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The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid Emulsion 2%

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The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid Emulsion 2% by The Ordinary

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The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion, previously known as Advanced Retinoid 2%, is one the most-popular Retinoid-based products from the skincare experts at The Ordinary. Known for being one of the most effective ingredients for anti-ageing, Retinoids come in different potencies and varying formulations to reduce sensitivity.


The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion is a lightweight, moderate-strength emulsion with low irritation levels. The product’s active ingredient, Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate (HPR), a less abrasive alternative to retinoic acid, or prescription retinol medication, to accelerate skin cell turnover and reverse the signs of ageing and acne.

Key benefits of The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion:

  • Moderate-strength Retinoid
  • Low risk of irritation for Retinol skincare
  • Lightweight, creamy emulsion
  • Can treat a variety of skin conditions, including pigmentation, ageing, and acne
  • Helps prevent the formation of wrinkles
  • 30ml

What is Retinoid?

‘Retinoid’ is a broad name for any product that contains a derivative of Vitamin A. The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% contains two different forms of Retinoids that are easily absorbed by the skin. This product causes less irritation than traditional forms of Retinoid.


The main active Retinoid is Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate (HPR), a specific and advanced form of Retinoid that works harder to diminish signs of ageing whilst being more gentle on skin. This is blended with a form of pure Retinol in a protective capsule system, which aids the delivery of the HPR.


How does The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion work?

This anti-ageing serum from The Ordinary works by accelerating the rate of skin cell turnover, making way for newer, fresher, and healthier cell growth underneath. It also helps to slow down the degeneration of collagen in the skin, the main protein for youthful-looking skin, and helps to prevent the formation of dynamic facial folds and wrinkles. The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion can help with pigmentation, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, and active breakouts.


How to use The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion

Introducing Retinoids into your skincare routine slowly is important to prevent irritation and sensitivity. Start with just once a week, and then slowly increase usage up to a maximum of four times a week. The emulsion should only be applied at night, because Retinol can heighten skin sensitivity to UVA and UVB rays. A daytime sunscreen is always recommended when using this product.


Apply the emulsion after water-based serums and before oils and heavier creams. Do not use this product along with other Retinoid treatments.


Who should use The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion?

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion is suitable for anyone who is concerned about skin texture, acne breakouts, ageing skin, or pigmentation. Retinoids should be avoided when pregnant or breastfeeding and should not be used on very sensitive, damaged, or compromised skin.


How does Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion compare to other The Ordinary skincare products?

In 2017, The Ordinary expanded its collection of Retinoid products to introduce new formulations and strengths. Advanced Retinoid 2% was renamed to Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion to fit in with the new naming conventions of the extended range.


Here is a breakdown of the different Retinoid formulas The Ordinary currently makes:


Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane (Moderate Strength, No Irritation)

Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane (High Strength, No to Low Irritation)

Retinol 0.2% in Squalane (Low Strength, Moderate Irritation)

Retinol 0.5% in Squalane (Moderate Strength, High Irritation)

Retinol 1% in Squalane (High Strength, Very High Irritation)


The Granactive Retinoid collection uses the same delivery system for the same active ingredient, Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate (HPR), a less harsh alternative to retinoic acid but a relatively new creation in the skincare world. The remaining three products use pure Retinol, a tried and tested ingredient, which, once applied, needs to be converted by the body in order to deliver benefits. Retinol can cause irritation, so it is important to introduce it slowly into your skincare routine.


Does The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion help with acne?

Retinol for acne is a great way to both minimise active breakouts and prevent future breakouts from occurring. The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion helps to accelerate skin cell turnover to minimise the longevity of acne whilst promoting healthier skin cell growth for a clearer complexion.


Is The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion good for scars and pigmentation?

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion is a great product to include in a routine for treating scarring and pigmentation, as it helps to speed up skin cell turnover for newer and fresher skin. The emulsion works particularly well for fading scars and pigmentation when used in conjunction with a vitamin C product.


Is The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion good for rosacea?

When looking for new methods and products to minimise and treat rosacea, it is always recommended that you consult a doctor first. Whilst the emulsion can help with the symptoms and appearance of rosacea, it may further irritation, particularly on those who have extremely dry, dehydrated, or compromised skin.


Is The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion comedogenic?

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion contains acne-reducing ingredients, so despite its light oil base, it is non-comedogenic and suitable for those with congested skin.


Is The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion good for wrinkles?

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion has anti-ageing properties, making it an excellent product for treating and minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Retinoids are known as being one of the only ingredients to not only prevent premature ageing but actively reverse it too.


Is good for dark spots?

