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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 30ml

4.5 of 997 reviews


4 instalments of $3.23


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4 instalments of $3.23


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

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4.5 of 997 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Skin supple & smooth


I have used Hyaluronic Acids previously however new user to *the ordinary* I found their product alot smoother and less tacky than other products, I am impressed with the results after 3 weeks, my skin no longer feels dry and lines are more plumped and smoother on touch. I also now use this product after a 80 per cent lactic acid peel, it speed up the healing time assisting hydration and aiding healing time.

Most Helpful Criticism



This product has a very sticky feeling to it although I love the price and it does hydrate my skin. I find its not as sticky once you apply your moisturiser!
  1. Skin supple & smooth


    I have used Hyaluronic Acids previously however new user to *the ordinary* I found their product alot smoother and less tacky than other products, I am impressed with the results after 3 weeks, my skin no longer feels dry and lines are more plumped and smoother on touch. I also now use this product after a 80 per cent lactic acid peel, it speed up the healing time assisting hydration and aiding healing time.
  2. Meh


    I find this does literally nothing, not the best or even the cheapest hydrator out there.
  3. SO good


    I was recommended this by a makeup artist. I love using this before applying makeup, especially when my skin is dry and flakey. This provides an instant smooth canvas for makeup!
  4. Great product


    So hydrating and such a good product. Will definitely be re-purchasing.


    I use this in the AM and PM, and although it is a little sticky after figuring out the right amount to use I love it.
  6. simple HA


    Feels a bit sticky once you've applied, but definitely helps me with dry skin in winter! Comparable to higher end stuff like Hylamide in my opinion
  7. Value for money B5


    Good texture, easy to apply and absorb, great value and great moisturisation.
  8. Hydrating


    Good serum to add on, quite sticky but if you let it dry a bit before applying moisturizer on then it doesn't feel like you are just moving product around. give it time to settle on the skin before the next step :)
  9. Great brand


    this product works very noticeably and to be able to add more to your moisturiser as you need it is just so clever and convenient.
  10. need to mix with other serums


    On its own is too sticky to use. I mix it with a few other serums and my skins loves it.
    Really suitable for oily skin. When I use this I find that my skin is normal and does not break out. It hydrate my skin.
  11. Fantastic!


    Works great on acne prone skin. Even when there is no visible acne!
  12. A bit tacky


    Nice serum leave skin glowy and clear would suggest night time use only as it stays a bit tacky. Has really helped my dry dehydrated skin and given it a boost
  13. Sticky


    This product has a very sticky feeling to it although I love the price and it does hydrate my skin. I find its not as sticky once you apply your moisturiser!
  14. Refreshing


    I have dry skin so I’m always looking for ways to boost the moisture. I tried this product by itself and I have noticed a small difference in how my skin feels. It has a nice smell and is quite refreshing to put on during the day.
  15. Good product


    Great if you have extra dry skin in winter. Has a bit of a sticky feel, but this goes away quickly. I lather my normal moisturiser on top of this and it makes my skin feel great in the morning
  16. first time use. Great product


    Good for dry/senstiive skin, not suitable to put in the morning though,
  17. Great


    Great product. I use it everyday, it really hydrates and helps other products sink into my skin. I recommend. Fantastic price. I will continue to repurchase.
  18. amazing product!


    ive always wanted to use the brand "the ordinary" because i have always heard amazing things about it. i read an article on here about my skin concerns (acne and oily prone skin) and finally bought the products. i dont regret this purchase!
  19. Does what it's supposed to


    Effective. Skin tighter, softer and clearer in complexion (I'm 42 years of age). Non-irritating (skin sensitivity being an issue for me post pregnancy). I absolutely hate paying more for something when I dont need to, so am loving the price point on The Ordinary products - I have the entire range.
  20. Good hydrator


    I use this occasionally when my skin needs extra hydration and it leaves it feeling fresh and plumped. It’s very light and you don’t need much of it which makes it last longer
  21. Very happy


    I have only recently taken up a new skin care regime, so was looking for value for money products to get me started. I was keen to try The Ordinary, and after contacting Adore Beauty who were extremely helpful, this product was recommended to me.

    I have sensitive blotchy skin usually. So far I am really enjoying this product, its slightly sticky, but absorbs quickly. I have noticed a big difference in my skin since using the Ordinary Products Daily, my skin definitely feel more plump. No scent and not too strong for my sensitive skin. Im not sure how this would compare to more expensive HA, however feel that its great value for money and very budget friendly!
  22. Hydrated skin


    Skin isn't flaky even after a derma. Feels and looks hydrated
  23. Awesome


    Great to help with acne prone dry skin. Really moisturising and nourishing to help with a clear complexion
  24. Holy grail product!


