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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 30ml

4.5 of 914 reviews


4 instalments of $3.23


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4 instalments of $3.23


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

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4.5 of 914 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Perfect product
Super absorbent, hydrating, smoothing. Just make sure your face and hands are completely dry before application or it becomes kind of soapy in consistency and therefore doesn’t absorb evenly. Highly recommended! An essential!

Most Helpful Criticism

not really effective but good price to try
I do like this serum for the price but it isn't very effective on my skin. I use to use the estee Lauder advanced night repair serum and thought I would change to this as a cheaper alternative and its no where near as good as quality. I will keep forking out the money for the estee Lauder as I notice a dramatical difference when I use it compared to the ordinary.
  1. Very hydrating

    I have really noticed my skin has not been dry since using this serum. It goes on nicely and sinks in quickly. I usually struggle in winter with getting dry peeling skin but this has not been an issue this season. I’ve just finished my first bottle and would purchase again especially given the low price point
  2. Perfect product

    Super absorbent, hydrating, smoothing. Just make sure your face and hands are completely dry before application or it becomes kind of soapy in consistency and therefore doesn’t absorb evenly. Highly recommended! An essential!
  3. Skin feels fab

    This product is perfect under my moisturiser, and keeps my skin feeling great allday
  4. not really effective but good price to try

    I do like this serum for the price but it isn't very effective on my skin. I use to use the estee Lauder advanced night repair serum and thought I would change to this as a cheaper alternative and its no where near as good as quality. I will keep forking out the money for the estee Lauder as I notice a dramatical difference when I use it compared to the ordinary.
  5. Amazing!

    This is a very hydrating, nourishing serum that is so afforable and does the job of making my skin look and feel super soft, hydrated and glowing! It applies well and absorbs into my skin really well. You can't go wrong with this serum, especially at the affordable price!
  6. The best at its price-point

    This Hyaluronic acid serum is hands down the best hydrating powerhouse at its price point. It is very easy to apply and skin can absorb it very quickly. As HA is a powerful humectant, and it absorbs over 1000 times its weight in water, I use it after I had my shower every night. It makes my skin feel very hydrated and soft in the next morning. Definitely recommend everyone to try it!
  7. Lightweight and plumping

    I use this everyday and love how it instantly brightens and plumps up my skin. I find that it needs to be applied pretty quickly because my dry skin soaks it right up. It does have a sticky consistency once on the skin but that goes away after a minute or two. It gets 4 stars rather than 5 because sometimes it pills, especially when layering with other products.
  8. So hydrating

    I bought this on a whim as I was travelling and didn’t want to take my normal serums. The texture is a bit slimy but tries instantly, without leaving an oily finish on your skin. I have acne prone skin and this serum has not caused any irritation or additional breakouts.
  9. Honestly can’t believe how inexpensive this is

    This product is so good, leaves your skin looking plump and young, not drying, clearing up my hyperpigmentation and I haven’t had an outbreak of pimples since I started using it!
  10. 10/10

    Absolutely love this product for my dry skin, I let it soak in prior to makeup application.
  11. Nice and simple

    A nice serum, very basic but does hydrate my skin nicely
  12. great product

    hydrating and thick serum.
    texture is best patting onto the skin as it is sticky.
    wonderful product
  13. Used as an alternative to the Hylamide HA Booster

    I bought this as I had run out of my Hylamide Low Molecular HA as I was finding it difficult to track down. Great alternative - and cheaper - great for sensitive and oily skin.
  14. Affordable and good quality

    I have mature combination skin that leans oily so my skins needs hydration to plump it up but nothing too rich or heavy that will make me greasy or give me a break out.

    I add a drop or too of this to a lightweight moisturiser and its enough to plump my skin. It's especially noticeable under my eyes where I have not-so-fine lines. The effects are slightly different, depending on the humidity on the day (and which foundation I wear over the top.
  15. Plumping and moisturizing !

    I have dry sensitive skin, and when layered with an oil afterward this is a beautiful product. It plumps the skin, and sucks up moisture, making my skin look and feel younger. Just make sure you leave some time for it to absorb before layering with other products or it can congeal. But at this price point- who cares!
  16. Plump!

