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The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics 30ml

4.5 of 172 reviews


4 instalments of $3.23

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4 instalments of $3.23

Or 4 instalments of $3.23 with LEARN MORE

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The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics is a lightweight marine-derived water that helps to lock moisture in your skin, much like a Hyaluronic Acid does. The difference? The consistency of the Marine Hyaluronics is thinner and lighter, more like water than a typical serum texture. This facial serum helps to attract and hold water in the skin, ensuring your complexion remains plump and hydrated throughout the day. This product is fast absorbing, suitable for all skin types and should be used before facial creams. 

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics

The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics

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The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics Reviews

4.5 of 172 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

The best!!!!


This stuff is seriously the best! Super hydrating and absorbs really quick. I personally love the watery texture of this product. I use this morning and night and 100% recommend. I have very sensitive skin and this product didn't irritate my skin at all.

Most Helpful Criticism



My skin seems to like it though I’m not sure if it works better then other things I’ve used. For the price point definitely worth it and I probably would repurchase in the future.
  1. The best!!!!


    This stuff is seriously the best! Super hydrating and absorbs really quick. I personally love the watery texture of this product. I use this morning and night and 100% recommend. I have very sensitive skin and this product didn't irritate my skin at all.
  2. Absolutely an amazing product


    I always need a hydrating serum in my skincare routine, I have tried the hyaluronic acid from the ordinary it was okay but too sticky so I decided to give it a try to this one... OMG it's so good, very lightweight, very gentle on the skin I highly recommend it for people who prefer lightweight serum as it just feels like water on the skin
  3. It does the job

    Annetta Zienta

    I purchased this to add more hydration into my skin care. I think next time I will try The Ordinary HA 2% rather than the marine version as I do find this one very watery and hard to apply
  4. Love it!


    Love this for my combo-acne skin. It's super hydrating, but also really light-weight and water-like. Great for the drying winter months!
  5. Nice


    My skin seems to like it though I’m not sure if it works better then other things I’ve used. For the price point definitely worth it and I probably would repurchase in the future.
  6. My skin loves it


    I have very sensitive skin that easily breaks out and I'm usually scared to try anything new on my skin. I read great reviews about the marine Hyaluronics serum by The ordinary and decided to try it. I must say that my skin loves it, it's super light weight and doesn't irritate my skin at all. The price is very affordable, the packaging is great and most of all there is no fragrance. Overall a gre...
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  7. super hydrator


    This HA is quite watery compared to the regular Hyaluronic acid sold by the ordinary. However I find this formula to be more light weight and easier to apply while still being very hydrating. I couldn't give this 5 stars as it isn't as effective in summer as it uses the moisture in the air. I still recommend purchasing this and it will definitely stay a part of my skincare routine.
  8. Great Source of Hydration!


    I really like the watery texture of this product, it makes it so easy to distribute and spread out. It sinks in quite quickly and leaves skin feeling plump and refreshed.
  9. Lightweight & Hydrating


    I didn't expect much from this product because of it's watery texture, however I did notice that once I applied my other serums & hydrators to my skin, I was glowy and plump! The only reason I haven't repurchased is because The Ordinary HA texture sits better on my normal/dehydrated skin. However if you're oily/combo/normal, I would HIGHLY recommend this product!
  10. Lightweight serum


    verified purchaser
    Great serum. There are some good and beneficial ingredients to this. It hydrates my skin and keeps it very smooth. It is very lightweight and a few drops go a long way!
  11. Better than Hyaluronic Acid

    A Law

    Absolutely love this product for adding instant hydration into my routine and plumping up the skin.
    I personally prefer this for daily use over The Ordinary HA serum a it’s lighter more watery consistency Is better for my combo/oil skin. I love that it doesn’t leave the skin sticky like many HA serums are notorious for. I do use The Ordinary HA serum for Microneedling as it just works bette...
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  12. New holy grail


    I have been faithfully using the ordinary's original hyaluronic product for the past year and have only switched over to this product recently. While I didn't mind the tackiness of the original product, this one was far easier to work with and still delivered hydration. I am finishing off my last bottle of the original hyaluronic product and switching over to this one.
  13. Better than the HA


    I have the ordinarys normal HA serum which is nice but it’s quite a sticky texture. I was told the Hylamide HA by the same company was better but Adore Beauty don’t have it so thought I’d try this. It’s a watery texture and it sinks in really nicely! Still moisturising like the HA but less sticky
  14. This product was not for me

    Not for me

    I had high hopes for this product as i have very dry skin and read amazing reviews, however, sadly it irritated my skin. I thought my skin may get used to it, but it just caused inflammation and stinging each time i used it. kind of a bummer, but might try and use it on my hands/neck area so it doesn't go to waste.
  15. My fave!


