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The Ordinary Supersize Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 - 60ml 60ml

4.7 of 145 reviews


4 instalments of $5.78

Or 4 instalments of $5.78 with LEARN MORE
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4 instalments of $5.78

Or 4 instalments of $5.78 with LEARN MORE

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Dehydrated and dry skin can feel uncomfortable and display signs of ageing earlier. Proper hydration can make a massive difference in the look and feel of your complexion. The Ordinary has developed one of the best Hyaluronic Acid treatments for an instant hydration boost and easy absorption. Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 has quickly become one of the brand’s most-loved products. Because it benefits all skin types, this serum is a must-have in anyone’s skincare cabinet.

  • Alcohol Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Customer Reviews

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4.7 of 145 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this product!


This product is fantastic! It absorbs into your skin quickly without leaving it greasy and hydrated your face, giving you an instant glow. This product is very gentle too. Highly recommended.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good.. but not great


I bought this product as a better budget buy, compared to a similar, more costly Hyaluronic Acid + B5 serum, and the proof was in this difference. It didn't seem to sink as well into the skin and feel as hydrating. However, if I can't afford my more exxy serum I will be reverting back to this.
  1. best value for money


    verified purchaser
    I love this stuff. I've gone through so many bottles of it. Sinks in quickly and does exactly what it says. The supersize bottle easily lasts over two months. Excellent value for money
  2. Love this product!


    This product is fantastic! It absorbs into your skin quickly without leaving it greasy and hydrated your face, giving you an instant glow. This product is very gentle too. Highly recommended.
  3. An oldie but a goodie


    Bigger bottle = better value. There are probably better hyaluronic acids out there, but they come with a hefty price tag. This one is pretty good, keeps me hydrated and is great value for money.
  4. It's great!


    Hydrates my skin really well without leaving it greasy. Great to use in the morning before sunscreen.
  5. Easy moisture boost without the shine


    This product is super gentle, and easy to add into any skin care routine! I love using it knowing I’m adding extra moisture into my combination skin. It’s also super fast absorbing and can be added with other serums As a cocktail if your in a rush.
  6. Easy, cheap and effective


    Love this product, it’s great entry level HA which doesn’t break the bank! I always have this in my rotation.
  7. Decent Hylauronic Acid Serum


    This serum would be perfect for anyone want to try out hylauronic acid to add to their skincare regime. It is thicker and stickier than other hylauronic acids I have tried, but it is also much cheaper.
  8. No fuss serum


    I use this on damp skin and it works fantastically. It sinks in almost immediately and leaves my skin with a slight dewy finish.
  9. Great everyday treatment


    So happy to have one of my favourite products from The Ordinary in a larger size! Does dry a little sticky but not noticeable after moisturising.
  10. Not for me


    This hyaluronic acid didn't work for my skin! I just found it really sticky and it made my skin feel really dry. It's not for me!
  11. Oasis


    I am currently living in a dry climate and also using actives plus retin-a. This is truly life saving as i could not contiue with my routine without hydration hydration hydration.
    How I use this: I mix a few dropper fulls to my bottle of korean balancing toner which i use at night, a few dropper fulls to my vit c toner which I use during the day. These two toners have a water-like consisten...
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  12. Love it


    Love this product, I have extremely dry and sensitive skin due to having atopic eczema. I use this every morning after cleansing, before moisturising. It helps keep my skin stay moisturised and soft all day.
    I found the product a little hard to put on at first, like it was a litttle think maybe? It I just ever so slightly wet my hands before spreading it on my face and it glides on :)
  13. good value


    love that this now comes in a supersized version because I use this stuff all the time
    best value for money
    my acne prone skin doesn't break out from it
    my skin has improved so much since using this
  14. Great for the price


    Great for the price! Most cost effective hyaluronic out there!
  15. Skincare staple


    If you are looking for a moisturiser that won't leave you oily or break your skin out I recommend purchasing this. I use it every morning, followed by The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% then sunscreen. I will continue to buy this, you can't go wrong as it's such an affordable price.
  16. Bigger and better!


    So glad they supersized this product. My dads current job requires him to take care of his skin and he’s been getting me to order him this serum as he had tried mine. I still use ordinary but find higher concentrations in some of the other brands available.
  17. Great price but balls up under sunscreen


    I bought this product because of its price and therefore value. I apply it on a moist cleansed face and wait for it to be absorbed before applying sunscreen. However, it does not work as it balls up and the mix of sunscreen and this product start peeling off. This happens even when i layer it with Niacinamide and moisturizer. I won’t be buying it again.
  18. Need a bigger bottle!


