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The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density 60ml

4.1 of 146 reviews


4 instalments of $7.50

Or 4 instalments of $7.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $7.50

Or 4 instalments of $7.50 with LEARN MORE

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Introducing the first hair product by The Ordinary, the Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density! This concentrated serum strives to deliver fuller, denser, healthier and thicker locks by deeply penetrating the scalp to encourage circulation and promote healthy hair follicles. Made with a cocktail of potent natural extracts, peptide complexes and caffeine powder, this lightweight hair serum has an emollient base to ensure efficient penetration.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

GREAT - 79% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Fine or limp hair
  • Thinning hair
  • Breakage and split ends

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density

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The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density Reviews

4.1 of 146 reviews

79% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Good product!


Good product but takes a while to show some result

Most Helpful Criticism

Haven't noticed a difference


Sadly I haven't noticed much of a difference from using this so far. I find that quite a few drops are needed to feel like you have sufficiently spread it across your entire scalp. I haven't had any negative effects so will keep using and hopefully, it is just one of those products that take time. I do prefer to put this on closer to when I will be washing my hair as it does speed up the need for washing as my hair gets oiler quicker.
  1. Not too oily


    verified purchaser
    This product has definitely made my hair fall out better. It doesn't make my hair oily and the one bottle goes a long way. definitely recommend
  2. Good product


    This product has definitely worked for me. I have seen a lot of varying reviews.
    My boyfriend has even said my hair is looking thicker ( I had all my hair snap from elbow length to shoulder length post a botched bleach job 3 years ago) Since then my hair has mostly grown back now and sits at boob-length but some parts are not quite even and I am unwilling to cut what has grown just to match ...
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  3. Happy hair


    I found that I had to use about 3 drops of this consistently to start seeing results. I also found that it made my hair oilier faster than usual.
  4. Good product!


    Good product but takes a while to show some result
  5. no difference in hair growth BUT


    No difference in hair growth/hair loss but I did notice any subsequent hair growing from where I applied it grew healthier and stronger. Undecided if I will repurchase
  6. really good product


    I love this, I have had so much new growth on my hairline and am not even halfway through the bottle! You have to be careful not to use too much or you'll get oily hair the next day, but with a few uses you'll get used to it!!
  7. Silky Smooth


    I like it, it doesn’t oil my hair which is a huge plus for me! Still needs to finish the bottle to see the difference!
  8. Mane saver


    I had suffered a lot of hair loss due to stress at the end of last year. I had tried Kerastase densifique, which I found irritating. This has helped soothe my scalp and has helped me retain and regrow hair along my hairline. I wash my hair every 5 days, so if I use it daily then my hair does look a little greasy, but I now have spaced out how often I use. Will repurchase.
  9. Excellent Product!!


    I like it, it doesn’t oil my hair which is a huge plus for me! Still needs to finish the bottle to see the difference!
  10. Curl miracle


    I have high-porosity curly Indian hair with a combination of 3B, 3C, and 4A curls. Due to water changes, poor nutrition, and a weak hair care routine, I was experiencing a lot of hair fall and volume thinning. This also caused my curls to grow limp and lose their definition.

    I have been using this product for about 4 months now, once daily before bed, and I have to say, I ABSOLUTELY ...
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  11. Good value for money


    I use this product since almost 2 months. Doesn’t grease my scalp, it doesn’t dry it either. Yet I apply half a pipette daily. Indeed, I have the sensation of a denser hair without any irritation.
    It’s difficult to say whether all these benefits are due to the properties of the product itself or to the massages that it forces to do every evening.
    I have more than half the bottle left...
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  12. Significantly Faster Hair Growth


    First of all, DO NOT USE MORE THAN A FEW DROPS! This product only needs a little bit applied every night for it to work and it lasts a long time. I have been bleaching my hair for the past 5 years (Black to Blonde) which has made my hair quite weak and reduced hair growth but since I started using this product, my hair feels much stronger at the roots and is growing so quickly! My hairdresser was ...
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  13. It really works!