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion is a great product to assist in treating dark spots, especially when used in conjunction with a vitamin C serum.


All of our products are filled/measured by weight/volume so the product is correctly filled to 30 ml. The packaging does not accurately reflect the size of the fill. However, this is intentional as some air must be allowed at the top for the product to actually close.

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Great for Retinol Virgins - 13-08-2018 by

Works well, low irritant. I have sensitive pale skin and I can tolerate this quite well. Dries a little sticky and can pill under oils and moisturisers. I prefer the squalene based retinols, but can see how this could benefit oilier complexions.

I have advanced up the Retinol ladder and am using stronger concentrations.. but I still have heaps of this left, so I use it on my hands in the night time. Leaves them smoothe and glowy.

Great product - 13-08-2018 by

Using this along with niacinamide has changed my skin dramatically, love it and better than any retinol product I've used .

Only a Few Weeks in and I'm in Love - 13-08-2018 by

I have never used a retinol product before. In fact if I saw something was used for anti-aging I tended to avoid it with the naive impression that it would be of no use to my skin. I was wrong. I've been an acne sufferer for many years and only recently with the help of some great goodies I've found at Adore Beauty I'm finally coming out of my bad acne years however with a lot of scarring, uneven skin tone and pigmentation. I love this product as I can feel it actively working even after only having used it for a week. My skin seems to drink it up and I honestly look forward to applying it every night because it just feels that good on my skin. I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my complexion, scaring and skin tone. It is much more even and my skin is beginning to look subtle, fresh and honestly the proudest I've been in it with a long time. I just wish The Ordinary would bring out an SPF product. But this product has got to be one of the best I've ever tried and for the price you really do get a lot out of it.

Good vaule!!! - 13-08-2018 by

Has cleared up my breakouts and slightly diminished the appearance of my acne scars. Only negative has a bit of a pungent smell.

Life saver! - 13-08-2018 by

I overdid it with the retinoids a while back and my skin looked so bad, I'm slowly but surely undoing the damage and this is all I will use now. It's so nice

Perfect retinol product - 13-08-2018 by

This is my first retinol product as I have always been hesitant to try one due to my sensitive skin. I use this 2-3 times a week & have found my skin to be clearer & so soft & velvety.

I loooove The Ordinary - 09-08-2018 by

My concerns when I purchased this product were fine lines, skin texture and pores. I've been using this twice per week followed by The Ordinary Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10% and The Ordinary Rosehip Oil. I experienced a few dry patches on my skin during the first few weeks but once my skin got used to the retinoid and I started using rosehip oil following the treatment that cleared right up!

This has been my skincare routine now for three months. My skin looks and feels amazing! I've found that this routine primarily helps the anti-aging and skin texture side of things as opposed to pores, but I will definitely be repurchasing when ~eventually~ my products run out. Definitely recommend as a twice-weekly treatment!

PS. To address the pore situation a little more, I have just started using the Niacinamide and Buffet serums each morning and this has so far just put the cherry on top of my skincare routine! Pores are all but gone and skin is glowing!

Great inexpensive retinoid - 08-08-2018 by

I'm onto my second bottle and I haven't had a break out since using it. My skin feels softer and I've noticed a glow to my skin. I do also use the alpha h gold and medik8 balancing toner but those 3 together have done wonders.

Amazing Retinol Product - 31-07-2018 by

This is such a beautiful product!
I only just received it yesterday & used it last night & can already tell what a difference it is going to make to my skin.
I am 36, always been a combination skin type - very oily in my t-zone with quite alot of blotchiness on my cheeks & quite a few smile lines around my eyes.
I also can react quite badly to products that are too active but I do like to use a Vitamin A product in my skincare regimen.
I have struggled for years to find the right one that is not too oily but also not too harsh on my sensitive skin.
However, I've woken this morning to my skin feeling soft but not oily, more even toned with much less blotches. In general my face just feels alot fresher, not greasy, not irritated.
Like another reviewer mentioned the article on Kim Kardashian brought this product to my attention & I am so glad I read that!
Can't wait to see the results & improvements in my skin after continued & long term use.
Can't go wrong for the price too!
Very happy so far

Good value for money - 30-07-2018 by

Such a great product for the right price tag!

Effective and cheap - 24-07-2018 by

So many people are getting involved with skincare and the ordinary does such a great job at producing products that are affordable and to the point.

Retinoid is slowly helping my skin, if anything this product just keeps it clear from any breakouts.

I don't recommend using this every day if you are not used to retinoid (and they have different concentrations if you want to start out slowly).
I don't find I get any irritation and it's easily absorbed into the skin

Great budget friendly retinoid! - 24-07-2018 by

I have been using this product for a few months now and am loving it. It is very affordable, and being a retinoid it doesn't irritate the skin like retinol can. My skin looks brighter and fresher. LOVE!

