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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% 30ml

4.5 of 1563 reviews


4 instalments of $2.48

Or 4 instalments of $2.48 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $2.48

Or 4 instalments of $2.48 with LEARN MORE

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Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is indicated to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes and congestion. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% is a high strength, vitamin and mineral-based formula for blemishes.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

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4.5 of 1563 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My forever staple


This was the first product I ever tried from The Ordinary and I'm hooked now! It has decreased the size of the pores on my nose and overall evened out my complexion. Have gone through two of the 30ml bottles so now having to purchase the super sized one haha

Most Helpful Criticism

Glossy feel


I sometimes use this as part of my routine. It has a nice glossy feel to it
  1. My forever staple


    This was the first product I ever tried from The Ordinary and I'm hooked now! It has decreased the size of the pores on my nose and overall evened out my complexion. Have gone through two of the 30ml bottles so now having to purchase the super sized one haha
  2. Clear skin essential


    I experience monthly hormonal breakouts in the week leading up to and the week after my period. I started using this serum to help with the healing and clearing up of my breakouts and I’m obsessed!
    Super practical, easy to layer, sits well under moisturisers or makeup.
    Since using this serum I no longer experience prolonged, angry breakouts. My skin is so much clearer!
  3. Love this product !


    My friend recommended me to purchase this product. I took her advise and have never been happier! The results were instant! Within several days I noticed a difference. I’ve been using it for a month now and I absolutely love it. I apply it every night and have noticed a major reduction in the size of my pores as well as acne scarring! Will definitely repurchase.
  4. Forever Fave


    I have sensitive, combination/acne prone skin with pretty large pores and ever since using this serum last year I've seen a very noticeable improvement! Not only do I have less acne, my pores are now nearly non-existent. However, this does tend to make my makeup sit a bit weird, but I think with a suitable primer it should be just fine!
  5. Solved a Skin Crisis


    I have been struggling with hormonal acne for about five years, the second I turned 19 it just hit. I have been using this every day for about 6 months and people who are used to seeing my angry red acne are suddenly saying how clear my skin looks. It has completely changed how I feel, as well as how I look, and I don't know how it works, but boy does it work!
  6. Long term gain


    This product isn't a quick spot fix. I found it worked really well with long term use to clear out my acne. I had cystic acne all around my jaw and mouth, I paired this with skinstitut enzyme peel and it cleared up my skin permanently
  7. Glossy feel


    I sometimes use this as part of my routine. It has a nice glossy feel to it
  8. this works!!


    have suffered with acne for a long time and tried everything, this has worked so well on my skin!! cleared my acne up and reduced oily-ness
  9. Ok

    Nhung Meiklejohn

    I don't really have any major problems on my skin, but just bought it because I think it's never too early to add Niaciamide to my routine. I've been using it in the morning for about a month, and haven't seen any improving effect.
    So ... it's a take it or leave it.
  10. Excellent for blemishes and pores


    I've been using this for about a month now, and have definitely seen a reduction in pores. I had some mild acne scarring, which has been clearing up! Recommend, especially because of the price!
  11. Helped my redness!


    I have really sensitive skin and this helped calm it and improve the clarity! I am so addicted to this product!
  12. good overall serum


    i’ve heard the positive reviews about this product and the plethora of benefits of niacinamide, however, i was a bit underwhelmed by it. it’s good, but not great- i’ve been using this for 5 months, and i‘ve noticed a reduced appearance of pores, and a more even skin tone (the results are very slight). maybe niacinimide just doesn’t suit my skin well, but for $9.90 it’s worth a shot, and i will sti...
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  13. Yes and yes


    Want to combat your acne without making your skin dry and irritated, then this is for you! And how fun and easier are using serums!
  14. Buy it!


    Love this! Super affordable and lovely product. Niacinimide is Definitely a game changing ingredient for all skin types, and I saw a note able improvement in my skin within a week of adding this into my daily routine. Will definitely have this on my repurchase list! This product is lightweight and thin (but not too thin) in consistency and dries quickly so had been a lovely addition to my morning ...
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  15. Not for me


    I know people who use this product and say that it really works for them, but it just isn't working for me. It caused a flair up of sensitivity with my skin and make my skin feel like it was slightly burning.
  16. Holy Grail


    Great product, both my partner and I have been using this for over a month and can really see a difference with the clarity of our skin.
  17. Holy grail skin care product!


