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The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + HA 30ml

4.4 of 67 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.18


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The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + HA is all about promoting a smooth, radiant complexion. If you have sensitive skin and glycolic acid is too harsh for your skin, this product is perfect for you. This unique exfoliating serum is more gentle than other AHA serums, as it features Mandelic Acid, which penetrates the skin more slowly, and therefore is more gentle on the complexion. 

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GREAT - 83% recommend

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The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + HA

The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + HA

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4.4 of 67 reviews

83% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

New favourite


I use this about 3 times a week. It removes any dry skin and also helps with pimples.
I use this as my only exfoliator. Overall my skin is much better.

Most Helpful Criticism

Gentle exfoliant


I bought this as my first exfoliant due to it being a milder version. It does have an oily texture which I find helps moisturise my skin, however because it is so mild I'm not sure if it does anything for my skin personally. Great for people who are just starting to use acids though!
  1. New favourite


    I use this about 3 times a week. It removes any dry skin and also helps with pimples.
    I use this as my only exfoliator. Overall my skin is much better.
  2. Good product but made me a little shiny

    Emma Loves Skincare

    Nice product. I liked using this oil although I did feel a bit shiny after using it.

    For reference my skin is oily/combination and I am 30 years old
  3. Great


    Since i have used stronger exfoliants in the past, i did not find this very effective at exfoliating. But it can be a good start
  4. Great beginner acid


    This is a gentle exfoliating Acid and I would recommend for people who haven’t used acids in their skin care before. I like to use this for maintenance in between my clinic chemical peels AHA/BHA. It feels really nice on the skin, almost oily but not greasy. Leaves my skin looking more refined, smoother & brighter the next day but without being tight and itchy. I only need to use the smallest amou...
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  5. Gentle exfoliant


    I bought this as my first exfoliant due to it being a milder version. It does have an oily texture which I find helps moisturise my skin, however because it is so mild I'm not sure if it does anything for my skin personally. Great for people who are just starting to use acids though!
  6. Did not work with my sensitive skin


    Although advertised that it is suitable for sensitive skin, this product did not agree with me! On the handful of times I used the products, I was left with dry, red, itchy and inflamed skin. Unfortunately, after my skin calmed down, I couldn't tell if the product worked. It's a shame because I love most of the ordinary products!
  7. Came back for more


    It was a toss up between the mandelic and lactic acid, I tried this one first and I have no complaints, there’s zero irritation and I feel it does it’s job well. I even bought a bottle for a friend.
  8. A particularly gentle chemical exfoliant


    I find this is much gentler on my skin than glycolic and salycilic. I’m a big fan of this one.
  9. Gentle but unpleasant texture


    I got this as I heard mandelic acid is great for sensitive skin and it did not disappoint in this aspect as it didn't irritate my skin. However the texture is quite thick and somewhat oily that it doesn't really sit well on my skin. On the other hand, I can't say it really has a noticeable effect in terms of exfoliation as I didn't notice brightening or softening as I do with other acid products. ...
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  10. Suprising after re-visiting


    I used this product last summer and didn't really see much of a change over the course of a few weeks, so i kept it in the draw. Lately i have had very dry flakey skin with acne scarring and decided to give it another go, i was suprised at how well it worked overnight! I woke up and my skin was more plump, all the dead flakey skin was gone and my super red acne scarring was reduced quite a lot. I ...
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  11. Gentle exfoliant


    This is my first leave on chemical exfoliant. Extremely gentle with no irritation. I use it every other day before other serums. No more patches of dry, flaking skin around my nose, eyebrows and hairline.
  12. Game changer


    I don't like using physical exfoliants, so this is perfect for keeping my skin fresh and exfoliated, without the redness and discomfort associated with scrubs. I have found that it has largely improved the overall texture of my skin, and I had no issues introducing it into my routine.
  13. Slow effect


    The first few days of using this I didn't see any difference but give it some time and the results will show. My dark pigmentation has disappeared and my face looks brighter and glowing.
  14. Great introductory acid


    I have seen good results with this product, including reduced acne scars/redness left over from a break out. It is quite gentle so a good place to start for those who have not used anything stronger previously.
  15. Great!!


