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The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG 30ml

4.1 of 475 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.18


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With a light texture, The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG contains an extremely high 5% concentration of caffeine, supplemented with highly-purified Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside (EGCG) from green tea leaves.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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GREAT - 71% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Dark Circles
  • Puffiness

Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

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4.1 of 475 reviews

71% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Will be buying again

Chanelle j

Reduces dark circles an puffiness.
Has a tight drying effect which I love.

Most Helpful Criticism

Reasonable product


I love this brand and their product. The serum is reasonable but not sure if it actually makes any difference.
  1. Will be buying again

    Chanelle j

    Reduces dark circles an puffiness.
    Has a tight drying effect which I love.
  2. Reasonable product


    I love this brand and their product. The serum is reasonable but not sure if it actually makes any difference.
  3. May work for some


    I used this for a few months and after a while it started to burn a bit under the eye and cause a lot of redness, I'm not sure if it was maybe too strong/harsh for my skin. I'm sure it would work well for some but sadly didn't suit my skin type, I am normal/combo and sometimes sensitive
  4. Good


    I have been consistently using this product over a month under my eyes before bed as an eye cream and I am pleased to see results in the reduction of dark circles. It is a thick formula which feels somewhat heavy however a little goes a long way so a small pea sized amount is sufficient for application under both eyes. Highly recommend.
  5. Not a miracle worker


    Every time I try an eye product, I always hope it will be the one to erase all my sins (aka not sleeping enough), but I'm yet to find one that blows me away. I think this helps with puffiness, but not sure it's made any difference to my dark circles. I also wonder if it's a little irritating sometimes. I've had dermatitis around my eyes on and off this year and I think sometimes this might make that flare up.
  6. At first I thought it did nothing then I realised how great it is


    I thought this product didn't change my skin very much then one day before work I looked really tired had dark puffy under eyes and this product fixed it, not noticeable for me regularly but a life saver when I'm looking tired
  7. Mother's best friend!


    I really love this product I feel my eyes look less puffy and my dark circles are a lot better. I combine this with an eye massage and I find that has really helped especially during winter when my dark circles are at their worst.
  8. Yet to notice


    I have applied under eyes regularly for a few weeks but dont see much change yet
  9. Quick Solution


    This is one of those products you might not need to use every day. For me, it helped a lot on those days where you just wake up with puffy eyes or dark circles. It brings down the puffiness and darkness really quickly, I call it a shot of coffee for the eyes.
  10. Amazing!


    I have usded this product a week . Definitely less puffiness around my eyes . some times when apply it Stinging eyes. Overall it is a good product
  11. Effective and AFFORDABLE


    Let's be real, quality at an affordable price is a dream! That's exactly what I get with this. Cleared my dark circles, made my eye area soft and supple. You will begin to see results in 1-2 weeks. Love this product!
  12. So cheap, yet AMAZING


    I always really search before choosing skin care and usually products along these lines a really expensive and don't always work.
    But this, is not only cheap but works as well as higher end products.
    This is amazing
  13. cheapest eye serum in the world!


    yet, quality of the product is mind blowing. i will buy it again and again!
  14. Removes puffiness around eye area!


    After using it for 1 week, I already see a difference around my eye area. I used it before I sleep and after I wake up. It's really easy to use!
  15. works instantly but no cumulative effect


    This product works instantly to minimise darkness under the eyes. I don't think it actually serves to do any long-acting work on the skin, it seems to just work upon application. I even tested it out on my boyfriend who looked in the mirror and thought I had used concealer under his eyes! I found this product hard to wear under makeup and not particularly hydrating, but use it daily in the morning for the concealer effect it provides especially on makeup-free days. Great for the price and a quick pick-me-up in the mornings!
  16. Brightens a bit...


    I’ve tried most offerings from the ordinary - this is pretty good. I noticed a bit of brightening around the eyes with good hydration. Didn’t work on my actual bags though, but then nothing really has and they are quite blueish.
  17. Good for swelling


    Used a month, morning and evening use. I did not feel any change in the color of the eye region, but in the swelling it helped a lot to notice the difference in the first days of use.
  18. Wasn’t sure until...


