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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% - 30ml 30ml

4.5 of 2265 reviews


4 instalments of $2.48

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4 instalments of $2.48

Or 4 instalments of $2.48 with LEARN MORE

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Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is indicated to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes and congestion. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% is a high strength, vitamin and mineral-based formula for blemishes.

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% - 30ml

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% - 30ml

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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% - 30ml Reviews

4.5 of 2265 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Oily girls best friend


I have been using this product for more than 2 years, morning and evening. I really notice a difference when I run out of this product and I can’t say that about many products. It truly does make your skin less oilier, your pores appear smaller but it also helps with breakouts. It’s crazy to think this product is less than $10 and it does a better job than 95% of products on the market. I’ll continue to use this for years to come.

Most Helpful Criticism



This didn't do much for my skin except maintain oil levels. The texture is very tacky and has to be applied a certain way for the product to be absorbed properly. Did notice a slight reduction in pore visibility.
  1. Oily girls best friend


    verified purchaser
    I have been using this product for more than 2 years, morning and evening. I really notice a difference when I run out of this product and I can’t say that about many products. It truly does make your skin less oilier, your pores appear smaller but it also helps with breakouts. It’s crazy to think this product is less than $10 and it does a better job than 95% of products on the market. I’ll conti...
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  2. I love this!


    Been using this for months and it's helped my skin so much! It's so much clearer now than it was when I started.
  3. Good hydration interesting texture


    The product is good when it comes to hydrating your face and thereby minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores from dehydration. The texture however, is slightly sticky and feels like glue on the face. If you don't mind texture then it is a good product to put. Also not sure if it is coincidental but it doesn't apply too well under foundation. Perhaps more suited for night time.
  4. A holy grail product


    This product is essential for my skincare routine. It has helped my blemishes a lot, and the texture of my skin has improved significantly. It is an absolute bargain, which makes it easy to re-purchase, and the packaging is also super cute.
  5. Smaller pores


    Very affordable product and helped me get my foot in the door to developing my skin care routine on a budget.

    This helped me with minimising my pores after about a month.
    But the down side is that it can be quite irritating on the skin espcially on areas that are irritated by mask wearing (cheeks). Also, it can be very irritating if I use it after the 10% glycolic acid toner c...
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  6. Great product for all skin types!


    Before my purchase I was a bit hesitant to buy this as it has been known to help with excessive oiliness. I have combination skin, but it get's drier in the winter and oilier in the summer, so I was worried it would strip my skin in the winter. The product has not done this at all and helped a lot with pimples and fine expression lines! I would highly recommend.
  7. Little Jar or Magic

    A Law

    Love this product from The Ordinary as it just has so many benefits for the skin - brightens, evens out skin tone, helps regulate sebum production, minimises the appearance of pores and is also a great product to maintain a healthy skin barrier. I use a few drops in the morning to supercharge my routine. Recommend for oily/combo skin.
  8. Oily skins worst enemy


    I have oily skin with visible pores, this product helps to keep my oil under more control. I use it AM and PM. The texture takes a bit to get used to but it doesn’t bother me anymore.
    It is obviously a bargain at its price point. Definitely worth it, would have paid more
  9. Glad I found this product


    verified purchaser
    I have been getting really bad breakouts lately so did some research and decided to give this product a go. I was surprised with how cheap it was and how many good reviews it had received. I have only been using this for a week, but can also see a slight improvement in my skin and am so excited to see results after long use.
  10. Decent product for price point


    The price is great for the amount and quality of the product. However, the texture is too thick and tacky for me. It does not sink into my skin easily so it is difficult to apply other products on top of it without disturbing that layer. However, if you don't mind that then the product would probably be great for you.
  11. Does what it says


    This product does what it says. It relieves congestion in then skin quite effectively. I personally used it to try to get rid of some annoying pores that had become particularly congested in some parts of my face. Using this improved that within a couple of weeks.
    It’s an odd product in a way and could be off putting to some. Watery with just a slightly slimey texture but it works well so ...
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  12. Essential in my routine!