    I use this every night after cleansing and toning but before moisturiser and in the morning my skin is supple and hydrated! I'm not sure why people are saying it's too sticky, you're supposed to put moisturiser on over the top so it shouldn't be an issue! Either way, I love it because it's effective and so so cheap! I will always repurchase this :)
  25. Did Aqua Man just jizz on my Face?


    This stuff is amazing, you only need 3-4 drops and after about 30 mins my skin is so soft and full. Everyone asks me what I use and this is it. On a foggy day your skin will drink up every single water molecule in the air.
  26. Tightening, non-irritating


    I have very sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin. I've found that popping this product on immediately after a shower tightens my skin, but is never an irritant. I add a rosehip oil on top, and together they soak in and create a soft, hydrated base. I don't think you could get away with using this alone if your skin is very dry.
  27. Can’t wait for Adore to stock the 60ml!


    I use this as part of my AM and PM skin routine and wouldn’t be without it. I use it as my second step, after an cleanser. I do make sure that my face and hands are completely dry before application otherwise the product suds and doesn’t distribute as evenly. It’s quick absorbing and scent free! Love it.
  28. Affordable and effective


    I been using this serum for few months now. Quite hydrating. It take abit of time to sink into the skin tho but definitely work and keep my skin hydrated. Very affordable so cant complain.
  29. it's the best hydrating serum which makes my skin very soft and plump.


    I am using this product since 9 months now and its really amazing very hydrating makes my skin very soft. I use it daily in the morning after washing my face with my face a little bit wet and it is abrorbed very quickly leaving my skin very soft and supple. I would definitely recommend this product because there is no going back i am buying it again and again a must product in my every day skincare routine.
  30. Awesome


    really evened out my skin tone and hydrated my dry patches, my complexion looks very radient with continued use
  31. Affordable, hydrating and easy to use!


    This product is super affordable and very hydrating. My second bottle and would re-purchase again!
  32. Love it!


    I've been using this for almost a week now and my skin is noticeably plumper and softer i noticed my frown lines aren't as noticeable and my skin even feels and looks my plump! I've noticed I'm not needing to use so much moisturising cream too, as I have eczema and would usually smother myself in cream, this has really helped with my eczema in such A huge way! It's mafe such A huge difference A little sticky whilst drying but
  33. Love this product


    Iv now been using this product for months my skins now smooth and it realy does make the perfect base for moisturisers.
    When I don’t use this my foundation fades my pores look larger and my skin isn’t as smooth.
    My skin feels tight aswell when first applied I just love this product and it’s so cheap to witch is great.
  34. Provides hydration


    During winter my skin becomes really dry. My skincare routine was almost nonexistent until my friend suggested I use this product to help with my dry patches. This product provides hydration to the skin and has minimised the dry patches on my face. Initially when I started using this, my skin was adjusting and caused a couple pimples but after 2 weeks or so they all disappeared and now my skin feels smooth and looks plump
  35. 5 stars


    I started off slowly over a few days with this HA. I have dry skin, so it was very welcomed!!
    I use it in the morning then put a moisturiser over it, and my skin feels amazing!
  36. have only been using for a week


    I have only been using this for a week, i bought the suggested regime for anti-aging, my skin does feel smoother but i think it’s too early to tell exactly the effect it has taken on my skin, when i apply my makeup after i have applied the morning regime i think my skin is either exfoliating or i’m doing something wrong because i have to remove a whole bunch of stuff that bunches up and collects in my face after application
  37. Plumps my skin


    This plumps and hydrates my skin very well. It leaves a bit of a sticky residue, but I follow this with my moisturiser and that seems to get rid of any stickiness. I love this and for the price it is well worth it.
  38. Beyond amazed.

    Angela Kay

    Beyond amazed with how good my skin feels within less than a week of using this product! I had little dry patches of skin on my face prior to using this, and now, my face is anything other than dry. My makeup sits so much better on my face, this is definitely in my skin care routine now.
  39. great affordable daily serum


    This is the first 'The Ordinary' product I've used and I'm quite impressed. I was a bit skeptical based on the price point but after reading rave reviews decided to try it out! My skin feels very hydrated after using!
  40. I love this stuff!


