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The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil 30ml

4.4 of 227 reviews


4 instalments of $3.23

Or 4 instalments of $3.23 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $3.23

Or 4 instalments of $3.23 with LEARN MORE

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Support healthier skin and hair with the 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil from The Ordinary. Using 100% pure Moroccan Argan Seed Oil, the treatment helps to soften and smooth dry and flaking skin and add sheen to dry, damaged hair.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Certified Organic
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil

The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil

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The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil Reviews

4.4 of 227 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great for hair!


I use this on my hair to smooth it out and make it softer. This is a much cheaper (and way more pure) alternative for the argan hair oils on the market. It is thick, but it works perfectly for my medium thickness, bleached hair!

Most Helpful Criticism

Its ok for nighttime


I bought this product as an alternative to the way more expensive Moroccanoil, and Im a little disappointed. Its definitely hydrating and its fine to wear to bed at night - but for morning use its a little strong and makes my hair way too oily. I'll just go back to Moroccan Oil from here for what I need.
  1. Pretty good!


    A little definitely goes a long way. I mix four drops into the Bondi Boost frizz serum and this is enough for my long, thick hair- I've found that adding any more argan oil makes my hair look oily. But, when you use it sparingly, this is a fabulous product- especially considering it's 100% pure argan oil for such a good price.
  2. Oily


    I have used this a couple of times after washing my hair, while it does help nourish my hair I can't really stand the smell. I have used it for my skin (mostly dry skin areas i.e. cuticles) and it's helped in some ways.
  3. So versatile


    Works really well for both my hair, and as an extra layer of hydration in the cold winter months. Only downside is that it has a really weird smell, almost smells like pepperoni or oily meat.
  4. Great for hair!


    I use this on my hair to smooth it out and make it softer. This is a much cheaper (and way more pure) alternative for the argan hair oils on the market. It is thick, but it works perfectly for my medium thickness, bleached hair!
  5. Super happy with this!


    I've been using it on my face, neck, elbows, and am now using it all over my body too. Sometimes, I mix it with a lotion. I really love it. My skin feels supple and hydrated and have had no ill-effects or breakouts. It sinks it quickly and the 'oiliness' disappears after a few moments. Definitely one of those products where you see results after a few uses. My complexion also seems to be more 'smo...
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  6. Great versatile oil


    This can be used for skin and hair. Don’t add too much to the hair as it makes the hair very greasy. Just a little bit to add the shine and glow is enough.
  7. Great


    Moisturising and natural. Great for softening my skin and hair
  8. Love It


    I use a few drops of this rubbed into my hands then onto my hair ends and it makes my hair feel soft and look so shiny. My hair is quite fine so I don't use a whole lot. Even though it's non-comedogenic I'm too scared to try it on my face. Lovely treat for my hair though, and the price is great.
  9. Multiuse!


    I like using this on my hair. It works well on my natural 3B curls! Also like this as part of my skincare routine.
  10. Great for skin!


    I tried this in my hair but its hard to use the smallest amount in order to not make your hair look dirty. Is great on the skin though! It is a pretty intense oil so I haven't tried it on my face but its a great price for a body oil.
  11. argan oil


    multipurpose and so versatile - I use this on my face, body, hands and cuticles when it's feeling a bit dry and tight. One of my favourite oils.
  12. Good


    I bought this for my hair as I had bleached it for the first time and my hair is prone to damage. Whenever I use this regularly on damp hair, my frizzy hair stays manageable, soft and doesn't tangle. It's not greasy at all. It does have a bit of an unusual smell but that subsides quickly.
  13. Dry skin saver!


    This has got to be one of my favourite the ordinary oils. It's lightweight enough that it absorbs quickly for the morning yet thick enough that it provides sufficient hydration to last the day! I love that it has no added scent and it can be a multi use hair oil. Non irritating for eczema.
  14. Alright


    I don't have much experience using oil products on my skin, so this was purchased on a bit of a whim for me.

    I tried using it on my face at night, and this is good as long as you apply very little (I do about three drops and press that in) otherwise you get so oily. I find it provides a bit of hydration so pretty good.