    This is by far my favourite The Ordinary product - such a simple product but really gets the job done in terms of smoothing and brightening in my skincare routine.
  13. Ah yeah na

    Nat the Rat

    I have hormonal ance and quite a bit of scarring, been using it for a month and haven't seen many changes. Had higher hopes for this best of the brand's rep and was surprised by the price point. Also has a very tacky finish that does dry in a few minutes.
  14. Great for keeping skin clear!


    I use this daily as part of my skin routine and have noticed that my skin appears less red and bumpy! Would never not have it as part of my routine!
  15. Promissing


    I've been dealing with my oily skin for quite a long time and I decided to add this product to my routine. It's been only one week but I can see my T-zone doesn't shine as much as it used to. Hope it helps more over time and with a small pigmentation mark I have.
    Do not use with vit C tho!
  16. It’s good, but I didn’t notice a significant difference.


    I think it has made a slight difference to size of my pores - I’ve been using this for about 3 months now and haven’t noticed a huge difference. I’m a guy and would suggest if you shave your face in the morning not to use this as well as it stings and irritates a little bit. I’m also 27 so maybe I just haven’t noticed a lot because my skin isn’t too bad to begin with? Definitely worth a try though...
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  17. Skincare essential


    I have been using this product for months, morning and evening. It makes my skin less oily and less prone to hormonal breakout. The only downside is that it can pill if you apply and/or rub too much on the skin. But still, cannot really complain considering how affordable it is.
  18. Need to order more


    Niacinamide I find really great for controlling redness due to breakouts, it can be used as a spot treatment however I find sometimes its not harsh enough for when I already have blemishes arising. I use it in the mornings (and my actives at night) to also help keep an even skin texture. Definitely recommend especially for the price. Sometimes it needs a minute before putting something on top as i...
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  19. works a lot


    this serum works for minimising the appearance and severity of blemishes if you use it for a long time
  20. Loved it initially but started to irritate my skin


    I really loved how it cleared up my skin and reduced pores but after 2 weeks of usage it started to burn my skin when I applied
  21. Loved it initially but started to irritate my skin


    I really loved how it cleared up my skin and reduced pores but after 2 weeks of usage it started to burn my skin when I applied
  22. Beauty IQ rave about this product and I know why!


    I love love love using Niacinamide in my daily routine and she has become my holy grail product for reducing blackheads and pores. I heard the girls on Beauty IQ totally rave about Niacinamide and when my friend gifted this to me for my birthday it has changed my life! HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! 10/10
    Plus, super affordable to repurchase!
  23. Great for the skin


    Left my skin feeling amazing, a definite addition to my new skincare routine! Excited to see and feel firming results
  24. Nice serum


    Good serum, feels nice on the skin. Haven’t seen a huge difference considering all the hype about it but I use this with a salicylic acid and my pimples are less frequent.


    This product is truly incredible and not just for the price point.
    It has improved the overall texture and brightness of my skin and has literally SHRUNK my pores. I've noticed a HUGE reduction in breakouts and any spots that have been coming up seem to clear up quicker and are less red/inflamed looking.

    I would recommend this product to a literal stranger on the street - SO IMP...
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  26. Great serum


    I have been using TO Niacinamide for a few months as part of my morning skincare routine. I think this is a great product if you are interested in adding in Niacinamide. I have noticed that the pores on my forehead are less visible/smaller. I put a drop on my forehead and each cheek and rub it in. It's also a great price.


    i wanted to love this as much as i love the other ordinary products, but it just doesn't suit my skin! i get big cystic pimples when i use it. In saying that I've heard great things, but doesn't suit my skin clearly!
  28. Great product for the price!