    I don't like the consistency of the Ordinary's Hyualouronic acid - but this is a game changer. Not tacky and so light weight and smooth. Is so hydrating, absolute gem!
  16. Nice easy hydration

    Good hydration

    I love HA but find so many HA products are so sticky and sit on the skin. This is a water consistency and just disappears. Your skin drinks it up. I'm yet to see the super amazing hydration results but, my skin is accepting it and no breakouts so I will keep it up.
  17. Lightweight hydration


    I love this as my AM serum (I use the HA + B5 at night). This is a well priced competitor to a certain brand in a blue bottle, I love how lightweight this is! Skin, and also my lips, looks plump and bounces back when I use this.
  18. This is beautiful


    I love this. My skin drinks it up and its not heavy and can be layered
  19. Lighter than the TO HA+B5


    It is lighter, less sticky and more watery than the TO HA+B5. It provides good hydration at affordable price point.
  20. Working well


    Seems to be working well within my regime for my skin
  21. Excellent Product!!


    I've been using this product everyday for around 2 years now and just love it.

  22. It works


    This product is so good & yet so inexpensive. Use directly after cleansing your face this marine hyaluronic soaks into your skin & leaves it soft & prepped for serums & moisturisers. Excellent product.
  23. Regular buying


    Perfect for skin hydration at an affordable price. A go to in my beauty process. Love it
  24. Lightweight and hydrating!


    Switched to this product a little while ago after using the Ordinary's regular HA for a while, and not going back. The texture of this is much more fluid and lightweight, and so easily spreadable over the face - after a minute you wouldn't even know you put anything on! This product has definitely been helpful over winter to keep my skin hydrated.
  25. Moisturizing but not sticky


    I purchased this product as a substitute for The Ordinary's Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 because it was too moisturizing and felt heavy on the skin. This serum has a light, watery texture. I have combination skin and I use this straight after washing my face while it is still damp and apply The Ordinary's Niacinamide afterwards. I only use this in winter for extra hydration or when needed for dry patch...
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  26. Plumping and hydrating


    I started using this serum as a substitute for the 'Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5' and I have noticed a difference in how plump / hydrated my skin feels post application. I wouldn't say it is the best HA product I've used but it is certainly up there from an outcome and cost perspective.
  27. personal substitute for HA


    prefer this over the HA + B5, personally find the consistency slightly lighter and absorbs better into my skin. Haven't noticed any outstanding differences that it has made though
  28. working well


    Seems to be working well within my regime for my skin
  29. Fantastic. Love it


    This is so nice!
    I use it right after a shower, just after I towel dry my face. It soaks in and makes sure I don't get that tight feeling from a clean washed face.
    It's a really nice texture (like water). It's lovely!
  30. Very light


    I opted for this instead of hyaluronic acid to see which one I liked better. This is a really light texture like water but feels lightly hydrated i would recommend this for combo skin but me having dry skin i felt i needed a little more hydration. If you're looking for a light hydrating serum that is not too heavy this would be perfect for you.
  31. Love the texture


    This product is water-based and absorbs really quickly right into your skin. I'm in love with the texture. Before this serum, I used TO HA + B5 and Hylamide Low moleculars and I found both of them are quite sticky. I have no problem with Marine <3.
    Fyi, I have combination and sensitive skin.
  32. Best Budget Hyrdration


    This hyaluronic acid serum work between a hydrating mist sandwhich (mist, 4-5 drops of serum, mist) and sealed in with a moisturiser. It adds a lot of hydration and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day. This version from The Ordinary is not sticky and does not cause me any irritation. I cannot see a reason to bother with a more expensive hyaluronic serum when this one works so well.
  33. Light and hydrating

