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The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

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  • 1.0N Very Fair - Neutral
    1.0N Very Fair - Neutral
    1.0N Very Fair - Neutral
  • 1.0NS Very Fair - Neutral with Silver
    1.0NS Very Fair - Neutral with Silver
    1.0NS Very Fair - Neutral with Silver
  • 1.0P Very Fair - Pink
    1.0P Very Fair - Pink
    1.0P Very Fair - Pink
  • 1.1N Fair - Neutral
    1.1N Fair - Neutral
    1.1N Fair - Neutral
  • 1.1P Fair - Pink
    1.1P Fair - Pink
    1.1P Fair - Pink
  • 1.2N Light - Neutral
    1.2N Light - Neutral
    1.2N Light - Neutral
  • 1.2P Light - Pink
    1.2P Light - Pink
    1.2P Light - Pink
  • 1.2Y Light - Yellow
    1.2Y Light - Yellow
    1.2Y Light - Yellow
  • 1.2YG Light - Yellow with Gold
    1.2YG Light - Yellow with Gold
    1.2YG Light - Yellow with Gold
  • 2.0N Light Medium - Neutral
    2.0N Light Medium - Neutral
    2.0N Light Medium - Neutral
  • 2.0P Light Medium - Pink
    2.0P Light Medium - Pink
    2.0P Light Medium - Pink
  • 2.0YG Light Medium - Yellow with Gold
    2.0YG Light Medium - Yellow with Gold
    2.0YG Light Medium - Yellow with Gold
  • 2.1P Medium - Pink
    2.1P Medium - Pink
    2.1P Medium - Pink
  • 2.1Y Medium - Yellow
    2.1Y Medium - Yellow
    2.1Y Medium - Yellow
  • 3.0R Medium Dark - Red
    3.0R Medium Dark - Red
    3.0R Medium Dark - Red
  • 3.0Y Medium Dark - Yellow
    3.0Y Medium Dark - Yellow
    3.0Y Medium Dark - Yellow
  • 3.1R Dark - Red
    3.1R Dark - Red
    3.1R Dark - Red
  • 3.1Y Dark - Yellow
    3.1Y Dark - Yellow
    3.1Y Dark - Yellow
  • 3.2N Deep - Neutral
    3.2N Deep - Neutral
    3.2N Deep - Neutral
  • 3.2R Deep - Red
    3.2R Deep - Red
    3.2R Deep - Red
  • 3.3N Very Deep - Neutral
    3.3N Very Deep - Neutral
    3.3N Very Deep - Neutral
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The Ordinary Coverage Foundation by The Ordinary

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The Ordinary Coverage Foundations are full-coverage formulations available in a comprehensive shade range across 21 shades. These foundations contain higher pigment levels than our Serum Foundations but still offer a smooth finish that avoids the heavy makeup look that can make skin appear more aged. The texture is that of a lightweight, non-oily cream.


The pigments used in these formulations are treated for a rich, highly-saturated effect. These pigments are suspended in our proprietary spreadability system that allows pigments to look natural on the skin, resist collecting within fine lines and stay on for longer. The foundations offer a semi-matte finish and are compatible with most primers and are designed to work exceptionally well with the primers offering from The Ordinary.


The Ordinary Coverage Foundation as sold in the European Union offer an SPF 15 claim. This protection is achieved without the use of chemical sunscreens and only through physical protection from Titanium Dioxide. Additionally, no nano-particles are used to achieve this sun protection. These attributes are unique in foundations because it is exceptionally difficult to create a natural, lightweight look and consistent shades when using only non-nano forms of Titanium Dioxide for sun protection without any chemical sunscreen agents.


Please note that the formulations are and will be the same in all markets but the packaging will claim SPF 15 only in the European Union while regulatory processes for claiming SPF in other markets are carried out individually.

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Reviews (38)
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Promising light weight, full coverage coverage with potent ingredients - 13-03-2018 by

I chose to look into The Ordinary for a good foundation because its' ingredients seemed promising and so affordable! I chose this coverage foundation over the serum one because I prefer higher coverage in a foundation. I am satisfied with one pump for my whole face. Compared to expensive foundations, this does not smell like chemicals either. It does not look cakey as you build your coverage. It's so light on and looks quite natural with a satin matte look. It lasts quite long. If you have really oily skin, I would probably suggest a mattifying primer and a good setting powder. If this sounds promising, I think it's worth a try and you won't break the bank.

