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The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA 100ml 100ml

4.5 of 541 reviews


4 instalments of $3.23


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4 instalments of $3.23


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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA 100ml

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA 100ml

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4.5 of 541 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Highly recommend this moisturiser for people with oily/combination skin. I've always struggled to find a good moisturiser after suffering from having cystic acne most of my life it's scary trying new moisturisers or any skin care product to be honest.
I use this at night after serums and it soaks into my skin beautifully with no oily residue at all. And for the price point you absolutely cannot go wrong!

Most Helpful Criticism

Nothing spectacular
Not good not bad. I don’t really know how to rate this product. For the price I guess it’s a good no frills face moisturiser nothing special.
  1. Good to have with other The Ordinary range

    The cream is lightweight and spreads very smoothly. This cream may not be the star player itself, but I sill value it as a useful addition to other The Ordinary range. I use it after Buffet in the morning to lock in the hydrated and bouncy skin all day. I use an oil based moisturizer at night, but when my skin feels really dry, I put on Natural Moisturizing Factors after oil based. This cream completes my skin care routine by locking in all good effects of other products applied without feeling too thick or heavy. Only need a couple of pea size for whole face so lasts for months.
  2. Fabulous!

    Highly recommend this moisturiser for people with oily/combination skin. I've always struggled to find a good moisturiser after suffering from having cystic acne most of my life it's scary trying new moisturisers or any skin care product to be honest.
    I use this at night after serums and it soaks into my skin beautifully with no oily residue at all. And for the price point you absolutely cannot go wrong!
  3. very hydrating

    This cream is quite heavy when it comes out of the tube and I thought dam this will be so thick on my face but surprisingly it spreads quite thin and dries quickly so you don't feel like your slipping on your pillow at night!
    its great value for money considering the price and it definitely helps to hydrate my skin throughout the day
  4. Fairly Thick, Highly moisturising

    This moisturiser is fantastic, I have quiet dry skin from years of swimming in chlorine. I have ad noticeable results, my skin is flaking less and makeup settles on skin a lot nicer
  5. Very good cheap moisturiser

    This is a great day moisturiser especially when my skin is extra sensitive. That being said while it is very hydrating it is not very nourishing and can easily feel a little thick on the skin if you put only a bit too much. Still I use this most days, it's perfect for a basic simple moisturiser for sensitive skin, and often at night I use it in conjunction with a richer more nourishing moisturiser as it really helps keep my skin hydrated
  6. Good value for the price

    This Moisturiser is pleasant to use as it absorbs well and leaves the skin soft and slightly hydrated. I love that it is fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin. However, it was nowhere near emollient enough for my very dry skin. If you have slightly oily to normal skin you may find it works for you.
  7. Light moisturiser and extremely nourishing

    This moisturiser is amazing. It spread a lot easier than expected and my skin just soaks it up. I never realised how dry my face was until I began using this. Since using it my skin has increase ten fold. My skin feels soft and doesn’t look as Aged either
  8. Light moisturiser and extremely nourishing

    This moisturiser is amazing. It spread a lot easier than expected and my skin just soaks it up. I never realised how dry my face was until I began using this. Since using it my skin has increase ten fold. My skin feels soft and doesn’t look as Aged either
  9. Light moisture

    I have dry sensitive skin, and this product is great. I use it in the morning after The Ordinary’s HA, for a hit of moisture that is quickly absorbed with no greasy finish. Sits nicely under my makeup too!
  10. Very thick formulation

    This is a great moisturiser. The formulation is incredibly thick (yet doesn't clog my pores!) and a little goes a long ways. I use this nightly.
  11. Nothing spectacular

    Not good not bad. I don’t really know how to rate this product. For the price I guess it’s a good no frills face moisturiser nothing special.
  12. Easy

    Easy, no frills moisturiser that works well to hold in hydration. Love the inclusion of HA.
  13. Great hydration

    Absorbs into the skin well leaving me feeling hydrated and u dont need alot either. This baby leaves a non oily residue and to top it off the price is amazing
  14. Affordable & simple

    While not my favourite moisturiser ever, this moisturiser is good for those on a budget who are looking for something simple. Because of the price & size I buy this to take with me whenever I'm going on a holiday and it suffices just fine in place of my regular.
  15. Good but not great!