Amazing - 18-07-2018 by

I was purchasing a $120 night cream and this is working just as well, so cheap and so effective! No irritation at all and the formula is creamy but not oily. Amazing so in love

Amazing product and great price - 18-07-2018 by

This product is amazing. My skin has been getting very dry due to it being cold and having the heater on. I have used this product just a few times (nightly) and love how silky my skin feels after application. Can't get much better than this and the price is so affordable. I will definitely repurchase when need be.

Brightens and refines - 17-07-2018 by

This product is life changing! I am 31 and a flight attendant. I have struggled with hormonal acne and dryness for years and my skin has completely changed since I started using The Ordinary products. I use this all over my face 3-4 nights per week mixed with the The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA . It is like I have new skin! My skin is brighter and I rarely get pimples. So incredibly impressed and I have recommended these products to all my friends and family. The best skincare routine I have ever used.

My favourite the ordinary product by far! - 13-07-2018 by

Have been using the ordinary skin care line for over a year now and this by far is my favourite product of all. Works well without irritating my sensitive or dry skin and with regular consistent use my skin is clearer, and has significantly less breakouts or blemishes. For the price of other comparable Vitamin A products it is a steal and has amazing results. Will be a mainstay in my nightly skin care routine for years to come!

A daily must - 12-07-2018 by

I have gone through a couple of bottles of this now and I am so happy with the results. My skin tone is much more even, I suffer from pigmentation post blemishes - this product helps the marks fade quickly.
I also bought TO Retinol .5% in squalene and it does not compare to the lovely texture of the emulsion.

Great Product! - 12-07-2018 by

I bought this after hearing that Kim K uses it (I am a sucker for trying anything that works). I can say it does definitely work on fine lines and pigmentation. I really like it however, I only use it twice a week as I have dry and sensitive skin. When I started using it three times a week my skin did dry out too much. I love this brand because it is pure ingredients for half the price!

Great product, have certainly noticed a difference - 11-07-2018 by

I've been using this product for quite a few months now, and its certainly cleared my skin from blemishes. I don't use it daily, there might be times when I use it once a week, and I am still seeing the results. Its an easy routine to do and would recommend.

Must Have - 10-07-2018 by

I have been using this product for about 6 months I have normal to dry skin and I absolutely love it. I bought it for its anti aging benefits and whilst I can’t comment too much on that as it’s more for prevention but the after benefits I noticed straight away is the look and texture of my skin is really smooth and almost glowing. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Happy with this product but not certain I'll re-order it once it runs out. - 09-07-2018 by

I thought I'd give this product a go after reading an online blog about it and also the customer reviews were pretty good.

I use it each night before moisturising - it goes on really well and agrees with my skin. However, after almost 2mths of using it, i haven't noticed any difference in my skin at all. I can't say it's smoother.

A wonderful gentle retinol - 09-07-2018 by

This is not only amazingly priced, it is a marvellous retinol for people needing something a little more gentle and less likely to cause a reaction than some of the other high powered options out there. I can have a tendency to peel when my skin gets overly sensitive to things, but experienced none of that with this gorgeous milky serum. Of course, ease into using it and take care with other retinoid products used simultaneously, but definitely give this a go if you're in doubt!

THE BEST PRODUCT EVER - 09-07-2018 by

I have never used a product on my skin and seen instant results. I have been using this for a month now and my skin looks and feels amazing!

Diminished pores - 09-07-2018 by

This is my second bottle. I have oily combo skin. This is a great overnight serum for me. Keeps my skin moist without any breakouts and has diminished my pores.

fantastic product - 09-07-2018 by

feels like silk on, so velvety smooth
I try to only use it once a day but would like to use it in the am also, but have super sensitive skin, so I dont want to push it.
this is by far the best retinol I have used, better than others over the counter

Second bottle not as effective - 09-07-2018 by

My skin has acne, acne scars, dryness, eczema, spots, peeling around the eyes, pigmentation and freckle like pigmentations or freckles.

My main concern is to get rid of the acne, acne like spots or scars etc.

When writing this review, I have used two bottles of the product. The first bottle I used in conjunction with The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, Niacinamide in the morning and Retinoic at night. That was used during a month long vacation in Malaysia. My skin improved then. The second bottle was used, Niacinamide in the morning, Retinoic acid 2.0% and Alpha Lipoic Acid 5.0% alternating at night. This time round I didn't notice as big a difference, and I preferred the effect the Alpha Lipoc Acid 5.0%. Though you are not meant to use the Alpha Lipoic Acid daily as it is said to be too strong. Hence I use the Retinoic on days that I don't use the Alpha Lipoic. On quite a handful of occasions, I would have a big acne formed after using the Retinoic. Then again, I cannot entirely blame the Retrnoic for the acne, it could have been a coincidence or my poor health.