    I love this stuff, it's so versatile. I'm 59 and my skin can get quite dehydrated, I mix 4 or 5 drops of this into my face cream or oil and it sinks in beautifully, I also add it to body lotions and I have even mixed it with some distilled water and sprayed it in my hair to put a bounce in my curls!
  19. HA 60ML


    I love that this HA comes in the 60ML size. Less waste, same product. Works well to hydrate on my combo skin, without feeling thick or heavy
  20. The Ordinary Supersize Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 - 60ml


    Overall, I really like this product and you cannot beat the price! The packaging is nice and easy to apply. The product has a nice scent to it. It left my skin looking nice but I do notice my skin getting oily quicker than normal.
  21. Fantastic serum


    This is a great moisterzing serum and at such an affordable price. Makes skin so hydrated and dewy I love it. Would definitely repurchase and recommend!
  22. Amazing!


    I love this Hyaluronic acid. I've tried a few other ones after using this for the first time and I always go back.
  23. YAY! Supersize me


    OMG I love that the HA now comes in a supersize version! I go through so much HA so it is great to have the large bottle. LOVEIT
  24. You absolutely cannot go wrong


    This serum is heavily and had changed my skin. I've been using this serum religiously for 2 years. It's by far one of the best things on the market for it's price.
  25. Amazing


    I love that this comes in larger size as I go through it so quickly! A staple in my skincare routine
  26. Great Base


    I use this before any other product, usually while my face is still damp after washing it as it goes on easier. It drys quick and well and then I use my other products over it. I like that it is unscented and gives my face a bit of a glow
  27. Real good


    Love this product, so happy to purchase it in a bigger size as I go through it pretty fast- using it all over my body as well. Good for layering, good for a non greasy surge of moisture, love a light feeling product that sinks right in and does the job right annnd it's so damn cheap
  28. A staple in my skincare routine


    I can't live without this! I've been using the small size for over a year, and it makes my skin so plump and hydrated. I love that they've come out in a larger size as I go through it so quickly!
  29. Awesome product


    Really great product. Perfect as a part of my easy routine. Has made my skin feel great! My skin can be a bit sensitive but no dramas with this!
  30. Favourite


    One of my top TO products. I first bought a small bottle and disliked the tackiness and pilling so I gave up on it for a while. Tried again months later - maybe my skin had adjusted but it just took to it beautifully. I’m convinced my makeup looks better after application. I wear it morning and night. Definitely worthwhile to buy the supersize.
  31. Almost there.


    Oily skin.
    Use for under eye skin.
    Not as thick and hydrating as other cosmecuticals I have tried. Still works perfectly well, as per the label. It's just not quite the same quality.
  32. great size


    i love this product so much and having it in such a big size is so great because i go through it so fast. Definitely recommend!
  33. Great moisture boost


    A great product for mixing or layering with other compatible serums or moisturisers. Great to use under mineral make up but let it settle into the skin first as it can be quite sticky and will get into your make up brushes. I have sensitive, dry/normal skin and it's great on days when I need extra moisture. It's lovely to apply, I like to gently pat it into my skin, especially dry areas. I love th...
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  34. love love love


    i loved this product in the 30ml so i had to purchase in the 60ml. it lasts so soooo much longer (obviously haha) but it is a staple in my skincare routine so it is so convenient to have it in a larger bottle.
  35. great serum


    onto my second bottle of this product and loving the results! my skin feels so hydrated after use and very glowy! love the supersized product too!
  36. Can’t go wrong


    This serum is a bit tacky so it isn't the easiest to just slot into your skincare routine if you use several products but it is worth trying to include it if you can. It is instant hydration for your skin, it doesn't take long to spot results. Plumping skin and healthy looking in just a few days.
  37. Love!


    This makes your skin so so soft and plump with a real hydrated feel. I love this and it’s huge the product lasts so long. Will be repurchasing when I run out!
  38. incredible


    incredible product so it makes sense to have it in a supersized product. Costs less overall and more product, amazing
  39. My skin is plumping


    I use this serum with the Buffet serum, it makes wonders to my skin, it's so plumped and hydrated after that! I don't really like the consistency which is very slimmy, and there is no fragrance at all. For the price it's an excellent serum!
  40. Love love love


    I love The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5.
    It’s super hydrating and has reduced my fine lines.
  41. Great for congestion


    I started using this hyaluronic acid and then niacidamide afterwards and my congestion has cleared up so much. It took about 3 weeks of persistently using this morning and night but was well worth the wait!
  42. Perfect hydrator


    I have combination skin with occasional sensitivities & this serum just makes my skin feel so good. Also loving the bigget bottle. Before I started using HA, I had to worry about the type of moisturizer I was using.. now that I use HA every morning and night, it's not too much of a hassle. I know my skin will get good hydration. Best way I have found using, is applying while my face is still wet. ...
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  43. Great product!! Will definitely purchase again!!