    I once tried putting a little in the ends of my hair...
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  15. Too oily for fine hair


    I put this in the ends of my hair when damp before drying with a hair drier in the hope to make it shiny, but instead my hair looked wet until I washed it the next day. No good for fine straight hair.
  16. Decent but not amazing


    Good for hot oil treatments for hair but too heavy for 'scrunch out the crunch' of my curls.
  17. Amazing product


    I have long dry and curly hair and this product is perfect for me. I had been using Morrocan oil for years (has Argan base but also lots of additives) but stopped using it because of the price tag. This is incredible for the price and I love that it is just pure Argan oil without perfumes. It absorbs extremely well into the hair. If you ever accidentally over do it and put too much in (you only ne...
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  18. Refreshing


    This oil leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and after use I notice my skin looks more healthy, glowing and pump. Slowly after time of using this product I have noticed my redness slightly reducing. Fantastic oil for its price and I highly recommend
  19. so hydrating


    This oil is so hydrating on the skin and leaves my skin feeling fresh and healthy. Its great you only need to use about 2 drops for your whole face and neck so it lasts a fair bit of time too!
  20. Good for skin, ok for hair


    The oil is really hydrating when applied to the skin. However I didn't really notice that much of a difference when I used it on my hair.
  21. Great


    My skin is plump and well moisturised when I use this
  22. Hair looks great


    Makes my hair look shiny and healthy
  23. Cannot handle the smell


    I bought this for my partner because he needs a strong moisturising oil for his extremely dry skin. the smell is horrendous so he told me not to buy it again, I tried using it in my hair to use it up but it just made my hair smell bad! I suppose that is what Argon smells like without additives!
  24. Hair looks great


    My hair is so shiny and healthy and this is much more affordable than other brands
  25. Multi-use


    I have both dry hair and skin so I love that I can use this on both! Just a few drops leave me feeling so soft. Happy to add this to my daily skincare routine and very reasonably priced
  26. Oily


    I know it's an oily so it's obviously oily but I need to use it on a day when I'm not leaving the house because it leave a oily layer. I have combination skin so it's not bad for the dry part of my face but leaves my Tzone really oily. When you use it in your hair, it's like you haven't washed it for a week. It's hydrating but if you are prone to oily skin/hair, I'd stay away. If you're really dry...
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  27. So calming


    I use this with my gua sha tool if my skin is red and I find that it really helps calm down the redness. Great oil!
  28. Super hydrating


    Super hydrating, leaves skin feeling soft with a fresh faced appearance. Great versatile product, as I use it on face, body and hair!
  29. Super natural product!


    I love this oil! I use it every night before bed as part of my night skin care routine. You just need a couple drops, and i rub it in pretty firm in upward circular motions. Yes, it has a strong smell but what do you expect from a 100% natural product! Way better than harmful perfumes in other brands. So worth the price, my skin is so smooth and glowing. Doesn't break me out AT ALL. You can defini...
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  30. Natural great product


    I love this product, a little amount for great results, I’ve used the oil on my hair after shower, they are glossy and soft
  31. Good for skin and hair


    I have dry skin and I love using this before bed on my face, neck and chest. If my hair is particularly dry I put the tiniest amount on the ends too. It’s a good regular in my beauty routine.
  32. Great all-rounder to have in the cupboard


    I bought this oil for my hair and I use it on my ends after I wash it. I haven't to using it enough to know if it helps with hair growth but it seems to make it soft and hydrated. Avoid using on dry hair because it will leave your hair super oily.

    I love how I can use it on my skin too.
  33. Decent for the price


    I use this oil for my hair. It does the job of making my hair feel soft and smooth. However, it doesn't smell the best. Compared to other Moroccan oils, it doesn't smell as good and it is a thinner consistency. However, it's a lot more affordable than other options. Still worth trying if you're on a budget!
  34. Good value, but a bit greasy


    This product is good value for money, and it's great that it is pure and no nasties, but don't expect it to have the lightweight feel of more expensive argan oil products. The smell, whilst not overwhelming, isn't great. I use it on my hair and it makes it silky but it is so easy to overdo and end up with greasy hair.
  35. Leaves my face so soft!


