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The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA 30ml

4.4 of 349 reviews


4 instalments of $2.46

Or 4 instalments of $2.46 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $2.46

Or 4 instalments of $2.46 with LEARN MORE

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Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) are elements that keep the outer layer of the skin protected and well-hydrated.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 86% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

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The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA Reviews

4.4 of 349 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Amazing price! I really love this stuff, really nice and hydrating! Although you don’t get a lot it’s still a great deal for money!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for me


I have combination skin and this didn’t work wonders for me unfortunately. It’s hard for my skin to absorb this as it’s quite thick and I wouldn’t purchase again
  1. Not for me


    I have combination skin and this didn’t work wonders for me unfortunately. It’s hard for my skin to absorb this as it’s quite thick and I wouldn’t purchase again
  2. Great


    Amazing price! I really love this stuff, really nice and hydrating! Although you don’t get a lot it’s still a great deal for money!
  3. Amazing


    First product I’ve tried from the ordinary and was so impressed, simple but effective I love this product!
  4. Lightweight


    verified purchaser
    Really lightweight moisturiser, doesn’t leave my skin oily or greasy. My skin feels hydrated and soft after use, will continue to use this.
  5. Gentle


    This is a lovely light moisturizer. It does not leave your skin feeling oily or greasy. I will definately be purchasing again but in the larger size. Great Product
  6. Long Lasting Moisture

    Miss Tarnia

    Often, we are told we need a day and night
    Moisturiser, not The Ordinary and I love that. I apply it to my face at the end of my cleansing day and night and how do I think it’s doing?
    Well, my face, hands and knees look and feel brilliant, I have a healthy shine, my skin doesn’t feel clogged or covered in something that is not being absorbed and most of all, this moisturiser does not ...
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  7. Wanted to love it


    Since I've loved many of The Ordinary's products I decided to give this moisturiser a go however it wasn't nearly as hydrating as I needed it to be. The product was thick but non greasy absorbing really well into the skin but I felt like it just disappeared after 5 mins of applying and I end up having to apply a different moisturiser on top of it anyway. This product might not suit my skin but per...
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  8. Won't buy again


    Wasn't hydrating at all, felt my skin was dehydrated not long after applying. I have normal to dry skin. It was also really thick and white and took ages to rub in, and as I felt I needed to apply more to get moisture, that was even more noticeable. I definitely would not purchase again. It was worth a try for the cost I guess, but it's not for me.
  9. Sensitive Skin - Rosacea


    I find this moisturizer quite heavy and I use very sparingly. If I am applying makeup on my face I use Hyaluronic acid 2% + B5 instead because I find it is too heavy for my makeup, however, If my skin really needs some moisture I will use this product. I also have a small issue with the use of silicone in my products and this product does have silicone.
  10. Really great, especially for price


    Love the long lasting hydration this gives me, its like a lighter version of the drunk elephant lala retro whip moisturiser- making it great to use in the morning. If my eczema plays up or I’m drier than usual, I’ll mix it with the ordinary 100% squarlane oil. Only negative is that it takes a while to work into the skin, which reminds me of sunscreen, but isn’t a big deal. It absorbs quickly and i...
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  11. You really need to try this


    This is a lovely light moisturizer. It does not leave your skin feeling oily or greasy. I will definately be purchasing again but in the larger size. Great Product
  12. Nice and lightweight


    Love to use this moisturiser in the morning and mix it with my Vit C and Antioxidant products too as its not too heavy feeling under makeup. It also helps to tone down the tingly sensation from the Vit C. I like using oil moisturisers at night instead
  13. best moisturiser!


    this is such a great product, I love using it in my skincare routine and I can really feel the difference of my skin throughout the day!
  14. Great for the price


    This is great for my dry skin and very gentle. I will purchase again.
  15. Perfect lightweight moisturizer.


