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The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque - 50ml 50ml

4.4 of 239 reviews


4 instalments of $5.48

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4 instalments of $5.48

Or 4 instalments of $5.48 with LEARN MORE

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A deep cleanse for the pores. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque features a high concentration of pore-cleansing BHAs, at the correct pH for optimal action. Additionally featuring black charcoal derived from vegetable matter and Amazonian clays that work together to provide a highly absorbent, balancing action for oily and blemish prone skin.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

What customers say

GREAT - 87% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque - 50ml Reviews

4.4 of 239 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

big fan


This mask has definitely helped the overall appearance of my skin. Even though this mask sets it does not leave my skin feeling dry or tight. My skin feels really refreshed and the overall appearance of my skin is smoother. I do experience very very slight tingling with this mask but it is in no way uncomfortable and does not burn at all. I use this mask 1-2 times a week.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not my favourite


I thought it would help more with the small blackheads across my nose but after a couple of times it hasnt made much of a difference. Its tingly and so gives the impression its working but was just not for me
  1. Not my favourite


    verified purchaser
    I thought it would help more with the small blackheads across my nose but after a couple of times it hasnt made much of a difference. Its tingly and so gives the impression its working but was just not for me
  2. big fan


    This mask has definitely helped the overall appearance of my skin. Even though this mask sets it does not leave my skin feeling dry or tight. My skin feels really refreshed and the overall appearance of my skin is smoother. I do experience very very slight tingling with this mask but it is in no way uncomfortable and does not burn at all. I use this mask 1-2 times a week.
  3. Love this Mask


    verified purchaser
    You don't have too fork too much money for this. It works wonders with acne, I am see a difference in skin tone and blemishes. Just wouldn't use this more then twice a week.
  4. Love it!


    Super effective at clearing out pores! Use once a week to prevent break-outs. I prefer this over the topical 2% salicylic acid solution because I find this works much quicker and you don't have to leave it on for ages.
  5. Great Value for money


    verified purchaser
    This mask does leave your skin feeling dewy and fresh. Using this a few times a week has definitely improved my skin
  6. Does the job


    verified purchaser
    I use this mask in my break up prone areas and I feel that it has helped reduced the amount of break outs that I get.
  7. Love this mask


    This is great for people who have experience with BHA's as its quite strong and it works great in minimising my pores
  8. Awesome product


    This is hands down the best masque I have ever used and my new fav ordinary product. Leaves skin soft and Dewey with visibly minimised pores. Seriously I can’t believe how great my skin looks and feels after using this masque it’s totally addictive. A keeper! Do yourself a favour
  9. Great for acne.


    I use this product once per week and it has really helped to reduce acne. Also good for spot treatment, can be a little tingly but great product overall!!
  10. Love this mask, but make sure you wear sunscreen!


    I really like this mask and use it on a regular basis. The only issue is you must wear sunscreen after using the mask particularly with the harsh Australian sun. Will definitely buy this mask again!
  11. A YES FROM ME <3


    Skin type: oily to normal
    I don't use it very often, but the first time I used it I was literally pleasantly shocked by the way my skin felt. It was like velvet.. so nice to the touch. As for the blemishes, they looked not so terrible.
    I think I have to mention that I haven't tried anything similar before so for a first timer I am in love with this product!
  12. Chemical exfoliant mask


    I use this around my nose, where I am more prone to blackheads and have found using this weekly it seems to keep the area cleansed/smooth, although perhaps leaving the area a little red/tender due to SA
  13. Great cleansing mask


    Great basic mask that really deeps cleans and makes my skin feel smooth and look fresh afterwards
  14. it does the job


    i use this product almost twice a week. it does have a burning sensation which is alright. After washing the mask off i do feel the exfoliation which is why i believe it is such a great product. it also dries really quickly
  15. Pore shrinker!!


    Awesome mask, bought it with little expectations however it’s visibly reduces pore size and leaves the face feeling super clean and refreshed. I would love a super size, pricey for The ordinary however worth it!!
  16. Good!


    The mask is better than I though it would be! It makes my skin very smooth!
  17. Didn't seem to do much


    I was hoping this would help with the small blackheads on my nose, but I haven't noticed much difference after using it several times. I've used the serum as a spot treatment before and had good results, so that might be the one for me!
  18. Fantastic!!


    I feel really good after using it first time.my skin was clear n spotless.