    I’ve been using this every morning as part of my routine and wasn’t sure it was doing anything until I had a reaaaally bad sleep before MY WEDDING DAY! After applying it within 10 minutes my puffy under eye bags were GONE. A godsend!
  19. Not sure


    I've had this product for over 3 weeks and have been using it every night. No irritation which is a plus because my undereyes are quite sensitive however have not noticed much visible difference.
  20. No Lasting Effects


    I have the worst undereye circles and this did not do much, if anything. Does provide temporary relief if your eyes are puffy but use a moisterizer as it's weirdly tacky. I probably won't repurchase.
  21. Amazing price!


    I have been using this for the past 2 weeks, it has honestly taken the puffiness under my eyes away.
    I feel I can see a slight change in the dark bags too.
    Can apply makeup straight over this, you would never know.
    Loving this product. And the price!!
  22. does it actually do anything?


    does this product do anything? I have been using it for a few weeks and I am not seeing any difference. Maybe my dark circles arent bad enough for me to see a difference? Maybe I need to use it longer to see a difference? Not even sure that a product can help with dark circles anyway. Sceptical on this one.
  23. Amazing!


    I actually only bought this on a whim, because I’ve seen and heard so many positive reviews. I’m 28, and always had very dark under eye circles. I’m super pale and even had dark under eye circles in my teens. I never cared about it, and thought any product meant to help diminish dark circles was nothing but bs so I never tried anything for it. But hours after using it for the first time, I actually noticed my under eyes looked a bit better than usual. The dark under eye circles are still there, but far less prominent than usual.
  24. Not a fan


    This ones not for me. Didn’t notice any reduction in under eye puffiness on the days I have used it.
  25. Quite effective.


    I am 60+ years old and had quite bad bags developing under my eyes so though I would try this though I had no great hopes of it working. However I do think it has reduced the bags under my eyes significantly. I don't have dark circles so can't comment on that. Just be careful not to get it in your eyes as it stings like mad - which makes me think there is definitely something active in it. The low price makes it even more attractive.
  26. Pretty good, consistency is key


    This isn't a product where you use it once and it solves all your problems. I'm not sure why I thought that it would, but it does take a few weeks to see results. It is worth the wait I promise but don't have high expectations if you're not also prepared to drink more water, fruit and veg., less coffee and alcohol.

    I think if I drank less coffee and slept a bit better, I would see better and more lasting results with this product between uses, but if you're only going to rely on this product and not adjust any of your naughty habits you are definitely going to be spending a lot of time waiting and wondering why this product isn't working as well as it does for others.
  27. Amazing results


    I love how extraordinary this product is and would highly recommend it for dark circles under the eyes
  28. Dark circles be gone!


    I use it every morning and night before my skin care regime. And it works so well for me. Love the price point of the ordinary. I've had it for roughly 5 months so far, and I'm only half way through the bottle!
  29. Unsure if it works, but want to keep trying!


    I've used this product for about 2-3 weeks now and am unsure if it is working for me, but integrating this into my skincare routine is nice.
  30. Brilliant


    I’ve got deep eye sockets which give me dark circles. This has been the only product I’ve found that helps brighten my eye sockets. Love it!
  31. unsure


    I have had this product a week or so and am unsure if it is helping me, my eye might be a little less puffy when i wake up in the morning but i haven’t bwwn using it long enough to know if it’s made a hide difference
  32. Nice price; ok product.


    The price of this product is great. Love having an oil to put around my eyes. Definitely less puffiness around my tired eyes but other than that not much difference. Also wish the moisture lasted longer.
  33. My dark circles are reduced


    I purchased a bottle of this serum back in May. I am nearing the end of it now, so it has lasted quite a long time! I have found that the dark circles under my eyes have reduced with regular use. I also apply a small amount of serum to my upper eyelids and have noticed a reduction in the puffiness of this area, especially when I am tired.
  34. Love this product


    I love this product! Even after just over a week of use I can already tell my puffy eyes are getting better, and they dont leave any residue under my eyes. I can put makeup on overtop and doesnt leave my eyes shiny or oily.
  35. Great for morning


    Eyes are much less puffy and Dark know circles reduced dramatically, feel so tight and fine line are a lot less visable
  36. Puffiness sorted!


