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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% 30ml

4.5 of 1020 reviews


4 instalments of $2.48


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4 instalments of $2.48


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

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4.5 of 1020 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it!
I use this morning and night on my oily/combination skin, and it has made such an improvement! My skin feels a lot smoother and I can slowly but surely see an improvement to the texture of my skin and size of my pores. I'm onto my second bottle so I think it needs some time to work, but definitely worth it.

Most Helpful Criticism

No noticeable difference
I purchased this product after hearing about the great effects of niacinimade on the skin. I’ve tried this product out for a few weeks, however I have not noticed a big change in my skin. It feels nice to put on.
  1. meh

    This is the first product from The Ordinary that I've tried, I really wanted to love it but it broke me out and leaves a layer on the skin that feels almost slightly sticky

    not a fan, unfortunately
  2. Love it!

    I use this morning and night on my oily/combination skin, and it has made such an improvement! My skin feels a lot smoother and I can slowly but surely see an improvement to the texture of my skin and size of my pores. I'm onto my second bottle so I think it needs some time to work, but definitely worth it.
  3. Helps with congestion

    Since using this product my skin congestion has cleared up! Its not completely clear but it's made a huge difference
  4. good for irritated skin

    This does help my redness and irritation around some of my break outs after continuous use. I don't notice anything straight away but after a few days the redness calms down a lot. great price too
  5. Great product

    Have been using this for two weeks and love it so far. My skin has been noticeably clearer already in the short time. It's an easy product to use and drys quickly on the skin, so I don't need to wait long before applying other products. Will add this as a permanent fixture in my skin routine

    I have acne prone skin. I bought this hoping it would offer me some relief and it is UNREAL. Been using it for about a month now and my skin looks and feels amazing; less/no breakouts and smooth skin. Highly recommend this product to anyone
  7. No noticeable difference

    I purchased this product after hearing about the great effects of niacinimade on the skin. I’ve tried this product out for a few weeks, however I have not noticed a big change in my skin. It feels nice to put on.
  8. Great for breakouts

    I get hormonal breakouts & this clears my skin SO fast. Just love it!!
  9. Calmed the redness

    Every where I read it mentions this product for calming down acne breakouts. At 41 years old, I still get breakouts however have seriously seen a decline in breakouts and my skin looks less red. It’s a winner from me. It feels like a watery serum, not oily or moisturising. You feel quite shiny and tight afterwards. Spreads well. No smell.
  10. Not for me

    I have dry skin, so it sounds like this isn’t necessarily the right product for me. I bought it to reduce pore size, but havnt seen much difference. I’ve had so many friends with oily skin who love this product: so if that is you, go for it !
  11. Gentle and effective

    I'm on my second bottle of this product - love it. I bought it for it's pore-tightening promises, and it really does seem to reduce sebum production and size of pores. The overall texture and brightness of my skin has also improved. I am also currently using salicylic acid (at a different time of the day) and believe these two products combined have done wonders for my skin. I am 31 and have sensitive skin and have had no irritation from niacinamide, or salicylic acid.
  12. Love it!

    I find this product super effective in reducing my congestion! I have tried this and the salicylic acid at different times and was somewhat surprised to find this was the most effective at reducing my blocked pores. I do find I have small breakouts when introducing this product, but once my skin has adjusted it’s perfect!
  13. Oils

    So impressed by this. I can tell my oils have reduced a lot, I don't get as shiny. Can't say I've noticed changes to pore size
  14. Brilliant

    I'm just catching up on posting reviews now for the many TO products I bought last year, most of them have actually lasted this long! It's handy as it means I've now used them all long term so I've had time to see results.

    I must admit that I wasn't too sure about this serum originally as despite seeing rave reviews it didn't seem to make much of a difference. It was one of the products my teens also used and it seemed a lot more effective on their acne prone skin rather than my dry skin...I just wasn't quite sold on it.
    A few months ago I accidentally broke the bottle so instead of applying just a tiny amount in the AM, I went to town with it over a couple of nights to use it up before it dried out, so I was generous with it on my face and my chest. THAT is when I saw a huge difference!

