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The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG 30ml


4 instalments of $3.18

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4 instalments of $3.18

Or 4 instalments of $3.18 with LEARN MORE

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With a light texture, The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG contains an extremely high 5% concentration of caffeine, supplemented with highly-purified Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside (EGCG) from green tea leaves.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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GREAT - 73% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Dark Circles
  • Puffiness

Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

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The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG Reviews

73% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



yes! yes! yes! in my genes dark circles and undereye bags travel deep in my family so when I first tried this out it was amazing I've used this product for only 4 weeks and its really working I noticed the gradual change as the days I've used it go by. Would 100% reccomend

Most Helpful Criticism

Okay but could also do without it


I have seen some pleasing results whilst using this with some depuffing under the eyes however it does not seem too effective for long periods of time. Definitely nice when I see some results but I could also do without it in my skincare routine.
  1. Great for eyebags


    Love this product especially its price. I like to put this product in my fridge before using it and ive seen some differences in my eyebags
  2. Smooths and hydrates


    When I first used this serum I didn't think I made much of a difference except maybe keep the undereye area hydrated. After running out of the serum I found that the fine lines under my eyes were much more noticeable and I had a lot more texture underneath the eyes. In terms of dark circles I think there was a little reduction but not a lot. Until I find a more effective serum I will be continuing...
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  3. 10/10


    yes! yes! yes! in my genes dark circles and undereye bags travel deep in my family so when I first tried this out it was amazing I've used this product for only 4 weeks and its really working I noticed the gradual change as the days I've used it go by. Would 100% reccomend
  4. Fine eye serum


    It feels refreshing and I enjoy the consistency, however, I did not notice a significant difference in my undereyes.
  5. Not for me


    Unfortunately, I felt that this did very little for me, but perhaps my dark circles are more of a genetic problem. The serum however has a nice texture and is really easy to apply. It is also a simple addition to any existing skincare routine.
  6. An affordable treatment for the under eyes


    The skin under my eyes tends to be quite sensitive but this product did not irritate and it reduced puffiness. It was hard to tell if it reduced darkness, but I think you'll be able to see results with continued and consistent use!
  7. Obsessed


    As a tired Mum, this is a godsend! I keep it in the fridge so it's nice a cold when it use it every morning. Very hydrating and perks me up quickly in the morning!
  8. Pretty good


    verified purchaser
    I use this day and night, and I haven't noticed a major difference, but it feels refreshing. It's a good basic eye serum.
  9. I look human


    This is a saviour! I always looked so tired with dull, dark skin under my eyes but no more. This almost instantly makes me look more awake & less puffy. I use this everyday before work to make me look human again. It feels a little bit sticky for the first minute or so but soaks in & feels smooth in no time.
  10. Love it!


    I love this product. It makes such a difference refreshing the under eye area.
  11. Very hydrating


    I have horrible dark circles under my eyes! This doesn't get rid of them completely (I don't think anything ever will) but it does make them feels so nice and hyrdated! it gives me a little glow after I apply it and feels so nice on my skin
  12. cheap but useful


    I knew THE ORDINARY already like ages, but this is the first time I really use it. I always stay up until late and have dark cycles I think this is useful.
  13. Like it, but unsure if it's working


    I use this in the morning and like the consistency and feel of it on my skin. Unsure if it's working but will give it a little longer.
  14. Pretty good overall


    This product reduced my dark under eye circles slightly, however not a huge noticeable change. It leaves your eyes feeling more awake straight after application. Overall a pretty good product
  15. slightly reducing undereye colour


    After using the product I have found that it has slightly reduced my under eye colour and brightening my under eye area. Its only a small difference but I have only been using it for a month so my keep improving with use. The product makes my eyes look more awake straight away and less puffy after use
  16. Extra cup of coffee


    Feels lovely going on and I think it does brighten up you're eyes a bit. However, I'm not sold it really has any lasting effect.
  17. Gradual result


    Surprised with the way this product has worked out for me. Initially purchased for quick morning results to attack my puffy eyes, and whilst its not good for instant pep ups, ive noticed the undereye improving over time. For a $12 product im pretty pleased. Perfect dropper / applicator too.
  18. Good Enough!