    I didn't have much hope for such a reasonably priced product but it really surprised me. It has definitely helped with the puffiness. Not so much with the dark circles but they are considerably less noticeable without being combined with the puffiness anyway. This tired mumma is looking a little less tired these days!
  37. Nice product


    Just started using this product, I can definitely see a reduction in puffiness around my eyes and an improvement to fine lines. Easy to apply and feels nice and supple on the skin. Will continue to buy.
  38. Didn’t work for me


    Unfortunately did nothing for my eyes and I gave it to my boyfriend. Disappointing product!
  39. Good


    I have seen my undereye brightened with the use of this product. I didn't have very dark undereyes to begin with but this helped a lot and I don't wear concealer on most days as a result.
  40. Definitely see results

    Angela Kay

    With continued use, I’m definitely seeing results
  41. It works


    I use this at night and never wake up with bags under my eyes. I make sure to mash it off the morning before applying mascara because it’s a bit oily. And product in The Ordinary range that’s great value for money and lasts ages
  42. Great value


    Great value for money it definitely goes a long way and the bottle will last me a long time, I like the way it feels it's light weight and not sticky , under my eyes are less tired looking and does brighten up those dark bits I would buy it again and makes a great gift
  43. Unsure


    I'm not sure how long this should take to show results but I didn't see any. I'm just not sure about this product. I love the brand for the cheap price point but I didn't notice much of a difference using it on my skin.
  44. Game changer


    I've seen great results in using this product. Having been genetically unblessed with hollowness and darkness under the eye, I've tried so many different eye treatments including fillers in an effort to minimise the look. This product has helped reduce the puffiness and in conjunction with the matrixyl serum, I've seen a reduction in the hollowness under and around the eye area.
  45. No noticeable results


    This product lasts a long time so it’s very good value for money. However I have not seen a noticeable change in the dark circles under my eyes.
  46. Energise


    Lessen puffiness and makes me look a week bit energise
  47. Great product, however need a bit extra


    I have dry and sensitive skin, with a natural dark circle under the eye. This product is great at waking me up and brightening a little. However, I feel as though I then have to use a cream afterwards, particularly in the pm, as this product does not moisturize under the eye enough for me
  48. Inexpensive and effective


    Have purchased this to use in conjunction with other products from The Ordinary. It isn't a miracle cure but it certainly does tighten and brighten with continued use.
  49. Doesn't do much for me!


    I was excited to try this but it really doesn't do much for me. I didn't notice any depuffing or darkness being faded. Although if it works for you, it is quite a generous size for eye cream!
  50. Brightened my dark circles


    Brightened my dark circles and any dark spots on my face. I’m so happy with the results
  51. Great eye opener for a tired Mama


    I am often sleep deprived with puffy under eye bags but this stuff is amazing at de puffing and making me look more awake and great value
  52. Feel more alert and awake when using this


    Doesn’t necessarily help with puffiness but does help in he mornings to make me feel more alert and awake
  53. Not good


    I gave this a really great go but it didn’t do anything. I didn’t see any difference at all, and it felt quite dry. Damn :(
  54. Brightens under eyes really well


    I apply it to my eyelids and under eyes and has brightened and tightened them
  55. Coffee for my eye


    Applied twice a day is like coffee to my eyes. taking away puffiness....
  56. I was expecting more


    My eyes in the morning are very puffy and normally the colour or my eyelids are brown-ish so I wanted to give this a go because of the reviews and the price. Unfortunately it is not what I was expecting, I have been using it almost 2 weeks and it has not improve at all... Not sure if I recommend it
  57. On the fence


    Tried covering dark under eye circles for a while with multiple brands some of them that my skin reacted to and stung my eyes. Not sure if my dark circles are actually salvageable but this product didn't sting, didn't flake when i put make up over it and didn't worsen my darkness. So it didn't make things worse but not sure if it dramatically made things better.
  58. Unsure


    I have been using this for a couple of months, and I don’t think it has made any difference at all to puffiness and circles under my eyes. However, what I do like about it is the price and the texture. You only need the tiniest amount - even one drop is a bit too much for me and I end up wasting it.
  59. Lasts a long time and hydrates


    This product will last you easily 6 months plus! You only need a tiny amount under the eyes so this is a work horse product.
    Initially on application the skin can feel a little tight but give it 10 or so minutes and it will soften. This product does reduce under eye puffiness for me but I am yet to see an improvement in fine lines (I am 33).
  60. Great for the boys!


    I bought this for a male friend at work as he was complaining about the bags under his eyes. I could see the improvement on him after just 1 use!
  61. Great stuff!