    I use it at night sometimes, and it definitely decreases size of pores and visibility of fine lines. Just a bit too oily for my oily skin so i dont use it that often. But gives my skin the look of a facial the next morning, just the oily residue isn't great.
  16. Eh


    Have been using not for face as I presume intended but for scars on legs from insect bites as per a recommendation. Unfortunately haven't seen much change
  17. Better skin


    I use this on my skin at night before my moisturiser when I need a gentle exfoliation. It leaves my skin looking plump and helps with my complexion
  18. Gentle yet effective


    This acid works pretty well. Don’t expect dramatic changes as it is quite gentle. I have problematic skin and have found that this helps my skin tone and fading acne marks. Skin feels nice and soft in the morning.
  19. Gentle exfoliant


    A super gentle exfoliant. Did notice a slight difference to skin texture the next day. Feels a bit oily on the skin at first. I prefer the ordinary’s lactic acid.
  20. OK


    I have used this for a few months and found it to OK. Changes to the tone and texture of the skin were not significant but it is gentler than some other acids and did not irritate my skin.
  21. Amazing


    An amazing overnight exfoliant and is a part of my weekly routine. My skin was noticeably brighter / smooth / hydrated after the first use and is even better on sensitive skin types. Would recommend to anyone, especially those introducing their skin to chemical peels.
  22. Great


    I have only used it a few times but my skin already feels different. I have noticed that my pores have refined a lot, my skin tone is more even, and it looks brighter tan ever. It is also gentle with the skin
  23. my go to for rough skin


    i get eczema, on my face and on my body, so my skin is pretty sensitive, and i apply this every third night over rough spots, and when i wake up my skin is so much smoother, and less irritated - also my face is so soft and smooth, feels like i've just had a facial.
  24. Okay Product


    I have not noticed a difference in my skin since using this product. I have sensitive skin and this was not irritating, however the appearance of skin did not change. I have used this around 3 times now, so maybe it takes a while to see results.
  25. Nice, mild chemical exfoliant


    This is a great product to use as an initiation to AHA acids. It is very mild and I would suggest, suitable for sensitive skin.
  26. My favourite!


    This serum is literally my life! I know it’s meant for your face but I have also tried it on my keratosis Pilaris on my arms and literally this is the only thing that has worked reduce it dramatically. I have sensitive skin on my face so I can only use it maybe once a week but i have never written a product review in my life but took the time to write this!! I will never stop using this - EVER
  27. Gently exfoliate and has helped clear


    Even as an adult in her 30s I am still plagued with acne flare ups this product has been gentle on the skin while helping to exfoliate on a daily basis after the first month of us I have very few small comedome on my skin as well as the large cystic ones. Deffinately a favourite
  28. Clears up skin and exfoliates gently


    Skin type: oily and comedone, PIH-prone skin
    I've been looking for a mild but effective acid for my skin type and this by far has been the best. I use it to clear up comedones and minimize PIH marks. I use it once or twice a week only, at night, after my serum. I apply it all over my face and leave overnight. The next day, my face feels smoother and after 2-3 days I would notice mild peeling...
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  29. great acid for sensitive skin


    if you have sensitive skin, mandelic acid is the way to go! i've been using this for months and have had no issues. love how it's very affordable and also has HA in it for hydration
  30. good exfoliator for sensitive skin


    i have keratosis pilaris on my arms and can't use a harsh physical exfoliator, mandelic acid is the best product for a sensitive peel and this product and it's price point is fantastic
  31. Super gentle, but...


    I have sensitive skin and I tolerate this well, but I don’t get results with it like I do with lactic 10%, and I don’t like the oily feeling this leaves on the skin.
  32. Superficial Peel


    This serum is another great product from The Ordinary. It is a superficial Peel which does not leave the skin peeling or flakey, it leaves the skin glowing. Put it on overnight & wake up with super shiny glowing skin.
  33. More For Sensitive Skin


    This is a beautiful acid, but I’d be more likely to recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin.

    My skin loves AHA’s and is well used to high doses of Glycolic Acid, but for anyone wanting to try out an acid, this would be an extremely good place to start.