    I’m 33 with adult acne problems, I’ve tried countless face products and this has been the best result by far out of any. After about a week of using this and the night cream daily my skin showed significant improvement, highly recommend this as part of your daily routine
  41. Great serum!


    I find this serum to be a great beginner serum to add into your daily routine under a moisturizer. It leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. It doesn't get oily and doesn't create shine, if that's something you're worries about. I definitely would recommend this product to my friends and family and live by it.
  42. Worth buying for dry sensitive skin


    Very impressed with this product I generally have dry and slightly sensitive skin and I found this product to be light weight, you don't need much as it goes far when applied, and I saw a quick improvement in the way my skin looked it is much more softer , I would buy it again
  43. Sticky

    Kylie Q

    I'm just not sure about this product. It has a tacky sticky texture which puts me off. I love the brand for the cheap price point but I didn't notice much of a difference using it on my skin.
  44. Brilliant


    Really good product, soaks into skin always feel refreshed after using skin has never looked better
  45. Amazing


    This is one of the best products I have ever used. My skin has been breaking out like crazy lately and I couldn’t pinpoint what was going on, I ended up concluding that my skin was retaining no water so I decided to give the ordinary a go and I am not disappointed. I bought this product and the niacinamide, since using both of these my skin has started to clear and I couldn’t be happier, I brought another 3 products from The Ordinary and I am so excited to continue using them.
  46. Cheap and moisturising


    I suffer from dry, sensitive skin but found this to be very easy to use. Definitely recommend applying immediately after cleansing face but before applying oil based products, eg moisturiser, for maximum effect. Only con was that after a while it was as if the product lost its touch and it was no longer doing the trick. I had to switch to the Buffet serum thereafter.
  47. Perfect cheaper option


    I use to use a more expensive brand of Hyaluronic serum and this one is exactly the same only so much cheaper! Skin feels plump and hydrated every morning! Even got my husband using it!
  48. This made a big difference to my skin


    I have an oily skin type and was apprehensive to try this product, I was worried that it would make my more shiny throughout the day and would have awful affects on my makeup but man was a wrong! As long as you let this product soak in before applying a moisturiser and makeup this product is amazing! My face is so much more hydrated and doesn’t product as much oil throughout the day which is amazing for me. I would say that is you are starting out with this brand this is the best product to try first up.
  49. So hydrating


    Felt a change in my skin almost immediately. Now it glows. A little sticky after application. I just pat towards the end of application and wait for it to completely set into skin before adding the next product. Love it!
  50. Affordable but not that effective


    I purchased this hyaluronic acid as my normally combination skin has been super dry in pregnancy. I didn’t want to spend too much money as it only needs to last me until the end of my pregnancy (after which, I’m sure the oils will come back with a vengeance!). The product is ok for the price, but not as good as the Medik8 hyaluronic acid (which I’ve tried as a sample). It doesn’t have that tacky feeling after application, which it should, and I find that it pills under my facial oil, so I can only use it during the day. I will continue to use it for the sake of using up the bottle, but would probably splurge next time on the Medik8 version.
  51. Hydration Sensation!


    I have really dry and sensitive skin, and this product gives me the extra moisture I need! I put it on in am and pm after cleansing and before oils/creams. It leaves my skin plump and hydrated, without having to slather on thick creams. And of course the price and cruelty-free status makes this product a no brainer, 100% would recommend from dry skin, or people need in need of hydration pick up in winter
  52. Amazingly good


    Took a couple of days for my face to get used to (I have very sensitive skin and haven’t used anything like this before).

    But now I always use it
    My face feels for dewy and fresh after use. Where as normally I have quite dry skin especially around my eyes and cheeks. Problem solved

    I use it before a moisturiser or even spf and makeup
    It’s fantastic

    Would definitely recommend

    Only issue I have is the dropper. I find it hard to regulate the correct amount
    I usually just use the side of the dropper to ‘wipe’ product onto sections of my face and then tubing in
  53. Unsure


    I like the price point of the product but I'm not sold on the texture, leaves a sticky residue on my skin
  54. Very hydrating


    Very good serum, give my face the glow look :). Only thing is it a bit sticky when newly apply.
  55. BEST HA & value for money!


    Have re-purchased 5-6 times now, I use it very generously, morning and night, mixing it into other serums or alone, depending on how my skin feels. Using it more often in winter. I love the weight and feel. Dries nicely so I can layer up serums and my moisturizer, doesn't leave me sticky. Once absorbed I just feel like my skin has had a little drink. Haven't found another HA I prefer, will continue purchasing especially at such a good price.
  56. Love this!


