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The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA 100ml 100ml

4.5 of 736 reviews


4 instalments of $3.23


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4 instalments of $3.23


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The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA formula offers non-greasy hydration that acts as a direct topical supplement of impaired NMF components.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA 100ml

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA 100ml

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4.5 of 736 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this moisturiser


I have eczema, dry and sensitive skin and this moisturiser (in combination with a number of other Ordinary products) has helped to clear my skin concerns. I use this in the morning after applying the Hyaluronic Acid and it layers perfectly. My skin feels hydrated and smooth.

Most Helpful Criticism

Simple moisturiser


This moisturiser will do if you’re looking for a basic skincare routine and simple products. There’s nothing fancy or exciting about using this product but it does leave the face feeling soft, hydrated and supple.
  1. Great


    This is a really good moisturiser and it helps with my dry patches and dryness
  2. Good non greasy moisturizer


    This is a good overall moisturizer. I have acne prone oily skin and this moisturizer does not leave a greasy film and doesn't break me out. However i find that during the summer it can be a bit heavy.
  3. Love this moisturiser


    I have eczema, dry and sensitive skin and this moisturiser (in combination with a number of other Ordinary products) has helped to clear my skin concerns. I use this in the morning after applying the Hyaluronic Acid and it layers perfectly. My skin feels hydrated and smooth.
  4. Not bad....


    When I first started using this I found it nice and...well...moisturizing. Problem is my skin doesn't like moisturizers. For whatever reason they dry my skin out even when there are no drying ingredients in the product. And that's what happened with this after a few days. I wanted to like this, but I find my skin responds much better to their squalane.
  5. Simple moisturiser


    This moisturiser will do if you’re looking for a basic skincare routine and simple products. There’s nothing fancy or exciting about using this product but it does leave the face feeling soft, hydrated and supple.
  6. Pleasantly surprised!


    I wasn’t sure if this moisturiser would be for me as it’s very thick and creamy and I have oily acne prone skin. This is incredible makes my skin feel soft but doesn’t make me oily. Feels so light on.
  7. So cheap, but soooooo good!


    Wow, I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a moisturizer that didn't upset my hypersensitive rosacea skin, well this is it! What I love when more is it makes your foundation go on nice and smooth, and even controls my oily skin slightly. Love it!
  8. Great all round moisturiser


    I purchased The Ordinary NMF as I was having a shake up of my beauty routine. The price point is excellent so I had nothing to lose. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it certainly hasn’t disappointed. This is a great all round moisturiser that can be used day and night. I have slightly oily skin and it doesn’t make me greasy or oily through the day. It is also great as the final step in my night time routine when you don’t want to apply any more actives. Have already repurchased.
  9. Hydrating


    I have really enjoyed using this moisturizer in the mornings. It keeps my skin dewy and plump. It’s simple yet effective and blends really well into the skin. It leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated.
  10. Holy grail moisturiser


    I've been looking for a moisturiser that is hydrating and sinks into the skin quickly without leaving any sort of residue behind and this moisturiser does exactly that!
  11. Basic moisturiser


    I've been using this moisturiser for a few weeks now and I'm not completely sold on its benefits. It may not be the best moisturiser for my skin. I've had to use my sheet masks more often over the last few weeks to compensate. It's very affordable though
  12. Ultra hydrating


    Super hydrating and aborbs really fast. Doesnt leave my skin greasy.
  13. Easily absorbed


    Great product, especially for the price. Absorbs really quickly and easily, with no yucky residue
  14. Great affordable moisturiser


    I love this moisturiser! It is very affordable and the quality is fantastic. I use it in the morning after applying my serums and add a little bit of the facial oil I use in the morning to it. It absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn't leave a sticky feeling behind. I also find that a little bit goes a long way when I apply so definitely great value for money!
  15. Good moisturiser


