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The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA 100ml 100ml

4.5 of 429 reviews


$3.23 x 4

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$3.23 x 4

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA 100ml

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA 100ml

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4.5 of 429 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

This is a great moisturiser as you only need a little as it goes along way.
Very affordable at this low price.

Most Helpful Criticism

Average, does the job
For me, this moisturiser is an average product I would just use if I had nothing else lying around. The price point is very attractive and is what caught my eye although I think it is the consistency and texture that I am not a fan of. It also wasn't too moisturising for my dry skin in winter.

Does the job but wouldn't purchase again

    This is a great moisturiser as you only need a little as it goes along way.
    Very affordable at this low price.
  2. Skin saver on long haul

    I had 36 hours of flying/travel ahead and looked into moisturisers to save my skin. I’m a long time user of The Ordinary, and decided to give this product a whirl as it ticked all the boxes for my needs - with the extra added advantage of being less than 1/2 the price of products recommended by flight crews.
    This moisturiser absorbed quickly into my skin, left it feeling moisturised without any greasy after feel, and I arrived at my destination with healthy and dewy looking skin - not an easy feat for someone in her 50’s who’d just completed 36 hours of travel.
  3. Average, does the job

    For me, this moisturiser is an average product I would just use if I had nothing else lying around. The price point is very attractive and is what caught my eye although I think it is the consistency and texture that I am not a fan of. It also wasn't too moisturising for my dry skin in winter.

    Does the job but wouldn't purchase again
  4. Absorbs fast

    Light moisturiser that works all day and absorbs easily, just perfectly
  5. Lovely silky moisturizer

    I love this moisturizer, its silky smooth, and absorbs nicely. It doesn't leave me shiny if i wear it alone.
  6. Good basic moisturiser

    This moisturiser has no fragrance, does not clog pores and is very reasonably priced. However, it sits on top of the skin, takes a bit of effort to work it in and leaves a bit of a tacky feel once dried. Does not make skin glow.
  7. Lovely moisturiser

    Having mid age menopausal skin I found this moisturiser to be really light and lovely. It absorbs well and definitely improves the look of my skin.
  8. Not Bad, Not Great Either

    I've used quite a few products by The Ordinary and loved them all so I was surprised not to really like this one. I just seemed like an average moisturiser and did nothing special for me. I'll finish the tube but probably wouldn't repurchase.
  9. Cost-effective and effective

    This product moisturises well, especially for my eczema-prone face. It does not leave the skin feeling oily or sticky which is great! My one (minor) dislike is that the container can be a little tough to squeeze, thus requiring a bit of extra force to squeeze the cream out.
  10. Basic moisturiser with potential.

    I'm a little 'on the fence' with this moisturiser. I'm 35 years old with a history of cystic acne and roaccutane use. For the last few years, my face has started to dry out, particularly across my cheeks. This of course gets worse during winter.
    My mother introduced me to The Ordinary products and I thought I'd give this moisturiser a go. When I first received it, I was impressed with the size of the product with relation to the price.
    I found the texture to be a little strange. Slightly lumpy. The effect on my skin is nice and temporarily moisturising and silky. I find it is best to apply it alone, otherwise the moisturiser tends to 'emulsify' with other products and you end up with a white paste on your face that will take a long time for your skin to absorb.
    If, in the end, I decide that I don't like this as a facial moisturiser after all, I will use it as a hand cream.
  11. Great

    For the price you cannot go wrong! Its amazing on the skin.
  12. Good base product

    Always use this under makeup, it such a nice base, hydrates my skin and doesn't have a scent, its a thick moisturiser so i feel that really locks in the moisture.
  13. Makes my skin so soft

    My favourite moisturiser I’ve used. This moisturiser makes my skin feel hydrated and super soft with out getting oily. I usually have trouble because I have combination skin so it’s dry in some areas yet in other areas it’s oily but this product evens out my skin which makes it perfect for no make up or under make up. Plus the price is fantastic!!!
  14. So goood

    This is amazing for the price. Doesn't feel thick or oily and soaks in fast. I use it on my 4yo daughter when she gets dry skin and by boyfriend always uses it when he gets chafed at work, so gentle it won't hurt broken skin!
  15. Healthier skin!