    This made my skin soft and hydrated but no huge difference to texture or anything outstanding just a good basic moisturiser
  16. Great

    This product absorbs very easily into my skin and leaves my skin really soft. It is such a good quality product
  17. Great Product

    I'm so happy with this moisturiser, it is such a great price and it's such a nice product to use. It absorbs well into my skin and keeps my skin well hydrated throughout the day. I have used many products, my last cream broke my bank account and I was never really that thrilled with it, you can't really go wrong with at least trying this for the price!
  18. Great no frills moisturiser

    I used this daily and find it makes my skin feel lovely, soft and moisturised all day. It’s unscented so would work well for people with sensitive skin (though for myself I would prefer a nice natural scent!). It absorbs quickly and is a great base for makeup.
  19. Value for money

    Lightweight and comfortable for day wear. I scented which I live does. Or irritate my sensitive skin, sits well under makeup.
    Is it the best moisturiser I’ve used? Definitely not however the price is just so affordable I would likely re purchase if I was on a budget or short on cash.
  20. Perfectly simple.

    After trying every moisturiser under the sun for my oily skin - this one is the best. It’s simple but extremely hydrating, and so affordable. A must in my collection.
  21. great primer

    This cream is so hydrating for my dry sensitive skin leaving it soft and supple and doesnt interfere with my makeup! actually makes a great primer!!
  22. Best product to seal in your serums

    Love this moisturiser. I have combination skin and the ordinary products have been so great at balancing out my T zone especially. I got this moisturiser because I thought it would compliment the serums well and it does just that.
    I personally love a thick moisturiser but this is quite light and fluffy - but super hydrating. Would recommend!
  23. If you like the feel of the primer you will like this!

    Feels like the primer, not heavy at all, however, it is still very hydrating. For the price you really can’t go wrong, it works really well with their other products such as the glycolic acid toner and vitamin c serum. I sometimes layer their Marula oil on top when I’m feeling on the drier side and this works really well too.
  24. Amazing! & Super moisturizing

    I absolutely love this product! It is very lightweight and sinks into the skin perfectly, I use it morning and night daily to help keep my skin hydrated. I naturally have dry skin and I've found that this moisturizer has left my skin feeling soft and also looking dewy and youthful. It is very affordable and such a good product for the price. I definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for a good priced, silky moisturizer that they wish to use daily.
  25. great product for this price

    You get a lot in the tube for the price so definitely worth the money and only need a tiny bit of product to moisturize entire face and neck too. Leaves skin hydrated but doesn't make it oily do find it can be a bit hard to rub it and is best to pat it onto your face
  26. Excellent value for money

    This an excellent product and while I wouldn't say it's the best I've ever used, it's definitely up there, and considering the price difference absolutely the top pick. The tube is huge compared to other brands and you only need a tiny amount to cover the entire face and neck. It layers extremely well over the top of all other products (I use the vitamin c serum, the buffet and caffeine eye serum underneath, as well as the retinol every second day). I would say that even if you use twice per day as I do, it'll last a minimum of 3 months which is just crazy for the price.
    Cream feels quite heavy and solid when you squeeze it out, but goes on surprisingly light, absorbs quickly and doesn't appear oily.
    I have combination sensitive skin with my main concern being adult acne and redness & discolouration due to being extremely fair. This product definitely does not cause any sensitivities and helps keep my skin nice and soft. It's perfect to soften the effects of products like retinol and collagen which may leave the skin red and stripped of natural nutrients otherwise.
  27. Great everyday moisturiser!

    I have only been using this for a few days and absolutely loving the product! It is very hydrating and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily at all which is a bonus for me! Definitely will be purchasing again
  28. Great Price Point

    Offers good hydration, makes my skin feel smooth, as others have noted if you use too much can feel very heavy and slippery on the face
  29. A good, low cost moisturizer

    I've been using this moisturizer for a couple of months now after receiving the recommendation from someone on Adore Beauty online chat.
    I find it moisturizes deeply and leaves the skin feeling soft, however sometimes I do feel like it sits on the surface of my skin and occasionally builds up.
    I would recommend this item if you are looking for a good, low cost moisturizer. However there would be better quality ones available at a higher price.
  30. Great moisturiser simple and light

    Love this moisturiser, I have only been using it for a few days with the Hyaluronic Acid serum and my skin feels and looks amazing. Highly recommend!
  31. Its decent