    This is a great lightweight moisturiser. I use it at night when I don't need SPF protection. I have oily skin and this seems to be perfect. Doesn't tend to clog my pores, and spreads so easily so you really don't need much at all. You can't go past this product considering the price either!
  16. Moisturiser on a budget!


    This moisturiser is great value for the price. It is relatively scent-free and doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky or oily. It isn't a deep hydration type, but great for a cheap alternative.
  17. Very Hydrating


    I have normal to dry skin and found this as my nighttime moisturiser has worked out very well for me. My skin feels more hydrated and plump. It is worth noting it does feel very heavy going on so would not recommend for AM use.
  18. great gentle moisturiser


    I usually look for a moisturiser with an added benefit like retinol of hyaluronic acid so this ticks that box. Gentle and unscented, melts into skin. I didn't find it worked well with my makeup but great for a night cream.
  19. Great budget moisturiser


    Big fan of this moisturiser. It feels very nourishing and does the job! I do prefer other more high end moisturisers on a daily basis but I always have a tube of this handy in my cupboard when I just want to use something simple and fragrance free. My boyfriend loves it too
  20. My new fave


    Absolutely love this moisturiser!!
    I have sensitive, oily, acne prone skin and finally I've found something that doesn't set it off. I also don't wake up the next day super oily which I usually do no matter what I put on my skin. It dries almost matte on the skin which I quite like.

    The only thing I would change next time is to buy the bigger sized product as the 30ml goes quite...
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  21. It's ok

    Jess M

    This moisturiser did not work for me and it actually made my skin dry. I am finishing the bottle as a hand cream and it also works well as a makeup primer over my usual moisturiser
  22. Pretty typical moisturiser, not bad though


    I put this moisturiser on after I've used The Ordinary's Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5. They seem to work well together but as a moisturiser when I use it at any point in the day without the Hyaluronic Acid its just a pretty typical moisturiser. I've had it for around 3 weeks and use it maybe twice a week, rotating other moisturisers, and it seems to have quite a lot left. Pretty good price for the size...
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  23. Great basic moisturiser


    This is pretty basic and does what it says. Will be repurchasing this for sure as it works well to lock in your other skincare products.
  24. do not use if you have combination or oily skin!


    i have combination skin and before i used this product my skin was normal. No blemishes, active pimples or comedones, but i had ran out of moisturiser. The first week i used it gave me the biggest 3 pimples I've ever had in my life and small breakouts on my cheeks. Be careful with the moisturiser you use and make sure it works for your skin type.
  25. Not bad on acne prone skin!


    I recently moved from a fairly cold dry climate, to a warmer and more humid one and found the oil I was using too heavy as my skin didn't need all that moisture any more... After playing around with my routine I now use this alongside my argan oil, I use it mostly as an under eye cream and on my cheekbones where I want a bit more glow. I love it and have been trying to get my Mum onto it as well! ...
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  26. You get what you pay for


    Left my skin feeling worse off than when I started it. Not moisturising enough for me sorry.
  27. Good staple product


    This is a good basic moisturiser when you need something simple and non-irritating. It is exactly what I need in moisturisers as I prefer having separate products with active ingredients. I find it is light enough to regularly wear while still being occlusive enough to keep my skin feeling moisturised hours after. I do find that I need to top this up with a second layer during the nighttime when t...
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  28. A great affordable product


    I've been using this moisturiser for maybe 2 years now. I love that it's affordable, and it provides my skin with the perfect amount of hydration. It's great under makeup without a primer, or before bed. The only thing that could make it better is some SPF.
  29. Another Winner Product

    Ally J

    This is a great basic moisturiser that you can use night and day. It layers nicely under makeup and a little goes a long way. The tube is small but it does last a long time.
  30. mmm idk how to feel at it


    I don't if its just my skin but my nose gets really oily after i use it. I think it might be because of how think it is and it feels a little bit like siliconey
  31. Very moisturising