Just one flaw... - 06-03-2018 by

For the most part I am in LOVE with this foundation. For the past ten years I have used high end foundations (byTerry, Chantecaille etc) all around the $100 mark. However recently my skin has developed a lot of sensitivity, so after having success with the ordinary's skincare line decided to give this a go. I am so impressed! It leaves a gorgeous dewy glow, blends well (i use a buffing foundation brush) and best of all has caused me no sensitivity. The one flaw is that it does tend to oxidize, so while it looks great at first I'll need to do some more experimenting with a different primer/colours to find my ultimate final colour match. Definitely give this a go!!!

Amazingly light on the skin and great coverage - 25-02-2018 by

I'm very impressed with the coverage and feel of this product.
It feels as if there is nothing on your skin but gives really great buildable coverage, I used to use Mac studio fix daily but found it to be too heavy for everyday use.
It also matched my skin perfectly! I got the 1.2Y and it was the perfect shade, most 'yellow' toned foundations end up more on the Orange or pink side but this didn't leave any odd tinge or colour, even after 10hrs!

I love this and will be repurchasing!

buildable coverage, great staying power - 25-02-2018 by

This is a great foundation, and price point is frankly amazing. The coverage is buildable and with a good setting powder stays for 8 hours. This is my third repurchase.

New holy grail foundation - 08-02-2018 by

This is my new fav foundation. Medium coverage but you can build it to full coverage. It has a skin like feel without the cake-face look. Works well with the primer and I use the caffeine solution under my eyes for fine lines and dark circles. Will be buying more of all 3 products.

Great price for a good foundation - 02-02-2018 by

I purchased this to combine with a another colour from the coverage foundation range to get my exact colour and it worked out really great. This foundation is good quality and great coverage overall happy with my purchases. I will note that its very dewy and sometimes at the end of the day my skin is rather oily but this happens with other foundations so I wont say it will be the case for everyone

fantastic foundation! - 28-01-2018 by

Absolutely in love with this foundation. It is very high coverage and can easily be build up to almost total coverage. I have combo skin and its summer, this foundation lasts very well when set with powder and has great staying power. I find it pretty comparable to the tarte rain-forest of the sea foundation but better coverage and a better price tag!!

Lovely medium coverage foundation - 25-01-2018 by

I really liked this foundation for the price. It does crease a little and settles into my smile lines and around the eye area but otherwise makes the skin look flawless and glowy. I would compare it to Nars Sheer glow at a fraction of the price. I bought this in 1.1P and 1.2P and they both matched me and I'm a NW15 in Mac, Mont Blanc in Nars.

Everyday wear - 23-01-2018 by

I have combination skin and this gives flawless coverage and lasts all day. Great for work or anywhere where you don't want to use your expensive foundation!

Easy to use, great price - 23-01-2018 by

I have normal to dry skin and found I had to use a good layer of moisturiser under this foundation to prevent it sticking to my dry patches. I prefer The Ordinary serum foundation as it is a thinner consistency and still has great coverage. But I will definitely use the rest of this foundation. The coverage was good but I still needed concealer and I found it didn't layer that well without looking cakey.
I am the colour bisque in Jane Iredale pressed minerals and bought this in 1.2N which was near perfect. I used the JI pressed minerals to lightly set the foundation and it stayed all day with minimal wear around my nose and chin. I did find it to look a little slick on my forehead and nose so would recommend a blotting paper or powder if you want it to last all day without shine. Nothing beats The Ordinary for price and quality though so if you are thinking of trying this I recommend you do it. It layers well with other products but I recommend you use it with a primer.

Nice quality - 08-01-2018 by

I bought the wrong shade unfortunately so it's a little too light and didn't oxidize to become darker, but I tried it anyway and it feels nice! I have dry skin so I used plenty of moisturiser then the high spreadability primer underneath and set with powder so it wouldn't feel sticky. Very buildable coverage but one layer is enough to cover light pigmentation and even skin tone. Looking forward to purchasing my right colour!

great everyday foundation - 08-01-2018 by

It's a great foundation for everyday wear, I wouldn't recommend it for special occasions, or if you need a long lasting foundation, but for going to work/uni or running errands its perfect!

I'd say this is a medium coverage foundation, I don't think layering this would look great so don't go into this thinking you'll get full coverage. However it feels so lightweight it feels just like a light day moisturiser, and I really love the finish of this foundation, it looks just like skin. Throughout the day it wears down in a very forgiving way, but I should really stress this isn't a long lasting foundation even on my dry skin.

Considering that this foundation is actually cheaper than drugstore foundation, and has a better colour selection than most, I think this is a great foundation!