    I have been using this product since April and I'm really pleased with the results. I have always had very fine hair; it is prone to breakage and splitting, and I was beginning to notice a lot of sparse areas. After about three months of use there are lots of new baby hairs growing all over my scalp! I've also noticed less fallout when washing my hair, less dandruff and more shine. My hair is gene...
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  14. it is a miracle


    i bought this product after reading the reviews but what this actually has done is amazing and saved our lot of money of hair transplant. my husband got no hair in the middle of his head and within a 1 week new hair started to come out and by 3 weeks now that area is almost full of hair. we are so happy with the product and in this price it is a blessing. would recommend this to all and also want ...
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  15. A great serum


    A really really good serum my hair did feel a lot healthier .
  16. It's okay


    I've been using this for a few months and haven't noticed a heap of difference in terms of managing split ends and breakage. I will continue to use it because it has helped prevent dandruff, so if that is a concern you're looking to fix this is good! However, I don't really know if it does actually help with breakage and split ends like it intends to.
  17. Always get compliments


    My hair has grown significantly since using this for the last year, damage has reduced and shine is always present, my hair is much more manageable too when I’m using this. Plus it’s light on and non greasy.
  18. Amazing


    I use this serum once or twice in a week and I have already started noticing a difference. My hair is definitely thicker and seem to be more healthier.
  19. Effective but proceed with caution


    This product works, I had only been using it for a month and have definitely seen an increase in new baby hairs. It did however make my scalp incredibly dry and itchy. I started using it on my eyelashes (bad idea and I certainly don't recommend this) it did make my lashes longer but also caused a horrendous allergic reaction underneath my eyes, I guess because the skin there is much thinner and mo...
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  20. Noticible Growth


    I wasn't sure about this serum to begin with, but it was reasonably priced so I thought I'd give it a go, and I think it works! After having a child, a lot of my hair around the hairline started to fall out/thin out. I noticed that the hair started growing back in after a few weeks of using this almost every night (I forgot sometimes). I'm pregnant again, but will use this after pregnancy when my ...
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  21. It works!


    I naturally have got very thin and weak hair and, honesty god, I tried so many products to make it grow stronger and more dense.. Bit not many of them work. I know that good product won’t work immediately due to slow growing nature of any hair. So after using this product for two-three months I can confidently say that I can see some baby hair on the spots where I was applying this serum. I just f...
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  22. Hair feels thicker


    I gave it a try and use it around my fringe, my hair actually feels thicker, healthier. I bought a bottle for husb to try, he has about three hairs on his head. To be advised lol...
  23. Great to regrow broken/damaged hair


    After a number of months using this product I have noticed a great deal more baby hairs in areas that I was wearing extension/ had blond bleach breakage - it sped up the process for growing back length but doesn't seem to speed up any growth for my healthier longer lengths.
  24. It does the scalp good


    This has cleared up my flakey scalp nicely and is a lot less itchy. I think that it has thickened my hair, but I'm not sure it's only been a month. It does feel very oily after application, but by morning my hair
    feels light and more hydrated than before I started using it.
  25. It works!


    I have been using this serum every night for the last 2 months and it has worked to make my hair healthier. I was troubled with heavy hair fall starting in March and nothing seemed to work. The trick is to massage this serum into your hair at night and not wash it off in the morning!
  26. Okay


    I have been using this for a week, and I guess it works? My hair loss has reduced, but I'm not too sure whether it was due to this product or it is simply some hormonal changes.
    On a side note, this product has a funny chips smell.
  27. Haven't noticed a difference


    Sadly I haven't noticed much of a difference from using this so far. I find that quite a few drops are needed to feel like you have sufficiently spread it across your entire scalp. I haven't had any negative effects so will keep using and hopefully, it is just one of those products that take time. I do prefer to put this on closer to when I will be washing my hair as it does speed up the need for ...
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  28. Wonderful hair serum to achieve thicker hair


    I use this serum almost every night before bed and it is wonderful. I read a number of customer reviews before purchasing this serum, and can happily say that I agree it helped the appearance of thicker hair.
  29. It works but take time


    My hair thinned a little because of a medication change. I tried several products over several months with no results. I tried this and didn't notice a difference at first but I wanted to give it at least a months. After the second week my dandruff disappeared and about the 4th week I noticed my baby hairs growing faster. I also have noticed less breakage. Give it a shot but also give it time to w...
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  30. I've just bought my third bottle