    This is a good everyday moisturiser. I don't find it particularly amazing therefore have ventured out to try other products. It's definitely one that I may repurchase from time to time as the price is hard to look past! I would recommend as a plain and simple moisturiser.
  16. Really lightweight yet effective


    I love this moisturiser. It sinks into your skin straight away and doesn't leave any stickiness or oiliness. When I apply lots of serums and start to feel like my skin has a heavy layer on it, this moisturiser helps everything sink in and immediately I feel as though nothing is on my face. Highly recommend and great for the price.
  17. The Perfect Moisturiser for Dry Skin


    I have really dry skin. I use this with The Ordinary's Hylauronic Acid + B5 serum twice a day and the 2 work wonders! I have been receiving so many compliments on my skin. This is a must for me especially in winter!
  18. Not for me


    It feel quite thick when I apply on my skin, also take long time to sink in.
  19. It’s pretty good


    I have very dry skin plus eczema on my face and have tried so many different brands from supermarket and pharmacy ones to super expensive ones. This is a good moisturiser but I found that it worked best for me when used in a skincare routine that consisted of a serum (before the moisturiser) and an oil (after the moisturiser). Doesn’t work very well for my very dry skin on its own. Still happy with it especially for the price and will definitely keep using it along with other The Ordinary products I’ve got (Hyaluronic acid 2% and B Oil).
  20. Best light moisturiser


    Love this moisturiser and purchased my second bottle. It works great under makeup and absorbs quickly. Even my boyfriend uses it! When my skin is extra dry I need to add additional moisture with a face oil but this moisturiser is perfect in summer.
  21. Well priced all rounder, can't go wrong!


    This one is great as a final layer paired with about 3 TO serums I like to rotate between. I like that it does not have SPF, so I can use it over serums and pair with SFP by day and then also use it for night, with a few drops of face oil. Really versatile produce and SO well priced. Not for those looking for actives, but I recommend as a really good base to always have on hand.
  22. hydrating without shine


    A great moisturiser to lock in serums. I love how it quickly absorbs to a matte finish. Also a great base to mix in oils so they absorb nicely into skin.
  23. Perfect to Pair with Serums


    This is my favourite moisturiser I have ever tried! After cleansing and applying serums, I use this moisturiser and it blends into my skin so smoothly without leaving a thick/white residue. Definitely recommend for anyone wanting a high quality., hydrating product at an affordable price!
  24. Basic oil free moisturiser


    My skin has acne, acne scars, dryness, eczema, spots, peeling around the eyes.

    My main concern is to get rid of the acne, acne like spots or scars etc.

    This is a good basic moisturiser. Made more sense to get the 100ml tube over the 30ml tube. Very good basic moisturiser, doesn't leave an oily feel after, with that being said, there won't be much of a healthy glow because it is not oil based.
  25. Moisturiser for life!


    I'm never going to use any other moisturiser ever again! This feels light on the skin and it doesn't leave that oily, icky feeling.
  26. Great for combination skin


    This moisturiser has been great for my combination skin. Its hydrating with out feeling too oily.
  27. It grew on me


    I must admit I didn't love this moisturiser when I first started using it, but I persisted with it and found it to be very beneficial for me skin. My skin is dry and dehydrated and this moisturiser really helped improve the integrity and suppleness of my skin. It's not very heavy, but not too light either, so it's great in the summer time. It doesn't leave any greasy residue or sheen on the face and doesn't feel clogging at all. It also layers very nicely under sunscreen.
  28. Good light daily moisturizer.


    I can't really fault this product. A great and super affordable daily moisturizer. I prefer to use it in the AM as it is light and layers well with sunscreen and make up. However, in the PM I prefer to use a thicker, richer moisturizer to ensure that my skin is getting enough moisture throughout the night.
  29. Don’t use too much!!


    I love this product! It leaves my skin soft and hydrated. Just ensure you only use like a pea-size amount or it gets gross and sticky.