    I use this product very last in my nightly routine on my lips and areas with fine lines. The plumping effect on my lips is just perfect when I wake up - noticeably fuller in all areas I’ve applied it!
  17. Serum

    Super hydrating. I feel like the serum can feel a little thick/ sticky to start, but dries down very nicely.
  18. 10/10

    I absolutely love this product. Simple and effective. Keeps my skin hydrated without excess oil. 10/10 would recommend
  19. Would recommend

    I was recommended The Ordinary by a friend who works in the skincare/beauty industry. I have quiet dull dry skin, this in conjunction with the skin buffet has really lifted the appearance of my skin. Very happy
  20. An essential classic

    This product leaves my skin hydrated, an absolute essential for any skin care routine
  21. Cannot live without this product

    I have bought this at least five times now it’s that good. It’s perfect for hydrating the skin and is completely weightless making it great under makeup and other skincare product. For the price you really can’t go wrong.
  22. Great product

    Doesn’t make my oily skin worse or clog my pores. Helps to hydrate my skin and help the overall appearance. Would recommend
  23. Surprisingly Hydrating

    I love the ordinary HA.I think this one is more hydrating than the other version.Much better than expectation.Definitely recommend
  24. Pills under make up

    This is a great moisturiser IF you are not planning to put make up over the top, I find that it pills under my foundation, however it does give fantastic long lasting hydration if you’re not planning on wearing make up!
  25. A best seller for good reasons

    Clearly a good seller for good reasons... works just as well as any other hyaluronic acid product (ive used drunk elephant bhydra, medik8 hydr8 etc) for much less damage to the wallet. Although after long period use, the dropper lid and the opening have residue build up but doesnt affect usage or results. You will feel a difference to your skin immediately
  26. Good for the price!

    I am in two minds about this product. I have combination skin and it is hydrating but im not really a fan of the thick consistency as i can feel it sitting on top of my skin afterwards. I leave a couple of minutes before applying my moisturizer and it goes well under make up. Good product for the price so worth a purchase if you haven't tried it.
  27. Does what is says

    Find this helps my skin feel hydrated without making it feel oily or clogged. My skin does tend to be very acne prone and this doesnt aggravate or cause additional acne.
  28. Incredible product

    This is an amazing serum. Really plumps up my skin and it has given me the most amazing texture.
    Granted, it must be blended in very well with moisturiser because it does cause blotchiness and feels as though there is a film on your skin at first, but it absorbs quickly and it is well worth it for the awsome results I see.
  29. very hydrating!

    I love the ordinary HA. I was using the other formulation that is thinner but swapped back to this one because it is easier to apply. I also think this one is more hydrating than the other version.
  30. On the fence

    I have no idea how I feel about this product. Love the price but it just feels funny on application as though there is a film across your skin. I don't really know whether it is very moisturizing either. I could possibly not be using it often enough? I have oily skin so I really wanted a product that would deeply moisturize my skin and hopefully keep my oil at bay. This product just didn't do it for me unfortunately:(
  31. Glowing skin

    This product is my holy grail and I cannot simply live without it. Its so hydrating and gentle on the skin I know I'm not meant to but I just looove smothering this product on. I order a stash as I go through it very quickly. It leaves the skin so hydrated and glowing perfect for both summer and winter. Everyone needs to try this product!
  32. Great serum, my skin loves it!

    This serum is so good for my skin, I noticed almost right away how moisturised my skin felt are using it, the applicator bottle is super easy to use and I find that no matter what moisturiser I use, my skin always feels moist when I use this.
  33. Good budget option

    My skin is dry/ combination and I have enjoyed the results of this product. I find it a bit sticky and the consistency is slippery- it doesn’t always absorb well under other products but it’s such a great price!
  34. Amazing!

    An absolute staple for anyone’s skin care routine. I apply this after cleansing before moisturiser morning and night to stop my skin from drying out and over producing oil. Makes my skin visibly ‘plumper’ and More hydrated. So affordable as well!
  35. so hydrating

    This serum is so hydrating for my dry sensitive skin and doesnt interfere with my makeup! actually makes a great primer!!
  36. dry skin saver

    this is a great winter staple for dry and sunken skin- I use it the night before rather than morning of due to stickiness, and it works well to plum and even out skintone -another great Ordinary staple.
  37. Instant difference

    I notice a difference in my skins texture as soon as the product dries. It absorbs well and doesn’t interfere with how my make up wears
  38. Glass skin!

