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The Ordinary Retinol 0.5% in Squalane 30ml

4.5 of 32 reviews


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$2.46 x 4

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Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

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The Ordinary Retinol 0.5% in Squalane

The Ordinary Retinol 0.5% in Squalane

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4.5 of 32 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great formula, comfortable to wear
I started with this product recently to begin my retinol journey and I’ve definitely found it wonderful to wear. I began by diluting it for the first few days but found the undiluted product far nicer on my skin. Haven’t experienced a shred of irritation, and I’m looking forward to continuing on with this product.
  1. Great formula, comfortable to wear

    I started with this product recently to begin my retinol journey and I’ve definitely found it wonderful to wear. I began by diluting it for the first few days but found the undiluted product far nicer on my skin. Haven’t experienced a shred of irritation, and I’m looking forward to continuing on with this product.
  2. Quick results

    I’ve been using this product every night as part of my skincare routine, the first few days I did notice some mild flaking but that has subsided, I’ve also made more of an effort to use less and apply HA, rosehip oil and a good quality moisturiser afterwards which have helped mitigate the initial irritation. My skin is looking clear, and evenly toned. I do plan to try for a baby in about a year and understand Retinol isn’t recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding so I’ll ensure to stop using this produce well before that. But until then i’m loving it!
  3. Gave me baby skin

    I started using this after I finished my 0.02% retinol, it was tricky at the beginning as I initially used it every day as I had with the 0.02%, which was a mistake as my skin became pretty irritated. So I started using it every other day and then built it up to everyday and then had the best skin I’ve ever had, it was completely clear, had not breakout and all my acne scars faded, and my pores pretty much disappeared.
  4. Great

    I have just purchased the product recently as I wanted to try a lower % retinol. I was shocked I could see the difference right the morning after the very first application. My skin felt plump and glowing. Really happy I gave it a try!
  5. UGH texture

    In one of the reviews below someone describes this product as "smelt like butter and felt like it too" - and that is 100% the most accurate description!
    I really, really wanted to love this product because of the great price and reviews but I just did not like it.
    The oily texture meant it sat on top of my skin and no matter how hard I tried to make it absorb (by pressing it in etc) it just would not. I ended up just feeling greasy whenever I put it on. Frustratingly, you are supposed to wear retinol at night, but I could never get straight into bed because I was scared the product would make a mess of my pillows. To make matters worse - it feels oily but the next morning my skin would feel dry....and I never usually get dry skin.
    I hate complaining, but hopefully this might help someone!
    The only reason I gave it two stars was the good price.
  6. Great

    Retinol products can be so expensive so I love that I have this brand.
  7. Great start out for retinol product

    I definitely wanted to ease into the retinol and build up my tolerance. I had used a few different retinol products before this, and this price just can't be beat. I haven't noticed a ton of peeling and will definitely go up to the 1% for my next bottle, but this has been a great introduction.
  8. Nice feel, some minor skin improvements, but maybe stronger product next time

    My first The Ordinary Product, and I'm fairly happy with it. The squalene base feels nice and moisturising for my dry/sensitive skin. It is an oily base, so probably not for oily skin types. No skin irritation, but take care not to get any in your eyes!
    I do see a slight improvement in my skin texture after my first bottle, but I might try something a little more potent next time as the improvements are quite subtle.
  9. Love It

    Such a great product for those starting out with using retinol. I love this formula and it's made a visible difference in clearing up my skin. So affordable too.
  10. Perfect introduction to retinol

    Having never used retinol on my skin, I was eager to give this a go. I definitely notice a difference in my skin and overall tone. There have been a few dry patches of skin which I have taken to mean this is working and overturning my skin cells even more rapidly. Already wanting to purchase the higher retinol % as my skin feels fully adjusted. Great price, great product
  11. I love the way it makes my skin look and feel

    I have pretty bad rosacea so my skin is pretty sensitive and this doesn't irritate me at all! I use it at night about 3 times a week, the product itself is a bit oily but it doesn't bother me at all. In the morning when I wake up my skin is usually a bit red and dull and I noticed that after using it the night before my skin is a lot brighter, glowy and my redness is not as bad. Gives me a bit of a confidence boost in the morning after using it my skin seems to really like it :)
  12. Great product