  19. Good but not as good as the serum!


    Used to use the ordinary's serum version of this which was fantastic! But unavailable so gave this a try. It's great, skin feels good afterwards but you just don't have the convenience with a masque as you do with a serum :(
  20. Very good


    I feel really good after using it first time.my skin was clear n spotless.


    I cannot live without this product. As soon as I feel or see a pimple coming up, I put this straight over the spot for 10 minutes. I then wash off and continue with the rest of my skincare. Repeat AM and PM. It makes blind pimples less severe and other pimples dry up so much quicker. I also sometimes use on my nose only as a mask for blackheads.
  22. Thankyou TO!


    Use this every few days on my nose to help keep blackheads and sebaceous filaments at bay, does help.
    Nice format to just spot treat the ares you need the salicylic acid on.
    Boyfriends loves this one too for acne and blackheads.


    I have acne prone skin and this has done WONDERS for it. My partner constantly gets blackheads on his face and this product just wipes them all off. Highly recommend.
  24. Good staple mask


    i use this product once a week (as I have super sensitive skin) and it genuinely does what it states it will do. I have definitely seen a reduction in both black / white heads.
  25. Blackheads worst enemy!


    I used this product every second night for two weeks and was amazed at the results. I have large pores and have always suffered blackheads on my nose and chin. My pores have never been cleaner! Blackheads are no where to be seen and my skin feels smoother than ever. Highly recommend!!!
  26. Good for blackheads


    I use this when I have a small breakout on my skin and notice they're reduced afterwards. I find it particularly good for blackheads.

    This product is drying though, and as someone with quite dry skin, I find I always need to follow it with deep moisturising products.
  27. Amazing for Acne


    I used this product to help with the appearance of my acne, and it worked so well! I used this in conjunction with a handful of other products from this brand, but this certainly made my skin texture and appearance a lot better! I would only suggest that you pair it with a great moisturiser too! Amazing product for acne and breakouts.
  28. Dry and gritty


    I find this product dry and gritty and not pleasant to smear on but once washed off it does leave my skin soft and refreshed.
  29. too good


    one application leave your skin with minimise pores and smoothness. i use it once or twice a week and followed by hyaluronic acid and moisturiser at night time. very good results
  30. Great for blackhead prone skin


    I have sensitive skin and tend to get blackheads when I use comedogenic products. This works a treat. My skin is clearer when I use the masque and it has diminished my pimples and blackheads. They’re still there but they’re not as prevalent as before.
  31. I like it!


    This is a pretty standard face mask, however I do notice my skin has a glow to it both immediately after using and the following day. It helps to reduce the size of my pores too which is always a bonus.
    Also, some masks can cause a reaction for me but this one felt great!
    Overall, I like this mask and will continue to use it.
  32. Refreshing


    I like this product! It is a little messy taking it off compared to other masks however I feel great after every use. Would buy again.
  33. Great


    This is great for blackheads and it helps with excess sebum
  34. Impressed for the price


    I was a The Ordinary virgin and decided to buy a few products in the range after being recommended to try them. I love a good mask, and anything that makes my skin tingle and burn a little. It says to leave on for 10 mins (I left on for a little longer) and my skin felt so refreshed afterwards, and didn't react. I will be repurchasing.
  35. Love this product


    Love this product for acne prone skin, really has helped clear any breakouts
  36. Works well!


    I've found that it works well for me in dealing with blackheads and my pores.
    I use once a week between exfoliating so as not to overwork my skin.
    Only keep on for a short time so its really easy to incorporate into routine.
    Can burn a little but definitely not uncomfortable, I do have sensitive skin.
  37. Nothing special


    This mask is fine, doesn’t dry me out but isn’t particularly impressive either. I’ll stick to clay.
  38. Game changer


    This product is super effective with getting rid of the black heads, clogged pores and congestion on my chin and nose. I use it every 2-3 days and it makes a huge difference. Super impressed with the result for the affordable price.
  39. It's okay


    Maybe I have the wrong skin type for this mask? I want to love it, but I bought it for the blackheads on my nose and it doesn't seem to do much for it.
  40. Magic


    I found this mask magic! My skin felt amazing after using and even more amazing the next day. Think I've found my new go to face mask! I also found a little went a long way when it came to the product!
  41. Unsure


    I purchased this to help with blackheads on my nose. It does sting a little so make sure you set a timer to avoid leaving it on longer than 10 mins and only use on areas of concern. I haven't noticed a huge difference so might up how often I use it but no difference with 1-2 weekly use.
  42. Does not disappoint


    its the next best thing in the ordinary product line (after hyaluronic acid). And also effective for my acne prone skin, though not sure it works as well as my other 2% bha products in acne control. Still does the job for the cheap price
  43. does the job


    this was surprisingly a great product, it made my skin feel refreshed and very clean afterwards despite the tingly feeling when it was applied on my face.
    the clean up afterwards was a bit messy, but still a really great product!
  44. Great mask


    I like this mask because it's well balanced on my skin. I have sensitive skin but also breakouts and sometimes find out treatment masks painful, but this one doesn't irritate my skin. My skin feels tighter afterward but not dry.
  45. Refreshing!