The product spreads on well. It stung the first time I used it in my life, but not too painful.

Broke me out like crazy! - 07-07-2018 by

After 2 nights of using it, I woke up with a lot of painful bumps, redness and acne mostly in the forehead, right cheek and chin. I saw reviews saying that they had purging when using it for the first time so I continued using it. It’s been 5 days of using now, some pimples popped already and some dried out but there are still some painful bumps in my face. I can feel that the smaller bumps are getting bigger now, hoping they also pop soon. Actually, I hope my face clears out soon or I would be stopping it.

Could do without it - 05-07-2018 by

I was recommended this by a store person at Deciem in place of Vitamin C, however I think it's not as effective for me perhaps because I'm relatively young still (20s). I was wondering if something in my routine was triggering the side effects of feeling uncomfortably greasy at night then extremely dry in the morning, and it turned out to be this. It didn't seem to be worth the trouble of feeling uncomfortable. That being said, I was using it every night not knowing that this is more of a 2-3 times a week product (apparently). It's been better now I use it more sparingly, but still I don't seem to notice much of a difference without it, maybe a bit less glowy complexion - but I'm not really sure if it's directly related. I'm likely to leave it behind when traveling as I could do without it.

Good but don’t over do it - 04-07-2018 by

I bought this product to help with reducing my fine lines & sun spots. Using it my skin definitely seems clearer & more even. However I don’t think my main big sun spots have improved. When I first bought this product I used it every night, big mistake!! My skin went soo dry & flaky, but now I use it a few times a week & working well.

Non-irritating and helpful for acne - 02-07-2018 by

Helps to keep the skin clear from acne and doesn't cause any irritation, which can be a problem with some harsher retinoid treatments.

works - 28-06-2018 by

i put this treatment on every night and definitely notice a difference in my skins appearance. i have a glow like texture in the morning and my pores have shrunk so much, i do have alot of big scarring on my face and this needs alot of time to heal but i am noticing a huge change in my skins complexion after 2-3weeks of using the product would highly recommend

Worked on controlling overall amount of acne i have! - 27-06-2018 by

i really enjoy this product, i use it every night, My skin is a combination but mostly oily with regular breakouts.
This serum is really great at reducing the amount of pimples i get in general and im loving it!

Gentle and effective - 27-06-2018 by

Love this retinoid. Haven't bothered trying the new ones because I've been on this for 2 years and it works for me. I have sensitive skin, but I can use this every 2 or 3 days without peeling (sometimes I do need to slap on a little extra hydration to counteract the drying effect). When I use it regularly, my skin is clearer and more refined.

definitly works - 27-06-2018 by

this product does exactly what it says. I have drier skin, so I prefer the addition of the squalene, but if you have normal to oily skin, this product is right for you.

Smooth skin! - 27-06-2018 by

I'm a retinoid newbie. I was worried that this will irritate my skin, being a first time user but it is so gentle! I don't experience any burning or irritation. I've been using this for about a month now on alternate nights and have noticed a difference in the texture of my skin; it's a lot smoother and my pores are now barely visible. I've also been getting far less breakouts. Will definitely be repurchasing

I love this product - 26-06-2018 by

I have a very extensive skin routine, I add this product after my toner. My skin feels more hydrating, glowing . This is a miracle in a bottle.

Go-to retiniod - 26-06-2018 by

My go-to product when I feel like my skin is dull and when I have new breakouts. Have repurchased this so many times and will continue to do so because not only is it affordable but it also works wonders on the skin.

Instantly makes me look younger, fresher and tigher - 26-06-2018 by

I love this Retinoid treatment (infact i love almost everything i have tried from the Ordinary)! It is easy to use, affordable.. but most importantly the results speak for themselves! Younger, fresher looking skin overnight - yes please!!

All time favourite - 25-06-2018 by

I've been using this for about 2 years and have definitely noticed a huge improvement in my skin. It's my go-to product for preventing acne and encouraging skin regeneration.

My favorite! - 25-06-2018 by

I have been using this for about 1 month and I see a noticeable difference! My skin looks brighter, it doesn't dry out my skin, and my pores are non existent.

Another favourite from The Ordinary - 22-06-2018 by

My skin has never looked better thanks to this product! Has really evened out my skin and approved texture. Will continue to order forever!

Amazing and affordable - 18-06-2018 by

I purchased this after reading all of the glowing reviews, not quite believing that it could live up to the hype, but it has. My skin looks so good!