    I use this morning and night and I love it. It keeps my skin hydrated and looking great, the price tag is a bonus too!
  57. Not effective for me


    I have combination skin. I’m disappointed this did not leave lasting moisturizing effect on my skin.
  58. Great for dehydrated skin


    I had really dehydrated skin from my skin purging so I got this. It has a really watery, serum consistency that feels really nice on the skin. Now I use it when my skin is feeling a bit tight, morning or night.
  59. Good for oily skin hydration


    Having oily skin which does not accept any type of cream, gel etc moisturizer without a breakout, this is awesome stuff. Light enough, absorbs quickly, I use it most when I've done some exfoliating & my skin is on the dry side.
  60. So hydrating!


    Great serum, leaves my skin very hydrated. Sticky initially but once absorbed it's not sticky.
    Very happy with my purchase :)
  61. So plump


    I suffer from quite dry/sensitive skin and this has definitely given my skin a boost in appearance and hydration. My skin also looks so plump when I apply it with the rosehip oil and has made all the difference
  62. Results within a matter of days


    These are one of those products where you see results within a matter of days, and there arent too many products like this one out there! When in doubt, just buy and try. Its only $10ish bux, and 100% you will feel the difference
  63. Affordable


    I love using this product morning and night! It definitely feels moisturising and I will continue using this product.
  64. Best for exfoliating and brightening


    I use this 2-3 times a week and is amazing for exfoliating. I have stopped using physical hard scrubs since I’ve started using this hyaluronic acid. It also brightens my skin beautifully
  65. A must have


    I've tried the drunk elephant Hyaluronic Acid and found that this works exactly the same but for a fraction of the price. Good to mix in with face cream, mix with serums or just drenching on your face on the dryer days.
  66. Amazing hydration!


    I have combination skin but in winter it can get very dry and dull. I use this before applying my makeup and it gives instant smoothness and hydration! I can't go without this when my skin is dry. Will highly recommend!
  67. Absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves skin feeling plump


    I love this serum. It is a little bit tacky/stick but this goes away quite quickly. I apply it morning and night before my moisturiser to give my skin an extra boost. It always leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated. It also wears nicely under makeup.
  68. Great but a bit sticky


    Found using on its own as a layer sticky, but works great for me when I mix it in with some HA Moisturiser.
  69. Essential


    Ordered my 4th repeat! Can’t get enough, nothing gives a deeper lasting hydration than this
  70. Okay


    I have acne prone, dry skin and I've purchased two bottles now to see not much change. I know for the price it's okay, but not super hydrating. Also it's a little tacky. Will be upgrading to a higher price point for improved results.
  71. So GOOD!


    After I learnt how to use this product properly, absolutely amazing! It is better for it to go on damp skin rather than dry, it absorbs so much more and leaves my skin feeling so hydrated! When I wasn't putting it on damp skin, I was finding after a while my forehead (the driest part of my face) feel hard and very dry. Would recommend
  72. Good for the price


    I found this to be an ok serum, definitely good for the price. It didn’t absorb into my skin as well as I hoped and felt sticky.
  73. Affordable and amazing


    This serum is the first one I’ve ever tried and quite frankly the last one I’ll probably need to try for moisture. I use this everyday twice a day under my moisturiser and my skin has never looked or felt better, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.
  74. Effective and great price


    I had never tried The Ordinary serums before and thought this one would be a good place to start. It’s definitely not the best serum I’ve ever used but for the price I think it does a good job.
    Despite being a water based serum, I find the consistency quiet thick and sticky. For this reason I only use it as part of my night time routine. Having said that the morning after using it my skin feels hydrated and plump.
    I would recommend giving this a go, as for the price you can’t really go wrong.
  75. Love it!


    I use this morning at night and mix with my moisturizer. Make my skin feel like it look dewy and more youthful.
  76. My dehydrated skin is gone!


    This product is just amazing no lie. I have been having dehydrated skin for a very long time and no matter how much I hydrate by wearing layers of moisturizers, it still doesn't work and then this product I came across and it has changed my skin so much! Honestly highly recommend it!
  77. It just makes your skin feel like it should


    You know when you have those days where your skin just feels dry, rough etc.. like a bad hair day but your skin?? well you just don't get that when you use this.
    I have been wanting to try this product. It basically simulates your interstitial fluid. So it’s like a moisture and barrier. They also use it in derma pen needling (which I swear by).

