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The Ordinary Retinol 0.2% in Squalane 30ml

4.4 of 104 reviews


4 instalments of $2.33

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4 instalments of $2.33

Or 4 instalments of $2.33 with LEARN MORE

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The Ordinary Retinol 0.2% in Squalane is a water-free solution that contains 0.2% pure Retinol, an ingredient that can reduce the appearances of fine lines, photo damage and general skin ageing.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

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The Ordinary Retinol 0.2% in Squalane

The Ordinary Retinol 0.2% in Squalane

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The Ordinary Retinol 0.2% in Squalane Reviews

4.4 of 104 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

saved my skin


this product is incredible for my skin, helps with acne, scarring and also redness!!!

Most Helpful Criticism

Didn’t really notice anything.


I’ve never used retinol before and this didn’t irritate or cause any redness whatsoever, but I used every second night for 3 months and can’t say I’ve noticed a difference? I’m 27 though so maybe it’d make more of a difference if I had more wrinkles or sun damage? I think 0.2% was very weak, If I could go back in time I’d probably start with the 0.5% instead. I’ve now jumped to the 1% to see how that works!
  1. saved my skin


    this product is incredible for my skin, helps with acne, scarring and also redness!!!
  2. Gentle first retinol


    I got this for my partner- her first retinol serum, which she’s been using for around 2 months or so now every PM. She has sensitive skin and has not experienced any irritation. She has found her skin has fewer acne breakouts and reduced pores. Her skin looks brighter and smoother (also uses the buffet and hyaluronic acid +b5 in the AM).
  3. Good start


    I just started using this, it's my first retinol product. I am enjoying it so far and have had no issues. It came highly recommended
  4. Fantastic!!


    This product is a very good gradual serum when used right and has luckily for me not made my skin react to the sun as it said it would.


    It definitely works like MAGIC <3
  6. Effective and affordable


    I bought this for my bf as he wants to start taking better care of his skin. Since he started using it, his skin looks so much smoother, brighter and elastic. It’s done wonders for him and he’s so happy with the results! Would definitely recommend.
  7. Didn’t really notice anything.


    I’ve never used retinol before and this didn’t irritate or cause any redness whatsoever, but I used every second night for 3 months and can’t say I’ve noticed a difference? I’m 27 though so maybe it’d make more of a difference if I had more wrinkles or sun damage? I think 0.2% was very weak, If I could go back in time I’d probably start with the 0.5% instead. I’ve now jumped to the 1% to see how t...
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  8. Very gentle but works well


    This was my first time using a retinol and this was the perfect product to start off with. The product is gentle and I saw results in 1.5 months of using it with HA. I have combination skin and use it in the PM so the oily texture didn't bother me at all.
  9. Gentle


    Very gentle if you are just starting out with retinol. I didn't find it did much for my skin however. Didn't irritate, cause breakouts or retinol induced peeling, but it also didn't do much else for me...
  10. Great for my sensitive skin

    Lisa Marie

    I’ve tried a few retinol products but they are usually too harsh and make me peel or beak out. This product is amazing and gentle, it really does make my skin look fresh and revitalised.
  11. Great for my sensitive skin

    Lisa Marie

    I’ve tried a few retinol products but they are usually too harsh and make me peel or beak out. This product is amazing and gentle, it really does make my skin look fresh and revitalised.
  12. First time Retinol user


    This is my first retinol skincare item introduced into my regime. I just entered my 30s and thought it'd be good to get started on these. I love everything The Ordinary so of course had to try this one. I got the 0.2% just to get started in case I had an adverse reaction. So happy and glad no irritation whatsoever. I do have a high tolerance for skincare though but nevertheless this product is so ...
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  13. Great product.