    I’ve used this product for two weeks and I’m very impressed. This product keeps my skin very moisturised and it contains Hyaluronic acid which is great for the winter and also doesn’t contain any ingredients that will dry your skin. You only need to put a little bit of this product which is even better for your money’s worth.
  32. A little goes a long way


    I love this brand overall and I’ve been looking for a moisturiser to suit my skin. Although I liked the texture and the little amounts I need to moisturise my face. But throughout the day I notice it sits in my skin instead of absorbing and makes my face appear extremely oily
  33. Perfect moisturizer


    Love all Ordinary products so new I had to give the moisturizer a go. Only thing that disappointing me was that i accidentally ordered the smaller size! Light weight non oily great value. Bring on the SPF products!
  34. Good everyday moisturiser


    Very reasonably priced good value everyday moisturiser. This product makes my skin feel very hydrated however I found it does take a while to rub in fully/ a little slow to absorb.
  35. My skin has never been so hydrated


    I have used all moisturizers, from organic to plain old store-bought and after using this product twice my skin is so plump and soft which ultimately minimizes those fine lines. Recommend!
  36. Love this!


    I use this everyday and every night, such a great moisturiser.
  37. So great!


    I love this moisturiser! it is a no nonsense, all that you need, non-irritating, simple hydrating moisturiser. Its got no fancy fragrance and doesn't feel really luxurious but its all you need to lock in hydration in a skincare routine. I'm only giving it 4.5 stars because it can be difficult to absorb when applying and kinda spreads out and then you have to let it sink in, but that is a small iss...
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  38. not bad


    I have fairly dry skin so this doesn't provide quite enough hydration for me. It's quite thick so I only really like to use it at night as I don't think it sits well under make up. Also I think this size of the product is a bit redundant since it also comes in 100ml for only $3 more? If you want a smaller bottle to travel with better off buying the bigger one and squeezing some into a travel bottl...
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  39. Go to moisturiser


    I use this everyday. It's got everything you could ever need in a moisturiser but a 10th of the price. Can be a little thick so I usually add a few drops of Borage seed oil and HA or amino acids (all from the ordinary) to make it more spreadable.
  40. Basic Moisturiser which does the job


    I am a big fan of the ordinary products and I think they have delivered again with this product. It is absorbed nicely and is not thick for my oily skin.
    I have reordered a couple of times and prefer to use it when I am going out in the evening as it doesnt make me too shiny. I prefer to use an SPF during the day and dont think it is moisturising enough for a night cream so it is just somet...
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  41. An average moisturiser


    I wanted to love this for the price and the fact I love the brand. It's an ok moisturiser but I don't think I'll repurchase. My husband has been using it and he doesn't mind it.
  42. Lovely texture


    I have been using a really expensive moisturiser for the last year or so. Lately, my skin seemed to be left feeling tight, so I purchased this on a bit of a whim while I was getting "the buffet" and "rosehip oil". I am so impressed by this moisturiser. It is amazing value for money and is great under makeup. It seems to lock in the serums really nicely and the tightness has resolved.
  43. average


    i use this with an oil because its not hydrating enough
  44. Good basic moisturiser, but hard to layer on


    I find this is a great product if I'm only looking to use a moisturiser and no other serums/thick sunscreen. I do feel hydrated but I think the ingredients make it more difficult to absorb quickly and pills with a lot of my other skin care products.
  45. Affordable, great for sensitive skin, but not a game changer


    I have combination, sensitive skin. I've used so many moisturisers that make my skin, tingly or red - this is not one of those.
    It's super gentle and an effective moisturisers but there's no wow-factor. It's such a great starting point for sensitive skin but I've now moved onto Neutrogena Water Boost and have realised I could get a little more from a moisturiser.
    So recommend if you'r...
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  46. Good quality does money


    Good in terms of quality for money but would prefer to use skinstitut on my skin as it’s sensitive
  47. Nice moisturiser