    I have oily and very acne prone skin with easily congested pores. Ive been using this for less than a week and my skin already looks healthier and less prone to acne and my skin barrier seems to be stronger! My face has cleared up quite a bit asides from a few pimples and my usual acne scars. I use this morning and night! Would definitely recommend!
  16. A very good basic moisturise

    A very good basic moisturiser. You only need a little to work the whole face. It has no scent and absorbs very quickly.
  17. Love this product

    So far I am loving this product - I have been using it for about 2 weeks
    I previously used skinstitut however the size of the bottle vs the price forced me to look elsewhere. I am very particular about my skincare and given the price, this product is really fantastic. It’s hydrating without being greasey or oily. I have been using it with the 2% B + HA gel and it’s giving fantastic results. No dry spots or break outs.
    Very happy!
  18. Anything but ordinary

    I’ve just started using The Ordinary products and I feel like I’ve discovered a very affordable fountain of youth! My skin feels amazing after using this moisturiser and it’s such great value for money.
  19. Good results

    It is not long since I started using it and I really like the touch of my skin, it is very soft and I feel better every day.
  20. A great winter skin cream

    My skin dries out in winter and it has started happening already this Autumn. This cream is very creamy but not heavy on the skin and it is absorbed very quickly.
    It is so light that I can put my sun cream on over the top and it does not feel greasy.
    A little goes a long way too. Would definitely recommend.
  21. Good for the price

    Overall a good basic moisturiser. It has no scent and feels light with good hydration. I’ve got sensitive skin and have had no issues. I wouldn’t say I love it, but for the price it’s a good staple to have.
  22. The nicest moisturiser

    This has to be my favourite moisturiser ever. You only need to smallest amount and works brilliantly for my oily acne probe skin. Sinks in and perfect under makeup.
  23. worth it!

    a very good moisturer
    My skin type is between normal and oily. This product is a little bit thick, but it works very well on me. And the price is also very nice :)
    Recommend it!
  24. Moisturiser that doesn't leave the skin oily

    I like this moisturiser it's affordable with good ingredients and it doesn't leave my skin feeling wet or oily which I really appreciate
  25. A Good moisturiser

    This is a good moisturiser, it's as good as my $100 one. A little goes a long way. I have sensitive skin and get blemishes and rashes easily but no problems with this one and it's been over a week. Definitely worth purchasing.
  26. Good for dry skin

    Easy to use and so cheap too! The no frills packaging is great and the formula really hydrates dry skin
  27. Goes on Great

    Great moisturiser to use under make up and leaves my skin feeling fresh and not heavy
  28. Great value moisturiser

    Great for my oily acne prone skin. It's non comodegenic so doesn't clog my pores. Absorbs really well I use it morning and evening. My skin feels soft throughout the day. Great value bottle as well will last a long time a little goes a long way. My new to to moisturiser. Love it!!
  29. Moisturising but not oily

    Sinks into skin quickly and doesn’t sit on top or feel oily, I can use this under foundation without product “slipping”. Though it isn’t oily, it’s still hydrating
  30. Great value and feel

    I love this moisturiser! It’s so light and airy and feels great on my combination skin. Great price in comparison to some of the more pricey creams and compares just the same.
  31. Best moisturiser i’ve used

    I have oily acne prone skin and i love this moisturiser! Especially for the price point it is the perfect combo of moisture and holding back oil without clogging pores.
  32. Lumpy and not enough moisture

    This product doesn't provide enough moisture for my combination skin and leaves lumps all over. The lumps are there when used with The Ordinary serums and on it's own. Unfortunately this did not work for me.
  33. light and hydrating on skin

    this is very light and cooling on the skin. whenever i use it my skins refreshed and hydrated and i have been getting compliments on my skin since i started using this
  34. Price is on point

    The ordinary products are far from “ordinary” I used this moisturiser for quite some time after using a similar but much more expensive brand and tbh there was little difference in the two. I now choose the ordinary for the majority of my beauty products. I have combination skin and found this moisturiser to be my perfect match. Helped heal any dry spots but also didn’t make my oily t zone break out. I love this moisturiser and recommend it to all my friends! Go on and try it! It won’t disappoint!
  35. Huge Bang for Buck

    After previously spending a fortune on moisturisers, I was so excited to try this one after being recommended by a friend and I wasn't disappointed., I have chopped and changed my products over the years but now in my forties feel I have finally found one that delivers what it says it will without the huge price tag. I absolutely love this fuss-free moisturiser that keeps my skin hydrated all day and nourishes it at night.
  36. Longlasting hydration

    I use this after The Ordinary Hyaluronic serum and I find it really compliments my moisturiser routine. I love that it has no scent. It makes my skin feel soft and hydrated.
  37. Excellent

