid. I use it with my vitamin c with no issues. It’s the one thing I wouldn’t go without.
  57. Cleared up my skin

    I’ve got combination skin, prone to sporadic breakouts. This was one of the first products I tried by The Ordinary and I fell in love! It definitely helped clear up the bumpy patches on my skin, and now it’s a staple in my nightly routine.
  58. I now use this everyday

    Love this product. I never really used salicylic acid in my teens and always assumed it was only for breakouts. I have been using this every morning as a toner to lift any dead skin cells etc and prep it for my AM moisturiser and SPF
  59. Does a great job

    I use this after toner and before moisturiser at night. I use 2 drops, and mix with 2 drops of the buffet+copper. I think it's helped with my acne a great deal. I've also noticed that spots are healing a lot faster than usual. It also last ages!
  60. It’s good

    I use this as a spot treatment overnight and in the morning i can see a difference in my pimples, they’re smaller and less angry. It can sting when applied but it will subside. On some spots that are bigger it can take a while to work but overall it’s decent, not sure if i would re purchase but i don’t regret purchasing.
  61. Great simple product

    This is a great quality simple to use and include in your skincare routine. It’s very gentle and only a tiny tiny amount of tingle on my sensitive skin.
  62. Didn’t help much

    My skin is on the dryer side but I have an oilier t zone. I am prone to getting pimples on my chin. I purchased this as a spot treatment for when I get a pimple but to be honest I haven’t really noticed that it has helped.
  63. Nice product

    Comes in easy to use dropper bottle, hygienic! Been using in conjunction with glycolic acid toning solution and feel like my skin is clearer and smoother.
    Feels a little tacky / sticky on initial application, just need to use a few drops, “pat” rather than rub in and wait a minute - sticky feeling fades. No particular fragrance to it.
  64. Best in night routine

    for some reason when I apply it only to the concerned spots on my skin; as part of night routine and then I sleep on it works amazingly.

    I didn't see much results during day after my morning routine.
  65. My skin reacted really badly to this

    My skin freaked out when I used the Salicylic. Be really careful when trying it out, as I know a lot of people have bad reactions to this one. Patch test!
  66. Great salicylic prod

    This is a great product if you're after salicylic acid. I use it on my pimples to dry them out and slough away roughness and dry skin. BUT it's an active, so don't use too much (the skin around the pimple will start to peel and make it appear worse than it is) - so use sparingly.

    I wasn't sure if this was doing anything for any spots I was having pop up until I started using it on blemishes after I cleanse at night then giving it some time to absorb and following with a moisturiser/Buffet/rosehip oil mixed with L-Ascorbic Acid Powder and holy moly my skin is amazing and glowy and blemishes are dramatically reduced in the morning. I get horrible hormonal spots all across my back (thanks PCOS...) and this salicylic acid has helped them not be so angry and shortens the time they are hitching a ride. Will keep buying this foreverrrrrrr
  68. Amazing and affordable

    I've been experiencing awful skin after going off the pill.
    My skin is breaking out but I'm 33, so I'm also battling aging skin too.
    This is a staple in my morning routine. I have just run out and have re-purchased.
    It will take a little while to get used to but stick with it through the dryness. After about 2 or 3 weeks your skin will balance out and you will reap the rewards.
    I also use the lactic acid 10% at night which I believe has also helped greatly.
    After only 1 month of a new and strictly enforced routine my skin is looking better than it has in the 2 years I've been off the pill. Amazing.
  69. Great spot treatment

    I use this as a spot treatment and it really helps reduce redness and swelling overnight. I've been using on the clogged pores in my nose which is slowly starting to reduce their size.
  70. I haven't seen much change for acne

    I bought it for my blackheads and regular breakouts..i didn't notice much change when using it except maybe dries the pimples out a bit quicker
  71. Just dab a small amount on problem areas

    I find this product helps problem areas which are either healing from a breakout, or are a breakout which is just starting. Just dab on a little bit and pat rather than rubbing in - too much will result in a foamy/white finish which isn't desirable. I do this as a first step after cleansing, then follow with other skincare. So easy and affordable.
  72. Acne Be Gone