Good for dry skin - 18-06-2018 by

I have dry skin so I bought this as I read that it was milder on the skin than other retinoid products. The first few times I used this it stung my skin quite a bit, especially on my cheeks and near my eyes. I found this was easier to apply if I mixed it with a little snail serum (cosrx) before application, just as my skin was getting used to it. Now that I've been using it for a few months (twice a week) I can apply it straight to my face and neck and there is still a mild tingling but no stinging. I'm not sure that it's reduced my wrinkles or made my skin brighter, but you do have to persist for a while with mild retinoid products like this. I have found that if I have the beginning of a pimple and I use this product, it reduces or gets rid of it by the next morning, likely because of the retinoid's exfoliating properties.
I have recommended this to friends as a first retinoid, but may graduate to something stronger when I finish this bottle.

Smooth and feels nice - 16-06-2018 by

Purchased this product after reading a guide about adding retinol to your skin routine to help prevent fine lines and retain moisture as you approach 30+. This product is very affordable so I thought I’d give it a try and I’m quite happy with it. A little goes a long way and it absorbs quickly into your skin, so despite being time poor this was easy to add to my evening skin routine.

Great price and right ingredients! - 16-06-2018 by

I have a lot of respect for this brand as a lot of others charge an arm and a leg for the EXACT same active ingredient. It is simple and thats why the product works- no added, worthless ingredients to plump up the ingredient list and make it seem ok for brands to charge $$$$. I find it has smoothed out pigmentation problems I have had and reduced fines lines on my forehead. Make sure you increase SPF protection with it.

Definitely a product and a brand you should get behind!!

Affordable and effective anti-aging for all! - 14-06-2018 by

This is the holy grail of all skin care. I have used this for a few weeks now and my skin has not looked better. It is not super harsh on the skin like other retinoid products, however do be careful with the sun exposure whilst using this!

It is a great anti-aging product, that helps the skin feel more soft, smooth and subtle. I can notice a reduction in fine forehead lines and my skins feels supple and hydrated. The formula is almost like a milky serum and isn't too heavy on the skin.


Affordable retinoid serum - 12-06-2018 by

I purchased (and re-purchased) the TO serum under the former name, Advanced Retinoid 2%. This was my first retinoid product and I wasn't sure how my skin would react to it. It's fantastic! I didn't suffer from any irritation or break out luckily. I used this sparingly at first, once a week building up to 2-3 times a week. It is a light yellow milky emulsion and applies on very lightweight and layers well under other serums and moisturisers. This is one of the more affordable retinol products I've tried and likely to re-purchase again.

Works on scarring - 11-06-2018 by

I've been using the Granactive Retinoid for 2 months now and I can definately see a difference in my skin. My scarring has started to go down and slowly fade away. My skin and neck feel super smooth in the mornings. Best part is that a small amount goes a long way.

It's very nice. - 11-06-2018 by

I use this every second night. My face looks so smooth and bright I am so happy with the results!
But do NOT use vit C with this. I used the powder TO has and my skin starred to burn and I had to wipe it all off

Unsure on the wrinkles, work on the blemishes - 08-06-2018 by

I have only been using this product for about 9months. I'm not sure at how well it is performing it's anti-aging functions (i.e. wrinkle prevention), but it has certainly helped with blemishes (along with the Niacinamide) and does not irritate my skin.

I alternate this product in the PM with Paula's Choice BHA exfoliant.

worked - but be careful of facial waxing - 05-06-2018 by

i really loved using this product, it feels really nice to apply and didn't leave my skin feeling super dry or irritated. this was my first retinoid product that ive used so i didnt go into this knowing everything, i went and got my facial waxing done and woke up the next morning to the darkest pigmentation ive ever had and after some research, i now know that you should not get any facial waxing while using any retimoid products, so thats definitely something to consider while using.

I wanted so long for this! - 04-06-2018 by

I waited so long for this to be in stock, so happy I caught it when it was briefly back in stock. I really like the formula, it soaks in fast. I can't for the long term results.

I love this stuff. - 04-06-2018 by

This little bottle is just awesome. It make my skin brighter and reduced the huge pores I had on my nose. I now buy several bottles at a time to avoid running out!

WORTH THE WAIT - 31-05-2018 by

I'm a huge fan of The Orindary and this was probably the longest I had to wait for stock to come back in but it is absolutely worth the wait. Seeing all these positive reviews, I was a bit skeptical to try it for myself. But even with first use, you do notice brighter complexion and smoother texture. Day 2, you notice your skin looks more plump and day 3, my skin hasn't looked this good in a long time. I can't wait to see what it'll achieve in weeks to come so ladies, such an effective retinol product at this price is a chance not to be missed!