    It's not the best moisturiser I've used but it's good. It honestly feels the same as their primer.
  32. Basic in the best way

    Thoughtfully formulated and as a result, non-irritating on my skin that usually rejects everything before it grudgingly accepts it. The effect on surface moisture isn't any better than other affordable moisturisers, but this is a godsend for sensitive skin and people who care about ingredients beyond the their observable effects.
  33. Affordable, hydrating moisturizer

    I love the texture of this moisturizer, and was happy find it absorbed quickly into my skin and was not gluggy. Perfect for oily skin as it does not create excess oils and instead leaves your skin smooth and silky. Amazing for it's pricepoint!
  34. Absolutely Love this!

    This is a a great little product for the price. Love the feel on my skin!
  35. Not a fan of the hydration factor

    Hmm. Not a bad moisturiser to lock in serums and certainly value for money but I didn’t enjoy the texture. Felt slippery and took quite awhile to absorb. Ended up using it on my legs post-shaving which worked well!
  36. Value for money

    This product is amazing value for money. I definitely would recommend this larger size bottle as opposed to the 30mL as I always ran out very quickly. With this 100mL bottle, I rarely have to repurchase. I have oily, acne prone skin and hate the feeling of thick products on the face. This moisturiser sinks in beautifully (unless I over apply, in which case it does tend to sit on the skin and have an almost silicone-y feel). Again, such a cheap price for a simple, reliable, get-the-job-done product.
  37. Perfect for older oily skin

    I’m 40, so I’m starting to see the signs of aging but have oily skin that had bad acne when I was young. Other moisturises often tend to sit on top my skin and sweat off. This absorbs beautifully and I can use it after my serums at night and under my makeup during the day. My skin feels hydrated and I love the size!
  38. Great, it works.

    Hi, I have combination skin, and the dry parts are very dry. I also have a tendency to break out with some moisturisers.
    This is now the only moisturiser that I use. Of course I use the Ordinary serums also. I love all the products. I But try the moisturiser, add some serums to make a complete prescription for your skin only.. You can't go wrong.
    It's non greasy and leaves your skin feeling moist and comfortable with no shine. It can be used all over ie eyes, lips, neck etc. So with or without serums I highly recommend it. And did you see the price? Amazing!
  39. Good moisturiser

    I have used this moisturiser for some time now and found it to be very effective for my combination skin.
  40. Great value

    Simple moisturiser that does a good job. Great value
  41. good value non-comedogenic moisturizier

    The texture is very light cream. I bought this as I was looking for non-comedogenic one to be applied after the ordinary serums applied on my skin. Maybe it is too light to be used in the winter but so far I am not getting any breakouts which seem to be working. Great value.
  42. Great quality

    This moisturiser has the same texture and feel of a much more expensive one. It’s excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.
  43. Great moisturiser

    I started with the smaller size and ended up buying the 100ml. A little goes a long way and it definitely lives up to what it claims. Bonus is it’s super affordable
  44. Holy Grail Moisturizer

    I first got the 30ml product and as soon as I ran out bought the 100ml. This is the best/cheapest moisturizer for my sensitive skin
  45. Don’t understand the fascination

    Honestly I gave this moisturiser so many chances but each time I’m just let down. I feel like it does not absorb into my skin, it feels like a layer that just sits on top of my face. Also I have large pores and this just made them more apparent. I thought it was only my skin that it was acting this way, since there was so many good reviews about it. However my friend who has a different skin type to me also tried this product and she agreed with my review aswell.
  46. Excellent basic moisturiser!

    This is a great no fuss moisturiser that actually provides fantastic moisture. My skin feels amazing only a few minutes after putting it on. It absorbs quickly and is therefore great in the morning before putting on make up. Love it!
  47. Great daily moisturizer

    It's such good value for money, just like the whole ordinary range, the large size was an awesome surprise. It's non greasy and is great for daily use. At night when I need an added hydration boost, I add a drop of the ordinary's Hyaluronic acid serum.
    Will absolutely be purchasing again!
  48. My favorite moisturizer

    This is by far the beat moisture I have used love it
  49. Love this!

    Great price and best moisturiser I have used in years. Soaks in, not greasy and no strong perfume
  50. Amazing, simple moisturiser!