    Easy to apply and well absorbed, love this brand with its excellent pricing for good quality products!
  29. Amazing


    I really love using Niacinamide in my daily routine - it's my holy grail product for my oily, acne-prone skin. It is a bit drying though, so those with dry skin might have a different experience.
  30. Great for blemish prone skin


    Works amazingly with my skin, my regime is not as complicated as it used to be but this baby is always something I recommend to friends!
  31. Great for oily skin


    Awesome at controlling oil! However it pills heaps, especially under sunscreen.
  32. Skincare Staple!


    I’ve been using Niacinamide as an active ingredient with many different products/brands but this little gem still takes the cake.
    This serum is great for smoothing out the skin and is great in soothing redness.
    Fantastic value for a daily skincare staple.
  33. Affordable Results!


    An affordable product that treats many different skin concerns! The texture is a touch thicker than water, takes around 3 minutes to fully dry down. Suitable for most skin types too! The only downside is that is pills if rubbed too soon after application (I don't wear makeup, but I have heard this is a problem for makeup wearers) and can lightly foam up if spread too vigorously over the face (anno...
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  34. A great discovery!


    Been reading up on this for a while and I'm so glad I decided to give it a try. I rarely break out these days but It's helped heal them a bit faster and also reduce the level of scarring I used to get if I've tried to incorrectly extract (my bad) a pimple. It's worked really well to reduce a couple of ingrown hairs which would normally take ages to go away.
  35. Hydrating & Brightening


    My favourite the Ordinary product by far! Hydrating and brightening over time. helps fade my hyper-pigmentation after spots more quickly. Definitely helps to decrease the number of blemishes I get.
  36. Does what it says

    Shauna Persse

    Easy to use and doesn’t tingle, using it every day and my skin is firmer and clearer
  37. Good value


    It’s good for these young age skin who start wanting to try some anti aging products. It doesn’t do much on mature skin.
  38. Lost count of how many times i've repurchased!


    As the title says, i've repurchased this so many times. I started using it after i cleared my acne as i wanted something to brighten my scars and even out my skin tone. The zinc in this also helps to control oil. I haven't had any more bad acne breakouts since using this and it's really helped me even out my skin tone so much.

    The texture is like a watery gel, i usually apply at nigh...
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  39. Great for blemishes


    I really love this serum. I have seen excellent brightening effects since I've started using it (I'm on my third bottle now). I'm quite impressed with it's ability to clear my small hormonal breakouts too.
  40. Great addition to any skincare routine!


    Over the past few months of using this product I have noticed a difference in my skin.
    I usually use it at night, sometimes also in the morning for spot treatment if I notice a blemish and don't want to wear a pimple patch. Really helps calm down blemishes, helps with oil control and general skin texture.
    Amazing value for money.
  41. Lifesaver!


    This is honestly such an amazing product, could not recommend more! Has completed reduced the redness in my skin
  42. Love


    I really enjoy this product, I was worried about it breaking me out but it’s done the opposite. My skin looks and feels amazing! The bottle has lasted me a good amount of time and I will absolutely re purchase
  43. Skincare essential


    I have been using this for a couple of months now and my skin texture has improved so much. I was lucky enough not to experience any purging at the start. This product has helped with my forehead bumps and milia on my chin and leaves my skin looking clearer in general. Hasn't made much of a difference to my hyperpigmentation but that is expected. Defs repurchasing.
  44. Helpful for oily skin


    Super helpful in controlling my oily skin! Only complaint I have is that it pills a lot, especially under sunscreen. Found it happens a bit less if I apply it to damp skin and pat it in.
  45. Meets the hype


    Has been part of my skincare routine for 2 years now. Great for reducing acne flare ups, especially things like blind pimples etc. Texture of serum is sticky, best to wait a little before adding your moisturiser.
  46. i am GLOWING


    Ok. This has exceeded my expectations. With The Ordinary, you know the stuff is tried and tested, it’s good stuff but it’s not necessarily exemplary because it’s economic - but my skin is literally glowing since using this. I look like I’m wearing highlighter all the time. It’s also got zinc which is good for healing so if you can’t help but pop a spot on your face, it will help it heal. Definitel...
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  47. Yes


    The texture, look and everything is fine, perhaps even ordinary. This is one of the few products I have kept I in my minimal skincare routine. Great for redness, plumpness, softness, perhaps even helped with acne too, though I was using additional acne products at the time I purchased this.