Finally got my hand on it! - 31-05-2018 by

I have been waiting so long go get my hands on this product and as soon as Adore beauty got it in stock I brought it so fast and I am so happy I did! I like the formula and how it applys. 3rd use and I am in love. I can't wait to see the ongoing benefits!

Impressed so far! - 28-05-2018 by

Wow! i have only used this product twice and am already seeing a difference in my skin.What i noticed instantly is how smooth my skin is feeling.Feels lovely on the skin and easy to apply.I’m looking forward to continue use of this product to help with some pigmentation and a few fine lines.Will review again in a few weeks but so far am very impressed with this serum-and the price is unbeatable!

Wonderful product for those new to retinoids - 20-05-2018 by

I've been using this product for a few months now after hearing so many good things about it, and I'm seriously impressed!

My skin went through a purging stage for a couple of weeks where I had quite a few pimples pop up (they warn you about this when first starting on a retinol, your skin can get worse before it gets better), and now that that's over my skin looks flawless.

My pores are reduced in size, my skin is glowing and smooth, and I haven't gotten any more pimples (I'm very prone to breakouts!).

Another huge bonus is the price point, it's so affordable for such a quality product.

I've now gotten my mum onto using this who is also seeing awesome results, and we'll both continue to buy it!

A good starter - 18-05-2018 by

I've used this for a year and I think it's a good allrounder and one to start off with, I tried the 1% but this caused a rash on many occasion. I'd like to try the others with squareness.

Amazing! - 18-05-2018 by

This product actually works - it seems to slow down acne formation, reduce oil production and improve fine lines! Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't tried it myself.

So glad i added this to my skincare routine! - 17-05-2018 by

I have been using this for about 3 months and what a noticeable difference! It dosnt dry out my skin, and my pores look smaller

The jury is still out.. - 16-05-2018 by

I really wanted to love this product as I have read and heard so many great things about this brand, but after a few weeks I'm just not sure it's actually doing much. If anything, I feel like it could be making my skin purge as I seem to find more little spots coming to the surface the following day after use, but I'm not noticing any of the results I expected to see after reading all the reviews here. Will keep at it and use the rest of the bottle (maybe it needs longer to work) but if results don't change I probably won't repurchase.

Very gentle retinoid great for starters - 13-05-2018 by

This is probably the most gentle retinoid I've ever used. Doesn't leave my skin tight and dry like most. Easy to apply, it has really helped brighten my skin. Also the price is really amazing! Most retinoid products are insanely expensive. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a gentle way to reverse the signs of aging.

Very good - 12-05-2018 by

I've been using this product on and off for about a year, and I really like it! I believe retinoids are a "long term investment" so I'm not really focusing on the results I see now, but what will hopefully be long-term anti-aging effects. I find the texture very pleasant and my skin feels soft after using it, with no irritation. I use it 2-3 times a week, alternating with acid-based products. The price is the cherry on top that makes it a must-have for almost any skincare routine.

New User, Happy So Far - 12-05-2018 by

I've only been using this product for about 2 weeks, every second night but I have been really enjoying it so far. I get a lot of under the surface congestion/pimples and am surprised to have seen that this actually has really been helping with it! Skin texture is smoother and less pink. Will definitely be continuing with regular use

Great in small doses - 11-05-2018 by

I was so excited to get my hands on this product because it is a fraction of the cost of other retinoid treatments I've purchased, and seemed like it could be a little more gentle (which I need!).
My skin is combination and can get really congested around my chin, as well as feeling a bit thick and dull overall. This product noticeably brightened my complexion after a few weeks, but I have also had some of that patchy redness/dryness that I've seen with other retinoid products. I will keep using it but I need a stronger moisturiser to counteract that dryness.

Prevention is the key - 10-05-2018 by

It's a really milky but light serum with no scent. I don't have deep wrinkles so I use this more for prevention and to hide some fine lines on my forehead. It's really nice serum to use at night and I haven't noticed any irritation to my skin. Great product for an even better price!

Love it - 10-05-2018 by

Have been using this for almost a month now, and i can say i can definitely feel that my skin seems more plump! I use it after cleansing and before putting on my rich moisturiser at night.

I have acne prone, combination and dehydrated skin and this product did not break me out which is great.

I was a skeptic as i know Kim K uses this serum but to be honest it actually seems to be working for me.

At this price it is definitely an option for you to buy it and see if it will work with your skin.

Noticed no change waste of moneu - 08-05-2018 by

Have been using for two weeks now and have noticed no change what so ever, if anything it’s made my skin worse. Not sure why all the great reviews did nothing for my skin :(

Have repurchased three times! - 08-05-2018 by

Love this product for a few times a week. Makes my skin feel renewed!