    I have only been using this for about a week now but I have noticed a huge change in my hormonal acne. The marks are still there but the acne is not getting as big and sore looking as it usually would. I think with consistent use this product would make a massive difference. I read to not use if you have sensitive skin which I have but I just avoid using it right around my mouth as that’s where I would normal get dry patches if I use something to strong. It is a great product and an absolute bargain
  13. Good retinol for sensitive skin

    I’m not usually able to use retinol because my skin reacts with significant redness and scaling. But at this price point I decided to give it a go. I’m glad I did, there’s a definite improvement in the tone and appearance of my skin after two weeks use. And no sensitive skin reaction. Plus I’m using it on the backs of my hands with excellent results.
  14. Great beginner's retinol

    Let me start off by saying I don't have sensitive skin. I used this in combination with TO's glycolic acid toner. This is my first retinol, so I began by diluting it in a 1:3 ratio (drops) of this to rosehip oil. The next morning, my skin was so bright and my skin tone looked evened out!
    I'm not consistent with my routine, but I've noticed that my skin always looks brighter the morning after using this. Even though I don't have sensitive skin I'm wary of overwhelming my skin with retinols, so I'm working slowly up to the point I can use this every night without diluting it. So far, I'm loving this at its price point!
  15. My skin feels so good

    I’ve just switched to this serum from The Ordinary’s Granactive Retinoid Emulsion 2%, and I’m so glad I have. I use 1-2 drops of this every night mixed with The Ordinary’s Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10%, and my skin has never felt and looked so good!
    I have combo/oily skin, and my main skin concern is slowing down the signs of ageing.
  16. Non-irritating but still effective Retinoid

    I have sensitive/combination skin and bought this product because I hoped it would help with my acne. I was concerned that it would cause redness or irritation so I thought 0.5% would be a good starting concentration.
    This is a squalane-based solution so it is an oil, not as greasy as some oils but definitely more so than rosehip oil. It has a slight but not unpleasant smell. I apply 2-3 drops to my face in the evening after cleansing and rub it in before applying moisturiser. I alternate evenings between the retinol and rosehip oil.
    I don't find any redness, burning or irritation at all when applying this product. The following morning my skin feels more smooth and healthy. I think it has helped control my acne to some extent, but next time I would order a higher concentration formula.
    As with any retinoid, this formula increases sun sensitivity so I wear sunscreen during the day.
  17. Positive Re-Introduction to Retinol

    I had been scared off Retinol from past experiences, but my beauty therapist kept insisting I need Retinol. Rather than buy their in-house expensive brand, I figured I had nothing to lose by trying The Ordinary in a low strength, oil based product. So far, so good. My skin hasn't reacted and it's looking great. I only use twice a week, but will either increase my usage or possibly look at a higher strength from The Ordinary. Can definitely recommend this product as a great introduction to Retinol.
  18. Love Retinol Now!

    Never tried retinol, as it can be drying and I have VERY dry and sometimes reactive skin. Tried the lower dose in squalane oil first as my skin loves oil, and sure enough it drinks this up like a nighttime treat. I love the texture (is quite oily but like I said, super dry skin here ), I get no dry spots or red marks. Also, I am VERY dark under the eyes and this is the first product I've used that has genuinely made a difference to the darkness. Eager to try a higher percentage of retinol to ramp up the benefits. At this price you can't really go wrong.
  19. Working well

    Has calmed down my skin a lot I have noticed my skin becoming a lot clearer and my hormonal breakouts are less now. As for removal of fine lines and such I think that will come with months of use. But my skin is already showing signs that it is having a positive effect. Not experiencing any dry skin or irritation with daily use. I have combination skin and even in the less oily areas no flaking or redness.
  20. Great intro retinol

    I tried this and the Granactive Retinoid 2% and loved both. Great intro retinol products which didn't irritate my normal/dry skin.
  21. Not sure