    This moisturiser initially has a beautiful, thick consistency with no scent. It applies seamlessly and is absorbed into the skin instantly. Feels very lightweight on the skin, leaves no residue keeps me feeling hydrated all day! My new go-to moisturiser.
  51. Does the job!

    This moisturiser is so basic that its awesome. It has no scent and literally does not irritate my skin like other fancy moisturiser tend to do. I have oily skin but this moisturiser is so lightweight that it doesn't accelerate my oil production. I only use this at night to look in all my serums and have noticed a difference to my skin. It's always plump and fresh.
  52. Similar to any chemist moisturiser

    Fine basic moisturiser for a good price - similar to what you could buy at the chemist. Don't expect viable hydration or a dewy finish unless your serum are doing heavy lifting beneath. I find it can make me sweat more than usual too.
  53. Great basic moisturiser

    Love this, it’s not greasy at all, super hydrating and great under makeup. Also love that it’s not scented! Will be repurchasing.
  54. Great daily moisturizer

    This moisturizer offers great value for the price. It absorbs quickly and seems to work well without any reactions. I have combination skin that also tends to get dehydrated.
  55. Good all rounder.

    I received this in the “no brainer’ set. I’ve really enjoyed using it but have noticed that the moisture doesn’t last very long. In all honesty I prefer to use this as a primer as it DOES leave your skin feeling airbrushed. however I need longer lasting moisturiser.
  56. Nice mosituriser

    I use this moisturiser in the morning after my serums it is good for some moisture although I would prefer something that feels a little more hydrating I usually put my other day moisturiser on then this on top it is great product for a budget and I havent had an issue wearing it underneath my makeup
  57. Sensitive skin? No problems!

    I was searching for a new moisturizer that wouldn't break the bank, but didn't skimp on the good stuff, and this one ticks all the boxes.
    I usually buy this product in store at Priceline, but have been finding it hard to come across lately so I decided to buy it from Adore. Free shipping and a larger size means I will never buy it in store again!

    The product itself is amazing. I have super sensitive skin (eczema and contact dermatitis) and this does wonders for my dry patches. You only need a very small amount, so 100mls will go a long way. I use this with The Ordinary's Hyaluronic Acid, and my skin has never felt softer or smoother.

    A great quality product, that is also very affordable? 10/10 from me!
  58. Light but moisturising

    Really feels like it soaks in quick so you aren’t left with an oily residue after. My husband now uses it too!
  59. Works well on normal skin

    Good moisturiser. Perhaps not as creamy and thick as I normally like, but does seem to keep my skin soft and moisturised.
  60. The best moisturiser

    This product keeps my skin hydrated all day and has stopped my eczema from flaring up. It doesn't feel heavy and you don't have to apply a lot of product to get results which is great. This is my new favourite everyday moisturiser.
  61. Pretty good standard moisturiser

    This moisturiser is good, non-greasy, easily absorbed, doesn’t smell weird or strong, suits my oil skin with dry patches and looks good under make up. All in all a fine, affordable standard moisturiser.
  62. Excellent value

    I am in my mid 30s with combination skin. I cannot believe how effective this product is for the price. It absorbs quickly and can be layered well with other products from The Ordinary. I use it as the last step prior to The Ordinary silcone primer. Very happy it comes in 100ml size as well as 50ml for travel.
  63. A fantastic basic moisturiser

    This isn't fancy - no complicated scent, beautiful packaging, or overblown claims. But it is a fantastic moisturizer. It's affordable, leaves your skin very smooth, doesn't cause any irritation, works with any actives without reacting poorly, and sinks into the skin without making it oily. I have already repurchased!
  64. Like it

    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle!
  65. Not irritating to sensitive skin

    I have combination skin that gets dry in winter. I’ve found this moisturiser goes on well over the top of all my serums and locks in moisture. It does take a few minutes to fully absorb into the skin, but I like the light feel it leaves. Would be great on its own in summer, but definitely needs to be layered over serums in the cooler months.
  66. A great moisturiser for under makeup!