    Whilst I found this product could be a bit messy to apply, I found my skin to feel refreshed and deeply cleansed afterwards!

    It can tingle a little on acne prone skin due to the salicylic acid, but personally I love that feeling as I know the product is working and clearing out my pores effectively.
  46. Clean and fresh


    My skin is combo oily and this is great. Use twice a week and it feels like it clears my skin and takes away oils and dirt. Not harsh on my skin but due to reviews, have increased mask time in increments in case skin reacts.
  47. Not sure


    I want to love this mask but I don't think I have the right skin type for it. I have dry, sensitive skin and when applied liberally, this mask caused significant dry patches on my skin. I have used as a spot treatment when I feel a pimple coming and found it great for that though (just don't overuse!).
  48. Impressed


    I have only had this for a little over a week now and I must say I'm impressed. I used it twice last week as part of my night routine and I'm really liking it. Doesn't sting, just a little tingle to let you know its working.
  49. The ordinary Always has the best products


    The ordinary products are just amazing. I absolutely love this mask. I use this once a week and the next day my skin feels so soft and super clean. Highly recommend it!
  50. Great Masque


    I love this masque. It is nice and fast to use at only 10 minutes. It leaves my face feeling as smooth and soft as a baby's bottom which is my favourite result! I am not sure as of yet if it makes a difference to my acne... It may help just after but this can really only be used once or twice a week so it can only do so much.
    It is a reasonable price but I feel like the tube doesn't last th...
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  51. not overly satistfied


    i have sensitive skin very prone to acne and i tried this with high hopes but sadly it burnt and stripped my skin. wouldn't recomend for people with sensitive acne prone skin but overall seems that it'll work well for others
  52. First mask I’ve used from the ordinary


    First mask I’ve used from this brand and was so impressed, cleaned up my skin when using once a week
  53. Amazing !!


    Absolutely love this masque! Everytime I used it, next day my skin feels amazing!!! Would 100% get it again!
  54. Helped my skin texture


    My nose texture has greatly improved and it helps my breakouts.
    Only reason I rate it a 4 instead of 5 is because the amount of product is lesser than expected, doesn't fill up the whole container like most of the ordinary products.

    But I am planning to re-purchase because it has greatly helped my skin.
  55. Great for spot treating

    Anna S

    I suffer from hormonal break outs on my chin. I apply this directly onto my pimples and acne scarring. It stops my acne from getting worse, helps reduce new spots and I'm starting to see improvements in my scarring.
  56. best BHA mask


    I dont usually go for BHA masks that dont stay on the skin overnight. But even after 15 mins of this 3 times a week, my 27 year old skin absorbs my moisturiser/serums much better to maximise the product's full effect.
  57. Amazing product


    Worked amazing at getting rid of pimples and blackhead. Would 100% recommend for acne prone skin.
  58. Teens love this


    My teenage girls (13 & 17) love this - it helps to reset their skin after a breakout, and reduces the redness and general inflammation of their acne. It has become a household favourite, and I find it is good value for money.
  59. Spot Treatment Mask


    I use this on my nose to reduce blackheads a couple of times a week and I am really seeing a difference.
  60. great affordable mask!


    I use this product twice a week and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth. It's been a great addition to my skincare routine.
  61. Good as a spot treatment


    I use this masque as a spot treatment overnight almost every night. It is great in reducing pimple size, redness and inflammation. I like it as a full face mask too, however I found it can be a little drying on my skin.
  62. Amazing product!


    After trying many salicylic acid products this is by far the best one I've tried. I leave it on for a few minutes and my skin looks so much clearer afterwards. Very impressed and will definitely keep buying it.
  63. Amazing


    I have only used this product twice so far and already I have seen less blackheads on my face afterwards. My siin also feels very soft after using it. Great, pity it doesnt come in a bigger bottle.
  64. One of the best


    I'm in love with this wash off face mask - it really brightens and clears my skin! It's affordable and it does the same as the origin's clear charcoal mask. I'm amazed!
  65. My Favourite


    My favourite ordinary product and mask on the market. I find it more effective then several more expensive ones i own. It always leaves my skin looking clear, refreshed, soft and bright. Would highly recommend!
  66. Best face mask!