    This is a nice moisturiser. I have oily skin and am prone to blemishes and congestion, this moisturiser has not aggravated any issues.
    This moisturiser absorbs into my skin really well.
  48. not a fan


    i dont hate this but i definitely dont love it. i wanted to like it as i generally really like the ordinary products, but i just feel like the consistency of this moisturiser is like silicone? and doesnt sink into my skin. theres definitely other better products from the brand and this is a miss for me.
  49. Works Well


    This is good moisturizer I mix it with Rosehip oil at night and it's really good, have used in day time and it works well.
  50. So cute


    purchased this for travelling after falling in love with the fall size. best moisturiser and super affordable!
  51. cute travel size


    it is such a cute travel size can fit in my little purse. also it is super hydrating and i having an oily skin is okay with this as it does not makes my skin more oily.
  52. Great for the price


    I usually love a moisturiser that is thick and absorbs well. This moisturiser is thick enough but doesn't always settle into the skin beautifully. Having said that make up still blends beautifully over the top. Its a great product at this price
  53. Nice but small


    Really like how this moisturiser feels, but the bottle is tiny and doesn't last long. It is inexpensive but I don't think it even lasted me a month.
  54. Does what it says


    It is a simple moisturiser without any other fancy additives. My eczema would usually react to other face products, but it doesn't for this one! It's really gentle and hydrating. A little goes a long way honestly.
  55. This works fine as a day moisturiser


    I have fair, combination skin. I use this after cleansing and a serum during the day. I have been using it for a year and it is fine. It isn't the most impressive Ordinary product, but I put more attention into my serums and I find this sits nicely on top of serums and under makeup. It has a nice consistency and pleasant smell. I would recommend for a basic moisturiser.
  56. Love it


    Absolutely love this moisturiser. Does everything it needs to, soft hydrated skin and it soaks in quickly. Love this size for travelling.
  57. Light & easy!


    Amazing price for a great product. Its super light weight and perfect under makeup. A little goes a long way too.
  58. Good value moisturiser


    A really good moisturiser for everyday use. No frills but keeps skin feeling moisturised for a really good price
  59. Great Value for Money

    Loz G

    I recently swapped to this moisturiser after my clinique 'dramatically different' ran out. I find it works just as well with my skin. Is light and doesn't make me oily (i can be naturally oily in humid weather anyway) only been a few days but I think I'll be making the swap permanently
  60. A good everyday light moisturiser


    This is a good everyday light moisturiser. The only problem I have had is that it takes a while to soak into the skin.
  61. Good moisturizer


    I have adult acne and the first signs of wrinkles and I find this moisturizer to work well it doesn’t feel heavy keeps my skin hydrated especially when mixed with a serum my only complaint is the tube is really tiny
  62. Light but hydrating


    Great no frills moisturiser. I use it under my SPF if I'm feeling dry in the morning. Seems to sit well under makeup and doesn't make my oily/combination skin break out. No complaints here!
  63. Reasonable moisturiser for price


    This isn't the best moisturiser I've used, as it doesn't absorb as well or leave your skin feeling as soft as some others, yet it is still good value for money. I only really use a moisturiser before applying night-time make-up, as I use an SPF sunscreen during the day, and facial oils before bed. It is reasonably light, not leaving my face oily, and a little goes a long way. Not sure if it would ...
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  64. Lovely, light moisturizer


    Love this moisturizer! It sinks into the skin really well and provides light moisture. Sometimes I do add a second helping if my skin is feeling dry. I think that sometimes I need to do this because I use The Ordinary's Hyaluronic serum first and it helps the moisture absorb really well.
  65. Rich moisturizer


    This product was rich and creamy helped to restore dried out skin. Would buy again
  66. Good Value Moisturiser