    It didn't make my hair fuller or grow faster, but at least it stopped the hair loss due to hormonal changes. I've just bought my third bottle. Its easy to use. I apply just before the bed. Not greasy, my hair looks fine next morning.
  31. Good


    So I like how this product makes my scalp feel. I havent used it long enough to notice much difference, but I do have naturally thick hair. I will buy again simply because how my scalp feel after applying the product.
  32. It’s cheap


    The second time I bought it, I used a lot of scalp essence. This one is the cheapest and effective. If the oil control effect is enhanced, it will be perfect.
  33. Amazing !!


    I use this serum almost every night before bed and it is wonderful. I read a number of customer reviews before purchasing this serum, and can happily say that I agree it helped the appearance of thicker hair.
  34. Feels nice but not sure of results yet


    I've always had fine hair and then lost a lot of it after having a baby, so turned to this product for help. I apply a generous number of drops to my scalp and massage in before bed. I only apply every couple of days (before I'm due for a wash) because otherwise my very fine hair gets greasy roots.

    My scalp always feels refreshed after applying and I do think it is healthier, not sur...
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  35. Not super effective


    I purchased this for my mum because she got a bit of hormonal hair thinning after she underwent chemotherapy - her hair never grew back well. Unfortunately she hasn't seen much difference after using it for 6 months. It probably works for people who have light hair-loss or want to thicken their thin hair.
  36. Definitely helping thinning and shedding


    I used to have a thick head of hair, but due to malabsorption issues and even taking vitamin therapy, my luscious locks have severely thinned out and continued to shed like crazy. I am a total TO devotee so it was a no brainer to try this and I am overjoyed that with consistent use it works! I dab in drops to dry hair/scalp every night and massage well with my fingertips. Not only has it improved ...
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  37. Helping my thinning hair crown


    I use it for a while already and I can already see few baby hairs. It actually works for a pretty low price.
  38. Not sure it works


    I love The Ordinary, and I really wanted to love this product, but after months of use, I don't feel it has done anything for my fine hair. I don't notice any difference at all.
  39. not sure


    really not sure about this, it is hard to tell if it does anything. I dosen't do anything bad so i'll keep using it
  40. Helped with a small receding patch of hair


    This really helped me get so growth in a receding patch of hair. It's made a big difference. I like the ordinary as it's affordable and easy to use.
  41. This works


    I have been using this for a few weeks and have noticed thicker, fuller, healthier hair growth. I have thin hair that falls out faster than it grows back. Applying this every day or two has made my hair stronger and healthier.
  42. Different but good different


    The textured definitely isn’t oily I can tell you that. More like thick water. It doesn’t have much of a smell if nothing at all which I like. Applying to my hair feeling like I haven’t done much because my hair doesn’t feel oily. After about 30mins when it has soaked in my scalp and roots felt so healthy and clean! I’m using this on thick hair to try and keep it thick and not lose much hair. Work...
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  43. 8 weeks, no results


    My daughter bought this for me because I have very fine and thin hair. After 8 weeks of religiously rubbing a few drops into my scalp every night, along with scalp massage, I can notice no improvement at all in thickness, volume or growth - only greasy roots despite only using a very small amount. I desperately wanted this to work as I use some other The Ordinary products and they are great howev...
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  44. Promotes hair growth


    My mum suffers from fine and thin hair. I bought this for her to try a couple of weeks ago and she's loving it. She said her hair is growing quicker and isn't making her hair oily when using it overnight, which was one of her worries.

  45. Not for me


    I tried this as I have thin & fine hair which post-menopause is even thinner (which seems very unfair). I was hoping to see some increase in growth and condition. But honestly, I can't say I've seen any difference after using this product for several months. Won't re-purchase.
  46. Multiple repeat purchaser


    This is fantastic for scalp and hair health. You will get fuller denser hair with repeat use.
  47. big fan


    I bought this for my sister who has thin hair, after a few months she started seeing results, so I have now started using it. Great product if you want thicker hair
  48. Sounds good but wasnt for me


    I was quite excited to try this product after reading reviews from others. I have thin hair and was hoping for more thickness. Unfortunately when I applied a few drops to my scalp as a tester, the next morning I noticed I had an allergic reaction. Lesson I learned in this experience is always do a spot test.
  49. Exactly what our scalp needs


    A quick and easy fuss free way to boost your scalp health.
    A few drops of this serum applied to the scalp and massaged in with fingers is all it takes to get those peptides doing their work.