Holy Grail! - 08-01-2018 by

This is my new holy grail foundation, I am absolutely in love with it! First of all I got the shade 1.2 YG (yellow with gold undertones) which is a perfect match for my skin. I've never been able to find a perfect match foundation before as most yellow toned foundations appear to orange on my skin and most neutral toned foundations are a touch too pink. Secondly I love that it's full coverage, I can literally cover my entire face with 1-1.5 pumps and have no imperfections peeking through at all. Third, it really blends beautifully into the skin and doesn't cake on or around my nose like most other foundations. Once set with powder and setting spray it looks just like skin. And lastly, it stays put for a really long time. I can get a full 12 hours wear out of this with and it won't budge. Oh and the price is the cherry on top.
FYI I have combination/oily skin with some acne on my chin and neck as well as rosacia on my cheeks.

Amazing product amazing price - 28-12-2017 by

I love this foundation it’s so blendable and you can build the coverage and the great thing is you can buy more then one colour and mix them together to get your exact match because of the price it’s so easy to do. They do have pretty much every shade range but gong between summer and building up a tan it’s great to be able to customise your own foundation! A must buy

my new holy grail!! - 27-12-2017 by

This foundation performed just as well, if not better, than high end foundations I have tried (such as Estée Lauder's double wear). The coverage is easily buildable without looking cakey, and a high coverage look is achievable. The finish is a bit too dewy, but translucent powder fixes that. I'm usually shade Rattan in EL's DW, so I ordered 2.1Y and while it initially seemed too dark, it blends out seamlessly. For the price point, this foundation is definitely worth it.

Does not last - 20-12-2017 by

I have been waiting such a long time to try this product and initially I was really impressed. The colour options are fabulous. I usually use estee lauder double wear in Fresca but have always found it a bit too cool for my skin tone. This product in 2.0P is the perfect match for my skin and it looked beautiful when I first applied it. I put setting powder over the top and went work. By lunchtime it was gone. I was so disappointed. This foundation would be good if we're going out for breakfast or lunch and want to take your makeup off as soon as you get home, otherwise it's not for me.

Unsure - 20-12-2017 by

After all the hype over this foundation I was excited to finally be able to try it, but I was left a little underwhelmed. I wasn't expecting miracles but I found it pretty basic.
I have normal skin, sometimes a couple of dry or sensitive areas, and the shade (1.1 N) seemed okay for my neutral skin tone (I wear alabaster in Clinique Even Better).
I did not think it was full coverage though and even with a primer I could see it cling to some small dry spots. It felt a little oily, however, it was a nice texture and there is no complaining about the price.

Did all what is says - 20-12-2017 by

I have been meaning to try this one out for a long time but the waiting list is one excruciating wait. But when it finally came together with the Serum Foundation, it never once disappointed me. During the application, there is still a medium coverage. But when it settles into its natural-satin finish, it totally blurs my acne scars on my forehead. On the other hand, this is not 100% full coverage. But for a 12.90 foundation, this has performed better than any of my expensive "full coverage" foundation. Also, this seems to moisturise my skin all throughout. For those who have oily skin, you might want to put on some powder afterwards because this can get extra shiny on your tzone in the middle of the way. In my case, I dont really mind the shine that much. All in all, I would definitely use this everyday!

Beautiful coverage very skin like - 19-12-2017 by

2.0Y and 3.0R

This foundation blends well and covers imperfections brilliantly. It isn’t drying on the skin and gives a dewy finish.
This feels so lightweight and comfortable on the skin.

You can wear this as sheer as you like or build for more meduim or full coverage.
But for me it's more of a meduim coverage foundation.

Worked very well for my skin, very decent for the price - 19-12-2017 by

I was really excited to try this foundation but a little bit apprehensive due to reading some past reviews about it sitting on top of peoples skin and giving them acne.
I already suffer from very oily skin prone to break out on my chin so it made me a tad nervous but I tried it anyway.

What can i say, I love this foundation.
It blends into my skin beautifully, doesn't sit on top, holds the oil well and doesn't crack around my chin like some other coverage foundations. It lasted very well for me- a whole day at work, so around 10 hours from door to door. Although after about 7 i noticed it had lightened on my chin a bit but I can't complain about that.\- just small touch up required. It didn't break me out either which i was most nervous about.

I would definitely recommend trying this foundation out for yourself. It's not a break the bank foundation so it's worth a shot.

However- the serum foundation was terrible on my skin.