    I have been use it almost a month, my skill is feeling very comfortable for this product. it made my skill look smooth and more heather..
  14. Great for backne


    I used this on my back and it calmed my acne so quickly
  15. Gentle but effective


    Helps calm my acne significantly
  16. Feels alright on skin


    Haven't seen any crazy effects yet but it feels a bit moisturising, which I assume is the squalane
  17. A little weak but no irritation


    It didn't smooth out my lines as much as I wanted so I might progress to a stronger retinol but I didn't have any peeling or dryness like people tend to have when using retinol for the first time
  18. Works great on my acne


    This cleared up my acne really quickly and with no irritation even though I've never used retinol before
  19. Gentle retinol


    This is such a great retinol as its gentle yet effective. The UV protective packaging is a nice touch as well
  20. Best way to start retinol


    I bought this recently so I could begin using retinol. It’s not too strong, so I’m using 2 nights a week for the moment, getting my skin used to it. It hasn’t caused any issues with dryness or breakouts and seems to be tolerated well by my sensitive skin. I’ve also bought the .5, so will be moving up to that soon!
  21. Okay


    This product was okay, I barely saw a difference in my smile lines. But that might be because I only got the 2%
  22. It works


    I use this every 3 days on my skin, and will slowly build up to a higher concentrate of retinol. I'm not looking for a quick fix but long-term way to get softer and clearer skin, so I can't give this 5 stars as I'm not sure if this will happen. However, I've not had any rashest red, flaky skin so it seems good!
  23. Love it


    I'm starting to see results with this product after a few months of use. I have noticed a disappearance of minor scarring and blemishes. Initially I was using it every night, and I made the mistake of using a bit too much (it is very runny so only the slightest drop is needed!) and my nails began to turn yellow. Also, be sure to apply it several hours before bed as it stains. Aside from these mino...
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  24. Great intro to retinol


    I opted to get this 0.2% for my first experience with retinol and I'm super happy with it. I now apply it a few nights a week (when not using AHA) and found it's really improved my skin. Love that it's very affordable too.
  25. Good starter for first time Retinol users


    It’s almost a month since I started using this product together with other TO skincare line. This is also my first use of Retinol the reason I decided on getting the one with the smallest concentration. So far so good. I am loving how hydrated my skin feel and look. I use this alternately with the Rosehip seed oil as part of my nightly routine.
  26. Fav Product


    This is my first time using a retinol so I wanted to start with a lower percentage and frequency of use and so far I am in love with this product, the morning after use my skin has this glow and dewiness to it and so far am very I impressed with this product
  27. love it


    great for overturning old dead skin cells and promoting new skin growth
  28. Great beginner Retinol


    I have sensitive skin so it was slightly irritating my skin (which was mentioned) at the start but after each use, I would see a significant difference on my face. Brighter, more colour, fresh, and younger. This is a great beginner retinol to start with that's affordable and effective.


    Cannot recommend this product more. In my opinion, everybody should be using a Retinol in their routine and this one from The Ordinary is absolutely perfect. Feels great on the skin, great results, easy application and not too thick so can be layered with other products. Love applying this before bed and using a Jade roller for better product absorption, I wake up in the morning glowing!
  30. good product


    I have incredibly dry skin so using this didn't help with the dryness, but improved the tightness of my skin. I recommend only using sparingly to begin with (maybe once a week) and then working your way up to more often.
  31. Beginner Retinol Product


    Moved up to this product after finishing bottle of Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalene but found it wasn’t strong enough and it didn’t get me closer to any skin goals. I had to purchase something else and use it now just as a Squalene oil on top of my moisturiser to lock everything in
  32. Lovely basic retinol


    This is a great retinol to get started, the sensation feels lovely. on my skin and is not strong enough to give me a bad reaction. I however struggle with retinols as you don't see immediate results.
    This has a similar texture to other (more expensive) brands so I would absolutely recommend to get started on this!
  33. Must have


    I've used Retinol products before but I've heard The Ordinary is amazing, especially for price and Retinol percentage. I was advised to start at a lower percentage and work my way up. I've been gradually building up my use to four nights a week and I love it! It does not irritate my skin, it does feel thick on my skin but it's worth it! It's a product I'll always have in my cupboard.
  34. Amazing


    This is the first retinol product I've tried and it's been wonderful! Gentle enough to not irritate my skin and very moisturising, I love this product
  35. gentle retinol


    gentle retinol, great for those just starting out. the squalane was amazing for my dry skin
  36. Not as scary as I thought!