    10/10 recommendation from me!
  30. Simple, no frills moisuriser


    It does exactly what it says it does. It's not going to change your life, but it does moisturise well and is nice and basic. Not irritating, perfect for after you have a skin treatment like needling or microderm done. Hubby and I both reach for this one on the bathroom counter, and no complaints from either of us :)
  31. Nice product


    Really good moisturiser for people who don’t like the greasy feeling after the moisturiser
  32. Perfect value


    This is a product with simple ingredients yet effective. The best thing is that it won't clog your pores (con-comedogenic) and hydrates skin well. While using I suggest patting it gently until absorbed. The price is super reasonable, doesn't make me feel like I'm overcharged like other expensive products.
  33. I’m back for more


    I have combination skin and this is my happy place! My skin has never been happier and I’m back for more :)
  34. Small amount goes along way


    This works well once it’s absorbed. You really only need the smallest amount. Non irritating.
  35. Love it!


    It does exactly as it says! And so well priced too.
  36. Love this


    Great moisturiser, nurshished my skin and i have oily skin. Light weight
  37. Ok so far it is what it is


    A moisturiser. Nothing more nothing less. Non irritant. Not wowed, I think the ordinary has better moisturiser.
  38. You wont look back!


    Love this moisturizer, a little definitely goes a long way - its very moisturizing! not too heavy, nice and light but gets the job done! Good value for the price :)
  39. Gentle and hydrating staple!


    I love this moisturiser, I recently had micro needling done and this was super gentle and hydrating afterwards. It helped with minor peeling and kept my skin comfortable. Must order more!
  40. A little goes a long way


    Very happy with this product on my normal to dry maturing skin. I use after The Buffet and my skin feels super soft and plump. You only need a small amount to cover face and decolletage without leaving a greasy feel. Just last week, my 24 year old daughter was appalled to discover that my skin was softer than hers so I think she'll soon be migrating to the extremely well-priced The Ordinary range! A big fan.
  41. OK


    This is a good value moisturiser but i find that it doesn't rub in or absorb easily. When it finally does, it does the job.
  42. Value for money


    Great value for money as a tiny pea size amount is enough to cover my face. The product is very thick but soaks in easily and doesn't leave my skin oily or shiny. Would recommend as a reasonably priced moisturizer for normal skin
  43. Lightweight moisturizer


    Like this moisturizer for my dehydrated skin. It’s absorbs quickly and it doesn’t feel heavy. I use it after my serum, before my SPF and makeup. Great price for such a good product!
  44. Lightweight moisturizer


    Like this moisturizer for my dehydrated skin. It’s absorbs quickly and it doesn’t feel heavy. I use it after my serum, before my SPF and makeup. Great price for such a good product!
  45. Staple


    This is a staple in my routine and I’m so glad to see it in a bigger tube. A little shiny without powder during the day but does it’s job well.
  46. Oil be gone


    This is a nice lightweight moisturiser. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily. You only need a little as it goes a long way.
  47. Good


    gives a lightweight feel to the skin and doesn't make my oily skin worse. prevents excess oil and brightens complexion. really love this and very affordable
  48. amazing to clear skin


    gives a lightweight feel to the skin and doesnt texture my oily skin. prevents excess oil and brightens complexion
  49. Worth more than how much it costs!


    I’ve swapped to this moisturiser from Dermalogica’s active moist and I’m getting better results for a quarter of the price. My skin overall is much clearer and softer and I’m experiencing less breakouts. I use this after using The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% and it’s saved my self esteem.
  50. favourite moisturiser!


    this moisturiser doesn't feel heavy, i use it after my serums and it helps lock in all the goodness! its been perfect for me day and night. It is worth every penny!
  51. Thick consistency


    Has quite a thick consistency that soaks in nicely and hydrates for the whole day. A simple moisturiser that I like to add my tea tree oil to
  52. Ok for the price


    It does the job. Good for the price. But nothing flash or fancy and haven't seen amazing results. Also have had a few breakouts since using it but sometimes that can happen when changing up your skincare routine.
  53. My favourite moisturiser!