    I never thought I could have such strong feelings about a skincare product, but I would happily recommend this to anyone and everyone with acne / congestion prone skin! Literally the best thing since sliced bread. Can't rate this highly enough, especially at this price point!
  18. Did nothing for me


    I really tried with this product, went through an entire bottle and saw no results. Was hopeful!
  19. Reliable and Easy


    This, plus a few products from ASPECT, have cleared up my skin like no other. I cannot recommend enough!
  20. Favourite Serum!


    This is Hands down the Best serum I have tried . I had so much hormonal acne especially on my chin area. It has helped clear my face so much ! You need to be patient as I only started seeing results after 2 weeks . Definitely reduces any pimples and helps future pimples from popping up . On my third bottle at the moment !!
  21. Sooo good :)


    I have quite dry and sensitive skin, but i tend to get hormonal acne, and this works perfectly for my skin! It doesn’t dry it out or cause any irritation and helps so much with getting rid of dark spots. I would recommend this to anyone with dark spots.
  22. Amazing


    This is an effective and reliable serum for my acne prone skin. It works in the long run and does not irritate
  23. Was working well, then....


    Was working ok (didn't see any effect on my breakouts), and then suddenly it was causing my breakouts. Unfortunately just doesn't work for me anymore.
  24. Bad reaction with my skin


    I used this product for 2 weeks. After i put it on my cheeks got slightly red and irritated, so I thought it was not enough moisturizer. I swapped different products out thinking it caused a reaction with the serum but nothing changed. This product also caused bad breakouts, made my acne deeper into my skin and made my acne more sensitive. The product does say it is for sensitive skin, so I must h...
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  25. Wife loved it


    I bought this for my wife, she loved it! She said it made her skin hydrated and helped with some of the acne problems she's had
  26. Slow and steady wins the race


    I have normal to dry skin with slight textural irregularities. So far this product has helped smooth out some of my textural irregularities and even out my skin tone. Would recommend to go slow at the start if you have sensitive skin.
  27. Product flakes


    Good by itself. I find the product builds up and flakes off if I try to layer it. Not ideal under makeup.
  28. Not sure


    I like The Ordinary products but this one has no effect on me. I do not suffer from acne or large pores, I only have oily skin. I can't say it helps me with my oily skin either because I'm not sure. I used it at night after HA and before Retinoids. It's not for me :(
  29. Good so far


    This bottle lasted 3 months and I used it everyday, sometimes twice a day. My skin has really improved since using this serum, it’s much clearer, even and softer. Just bought a second bottle.
  30. Preventative measures


    I am 29 years old and us A LOT of The Ordinary products. I am mainly using these as a preventative measure based on what the active ingredients are meant to do for your skin. I have incorporated this serum into my daily morning routine for 4.5 months. I have not noticed anything different about my skin, no reduction of fine lines, but also no break outs. Since I am looking mainly to prevent dama...
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  31. Helps with oil control


    Great (and extremely affordable) serum to combat oil!
    I love to use in the morning just around my t-zone area to help control oil throughout the day :)
  32. Average


    I did not see any results after finishing the bottle. I do not know what the hype is about. I would not recommend this product.
  33. Solid product


    Slightly sticky formula, but mixes well with other Ordinary products. I like to make my own serum combining this with The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid + B5. Has helped with acne scarring.
  34. my savior


    I have extremely oily skin. I tried many things but none of them works. This product is the only one that stop my face from being shiny for a while. When I put this on my face the first time, I had no acne or anything except a little bit tingly. This product also absorbs extremely fast on my skin, which saves me a lot of time.

    Definitely recommend this for any one with oily skin.
  35. Huge difference in skin texture


    I got this as a gift for a friend. She was suffering from large pores and a bit of congestion. It in just under a week it’s made a huge difference in her skin... pore and visibly smaller and her skin is brighter
  36. Not blown away


    I wouldn't say this really helped with any breakouts. Wasn't amazed by this at all.
  37. No results


    I have used a lot of The Ordinary products and love most of them however this had no effect for me whatsoever.
    I have normal to oily skin with large pores that is prone to hormonal acne. I added this to my skincare routine and did not change anything else. I went through half the bottle and noticed no effects - positive or negative. At least it didn't break me out! Unfortunately not for me.
  38. Not what I expected


    I was so excited to try this product and was pretty disappointed when I did. I didn't see any difference and every time I used it seemed to only cause more breakouts?! Sad my skin didn't like it
  39. Okay


    I have sensitive acne prone skin, and was hoping this product would smooth out my skin texture but to my disappointment i felt
    like it did nothing to my skin. Disappointed that this product didn’t work on me!
  40. Great


    This product seems to be working well and I have noticed less pimples and redness
  41. unsure