    Out of all The Ordinary products I use, this is by far my favourite. I use it once a week, and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and diminishes the appearance of blackheads.
  67. Super helpful!


    I have acne prone skin and this masque has slowly but surely improved my skin. My skin isn't as oily and my breakouts are less frequent. I leave it on for less than 10 minutes and thoroughly rinse with warm water and apply my night serums. I notice that the size of my pores (especially sebaceous filaments) are slowly appearing smaller. I have less whiteheads than I have before. Will definitely kee...
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  68. Not as effective as the serum


    I don't mind this masque, but I didn't find it to be as effective as The Ordinary Salicylic serum (RIP!). It can be a little rough when washing it off, so if you have ultra sensitive skin then it might irritate. I'll continue to use this as a spot treatment until it runs out but I won't be buying it again.
  69. Great results and affordable price


    I was a little nervous about using this mask as my skin can be sensitive and prone to dryness in winter. However, I've been dealing with hormonal breakouts and thought I would give it a go. I'm really glad I did! My skin is very soft after use and it has calmed any irritated blemish patches down. I plan to use weekly from now on.

    I applied the mask, left for 5 minutes, then rinsed of...
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  70. very effective product


    I have found this product to be very effective without being irritating, and a decent price. My only disappointment with the product was how little is actually in the bottle, I would say mine was less than half full and I didn't get as many uses out of it as I expected. I have only ordered once so I'm hoping this was just an anomaly as all other products in the range have been full when they arriv...
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  71. The mask is okay, nothing too special


    I found this masque to be alright, it does sting quite a bit at the start though, I've been using this once a week for 10 minutes per session over the last four weeks and haven't found it to be very special or unique. It just felt like a stingy mask. I'd prefer buying a salicylic serum or exfoliant over this masque.

    Overall, would probably not repurchase and wouldn't recommend.
  72. Best Face Mask


    Out of all The Ordinary products I use, this is by far my favourite. I use it once a week, and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and diminishes the appearance of blackheads.
  73. Fantastic and affordable!


    After only one use I am in love with this product. It doesn't dry and flake or leave my skin irritated. Exactly as advertised and so affordable for such a good product!
  74. It's ok but not very strong


    This mask is ok but doesn't seem to do very much. I was hoping it would exfoliate a bit better than it does. It's definitely a better choice for those with sensitive skin though, as I've found the liquid exfoliants that you leave on just too harsh.
  75. Great mask, great price


    This is another well priced gem from the ordinary. The more I try this brand the more i love it.
    Mask is great, does what it says. Comfortable on when drying. Will buy again.
  76. Works well for me!


    I like this mask a lot - I only use it infrequently usually when I've had a breakout and when combined with Niacinamide, I find that any blemishes disappear after a day or two so will be repurchasing.
  77. Become my HG right away


    I cannot believe that I buy this before. I felt like I am missing out big time because of this. This is the best mask during breakout time. it doesn't irritate my spot and actually calm it down. Also, it helps the sebum clogging my pores to come out faster if that makes sense! I love this!
  78. Not bad, but not great either


    I bought this product as I was an avid user of TO’s salicylic acid serum before it was discontinued, I have visible pores and get the occasional break out and the salicylic acid really helped improve my skin so was hoping this would do the same. Unfortunately I noticed little to no results from using this and found the effort of doing the mask wasn’t really worth the results.
    I love TO and ...
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  79. fantastic


    Just so happy to find a great masque that feels like it's actually doing something. Doesn't tug on the skin, doesn't irritate it, keep it away from her eye skin, easy to apply and remove, skin feels so fresh afterwards - highly HIGHLY recommend
  80. I dont love it but dont hate it


    I do like this product, i do feel it does give a good clean however i find my pores turn black when trying to wash the product off like its stuck and wont come out and take a few washes before its completely gone. I feel that for the price and the size of the product its not really worth it when there are better options out there. Eager to try TO salicylic acid serum instead when its finished be...
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  81. Hmmm


    This product hasn’t given me any noticeable improvements in regards to blackheads or pores
  82. love using this


    love using this, it leaves my skin really soft and refreshed. Make sure to use sunscreen though
  83. not bad at all!