    I'm 43 and have sun damage (especially on my chest) and for the first time I could really see the redness going right down and becoming more even and my skin was just glowing. I'm now planning on buying 2 bottles as it's so hard to get hold of and clearly the issue was that I'd simply been applying it too sparingly in small areas infrequently rather than being more consistent and generous with it. For more mature skin types then I'd definitely recommend doing the latter, it's worth it!
  15. Be patient with this one

    Rememeber first of all this is niacinamide so you have to be patient with this one to see visible results (i mean months and months). If you use diligently for a long period of time, you wont be disappointed.
  16. hope this works for my breakouts.

    I bought this to target my whiteheads and breakouts on chin and lower cheeks area. It probably doesn't cure the existing whiteheads but think it is preventing it. I get much less breakouts around those concerned areas nowadays. Been using for approx 2 weeks now.
  17. Fantastic

    I use this product daily and it has significantly reduced the white bumps beneath my skin without causing breakouts! It also does not react beneath my make up unlike some products!
  18. Fantastic

    Love this product. My skin is very sensitive and prone to acne. I find this tends to really help clear my acne and help it heal!
  19. Excellent!

    I was using The Ordinary anti-aging regimen but started a new job with high levels of stress and started to have a few break outs on my jawline and forehead. So, I switched to the blemish control regimen. It is SO good. My skin cleared up really quickly and is now super smooth and delish! So affordable too!
  20. Perfect for oily skin

    My skin is extremely oily and I have tried sooo many products to get it under control and I can honestly say this product (in combination with skinstitut multi active mist) has been amazing. Normally after 5-6 hours my face is an oil slick. This product has toned it right down. will definitely be repurchasing
  21. Great for menopausal acne

    I am 51 years old and suffering a delightful surge of menopausal acne...yay. However I have found this product so gently healing on my outbreaks yet doesn’t dry out my skin like salicylic applications do.
  22. Amazing

    I love his product, doesn’t irritate my skin at all and it’s super easy to incorporate in any acne/face regime you have. You can definetly see that your blemishes aren’t as red and skin looks clearer overall - love it
  23. Patience is Key

    I got this at a time where my pimples were the worst they have been in years, I honestly wanted to cry at how bad they were. Every morning and night I doused myself with this hoping it would disappear in an instant, the thing with this treatment though is that patience is key. The first few weeks it did nothing zilch, it was only after consistent use for weeks that it started to work it's wonders and it safe to say it's amazing! It slowly but surely encourages the skin to regenerate, some peeling does occur but it's a lot less heavy than say benzoyl peroxide.
  24. Improved skin texture

    I have been using this for about 2 months now, and I can definitely see an improvement in the texture of my skin. My pores have reduced slightly, but definitely want them to decrease further.
    So far loving it. This is the second bottle I have ordered.
    I think I used too much product at the start, but now I've realised a pea size drop can get my entire face. And I wait a minute for my skin to absorb it before putting on the next layers of serum.
  25. Nice for the price

    Found this product to be soothing and effective in Improving skin texture and appearance, did not break me out.
  26. Amazing

    This little serum is amazing. Really reduces the appearance of pores and reduces breakouts. I have used other higher priced niacinamide based products and nothing works as well as this! I am probably on my tenth bottle. Works well under makeup after morning use, helps to even skin tone and somehow my face feels firmer after use. I have given a bottle to my partner who also uses after washing his face in the shower with great results.
    Would 100% recommend to anyone that will listen
  27. Massive difference after short use

    I've been using this for about a month and my skin is clearer and smoother. I apply just before bed each night and am waking up with my skin looking better than ever. I've suffered with blemishes since my teens (now 31) and haven't had something make such a difference so quickly, without any other side effects (like drying my skin out). Highly recommend!
  28. Amazing

