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The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% 30ml

4.5 of 253 reviews


4 instalments of $5.48

Or 4 instalments of $5.48 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $5.48

Or 4 instalments of $5.48 with LEARN MORE

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Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant, brightens the skin tone and reduces signs of ageing. In its pure form, Vitamin C is unstable in water.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%

The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%

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The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% Reviews

4.5 of 253 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I was very hesitant about adding another product into my routine at first but after having only used this for a couple of nights, my skin has so visibly improved both in feel and look. My skin feels really plump the morning after using it and when I apply it in the morning, my skin is so glowy even under my makeup!

Most Helpful Criticism

Really sticky


I didn't get along well with this because it was way too sticky/tacky when it dries down. It made it hard to layer products with it and made my hands very sticky as well. The vitamin C in it made my face brighter very quickly so I don't doubt it works well, just not for me due to the stickiness.
  1. Amazing!


    I was very hesitant about adding another product into my routine at first but after having only used this for a couple of nights, my skin has so visibly improved both in feel and look. My skin feels really plump the morning after using it and when I apply it in the morning, my skin is so glowy even under my makeup!
  2. Great Daily Alternative


    Great alternative for day use compared to the more harsh vitamin C serums.
  3. Love it


    I really like this serum. I use it every morning before and antioxidant serum and I can definitely see the difference it makes. It does make the skin brighter over time and more youthful and healthy looking.
  4. Wonderful lightweight Vitamin C


    I love The Ordinary and I bought the Vitamin C Silicone first, which I found was too harsh on my skin. After reading more information, I decided to try this one. I love the texture and how lightweight it is. It's a slow-worker but it does work. I have a pretty normal skin and a bit oily around my T-zone. I layered this on top of my Hyaluronic Acid from The Ordinary as well. It does create this w...
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  5. Amazing


    This made my makeup look flawless and bright..I was very impressed after first use and have continued to re purchase
  6. No amazing results yet!


    I've been using this for about 1 month now. I can't say I notice any difference to my skin in terms of brightness, but at the same time at least it hasn't caused my sensitive skin to react. I sometimes get a red rash from certain products so was worried about how Vitamin C could affect my skin. This product was recommended by Adore beauty as it's gentle on sensitive skin. The serum feels nice on m...
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  7. LOVE IT!!


    this brightened my skin so much my skin tone is more even and most of my dark marks have faded, there are only a couple left but they are very light - this is also great for dry skin.
  8. vitamin C


    This was really pleasant to use, it didn't feel greasy and I think it did help brighten my skin somewhat (dark spots from acne)
  9. Great value


    I've used this for approximately 2 years & love having it as part of my routine.
    I use this every other evening (other evening I use a retinol) after a wipe down the the glycolic acid toning solution & then top with matrixyl & moisturiser.
    I find this combo to be super hydrating & a lovely 'off night' routine to my low strength retinol nights.
    I've found my skin brighter over the...
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  10. vitamin C


    I really enjoyed the texture of this compared to other vitamin C serums I've tried. It's comparatively light and not so oily. I didn't notice as much brightening effect though, but it is pleasant to use daily.
  11. A good pathway product


    I hadn't used a Vitamin C product before using this. Whilst I didn't notice changes in my brightness & pigmentation (assuming because I only used one bottle over 2-3 months and Vit C may take longer to work), I believe that it was a great way to get my skin used to Vit C before purchasing and using a stronger, more stable product. If you're looking to start using Vit C, start with this, then work ...
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  12. Good


    There's no stinging. It's a little tacky going on. It's mad
  13. Brighter skin, easy to wear


    I really liked this product, and was a good way for me to start off with vitamin C. I made a mistake when I used it with retinol, so at first didn't notice anything (Don't judge a heathen!). When I got the hang of how to use it, my skin looked really bright and discolouration on my cheeks from occasional acne seemed to fade quicker.
    I live the tropics where it's hot and incredibly humid at t...
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  14. Love this product


    I love this product and have just ordered the supersize because I cannot get enough. Feels really lovely going on and I have seen a noticeable difference in the fine lines under my eyes and upper cheeks since using this.
  15. Love


    Love this product!! best thing that has helped reduce redness from acne scarring and makes my skin look baby soft! Can’t live without this since i got it
  16. Great entry vit C


    I was worried about using a vitamin C product because I have sensitive skin prone to reactions, but this has been super agreeable with me. With daily usage for a couple of months my skin is brighter and has improved complexion - but progress is slow. I use after HA 2% + B5 and then use Pycogenol % afterwards. One down side to Vit C is that it doesn't agree with a few things - can't use with Buffe...
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  17. A promising product