    Rubber Goanna

    I found this a good summertime moisturiser. I have middle aged skin tending to dryness if I don't look after it and find this moisturiser in summer keeps my skin well hydrated morning and night. A little bit goes a long way and I use it on top of my The Ordinary serums. In winter time though, I find this moisturiser is not enough on its own as where live can get quite windy and I need to bolste...
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  67. A little too rich for oily or combo skin


    Fantastic value and good quality but a little too rich for my oily/combination skin. I found I have to apply very sparingly or it leaves my skin feeling too greasy.
  68. What a great basic moisturiser


    I am on my second tube of this moisturiser and use it day and night. It is easy to apply, and I feel that my skin has benefited from the hydration. It is a great price for the benefits it gives
  69. My skin has never felt so soft


    I had been having trouble with patches of really dry skin on my face that made my makeup appear patchy. Discovering this moisturiser was amazing, it cured my dry skin in one day and left it feeling super smooth, soft, and bright. I used this along with the buffet serum and the retinol 2%.
  70. Great everyday moisturiser


    This is my go to daily moisturizer. It’s not too heavy while still leaving my skin hydrated. All that’s missing is some SPF!
  71. Decent


    Living in a humid with normal to oily skin, have found this a decent basic moisturiser at a decent price. It is scentless, absorbs reasonably well and leaves the skin hydrated and soft. Best of all it doesn’t break me out!
  72. My favourite moisturiser


    This is one of the first products I picked up from the ordinary and I've repurchased at several times now. I use a lot of serums and actives so I want something lightweight but effective to lock in moisture and this does exactly that. It absorbs into the skin beautifully and doesn't leave any greasy residue. For the price, you absolutely cannot beat it. It's being a total game-changer for me.
  73. Best and Easiest


    My go to daily moisturiser.
    Can't go wrong with this one, perfect under make up
  74. Meh....

    Emma Loves Skincare

    This really was a let down for me! I found it a little too thick and uncomfortable for my skin and it tended to ball up when layered with other products. There's better products out there. Definitely one of my least favourite Ordinary products I've tried to date.

    For reference my skin is oily/combination and I am 30 years old
  75. incredible


    Another great product from the line. I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use.
  76. Does what it says


    Effective product. Hydrates and leaves skin soft, nothing crazy exciting nor life changing but then for the money you pay you can't expect it to do so. I would say that the size is TINY and not worth buying if you like to moisturise twice a day all over your face - this will last you a week or two tops, get the bigger size!
  77. A must have


    This moisturiser is just such a great all rounder. Skin can play up or go through phases and this moisturiser is just a really good staple, at an AMAZING price. Nice if you want a break from actives, nice mixed with face oil, and great to seal in serums.
  78. Great travel size moisturiser


    Perfect for travel. I take this with my on the plane and mix in serums or oil for added hydration. Glides on and absorbs quickly without leaving shine.
  79. Skin sensitive to using too much moisturiser


    Using any moisturiser AM and PM causes my face to become congested with bumps. This wasn't any different, so I stopped using at night. It still seems to aggravate the bumps on my face. I'm 63 and can't use rich moisturisers on my face, I only need moisturiser once a day, and a very light one at that.
  80. Get the big one!


    Loved every thing except the small tube :) I’ve ordered another one in a bigger size!
  81. Simple & Hydrating


    This is a nice, simple and hydrating moisturiser! Perfect before bed or under make up!
  82. Rich and Creamy texture


    First time user, found it to be very creamy and very hydrating upon application. So far so good on my oily t zone.
  83. Good basic moisturiser


    I think this moisturiser is amazing for the price-point! It's a no-fuss everyday moisturiser that is lightweight & really hydrating. You only need a pea-sized amount for your whole face.
  84. Great Moisturizer


    I just love this, I use morning and night and I love how it makes my skin feel soft, non-greasy too. It sinks into your skin and does the job amazingly for this affordable range.
    I'm about to purchase some more. A little also goes a long way with this product!
  85. Great product great price