    I apply this morning and night and also love to mix it with my liquid foundations. It creates a plump look and my dry patches are all gone. Such a great price too.
  39. Terrific price point

    I am always in two minds about this product although I have re-purchased many times and do not like to be without. I find this is something I can only use at night as it's quite sticky and shiny and does not go well under my foundation. I definitely wake up the next morning with plump hydrated skin but as far as long term effects, I'm not sure it does anything there. For the price you can't go wrong, especially if you're on a budget. I have tried other serums of this nature and didn't find them to be worth the extra $.
  40. Worth adding to your skincare routine

    I have oily/combination skin and it's starting to show signs of the good life I've led so far. In search of getting that youthful glow and dewiness (very different to oiliness!) back, I've heard the hype around serums and decided to give them a go.
    The Ordinary's pricing is so reasonable that this was a good starting point.
    I have been using the Hyaluronic Acid 2% in combination with the Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% religiously AM & PM for just over a month now and it's just running out.
    I can't say I see a noticeable difference but I will say that it makes my moisturisers go on more easily (and I use less) and I do feel like my skin is somewhat more hydrated - I get less dry or oily patches throughout the day. Quite a feat given the recent cold snap this Winter with my time spent changing between freezing outside winds and drying indoor heaters.
    I will be re-purchasing this :)
  41. Not for me

    I bought this because my skin felt like it needed a bit more hydration for the winter - I have oily, breakout prone skin. Every time I used it I woke up with new bumps on my skin, but I thought it couldn't be this because it's just hylauronic acid and non-comedogenic right? I kept giving it a chance but unfortunately it was persistently breaking me out so I'm disappointed.
  42. Amazing hydrator!

    This serum is amazing! Keeps my face hydrated all day, definitely recommend!
  43. Instant plump skin

    I love this so much! Amazing quality product at a low affordable price. The texture is lovely and absorbs quickly, and within a few moments I can see the difference in my skin. It definitely does what it says. Though the texture is slightly sticky it doesn's really bother me as it absorbs so quickly- and personally I find it quite cooling. My skin is combo and this has saved my skin this winter. A little goes a long way, only two drops per application will do the trick. Will buy again and again!
  44. I saw the difference in a few days.

    I have used this previously but re-purchased again to use with the ordinary retinol. The price is very affordable and easier for us to access to try on. The texture is very smooth. I apply after the face toner. I saw the glow and radiance in a few days after starting using. I am happy to repeat this if this will add more glow to my skin. It is so far working. Very happy with the purchase.
  45. good price good product

    this product is great
    so good for the skin
    keeps my skin looking plump and hydrated
    i also put some on my lips and it helps hydrate them and has reduced them cracking
    i have very sensitive and oily skin and this product still is great love the ordinary products and such good price
  46. So far so good

    I’ve been using this for 2 weeks in combination with the 5% retinoid and started noticing a real difference in my skin - it’s much brighter and smoother and fine lines are reducing. I use twice a day and the retinoid once a day. I’d recommend the combination
  47. I wanted to love it..

    I really really wanted to love this product because of the price. I don’t like the texture (it’s stickier than other versions I’ve tried) but could get past that if I felt it worked. I didn’t see any obvious results and unfortunately like other The Ordinary products made me break out every time I used it. Obviously amazing for some people but not for everyone.
  48. Great product, excellent price :)

    I’ve been using another brand for 10+ yrs but was getting fed up with the price increases! This product seamlessly worked into my routine, delivered the same results/benefits and better yet at 1/4 of the price I was paying! Excited to try the other products in this range!
  49. Sensitive skin reaction

    Do not recommend for sensitive skin. I tried this for 2 days and my skin is still recovering 3 days later. Dried out my skin a lot and made it itchy and red in places. Rough feeling on my skin also. When I applied it I also found it very sticky and not moisturising
  50. Love this!

    Love this product, I apply it in the morning and it helps keep my skin plump and hydrated. I also apply a little to my lips to give them a little boost
  51. Wish I'd found this years ago

    Looove this product! Hydrates and makes my skin glow, which has never happened before. Goes on nicely and makes your skin feel so smooth
  52. very hydrated

    I feel very hydrated after using this serum. it last all night long, remember to put a oil base moisturizer on top of this serum to make it perfect.
  53. Love for ALL skin types!

    I absolutely love this product and wouldn’t be without it ever again! Really restores hydration in dehydrated skin and is amazing under other serums and moisturisers. My first step after cleansing every time! Amazing for both oily and dry (I have severely oily skin and my sister has dry)
  54. Lovely hydrated skin

    I apply morning and before bed every day and has helped my skin become hydrated and reduce redness and causes no irritation to my sensitive skin.
  55. Amazing

    Winter weather has left me with tight and flaking dehydrated skin for the first time ever. Frustrated because I normally have oily skin and my regimen is tailored for that, my colleague recommended this product. At a bargain price that has made The Ordinary so popular and accessible, I decided to take a gamble on this product as nothing else was helping.

    It has been really great for relieving the tightness I was experiencing. I think the effects are temporary, working only while the product is on and not working towards a long term reduction in symptoms, but definitely appreciate the hydration this product has provided.

    It absorbs straight away with no residue so can be used morning or night and under make up.