    I had previously been using the The Ordinary Vitamin C suspension 30% in silicone but found it irritated my skin a bit. It was great for brightening and lightening scars so I will definitely still use it in future but it did exacerbate a bit of redness and lots of tingling in my face as I have quite sensitive skin. I thought a Vitamin C derivative like Ascorbyl Glucoside solution 12% might be a bi...
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  18. very good


    so far so good. i really like the product and has improved my skin in just two weeks! great value for money
  19. Decent Vitamin C


    It is super lightweight, however I have trouble layering this on with other skincare products. I try to use vitamin c in the morning but layering it with moisturiser and sunscreen, I do end up with some minor pilling. Affordable vitamin c. There is a slight noticeable smell (perhaps I am sensitive to it).
  20. Unsure


    Been using this product for quite a few months already and I havent noticed any change on my skin. It does feel nice and its a good value. Ill finish this bottle but probably wont repurchase
  21. Didn't really do much


    I don't know if its actually working, but I haven't noticed a difference in my skin like I have previously with Vitamin C products. It's super affordable and I will repurchase to keep trying with more consistency.
  22. Great introduction into skincare


    I have dry skin and have enjoyed using this product as my introduction into exploring actives in skincare. I haven't noticed too much of a difference in my skin, but have been using it to prevent pollutants and sun damage. This product applies easily, has a nice texture, and the packaging makes it easy to use the right amount. The scent is not too strong or overpowering. Even though I've used this...
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  23. So far so good


    I recently purchased this and have noticed a slight difference in skin tone and complexion. I'm pleased so far!
  24. First vitamin C


    This is the first vitamin C serum I have used and my skin definitely looks brighter. Im not sure it has helped my pigmentation at all so I will probably consider trying a more expensive vitamin C in the future. It can be a little sticky when first applied but I brush my teeth while it sinks in before applying my moisturiser and I find the stickiness is gone. Love the value for money you get with T...
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  25. My favourite vitamin c


    This is really a great buy for vitamin c. I works perfectly for my dry skin and has improved my skin pigmentation a lot. Highly recommended.
  26. good stuff


    I have dry and dull skin and this has helped brighten my complexion
  27. I've used this quite a few times before. Really like it


    I like this brand in general , and often use this C, as I like the texture and results seem good
  28. Good VC


    I’m on my second bottle of this serum. I feel it brightened my arms. Just bought another bottle.
  29. good vitamin C


    This has brightened my skin and faded my acne spots
  30. good product


    you only need a few drops. It has no unpleasant smell.
    I noticed my skin becoming dull, splotchy, and with a few age spots starting.

    I use this with other ordinary products in my daily skincare routine, and I'm a convert. My complexion has significantly improved.
    I am in my mid-40's, of fair complexion with combination skin that is prone to breakouts and redness.
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    I read that this product contains VITAMIN C which helps with brightening your skin complexion, and yes, it really did justice to my skin! I suffer with atrophic scars, and they are difficult to heal with merely skincare products. Although my scars are not totally gone, this product really helped to lighten them and at the same time gave me a more even and brighter complexion! Would definitely try ...
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  32. A bit tacky / sticky


    Originally I would like to brighten my skin tone but after 3 weeks of use, I don’t think it has done the job. However, I’ve noticed my skin looks healthier with natural glow that I didn’t expect it at all.
  33. YES YES YES!!!


    I bought this product hoping it will tame my dark acne scars on my chin, and despite only using it for less than a week, I've already noticed that my scars have faded WHICH IM SO HAPPY ABOUT! My skin tone has also evened out, looking a lot healthier and glowy - would definitely repurchase :)
  34. Good product


    This leaves my face with an ultra soft texture ontop after application which is really nice. The smell is minimal, and the consistency is very easy to spread. not sticky at all
  35. Vitamin C serum


    Love the brightening and evening effect this has on my skin
  36. Works great for evening skin tone


    This helped speed up the lightening of my dark pimple spots
  37. Great Vitamin C product


    Helped lighten my hyperpigmentation but I had to be patient
  38. Not very effective.


    I've used up the whole bottle and have seen no changes to my skin which is really disappointing. I have hyperpigmentation that seems to never go away, or they stay around for at LEAST 3 months. I was really hoping this product would've been able to speed up the healing and lightening process but i still have spots from when I started using this product, till the last drop of the bottle.