    After reading so many good reviews of the ordinary brand, especially this particular product, I decided to YOLO and give it a go! I've always been struggling with breakouts, and wish I tried this sooner! Niacinamide is known to control oil regulation, and it really did help with clearing out my black/whiteheads! My skin is so much smoother now, so happy with this product! Would definitely purchase...
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  49. Lifesaver for acne-prone skin


    This product is gentle yet extremely effective. I have acne-prone AND sensitive skin, and I react badly to most acne-fighting ingredients (like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide). However, this product is the best thing I've used in years. After a few weeks of use, my skin was clearer and calmer. I wish I'd discovered this sooner. Amazing!
  50. LOVE


    Swear by this. First i bought the small bottle but coming back to buy the larger one!
    My skin is thanking me for using this, it has never felt so good!!
  51. Amazing product


    Great product, The Ordinary delivers results as always
  52. Ok


    I went through a face of using this every day and night and did see good results regarding texture and brightness. Unfortunately I was so put off by the product pilling/rolling up into balls on my face that I've stopped using it. This happens every time i put my moisturiser over the top and I can't tell if it's getting absorbed into my skin or wasted.
  53. Must-Have


    This serum honestly keeps my acne and blemishes at bay! The texture of my skin has completely transformed ever since I started incorporating this serum into my skincare routine. This has been a staple in my routine for months now, I absolutely love this serum!
  54. Clogged Pores


    I wanted to love this as I love niacinamide in my moisturiser so was excited to try this serum. Persisted for months and all it did was clog my pores- didnt agree with me - I can tolerate niacinamide in other products so assuming its either the zinc or something else in this but not for my sensitive acne prone skin.
  55. Great for my skin


    I like this product. It has definitely helped make my skin look brighter and I feel like it has helped with my acne scaring.
  56. Give this guy some time!


    As someone with acne prone skin, I was very eager to try this product! I use this product religiously, AM and PM after cleanser. It has been 1 1/2 months since I started using this product and I have only just started to see the effects on my skin. It didn't get rid of my acne but reduced the appearance of pimples whilst helping to reduce the oiliness on my T-zone. When applying this product, it...
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  57. Love this product


    I use this product everyday and a little goes a long way! I see results from using it as my skin clears up and looks brighter. Would recommend to everyone.
  58. Love!


    Generally, I am not a fan of The Ordinary products. I've tried quite a few and some were binned after one try. But the niacinamide has been a repeat purchase. I go through stages where I use everyday or not at all but any sign of a pimple it is applied morning and night and I credit this product to keeping my skin clear and any spots are stopped in its tracks.
  59. good addition


    use this before i apply moisturiser! i feel that when i dont apply i see pesky bumps show up!
  60. Awesome


    I use this mostly for spot treatments of my breakouts and I find they're significantly reduced within a few hours. I have sensitive skin that is dry in some areas and oily in others so I haven't tried this product over my whole face but definitely love how it works with targeting breakouts. Will definitely be purchasing more of this once it's finished.
  61. A staple in my routine


    I struggle with sensitivity, redness and oiliness and have found this does nicely at settling these issues as part of my larger routine. It initially goes on a little tacky but is well-absorbed pretty quickly and sits nicely under my other serums and moisturisers.
  62. Great value for money


    I love how affordable the products are ! I haven't seen much of a difference on my skin but it falls in the affordable range. Maybe it takes longer to show results. Other niacinamide in the market is so expensive.
  63. Did an okay job


    I bought this product hoping it would help to lessen my acne scarring, but after using it for a month or so I don't think my skin agrees with the zinc in this product as I've used other niacinamide products before with no problem. However this isn't the products fault as much as it is my sensitive skin and I've heard plenty of others rave about it.
  64. Best serum ever!