Not repurchasing will go back to my old foundation - 14-12-2017 by

For starters, this foundation is described as a rich and buildable cream-like texture that smooths seamlessly over skin to even, conceal and disguise fine lines and wrinkles. If you attempt to build the water like foundation it becomes cakey and horrible looking, I would say it does give a good medium coverage however you can certainly feel it on your skin, being a water-like consistency you have to blend it in super quick and require a lot of product I was using 2 or 3 pumps to finish my entire face and get a good medium-full coverage look. It definitely does not last a full 8 hour day at work I used setting spray before and after applying a long-lasting primer as well as setting powder to try and get it to stay put on my face, I bought the shade 1.0P and this was a good match for my Estee Lauder 1c1 skin however that is the only good thing about the foundation the shade range. If you have oily or acne prone skin I definitely do not recommend this as it does not cover acne without looking cakey and as an added bonus it also contains Coconut Alkanes.

Extremely happy - 13-12-2017 by

Finally I have found the perfect foundation. The Ordinary coverage foundation is just beautiful. I chose the colour Medium light neutral 2.0N and it is the best match for my skin tone. It feels so lightweight and you only have to use a tiny amount. Lasts all day without any caking or greasiness. Highly recommend. I’m completely in love with The Ordinary skincare range & the price, well WOW

WOW - 13-12-2017 by

I never normally write reviews about my make-up but I feel the need to do so with this one.
I received the 2N yesterday along with the high spreadability primer and used both for the first time today.

I have tried many many foundations in my time but this compares to none of them. All of my other foundations, whilst they state full coverage are either too light coverage without having to build them up and looking like a cake face, or they literally melt into my skin/ disappear throughout the day, so much so that it looks like I’m not wearing any makeup by the end of the day.

I was a bit sceptical at first but after putting it on with my beauty blender over the top of the spreadability primer my face was flawless. Throughout the day the makeup looked exactly the same as when I first applied it and even when I arrived home after a full day of work it still looked flawless.

You cannot beat the price of this foundation and it will be my go to foundation from now on. Amazing!

Average - 12-12-2017 by

I was so looking forward to trying this, but unfortunately was left a little disappointed. I found it just sits on top of the skin, no sinking in a little like I prefer my foundations to do. So it seemed to really highlight any dry patches on my skin. Applying a finishing spray helps though. To summarise, I can make it work, but it still won't beat my HG affordable foundation- L'Oreal True Match.
Am still loving The Ordinary skin care products though!

Disappointed - 12-12-2017 by

I thought the price tag was too good to be true... and it was. Firstly, the colour was not even remotely close to the colour chart. I ordered light medium 2N. The colour was very pale. However, I did think that maybe it could be used as a concealer and brightener around my eyes.... Which brings me to my next point... The formula is very drying and chalky. I tried to use it as a concealer, however it shows up all the wrinkles and lines, and creases under the eyes. It leaves a weird flaky texture on the skin. I would say my skin is relatively normal, with the occasional dry or sensitive patch. I usually use Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation or Vapour Organics foundation - both quite expensive brands. I would say that you get what you pay for here and in comparison to my other foundations, this was pretty poor quality.

I really wanted to like this.... - 12-12-2017 by

I was pretty excited to try this foundation based on the hype... colour selection is great... price is great.... it just didn't work on my skin... went with 1.0P VERY FAIR PINK...

I use Lancome Teint Idole (005) as my everyday foundation as it seems to be the only one that works on my skin (rosacea, starts out really dry, gets super oily at the end of the day, v. sensitive) ... was hoping I could switch out the $55 foundation for the $12 foundation but unfortunately it was not to be...

Looked pretty oily as soon as I put it on in the morning, so I put some Laura Mercier powder over the top of it... by 10AM in the morning it was looking cakey and really started coming off around the edges of my nose.. if I accidently touched my face across the day, off it would rub...

I think it might work on more "normal" skin...I guess my skin just isn't "ordinary" enough...

Good news and bad news... - 11-12-2017 by

Well! So the good news here is that the colour selection is gorgeous, this product is buildable, and I was able to find a colour match (1.0 Neutral is perfect for someone who is about an N or NC 10 in MAC, or Porcelain in Bobbi Brown). Other good news is that this will work really well if you prefer silicone based primers as a rule, or if you're already using and enjoying The Ordinary Primers, you're almost certain to like this.

That's about where the positives stop for me though. For reference, my skin is normal - combo, I'm prone to shininess in the t-zone and dry patches around my mouth. My skin is otherwise pretty much under control, with some textural irregaularties but no major complaints.

This would be better for someone with dry skin with no textural irregularities, I think. I find it really hard to set in a way that makes this look natural, and not cakey. Usually, silicone based primers and foundations don't really work for me and tend to emphasise dry patches, and this foundation was no exception. This also made me look greasy about 3 hours into wear, and trying a few different primers and setting powders I couldn't make this last on my skin.