    This is so affordable and has helped a lot with my blemishes. I love this niacinamide and it is such a good ingredient for my oily skin
  29. Visible results

    I have enlarged pores on my nose (thanks genetics) and I'm pretty sure this bad boy is the only thing that's helped to minimise their appearance. I stopped using it for about a week (only because I finished a bottle and was waiting for its replacement in the mail) and definitely noticed a difference. I just apply it at night as it doesn't sit very well under makeup.
  30. great for acne

    This serum is so calming for my acne prone sensitive skin and doesnt interfere with my makeup! my acne scarring has reduced within 6 weeks and i have had less flare ups
  31. Great product

    Can’t survive without this product. Generally I don’t give review unless I love any product. I have been using and re ordering this product several times and love the result. I had hype pigments on my cheeks due to sun and went to dermologist and tried all the expensive serums and no result. With this product, I see the result within 2 weeks of use. I love the ordinary products. I used nimacide+ Zinc, glycolic acid, lactic acid. However, hylarounic acid and vitc suspension with silicone did not work for me, clogging pores.
  32. So far, so good!

    As the title states - so far so good. It definitely reduces the time that my pimples may linger for but hasn't completely halted them. However, most of my acne is hormonal so will come no matter what creams I use.
  33. not for sensitive skin

    i used this product for about 2 weeks then had to stop, my face had developed a red bump rash. not for my sensitive skin
  34. Affordable and results!

    Since coming off birth control my skin has been breaking out really bad. I have combination skin and have been getting a lot of congestion and large angry breakouts. I have noticed almost an instant reduction of redness after applying this product and my cobgested forehead doesnt look as bad. I have been using expensive DMK products with no luck and decided to give something more affordable a go and so far, so good!
  35. Love it.

    I have normal skin type but used to have acne and scars on my skin. My sister told me about this serum and I have been using it since 3 months and I can see a visible difference in my skin.. i don’t have acne anymore and scars are nearly gone
  36. Quick, cheap & easy win

    Niacinamide has made the overall appearance of my skin texture better and reduced pore size.
  37. Fantastic

    I swear by this. It’s the only thing that has kept my acne at bay. I use it nightly and it has lightened my pigmentation/freckles.
  38. Smaller, fewer pimples, faster healing

    I previously purchased this product and forgot about it until recently re-ordering due to some hormonal and stress-related skin concerns (yay Uni life). Though I must consider that my stress has dramatically reduced in the last few days, my skin has had less breakouts, and those that I have noticed, are smaller and are healing faster. I have oily/normal, acne prone skin. I am trying to prevent breakouts as I also get red scarring left behind as a result of acne issues. Fingers crossed this product can continue to deliver into the future. Only down side is that the product is small, and when using daily, runs out quickly.
  39. It works

    i have acne prone/combination skin. I have been using this product for two weeks and have seen wonderful results. I have less acne and my acne scar has faded. it also helps me to control sebum. Definitely repurchase.
  40. No issues with pimples sticking around now

    Calms a breakout overnight! I don’t find it too drying either.
  41. Good serum

    I have been using this serum for about 2 months now. It definitely help to calm the skin down and help with break out. Used together with the Buffer serum and can feel improvement in my skin.Effective and affordable price :)
  42. Seriously good

    This is seriously good stuff! When I start noticing little pimples I start using this and they disappear so quickly! It also leaves my skin super smooth and glowy. Such a great price too!
  43. New skincare staple

    I have oily congested skin and I'm prone to hormonal (and chocolate induced) black outs. I'm using this product in the mornings only and have seen great results already.

    Around my nose prior to starting this product I had some textual problems and in the week I've been using it, that has clear right up!

    My skin is less oily and I've started to see my pores tighten up. This will be a skincare staple for me now!
  44. AMAZING!