    I have used everything to improve my undereye situation. I have it all, bags, dark circles, and wrinkles. I've thought I've past the point of no return but when I started using this I did see the slightest bit of improvement to my dark circles and that's probably the most that any product has ever done for them. So I'd say I'm happy with this product.
  19. Doesn't help with dark circles


    I have been using this product for around 4 months. I haven't noticed a change in dark circles around my eyes however, my eyes are not too puffy anymore after using this. It did not cause any irritation around my eyes as well which was something I was concerned about.
    Overall, I wouldn't recommend this if you are looking to reduce your dark circles but it can help with puffy eyes.
  20. Helps, but not dramatically

    A Law

    I find this helps with puffiness from lack of sleep or having a good old cry, but doesn’t do much for dark circles in my experience. Worth having on hand, but probably won’t solve all your eye area concerns.
  21. Really worth it


    I love this product. It makes such a difference refreshing the under eye area and makes bags under my eyes disappear
  22. Works very minimal


    This caffeine solution didn't work too well for me. I have extremely puffy under-eye bags, and after using this for over 2 months, it worked only a very small amount. It is affordable, however, and the packaging is super cute.
  23. probably helps


    I do like using this as it adds moisture and I pair it with an under eye cream. I have fine lines and can have darkness under my eyes, and I'm not sure if it helps with that too much. It does help with puffy eyes, unless it's been an all nighter and I'm exhausted. I repurchase it for its hydration, but sometimes am not sure I see a difference.
  24. Good temporary results


    I have noticed that the product helps slightly reduce the puffiness around my eyes and slightly brighten it. However I have finished the product and have not noticed any improvements with my under eye circles.
  25. Great for under the eye bags


    I’ve been using this everyday for over a month and found a small, but noticeable change in the dark circles under my eyes. Didn’t fix the problem( so many other factors I need to consider to do that) but did improve it :)
  26. Holy Grail


    Here's the deal - I'm in Melbourne lockdown, working from home, have two puppies at home and often deal with insomnia; so most morning I look....the opposite of zoom call ready.
    This solution has been a savior for my newly developed bags and puffiness. I reach for it over my innisfree Green Tea eye cream almost every day now. I also get hayfever and find it helps calms my skin
  27. Good - but not sure if there’s a big difference.


    I only use this occasionally when I’m particularly tired (or hungover) maybe once or twice a week and I don’t notice significant results. Maybe If I were to use it every day there’d be more visible results? It’s nice to use but could probably do without it.
  28. Really enjoying this product!


    This is a really nice product, it really wakes up the eyes and i'm noticing more clarity in my undereye area, would recommend!
  29. good product


    I get really bad dark circles under my eyes and I think this product makes a small difference in how dark they are. It does help to decrease my eye puffiness. It also feels really nice and soothing after application so I will continue to use it
  30. Love it


    I love applying this in the morning to make me look and feel more awake! Reducing puffiness and increasing brightness under my eyes
  31. Minimised my dark circles


    A lot of eye creams are too much for my eye area and cause milia. This is a really nice serum. I apply everything else then pat this in last as I don’t use anything else in the eye area. It’s minimised my dark circles, hasn’t made a huge improvement yet but haven’t been using it for long so I’m sure I’ll see more results!
  32. It works!


    I have been using this undereye solution for a few months. I thought initially it wasn't working for me, but last week I was so busy with work I didn't have time for my usual skincare regimen (which meant that I didn't use it for a day). The next morning, my eyes looked tired and puffy. I use this twice a day and make sure I spend some time rubbing it into my eyebags. I definitely recommend trying...
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  33. not the best, not the worst


    can't say i noticed too much of a difference while using this. i have more dark circles rather than puffiness though, so it may just not be for me!
  34. Didn't notice a difference


    Didn't see any difference using this for months, except for dry skin patches.
  35. Not for me


    I find The Ordinary a bit hit and miss...unfortunately this product dried the skin around my eyes.
  36. Great product