    This is honestly my favourite moisturiser, and my boyfriend's too. It's thick and really hydrating, and has helped me so much with my dry skin! I've found that it works well over the top of my hyaluronic acid. Definitely worth the money!
  54. Good basic moisturiser


    This is a good basic moisturiser that was non irritating and effective for my skin.
  55. Hydrating, a little goes a long way!


    I thought I would run out quickly because of the small bottle however, you only need a pea sized amount to spread over your face. I find the best way is to dot it on your face and gently rub into the skin. It is super hydrating and cooling!
  56. Love it


    Normally over winter my skin goes so dry. But this was the first time in my adult life I survived winter. Pairing this with the buffet saved my skin.
  57. Affordable moisturizer


    Whether you're new to skincare or a teenager forming their skincare routine I fully recommend this moisturiser. It's a simple, no-frill hydrating moisturiser. The product is affordable and hydrating which is a great basic for any routine. Worth well on top of other products and under makeup. Great for all skin types!
  58. Great Moisturizer!

    Amy Lou

    This moisturizer pairs really well with The Ordinary Buffet and I use it morning and night, it sits well under my foundation and my skin never feels tight or dry. Because its so reasonably priced I don't feel that I need to use it sparingly. This will be a staple from now on in my skincare regime
  59. thick and hydrating


    This is my go to moisturiser! It is really thick and a little bit goes a long way. For the price it is fabulous - 100ml last me over 3 months, using it twice a day! The only downside is that is doesn't apply that well over serums that arent absorbed so I find I have to wait 1min or 2 to apply it so it absorbs well - Otherwise it can feel heavy. But it is so hydrating!
  60. Fantastic product !


    Lightweight and absorbs well. My skin is loving it .
  61. Great daily moisturiser


    This product has the right balance of hydration and absorption. I have always found it really hard to get it right with moisturisers. I also found I wasn't entirely sure of this product until I was towards the end of my first 30ml tube, then I noticed it was applying and absorbing amazingly and giving me all day hydration without any shine or stickiness. I have mature skin, and this product is excellent, I will absolutely continue to use it.
  62. Absorbs easily and works amazing


    I've been using this during the day. It looks thick but is easily absorbed and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky. Doesn't clog my pores and my skin feels a lot smoother now. Would definitely buy this again
  63. Perfect!


    I have combination skin (with an oily T-zone and dry cheeks) and I love this moisturiser! It soaks in rapidly, and doesn't leave a thick oily sheen like some do, but is also moisturising and replenishes my dry skin. It's rare to find a moisturiser that manages to hydrate my dry areas, without exacerbating my oiliness, but this does it! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for an everyday cream, as well as those wanting a moisturiser that they can mix other boosters with.
  64. Super versatile and hydrating.


    The ordinary never disappoints, this is a great moisturiser for all ages! It has no smell which i love and never leaves my skin greasy. I use this by itself and also after chemically exfoliating. I wont be buying any other.
  65. Must have!


    I use this product in the morning and at night. My skin is loving it and it is doing wonders.
  66. Great


    This is a very moisturising cream and I love that it has great ingredients and no fragrance.
  67. the ordinary


    cheap and simple product. Similar to other drugstore moisturisers. Love that it hydrates all day with the HA
  68. Value for money can't be beat


    Wow. Like seriously, this is the best moisturiser you can buy at this price, and one I keep coming back do. Definitely buy the bigger bottle, as it's almost fluffy consistency means you go through it quicker than a gel/creme.
  69. Great value

    Kelly M

    This product is really great value! Feels nice and absorbent on the skin, will buy again
  70. The Ordinary


    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started using this but I have been quietly surprised! It ticks all the boxes for me....no smell, affordable and a little goes a long way!! Also you get a lot of product for a small price. It mixes well with the face oils and also with the L Ascorbic powder. I will definitely be re purchasing.
  71. Great value for money