    It doesn’t dry out my skin, and if anything, it leaves it super moisturized with the added Hyaluronic Acid.
  34. Alright


    This product is pretty good. I haven't noticed any major differences but it isn't a bad product
  35. OK


    I have used this for more than 4 months and found that it has helped at times to clear up some areas of the skin although it does not prevent the occasional breakout from occurring.
  36. Very Gentle exfoliant


    It is a super gentle exfoliant. I have very sensitive skin and haven't seen any kind of reaction (burning/redness) yet. Whenever I see a pimple popping up, I spot treat it and the next day it's almost gone. It makes my skin a bit smoother and softer.
    However, I basically bought this for my textured skin but it doesn't get rid of that!
    Over all its a good exfoliant and I've been using ...
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  37. Leaves you with glowy smooth skin


    I love this acid, its mild and doesn't irritate your skin and has enough power to smoothen and leave your skin feeling soft. I use it at night and the next morning my skin feels amazing!
  38. Oily


    It is oilier than other AHAs I have used. Havent really noticed dramatic results.
  39. Love!


    This is a great acid. It seems just as effective as others, but feels so gentle on the skin. I find this one quite hydrating as well!
  40. Great product


    My skin is quite sensitive but this product is mild enough that it doesn’t cause any irritation, there’s no ‘burning’ sensation and it makes my skin feel great. The price is incredible too.
  41. Super effective yet non irritating- a repeat purchase for me!


    Brilliant. Seriously buy it. I use it at night (as does hubby!) and the next morning my skin is smooth and luminous. I apply, let it sink in and then apply rosehip oil over the top before going to bed. I love it so much that i am a repeat purchaser. Make sure you use sun protection the next day though as it does increase sensitivity.
  42. Fav ordinary product


    This is potentially my favourite Ordinary product. It is reliable and when I this use at night, my skin always looks clearer and glowy in the morning. I had no irritation when using and strongly recommend as it is so effective!
  43. Gentle and effective!


    This is the first chemical exfoliant I have ever purchased as I was always hesitant with other acids due to their higher irritation tendencies - until i discovered this!
    No tingle, no irritation, gentle and effective exfoliation that provides you with a clean and soft complexion the next morning!
  44. OK exfoliator


    This is an OK exfoliator but I feel that it is not strong enough for my skin to get the results that I am looking for.
  45. Light Exfoliation for Sensitive skin


    I have sensitive skin and have struggled to introduce AHA/BHA product to my routine (beyond occasionally cleansing with a product featuring very small amounts of lactic acid). I enjoy this product as I find I can use it bi-nightly (if that's a word), combined with a drop or two of the 100% plant based squalane (also TO). I think I'll now invest in a lactic acid soon for a fortnightly exfoliation t...
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  46. Perfect gentle exfoliation


    Had been searching for a gentle chemical exfoliator and as always TO had what I needed. After being on the physical exfoliators for so long I finally realised they were aggravating my sensitive, dry and acne prone skin. I like to apply this just to areas where I constantly break out (around my mouth) a few nights a week and the rest of my face once a week. I think it is definitely helping reduce m...
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  47. Mild but effective


    I bought this as an introduction to acids, and will carry on using it. It feels really hydrating on the skin when you put it on, and sinks in fast. So mild that I can use it every evening with no irritation.
  48. Gentle on sensitive roscea skin


    I asked adore for advice on how to treat my roscea affected skin and they recommended this and a couple of other products which I love! 5 days later and my skin looks so much better and less angry!! Thanks adore x
  49. Mild acid


    This was a bit too mild for me, though I have used it overnight when I feel a breakout coming and wake with the pimple receding. I prefer the Lactic Acid 10%, but would highly recommend this to someone with sensitive skin or new to acids. Mild but effective.
  50. Potent


    I have v sensitive dry skin & I find this stuff to be rather potent! Don’t be afraid to dilute at first. I only leave it on for 5-10 mins, then gently massage my face & it comes off like dried glue... seems weird at first but afterwards my skin is positively GLOWING! So soft! So smooth! And no irritation!
  51. Gentle


    This is a good way to gently exfoliate especially if you have sensitive skin
  52. Ticks every box


    I have had senstive skin since the birth of my second son and for the first time have experienced dry skin (normally oily). This product didn't cause irritation but I could feel it warm my skin just a little. When I wake up my skin looks brighter and smoother. I love the simplicity of the product, the "ting ting" of the glass dropper and the price. Perfect, perfect.
  53. Change up your acids