    The ordinary products are so affordable take I always justify purchasing their products. However, I am still unsure how I feel about the Niacinamide. I know it is a crowd favourite however I just haven't found it has done that much for my skin, maybe its because I use it on and off and need to commit to it for a longer time. Ill try give it another go. The price is very good so give it a go if you...
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  42. Feels fantastic


    I love this product it really helped with my break outs and keeping my skin clear. Great that it has no smell and I can wear it under makeup.
  43. This is the best


    This has completely cleared up my skin! It went from hormonal acne to blemish free. It spreads around so easy then dries to a beautiful soft finish leaving skin feel amazing. It’s so cheap and it actually works!!
  44. No significant difference


    After switching to the ordinary daiky set and seeing immediate results, I was super excited to try niacinimide. The serum has quite a tacky, sticky feeling and as a result I havent found a way to regularly and comfortably incorporate it in to my routine, and without the expected dramatic results I thought I would see, I am a little discouraged. No reaction, redness or significant break ou...
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  45. Out of the ordinary


    Historically, every time I’ve tried a targeted blemish product it’s dried out my (usually oily) skin, sometimes even burnt it. This product, for my skin, is perfection! No dryness, yet manages to keep me break out free... I KNOW it works because I ran out and naively thought “my break outs are under control now”, so didn’t re-purchase... Rookie mistake and 3 new chin pimples later, I repurchase...
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  46. Godsent

    chicken nuggets

    I've been using this consistently for about 3 months now and has worked wonders on my skin! I have far less breakouts and it has made me pigmentation from acne scars lighter and lighter! It's so good!
  47. Fair my skin!


    Love this product. Helps heaps with my breakouts with regular use. Not drying at all. I have cystic acne and has found a huge improvement with using this. As always, really happy with the ordinary products for quality and value.
  48. A must have


    Been having hormonal breakouts and relatively getting worse each month. Having dry senstive skin never though i would have this issue at 30 years old. Started using this serum with an idea it wouldn't be that great. Ha. I use it daily now and has a permanent spot in my skincare regimen. Fantastic product!!
  49. Cleared my bumpy skin


    This is such an essential part of an acne prone skincare routine, it helps so much with reducing sebum production and just clearing small bumps. I've always had a problem with having bumpy skin on my forehead due to enlarged sebaceous filaments but even with extremely inconsistent use, it's helped tremendously! I did experience about a week of purging but that went away quite wuickly.
  50. Oily Skin Must-Have!


    I've been using this serum for about 6 months now and my skin has completely transformed. I only apply a little on my more oily and acne-prone areas, as it can feel tight and dry if I apply it all over.

    I no longer get oily across my nose and cheeks throughout the day and I get far fewer breakouts that clear up faster. My skin looks way less congested and it has dramatically shrunken ...
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  51. Niacinamide


    I love this niacinamide for oily skin, it shrinks my pore visibility too
  52. Smoothing and glowy


    I love this serum, it’s so light and doesn’t feel sticky after it’s sunk into the skin which only takes a few seconds. I feel this product has help with decongesting my skin helping it to be smoother and improving my overall complexion. The packaging feels really nice for such an inexpensive product and it lasts for a long time!
  53. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%


    This serum is so nice for the price. I didn’t notice a big difference in my skins texture or tone.
  54. good serum


    I'm not entirely sure what this serum does but I do find my skin is more even in tone and colour when I use it than when I don't. I try to use it in the morning but find it doesn't absorb that well and can make makeup/sunscreen over the top look uneven so I mostly use it on days when I'm working from home and don't need to put makeup over the top. Overall it's good but I'm not blown away.
  55. Amazing serum


    I purchased one of these for myself and my partner. We both have completely different skin types but this serum was great for both of us. I would say within a week we both noticed a difference in our complexions and both look a lot clearer and brighter.
  56. Patience is key


    I purchased this product mainly to help minimise my pores across my nose. At first i didnt really notice much of a difference but now I've been using it daily for just over 2 months, I honestly think it has helped reduce the size and appearance of my pores/blackheads. Would recommend, just need to be consistent with it.
  57. Favourite serum


    I have combination skin. Whenever I have very bad acne skin, this serum will calm down my skin and help it healing
  58. Favourite serum


    I have combination skin. Whenever I have very bad acne skin, this serum will calm down my skin and help it healing
  59. Loving it!