    As a new mum I am often running on little sleep and this product helps my under eyes look more hydrated and less puffy. It hasn’t done much for my dark circles yet (only been using for 6 weeks) however I find that when I use this my under eye makeup goes on really nicely.
  37. Not bad not amazing


    I’m really not sure if it’s done anything for my skin, but it’s such a good price it was worth the try
  38. Not 100% sure yet


    I've been using this for around 3 months, and I've only used a little over 1/2 the bottle. I'm not 100% sure how effective it is. I don't have puffiness but I do have pretty bad dark circles. I think this may have helped a little bit, nothing too noticeable though yet. However for the price, even it only helps a tiny bit it's worth it for me. Will finish the bottle and probably purchase another on...
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  39. Works alright


    I wanted to love this eye serum but after regular use I could see a little difference only to my dark eye area. My expectations were more from this product after watching so many YouTube videos. However I will keep using it to see more.
  40. Didn't notice a difference in skin


    Didn't really notice much of a difference in puffiness, and it dried out my undereyes. I found my lower lashes that came into contact with it grew quite long though!
  41. Wanted to love it..


    I had really high hopes for this as my first The Ordinary product, but I just don't feel like it's made much of a difference. If anything, I feel like it's dried the area out a little, even when ensuring to bring my moisturiser right up? Seems like it's worked wonders for some, but I don't think I'd repurchase.
  42. Not amazing


    I am a tough critic on eye products and this doesn't really do it for me. Didn't see a difference and somewhat dried out the area unless going over with a heavy eye cream after
  43. Good for puffy eyes


    It does the job if you have puffy under eyes in the morning. I often use it in the morning for my under eyes for a few minutes then i would wipe it off as I found it crease with my concealer later on. You still need use an eye cream product if you have a dry skin type. Worth the price.
  44. Truly Amazing


    I apply this all over my face every morning before using the HA serum and it honestly depuffs my face! I love it
  45. Dries my eyes


    I did notice a slight decrease in my dark circles however it is sooooo drying on my eyes, it was making me get fine lines and flakey skin. I might keep using it but with a heavy eye cream after it.
  46. didnt see much of a change


    i have pretty dark circles and didnt see much of a change, it doesnt sit the best under makeup making it kind of greasy
  47. My first ever Ordinary


    This is my first ever Ordinary product!! Been using it for the past two weeks to try to fix my dark circles, but haven't seen any results yet due to bad sleeping schedule. However, there is definitely NO puffiness in the morning even with my hayfever allergies.
    Definitely an interesting package to my usual skin product, so it's a good change of mood.
    Very light texture and it gets abso...
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  48. Good but not great

    Lisa Poppy

    Good solution for first thing in the morning, but I haven't found an overall improvement with my eyes. It goes on really nicely and instantly hydrates the area, it's just that it doesn't have any long term effects.
  49. very good


    My friend recommend it, temporarily eliminated swelling. Pretty good.
  50. Really wanted to love this!


    I've had mixed success with The Ordinary, and I'm afraid this product wasn't well suited to my skin. It irritated my eyes. I'll be switching pack to La Roche Posay for now.
  51. Ok


    Ive been using a couple months now, havent noticed any difference with puffyness.. the textures ok but takes a while to dry and soak into skin
  52. Temporary relief of circles


    Circles go down for the day but only works if constantly applied
  53. Best caffeine solution by far!


    I have used multiple caffeine under eye solutions before, and this one beats the lot by far! I had been looking for a new one since I ran out of my last a few months back. That one left me a little dubious that it even worked, but I love the results I am experiencing with this solution!! I'm so impressed with The Ordinary! So, so impressed!

    My eyes actually *feel* invigorated when I ...
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  54. Liked it


    Great for reducing puffiness first thing in the morning but have not noticed lasting effects. Moisturise over the top as it gets a bit flaky and dry through the day if you dont.
  55. Surprised

    Regi K.