    I started using this a few months ago and I cannot tell you how much I love this product it reduces my breakouts and helps with my acne prone skin. I would definitely recommend using some type of oil free moisturiser afterwards because it can be quite drying. Also do not use it under your eyes because once again it can be quite drying, only use it in your breakout areas. Other than that I have not...
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  65. Simple and efficient


    This product is a no mess around easy to use product. I can’t go past the price point! I mainly re incorporate this once monthly for a week with days leading up to and after my period, for those pesky hormonal breakouts. I find the ordinary products are consistently reliable and simple to use.
  66. niacinamide


    gives that glass skin look and reduces oil production. would buy again
  67. Better than expected


    I was having really dry skin from all my acne treating products so I switched to this hoping the Niacinamide would also help repair my skin barrier. And I was so impressed, not only has it completely cleared any acne I also have a much brighter complexion and no dryness!
  68. Oil control


    I am dry skin and I was thinking Niacinamide is for brightening. This product is more like an oil-skin product, perfect for oil control.
  69. niacinamide


    great for oily skin types, reduced my pore visibility
  70. I love it!


    After reading rave reviews of this product online I decided to buy it and now it has become a staple in my skincare routine. I use it every second morning and I had a few blemishes that have faded over time. It does take a bit of time to see results but it's definitely worth it long-term.
    I love the Ordinary's eco-friendly packaging and the product itself is in an aesthetic handy bottle. It ...
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  71. Love this!


    Read lots of great reviews online so thought to try it out. My skin is a bit sensitive, get breakouts every now and then. This is so good at helping to calm the redness, I use it before bed - after serum and then before moisturiser or sleep mask. Sometimes if I get a breakout I’ll use it as spot treatment before bed and it works well! Would buy the bigger size next time!
  72. Really great product


    I have acne prone skin and quite a few scars and this product has really helped to fade my scars and clear up my skin. Such an affordable product and I’m so happy with the results considering the price.
  73. Great


    has helped clear up my congested skin so much! will definitely buy again once I run out it is a must in the skincare routine
  74. Great for smoothing those bumps

    Girl from Perth

    I bought this while my skin was going through an ugly purge following a glycolic peel. Nothing was going to stop the purging (that was my skin's process) but this product was able to calm it and flatten the bumps. It toned the redness down and helped with the healing. I have noticed no new acne has come up (as in my standard breakouts, not the purging) so I am really stoked! I saw a difference ove...
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  75. IN LOVE!


    Wow, looking back at photos from one year ago my acne was super bad but this product completely changed it! My skin is now smooth, the scarring is still lightly there but its NOT BUMPY! Have repurchased twice and will continue to.


    The product has been so helpful to my skin. I always get white heads and whenever I remove it it leaves dark marks that makes my skin looks more horrible. When I started using this formula to my skin, it gets rid of the dark marks and reduces my white heads. Best part is, it makes my pores small. Im lucky that this product works for me.
  77. Has helped appearance of pores


    I've been using this product for a few months and have noticed my pores look a bit better. I think I need to use it more consistently for slightly longer to see how well it really works. So far I would recommend to others though.
  78. Like it


    I am surprise by this product, as haven't found amazing results with other products in this brand. I have found using this with the squalane has worked the best. I think this product has helped with my pigmentation, its been hydrating and i have noticed a change in my skins redness. I also feel less congested, but i have skin that fluctuates so it is hard to say if its helping completely with pimp...
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  79. I don’t think this works for me


    Heaps of people say that this either works for you or it doesn’t - unfortunately for me it really irritated my skin even when I was trying to adjust to it, so it’s a miss for me. I suppose it depends on the kind of skin you have!
  80. Good for oily/congested skin