    This is my first retinol purchase, I was really nervous when I started it because I assumed my skin would flake off and hurt. It took me a while to decide on which one to buy as there are so many different varieties within the brand. This one seemed like a good place to start with one of the lower irritation rates. I started with only a tiny amount and now I'm starting to get a but more liberal a...
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  37. Love this product!


    The first time I used retinol my skin peeled off after two uses so I was a bit nervous to try again. However, I really like this product because it is such a small percentage and my skin has reacted well to it, I have experienced no peeling and little sensitivity.
  38. Feel the Tingle 1

    Miss Tarnia

    I came looking for an exfoliant, thinking it might bring some life to my 50+ face and discovered The Ordinary. As you do, I did some research and decided to give it a go in combination with The Ordinary’s Daily Set. It goes on after my cleanser and NIOD FECC, before my hylauronic acid in the evening and it really does tingle and after 3 weeks, I’m sporting a clearer, firmer face that holds my airb...
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  39. My first ever Retinol


    This is the first retinol product I have ever used. I haven't noticed any skin redness or flaking as a result of using it (currently only twice a week) but I have started breaking out which is apparently normal in the first month of using a retinol product. It it gentle and entirely pleasant to use and I look forward to seeing some results.
  40. Dark spot fade but slowly


    it''s gentle. I didn't see any irritation yet strong performance. some dark spot fades slightly after 1 month, The changes are hard to be recognized. Maybe I need the stronger retinol.
  41. Sold!


    This was the first The Ordinary product I bought and I love it so much I've moved to the 1% Retinol now. It leaves my skin so soft and hydrated when I apply it before bed and I've noticed my pimple scars go away a lot quicker than usual when I use this.

    Recommend for anyone wanting to get into The Ordinary!
  42. Great for beginners!


    I really wanted to try a retinol and was so worried it would irritate my skin after hearing numerous horror stories, so I decided to start off with a low % and cheap. I’ve used this a few times now and there has been no irritation at all. I’ve been really pleased with this as a starter!
  43. Perfect for dry skin


    I have quite dry skin so I love the squalene oil blend. keeps your skin hydrated while still providing great results. I have sensitive skin & haven't had any issues!
  44. Qaulity


    I've been pretty happy with this product so far. I haven't used retinol before so I went for a low potency option. I haven't experienced any irritation with this. It's nice a hydrating and a little bit goes a long way
  45. Great for newbies


    I've just introduced retinol into my routine and this bad boy is perfect for me. I'm only using it once or twice a week but I've already noticed how much smoother my skin feels overall. Hopefully I can up the ante with a higher percentage soon!
  46. A great starter retinol


    This is my first retinol and, for this price, you can't really go wrong. I'm definitely put off using it, though because I find it really oily. I know you're meant to put it on before bed but I don't really want to feel like there's thick oil (think the consistency of olive oil) dripping down my pillow and hair, along with the smell.
  47. Cheap, gentle retinol


    I am a newbie at retinol so I feel this great to start with. It's very diluted and easy to apply. I put a drop on my forehead, one on each cheek and one on my chin. Spread it around my face and pat in for absorption. I've been putting it on every second night. I did put it on 2 nights in a row and it caused redness and some tingling.
  48. Fantastic


    Works great and leaves my face feeling so soft. The only thing I don't like about this product is how quickly it absorbs into the skin. Sometimes absorbs quicker than I can evenly apply it to my face but I would still buy this again as the results speak for themselves.
  49. Great but...


    I began using it in my skincare routine once a week, however after using it for a few weeks I couldn't see a real difference in the firmness of my skin or wrinkles. However, I believe I used this prematurely as I don't yet have an issue with wrinkles or sagging skin.
  50. Perfect product!