    I have been using this serum in combination with The Ordinary niacinamide 10% and zinc 1% it has completely transformed my skin from blemish prone to crystal clear. Love it
  73. love it

    I have quite sensitive skin but this works wonders for me, clears my skin quicker than anything else I've tried. Love it.
  74. Another amazing product from The Ordinary

    This is the bomb for pimples, blemishes. I get the occasional hormonal breakouts and tried this for the first time a few days ago, I applied it pm and the next morning woke to a blemish almost gone, you only need a small drop so as always with the ordinary great value, great product.
  75. Critical step in my night routine

    I have blemish prone and oily skin. Previously using a more expensive similar product, I was keen to try The Ordinary at a lower price point and I'm very happy with the results. I use this every night prior to moisturizing and find it helps minimize and prevent future breakouts. The only downside is that I find its quite foamy when applying. I'd recommend patting into the skin, rather than rubbing it in.
  76. The ordinary convert

    I have been using this serum in combination with The Ordinary niacinamide 10% and zinc 1% it has completely transformed my skin from blemish prone to crystal clear. Love it
  77. Literally magic

    I recently have had a major breakout of adult acne due to hormones and nothing the doctor was doing helped regulate them. In the meantime my acne has been making me really uncomfortable. Used this on cystic and surface pimples and OVERNIGHT there was a major difference. Definitely buying more for myself and my little sister - also remember to screw the lid back on properly because I knocked mine and lost half the bottle!
  78. Keeps hormonal acne under control

    Since using this regularly my monthly hormonal breakouts are calmer and fade quicker.
  79. Must have!

    I’ve been using this product religiously for 2 years now and am never going back! I still cannot believe that it is so cheap for what it does
  80. Proceed with caution

    Dear beauty shoppers
    If you are on this page hoping to fix your flaws , blackheads or pimples and your skin is sensitive do not buy this. I bought this and soon as I applied it buy skin began to burn and itch and went blotchy. It really messed up my skin. My pimples are gone, but the scars remain. I used it on my nose for my blackheads and I don’t see A difference. Probably , with reading other reviews, is because my skin is sensitive. So please , If you have sensitive skin, find something more gentler then this product.
  81. The holy grail of skincare

    My favourite Ordinary product. Clears spots overnight and keeps breakouts at bay if applied all over the face. I have repurchased countless times and will never go without it.
  82. Its... average

    I don't know how to feel about this as it didn't really help with my blemishes, however I don't particularly think salicylic acid works on me anyway so I do not fault this product. Sadly it is stored away and I don't reach for it as often as I'd like, however I don't regret the purchase as it's cheap and my sister loves it. If you find other acids don't perform as well as you'd like, try this!! At it's price point, you won't have any regrets
  83. Great for clearing your skin

    This product is great as it has cleared my oily acne-prone skin. I wouldn't recommend using it as spot treatment as I find that applying too much in the same area dries out my skin and makes it patchy (hard to use concealer over my zit if the area is too dry/patchy). Fortunately the consistency of this serum is great so I mix one drop with my daily moisturiser and apply it all over my face. I've been doing this for 2 months now and my skin appears visibly clearer. It is quite potent so a little goes a long way!
  84. Great Product

    I'm onto the second bottle now. I've noticed that my skin is very even in tone and pores and lines diminish greatly. My friend commented that my skin is very clear and bright. I'm in my mid forty and have combo oily skin and I find the serum very light and almost non-existent. I sometimes top it off with TO moisturizer if needed during very dry days and it works well. I can feel my skin congestion on my chin is clearing up. I love this product.
  85. Really good for when you notice a spot developing

    I've used The Ordinary's Salicylic Acid 2% Solution 30ml on and off for about ten months. i didn't really perceive it to do much, but i find it works when a zit is developing, I feel like it helps to stop it in its tracks.
  86. A delight for combo skin

    My combo skin has always loved salicylic acid. It really helps with the appearance of blackheads and declogs my oil-prone t-zone without making it feel completely dehydrated. So glad to have found an affordable option that performs just as well as any.
  87. Amazing for spots

    I recently purchased this as I seem to be breaking out here and there, I’ve been using benzac for years and have been sort of “so so” about it, it worked OKAY I guess but I wanted something that actually did it’s job. I’m so glad to say this does, I wake up the next morning and my pimples or up and coming pimples have dried out or died down :)
  88. Couldn't recommend it highly enough!