    Friends recommended The Ordinary skin care so decided to start with Natural Moisturiser. After a week of use I am going to be a long term user. I have dehydrated skin and this moisturise glides on leaving my skin feeling moist.. The price is fantastic specially compared to some high end moisturisers I have tried over the years. The results are far superior. I am now going to try other products in...
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  86. small but mighty


    Wow, this is such a great price, though to be honest the tube is quite small and the formula is reasonably thick, so I don't expect it to last for very long. But having said that, it is a great product. It is so moisturising and great for those dry and scaly or irritated patches of skin on my cheeks. I'm a little wary of using it around areas that are prone to blackheads and breakout, since it is ...
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  87. A little shiny


    I love how this locks in my serums, I find it a bit shiny to use during the day without any powder though.
  88. Fabulous on Mature Skin


    I absolutely love this moisteriser. I'm in my 50's and my skin is changing and getting drier so I want something to keep my skin feeling soft and moisterised throughout the day and again at night when I use Retinol. This is a medium weight moisteriser, with no scent and glides on easily. I think it would also be great on my teen's skin. You don't need to use much but it can take a little longer to...
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  89. Really works


    Dry skin no more! After winter and pregnancy my skin really suffered with dryness. Since using an serum and this moisturiser my skin feels 100% back to normal. I use it morning and night and it’s like my skin drinks it up. Definitely will continue to buy
  90. Great product.


    I have the full size of this on my vanity, a backup in my bathroom, and the 30ml version in my gym and bathroom bags. This is a great moisturiser for my dry skin: It makes me feel hydrated without being greasy or sitting on top of my skin. I love this size as I can take it anywhere with me while saving space.
  91. Great


    This product makes my skin very moisturised. I apply it after my serums in the morning
  92. Pretty good


    I’ve been using this for about a week (am & pm) and am super happy with it. So far my skin feels lovely and soft with no irritation. Moisturises nicely and hasn’t increased breakouts (I’ve actually noticed less but not sure if I can say it’s due to this yet).

    I use morning and night. I apply the Niacinamide 10%/Zinc 1% serum, then The Buffet, then this. In the day I only apply this on...
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  93. Pretty good tbh!


    One of the first ordinary products I ever tried. Used as last step, after my serums, this moisturiser leaves my skin hydrated but not sticky or oily. Pretty good for the price!!!
  94. Great


    This moisturiser is so classic and it works on my skin at all times. It does not break me out and really hydrates my skin. I always apply this on wet skin
  95. Perfect. A must have


    It’s fantastic! A little pea sized amount in the morning after all my serums and before spf. It keeps my face so nice and hydrated.
  96. Does the job


    I'm really happy with this product. It has a meaningful consistency - not watery or thick - and leaves my skin feeling moisturised but not greasy. It doesn't clog my pores and sits well over my serums, and sits well under my sunscreen and makeup. And its so cheap!
  97. Nice and easy


    I really like this moisturiser as its light weight but does its job. A bit creamy in texture so it can go a long way depending how much moisture you want. I use it morning and night and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and supple.
  98. Great overall moisturiser


    I like this moisturiser very much; it's fragrance free and hydrates my oily skin without making me look like an oil slick. For an extra few dollars though, you get double the size so this is only good for travelling in my opinion. I went through this tube in a week so I'd recommend going for the bigger size! Regardless, it is a fantastic moisturiser especially for the price.
  99. Great light weight moisturiser


    This was like water for my face, I really enjoyed using this especially during winter when my skin was really dry. It's also really affordable, I'm a uni student so this was a great plus for me.
  100. Great basic moisturiser - light and effective


    I have purchased this product a few times now, and was not sold on it as a moisturiser. I wasn't sure if it was hydrating as much as some of my other moisturisers, but over long term use, I keep coming back to it. This is because it is so light, and yet effective. It is a basic, yet staple moisturiser, and particularly in the morning it works well for me, given I live in an area of high humidit...
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