    Isi Slater

    This does a bit of everything! When I’ve used it, I’ve had improved texture, even skintone, smoother fine lines and clearer pores and fewer spots. Honestly it’s like a magic wand and didn’t overly irritate me. Will keep repurchasing forever!
  51. First Retinol Product


    As a newbie to retinol, I was hesitant. I have quite prominant forehead lines and wanted to reduce them however read many reviews of starting slowly with any products to avoid drying the skin. I was pleasantly surprised when I began using this product. Although I haven't seen much improvement in my forehead lines yet (I assume from a mild concentration), the addition of squalene means that this se...
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  52. Good starter for Retinol newbies


    I bought this product to introduce myself to retinol in my mid- 20s. It's a lower % for good for newbies. I use it to keep my skin cells in check and hopefully reduce future breakdown of collagen. It is a large reason for my skin looking healthy now.
  53. Great for starter retinol


    I wanted to start using a retinol so purchased this one given it had the lowest concentration. It is difficult to tell whether it is working as my main concern is preventing ageing so likely won't see any change in the short term. Nevertheless, I like that it comes in an oil formula and it hasn't caused any irritation so far. After I have finished this product I plan to increase to a stronger reti...
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  54. Love it!


    So hydrating and such an amazing "rescue remedy". I bring it down my neck and upper chest. I dont use it every day because it's really oily and shiny and slick - makes me look super greasy if I start the day with it. But it definitely brought back some bounce and shine and I bet it would be even better if I used it every night


    I have used this Retinol from The Ordinary for months now and have seen a significant improvement in my skins age since.
  56. Adding to daily routine


    Bought this for my mum and she loves it she, uses it everyday and you can see the results, her skin looks brighter and more plump.
  57. Sensitive skin


    I was worried about using this as I have sensitive skin but I haven’t had any reaction. I have noticed a slight difference but it’s only the first few weeks of use so I will keep it in my routine
  58. Good


    It is my first time using retinol. I put this on after Niaciamide solution. I did had a few breakouts but nothing too serious. It's only been a month, I think my skin are getting used to it so I haven't notice anything different yet.
  59. Meh


    I have acne-prone, normal to combination, somewhat sensitive skin. No irritation or sensitivity to this product which was great. Felt pretty moisturising too!! I haven't seen any obvious improvement after 3 months, but will still repurchase in a higher concentration :)
  60. Great for outbreaks.


    I am very happy with this product, I recently changed climates and my skin has suffered from terrible outbreaks, I started using this every other night and would not go back.
  61. Half and half


    - Great price as with all Ordinary products
    - A little goes a long way
    - Greasy texture, sometimes takes ages for it to settle in to the skin - Hated putting it on before bed as I felt like I couldn't turn to my side with this on my face
    - Didn't see any real improvement in skin after use for multiple weeks which was disappointing
  62. Good


    I’ve been using this retinol for a while now, can’t see any major skin improvements, but it helps a bit with skin pigmentation and oiliness by drying it slightly.
  63. Not sold...yet


    I'm just starting out with retinol/retinoid and so went with this light formula. I love squalene - it's never too oily on my combo skin - but I can't tell if there's enough active ingredient in there to do much. It's cheap enough that you can give it a go without ruining your skin or budget.
  64. Great First Retinol!


    I bought this as my first retinol product and so far have been loving it! I didn’t really have any concerns that I necessary needed this product for but I thought I’d give it a go after doing some research on the benefits of them and thought you can’t go wrong with quicker skin renewal. I use this product at night and havent had any trouble with redness, and my doing can be sensitive to some produ...
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  65. Patience pays off


    I'm now halfway through my second bottle of the 0.2% retinol (after starting on the ordinary granactive retinoid emulsion about a year ago) and I feel I am definitely starting to see results. My skin is smoother, clearer and looks tighter. I was tempted to go up to the next strength as my skin was not reacting badly to this at all but decided to stick with the 0.2 for one more round as the season ...
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  66. Good starting retinol


    My skin is sensitive, so I started with this 0.2%. I use it 3-4 times a week at night, for the first week or so I had stinging around my nose, across cheekbones and mouth, though that has gone away. Been using for a few months and have nearly finished the bottle, I haven't seen much change in that time but with continuous use and slowly building to a stronger strength I might.
  67. A starting point


    Great starting point to introduce retinols into your skincare routine, though I feel I haven’t seen too much of a difference after having purchased the item as my skin was already accustomed to acids
  68. Good


    It my first time using retinol. It’s light and hydrating. I haven’t experience any redness or irritation at all till now. Hope it will show some good results in few months as it’s good start for skin care routine
  69. Not good for me


    Burnt my skin abit... I haven’t really found anything I like about this.
  70. Good first step


    Bought this as part of my first skincare regime (at 25 decided I should start taking skincare more serious).
    Retinol is one of a few things that have scientific evidence based research behind them for their effects such as anti aging. Remember this is a long-term product. Think of it like an investment for your skin, rather than instant results.