    Have had people raved about this product. I was first unsure about but after having used, I am absolutely converted! Really see an improvement on my skin.
  56. Not bad


    I have only been using this for a few weeks but have found it to be hydrating. When applying you only need a little bit. It hasn’t caused me any dryness around my eyes. I’m not sure how long it takes to see long term results but my eyes are definitely less puffy!
  57. Noticeable improvement


    I have had alot of people comment on how tired I look lately
  58. Good Value for money


    This works really well. It helps de-puff the eyes and its also hydrating. I have noticed my dark circles going away yet though
  59. It works well


    This product is so affordable and works well for its price. It did help me with my dark circles but can't say anything about its dealing with eye puffiness as I don't have any. Overall its worth a try.
  60. Temporarily Reduce Puffiness

    Jamie B

    Temporarily reduces puffiness, it is a little drying though.
  61. Good value for the price


    I use one drop for my under eye area, it feels nice on the skin but i haven't notice much of a difference.
  62. Lasts ages


    Only a tiny bit is needed for the eyes so this is a good long term investment
    Helped to reduce puffiness in the morning for me
  63. Great at de-puffing


    Great product, definitely reduces eye puffiness almost instantly! very good value for money, a bottle lasts for ages!! I just find that it doesn't sit well under make it. If I want to wear foundation over the top I have to make sure I leave it for at least 20-30mins to make sure it's all soaked in
  64. Not crazy about it


    This has a nice cool feeling when I place it around my eyes but I don't think it's making a difference. I have only been using it for about a month so possibly may change
  65. Goodbye Puffy Eyes!


    I've been on the hunt for the perfect eye product for as long as I can remember. I'd love to find something that not only helps with fine lines/ wrinkles but also with dark under eye circles and puffiness. However the majority of creams out there seem to promise either one or the other, so I decided to give this a try in the hopes it would banish my dark under eye circles and puffiness (the joys o...
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  66. Okay but could also do without it


    I have seen some pleasing results whilst using this with some depuffing under the eyes however it does not seem too effective for long periods of time. Definitely nice when I see some results but I could also do without it in my skincare routine.
  67. No more puff


    I've been using this for 3 months and have noticed a decrease in the puffiness of my eyes. This definitely helps with puffiness but not with dark circles. 1 bottle lasts forever as you only need to use a small amount each day
  68. Didn't really help


    As my undereyes aren't hyperpigmentation but due to my bone structure this didn't really help me. Still wanted to try and might be better for people with different undereye bag causes.
  69. Nice little pick-me-up


    Works for temporarily making your eyes look more awake by decreasing puffiness. Not targeting issues long term though
  70. Didn't notice any difference


    Been using this product for weeks but didn't notice any difference...
  71. Great for Puffiness


    This works so well in hydrating around the eye area but also with Puffiness – Also can’t fault the pricing of this
  72. Smooths fine lines


    After years of staying up late and developing darker under eyes, I looked to this product to see whether it could potentially lighten them somewhat. Personally after finishing the bottle, I didn't see much difference in in my dark circles but I did find that it smoothened the fine lines within this area noticeably.
  73. unexpected surprise


    I accidentally ended up using this product, I'm 56 and was looking for something to help with the wrinkles around my eyes. The very expensive product i was going to buy at $99 was out of stock so the assistant suggested this and at such a low price i didn't hesitate. After a few weeks much to my surprise not only had it helped with my wrinkles but a lump/scar on the inner aspect of my eye has virt...
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  74. Lightens undereyes temporarily


    Definitely a difference but the effect is only temporary
  75. a little goes a long way


    I have been looking for an affordable and effective eye cream/serum for awhile and have been left disappointed in the past with products that make big promises but give very little bang for buck.
    I tried the caffeine solution 5% +EGCG as I've been using The Ordinary products for awhile now and have never been disappointed with the results. You only need a drop per eye as a little goes a lo...
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  76. Haven’t noticed a difference


    I like this product because it absorbs easily and feels light. But I haven’t really noticed any difference to the bags/skin under my eyes after about 3 weeks using it.
  77. Waking up with Puffy Eyes


    Some mornings I wake up with puffy eyes after having too much sodium in my diet and not enough water or having a rough night's sleep or I had a sob session because of Netflix. So I thought I'd give the caffeine solution a crack and I do feel a difference in the skin around my eyes, it feels less rigid from the puffiness after some time, and the swelling does go down but not immediately but over 20...
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  78. No difference