    The serum is non greasy and almost has a water like consistency. Leaves no residue and its like you have nothing in your hair.
  50. not sure


    i am not sure about this yet. It is hard to tell if it is working, but it makes my hair feel nice and i feel like it does help
  51. Amazing


    My friend gave me a bottle of this hair care product at the end of last year. I feel very good after using it. There are a lot of new hair growing out. The price is very affordable, I will purchase again.
  52. Easy to use


    Was skeptical before purchasing but it turned out that I could see some effects. I rub a few drops on the tips of my fingers on both hands and rub it towards the front section of scalp first, then a few more drops and rub at the back or my head. This I do about 15-30 minutes before going to bed and on the days I have washed my hair. I do notice my hair sits a little "fluffier" with more body in t...
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  53. Love the ordinary


    I use so many of the ordinary products. I really liked this, it is difficult to judge if it really works, however I do think it does.
  54. Still sceptical..


    I haven't noticed any difference from using this product and I am a little dubious of the claims they make about it. I believe they are being purposefully vague about claims and there isn't really anything in it that's proven to stimulate hair follicles. I will keep using til the bottlers out as I have had really good experience with The Ordinary in the past. On the plus side I haven't had any iss...
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  55. Strange scent


    I'm always a big fan of The ordinary, when this product released, I bought it immediately. It has a strange smell, but the texture is good, just like liquid. I'm still using it, hope it can make my hair thicker.
  56. not much of a difference


    did not notice much with this product. I have heard good things so might be worth a try although I did not notice much growth.
  57. Thicker hair!


    Love it, has definitely worked for me my hair is noticeably thicker. Will repurchase for sure
  58. Another great product from The Ordinary


    It may be a little soon to tell as I have only been using this for about a month. But I have high hopes for this product from the well acclaimed range, The Ordinary. My hair has grown back after 6 rounds of chemo in 2016 thinner than normal on top. It is very easy to apply each night before bed. I have had comments from my hair dresser and friends that there is improvement! So I will definitely pe...
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  59. No noticeable difference


    I didn't notice any difference after using it for two months. I apply it at night, and my hair needs to be washed (or worn up) the next day. I might buy again to see if it needs to be used for longer to see any noticeable change.
  60. No noticeable difference


    I've used the whole bottle of this serum and seen no noticeable results. I have thin, fine hair, and it it's seemed to do is make my roots look greasy with only a few drops. Think it has improved the condition of my hair. Doesn't have a strong smell either.
  61. Can't really tell...


    I have thick, straight hair but with some areas around my hairline where my hair is thinning/breakage from being tied up in tight pony/bun often. I was hoping this would fill out my hairline a bit better. It feels nice and cool on the scalp, not oily at all, but I find it gets absorbed really quickly into my hair and not really on the scalp. I haven't been as consistent with it as I should be, but...
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  62. So so


    My hair type is fine straight without volume or thickness. I was expecting this product will give me some volume or thickness, but I’m honestly disappointed with results. No results at all...
  63. shiny


    I don't think it really does much for me except add shine and make my hair feel smooth, but still, for the price i'm happy with that :)
  64. No difference


    No difference in hair growth, just adds shine to the hair.
  65. Holy Grail


    I'm obsessed with this product. I'm onto my third bottle and my hair is thicker and healthier than ever.
  66. Absorbs well and doesn't feel greasy


    I haven't been using this for very long and from what I've gathered, it requires patience to see some results. I was pleasantly surprised that the product doesn't leave my hair/scalp oily or greasy. I apply it before bed and it gets absorbed whilst I'm sleeping. I like what I'm seeing and will continue to use it to see the results.
  67. Great for eyebrows also!