    I purchased this product a few days ago and my skin is already soo much better!!! I have never really had any skin issues till I recently changed contraception that made me really break out (it was awful). I've been using this morning and night and I haven't broken out since but the best part is that it's actually helping fade my scars.
  45. a staple

    this is one of my skincare staples that i use constantly. it's unfortunate that it is stated it cannot be used with vitamin c - although there is conflicting thoughts on this but i best avoid using them together. niacinamide is effective in reducing pigmentation from post acne-breakouts and some forms of pigmentation - it was effective for my mum's pigmentation but not mine. it is a brightener and an inhibitor of pigmentation which is why i will keep using it. not to mention the very cheap price too.
  46. Holy Grail

    Love this serum it's definitely HG status for me - I'm on my 5th bottle and have a back up always! This helps me prevent breakouts and also reduces my redness (not completely, but it helps). I know people complain about pilling but I haven't had an issue with this.
  47. Huge decrease in oily skin and redness

    Before trying this product, my skin was highly prone to blemishes and very oily, especially in the mornings. I hoped to decrease redness and maintain a balanced skin tone/texture with the use of this product and it has achieved both of these things! My skin is noticeably less oily, and feels smooth with minimal redness. I would highly recommend this product for those with oily skin, especially at such a small price!!!
  48. Effective and affordable!

    Stung my skin when I first used it, but overtime the sensation has gone away. Just make sure you don't use it with the toner from The Ordinary. The combination is known to sting. Otherwise, effective for reducing redness (use only at night!)
  49. Less redness in my skin

    I used to have quite red skin, not from any condition but simply due to not taking proper care of it. I noticed a more even complexion after using this. It also feels really light and nice to put on, which is good if you want to use it in the morning. Well worth the value.
  50. Great!

    True to its nature, this product really does balance/ reduce the oiliness of my skin (I have oily/ combination skin).
  51. Life-changing - shrinking pores + glowy skin

    This product has miraculously shrunk the pores on my nose and reduced my black heads - honestly couldn't believe it after years of trying different skincare. It has also noticeably evened skin tone and given me a glowy feel. I have oily skin and usually avoid using serum/oil type products but I swear buy this. Can't believe how affordable it is too. LOVE!
  52. good for reducing blackheads

    Have been using this regularly at night for about 3 weeks now, I have hormonal acne and have always had blackheads on my nose I feel it has definately helped with the blackheads and with pore size however unsure if it has actually helped with acne however possibly helps with not getting more spots and no adverse reactions like so many products for people with acne
    great bargain though for the price
  53. You won’t be disappointed

    I’ve been using this product along with Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, morning and night, and have seen a HUGE improvement in my skin. Before I started using this, I had dry skin which would in turn make my skin quite oily. My face feels so hydrated and soft now, I’m completely amazed... it has reduced the redness in my face! Would highly recommend using this product. And for the price, you honestly can’t beat it.
  54. It’s fine. Not sure if it does anything for me.

    This is my second bottle of this so it must be doing something, but there is no tangible effect that I can really point to. I bought it to increase skin repair and reduce redness and irritation, while also reducing sebum production. I like the brand so may purchase a different one next time to gauge the effects. I’ve not noticed any less breakouts since using it.
  55. Not what I expected

    I found this product a bit sticky and has not helped with reducing pore visibility, which was my main concern. I also had a small breakout after using it and I don't usually get breakouts. I wouldn't purchase it again.
  56. Wonderful Product and price!!

    After only 2 weeks I noticed some major changes to my skin after using the Niacinamide! Definitely has helped with my acne. And the price point is an absolute bonus!
  57. Great for refining pores!

    I have really bad problem skin and suffer from large pores. After using this for two weeks I saw my pores getting smaller and my breakouts reducing dramatically! Love it! So affordable too
  58. Plump and glow

    I have been using this product for a few months now and it has really helped with reducing breakouts to barely any at all. My skin really does feel plumper and more glowy. Definitely recommend.
  59. Good serum- didn't aggravate any sensitvities.

    Have quite sensitive skin and it doesnt play well with some actives, this was fine however, good little serum, especially for the price.
  60. Didn’t see results

    For the price I’m not too torn up about it, but I guess this product didn’t meet my expectations.