    I have normal/dry skin and i love this under my makeup, its so light you don't feel like your wearing anything but keeps the skin hydrated. Perfect for applying makeup over the top of.
  67. happy

    I really like this moisturiser, however I feel some tightness on the skin after I apply it. Also my skin is a little sensitive after using tretinoin so at times this moisturiser stings my face but only for a little while.
  68. A good cheap moisturiser

    This is an ok product. Non-sticky and gives some surface moisture to the skin. I personally didn’t like it that much for my face but like it quite well for my hands.
  69. frickin amazing

    I struggled with super dry skin for the longest time and after using this my skin is finally hydrated and no longer flakey. Also Hylauronic acid is so amazing for your skin and for this price you can't go wrong
  70. My Everyday Go To Moisturizer

    I'm sure to be on my 10th tube by now (at least). I just can't go past this product. It does exactly the job I want it to, moisturize, and doesn't confuse me or interact badly with any of my other products. I wear makeup every day and it sits nicely under whatever primers or foundations I'm using. I also love the way it feels when I put it on, it glides so smoothly, leaving me feeling soft and fresh, never oily or congested. Even my boyfriend has started putting it on daily!
  71. Awesome

    couldn't recommend this anymore! absolutely love it so much, clears my dry acne prone skin
  72. Great

    Fantastic, great skin already.
    Ordered various face products which were delivered within 48 hours.

    Started using them straight away and already my skin feels better. The toner and serum work wonders on preparing the skin and the multi vitamin moisturizer is amazing.
  73. Great moisturiser

    I use this moisturiser both morning and evenings after all my other products in my routine. I love the feel of my skin when I wake up . Leaving skin smooth and doesn't cause breakouts
  74. Another great product from The Ordinary

    I don’t tend to use this alone, I tend to mix other things into it (Vitamin C, hydrating oils etc) to make it more of a powerhouse. However, on its own it does exactly what it’s supposed to. It hydrates without clogging pores, not too light, not too rich. Great basic moisturiser for a fantastic price.
  75. Heaps of product, a bit thick.

    I've been using this product for around a month now. I have oily skin and tend to use lighter moisturizers on my face. It it quite a bit thicker than what I am used to, but I am able to make it work for me.

    It took me a few applications to get the balance right, and I was considering going back to my HydroGel, but I have now got it spot on.

    There is HEAPS of product for the money, so i think its great value. So yes, I would recommend this to a friend, but letting them know how thick the product is.
  76. ok

    I didn't love this. It's a bit too "plain" for my liking. It works ok - but there's plenty of other better moisturisers - and I prefer one with sunscreen anyway.

    I use lots of the Ordinary creams and serums, but I won't get this one again.

    Would be ok if you want a cheap, simple, non-irritating/fragranced moisturiser to throw in your bag though I guess.
  77. Perfect for sensitive skin

    I buy this for my husband to use as his daily facial moisturiser. He has sensitive skin and eczema. This product has never caused a reaction, it has no smell and is fast absorbing with no oily residue. He is on third bottle of this super affordable product.
  78. So smooth, so soft!

    I have terribly dry and sensitive skin. I go red despite all efforts to make it otherwise.
    Winter is my favourite, but the archenemy of my skin!

    This product is the best moisturiser (AND SO CHEAP) in locking moisture in my skin and preventing all the usual suspects - windburnt lips, peeling skin or dry and itchy patches that mortified me.

    Use a little and go!

    Brilliant product.
  79. Simple moisturiser and makeup primer

    I am currently on my second tube of this moisturiser and I quite like it. There’s nothing not to like! It isn’t oily and it has no scent. It is great under makeup, especially under the eye area. I use this under powder mineral makeup and it looks lovely. The consistency is quite thick but it spreads out and does not feel heavy on the face. I enjoyed using it. This is more of a morning moisturiser as I prefer a thicker one in the evening. Overall, great value for money and does the job.
  80. Lovely cream but not outstanding

    This is a lovely moisturiser but there are better ones out there. However its cheap and lasts a long time. I have high expectations from The Ordinary with so many great products but this one i would only use at night.
  81. Perfect and affordable moisturiser

    I originally bought the No Brainer Kit by The Ordinary and I was really impressed with this, moisturiser, so I just bought the large tube (this one) It's light and non-greasy and keeps my sometimes dry and sensitive skin hydrated. I've been using it in the mornings for a few months now and so far it's been great! Melbourne is about to be hit by winter so I'm hoping that it can still keep my skin deeply moisturised this time of year.
  82. Evening moisturiser, not for day wear