    Mrs Smith

    Perfect light consistency. Great as part of a layering routine or just for added hydration under moisturiser.
    I prefer this to the other TO HA + B5.
  34. Thirst quencher


    I tried this out because I found TO HA+B5 to be a little tacky/sticky, sometimes pilled/tingled. THIS serum was much better suited for my skin (combo,dehydrated/sensitive). A thinner, more watery consistency that is easier to spread. Didn't have the same berry-ish scent that TO HA+B5 product has but that is moot compared to how much better it was absorbed. Definitely feel the hydration+plumpnes...
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  35. great under make up


    The consistency of this makes it so good for under make up. It is watery and sleek, not thick and sticky so it just glides on and absorbs in quickly. Make up goes so smooth over it. It is quite hydrating and I find I use this in the morning followed by a hydrating primer and that's all the hydration I need for the day. At night though I use a thicker moisturiser.
  36. Drink of water for my face


    I got this to try to see if I liked it more than TOs Hyaluronic acid + B5. This product is a completely different consistency it is water like and not at all sticky. It absorbs right into the skin and doesn’t leave any kind of residue (where as I felt like the other serum did).
  37. Drink of water for my face


    I got this to try to see if I liked it more than TOs Hyaluronic acid + B5. This product is a completely different consistency it is water like and not at all sticky. It absorbs right into the skin and doesn’t leave any kind of residue (where as I felt like the other serum did).
  38. Hydrating but can be irritating


    This oil is lovely and hydrating without making me break out, however i can feel it is definitely potent as sometimes my face feels a little itchy for a few minutes after I apply. the feeling does go away though and it doesn't make me irritated or red. I haven't seen any major changes but I do wake up with soft, hydrated skin. Great value for the price.
  39. Lightweight and hydrating


    This product is a lot lighter and less sticky than the other Hyaluronic Acid from The Ordinary. I am currently getting used to strong retinols so my skin can get a little flaky sometimes. If my skin is peeling then this isn't quite enough and I use the standard version, but on a normal day as my skin can be oily, this is definitely enough and feels nicer on the skin and under makeup.
  40. Good boost of hydration


    I purchased this to keep my skin hydrated, it's really watery so is a bit odd to put on your face but i've found it works and my skin stays hydrated during the day. Good to use as an additional hydration effect.
  41. So light!


    I normally use The Ordinary's hyaluronic acid, but found it a bit thick.
    I definitely prefer this! It has a more watery texture and is so light and hydrating.
  42. Super light weight hydrator


    This is hydrating serum is perfect to use in the mornings under makeup. I have oily skin but also dehydrated, so it is great as it does not clog my pores. I could really tell the difference, and my skin always feels instantly hydrated after using. It is very watery in consistency, but absorbs really well into my skin. I have purchased two bottles!
  43. Lightweight and hydrating


    I've used the ordinary's hyaluronic acid for a long time and picked the Marine Hyaluronics to try out. It is very lightweight, feels nice on the skin and makes my skin feel plump all night and day long. Excellent alternative to the ordinary's HA!
  44. Great alternative serum


    I ordered this as an alternative to TO hyaluronic acid. I found that could sometimes be a bit thick for under makeup. This is a great consistency, very thin. It keeps my skin hydrated all day!
  45. Lightly hydrating


    I liked this well enough, and the texture was beautiful, but I do think that my usual hyaluronic acid was more hydrating and it plumped out my skin more
  46. Beautiful product!


    I love this product! I prefer this to TO Hyaluronic Acid serum as its much thinner and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or cakey like the HA does. You do need to be quick when applying the product as it does absorb quickly. Really lovely product on the skin!
  47. Hydrating


    I really like this product! I use it as a booster to add to my other products when my skin needs more hydration (and in particular, I use it after I use a hardcore exfoliating product). It has a really watery texture and settles into the skin really nicely. Great for winter. Would recommend!
  48. LOVE IT!