    Leaves face feeling great!
  38. Excellent moisturiser

    This is a fabulous, basic moisturizer that does not irritate my sensitive skin, and I use every day to 'carry' retinol and vitamin C products so they're less likely to cause stinging etc. At this quality and price point, it doesn't get any better.
  39. Great moisturiser

    I bought a suite of The Ordinary products recently and this was one of the products. I had been looking for a nice moisturiser and wanted to try something new. Since using it with my other products my skin is looking a lot glowier and hydrated. It goes on smoothly as well, and you can wear it under makeup no stress. Price is great too!
  40. My all-year round moisturiser!

    This is my favourite moisturiser! I am skin care obssessed and have tried pretty much all lines of high end skin care brands, but this one is by far the best. I have oily/combo skin and it does not make me break out and the bottle lasts a long time! A Little bit goes a long way! This skin care range is amazing. I recommend it to all my friends!
  41. Awesome Moisturiser

    This is a great facial moisturiser, light, non greasy but fantastic at re-hydrating skin offering plumping benefits and not cloggin pores.
    Doesn't make oily skin oilier and doesn't irritate sensitive rosacea prone skin...
    Great for mixing with serums, it melts right in with them & absorbs into skin so easily.
    The Ordinary is just a fantastic, affordable range for anyone wanting to improve their skin....I just love it!
  42. Dissapointed

    My skin was left parched, dry and aggravated after trialling this product. I thought that I may have overdone it with serums, so tried using this cream on its own, only to continue to experience ongoing issues. I wouldn't recommend for sensitive or dry skin.
  43. works well

    I have combination skin, tending to be more dry, but can get breakouts from time to time, particularly from heavy moisturisers. I've found this moisturiser to be just right for my skin, light but also provides enough moisture to use as my night time moisturiser. Great value and a little bit goes a long way.
  44. great product

    as good as more expensive products,hydrates well and not greasy
  45. Perfect

    Good coverage and non greasy and having an affordable 100ml moisturizer is always great, no worries of running out soon.
  46. Not as good for oily skin

    I received this moisturiser in the beginners pack and used it with Niacinamide. However, I have really oily and porous skin and this moisturiser didn't help my case at all. It is a little too thick for me, and left my skin looking shiny. I went back to my regular moisturiser and gave this one to a friend. It would be more suited for someone with dryer skin.
  47. Simple and works

    This is a great simple product that is cheap and works.
  48. Works wonders

    This seems to be working for me. It does tingle my face but I see my skin has improved when using it.
  49. Excellent, especially for sensitive skin

    I LOVE this moisturiser. I have roseca and eczema on my cheeks which constantly need hydration. After cleansing I pop their Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 on, followed by Buffet, then lather this moisturiser on and my face feels so smooth and not itchy at all!
  50. Pretty good

    Good for a cheap moisturiser- bought it for my partner and he loves it! He has oily skin and it doesn’t make it oilier.
  51. Best Moisturiser Ever

    I have used ALOT of moisturisers with different prices and from great labels.

    the best thing I like about it; it doesn't make my skin sweaty after use; sits into my skin very fast and light weight.thats what I always expected from a moisturiser and my previous ones never gave me this.
  52. Great

    Great all rounder goes nice under makeup and a great night moisturiser, skin feels softer and more radiant after using , on 3rd tube n loving it
  53. Average

    There's nothing wrong with this moisturiser but I just didn't find it to be what I wanted. It's too oily for under make up during the day and I don't find it nourishing enough at night time. Still, I'm happily using up the tube until it is finished - I just won't repurchase it.
  54. Nice and light

    Nice light moisturiser that glides on smoothly. This is my everyday go to.
  55. Incredible value for money

    Lovely consistency, and super-hydrating for my relentlessly dry skin. Can't beat the value for money!
  56. Great everyday moisturiser

    An excellent everyday moisturiser at an affordable price. I have re-purchased this multiple times for my husband - it is the only moisturiser he will use. It is perfect for his combination skin. Highly recommend.
  57. Great value

    I quite like this moisturiser. It’s light and has a great texture and the smell isn’t overpowering. I have quite dry skin and didn’t find it as hydrating as I’d hoped, but I’m hoping with prolonged use it will improve the overall hydration of my skin. It’s great for a daytime moisturiser and is fantastic value for money.
  58. The best moisturiser

    I just changed after 10yrs of using another brand, with sensitive skin. I have had no issues at all with this ordinary moisturiser. If fits well with the other products in the ordinary range I use.