    I get really puffy under eye bags, so wanted to find something that was affordable and worked. I ended up giving this a go and it’s amazing! I see a difference almost instantly. It’s so nice to not look so tired every day! I feel so much more bright eyed when I use this.
  62. Great for puffy eyes!


    I must say this is a great solution for puffy eyes at a cheap price! It has definitely made a difference in the puffiness of my under eye area, and sits nicely under makeup. I apply in the mornings and use a heavier eye cream at night. Definitely recommend if your looking for a light weight eye solution at a great price.
  63. Great product for the price


    Has made a noticeable difference after a few weeks of use, I have been keeping in the fridge and find its soothing and reduces puffiness almost instantly.
  64. Effective-less


    This product doesn’t seem to have made any difference to my skin. A single drop from the dispenser seems to be too much product for one application. I end up having to rub the remainder into the back of my hands or wash off. Puffy eyes don’t diminish in the same way that other products I have used do. The effectiveness is effective-less.
  65. No results


    I enjoyed the texture of this solution but it just didn’t seem to have any effect on my under eyes. It was not cooling, moisturizing, or brightening so it’s a bit underwhelming as an eye treatment.
  66. Love this!


    Takes the puffiness from my eyes, is easy to incorporate into am or pm routine, great price & only need a drop - what’s not to love?!
  67. Early days - but I can already see the difference


    I bought this to calm puffiness in my eyes and it works wonders. I’ve only been using of an evening every second night and I can already notice the difference - does make my skin feel a little tacky - but worth it.
  68. unsure if it made a difference


    Not sure if this actually made a difference but for the price it is definately worth a shot. it feels nice when you apply it and only need a little bit. may have possibly reduced my bags. love most of the ordinary products.
  69. Great for rejuvenating tired eyes


    I’ve loved using this product as a new mum with extremely tired eyes (hello bags!). It’s one of the most effective eye serum so have ever used and definitely works to reduce puffiness and dark circles. I’ve been using for a few months now and can really see a difference.
  70. More potent than youd expect


    Maybe its just the nature of caffeine, or maybe this product is really potent, or maybe my eye area is more sensitive than other people... but i got little white bumps around my eyes where i used this product within a matter of days. Either way, this product still does what it claims!
  71. Nice cheap eye serum


    I don’t think unnoticed any actual difference after using this however it definitely has a nice cooling effect and feels like it tightens the under eye area. I haven’t repurchased just cos I like to try different brands but it’s definitely amazing for the price!
  72. will continue to use this.


    I bought this as it says it will work for eye puffiness and pigmentation. It spreads very well so you just need 1 or 2 drops to apply all over eye area. I have been using this for over a week but am not sure about the results yet... that's why only 3 stars. I will keep using to see if I see the results. Overall I love the ordinary products.
  73. Good start


    I'm not sure if it has visually made a difference to my under-eye area, but it physically feels like it does when I use it. I keep it in the fridge, so the cool serum feels like it perks up the area after use. Will see with time if it makes a difference visually.
  74. For $12 why not?


    Sooo cheap and can actually see somewhat results. Definitely look more awake when applying this of a morning!
  75. Eye serum


    Light serum for under the eyes, although personally I haven't seen large improvements in my dark undereye area. Perhaps a slight improvement after using for a month or so. Cheap eye cream alternative though! Good value
  76. Not the right candidate


    I am probably not the right person to be testing this as I am lucky enough to not have puffiness, dark circles or lines in my eye area. However, this ended up irritating my skin and drying it out, which is the total opposite of what you want, I do have incredibly oily skin so I would be careful with using this one for the drier skin types unless you are layering over a heavy night eye cream.
  77. Lovely Light & Depuffing Eye Gel


    I really wanted an eye product for my routine, and this does not disappoint. It is really effective in depuffing my eye area, and for light hydration in the area.

    I am a teenager and do not need a strong, heavy-duty anti-aging eye product just yet, so this really does the trick.

    The applicator is a dropper, which I really appreciate as it is a really hygienic way to use it. You also only need a tiny bit for each use so the bottle will last you ages.