    I have rosacea skin so when it comes to serum niacinamide really works for my skin without causing any irritation. Will buy it more
  60. amazing


    amazing to brighten skin but also reduce the oily skin and helps clear my blackheads
  61. Didn't work for me


    I was really hoping this would be a staple in my beauty cabinet after reading reviews and watching Cassandra's YouTube review, however this left me skin dry and prone to more breakouts. I used it for a little over 3 weeks and did not see any improvements, but the opposite unfortunately.
  62. Tingling but Made Skin Smoother


    I had a large pore and acne scars that won't go away. This products, as combined with the Lactic Acid 5%, helps my skin feel smoother the next day. It gave me a tingling sensation every time I use it, but I don't see it causes trouble to my skin. I am glad that it helps my skin get better without causing acne (because my face is sooo prone to acne).
  63. Neutral


    I have normal to combination, acne-prone, sometimes sensitive skin. This product didn't give me any irritation, but also certainly didn't have any positive effect on my skin whatsoever. If anything, this product may have given me more pimples but I can't say so for sure. Anyways, will not repurchase. Disappointed it didn't work for me like it did for others :(
  64. Nice serum!


    My most fave TO serums are the Niacinamide and the Lactic Acid 5%. I have dry sensitive skin and this didn't break me out. I use 1 drop of Niacinamide and would sometimes mix with 1 drop of HA. It's a bit tacky but it absorbs well. This is one of the TO products that pills on my skin when layered with other products. So I only use this at night or on days when I'm not wearing makeup. I recently us...
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  65. This has transformed my skin!


    Highly recommend this product. My skin was really uneven in texture and I had a lot of hormonal acne along my jawline. I use this every day (either in the morning or at night) and my skin has changed for the better. My skin is now smooth, clear and free of monthly flare ups.
  66. I was doubtful


    I was a bit unsure to try it at first since most face products that I use would break me out bad. At first I had some breakouts after a few times of using this but I decided to keep going since I've read that it's most likely that the skin is purging out and only just getting used to the product. After a while, it has been clearing up! I'm honestly surprised that it isn't causing my eczema to fla...
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  67. Compliments other products!


    After using this for a few months on and off, this product is great when used consistently and with a light weight moisturiser. I found it felt nice on the skin, didn't cause irritation (normally have sensitive skin) and settled in well. Have seen an improvement in my facial acne and the texture with regular use.
  68. This product really keeps my skin clear


    I have fair combination skin, slightly towards the oily side by the end of the day. I have been using this product for over a year. I tend to have breakouts and find this product clears my skin up really quickly. I generally use it at night after cleansing and under jojoba oil. It's got a great consistency and does sit well under makeup if I wear it during the day. I think it has really helped...
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  69. perfect solution


    I have hormonal acne prone skin...think cystic style! the rest of my skin is normal/combination. I went looking for a product that heals these cysts and this ordinary niacin amide + zinc has proven to be a quick working solution for my skin. whilst the entire acne hasn't disappeared due to hormones it has significantly reduced the size and taken the pain from it! I have been using sparingly incase...
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  70. This is helping to clear my skin


    This product is great, I am glad I purchased it. This has noticeably cleared my acne and has significantly lightened old acne scars on my chin, all within one week of use! We definitely repurchase.
  71. Sometimes it works


    It doesn't harm my skin at all but i don't see it doing much to my hormonal acne..so far hasnt prevented it and it only occasionally seems to heal my acne quicker.. so im not sure if i will buy again..
  72. amazing to clear skin


    super affordable and a great staple in my skincare regime, good for oily and acne scarred skin to clear pores
  73. Wow


    Wow for the price this is absolutely amazing. Within a few weeks I noticed that my blemishes had faded a lot becoming only lightly noticeable. So good ! I would highly recommend
  74. Game changer


    My skin is looking less congested after just a few days of using this. So glad I have added it to my skincare routine. Love the ordinary!
  75. Does it even work?


    I've used this product consistently for months and haven't noticed any difference. The ingredients seem great but I'm just not getting results.
  76. Nice product


    I find this product alright; it helps a bit with congestion and blemishes, but I feel the finish is quite tacky and you have to wash your hands straight after because it feels a bit sticky. I have been using this product for a couple of months and haven't seen a huge improvement, but there is a slightly noticeable difference (it probably doesn't help that I introduced a few new skincare products a...
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  77. I think my skin is so use to this product now


    I love this serum, it's my 10/10 go to for everything! i have been using it for almost 2 years so I am unsure if it still works, but when I first used it WOW!!! Keeps my pigments away.
  78. Fantastic for evening out skin tone