    This is great for your skin and your budget. Yes, there are better ones out there but this is a great alternative and you can find it in the drugstore too. Can't go wrong! Feels nice and clean but not dry after use too!
  84. The only mask i use now


    I've put aside my S&S Pink Clay Mask, my GlamGlow, my Kiehls rare earth mask... and using my second bottle of this instead! It still doesnt beat PC's Skin Perfecting 2% liquid exfoliant, but this is my #1 for masks. Specifically targeting those hormonal acne that keep flaring up (because you just cant tame acne caused by those raging hormones)
  85. Curbs Breakouts!


    This product really reduces the redness and "angryness" of a breakout after just a single use. My pimples heal so much faster with this product! However, I would only use the masque exclusively on your breakout and not the whole face, because it can be drying due to the high salicylic acid content. Would recommend and repurchase!
  86. Another awesome product from The Ordinary


    Heard a lot of good things about this product and thought I give it a try. Certainly not disappointed!
    It's great value for money, just like all the other The Ordinary products. and does exactly what it says it will do.
    I use it mostly around the T-zone and chin and would not recommend using all over the face. It works well and is purifying, leaving the skin feeling smooth after.
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  87. I wanted to love it


    I have dry skin and larger pores (from bad decisions in my younger years) so when I used this mask some of it got stuck in my pores and was really hard to remove without being rough. That being said it did draw some bad stuff out but overall it was not for me! Also tingles a lot when on your face but nothing too dramatic
  88. So easy and effective!


    Love this mask! As someone with oily, congested skin I was on the hunt for a great salicylic acid product and came across this! So affordable and the easiest mask to put on and take off, I noticed a reduce of breakouts and congestion the next day! Perfect for the lead up to your period to keep those hormonal breakouts at bay
  89. Great clearing mask


    Was looking for a new mask to help target some stubborn breakouts and this has done the job perfectly! It cleared up the spots and left my skin feeling extra smooth. I was concerned about it drying based on other reviews but did not encounter that, just used some extra face oils and moisturiser to counter it. 10/10 recommend.
  90. You dont need heaps


    I have been using this once a week and to be honest I didnt think it really did an awful lot. But I have noticed my pores are getting smaller. I dont use alot of it but blend it over my face. I find my skin actually feels fresh after using it I then use the ordinary moisturiser which I love. Face does not feel tight and dry or red at all. Although I only keep it on for max ten minutes. Tip- shake...
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  91. Salicylic acid


    I love using this on areas where I have enlarged pores - like my nose. It helps to control oil production there and I think it helps make the pores look less enlarged and oily. It's pretty gentle on my skin too, even though it has 2% concentration.
  92. Amazing product


    My skin is very oily and prone to break outs. After using this mask, my skin felt soft and smooth and helped reduce my acne. No overpowering smell and my skin feels so nice and clean afterwards
  93. Worth the buy


    I bought this mask due to the positive reviews and the effect on salicylic acid on oily/acne prone skin.
    Usually my skin doesn’t seem to react the same way like most other of the positive reviews BUT in this case I actually have to say my skin was GLOWING after using this mask. It felt really nice and clean afterwards, but it is really important to make sure not to leave it on for longer th...
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  94. It helped improve my acne!


    I think this product has really help improve my acne.

    I had really bad breakouts on my cheeks and forehead for a few months now, and this has really helped to improve it. I still have pimple, but I have only been using this every 3 days (at night) for the last 3 weeks will continue to use it.

    It dries quickly (and I mean seconds), so you have to be really fast when spread...
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  95. In love!


    I have normal/oily skin, and needed something to help dry out the pimples. I use this as a spot treatment on the pimples when needed. It helps to dry them out, which thankfully gets rid of them sooner! Would highly recommend!
  96. Glowfest


    I recently started using this product (for the last 3 weeks) and its makes my skin feel really refreshed straight after. I have sensitive skin and its not an issue for me - it feels good on for the recommended time and leaves my skin feeling soft, refreshed and glowing. Really happy with it.
  97. Awesome


    This mask is awesome. My skin felt so soft and clear after I used this! I will be repurchasing.
  98. Can’t wait to use this product!


    I have been advised that I should use this Salicylic Acid 2% Masque instead of Glycolic 7% Toning Solution. However, I would like to use both. My question is that if I can use Glycolic twice in the week and then Salicylic Masque twice in the following week.
  99. Effective and affordable


    Like many of The Ordinary's products, this is an affordable and effective that leaves my skin feeling soft and not overly dry, like other similar masks can.
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