    I didn’t have any adverse reactions, but it didn’t deliver on it’s claims for reduced pores/blackheads etc.

    It might work for some but I don’t plan to repurchase
  61. excellent

    this serum is so good for acne i has really cleared my skin and i love it so much! definitely recommend
  62. Not a fan

    I use this for my oily skin. It stung when I freshly popped my pimples and is a very sticky formula to apply. I feel that it didn’t really help with anything
  63. Holy grail product

    I can't live without this product now! It has almost completely erased the blackheads and build up on my nose, eased the congestion across my whole face, and helped even my skin tone. I have very oily, acne prone skin and would recommend this product for anyone with the same issue. I'm almost through my second bottle. Can't recommend this niacinamide serum enough!!!
  64. Best blemish cure ever

    I bought this for my 21 yo daughter who suffers hormonal breakouts that are very painful, hard to heal and have been resistant to every other product we have tried. After a few days of use, her skin is dramatically clearer and even the most problem spots are starting to heal. She has fairly sensitive skin, but this product does not irritate it. Her skin is oily/combination. The product is also very affordable and it arrived quickly.All in all, very pleased with this purchase and will definitely buy again and recommend to friends.
  65. My holy grail!

    I've been using the niacinamide with The Ordinary's Salycilic acid and my skin has improved so much! I've been using it a few times a week at night and every single morning. My skin is clearer, I don't break out and the overall texture is smoother. Cannot believe the price of this, without doubt my favourite skin care product right now!

    I only use this product when is suspect a breakout coming on as it can react with other products I sometimes use but when I do apply I feel it lessens the breakout for sure! Super great price and no nasty smell! Love it
  67. great product great price

    I have been using this serum for a while now and am on my second bottle. Really notice the difference it makes to my skin it helps calm down any pimples and blemishes as well as making my pores appear less clogged. It is so affordable compared to many serums out there and I would highly recommend it
  68. Amazing!

    Such a great product to use, amazing for acne scares and brightens my skin. I use win the AM with the hyaluronic acid serum. Best combo ever!!
  69. fantastic product

    I suffer with acne and this definitely helps reduce the severity of my pimples and reduces the likeliness that i'll have any new major breakouts. honestly a life saver, and noticeable after only a couple days. Skin feels healthy and supple still, not too drying
  70. not bad

    very sticky consistency, i have oily acne prone skin and this serum tends to sting a little if i have recently popped pimples
  71. Try this, you won’t regret it!!

    Affordable, effective skincare.
    Love this serum for everyday use. Hydrating, easily absorbed - you only need a tiny bit. Skin is clear and luminous.

    I use this all over my face and it completely evens out surface textures overnight whilst treating breakouts!
  73. Great product at a great price

    I have oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin and this has been amazing. I have been using it for about a month and it has significantly improved the texture of my skin.

    It's also helped a bit with controlling the oiliness and speeding up the healing process of the pimples, plus my skin is suuuper soft now.

    Love it!
  74. The best

    I love this serum. Always leaves my face with a glow and feeling fresh. Such an affordable price too.
  75. Decent product

    Helped clear my skin. I still have pretty bad breakouts but this has definitely help with the overall look and it helps to calm them down a bit.
  76. Not for sensitive skin

    Spot test this product before using! I have oily sensitive skin and found that after three days of use I developed white bumps and a red rash around my chin. Disappointed as I was looking forward to trying.
  77. Cleared up my acne

    I have quite acne prone skin and was going through a really bad stage of deep cystic acne that nothing was helping. I ordered this product and started seeing results in 2-3 days. No more painful breakouts, just comments from friends on how radiant my skin is!
  78. Really great for my skin!