    So glad to have made the switch!
  59. Use in conjunction with other The Ordinary products

    To get the most effect out of the Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA from The Ordinary, customise your own skincare routine from their water based solutions, after water range and oils before layering on this moisturiser. The Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA, on its own, does not do much, it sits very comfortably on top of two, three or four differing ingredients. If you create a cocktail from The Ordinary tailored to your needs and wants, this moisturiser is perfect to complete that regime. Otherwise, one may find this moisturiser too simple and basic.
  60. Cheap & Effective !

    Great size for the price! Perfect everyday moisturiser that doesn't cost a fortune but still works a treat. I'm prone to getting oily after a long day and feel this doesn't make me too shiny. Perfect for a day to day moisturiser to have in your kit.
  61. Would use again!

    I definitely love this moisturiser, and I'm delighted they now have a larger tube. I've gone through several of these as well as a lot of the 30ml tubes. You don't need a large amount for the face and neck, but being thick as it is, it takes a bit to sink in. My skin, not only being oily, is very sensitive, and usually lets me know in a matter of hours if it hates what I'm using. This doesn't break me out, and my skin actually remains well balanced while I use this. It's pretty likely I'll repurchase this in the future, because it really is an excellent moisturiser at a really good price.
  62. A nice daily moisturiser with the bonus of HA

    This is a great morning moisturiser, it’s a large bottle for a great price that’s comfortable on the skin. I have combo skin and have found it hasn’t made me overly shiny when worn under makeup. The added HA is fantastic especially now going into winter.
  63. Not oily, makes my skin happy.

    I use this with the Niacinamide in the AM and the Lactic Acid in the evening and it is a nice finishing touch to my skincare routine. It is great under makeup and doesn't make me look oily by the end of the day. I use it on areas that feels tight and dry on my face mainly and it is perfect!
  64. Great Moisturiser

    Being male I have tried moisturising in the past with terrible results. This product is great. It absorbs quickly into my skin. It doesn’t leave my skin oily.
  65. Affordable beauty

    Love that “The Ordinary” is a brand that’s affordable but doesn’t compromise of quality.

    I especially love this moisturiser. As a Rosacea suffer, I find it extremely difficult to find products that don’t irritate my skin.

    When I first tried this moisturiser, I was extremely disappointed as my Rosacea broke out really badly but I gave it another chance and within a few days my skin got used to it and I don’t break out at all. I use it morning and night after “The Ordinary” Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum and it has done wonders for my overly dry skin. My skin is looking better than ever.

    Love that it’s a light creamy formula that’s light on my skin and doesn’t leave my skin feeling clogged or oily.

    Will repurchase.
  66. Great Every Day Moisturiser

    I really like this. It's light and smooths over serums easy. I have dry, dehydrated skin so this isn't enough on it's own, but over the top of the Ordinary serums I use it's perfect!
  67. The perfect day and night moisturiser

    I was recommended this moisturiser by a few people so it had big expectations to live up to. I was very sceptical because of how cheap it is...but I can confirm, it is amazing. I use this both morning and night and it’s so nice and lightweight but super moisturising at the same time. It doesn’t feel heavy on my face and I love that it doesn’t have a scent. A little goes a long way so this tube is going to last me a lonnnnggg time. If you’re on the fence about giving this a go, I would say just go for it, especially because it’s so damn cheap, you’ve got nothing to lose!
  68. Absorbs well with maximum hydration

    This moisturiser was not quite what I was expecting in terms of its consistency but it doesn’t disappoint! It squeezes out of the tube like a thick body cream but when you rub it together in your hands or straight onto your face is smooths out and absorbs instantly. Because it absorbs so quickly it feels different to other moisturisers I’ve used but geez it works! It plumps up skin and sits perfectly under Primers or Foundation. I love it after the Buffet serum and Rosehip Oil. I have dehydrated ageing skin and this just works! Also, the price! Love!
  69. Not for me

    I like a lot of products from the ordinary - but not this. My skin felt ‘sweaty’ with it on, and my skin became more dehydrated with continued use (I don’t know how or why - maybe because my skin prefers oils?). I have tried it a couple of times on and off over a year, but after the third go gave up.
  70. Definitely recommend this moisturiser

    I have dry/dehydrated skin. I just started using this moisturiser with TO's HA serum, morning and night and my skin is left soft and feeling hydrated and not greasy at all. It is good value for money too.
  71. Great light moisturizer