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  39. Much better than the 23% formula


    When I first started on Vitamin C, I bought the 23% Suspension Formula -- at the start I wasn't a fan of this as it has a strange, grainy texture. But I did get used to it (*use less*) and I found it worked really well with Niacinamide at night for glowy bedtime skin.
    But this AG 12% Solution is much silkier to use and I have found similar results without feeling like I am rubbing sand on m...
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  40. Good serum for uneven skin tone


    This helps to brighten my blemishes and has a moisturising effect.
  41. Do yourself a favour and buy this!!


    Made my pores look smaller, my face is brighter and looks fresh.
    Its light formula doesn't make my skin breakout which was very hard for me to find.
  42. Great product!


    Made my pores look smaller, my face is brighter and looks fresh.
    Its light formula doesn't make my skin breakout which was very hard for me to find.
  43. Great but not the best


    I have tried a heap of the ordinary's vitamin c products and this one I probably won't purchase again. It was too sticky for me unlike other products I've used. Goes on nice and no burning/irritation but it's tacky when it's drying which put me off a bit
  44. Gentle and effective


    This was the first vitamin C product I tried and I am amazed. I have been struggling with acne scars and uneven skin tone for a long time and after only a month of using this product I can see a difference in my skin and I had no adverse reactions so it really is the perfect beginners vitamin c product!
  45. Do yourself a favour and buy this!!


    LOVE! has actually helped lighten some pigmentation and dark spots! I am so impressed- spreads easily and absorbs fast
  46. Give Yourself a Glow


    I love this serum! I use it every morning and it has made my previously dull, dry skin brighter and gives me a nice glow. I have only been using this for one month but it seems to be fading some of my redness/ pigmentation which is very promising. It can be a bit sticky to apply, but this can be fixed by dampening your face with a mist toner before applying and ensuring to only apply a few drops o...
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  47. First Vitamin C Product


    This is the first Vitamin c product I have bought and tried. I have been using it for roughly a week in the mornings after I cleanse. It glides over my skin nice and smooth but absorbs very quickly. I have sensitive skin and I don't feel any irritation from this product which is always a plus. Although I personally haven't noticed a big difference in my complexion as of yet, I have still had a few...
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  48. Great product!


    Made my pores look smaller, my face is brighter and looks fresh.
    Its light formula doesn't make my skin breakout which was very hard for me to find.
  49. My fave product


    I LOVE this product! It has made my skin so much brighter and alive looking!
  50. quite sticky


    in my opinion this was a little sticky so I think it's better to leave this on and wait for a little while before applying next skincare steps. It was effective in brightening my overall complexion, but I didn't notice significant change in individual dark spots
  51. not amazing


    I had high hopes for this one but I didn't notice much effect on the pigmented areas of my skin. I found I got much better results from niacinamide and vitamin A serums.
  52. Lovely and brightening


    This was my first vitamin C product and I have found it has brightened my skin. I read that some other people have found it tacky, but I've had no problem at all. I use it after my thinner serums and before creams.
  53. A really good & affordable vit C product


    This was my first vitamin C product and I have found it has brightened my skin. I use it every morning and let it dry for a minute as it's a little sticky and wet, before applying SPF. This is a great price point however I'm curious to try another brand like SkinCeuticals to see if it's stronger and worth the money once this bottle finishes.
  54. Really sticky


    I didn't get along well with this because it was way too sticky/tacky when it dries down. It made it hard to layer products with it and made my hands very sticky as well. The vitamin C in it made my face brighter very quickly so I don't doubt it works well, just not for me due to the stickiness.
  55. Noticeably brighter skin


    Have noticed brighter skin over a few months, I use this in the morning paired with TO Lactic 5% at night and have seen great results, so will definitely keep using

    Only small issue is this product can pill sometimes so if you wear makeup could be a bit of downside
  56. Great value


    I really like this product and it is fantastic value for money. Brightens my skin. Would recommend
  57. It peels off :(


    I was so excited to try this brand in general because of all the great reviews, products and price. But when I tried using this product plus other ordinary products, it started to peel off my face and leave white residue (which was really noticeable due to my dark skin) Not sure why it does that. Now I have to find another brand to replace these products I bought
  58. Perfect for Sensitive Skin


    I was using the L Ascorbic Acid Powder which I loved in terms of results, but it irritated my skin, I switched to this formulation upon recommendation and am happy so far. It doesn't brighten my skin as much as the powder does but it still has a brightening effect. Best of all, I have experienced no irritation whatsoever.
  59. Vit c for sensitive skin