    With all the ordinary serums, I absolutely love that they come in sustainable packaging, all serums come in glass bottles, including the dropper which also mainly glass!
    The Packaging is also super easy to read and has direct instructions on how to use the product.
    After suffering from acne and dry/oily skin for many years I had my doubts about the ordinary product line, but the hyal...
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  44. Staple


    I’ve purchased this many times, it is a staple in my skin care routine and I can’t go without it. I love that it now comes in this supersize bottle so it lasts longer and I don’t run out of it as quickly. Which saves me money as well. It does what it claims to do and love the pricing of too!
  45. Hydration queen


    Having combination skin can be very frustrating and difficult to manage. This product is fantastic for hydration in all the right places. It absorbs into the skin quickly and feels excellent. I’m very impressed with this product and will be purchasing it again
  46. Buy this!


    This is a must have for every skin type, my skin can't get enough of it - very moisturising but no grease!
  47. Great moisturizing serum


    I have been using this product after buffet serum to seal and add moisture to my skin. I have noticed that my skin is softer & hydrated since using the serum. Definitely will keep using in my regime.
  48. Holy Grail


    I've been using the ordinary' sqalane cleanser, lactic acid, ha, caffiene solution and moisturiser for about a month now and this has been the standout of them all.
    Even on night when I can't be bothered doing anything else, I face halo my face then use this product. I've used it on dry skin on my hands as well and have noticed a huge difference. This is a game changer for me.
  49. Size does matter!


    We all know this stuff works magic in dry and dehydrated skin. However, I’m particularly in love with the larger bottle - no fear of running out soon and saves the planet!
  50. Good addition to my skincare routine


    Works well and appears to have good ingredients like I know the ordinary are known for. Beware it is tacky though so needs to be applied quickly.
  51. Great for dry or dehydrated skin


    The super large bottle is fantastic, I slather this on any dry skin on my face or body, including elbows, knees or feet.

    Smooths out skin and even makes your fake tan last longer.
  52. Awesome


    I love this product I have just purchased this Supersize version as I have been using the smaller size. It glides on so well and absorbs well.
  53. Great value for money


    I've never tried any other brands' Hydrator's because I don't think I need to. This is great value for money. For someone who has very oily skin, this is perfect to use during the day when you're at home and don't want the greasiness of a moisturiser. Only negative is it flakes off sometimes, so isn't great for putting on underneath anything.
  54. Good.. but not great


    I bought this product as a better budget buy, compared to a similar, more costly Hyaluronic Acid + B5 serum, and the proof was in this difference. It didn't seem to sink as well into the skin and feel as hydrating. However, if I can't afford my more exxy serum I will be reverting back to this.
  55. Great entry-level product that gets the job done


    Have used this product for years and while I would like to step it up a notch- it's hard to go past this for price. I have a number of skin concerns I am try to combat with my combo skin. Hydration is always one of them and I feel like this does the job for days where I want medium level hydration. I always mix it in with a light moisturizer or spirtz but during winter or days when I need somethin...
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  56. Great Product


    After hearing about this product through a friend I thought I had to try. It works really well my skin feels smooth and hydrated and when I recently went to my facialist she complimented on how good my skin was looking, this was one month after using this product. The applicator makes it easy to dispense the product for the application. It would be perfect if they made a more travel-friendly vers...
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  57. Best products


    never use it before!
    read so many good reviews and it will be the one for sure!!
    smell a bit weird though
  58. Great serum for a great price


    The way these serums dry on my skin makes my already super dry skin feel worse, but I find this isn't as bad as others triple the price. I use this under moisturiser at night and it doesnt inflame my angry sensitive/ dry skin, which is a win. When I wake up, my skin has absorbed everything and feels like paper again, but I've only just started using it, so with time I'm hoping my skin will improve...
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  59. instant results


    I get instant hydration whenever I use this product so now it's a staple. I layer it as my first serum for my face and mix a few drops with my body lotion after a shower. There's so many uses for it and it's so well priced.
  60. Hydration


    Gives a subtle glow after you use it. Best used on damp skin - I would suggest using a hydrating toner.
  61. Result in an instant


    Honestly one of the only products where you can feel the results instantly. Maybe all hyaluronic acid products are like that, but this one doesnt immediately evaporate off your skin like most other hyaluronic acid products ive tried.
  62. Awesome product!