    I've only been using this with a few other TO products for a week or so now and I'm already seeing the difference! My pores are looking less clogged and my skin is looking better than it ever has! Really happy with my purchase!
  79. Great Value for Quality

    Love using this product! It isnt too harsh on the skin but has hugely improved the texture and brightness of my skin. Amazing value for such a good product!
  80. Amazing

    I’m at the stage of trying all different products as I’ve started adult acne and I’m super pleased with this product! No irration, soaks in quickly and I can already see a clearer complexion over night :) only used it once so far but looking forward to future results :)
  81. Amazing

    I’ve been using this product for a while now and absolutely love it. I have just purchased my second bottle. At first when I started, I did break out for about a month or so but that’s how these products usually work but since then, my skin has been clear. I have been mixing this with another product to dilute the product as it can be quite harsh. I have oily and sensitive skin. I do break out from a pimple or two occasionally every few months during those expected months but overall I am super happy with this and would definitely recommend as it keeps my skin looking clear from acne
  82. Slowly fades scaring if you're consistent!

    This product is great with tackling active breakouts and helping with scaring but you have to be consistent with using it. I find it does help with oil control but the downside is that you can't wear this under makeup as it causes pilling! I've tried applying less, using different foundations, different primers, no primers, but it still causes pilling. It also gets "soapy" when you first apply it. Overall, an OK product. I would give it 4.5 stars if it didn't cause pilling!
  83. Not for everyone

    I know this has lots of rave reviews- but to balance them out, absolutely didn’t work for me- in fact every time I used it, I got more breakouts that took a few days to clear. Ita obviously great for many, but it’s not a miracle product and not for everyone- unfortunately... I really really wanted to love this brand.
  84. Pretty good product

    Been using this serum for around a month, I’ve seen an overall improvement in my general complexion, but no real difference in my acne spots and scars.
  85. It’s great to get rid of pimples

    Everyone in my family uses this now. Great to get rid of pimples.

    This product completely changed my skin. I used have lots of millia and whiteheads and this caused texture on my face. This product completely got rid of the texture and also helps with my pigmentation. Best skin of my life!!
  87. So good

    This is the most effective product from The Ordinary that I’ve tried. In just a week of using it once a day at night, all the blackheads around my nose and chin have disappeared along with the little bumps on my forehead.
  88. Love

    Helps with breakouts. I've been using it for 6 months now
  89. great for oil control

    cleared up my closed comedones, fantastic for oil control. i use it every night, so i go through it quickly, but it should be a staple in everyone TO collection.
  90. LOVE IT

    Really happy with this product. I have fair sensitive skin with pale freckles and this does not cause any irritation whatsoever, but I do keep it away from my eyes, just incase. I see this product as a long term addition to my regime.
  91. So good

    This is honestly a game changer for oily/combination skin and acne scarring
  92. Game Changer!

    After giving birth a few months ago my skin went from glowy to dull and lifeless.
    I use this product at night after cleansing and using The Ordinary ‘Buffet’.
    It’s really evened our my skin and given it clarity!
  93. So pleased with it

    I have used it for months now and will keep purchasing. I used to have oily but flakey skin that even toughest scrubs didn't peel properly. Occasional acne and clogged pores. This has been so amazing. My skin is clean and smooth and pimples are a rarity that heal quick and feel minor with no big inflammation. And at such good price! Truly thankful to have found it
  94. An essential skin care product

    I had always struggled with really bad breakouts, I started using this product and never noticed a difference.
    I then done some research and was advised that this product could take up to 12 weeks using every second day. After pushing through and continued using it after 12 weeks I noticed a massive difference in my skin. It really helped preventing new breakouts and also really managed my current skin issue.

    I was recommend this product and absolutely love it. Such a great product at an even better price
  95. Good value

    Good product. I have only been using this for a few weeks but seems to make my skin hydrated and clear. Good value.
  96. My oily skin loves this

    As someone with very oily and acne prone skin, this stuff is legit. Not going to lie though, it took awhile for this product to do its magic but after a soild two months of everyday use my skin is always clear. It also helps to keep my oils down. I have noticed that once I stop using this, my acne rears its ugly head so I always have to have this in my skincare kit! I also love how affordable it is and one bottle lasts me months!
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