    Definitely recommend you give it a try.
  56. Hello lover

    I love this product so much, I wish I had started using it years ago. My skin is hydrated and plump, bouncy and looks full. I am quite generous with the amount I use because I apply it over my neck and décolletage also. My only wish would be for it to come in a bottle so big I could bathe in it!!
  57. Great but a bit sticky

    Its a great product and I'll buy it again but it is a bit sticky. Luckily the stickiness doesn't last long
  58. Good starter HA

    I always come back to The Ordinary HA. It is cheap, effective and doesn't react with my skin. I think there are more advanced formulas now on the market but I always use this. Use morning and night. Helps keep my oily/combo skin at bay. Great for layering and using in conjection with other TO products.
  59. Broke out in a bumpy rash

    I used this serum after my shower last night and woke up this morning with the worst bumpy red breakout rash I’ve ever experienced all over both cheeks and sides of my face, to under my jaw. Would not recommend if you have sensitive skin!!
  60. Good moisturiser

    I have used this for almost 4 months and found it to be an effective moisturiser for my combination skin.
  61. Does the trick

    Besides the texture, which is a little tacky - this product does exactly what it needs to do. Very affordable too!
  62. Hydration Essential

    I’ve been using The Ordinary for a few months now and the Hyaluronic Serum has become a daily staple in my AM and PM routine. My skin feels plumper and smoother and when layered with other The Ordinary products it’s a great addition to my anti-aging program.
  63. Love it

    I’ve been using this every night, for a while now and I love how my skin feels and looks in the morning. Particularly my under eyes! Works wonders on dry skin!
  64. good

    I love The Ordinary and trying out their products because they are so affordable. This serum doesn't really absorb well but it does keep my face hydrated. I will try the Marine Hyaluronics next from The Ordinary and see which product I like better.

    I could drown in this serum. It's thicker than I first thought it would be. But it layers well and can be mixed in with most other products for a little boost. 100% recommend
  66. Amazing

    Love ordinary and their affordable products. This one works miracles!
  67. Great for dehydrated skin!

    My skin is quite dry, I have tried so many products and this is the only serum that helps. Doesn’t leave any kind of residue and feels good on the skin.
  68. LOVE IT

    Really happy with this product. I have fair, sensitive skin and this does not cause any irritation whatsoever, but I do keep it away from my eyes, just incase. It definitely hydrates the skin.
  69. Great product

    I use this daily and am very pleased with the feel and hydration it provides. I have oily skin and am weary of oily moisturisers that leave my skin shiny and uncomfortable. This feels tacky for a moment and then soaks in so quick leaving a lovely soft smooth and fresh skin. Just need a drop for a whole face. Great price as well!
  70. Amazing product

    I had tried so many products that would really hydrate my skin, I was recommend this product off a Facebook page and I’m so glad I went out and brought this product.
    It’s really brought a lot of hydration to my skin and it’s never felt as good.
  71. Good/basic

    This is a good cheap serum. The only downfall with this is I’m not a huge fan of the sticky texture. If you don’t mind texture you will love the price
  72. Pretty damn good for its price

    I've used so many hyaluronic acid serum e.g. drunk elephant bhydra, medik8 hydr8, Korean skincare etc.and this does exactly the same job if not better. For it's price, why not just use this....
  73. Hydrating!

    I love the ordinary products, and after using their matrixly + HA, I had to try the b5 + HA, I layer this one first then apply the matrixyl on top after the first layer has dried. It has somewhat of a sticky consistency at first but then it is absorbed right in to the skin. It makes me skin very hydrated when applying 6 drops all around the face. It offers a somewhat tightening effect on the skin surface which is lovely and leaves the skin feeling supple and nourished. Definitely going to get more when it's empty!
  74. Packs a punch at a great price.

    I am 48 years old, have very sensitive skin and ageing skin. This product is amazing. I have tried other hyaluronic Acids and this is the best I have used. You don't have to spend huge amounts of money to get a great product. I use this in conjunction with other products from this range and love the results. Highly highly recommend this product. It's not too early or too late to start using this product.
  75. Great

    I’m using this in combination with the ordinary vitamin b serum. My skin is looking much improved. Clearer and better hydrated. Great products, incredible price point
  76. Love this product

    This is one of the best Hyaluronic acid serum I have used for the price. I would recommend this to everyone. It does leave a slight sticky residue but that goes away when you put moisturiser on.
  77. Hydrating serum

    I use this twice a day and it works well. Once I started using a face mist before application to dampen my skin I noticed a big difference.
  78. Hydrating but not super rich

    This stuff is good, It’s made my skin more hydrated (make sure you rub it in with damp hands) and hasn’t clogged my pores at all. It’s not super rich though so might have to add something extra in winter! I’m onto my second bottle.
  79. Satisfactory

    This serum is ok for the price you pay but I still find my skin a bit dry after using it day and night. I have had other hyaluronics which gave better results.
  80. Cost effective hydrator

    For the price, i was really impressed. It's a little sticky when you apply it but it instantly absorbs into the skin. It hasn't made me break out and provides a nice added layer of hydration in the winter weather!
  81. Serum that boosts hydration

    I use this serum daily night and day and it definitely keeps my skin feeling hydrated and plump.