    It's cheap... just try it.

    Just dont rub it in.. it kind foams up. Just place a small amount on palms, gently move around breifly then pat on face. Let dry before adding anything else. Less is best.
  78. It’s ok


    This product is ok. It’s a bit sticky. I’ve not really noticed much of a difference in my skin since starting to use it. My moisturizer already has HA in it, and so I’m not sure whether using this concentrated product is also beneficial.

    I probably won’t purchase another bottle of this product.
  79. Love it!


    This was my first TO product purchase. After recently turning 30 I decided it was time to start taking care of my skin. After 3 weeks of using this my skin is less oily and looks much healthier
  80. This stuff is the bomb!!!!


    I have rosacea and my skin can go very red even when it isn't flairing up
  81. Loving this


    Great to give my skin an extra boost! Loving it a lot
  82. Very hydrating


    I have really noticed my skin has not been dry since using this serum. It goes on nicely and sinks in quickly. I usually struggle in winter with getting dry peeling skin but this has not been an issue this season. I’ve just finished my first bottle and would purchase again especially given the low price point
  83. Perfect product


    Super absorbent, hydrating, smoothing. Just make sure your face and hands are completely dry before application or it becomes kind of soapy in consistency and therefore doesn’t absorb evenly. Highly recommended! An essential!
  84. Skin feels fab


    This product is perfect under my moisturiser, and keeps my skin feeling great allday
  85. not really effective but good price to try


    I do like this serum for the price but it isn't very effective on my skin. I use to use the estee Lauder advanced night repair serum and thought I would change to this as a cheaper alternative and its no where near as good as quality. I will keep forking out the money for the estee Lauder as I notice a dramatical difference when I use it compared to the ordinary.
  86. Amazing!


    This is a very hydrating, nourishing serum that is so afforable and does the job of making my skin look and feel super soft, hydrated and glowing! It applies well and absorbs into my skin really well. You can't go wrong with this serum, especially at the affordable price!
  87. The best at its price-point


    This Hyaluronic acid serum is hands down the best hydrating powerhouse at its price point. It is very easy to apply and skin can absorb it very quickly. As HA is a powerful humectant, and it absorbs over 1000 times its weight in water, I use it after I had my shower every night. It makes my skin feel very hydrated and soft in the next morning. Definitely recommend everyone to try it!
  88. Lightweight and plumping


    I use this everyday and love how it instantly brightens and plumps up my skin. I find that it needs to be applied pretty quickly because my dry skin soaks it right up. It does have a sticky consistency once on the skin but that goes away after a minute or two. It gets 4 stars rather than 5 because sometimes it pills, especially when layering with other products.
  89. So hydrating


    I bought this on a whim as I was travelling and didn’t want to take my normal serums. The texture is a bit slimy but tries instantly, without leaving an oily finish on your skin. I have acne prone skin and this serum has not caused any irritation or additional breakouts.
  90. Honestly can’t believe how inexpensive this is


    This product is so good, leaves your skin looking plump and young, not drying, clearing up my hyperpigmentation and I haven’t had an outbreak of pimples since I started using it!
  91. 10/10


    Absolutely love this product for my dry skin, I let it soak in prior to makeup application.
  92. Nice and simple


    A nice serum, very basic but does hydrate my skin nicely
  93. great product


    hydrating and thick serum.
    texture is best patting onto the skin as it is sticky.
    wonderful product
  94. Used as an alternative to the Hylamide HA Booster


    I bought this as I had run out of my Hylamide Low Molecular HA as I was finding it difficult to track down. Great alternative - and cheaper - great for sensitive and oily skin.
  95. Affordable and good quality


    I have mature combination skin that leans oily so my skins needs hydration to plump it up but nothing too rich or heavy that will make me greasy or give me a break out.

    I add a drop or too of this to a lightweight moisturiser and its enough to plump my skin. It's especially noticeable under my eyes where I have not-so-fine lines. The effects are slightly different, depending on the humidity on the day (and which foundation I wear over the top.
  96. Plumping and moisturizing !


    I have dry sensitive skin, and when layered with an oil afterward this is a beautiful product. It plumps the skin, and sucks up moisture, making my skin look and feel younger. Just make sure you leave some time for it to absorb before layering with other products or it can congeal. But at this price point- who cares!
  97. Plump!


    I use this product very last in my nightly routine on my lips and areas with fine lines. The plumping effect on my lips is just perfect when I wake up - noticeably fuller in all areas I’ve applied it!
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