    Eye creams are so tricky - I really didn't notice a difference with using this. Having caffeine I thought it would lighten my dark circles and depuff but I didn't notice any change. Would not repurchase
  79. No difference


    I’m a big fan of the ordinary a products however not a super fan of this. Not only did I not notice a difference I had a reaction and flared up my eczema. But disappointed but gave it to my mum who seems to like it so far!
  80. It does what I expect


    I have been using the Caffeine Solution for over 2 months now. Only in the morning. I noticed a improvement in the color of my dark circles. It seems to me that it is also better for puffiness around the eyes...it is difficult to say to be honest. It’s not greasy and it’s absorbed very quickly. So it allows me to add, above, another product for moisture and fine lines.
    Anyway, given the pric...
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  81. Get rid off tired eyes


    Amazing product. Gets rid of my dark puffy eyes in the morning. Highly recommend. Feels gentle and soft on skin.
  82. Helps with puffiness.


    Really like this product for using around the eyes!! Noticeable reduces puffiness and is very soothing.
  83. Not a miracle product but works!!


    Definitely has helped with undereye puffiness, but hasn't really changed my dark circles at all.
  84. easy to use


    cheap but good quality. little dry but could combine with other eye cream.
  85. Works okay but doesn't deliver on the miracle claims


    This is a nice product i like the consistency and the application itself as it isn't too sticky. However, i can't say that i can see or feel any improvements in my dark circles or puffiness around my eyes.
  86. amazing


    like all other ordinary products, this is amazing! Makes my skin look bright and less puffy in the morning
  87. good alternative to expensive products


    I personally didn't notice a massive difference beyond slightly less puffy eyes but its a good price and a good budget option to the more expensive eye products
  88. Helps with puffy eyes


    This product was really moisturising for the eye area and it made them alot less puffy almost instantly after using but I havent seen much of a difference in my dark circles, nevertheless its still a great pick me up if your eyes look swollen or dull
  89. Amazing


    Helps with my puffy eyes and also hydrates the area well. A little goes a long way. Incredible value.
  90. Dark circle problems :(


    Okay so I have this massive dark circle problems and buying this product, I didn't expect much to happen. I used this normally morning and night, I can see my dark circle slowly fading away!
  91. easy to use


    cheap but good quality. little dry but could combine with other eye cream.
  92. Perfect for puffy eyes!


    I usually get very few hours of sleep and am always left with bags under my eyes which are often incredibly puffy. I purchased this product in the hope to fix this and after 4 days of using morning and night, they are pretty much non-existent, which I am extremely pleased about!
  93. Dark eyes


    This product is nice however I didn't notice any significant differences in my skin but my dark under eyes are genetic so I can't fault the product for that, might be more effective for someone who doesn't have genetically dark under eyes
  94. It works


    The caffeine eye solution is wonderful! Visible results within a couple of days (I only applied once a day, just before bed), a little goes a long way - Stings like a B if you get it in your eye so dont use an excessive amount.
  95. Neutral


    Perhaps I am completing my morning routine too quickly to see a result, but I don’t feel that this does a great deal of depuffing. I don’t have dark circles so can’t comment. No irritation, thin formulation
  96. Bright eyes


    Using the caffeine solution under my eyes morning and night after cleansing has left my eyes feeling fuller, less puffy and has even softened some of my fine lines
  97. Love it !!


    So amazing for under eye/general puffiness - noticeable results!
  98. caffeine eye serum


    not sure about this one. I like that it helped cool my under eye area in the morning, but it wasn't rich and hydrating like a cream. If you like lightweight serums for your under eye area, you'll like this.
  99. good i think


    The product goes on nicely but it's hard to tell (like other reviewers have mentioned) what effect this has had.
  100. Don't expect more effect.


    Without the effect of removing wrinkles, it can only moisturize and slightly slow down the dark circles under the eyes. I'm in my twenties but I'm starting to have wrinkles around my eyes. I need better anti-wrinkle eye cream.
    But in the price still has 30ml, you can't expect too much.
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