    I have sensitive pimple prone skin and this moisturizer is great! It doesn’t irritate my skin or clog pores. Highly recommend as a great budget moisturizer
  72. Not hydrating or moisturising

    Skin type: Combination skin ; Age:25-30 ; Non-smoker

    I was really excited to try this since it had good reviews. However, I was really disappointed with the result from this moisturiser as my skin didn't feel moisturised at all. The product is thick, neutral smelling, feels really heavy on your skin and dries to be non-greasy. Even after using a gentle cleanser, applying a moisturising serum (from the ordinary as well) prior to this moisturiser, my skin felt flaky, dry and tight. I would not recommend this for anyone with dry to combo skin. I can't speak on behalf of those with oily skin. I guess its back to my aspect phytostat!

  73. Great product

    I really like this. It's light and smooths over serums easy. I have dry, dehydrated skin so this isn't enough on it's own, but over the top of the Ordinary serums I use it's perfect!
  74. Great affordable every day moisturiser.

    I really like this product. As an every day moisturiser, it sits well under makeup and feels nice on the skin.

    No heavy smells etc.

    In winter I do find I need something heavier at night, otherwise i mix with an oil.

    It is great value and I find the light packaging is great for travel - I hate when a moisturiser is in glass and weighs down my makeup bag.
  75. Great to use at end of routine

    I find some of the ordinary products are a bit sticky on the skin , they are great products but some are sticky... this helps to seal it all in and reduce stickiness.. it can feel a bit greasy at first but not sticky. Let other products sit for a few minutes first though unless you like a baubles feeling on your face, this seems to absorb quite quickly anyway. I like this product I actually use it over the top of my buffet +copper ( as it feels a bit sticky). Would recommend. Also recommend getting the larger size of this vs the smaller one. Also worth a mention I have very sensitive skin but found no reaction to this . In fact I haven't reacted to any of the ordinary products... so far.
  76. Lovely

    Moisturises without being heavy on a humid day. Great value
  77. Good simple, no fuss moisturiser

    I like this moisturiser because it is very basic ingredients with hyaluronic acid which is recommended in the skincare community, and basic doesn't been ineffective. I find it very moisturising. It absorbs into skin well, leaving it non oily/greasy to the touch. I feel like I can trust it because it has basic ingredients that won't irritate the skin.
  78. Good moisturiser

    Has a lovely texture, no fragrance, seems to absorb well. Very good value!
  79. Fantastic night time moisturizer

    I love this moisturizer!! With oily skin, I hate heavy products. This works great at night and is quickly absorbed into my skin. I use it as my final step of my night routine and sometimes on its own if my skin feels dry. I wake up with soft skin and no oily residue. Would definitely recommend for people with similar skin types!
  80. Creamy

    I use this product after all serums ect at night. I find it pleasant to apply, doesn’t leave an oily residue.
  81. No fuss moisturiser

    A great no-fuss moisturizer that can be used AM or PM. Would repurchase!
  82. Hydrating, no frills, great finish.

    This moisturiser is great value! It's not super moisturising or rich, so maybe not suitable for very dry skin. I use it during the day with an oil underneath and it works really well. The Hyaluronic Acid has made a noticeable difference to my skin, and my favourite part about it is the finish - it's velvety smooth and non-greasy without being too matte. Which is such a struggle to find in most moisturisers! It's a no frills product but for the price you can't go wrong :)
  83. Great under makeup, but not enough for my skin

    I have dry, sometimes flaky skin so I need a moisturiser that will deliver as much hydration as possible. Although this is a good product it’s definitely not enough alone for dry skin. In saying that I find by mixing it in with an oil like the borage oil it takes it up a notch. I’m happy to use it in the AM, but still need something heavier at night.
    It’s also a Matt finish so is perfect under makeup.
  84. Perfect for my skin

    I have fairly normal skin and I find this product perfect. It’s not to greasy and not too light or heavy. At first I was worried I would run out within a week or two but a little goes a long way! I noticed my face was hydrated and looked brighter. Would definitely buy again
  85. Goes so well with other TO products

    I’ve started using this just a week ago, thought why not try it since all my serums and toner are from this brand. I’m really impressed! The texture is thick but melts onto skin beautifully, since it’s thicker than other moisturiser, I feel that it holds everything together and not slide off my face (all that beautiful serums, makeup). I’ve noticed the effectiveness of my serums are way better since using this. I love that it’s so simple with straight forward ingredients, no bs. I used to spend $96 on a moisturiser... now I can buy 5-6 TO products with that price! What’s not to love! And the best part, they’re freakin amazing!
  86. Love it