    I have only been using this product for a week. I personally don’t like it when l initially put it on my skin. It feels oily and does not seem to absorb into my skin. I let it sit on my skin for 30-60 minutes before l put on my moisturiser. The moisturiser seems to blend in with this product but still not absorbing into my skin. However, my skin is bright and glowing the next morning. I think for the price - it is a great product and l will continue to use it.
  22. Fantastic

    This is an amazing product! After 1 week of using it my skin looks more bright and glowing and its kept my acne under control really well. I have tried the Ordinary retinoid and this is so much better. I have experienced no irritation at all.
  23. AMAZING!

    This is the best serum I have ever used!!! An incredible potency of retinol, however does NOT leave the skin irritated or dry like other products with retinol. The price just makes it even better. Couldn't recommend this enough.
  24. Like better than the 0.2

    I like this serum more than the 0.2% as it is less oily . I use every second day and no irriatation, would recommend avoiding eye area
  25. Great value and does the job

    My skin type: Oily Combination with clogged pores
    My age: 27

    I bought this to treat my clogged pores. The product does speed up my skin cell turnover and cause purging (which is good). The texture is lightweight but a bit greasy for me. However it does not clog my pores. I did not get irritation or dryness as I moisturize my skin well and incorporate Retinol in my routine slowly
  26. Felt horrible

    I was so excited to try this after all the positive reviews. To me, this product smelt like butter and felt like it too. The following day my skin felt burnt. I tried to use the product twice more but I couldn't stand the smell or the feel. Product just wasn't for me but considering all the other good reviews it may have just not worked on my skin.
  27. Great retinol for beginners!

    I tried out this product because I've seen a lot of beauty bloggers rave about retinol! I decided to try it because I have noticed signs of ageing, especially around my eyes. My skin becomes quite dry especially in winter and so this season, I've gotten a lot more fine wrinkles. I bought this and started using it and like other people, got a mild irritation on my face. The irritation is becoming less now and I've noticed my skin is a lot brighter in the morning. A few pigmentation spots have also started lightening up. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to try out a retinol product to stop first signs of ageing.
  28. Great Product!!

    Definitely recommend this product but only to apply after your skin care regime at night as it is quiet greasy once applied. This product has 100% helped in evening out my skin and helping it stay hydrated. I only use this product every 2/3 nights as it can dry out the skin and result in red dry areas. That's not because it's bad but just because your skin needs to become used to the product. Defo recommend but only if you have a good skin regime and have trained your skin first.
  29. Fantastic

    I'm a Retinol beginner. After using The Ordinary Retinol 0.2% for about 6 weeks (2-3 times per week at night) I decided to move on to the 0.5% because my skin was tolerating it so well. It is fantastic. I experienced no stinging or burning and felt like it was slightly less 'greasy' than the 0.2%. The only reason why I didn't give this 5 stars is because I feel like it still sits on my skin rather than sinking in, and so it feels a bit 'greasy' - however as I said, less so than the 0.2%. I know this product needs time before you can see obvious improvement, but I can already tell that my skin is in better condition than it was. I intend to move on to the 1% in due time, assuming my skin keeps reacting so well to this - this is a great stepping stone which is giving me confidence to move on to the stronger strength. I love it!
  30. Great product if starting to use retinol

    I've been trying out lots of the ordinary products, they are so affordable and great quality! I also like the transparency with the list of ingredients and the fact all their retinol state their concentration.
    I started with this one as an initiation to retinols to build up my resistance and works great! I can feel a difference and will probably upgrade to the next % when the bottle is finished.
  31. Amazing

    Using this currently on a nightly basis and I am already noticing a difference in my skin. Such a great product if you are starting to use retinol.
  32. Love this!

    I've been using this product daily for a couple of weeks now and I have to say I love it! I've suffered for a long time with cystic acne on my chin and this product has helped to completely clear my skin. The first couple of days your skin does become a little dry but that soon goes away as your skin builds a tolerance to it. My skin hasn't felt this good in years. Will definitely repurchase this product.
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