    Highly recommend and will definitely repurchase.
  78. Ok serum


    I have been using using this serum for 2 months now; haven’t see any changes yet. Slightly reduce the puffed eyes in morning. Very cheap for the price.
  79. Great for puffiness


    This is a great, cheap eye serum, it is hydrating and feels nice, but hasn't completely blown me away. I still have fine lines but unsure if I would purchase once it runs out


    I purchased the eye serum for my husband last week and I can already see a difference around his eye area. Looking less fatigued and much clearer!
  81. didnt see any difference


    didnt see any difference after using. not sure if i will keep it
  82. Lovely


    I purchased this to get my dark circles under control. They were really noticeable and very difficult to mask with concealer. The results have been incredible. It takes time to see the difference, but it does work.
  83. Not recommended for sensitive eyes


    This stings my sensitive eyes unfortunately :(
  84. Feels nice


    Whilst I haven’t noticed a difference in my dark circles yet, I really like the way this feels when you put it on and it absorbs quite quickly. It doesn’t feel like a heavy eye cream that just sits on top of your skin. I like it and will continue to use it.


    Never again will I wake up with puffy eyes or dark circles! I noticed a significant difference after my first use and now I wont look back. I use day and night around the contours of my eye (top and bottom) and a 30ml bottle will last months as you barely use even half a drop / day. The Ordinary has consistently proven they are the best out there.
  86. Great


    Great at keeping puffy eyes at bay and hydrating at the same time. Night shift gives me some dark circles and puffy eyes. Some of the dark circles is genetics but made worse by lack of sleep this helps my eyes look a little less tired
  87. Maybe


    This product has hydrated my undereye area but I don't feel like it has made a difference in reducing the lines or darkness underneath my eye.
  88. Takes awhile...but does actually work!


    Bought this after recommendations from friends. Was interested to see if it reduced my dark circles. Took a few months, but now my under eye bags are less noticeable and certainly not as dark. I use it once a day at night. Can be used anytime.
  89. Very nice product for awakening tired eyes. Can’t beat the price!


    Love this product! Only need to use a very tiny amount to get the effect of tightening puffy eyes. I personally found it better when I used it in conjunction with a hydrating eye cream as it was quite drying without it. All in all it works very well on puffy or tired eyes. Amazing price too!
  90. not impressed


    I bought this because of good reviews and good pricing, but it hasn't done much for me. I don't really have dark circles under my eyes so maybe that why. I was trying to see if it would help with my tear troughs but it didn't really do anything. I will keep using it, maybe over time it might do something.
  91. Not sure if it works


    I have been using this product for a few months, but I feel like I haven’t seen any improvement in the puffiness of my eyebags, which is my major concern. Good thing about the serum is that a little goes a long way and absorbs easily (although it is a little tacky after it dries).
  92. As good as they say


    Instantly brightens my under eyes. However, me personally I need to add a more moisturising under eye cream on top of it because I have dry under eyes. So if you’re looking for something hydrating I wouldn’t recommend this on its own. But I most definitely would recommend this if you want deluded and bright under eyes
  93. Coffee fix for your eyes!


    It's a fairly thick serum that thins out as it's applied to the skin, so you really don't need much at all. I like that it works pretty quickly, but I'm also slightly disappointed that I don't see long term results. No matter, it does the job for now!


    love the price and LOVE that it does work! I've always had BAD dark circles.
    If i don't use it after awhile i notice how bad dark they become. I just got to to remember to use it regularly to keep on top of it.
  95. A little goes a long way


    Great for undereye, and you only need just a little drop of it, so definitely can be used for a long time
  96. Drying


    I found this product to be very drying. I didn’t notice any difference to my sunken eye area. Better, more hydrating eye creams on the market.
  97. This actually works


    This was my first Ordinary skincare product (was originally strictly Chanel) and I am a convert. This actually visibly reduces my dark circles over time and it absorbs super quickly! For the price you can't go wrong, however, it does not replace an eye cream, I feel like it is more a serum as my under eye area always feel quite dry after applying if I don't layer it with an eye cream. Works really well under makeup too.
  98. Eye Serum


    This caffeinated eye serum is nice on the under eyes. A little goes a long way. I’ve only been using it for a little while and it appears to be working really well.
  99. Unsure


    I’m a little unsure about this product, I didn’t notice a difference while using it.
  100. Left little skin around my eyes


    I've used kiehls avocado eye cream and it was alright. After I used this to hydrate my eyes, I've been getting these little skin bumps which I believe are not pimples or blackheads or anything like that. No pain nor itchy but hard to get rid of. Also, doesn't do too much with the caffeine in waking my eyes up
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