    This really helps to aid the hydration in my skin and encourage my moisturisers to properly absorb into my skin and lock that moisture in. It feels slightly thick when applying but soaks into the skin super fast, I pat it into my skin to really help it absorb. Once it's on you wouldn't even know you're wearing it. It layers really well under all my other products too. Would definitely recommend! M...
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  63. Thank god TO introduced a BIG bottle!


    I have only one issue with using this serum - and that's that I used to go through a bottle so fast! Absolutely game-changing product for myself who is 29 and was 6 months ago beginning to see very early signs of ageing on my face. Once introduced to this product, I was going through a smaller (now my travel size:) bottle pretty quickly, and the supersize honestly just goes the distance so much mo...
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  64. Awesome for daily use


    This has been a part of my daily routine for over a year now. I noticed a difference in my skins hydration after using it for about a month. I use this in the day time and a more expensive HA at night time just to keep the overall cost of my skincare regimen down a little. It definitely works and absorbs reasonably well, the only reason I prefer more expensive versions of HA serums is because they...
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  65. Hydration at it's best


    I LOVE this product.
    I use it morning and night under other serums and my skin just soaks it up!
    I have combination skin and have always been cautious about any serum that may cause me to break out. but my skin just loves this product.
    My skin has dramatically improved, more supple, bright and in general condition since adding this product to my skincare regime
    It goes on ...
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  66. Very hydrating, and great size


    This is my second bottle of Hyaluronic Acid, so glad it now comes in a larger sized bottle. The smaller bottle lasts about 3 months and have definitely noticed the positive effects on my overall hydration and smoother skin texture after every day use. The product soaks in quickly and is light enough to layer on with heavier serums and moisturiser.
  67. Great product, even better supersized


    I've been using this serum for a while now, and is the best lIghtweight hydrating serum that I have found. I have an oily T-zone, and this is great for hydration, but doesn't increase oil. Great price for the quality of the product, and the supersize is an even better value.
  68. Affordable and effective


    This is an affordable and effective serum to use on a daily basis to help improve the condition of the skin
  69. Best value HA serum


    This has to be the cheapest HA serum that delivers the same results as their expensive counterparts. The consistency is very fluid like so spreads easily on the skin and keeps it moisturised. It can peel at times if you put too much on but for the value it’s so worth it
  70. Super Hydrating


    My skin is super hydrated now, and I love the larger size of this bottle!
  71. A Must Have Product

    Rubber Goanna

    If you purchase only one thing from The Ordinary range, then it would be this. Use this In your AM & PM routine. It feels slightly slimy like snail snot but a couple of drops is all you need and it spreads very well and is absorbed into the skin extremely quickly. The bottle lasts a very long time now it has been supersized.
    I have had no reactions to this product and definitely notice th...
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  72. added hydration


    Nice way to add some extra hydration into your routine.
  73. A good product


    I enjoy adding this product after cleaning my face before applying moisturiser. It makes my face more hydrated for longer.
  74. Immediate Hydration & Plumping Effect


    Hyaluronic Acid is an amazing and efficient product for ultimate hydration. This product also comes in a smaller size (30mL) but I knew I would love this product so I got the larger size. I immediately feel a huge difference in the hydration and plumpness of my skin after using, and my skin overall is definitely a lot less dehydrated after a week of using. I use this morning and night and will def...
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  75. Immediate Hydration & Plumping Effect


    Hyaluronic Acid is an amazing and efficient product for ultimate hydration. This product also comes in a smaller size (30mL) but I knew I would love this product so I got the larger size. I immediately feel a huge difference in the hydration and plumpness of my skin after using, and my skin overall is definitely a lot less dehydrated after a week of using. I use this morning and night and will def...
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  76. Immediate Hydration & Plumping Effect


    Hyaluronic Acid is an amazing and efficient product for ultimate hydration. This product also comes in a smaller size (30mL) but I knew I would love this product so I got the larger size. I immediately feel a huge difference in the hydration and plumpness of my skin after using, and my skin overall is definitely a lot less dehydrated after a week of using. I use this morning and night and will def...
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  77. Very hydrating Serum!!