    I use this product as a carrier for my night serums which works really well as it has quite a thick consistency. I prefer a lighter moisturiser for day wear, so wouldn't use this personally during the day without diluting it with a serum like the 100% plant squalene from The Ordinary. My skin feels super soft in the mornings though so it's a great product for people looking for deep hydration!
  83. Good for the price but not amazing

    This product is very good value for money. I like it as a morning moisturizer but I do use a more expensive moisturizer at night. It’s a good moisturizer for its price. No complaints and I’ll continue to have it available in my bathroom.
  84. Not bad considering the price

    This product is great considering other options on the market! Consistency is quite thick which I really like to mix with my cc cream!
  85. great for price

    This product is great for its price point, a little goes a long way so the 100ml tube will last you forever. it's easy to spread across your face and soaks into your skin nicely, it's not my favorite formula just because I personally prefer gels to creams but it's great for the price.
  86. light and beneficial

    This product is not only packed full of goodness but it is a light weight formula that works perfectly with oily skin. Apply after serums for best results.
  87. Amazing for the price!

    I love this moisturiser. It's perfect for oily skin as it doesn't leave your skin greasy. It's quite a simple product, but amazing for the cheap price.
  88. lightweight and effective

    I was looking for a new moisturiser and decided to try this one. It is light and absorbs easily into the skin.
  89. My Go-To

    You honestly cannot beat this price point. It's a perfect basic moisturiser and a staple in my skin care routine. Possibly underwhelming if you only cleanse and use this but I pair with exfoliants and serums and always feel like it locks everything in place without feeling heavy or oily.
  90. A good standard moisturiser

    This is a good moisturiser for everyday use, especially during the day. I enjoy layering serums underneath it to do the "work", and then just use this to put moisture into my skin.
  91. Plumper skin

    My skin got really dull and tired looking because of swimming in a chlorinated pool twice a week. I read vitamin C can counteract the harming effects of chlorine so decided to give it a try.
    Reading the other reviews, I was a bit apprehensive, as my skin is usually really sensitive. However, stinging wasn't half as bad as I expected and my skin looked better after a single use!
    I usually apply it in the PM before bed, and my skin looks better than has in months.

    Would recommend!
  92. Does the job but nothing amazing

    I used this as a moisturiser to seal in my night cream and oil and it did the job. I didn't find it made that much of a difference though in my skin and didn't notice a change once i stopped it. Good cheap option but nothing life-changing.
  93. Really enjoy

    I got this product after seeing all the hype surrounding the ordinary and I’m so glad I did. I find it works really well as a day moisturiser as it is not greasy at all and is quite lightweight. Although I do find it is not moisturising enough as an overnight moisturiser, even for my oily skin.
  94. Great for oily skin

    This product is amazing for oily skin. Moisturisers usually leaving me feeling so greasy and they clog my pores. This moisturiser is light weight but it hydrates well and doesn't leave an oil slick. I also like that it's not heavily perfumed as I tend to get over the smell of products after a while. I just wish it had UVA protection but other than that I honestly can't fault it.
  95. One of the best moisturisers!

    I am of the belief that serums do the work, and moisturiser just locks it all in - this product does that. I have slightly oily, but also dehydrated skin and this product somehow manages to balance out the two. It's simple and fragrance free, which for me is all I need in a moisturiser.
  96. Skin actually feels visibly moisturised

    I don't use moisturiser regularly, because often I don't think it makes that much of a difference to my skin. I'm an acid and retinol girl! This product felt great on my combo skin and actually felt like it made a difference in my hydration levels, which is difficult for me to notice because I don't have dry skin. Love the light consistency that sinks in fast!
  97. Light Feel

    Gorgeous light feel on the skin, still super hydrating
  98. Loving this brand!

    Using heaps of The Ordinary products and loving them! Doing wonders for my skin and at a fantastic price! Definitely worth trying
  99. Great Hydration Leaves a Shine

    I recently purchased this for my boyfriend as it comes in a large bottle and seemed to be a nice all round moisturiser. Plus squeezy bottles are easy for guys as I found he was going through jars to quick. This product had a great texture and hydration to it, however on both of our skins it left quite a shine and tackiness to it. I didn't mind this but he did! So definitely one more for night time for the guys - I will look for something more matte for the day,
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