    Great moisturiser that is perfect for after applying serums. It is unscented and doesn’t feel heavy. I apply sunscreen and primer after moisturiser and it works well.
  72. So good


    When I first started using I wasnt really a fan, it didnt rub in to well. But the more I used it, the more I loved it. It is a tad oily, but works great for my dry skin
  73. Has to be the most well priced moisturiser out there


    This moisturiser does what it says it will do. I've been using it for over a month, and it is such a nice last step to my Ordinary routine. I have combination skin with an incredibly oily T-zone, and this moisturiser seems to balance my oil production. I wake up in the morning to a relatively matte face, without the sheen that a lot of other moisturisers leave behind. I also cannot believe the price point. It simply is the best value for money product!
  74. Good basic moisturizer


    Perfect moisturizer if you have other active ingredients in your skin care routine. A little bit goes a long way so it is great value. Also perfect for mixing in other serums to make it easier to apply and get that extra hydration. Can't go wrong for the price.
  75. odd texture but great results


    My initial reaction to the consistency of the cream was confusion but that is the only “fault” of this product. The inclusion of hyaluronic acid leaves the skin supple and glowing. It’s a great every day moisturiser that is amazing for the price point.
  76. Great


    I am actually so happy with this moisterizer. I have adult acne and I am cautious about using any products on my skin. But with this my face feels super soft and so far it hasnt made my face feel oily. I am enjoying this moisterizer and I will definetly buy again
  77. Yes for the price ...


    Not easy to apply over the serum I am using because the cream is too thick. It did not suit my combination skin and my face looked oily shiny after application so I ended up using it for my neck only and it was okay. I continued using it until I finished the whole bottle.
  78. Light not greasy


    I have oily skin, so i have been looking for a moisturiser that doesn't clog pores or creates breakouts and this is that one. It's light but still heavy on hydration. Highly recommend for oily skin!
  79. Ok cream


    I tried this cream for 3 weeks now. It feel quite thick and hard to apply on skin though. Feel a bit heavy for me
  80. Perfect basic moisturiser


    Great value for a non-irritant basic moisturiser. Small amount in your hands and rub together then apply to your face to avoid any white residue. Very happy with this product.
  81. Locks in the skin goodies


    This is my last step to lock in moisture and all the other serums I use. Skin feels plump and soft.
  82. Doesn’t Clog Pores!


    I use this along side a few of the ordinary serums and retinol. I have oily/blemish prone skin that is sensitive to certain ingredients such as silicones, parabens, shea/cocoa butter to name a few. This leaves my skin moist but not shiny or oily and it doesn’t causes breakouts! In summer I find it makes my skin feel wet for 15 minutes or so as it draws moisture out of the air onto my skin, but this subsides and my skin is left soft and dewy. It is extremely well priced aswell and I occasionally use it on my arms aswell with great results.
  83. Good for price


    It's not the best moisturiser on the market, but it's a great quality for it's price. I think this product would be good for people who are starting to get into using face products.
  84. Love this mousturiser


    I have combination skin which is prone to breakouts. Since using this moisturiser twice a day, no breakouts, soft skin and no dry patches. Huge tube which lasted ages. Highly recommend
  85. Base moisturiser


    Great base if you need to mix in syrems. No smell and great texture. It’s finally a cream my husband doesn’t mind using!
  86. Onto my second tube


    I've just purchased my second tube of this moisturiser. I find it soaks into the skin so you feel like it's really providing you with good hydration. It's light enough to wear under make up. The larger tube lasts a long time as I feel a little goes a long way with this one.
  87. Very Happy


    I am very happy with this moisturiser. I have been using this moisturiser for two weeks and my skin never feels dry.

    I have oily-combination skin and do not notice any shiny-ness on my skin at any time during the day. However, my skin does have a dewy look.