    I have combination skin - very oily in my tzone and very dry elsewhere. Continued use (two months) of this product (in conjunction with some other TO products) has reduced my blackheads, tightened up my pores, reduced the shininess of my forehead and almost immediately reduces the risk of angry red spots when applied in the morning. Love, love, LOVE!!!!!
  89. Staple in my skincare regime

    I have oily combination skin and have been using this product in combination with The Ordinary's Niacinamide solution to help with my breakouts. I have been using the two for a few months now and my skin has cleared up my skin so much! If you are on a budget and are looking for something to help with breakouts, I can't recommend this enough.
    I will say though, be sure to use as more of a spot treatment and follow up with a moisturiser otherwise it can be quite drying.
  90. Good for spot treatment

    I only use this as a spot treatment and it definitely shortens the life of any blemishes. I don't find I need much, and even though it's a very affordable product I can't see myself needing to buy another any time soon.
  91. Best spot treatment ever!

    This product is the best The Ordinary product ever. If I had to choose only one it would be this one. I can use this at night if I have a very red spot and by morning the spot is reduced and much calmer. Many times the spot is almost gone after two nights! I use it at night as I do find it can be quite drying. I have combination skin so I am sure to add in a good moisturizer twice a day and halyuronic acid at night to help with the dry skin. Hands down the best spot treatment ever.
  92. Not the best

    I didn't find this product worked for me. It did make my skin feel nice and hydrated. But in terms of diminishing acne I can't say I found it helpful. I don't regret buying it. But I found niacinamide absolutely fantastic. It did all that it promised.
  93. So good even my mum uses it!

    I purchased this after a girl on IG plugged it as it helped heal her hormonal acne.
    i sometimes get cystic acne alongside my hormonal acne, and being a squeezer (i know, terrible!!), this helped reduce the inflammation a lot!!
    it helped so much that my mum has stolen my first bottle and is using it for her little cystic acne patches on her cheeks!
  94. B-EAUT-IFUL!

    ADD THIS TO YOUR CART NOW! I started using this every night along with Niacinamid 10% + Zinc 1% and it has worked wonders. I'm 28 year sold, suffered adult acne for a few years and this magic serum has completely cleared my skin. Worth giving it a go for how affordable the product is.
  95. What Breakout?

    This product works great. It breaks down pimples that are deep in your skin and helps keep breakouts at a minimum. Would definitely recommend this for breakouts and blind pimples.
  96. Cleared up my skin in 3 weeks

    Ive been using this the same brand of skincare for years, after trying countless brands recommended to me by various beauticians but invariably gave up finding I was having quite serious reactions to most of the stronger formulas and they weren't solving my acne issues. I suffer from breakouts particularly because I require a lot of makeup in my job - the worst combination! But after reading some reviews on this range decided to give it a go. The VERY economical price tag was a lure too! I cannot believe the transformation my skin has undergone, I haven't had a 'new' pimple since i started using this product in-particular. I started slowly in case of a reaction and have built up to using more of this range, I am very satisfied. I mainly focus it in my T-zone and chin where I have the worst issues. There is a slight tingling sensation at first but nothing unbearable. It also absorbs into the skin well not leaving an oily residue.
  97. Does not work for me

    My acne and spots do not look better using this product :(
  98. Great for spot treatment and quick results

    I've been using this for 2 months with niacinamide and the glycolic 7% toner.

    It's great for spot treatment and dries out pimples completely within 2 days.
    I usually just apply a thin layer for prevention and a bit extra on the blemishes for quicker treatment.

    Definitely recommend
  99. Would recommend

    This has definitely helped control and reduce my acne after including it in my skincare routine - just don't over-use it.
  100. Burns my skin

    For sensitive skin like mine, i applied a small drop for my entire face. the solution is too concentrated and my face had slight acid burn. but for those who have not so sensitive skin it may be helpful
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