Love this product - 08-05-2018 by

I am 59 with normal skin type with a couple of small spots of skin discolouration on my face and have been looking for that little "extra something" to add to my night time beauty routine and I found it. It can be a little bit daunting browsing The Ordinary products for the first time but once you read about the products you soon find the right one for you. I use it in conjunction with The Buffet and the Hylauronic Acid 2% and I am so happy with all of them. I also finish my routine with The Ordinary Maula Oil which I love!! But I have to say just using this product on its own is also amazing. Would really say to anyone give it a try, for the price tag, you just can't go wrong!!

Wow! worth the hype - 08-05-2018 by

I absolutely love this product! I always ensure i have a spare in the cupboard because the ordinary products are so highly sought after. Since using this retinoid my pigmentation has substantially reduced and my skin has a fresher look to it.

Just get it! - 08-05-2018 by

Just buy this serum already!

I decided I needed to incorporate a serum into my routine and got this after reading the reviews and seeing the bargain-basement price I figured I didn't have much to lose.

I have combination mis-30s skin and I use this nightly under rosehip oil. My skin is so plumped and dewy and it helps to clear blemishes too. I've been using for almost 2 months now and no irritation or sensitivity (I did use it only every second night for a week or so, but my skin easily handles this nightly).

I'm such a convert to The Ordinary now, love it!

Botox in a bottle - 08-05-2018 by

I have fairly sensitive skin so was a little worried trying this product but I needn't have worried. No irristation at all, and noticed a subtle blurring of my fine lines and imperfections in a matter of weeks.
I use it every third night with the rosehip oil and my skin has been fab, I even went out without make up today!

Amazing - 07-05-2018 by

This has made a difference to my pigmentation in just a few weeks. My skin is noticeably smoother and more even. So much cheaper then other serums im using and really packs a punch.

Retinoid without the oil - 07-05-2018 by

I like this and alternate with the 1% retinol by TO. I prefer this on my "greasy" days and when i want to use a heavier moisturiser and not have any oil. It sinks in much faster than the squalene solutions and i can layer more on after. A great solution for oily guys and gals. I just wish the 1% retinol came in the emulsion!!!

Ordinary is great - 07-05-2018 by

I have many The Ordinary products and recently purchased this one. I love the feel as I use it before bed. It is not super oily and my skin is liking the product.

Nice - 30-04-2018 by

I've been using this every other night after cleansing and before my Marula Oil. It's really helped with smoothing my skin and gradually fading my acne scars.
I'm lucky enough to not suffer from any wrinkles (yet!) but have noticed very very faint frown lines have disappeared!

I would definitely continue using this

The best - 30-04-2018 by

Had on and off acne. Medication from dermatologist also dint work. Everytime I have acne I leaves dark spots even though acne reduces. But I have used this product from ordinary on my face at bedtime after moisturising my face, and this product is amazing. It not only reduced my acne but also clearing my acne spots. And this is the review after using the product for only 3 days .!!!! I highly recommend this product.

Works well - 29-04-2018 by

Fine lines around my mouth are less prominent, and acne scars on my chin are faded. Skin looks and feels plumper. I've been using it 4 nights a week. Doesn't smell great.

awesome - 29-04-2018 by

I am 55 years old and have pigmented bits on my sin, this works wonders.. Its non greasy and I use it at night before bed nd makes my skin look and feel wonderful. I would highly recommend this wonderful product, I did a search for reviews on retinol and this as recommended and the price..awesome..

Must have for your skincare regimen - 29-04-2018 by

I currently read a big article about this product and saw that Kim Kardashian was highly recommending it. Most celebrities do rave about certain products and they’re only doing it for the pay but wow I’m actually shocked on how well this works. I instantly noticed a difference in my skin was much more plumper, hydrated, and clear.

Break me out - 29-04-2018 by

I've tried this product for 3 months now and so far I'm not liking it. After 1 week of using, I've got several breakouts all over my face and they don't seem to go away. So I stopped using it and switch to the buffer solution and omg, I love it, it healed my skin within 3 days. Definitely, recommend the buffer solution over this product.

Highly recommend! - 17-04-2018 by

I recently added this product to my regime and have instantly noticed a difference! I use it in the evenings hydrolonic acid 5% and before 100% squalane. I use it about 4 times a week and lactic acid 5% the other 3 days! Whilst all the products have been amazing I instantly noticed my skin was brighter and plumper after adding this! Highly recommend!!