    Thought I would change up my acid from the usual and give this a go. Great product, very light but does the job. At night I could run my face and feel the top layers of dead cells ball off. Definitely see a boost in overall complexion and vibrance.
  54. Lightly exfoliates


    I have super sensitive skin and I've had a bad reaction to acids in the past. Mandelic acid is the only one i can use and it's excellent for a light exfoliation. The price is also unbeatable!
  55. WONderful serum


    Okay I've only used this for 5 days and I already saw a difference after the first night I used it!! My skin was horrible - I was breaking out due to period and unhealthy eating - and when I used it the day after, my pores were tightened and smoothed over, my spots were shrunk up, inflammation and redness reduced and my skin tone looked evened out. I will continue to use this, I love it.
  56. good for dry skin


    i have dry skin and can't use certain acids because they make it worse. this is the exception. great product and great price too!
  57. This product is amazing


    I love this product. I have slightly sensitive skin that benefits from an exfoliating acid.

    This product never irritates my skin and exfoliates beautifully. It is fantastic to use in the evening before your oil based serums and moisturizer.
  58. The best acid for sensitive skin


    I have sensitive skin and have tried a bunch of acids but mandelic is the gentlest one. Doesn't irritate my skin and gently exfoliated. The ordinary is super affordable. Definately recommend!
  59. Love


    I love this product so much I used to have super oily T-zone and ever since I got this product it is lest oily and I have more confidence with my skin. The product I only use at night time before bed and doesn’t dry your skin out so you have to use moisturiser it just takes the extra oils away
  60. Love!


    I have fair, sometimes sensitive/reactionary skin and in the past harsher acid exfoliants like glycolic left my skin more sensitive. I’ve used this about 3 times now a few days apart. I put it on at night time, wait about 30mins-40mins to let it absorb and then put my moisturiser on. I haven’t had any yucky peeling or dry flaky patches, and it hasn’t increased my skin sensitivity. My skin is f...
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  61. A great one to add to your mix and alternate with other AHAs


    I originally bought this because I wanted a gentle AHA for my sometimes-a-bit-sensitive skin. I didn't really use it much because my skin was able to tolerate lactic acid and I thought lactic was a 'superior' AHA. But then I read a blog by Caroline Hirons where she recommended that we should mix up the types of acids we are using on our skin and not always using the same acid. So now I have put ma...
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  62. Wonderful product.


    I have troubled skin (all the issues! Oily zones, dry patches, scars, discoloured areas,fragile and red as well as thickened skin and large pores),due to health issues and medication and I stumbled across this brand by accident. And so glad I did!
    This has worked so effectively that by the end of one week I have had heaps of comments on how much better my skin looks, and I could feel the cha...
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  63. Gentle AHA with all the benefits


    My skin is combination / oily and acne prone so I have been on the hunt for a holy grail AHA products.
    Countless hours pouring over the web searching led me to The Ordinary's Mandelic Acid 10% + HA.
    It comes in a brown glass bottle with a dropper applicator. Texture is quite fluid and runny and it absorbs very quickly and doesn't leave me feeling sticky or heavy.
    I recommend usin...
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  64. Fantastic AHA for people who are worried about other acids being too strong


    I wanted to incorporate an AHA into my routine but was worried as my skin is quite sensitive. Tried the mandelic acid and 100% would recommend. My skin is much softer and I feel that my other products are able to be absorbed better.
  65. Fantastic


    All hail The Ordinary! It is really hard to find products with mandelic acid in them, as companies seem to prefer the other types of AHAs (glycolic etc.). Yet mandelic acid is perfect for people who find glycolic a bit too irritating. It penetrates the skin much more slowly, so causes much less irritation than other types of acids for people with sensitive skin. The Ordinary's formulation is lovel...
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  66. LOVE mandelic acid!

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    My favourite salon treatment is a mandelic peel - mandelic acid is well suited to my skin type, which leans sensitive and is prone to dehydration. Unfortunately though, it's actually super hard to find reputable products that contain a known concentration of mandelic acid.

    So when I first heard that The Ordinary were releasing a Mandelic Acid, I lost my cool a little bit. I've always ...
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