    I'm brand new to The Ordinary and from my first use of this, I was in love! I also purchased a few other items from them such as the niacinamide and a retinol, but this is by far my favourite and I'll definitely be buying again. I have combination skin, with dry patches on my cheeks, and my skin just drinks this up soooo nicely. I don't find it has a scent at all, and it feels nice on my skin - do...
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  49. Might just be my skin


    It may be my own skin that has reacted poorly. however when I use this product a do break out instantly on my forehead and in comparison to another brands I have used it had never happened.
  50. Nice alternative to the Hydraulic acid


    Purchased this as an alternative to the Hydraulic acid as its not as sticky. It is more water based and easier to spread evenly over the face. Good hydrator when used under daily moisturiser.
  51. Inconsistent formulation.


    I didn’t mind the first bottle of the this, but the second bottle was almost like a different product. Viscosity and texture were different and it seemed to be drying instead of hydrating. I find this is sometimes the problem with The Ordinary - although the price is incredible, the compromise seems to be inconsistent formulations.
  52. Good value


    I thought I would enjoy the waterly consistency of the serum but I rather prefer the gel one. It gets absorbed quickly so good if you’re layering multiple serums. Good value for money, just like all The Ordinary products are.
  53. A+


    I have tried so many TO products, and the one I was really not so happy with in the end was the HA+B5, even though I have gone through a couple bottles. I finally realized the gel consistency is not that great, and it doesn't absorb very well at all. This formula is so much better, similar to the NIOD version with its watery texture, and really really does help my skin retain moisture. For the pri...
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  54. Water consistency but much prefer over other HA


    I had been using TO HA+B5 for a long time and really liked it, I now much prefer this product even though I thought I wouldn't like the watery consistency. It layers better with other products, I just wish it came in a supersize jar like buffet and HA+B5! I've also accidentally got it in my eye and flushed it, but experienced no redness or irritation in my eye which was a relief.
  55. Perfect


    Very light, compared to the other hylaraunic acid and works just as well. Can't wait for a supersized version.
  56. Best ever product I bought


    I am so satisfied with this product ... I have spent so much money on so called elite brands ... but ordinary just did the job right ... I love it
  57. skins straight in


    This product sinks straight into your skin after your cleansing step. I use it in combined with the Hyaluronic Acid 2%+ B5. its my AM & PM nightly staple and its water texture means it gets fast absorption into your skin. Ive never had a reaction and dont find there is any smell. i really like it around the eyes as its easily absorbed .
  58. Traps moisture and keeps me looking fresh


    I use this in the more humid seasons and it makes my skin look fresh and glowy. Would definitely recommend for dry skin.
  59. Impressive hydration


    I have oily dehydrated skin, and I wasn’t enjoying the texture of hyaluronic acid so I thought I’d try this, and I’m so glad I did! The texture is like water, but it is SO incredibly hydrating. Love it!
  60. Beautifully hydrating

    Marine Hyaluronics

    FYI I have mature dry sensitive skin. It took a long time to realise my skin didn't look dry because of my makeup, it was lacking good hydration in my skincare. I ordered several TO products and I love this!! I use it twice a day by pressing it into damp skin before serum and creams. It maybe the whole combination of products but my skin is FINALLY looking much less dry and dull
  61. Does the job


    I tried this before I got Hyaluronic acid and it apparently does the same thing but is in a thinner and more lightweight consistency, this would be good for applying in the mornings if you dont want a lot of heavy face products but still need hydration. I liked it but i have switched to Hyaluronic acid now just as it seems a bit more hydrating.
  62. Nice and lightweight


    Nice and lightweight on skin. I’ve noticed a positive difference on my skin since I added this to my routine - before serum and cream. My skin feels more hydrated.
  63. Better than TO's Hyaluronic Acid + B5


    Hyaluronic Acid + B5 has serum-like consistency but sticky which I'm not a fan of.

    Marine Hyaluronics, however, is different in terms of its consistency. It's watery and not as sticky as Hyaluronic Acid + B5

  64. Hero Hydrator!


    My skin LOVES this! I have super dehydrated skin and this is like a cold glass of water on a hot day. I have tried The Ordinary’s other HA serum and this one in my opinion is far superior. I can definitely see a difference in my skin since using this. Hopefully they supersize this one!
  65. Great


    Lightweight, refreshing, makes other stuff go on better.
  66. Light hydration


    Light hydrator that i use in conjunction with the Amino Acids from the Ordinary. Leaves a nice feeling, especially during the summer months when you don't want heavy serums.
  67. Great!