    I love this serum, it absorbed quickly and easily and make my skin feel soft and smooth. 2 drops are enough for my face and neck, just need a thin layer over the face and neck. Very nice feeling.
  78. Supersized is a god sent


    So happy this comes in a larger size! I use it twice a day and it is fabulous. Wish they made all their products in a larger size.
  79. It works as it promises


    My second order. It’s highly recommended for new to skin care routine. I use it am and pm with vitamin c. It really gives my skin instant glow and care.
  80. Hyaluronic Acid


    Love this HA product, hydrates with a light layer of moisture and the B5 really helps to calm my skin (rosacea, acne, etc). Great value
  81. Smooth skin


    Love how hydrating this product is for my very dry and flaky skin. Amazing price too.
  82. Looking hydrated.


    I thought I'd give this a try as I did't have Hyaluronic Acid in my routine. I like the results and find that my skin is hydrated and does look youthful and bouncy but I'm not a big fan of the texture of the serum as it dries. Which it does pretty much instantly, which makes it difficult to spread and it becomes tacky quickly. Not sure if this is normal for Hyaluronic Acids as I am limited in m...
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  83. Hydrating and fast absorbing


    I've bought 3 bottles of the 30ml bottle already and absolutely love it. I find it is very hydrating (especially when you apply it to a damp face) and it helps prevent any dry patches.
  84. Second buy


    This is amazing stuff. hydrates my dry skin. really helpful all year round


    Love this product! Have always had trouble with my skin and this has helped so much. Affordable too which is amazing
  86. Refreshing


    This product comes in a cardboard box with the company name and product name, nice and simple. There is no smell to this product, which is good. I apply it after I wash my face so I keep it by the shower/basin. After patting my face (making sure its still damp) I apply the Hyaluronic Acid. I find having a damp face helps it spread easier. It drys quick, and I then apply my other face products. I...
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  87. Incredible


    Firstly, I went from using ridiculously expensive Cosmeceuticals when I realised I needed something a little more affordable. I was introduced to the Ordinary from a YouTuber and haven't looked back. It's so beautifully priced, high-quality ingredients. My skin is as good, if not better, since switching to The Ordinary.

    I use this HA serum when I do my micro needling (pen style). ...
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  88. HYDRATEEE!!!!!


    When I'm being neglectful of my skin this puts the moister back in within a couple of days! Also my favourite thing to use when I have been using my chemical exfoliator. I battle with oily skin and this gives me back hydration without blocking my pores and adding to my shine.
  89. Amazing daily hydration


    I use it morning and night. It’s fantastic I definitely feel a huge difference during the day if I forget it. It’s feels so gooey and great as you apply and is absorbs quickly. I put a light face moisturiser on top to seal it in and a sunscreen. I love it so much
  90. Like

    Ordinary HA

    Whilst I liked this serum and think it's really good value, I still prefer Medik8's version. I think this does the job (hydrating) and is a really great price point however I just preferred the feel of the Medik8 Hydr8 B5 serum on my skin. I also found that at times it would peel (rub off?) when i'd apply other serums/moisturisers or my make up on top.
  91. Best thing for dry, dehydrated skin


    I have dry, dehydrated skin and this is the best product I've ever tried for it. I use it everyday before my moisturiser and it makes my skin so much more hydrated and soft.
  92. incredible


    This is a wonderful way to try the range! I always take it with me when I’m travelling, great for the plane!
  93. Perfect for Microneedling


    I use this serum when doing my 6 weekly micro-needling (the pen style, not roller). I also use it during the recovery phase to keep my skin hydrated (~7 days). I love this product and regularly bring it into my night routine or whenever i've been a bit aggressive with my skin (e.g. after retinol treatments).
    Highly recommend.
  94. Good product


    Helps with my oiliness in a way. Good product
  95. Love it


    Love the new bigger packaging, great for reducing waste and super hydrating serum
  96. disappointing


    definitely could’ve been better for the price. it still works amazing and i love it but won’t be purchasing it again
  97. Game changer


    This is by far the best HA I have ever used and the new supersize is the best! I still find it hard to understand why people purchase extraordinary expensive HA serums when they can buy this HA for next to nothing and add a game changer to their routine. I’ve been using the ordinary for 18 months now and I will never buy any other HA. Pro tip: less is more, it’s a thick formula so if you don’t wan...
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  98. Great for oily skin

    Cristina Z.

    This is the only moisturiser that my oily skin needs during summer. I use twice a day and love how it absorbs almost instantly.
  99. Super value size


    Im really happy to see AB offer the bigger size. One of the best HA serum and cant complaint about the price ;)
  100. Review & Earn
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