    I have only used more expensive moisturisers before. However I am just as happy with this.
  88. Basic


    This is a very basic moisturiser that gets the job done but that’s about it. I don’t think there’s anything special about it and it’s not moisturising enough for my combination skin in winter. It doesn’t break me out but doesn’t really provide any noticeable benefits. I don’t think I’ll repurchase.
  89. The best and cheapest moisturising product I've ever used


    This is super hydrating and has the potential to be even bigger. If this was in a bigger bottle, I would buy in bulk! I absolutely love this product and will continue to repurchase when needed for myself and my brother that has cystic acne as he loves it too and doesn't react with his skin.
  90. Great gentle moisturiser


    I've gone through multiple tubes of this and just bought another for my boyfriend. It does exactly what it claims to do, doesn't irritate my temperamental skin at all and layers beautifully under makeup and SPF. I've tried a lot of moisturisers at all different price points and this one is by far the best value, and just as effective as a lot of more expensive moisturisers,
  91. Good moisturiser but a little heavy


    I've been looking for a facial moisturiser for a while, but I've found most cause my skin to breakout really bad. This isn't the case with The Ordinary! I've very acne-prone skin (despite being in my early 30s), and so much causes me to breakout like a teenager. Thankfully, this moisturiser isn't the case.

    Although it is a little heavy on the skin, it isn't greasy at all. I've also found reducing the amount I use has helped with the heaviness. It's soothing and soft to touch, and just a small dab is spread across the skin.

    Great product :)
  92. Great cheap moisturiser


    I use as a day moisturiser. It makes my skin matte, it is non-greasy and lightweight. It is easily absorbed into the skin as well. I like to use it under my foundation as a primer. It has no alcohol or fragrance which is good as well.
  93. Really hydrating


    I have been unable to use any other moisturiser than this, I've bought at least 5 since i started to use it. It helps with my dry skin and I've noticed less dry patches (except for really bad skin days). I use it in conjunction with the HA and it has definitely helped to hydrate my skin
  94. 3rd re-purchase!


    I cannot believe i only just discovered this larger size. I would highly recommend this you are looking for a basic every day moisturizer. It works well underneath make up and is so affordable. I would probably use something a little more hydrating at night time.
  95. Affordable and great!


    This moisturiser has been my staple for a few months now. I thoroughly enjoy the feel of it and my skin feels lovely and soft. Not to mention the price is so affordable!
  96. Basic moisturiser


    To start, I really enjoy trialling The Ordinary products, they are uncompromisingly affordable and a great way to introduce basic skincare for newbies as well as diving into active ingredients for those beauty savvy lovers.
    I have combination and dehydrated skin that is also acne prone. So the following experience is based on my skin condition.
    I found the product to be just enough to create a good moisturised barrier for my skin during the warmer months, it has lots of hydrating ingredients that work as a humectant and emollient moisturiser which I prefer. In saying so, I found I needed to add few more drops of my facial oil or hydrating serum with the moisturiser on top to seal it off during the cooler months. Overall, it didn't made my skin breakout more or disrupt my skin barrier but I would say that it would make a great summer moisturiser and for those with no skin issues or concerns. Personally, I would give this one a pass.
  97. Sinks in fast, but not ideal for dry skin


    This moisturiser definitely feels nice when you first put it on and sinks in quickly but as I have dry skin it wasn't as rich as I like my moisturisers. My skin felt a bit tight a few minutes after applying it. Probably better for normal skin.
  98. Sinks in fast, but not ideal for dry skin


    This moisturiser definitely feels nice when you first put it on and sinks in quickly but as I have dry skin it wasn't as rich as I like my moisturisers. My skin felt a bit tight a few minutes after applying it. Probably better for normal skin.
  99. Creamy, feels good and cheap price


    I like this moisturiser as just an everyday one. It seems to hydrate well and dries nicely and doesn’t feel oily. If you have really dry skin I would add a moisturising serum as well.
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