    I bought this to mainly use on my eyebrows, if like me you followed trends in the 90's and over plucked for a generation, you might also want to try this product. I used a cotton earbud and applied it to my eyebrows each night for a month, and also started using it on my hairline, for excellent results. Not sure if it's increased growth, but the hair does feel thicker and stronger, and I have had ...
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  68. Meh


    I didin't really notice any difference with this product. I persevered until I almost finished the bottle but alas nothing. I have seen more results from the Kerasstase Extentioniste Serum.
  69. Good serum for hair


    I purchased this serum after reading 1 of the review on using it on eyelashes. I do apply it on my scalp and massage it in but also use it on my eyelashes too. Has helped with making my eyelashes healthy, so I begin to only apply on my eyelashes now and not on my hair :)
  70. More hair I think


    I bought this for my hairline. (I like this brand so I thought I try) As I getting old I notice my hair above my forehead getting less.
    I used this every 2nd night and by the time I finished whole bottle I think my hair thicker??? Or prevent for fall off. It’s not dramatic result but im happy I bought this.
    There’s no strong smell and massage into scalp at night was quite relaxing. I...
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  71. Good basic hair serum


    I've been using this in addition to hair supplements (various brands) for several months. This is quite easy to apply, and I find I can use it most nights and my hair is fine to style in the morning (I wash my hair every few days).
    While I haven't noticed a dramatic difference, I think it has helped support stronger hair and hair growth. This is not a miracle serum but is a good addition to...
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  72. A good product for it's price point


    I gave this a go as I have thinning and fragile hair. After a few weeks of application I did see a bit of a difference but patience is key.
  73. I have seen an improvement in my hair!


    Very affordable and easy to apply! It does make my hair feel a little greasy because you're not meant to wash it out. I have seen an improvement in my hair, but I've also been taking hair supplements & treating my hair much better so I'm not sure if it's all because of this serum.
  74. Second Bottle!


    I got this for my partner and this is his second bottle! The result is not very fast but it definitely works!
  75. Not sure how to use


    It's hard to apply on the scalp, I either put too much on the hair or splashed to my face.
  76. Oily


    Personally, this leave in style wasn't for me. I found it made my hair greasier and made little difference to how my hair grows.
  77. Love this!


    The Ordinary comes through again!
    Another fantastic product from TO! It makes my hair noticeably denser and smoother.
    I section my hair, apply a couple of drops and massage. I think of it as self-care before bed and really take the time to enjoy a little TLC for my head.
  78. So good


    I didn't have high hopes for this. My hair is fine and fragile. I usually find hair products so disappointing.
    this makes a difference. I find its better using one or two drops a night and concentrating on different parts of the scalp. I have so much less hair fall and its much much stronger and healthier. Been using the same bottle for 5 months so it's worth the $. If you use if every ...
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  79. Pretty good

    Not Bad

    I don’t have great brows but I reckon this serum helped them somewhat. I just rub in a drop of this after my skincare at night. The hairs I do have seem to be growing thicker and longer which improves the appearance of my brows.

    Definitely no miracle cure if you’re looking to grow new hairs overnight but this is a nice product to steadily improve the health of your hair.
  80. Used with J+S


    I started to use this the same time as J+S hair and energy vitamins. I’ve noticed my scalp is less sensitive and there’s plenty of baby hairs. I’ve never been so happy to see frizzy baby hairs!!
  81. Results!


    Almost every night for around a month, I have dotted this product on my scalp and massaged it in. I now have lots of regrowth coming through and the promise of thicker hair to come. Fabulous.
    It can be a bit oily feeling but when applied as directed, it soaks in and gives hair extra body... so long as only applied at the roots.
  82. It works


    I have tried a few hair growth serums and this is definitely one of the better ones. It is easy to apply and hair does thicken out. Will repurchase. price is so reasonable too.
  83. A nightly ritual


    Since discovering this a couple of months ago I’ve noticed less breakage and my hair is much more manageable. Love it!
  84. Helping my thinning hair


    I have really thin and curly hair and ever since I can remember it snaps in the middle. I have tried everything and since starting to use this product my hair feels stronger and healthier then ever.
  85. Nice


    This is a nice product very affordable and makes hair feel lovely. Not sure yet if it works but feels nice on the hair regardless
  86. Worth a try