    This is very lightweight. I tried the standard Hyalauric acid from the ordinary, which was still good, although this formula spreads on better. Will be buying again!
  68. Feel nice


    A pleasant Hyaluronic Acid to put on the skin in the morning after the cleanser and before any other skin product, it provides great hydration, it is very liquid like water, light and fast absorbing.
  69. Great hydratation, not that easy to apply


    Very liquid, so harder to apply without wasting product. But provides great hydratation, makes my skin plump. I use it as a carrier for my vitamin C powder.
  70. An essential!


    As a hyaluronic acid should be an essential, it was important for me to find a good economical option but one, that performed at an optimum. This one is highly rated amongst the experts and feels great on the skin.

    Being the first step after cleansing, this works beautifully and I never have any issues or pilling when layering.

    Love it!
  71. Great hydration boost, layers well


    Provides great hydration in the morning before applying rest of skincare & no/minimal pilling under makeup so far. It does have the faintest scent which reminds me of seawater but barely noticeable and it goes away fast (especially if wearing other skincare and makeup on top).
  72. love love love


    I decided to give this a try as an alternative to TO hyaluronic acid because I was sick of its gluggy consistency and pilling. I much prefer the lighter consistency of this serum, it feels like water basically. It goes on so much smoother and sinks in instantly. I would definitely recommend this for oilier skin types.

    Since I switched my skin has looked so much more supple and hydrat...
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  73. Hydration


    This is so affordable and works well for my dehydrated skin.
  74. My favourite HA


    I love this formula because it is so lightweight and absorbs so nicely into the skin, making it look fresh and hydrated without being to heavy
  75. Love it


    Love this stuff. Very good on my sensitive skin, lightweight and absorbant.
  76. Holy Grail Product!


    Been using TO Hyaluronic Acid for a year, and decided to give this product a try. It is a watery formula which I prefer over the HA formula, does have a slightly stronger smell though. Since using Marine Hyaluronics my skin has been so much more hydrated! I use it morning and night, my skin stays moisturized all day which helps my makeup look good and last well, and I wake up with soft skin.
  77. Very disappointing


    It was a surprise to be so disappointed because I’ve been impressed with the other Ordinary products I’ve tried.

    This serum is so watery that it feels like water. I felt no benefit using it and it’s so thin that when I bumped the bottle half of it spilt out.

    I’ve gone back to the Hyaluronic serum which is one of the first products I tried and I still love it. This one d...
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  78. Amazing


    I love how this feels on my skin and it is very hydrating
  79. nice


    I love both ordinary hyaluronics, but this is definitely a great one if you want a thinner, easier to layer product
  80. Hydrating


    The ordinarys hyaluronic acidwith b5 is quite gloopy but this one is much more water like, both great hydrators
  81. great product!


    This product was recommended by one of the aestheticians that I follow on youtube for skin hydration. At the time, when I wanted to purchase it, it was out of stock but I finally managed to purchase it. It's a bit watery so, I put a little bit of product in a beauty spritz bottle and spritz it on my face to avoid wastage. My skin used to be dry and dehydrated but since I started using it, my sk...
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  82. Amazing!


    I love this product and use it everyday!
    Its so thin and quickly absorbs into my skin, its such a quick product to add into my routine.
    I love HA but it tends to be too tachy on my skin,
    Other hydrating serums I've tried have all been oil based which just can be too much sometime when I am also using an oil and sunscreen in my regime.
  83. Good treatment


    I was so worried as I've seen other reviews saying that this smells really bad, but I had no issues like that, it didnt even really smell. Its super runny so I put it in my hands and then put on. It feels very hydrating, unsure whether it's better than the other hyaluronic acid, but I personally enjoy just how light this vs hyaluronic acid.
  84. Loving this


    Very hydrating! I like this a lot and do use it quite a lot!
  85. New favourite


    My skin is definitely more hydrated when I use this product. I use it along with the moisturiser.
    I do however prefer the texture of The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 30ml.
  86. Wow - happy i purchased


    I have been inning and ahhing about whether to purchase this or a more expensive product that I know works. At a fraction of the cost this one is a winner and works just as well. A little runny so need to be careful and make sure you give it some time to soak in.