    I have extremely dry sensitive skin and since using, I have not woken up with tight and dry feeling skin.

    It has no scent which is great for people who don't want scented products.
  82. It was ok

    I used this product and found it left my skin feeling a bit tacky/sticky to the touch. Did give a burst of hydration though and is very lightweight to apply. Would probably use a while longer to see if it's worth purchasing again.
  83. Amazing product!

    I'm someone with very oily skin and this hyaluronic acid works a treat, especially at that price point! The oils in my skin seem more balanced and the overall look of my skin is more bright and plump!
  84. The hydration I was looking for

    I use this serum after microneedling and it is great. It keeps my skin hydrated and happy. The only downside is that it feels a little sticky while its drying.
  85. Love

    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle!
  86. Best for dry skin

    I have dry sensitive skin and since using this you wouldn't know it. I use it morning and night, it sits under makeup and other moisturisers really well. I always repurchase this one.
  87. Soft and hydrated

    This has saved my skin!
    My skin was very dry and dehydrated, and I would layer thick moisturizers to try to reduce my dry flakey skin to no avail.
    When a friend recommended the serum I was worried it would be another expensive product that would not help, but I was very wrong!
    I have been using the serum morning and night everyday before moisturizing. I noticed the differecne in just a few days, the improvement in my skin hydration was amazing. The ordinary hyluronic acid is so affordable and has helped my skin keep hydrated and soft!
    I've recommended it to my friend who suffers from ezchema on her face and she has also seen a massive improvement in her own skin.
    I would definitely recommend giving this product a go!
  88. My daily moisture boost

    I've been using this for a few years now and if I forget to put in on in the morning, I really feel the difference! The price is ridiculous for such a great product. There may be better hyaluronic products out there, but you can't go past this one for the price.
  89. It’s ok

    Not too bad used 1 bottle probably wouldn’t purchase a second time it’s a bit sticky I didn’t find it very hydrating but it does look nice under make up
  90. Obsessed

    Since discovering Hyaluronic Acid I NEED it in my skincare routine. I’m into the ordinary’s HA, it’s cheap, looks cute and is effective. I have oily skin with dryness around my nose and chin, this HA absorbs fast and smooths and hydrates my skin, doesn’t leave me looking shiny either. I still apply a facial moisturiser afterwards but the Hyaluronic Acid certainly makes a difference to moisture retention throughout the day. Also I wear powdered foundation and have noticed a difference, my dry problem areas no longer become flaky when I wear makeup. Highly recommended!
  91. Good?

    It’s hydrating when used with other hyrdating products, nothing miraculous or anything, but it definitely does it’s job. I just wish that I could use it under makeup, as it slightly smoothed fine lines particularly under the eyes, but it piles like crazy! It’s so irritating that I don’t know if I would buy it again or recommend it to others.
  92. Love this but put on wet skin or mix with moisturizer

    Love love love this!
    But to stop the balling and peeling when doing make up I do a facemist and apply when it's still wet or I mix with moisturizer at end of my skincare routine. Works beautifully never had a problem since.
  93. Burst of hydration

    I have sensitive, combination, acne prone skin with some pigmentation and not many things work on my skin. But this acid does wonders to my combination skin. I normally break out when trying a new product but with this, I didn’t break out. I use this morning and night, in the morning followed by Niacinamide and sun screen and at night with Vitamin C. I have been using this for just over a week and I can already see, feel and tell the difference. I recommend it to everyone as it is suitable for all skin types.
  94. Supple hydrated skin !

    A first time user of The Ordinary. Decided to order this serum and was pleased. Has a thick texture and is advised to mix with moisturiser. Have my skin a plump look hard to describe. Try it out yourself it’s on $12
  95. Great price point but difficult to work with

    I am a big fan of hyaluronic acid. I have sensitive combination skin so a hyaluronic serum is a must in my routine. When The Ordinary released this product I was blown away by the price and positive reviews, I had to buy a bottle. I started using this after my toner in my PM routine. I gave up after 3 weeks because the texture is just so sticky and hard to spread easily over my skin. A case of you get what you pay for with this one for me.
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