    I’m on my second bottle after having to grow my hair back post chemotherapy. It’s hard to know if this has helped but having no hair made it easy to apply at first but now it’s a bit longer I’m not sure it’s getting into my scalp and not just my hair. My hair does feel quite thick but again unsure if this is just because it’s short. I’ll keep using as the bottle is large and lasts for a while so I...
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  87. Use on thinning hairline


    My hair line was thinning and I would massage this in and now it’s fuller and thicker! This has become a holy grail hair product
  88. Feels fuller regardless of placebo effect


    I have coarse long hair that's not visibly thin but has certain areas which feel thinner than others. I also lose lots of hair in the wash that sometimes worry me. I've tried a handful of different hair growth or anti-thinning shampoo and conditioners, but nothing really dramatically change my hair volume. The Ordinary serum is the same, i.e. no dramatic difference but I do enjoy using it in the e...
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  89. no results yet but still good


    Been using this for a few weeks and haven't seen any results yet but my hair (which is religiously bleached every 6 weeks) hasn't gotten any worse or thinner so thats a plus! I will keep using it though as it does feel nice massaging it into my scalp and brushing it through, it helps with my dry and frizzy hair too making it more manageable.
  90. No Significant change


    I haven’t see much changes after three months using this product, my hair grows at the same speed and the texture is the same.
  91. I think it works


    I have been using this with a few other products for thinning hair. As I am using this as well as others I cannot say its this product alone from working. But I have noticed that my hair does seem to appear thicker and I am not worrying about this thinning so much. At $30, you dont really have anything to loose giving this a go as other products cost over $200 for their hair thinning serums.
  92. Amazing results


    I’ve been using this (not religiously) for the last few months. I usually have very fine / thinning hair that looks like it has bald patches. I’ve noticed a huge difference using this. After using it at night my hair appears noticeably thicker in the morning. With ongoing use many hair appears thicker and denser and there is a lot of new growth.
  93. 2 months of consistent use.


    I apply about 8 drops all over my scalp every night and rub it through with my finger tips then brush my hair really well, I’ve now noticed a huge difference to the thickness and strength of my hair, it seems more manageable too. I love this product and have purchased some for my mum too and now she’s obsessed.
  94. Weird product

    I Hope

    I’m not sure about this product. The instructions say massage a few drops into scalp but I can’t understand how so little on such a small section of your scalp could be effective. I have only used it a few times so have no idea if it actually works. If you use more than a few drops you get really oily. Just an unusual product that is not very user friendly. To be honest I thought it was a serum fo...
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  95. I think it works well


    I have only been using this for 1 week so it might be too soon to see any results. I think my hair looks a bit thicker. I will be interested in seeing if my hairdresser will notice a difference when I see her next week. I use this daily except on the day I wash my hair.
    Definitely don't put in any more than a few drops otherwise it will look greasy
  96. I think it works well


    I have only been using this for 1 week so it might be too soon to see any results. I think my hair looks a bit thicker. I will be interested in seeing if my hairdresser will notice a difference when I see her next week. I use this daily except on the day I wash my hair.
    Definitely don't put in any more than a few drops otherwise it will look greasy
  97. It works!!


    I was struggling with hair fall after having a baby.. I have started using it from last week and I can definitely see a difference.. I use it at night before bed.. must try if you have hair concern.
  98. On the fence


    Im not entirely convinced of this product, i have been using it for over a month however havent seen any improvements to my thinning hairline.
  99. Hair/Life Changing!


    I have fine, long curly hair. It is the kind of hair that looks voluminous because it springs out when dry, but as I am getting older (42) I am finding it is getting finer :(

    Like most curly haired chicks, I have spent my lifetime looking for products that fend off frizz and hold curl whilst also being lightweight.

    This product does wonders for my hair! It keeps the s...
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  100. Not for me


    I was really excited to try this but it just didn’t work for me. The first Ordinary product which hasn’t! I have fine, wavy hair which tends to get oily quickly and this product sometimes felt itchy on application and left it feeling extra dry. I suspect I may be allergic to an ingredient. You win some, you lose some. Back to argan oil.
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