    Was nervous using vit c for my dry and sometimes sensitive skin. No reactions which was great and noticed my skin became more bright and radiant with use. I think this a great introductionary product to vit c
  60. Amazing


    Was an amazing product I love it so much created amazing changes in my skin and evened skin tone
  61. Worth the money


    Great for whitening. I am combination skin and this works so well for me. Absorb really quick. And this is my third bottle within the 5 months and I already switched 3 shades of my foundation!!!
  62. Love it


    When I got a facial I was told I should use a Vit C serum and was recommended a very expensive one from Dermalogica. That really wasn't in my budget so I did some research and found this! So glad I did! This is an affordable product with powerful ingredients.

    The Ordinary is making good skin, and good skin-care accessible for people like me who grew up thinking that was just a thing...
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  63. Amazing product!


    I have very sensitive and dry skin and this vitamin C works wonders on my skin!
  64. Bright and light


    I've been using this in the morning along with other The Ordinary products in the evening. It's got a lovely lightweight consistency and soaks in immediately to my skin. No issues following up with my usual day cream.

    I've definitely noticed improved pigmentation after using this consistently.
  65. Love this!


    Love this product, great value for $, really brightens my complexion, feels great when it dries
  66. Loving it


    I was hesitant to believe if this stuff would actually work, but thought I’d give it a crack for the price. Could be a mixture of things but I haven’t had a pimple since I started using it & my skin feels super radiant. Will definitely keep using!
  67. Good Quality


    The product's high quality, indicated by professionals. It helps a lot to keep the skin healthy and smooth. The only thing about it, it dries fast, so is easily spreadable if used with a bit of another face cream.
  68. Beautiful results


    The serum is really effective after 2 months' use. My skin has visibly brightened up and my skin tone around my cheek area is a lot more even and I've already purchased my second bottle.
  69. Use with caution re pH of skin


    It IS good for brightening, but only use twice a week if you are also using another Vitamin C serum on every other day. Can be irritating, but use with a hyaluronic moisturiser afterwards & follow with night cream.
  70. comfortable vc derivant


    No stinging and high potency water based serum, its a different product standing out of other the ordinary vc serum. And also, would be most friendly to sensitive skin.
    I can use it everyday AM, and also with other product, not fight with other products. Great and will repurchase it.
  71. doesn’t help


    i have been using this and not much has changed
  72. amazing


    made my skin way better. would totally recommend
  73. Nice one!


    Wow, this is what was missing from my routine all along! I never used vitamin C serum before and my skin has been looking pretty dull. After using this product for the past week I’ve already noticed my skin looks heaps nicer, more even and clear.

    Can’t compare the effects to any other vit C products since this is my first one, but I’m happy with the results I’m getting for the price.
  74. Too early too see any changes in pigmentation


    After 2 weeks of use cycling between other serums, it hasn't seemed to have changes. However, i have sensitive cheeks and it hasnt given me a reaction which is a plus. It is easy to put on and dries quickly.
  75. The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside solution 12%

    Tanya B

    The clean lines of the packaging of all The Ordinary products makes it appear to me to be no nonsense on the box and all the money spent for the products them selves. This product is a powerhouse in an amber bottle. Gets straight to work on brightening of skin and pigmentation. This stabilized Vitamin C takes a little while to brighten but it does a big job for a little price and does show brig...
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  76. Great addition to my morning routine


    Been using this in the mornings in addition to Buffet and Hyularonic Acid. It makes my moisturiser apply smoother meaning I have to use less. I definitely feel like it’s brightened my skin and helps it stay moisturised throughout the day. The texture is really thing and applies nice and even, I only need about 3 drops
  77. Lighter and brighter


    Have been using this in conjunction with a selection of other products from the Ordinary. Found my skin to be brighter, plumper, more hydrated and my scaring and lines seem to be reducing.
  78. Lighter and brighter


    Have been using this in conjunction with a selection of other products from the Ordinary. Found my skin to be brighter, plumper, more hydrated and my scaring and lines seem to be reducing.
  79. Great option for beginners


    I had heard great things about the ordinary range and this is another trusty product. I have combination skin and wanted this for brightness it delivers! Works great with the ordinary buffet I use this in the mornings and the retinol emulsion at night. I am knew to using vitamin c products in my regimen and so far I Love it!
  80. Helps my pigmentation


    Affordable vitamin A serum that I use each morning under my moisturiser.
  81. Superb


    First time using this product and absolutely love it. Skin looks so evenly toned. Have been using for a few weeks now and will definitely repurchase. Goes on nicely, you don’t need a lot of product to cover face and works into my skin so nicely. I’m a big fan of The Ordinary due to price point and have highly recommended everything I’ve used.
  82. Glow!