    Great product. My skin is left hydrated, works great with other products and make up. It is a must have cor me. I recommend. Great price.
  87. Great moisturiser - nothing special though

    This is a great basic moisturizer for night time, however it's just that - a basic moisturizer. It's nothing special but it does the job, the price is incredible and the size is just as good! I've read some people find this heavy, however I don't have relatively dry skin (I have more of combo skin) and I do not find this heavy at all. In fact sometimes I feel I need to add a extra layer as I feel it's not moisturizing enough! You can't go wrong with this moisturizer, purchase this over the smaller version by the way, it's better value for money!
  88. Silky soft skin

    This is the only moisturiser I've ever used that makes my skin feel soft, smooth and NOT sticky! Just be sure you wait a few minutes to apply foundation to avoid any pilling!
  89. Really good!

    This is a great and affordable option for an everyday moisturiser. It's not too heavy and works well over many products. Completely non-irritating which is essential for me.
  90. Perfect

    I got refered to this brand from a much older friend and I feel like an idiot that I've used any other skincare brand- its so simple and effective. I'm not one to justify spending $50 on a moisturiser because I cant afford it. This is amazing, my skins so soft- I have dry skin and dont like putting a lot of my face so this was perfect :)
  91. Nice moisturiser

    I have dry skin. I am looking for products that are moisturising and anti-ageing.
    This moisturiser is nice as it is fairly lightweight and doesn't clog my pores but it also moisturises my dry skin. I use it as the last step in a Korean style skincare routine so the serums I use also moisturise my skin and I don't need a heavy moisturiser at the end and The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors is perfect.
  92. Great for overnight, too heavy for daytime wear

    I have fairly normal skin that can get a little oily across my T zone by afternoon. I also get the occasional break out around my jawline/chin area.

    My main concern is that my skin looks dull and uneven, I want to be able to go makeup free and not have people comment that I look tired or sick.. grrr!

    This product was a little heavy for me. I was applying as part of my morning routine but found it made my skin look oily very quickly. I've since added it to my night routine and I'm finding that works much better, when I wake up my skin is soft and plump. A little goes a long way!
  93. Just a great moisturiser!

    I wasn't sure what to expect from this as the brand is so hyped up,but being so cheap could it really be that good? Well wasn't I pleasantly surprised when I got this in the mail. It has nice packaging,a pleasant subtle scent and sunk in quickly so no oil feeling for hours on end. I used it at night and my skin felt gorgeous the next morning! Am almost finished my first bottle and will definitely be buying again
  94. Amazing value

    So the formulation of this moisturiser is not the most sophisticated out there-it’s a little thick-but you really can’t fault the price for 100ml! It does exactly what it needs to do without all the bells and whistles and perfectly compliments the serums in this range. No perfumes and doesn’t make me break out. A big tick from me!
  95. Lightweight lotion

    I love all TO products. This one is no different. I find it very lightweight but effective in moisturising your skin. The fact that it’s lightweight means that you can layer it with serum and spf.
  96. Love it!

    Light, non-greasy fragrance free formula that does exactly what it says it will! And at this price what’s not to love!
  97. Depends on your skin needs

    My skin needs a lot of moisture so this usually does not provide enough moisture for me. It does not irritate my skin however and keeps it balanced. It has never triggered my skin. Sometimes I use this with a face oil and my face gets healthy and moisturised that way. Really good though if you are looking for a product that would not break you out and be super gentle for your sensitive skin.
  98. Great everyday moisturiser

    This moisturiser is soo good to use as an everyday cream. My face can get really oily with most creams but this one is super hydrating and feels so light on my skin! Plus its got HA in it! yay.
  99. A great everyday moisturiser for very dry or sunny days

    I use this when I'm going out without makeup and want to give my skin extra protection from the elements. It's really thick and feels like a protective barrier. I recommend purchasing the bigger version, as the smaller one runs out too quickly.
  100. Simple and non irritating

    Both my husband and I use this moisturiser daily - I find it light and gentle. It doesn't give me dewy/glowy skin or anything like that - but it definitely moisturises and is non irritating/greasy. (For that reason it seems to be pretty good for guys!). I love to use it as my go-to for wearing under make up / sunscreen.
  101. Review & Earn

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