    My wrinkles love it!!!
  87. Wow - happy i purchased


    I have been inning and ahhing about whether to purchase this or a more expensive product that I know works. At a fraction of the cost this one is a winner and works just as well. A little runny so need to be careful and make sure you give it some time to soak in.

    My wrinkles love it!!!
  88. Yep, great.


    Another win from The Ordinary. Bless their inexpensive hearts. This is completely different to the hyaluronic + b5, and in my experience works so much better. Never mind the slight algae-like smell - you'll learn to love it when you're even more of a beautiful hydrated goddess. Run, don't walk.
  89. Lightweight hydration


    This is quite watery, so I found I used more of it per application than I probably needed. It worked well with a mist before and after, and was a nice lightweight way to add some hydration. Much easier to use than TO's normal HA, as it's less thick/sticky and layers well with other serums, but didn't give as much hydration as my skin needs - probably best if you just need a little hydration boost.
  90. Worth a go


    I ordered this with a couple of other TO products and overall would say it's a nice product. I give 4 stars instead of 5 just because I'd rate it as the least essential part of my routine, it's a great product but not holy grail. I love how light weight it is (no smell or stickiness) and it does a nice job making skin plump and hydrated -if that's what you're looking for I'd definitely reccomend. ...
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  91. Looks good


    I bought this to replace my usual hyaluronic from the ordinary for a lighter feel. So far so good, the marine one seems less sticky than the other and sinks in a little faster.
  92. Lovely clean feeling hydration

    I buy too much makeup

    A lovely light clean-feeling hydrating serum. Love using this during the day either under makeup, or a drop mixed with foundation for sheerer coverage.
    And so affordable. Love The Ordinary.
  93. Great Alternative


    I used to by the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta wipes however buying a house and getting a mortgatge kind of ruined that for me. I bought this as an alternative as i really liked the way that the wipes made my skin feel and this is a great cheaper option. I was thinking i would go through it really quickly as it is a small container, but you only need 2 - 3 drops per application!
  94. Wonderful hydrator


    This serum provides wonderful hydration to my oily skin without making it oilier. I find it works better than the regular hyaluronic acid serum. My super sensitive nose hasn’t picked up any unpleasant smell.
  95. Surprisingly good


    With the consistency of this product being quite watery, I was a little concerned. BUT... it is so hydrating, it’s like my skin drinks it. There is a slight odour to this product, but it doesn’t linger and doesn’t bother me at all.
    I am prone to breakouts and haven’t had a flare up since I’ve been using these products. I swear by them.
  96. Good product


    This is a good product for summer or hot weather, easy to apply and very light.
  97. Very easy to use


    I use this as my morning serum and find its very easy to use (yes a bit more watery compared to the other Hyaluronic serum) but it absorbs really well and layers fantastically - it doesn’t pill with my moisturiser and sunscreen which I found the other product did.

    I haven’t noticed the odour that’s been mentioned in other reviews so can’t comment on that.

    It’s a nice ligh...
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  98. Beautiful

    Neysa ilayne

    I love the feeling of this.
    If you're sensitive to scents maybe be a little aware. However both myself and my partner don't feel that it smells bad and is very faint so for the price I'd give it a go especially if you find the ordinaries hyaluronic acid and b5 mix to tacky. This is Much thinner and spreads easily.
  99. Absorbs so quickly


    I definitely think I prefer this to hyaluronic acid, which I did not expect! The Adore Beauty staff recommended it to me and it's been really nice. My skin is naturally dry and this sinks in like water. It's got a very watery consistency so it spreads really easily and you really don't need much. It's a great choice for sensitive/dry skin. It also doesn't pill like hyaluronic acid does. The price ...
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  100. Self care staple!


    I really enjoy the Marine Hyaluronics. I read a LOT of reviews mentioning it working well, but commenting on it's odour. I was worried about not wanting to use it because of the smell. But I don't have a negative comment on the odour, because it doesn't really have one. It works really well for me and my dry, sensitive skin. I enjoy it more than the other Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid.
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