Meh - 17-04-2018 by

Unfortuantely I don't see the hype with this product. Nothing visibly different happened with my skin. I don't have sensitive skin, and I do have combination. So if you want to give it a try and have a similar skin type, the product is worth giving a go.

Sensational value for money - 12-04-2018 by

This product is fantastic. I can't recommend it highly enough. It is perfect for my skin. I use it at night post shower, pre bed & it leaves my skin looking dewy & super moisturised. I use a night cream under eye with it - but that's just my routine, it's not necessary.

Made a difference - 12-04-2018 by

I have definetely seen a difference in my skin and fine lines are disappearing and my skin looks a little brighter. I use it with a night cream and it has not drying effects - will continue to use this product and what a great price!

Really works! - 12-04-2018 by

I've used this about 5 times bow with no adverse reaction and I have very sensitive skin. I wake up to soft glowing skin! I get acne and I'm not sure if it's the combination of a couple of the ordinary products but seeing a reduction and my scarring is fading.

FABULOUS - 11-04-2018 by

I love this. I use it at night after cleansing my skin I then follow it up with another of The Ordinary products before I go to bed. It’s just one of 4 that I own and will continue to use my skin feels Ah-mazing......

Gentle and effective! - 11-04-2018 by

Have had male and female friends ask me ‘why does your skin look so good?’ This brand is a dream come true and this product is fabulous for fine lines and overall plumping and evenness! I have dry combination skin that easily gets irritated and reacts to many products! This stuff is so effective for such sensitive skin. With pale skin and lines beginning to appear this retinoid emulsion literally makes lines disappear! As well as evens redness and hydrates leaving skin feel smooth and soft and full of life :)

Smoothed my skin - 11-04-2018 by

I get lots of little bumps around my chin area and Adding this to my skin care routine helped get rid of them almost overnight. Prefer this to the more expensive brands

Clears up my skin - 05-04-2018 by

Love this product. I stopped using it for awhile just to see if it made a difference and it does as soon as I started using it again my skin is much clearer

Awesome - 29-03-2018 by

This works so well that i use less of other more expensive products as the ordinary skin care does it all so much better and you get what you pay for not just moisturizer with a little bit of skin care mixed in. It's still gentle on the skin i use this 2-3 times a week as i feel i need a little more boost.

Clears my skin - 26-03-2018 by

This is amazing. I used to use the previous version and switched to this for my third bottle. It clears my skin and leaves it glowing and I think fine lines have reduced. When I've run out and haven't used it I can tell. Love it.

Amazing for Keratosis Pilaris - 22-03-2018 by

I decided to try this serum on my arms for Keratosis Pilaris and scarring, and within a month I have seen a noticeable difference - scars have faded and KP much less prominent! I’m so glad I found this because Vitamin A treatments can be super pricey in the long term- definitely recommend trying this serum!

So far, so good - 22-03-2018 by

I've been using this once a week to start with, to ease my skin into it, and so far have had good results. I use at night as recommended and I'm careful to avoid sun exposure and to wear a hat due to the increased sensitivity to light. It goes on smoothly and absorbs well, and I have yet to experience any negative reactions to it. Now I just have to find a cruelty free and noncondogenic sunscreen to wear.

Amazing stuff - 22-03-2018 by

After reading a few articles on this i decided to give it a try. After a few days i could already see the difference my skin looked fresh and glowy. I have overhauled my entire skincare routine to use just the ordinary products.

Lovely feeling - 22-03-2018 by

Love this product. Im in my late 50's, combo skin and a 'couple' of wrinkles. ha ha Have gone through about 3 bottles of this stuff - feels nice, sinks in, smells nice (not perfumed or anything) My lines have not disappeared but I think the condition of my skin is great. Night I use buffet, then this, then the Mag Ascorbyl Phosphate, no other moisturiser, (enough moisturising for me expect perhaps in the dead of winter).
Will continue to purchase

Amazing retinoid! - 19-03-2018 by

This is my first dabble in vitamin A/ Retinol/ Retinoid and I have to say I love it. My skin is instantly smoother, even and glowy the next day. It is effective, but not harsh, and I don't notice any irritation on my skin after use. I have recommended this to my mother, sister and friends as well. Compared to other vitamin A products that are so expensive, such as the Rationale number 6 night cream which I've used and loved, this is amazing and I would purchase this again preferentially.

Love it - 19-03-2018 by

I love this stuff. Part of my staple skin care regime ft the ordinary products.

Outstanding! - 21-02-2018 by

I worked as a cosmetic nurse specialising in pharmaceutical skin care for years. This product absolutely mops the floor with the $200+ Vit A's on the market. Its does not cause irritation or gives you that retinoid "red glow". I'm so impressed and addicted to this magic emulsion!

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