    They say to start gentle and buil...
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  71. Gentle


    I started using this after reading its best to start low and build up tolerance to retinol.
    I have enjoyed using the product, it has a light oily feel which feels nourishing. I found the formula to be gentle and I didn't experience any irritation, burning or redness.
    I have also been using this on a deep scar I have after blistering under an mri and I have noticed it has fade a tad (i...
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  72. Perfect start to retinol!


    Intrigued and intimidated by retinol as an ingredient and not knowing where to start I purchased this. I found it gentle and hydrating - two things I was nervous that I wouldn't get from retinol. I think its a great first step for introducing retinol into a routine and I have now graduated to the 0.2%!
  73. No difference so far


    I'm 63 and was advised to start off with a retinoid, and work up to this retinol product. The retinoid was out of stock so I bought the retinol. I've been using it 3 times a week at night for about a fortnight now and really can't see any difference in how my skin feels or looks. This doesn't necessarily mean it's not providing benefits, perhaps it's just slowly working. Still retinol is a popular...
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  74. It’s okay


    I’ve used this every second night for a while now, it leaves a oily slick on the face but I find it really hydrating I never experienced any peeling and didn’t really notice any retinol affect or massive difference.. I’ve brought a stronger retinol and given this one to my boyfriend
  75. So hydrating!


    I have recently added this into my routine now that I’ve finished breastfeeding and I absolutely love it! It is so hydrating, leaves my skin feeling so soft and full of moisture.


    I Absolutely this product and I’ve just been using it for 13 days!
    They say not expect results within 3-6 months, however at my firs week I already felt a massive improvement!
    I have sensitive dry skin, and when my period comes always appears 4 pimple in my chicks and some more in my chin, always in the same spots and they are living me marks ☹
    However with this, I felt my skin h...
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  77. Works but formula is pretty basic - but acceptable


    I moved up to the from the Granactive Retinoid emulsion. I with this came in a similar emulsion formula because that was way better. The Squalane oil is nice and smooth on the skin but it is quite liquid so I have had the drops spill off my fingers while I'm trying to apply. I feel like it is working and I haven't had any irritation (probably helps that I started with the Granactive Retinoid), but...
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  78. Not the best for oily skin


    This product is really good for people who want to have retinol in their skincare routine, so they can work their way up to the stronger products. Though this product is quite oily for my liking as my skin is very oily, and would rather opt for the other formulas
  79. Really nice and light for the skin


    I love the ordinary retinol 0.2% serum - its super light feels great on the skin. I didn't experience any redness or irritation when using. Would definitely recommend this product!
  80. Love


    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle! This is my favorite!!!!
  81. It’s amazing?


    This was the first retinol product I ever used and when I first started using it, my skin broke up like crazy for 2 weeks. I just kept pushing through and kept using it and my skin did end up clearing, but even before it cleared my skin was incredibly soft and very radiant despite the breakouts. But after it cleared I had smooth, radiant skin and I swear it made my pores smaller!
  82. Love it


    Retinol products are always so expensive so this is a great trial for someone to see how it will react with their skin.
  83. Great at home result


    This acid is the perfect solution for an at home treatment for some minor fading of sunspots and erasing some superficial fine lines on my forehead and eyes.
  84. A great introduction to retinol at a low concentration.


    A great introduction to retinol at a low concentration. The first morning after I used this product my skin was clearer, smoother, brighter and the fine lines around my eyes looked less obvious. It’s amazing! I’m so impressed for less than $10 it can make such a bit improvement in the texture of my skin. I can’t go a day without it!
  85. Nice oily texture, best used with a roller.