    You've got to love The Ordinary - such accessible price points and a great introduction to the slippery slope that is serums. I got this as I heard Joanna talk about it on instagram. I think I need to give it a bit more time to know how effective it is, but for $9.8 take the plunge I reckon.
  81. Good for dark spots and uneven tone


    I developed dark spots and some uneven skin tone during pregnancy and started using niacinamide to help. I apply every morning after cleansing and it’s done great thing for redness and my skin tone. I haven’t found that it’s had much of an affect on the visibility of my pores which was my secondary concern but my skin isn’t oily or acne prone so perhaps that’s why.
  82. Lovely!


    Love this product. I have been using it for about 3 years now and my skin loves me for it. Adds a little extra hydration in the morning but i'm not greasy or overly shiny. Calms my redness and definitely has reduced the severity of my breakouts.
  83. Helps scarring


    I’ve noticed a bit of a reduction in my acne scarring. I apply at PM with hyaluronic acid. Not the amazing results I was expecting, but I’m giving it a bit more time to see if it makes a difference over time.
  84. Great for acne problems


    I recently changed to a different birth control pill and started suffering from hormonal acne as a result. After cleansing I would put on this serum in the AM and I really think it made a difference In calming the redness and helping to reduce how obvious my breakouts are. It feels instantly cooling and settles nicely on my skin.
  85. Calms my redness


    This works great for soothing the redness on my cheeks and nose area
  86. Amazing for oily skin


    I usually get so oily but this calmed my sebum production right down
  87. Great for soothing skin


    Whenever I get red skin this helps to calm my skin down
  88. This worked for me


    This worked for.me - I have skin that is neither oily or dry but I do get persistent hormonal breakouts around my chin and jawline. Since using this serum I feel like I noticed a difference very quickly and my regular breakouts have almost stopped entirely, or are much more manageable.

    And for such an affordable price, I really can't fault it. Just reordered the supersized version!
  89. very good


    Excellent product.
    Within two months I noticed the change around my skin, very please with it.
  90. very good


    Excellent product.
    Within two months I noticed the change around my skin, very please with it.
  91. Great everyday serum


    I've got terrible pregnancy acne and was looking for something I could use to treat my acne that is pregnancy safe and doesn't have lots of other ingredients- which is why I always love The Ordinary products... you know what you're buying. Although it's not a magic wand, it has helped keep my hormonal acne at bay. I use it morning and night as it is really light weight and easy to layer.
  92. Brighter skin, smaller pores, easy on sensitive skin


    This product has been great at brightening up my dull skin, reducing the appearance of pores and overall creating a more even skin finish.

    I love that I can use this daily or even twice a day and it isn't too "much" for my skin as it is not an intense product. If you have sensitive skin and everything breaks you out, I'd recommend this. A lot of skincare products make me break out, ho...
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  93. Packs a punch


    I love this serum! Great price and has but B which is recommended for skin from my Dr. Great price too. The ordinary is one of my favourite brands. I would recommend putting this on with a quarts roller not to lose the product into your fingers as it drys quickly
  94. Give it a try


    This is the only Niacinamide product I've tried. I have neither oily nor dry skin. At first i struggled with layering this into my regime but once I got that right I had no issues with this. Will try other brands to compare but considering the price it's worth giving this a go.
  95. Glowing skin


    Delivery was fast and the product has made my skin glow!
  96. Bang for your buck


    I love this little concoction of Niacinamide and Zinc, its helping me with my pigmentation.
  97. Surprised


    Have had people raved about this product. I was first unsure about but after having used, I am absolutely converted! Really see an improvement on my skin.
  98. It’s okay


    I really don’t think this helped my skin as much as everyone said it was going to... I think it kind of broke me out sometimes as well. Just didn’t work out for me!
  99. Review & Earn
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