I give this product all the kudos in the world for colour selection, but unfortunately it's not for me.

I looked 5 years younger!! - 07-12-2017 by

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Ordinary Foundation for the exceptional price of $12.70. I was extremely wary of the low price tag but when I went to work the next day my colleagues told me I looked 5 years younger (and I'm 47yrs years old!) Say no more......

A versatile full coverage foundation - 07-12-2017 by

I'm not someone who wears foundation everyday, so a little bit of this goes a long way. I like how I can mix it with an SPF moisturiser or use it on it's own depending on what I need it for. If you're after something lighter, go for the serum, but you *could* have the same effect using this and mixing it with your favourite moisturiser. I went for the 2.1Y and it matched my skin tone well and didn't cover my freckles which I like to show through.

Great foundation! - 07-12-2017 by

I was looking to try a new foundation and I thought I would give this a go. I found it to be nice and light whilst providing a good coverage. After a full day at work it was still flawless, it had not dried my skin or settled into any lines. A small pump easily covers my whole face and it can be built from a lighter to a much fuller coverage easily. Will be trying the serum foundation next!

Great foundation for the price point - 06-12-2017 by

I was looking for a buildable foundation that would provide good even coverage without feeling heavy on my skin, and I’ve found it in the ordinary coverage foundation.
I chose 2.0N and it is a perfect match for my summer skin tone.
A single pump covers my whole face, I apply it with a beauty blender and it goes on easily and does not settle in my lines.
The coverage is very good and if I need to cover up some blemishes, it’s buildable without looking cakey.
A little dusting of setting powder and it’s good to go all day.
This is a phenomenal foundation for the price point.

***** - 04-12-2017 by

This foundation has a fantastic coverage - it's long lasting and stays matte all day. It can be sheered out or built up for a fuller coverage. It blends out beautifully and leaves your skin looking flawless. I'm usually an NC20 in mac foundations and have found that 1.2YG matches me perfectly.

I have been looking for a foundation like this for five years!!! - 04-12-2017 by

I was a fan of Maybelline's Wonder Finish foundation which was discontinued some years ago and now can no longer be found. I have tried many other types of foundation and none have been quite the same - but this is!

Contrary to its name ('coverage' to me implies that the foundation looks or feels heavy on the skin), once blended it appears and feels as if you're not wearing any makeup, and it does not settle into fine lines or cake around your eyebrows. Despite the feeling that there's nothing there, the coverage is quite good but I would say it's medium rather than full. Coverage may be buildable if you apply more however I haven't tried this as I prefer my makeup to look natural.

I have normal to slightly oily skin and it's perfect so it may not be the best thing for dry skin - I would try The Ordinary Serum Foundation.

Love love love this and next time it's in stock I am going to buy up big! So happy that my search is over. And you can't go wrong at this price, try it!

Must try! - 04-12-2017 by

This is a great everyday lightweight foundation with buildable coverage. It has a beautiful soft matte finish on the skin. I also love that they have a wide colour range to choose from and they're so affordable :)

Really Enjoyed This Foundation! - 04-12-2017 by

I am the type to stick with one foundation once I am happy however, I tried this and I was extremely surprised with the coverage as it designed for a medium buildable coverage I only had to use a small amount and my skin had an amazing glow with amazing coverage. It wasn't cakey or felt sticky on my skin which was amazing and I found this help all day I suffer from combination skin and can find foundations move by the end of the day but this one held in place really well. I would highly recommend a primer underneath which will help with the longevity.

So good! - 04-12-2017 by

I was really excited to try this foundation and the results are exactly what I imaged - the coverage is perfect for me, it gives enough coverage to hide any imperfections yet doesn’t look caked at all on the skin or too heavy. It is easily blended and I prefer applying it with a beauty blender or gently patting it into the skin with a flat top brush.

I like to switch between the serum and the coverage foundation when I feel I need a little extra coverage for a night out. I’ve been trying out two shades - which makes the price tag an added bonus!

This did not respond well for me - 16-11-2017 by

Very excited to give this a try as I usually opt for a more expensive foundation for my sensitive combination skin, however it didn't do much for coverage and ended up breaking me out. So disappointed really was hoping it would be amazing.

LOVE! - 19-10-2017 by

This is my new favourite everyday foundation. The coverage is great. It glides across my skin. You don't need to use a lot to get a good level of coverage and you get a lot of use from the bottle. It is light on the skin, buildable and gives a flawless finish. Obsessed with this foundation and because it's so cheap, I use it as my day to day foundation. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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