    Wonderful Vitamin C serum and you can't beat the quality for the price.
  83. So far so good!


    I haven’t notice a massive difference since starting to use this product, however, I’ve only been using it a couple of times a week. Planning to increase to every second day to see if I notice more of a difference. Consistency and application is easy
  84. Couldnt go without


    I use this serum every day, its super gentle and has never irritated my skin. my skintone is glowy and much more even since using this
  85. Great even for sensitive skin


    I have sensitive Rosacea skin, I had no irritation from this at all. Drys down quickly so you can do make up straight after! I have used vitamin C before but it was a while ago so this is perfect to build my tolerance back up! Lovely product
  86. Great for oily skin


    This serum is light and hydrating, and it does not break me out! Perfect for oily dehydrated skin! It seams to be improving my uneven skin tone too.
  87. Nice product but no WOW factor


    I bought this product after finding that my skin was too sensitive for more potent vitamin c serums. The texture of this serum goes on really nicely, though I find that it remains somewhat tacky on my skin after it has dried, as though it hasn't absorbed very well. That being said I have noticed my skin is brighter and the texture more even, as well as reduced redness.
  88. Love The Ordinary


    I love The Ordinary products for their versatile and affordable range. This is one product I use as part of my routine everyday and I have seen more results with The Ordinary then other serums five times the price. Highly recommend them.
  89. Gentle Vit C serum


    After debating about which TO vit C product to try first I settled on this. It has a beautiful thin texture and sinks well into the skin. The fresh orange smell is a bonus too. I haven't experienced any irritation or sensitivity. A great beginner's vitamin C serum.
  90. Brighter skin


    Bought this more for fine lines, and as I’ve only been using it daily for two months it haven’t seen much difference, but I have noticed my skin is much brighter and clear
  91. Good intro to using Vit C


    This product is nice and light, and absorbs really quickly. I use it under moisturiser and spf.
    I’ve never used vitamin c serum before so wanted something light, I think next time I’ll go for a stronger concentration.
    It’s great value for money and a good ‘intro’ to vit C.
  92. Great value


    It's not as potent as other Vitamin C I've used, but I can definitely see that it has been brightening my skin. I think I would purchase a more potent serum next time, but it's inexpensive and a great way to ease into using Vit. C.
  93. So impressed


    I purchased this about a month ago and I have been really impressed. I use it in the morning before my spf. I find the texture, as long as you use just a small amount, is lovely, it soaks into my skin instantly. I also love the smell - it’s kind of nutty and I look forward to it in the morning. The results have taken a while, it’s been a slow burn, but now I think my skin really is looking brighte...
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  94. Very good product


    I really like this vitamin C, it's not too oily and absorbs into my skin very nicely. I enjoy putting this on after washing my face in the morning, then layering it with sunscreen and makeup. The only issue I have with it is that it will make my makeup a bit oilier than usual. After using it for a few weeks, I really enjoy the brightening effects on my face.
  95. Well worth the money


    Small bottle but a little goes a long way. Worth the money
  96. Good


    I like the consistency and it absorbs into the skin nicely leaving my skin bright but I haven't seen any other results. I have been using this for over a month now and will continue to use it.
  97. Unsure


    I like this but wouldn't say it is amazing. I haven't noticed much of a different so unsure if it is working and I have been using it consistently for a few months now. In saying that, it feels nice applying in the AM after my cleanser and before my moisturizer. Price point is great however I probably wont repurchase.
  98. Vit c for sensitive skin


    I have used a 4% vit c serum before (poor result) so wanted to increase the strength but was worried about chemical burns due to my sensitive dry skin. I am so happy with this product I have had no irritation and my skin looks brighter! I have even had compliments on this. Is now a staple in my skincare regimen.
  99. Good for hydration


    I've used this for two months now as part of my morning routine and it leaves my skin hydrated. Make sure you use it as recommended by the Ordinary. Only downside is it is a bit small.
  100. Like it


    I enjoy the texture of this Vit c and mildness of application. I add a little 23% Vit c to up the ante. I’m not sure how much good it’s doing after 6 months of use, but it’s inexpensive and I figure it can only help with sun protection.
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