    I have been using this for approximately 2 weeks, every other night. So far I have noticed immediate brightening and evening of my skin tone, my pigmentation is less, and my skin seems generally smoother and more glowy. I'm very, very impressed, and will continue to repurchase. It is a serum texture in a pipette bottle and honestly you only need a single drop for your whole face so this should las...
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  79. Helps with breakouts and congestion


    Love this product. Helps heaps with my breakouts with regular use. Not drying at all. My sister has cystic acne and has found a huge improvement with using this. As always, really happy with the ordinary products for quality and value.
  80. Great product - Great price


    This is a nice product to use in the morning before applying my spf 50 moisteriser. Makes my skin feel hydrated. Not sure how it would help with any acne prone skin or blemishes but makes my skin feel nice. Also, worth a shot as the price is great.
  81. Powerful stuff


    Has helped to minimize my pores and aggressive breakouts
  82. Works for me!


    I've been using this for two months now as part of my night routine and have noticed significantly less breakouts. Would recommend! Only downside is it is quite small.
  83. Incredible product, perfect for acne prone skin!


    Amazing results. My skin feels brighter and less oily! Highly recommend. Great price too!
  84. Buyer beware


    Thid product can make a lot of people break out. I seems to be the main complaint in the beauty group I am in on facebook. It doesn't happen to everyone. Please be careful when buying this product.
  85. Reduces time to heal blemishes


    I've recently repurchased this for the second time, it helps reduce the time it takes for my blemishes t without drying my skin. I have dry, blemish prone skin and this is great for me as most anti-acne solutions are drying or reactive on me. It also helps plump and calm my skin. I use it morning and night (on nights I am not using retinol). you can't really loose trying this, it's cheap, effectiv...
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  86. Love it


    After 2 weeks use my skin was noticeably smoother and I had less breakouts. I still break out (hormonal skin) but definitely less with the use of this product. It also helped so much with whiteheads and bumps on the skin. Will be ordering again when I finished for sure.
  87. Great oil control


    I've been using this along with a few other The Ordinary products and have seen a huge improvement in my skin tone and oiliness. This product goes on smooth then once spread, dries quickly to a matte-like texture. I wear it in the morning before I apply sunscreen and make-up. I seem to go heaps longer without having to apply face powder to keep my oiliness at bay, which I love. Definitely looking ...
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  88. Good stuff!


    I've only just started using it the past few days and my skin looks smoother already. The serum feels really good and love that it gets absorbed so quickly with no sticky residue.
  89. A little tingly but appliea well


    At such a good price point i thought there was no risk giving this a go. I haven't seen any real changes to my skin after a week of use. It is a little tacky after being applied. Hopefully will see more results longer term
  90. LOVE IT


    Perfect for oily skin, dries up pimples. I use this every morning after cleansing and like to follow it with the Hyaluronic Acid :). I will definitely repurchase!
  91. Helpful but not the solution.


    I have used this product for over 3 months and have definitely seen some improvements. It works to reduce the effects of breakouts, however, you may need something stronger if you want immediate results.
  92. Another great product from The Ordinary


    Love this product. I use it after cleansing and toning at night before bed. My skin has never felt or looked better!
  93. Holy Grail


    AM in LOVE with this product. Have been using it for 6 months now and all of my acne is almost gone. My blackheads a disappearing slowly and haven't had a single breakout. Not stress, not hormonal. Magic in a bottle.
  94. So so


    Been using this product for almost month or so, not see much different. Though it makes skin look shiny and healthy without oily/greasy to the touch (Friend told me so)
  95. Nice Niacinamide for a reasonable price


    I'm using this as a substitute for a more expensive Niacinamide. I wouldn't say that it has changed my skin, but I already had Niacinamide in my routine. Nice hydrating formula, not overly sticky, not fragranced. Does sting a little when skin is sensitised (seems most Niacinamide will). Dropper bottle works well until you get to the end of the bottle. I do find I use more of this compared to the ...
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    when i dont use this product my skin gets so bad! but as soon as i start using it again it clears up and looks so glowey and healthy, Definitely recommend!
  97. Made Skin Really Clear

    Loz G

    Since using this product I've noticed how much clearer my skin is
  98. Staple Product


    Have been using this product for a few years now and I will continue to do so! Is super affordable and a great staple in my skincare regime to keep my skin in check. I find it really gentle and it absorbs well. Great value for money.
  99. So far so good


    This is my first time using The Ordbinary products & took a bit of reading to work out what products would be best for me.
    My skin can be sensitized around the nose & mouth area but not sensitive, I get an oily t-zone therefore I get the odd blemish & I am close to 40yrs.
    I have heard great things about Niacinamide & at this price point it's totally worth giving it a go!
    It's too...
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