    Did not experience any retinol breakouts. I liked the oily texture and hydration property.Like any good product you have to wait to see any benefits. Would recommend to anyone beginning to use retinol.
  86. First Introduction to Retinol


    After absolutely loving the other Ordinary products that I had tried, I started using this one after reading great things about retinol. In under a week I noticed that my sun spots above my eye browns started fading and my skin was definitely more even. I am in my forties and had been recommended to start of slow with retinol so as not to cause irritation and I've been very impressed with this pro...
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  87. Decent enough


    While I was not immune to retinol-breakout from this product, it was a much more controlled and manageable breakout than when I had used the Granactive Retinoid 2%, which was a breakout disaster. (Rumour has it that retinol is more manageable with oil...?)

    It's very cheap so I also apply this everywhere on my body, such as on my hands, on stretch marks, scars, etc, with no adverse rea...
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  88. Great starter retinol


    I'm 23 and started with this as my first retinol. I use this on alternative nights and my skin feels and looks super smooth and fresh the next morning. It's quite oily but once you apply moisturiser on top it seems to absorb straight into the skin. Didn't experience any irritation at all, think I will try a stronger retinol once I finish this bottle.
  89. Great product


    I didn't have a reactions to this product and saw an improvement in my skin.
    It is oily but I just use a small amount and massage it into my skin. When I finish it I think I will try a different retinol in this range now.
  90. An Excellent Retinol


    It just works so well. When I wake up in the morning (after wearing it overnight) my skin just feels insanely soft and fresh. By far my favourite product by the ordinary. It's a bit oily, so I tend to sleep with my hair tied up when I have it on. So well priced too!
  91. Nice product


    Hard to say yet if it’s anti-ageing but makes my skin feel soft and moisturised
  92. My Skin is so soft!!!

    Isla Chai-La

    This product works so well!!
    Its a little sticky when you first put it on but it dries quickly. The redness in my face has drastically improved and my skin is so unbelievably soft even after the product is washed off. I'm only 19 so I can't see how well Its doing for anti-ageing (I'll update if I wake up one day looking 9) but this is a great product and I'll be purchasing again!!
  93. Amazing for clearing redness and uneven skin tone


    The ordinary's retinol is actually pretty good, it helped to even out my skin tone (in conjunction with the company's other products) in only a few weeks. It's not too strong either which is good for my sensitive skin.
  94. Great result


    Just entered my 30s and added this to my night time regime. My skin has been glowing with only little to no redness (does not feel irritated at all). My fine lines and dynamic lines are definitely still there but skin texture is much better and thus making the fine lines less visible (can still see up close in the mirror). Only draw back is that it’s a very thin oil which makes it harder to apply ...
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  95. Retinol for beginners


    This is my first use of retinol, I noticed my skin is stronger and my acne cleared up after a couple weeks. I have combination skin (normal/oily) I would highly recommended it and am planning to buy the slightly stronger bottle soon.
  96. Good results so far


    I have oily/acne-prone skin and this works very well for me. I definitely notice clearer skin and it seems to reduce any pimples I have overnight. Even though I have oily skin, it doesn't leave my face too greasy.

    I'm excited to try the 0.5% bottle next.
  97. Ordinary


    This product was neither useless or useful. I personally didn't really see any results but this may of being because I was using so many other products at the same time and was not patient enough. I feel like product would be good for someone who is just starting to use Retinol and are getting their skin used to it. I was not disappointed though as it is very well priced.
  98. A bit drying but I’m in for the long term results


    I’ve previously used The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid but have swapped to this as I want a more direct form or retinol. Even though this is the 0.2% I find it makes my forehead quite dry the morning after I have used it. I’m going to persist and see what the longer term results are like. I know that retinol takes persistent use to see results so I will be patient!
  99. Good first step reintol


    I found this product to be a good first step when applying retinol to my skin care regime. My only negative would be that it does leave you skin a bit oily
  100. a little goes a long way


    I am turning 30 in a few months and purchased this to start combating fine lines and uneven skin tone. I noticed a difference in skin clarity within a week. Only a very small amount required, I was initially using far too much which left my face super greasy. I use this at night after lactic acid. You may find, which I did, that your skin breaks out when you first start using it, apparently retino...
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