    This was one of my friend's absolutely-must-try The Ordinary products. Even though I already had the 100% plant-derived squalane oil and was super happy with it, I decided to give this a go. The Moroccan Argan oil definitely has more oomph! While I love that the squalane oil is a bit drier and really lightweight, this argan oil makes my skin feel more saturated and soft after a single use. I typi...
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  36. Wonderful! Scalp dermatitis bestie


    I suffer with eczema and dermatitis on my scalp and I would generously rub this through my scalp, leave it overnight and gently brush my scalp with a soft boar brush the next day.... wow, after a few uses, my scalp is hydrated, flake and irritation FREE
  37. smells horrible


    Fantastic oil, but smells terrible, but it is natural afterall. Great price, not too oily, doesn't leave an oily residue for too long. Gentle. Gave it to my 7 and 10 year old daughters. Is very gentle on their skin. Doesn't break me out. The only downside is the smell. Its hideous and you have to smell it on your face. Thats just the oil I guess not The Ordinary's fault.
  38. Good product


    Really like but it has a very interesting smell which makes using it on my face less desirable
  39. oil


    This is very moisturising for my skin. I sometimes also add it to my hair and it leaves my hair feeling so soft


    There's nothing I love more than products that have multiple uses. this stuff is amazing for your hair and so moisturizing for your skin as well. Such a well-rounded product.
  41. Great but found better


    I loved using this to add a couple of drops into my moisturiser or conditioner. I have really dry skin and curly hair and noticed they were more moisturised. However I prefer the marula oil from The Ordinary sinks in to my skin a little better.
  42. Serves its purpose


    I got this product because I felt my hair was drying out too much during Autumn. It didn't have as hydrating an effect as I expected, but it's a great product for smoothing flyaways and keeping the ends of my hair calm. I'd purchase it again because it's nice to have on hand when my skin is dry and I need something that works instantly, but I do find that I have to reapply it quite frequently to m...
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  43. love this for my hair


    love this for my hair, the smell is really bad but it does go away after a few minutes
  44. Great product


    This product really nourished my skin. I find that it was absorbed better on damp skin, especially if you’re using water based products first.
  45. Used it for my hair


    I originally bought it for my face but didn't like the dense oil feel. So I use a bit through the ends of my hair to keep it healthy. Works well.
  46. the best for dry hair


    this is amazing on my dry hair ends, hair feels so soft after I put it on. It does have a strong yuck smell but it goes away after a few minutes so I don't mind
  47. Great


    This makes my skin very soft and my hair is also left nourished
  48. Good for the price.


    I use argan oil on my skin at nighttime and this product does the job in feeling hydrated. However, having previously used a more expensive and compressed argan oil I can see the difference in the products and the way my skin feels and behaves. Good buy for the price.
  49. Everything I was hoping for :)


    I have very thick hair which requires a lot of attention; and I hoped this product would reduce frizz and help with dryness... it was perfect! Applied after every shower, it helps to soften frizz. I also use it on my eyelashes and eyebrows at night; it is amazing for growing eyelashes and eyebrows and moisturising the hairs... strongly recommend!! Only thing I would say is that it doesn’t smell gr...
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  50. Great for dry skin.


    It's great for my dry skin and gives a healthy glow.
  51. Just what I needed


    Affordable price and it has made a difference to my hair it feels healthier and stronger
  52. Good price and results


    I use this product on the ends of my hair 2-3x a week and it has definitely helped to make my ends softer and healthier, while also adding back some life and bounce. Some people in their reviews have mentioned the smell isn't great but I personally don't notice it if you only use a small amount in your hair. I think it's worth giving this product a shot considering the price is so good!
  53. very hydrating


    this is very hydrating I use it all over my body and my hair. It does have a strong scent but it does go away after a bit
  54. Good moisturising oil


    Has a slight scent but nothing too intense. Makes skin feel hydrated and stuff but leaves hair feeling greasy
  55. Its ok for nighttime


    I bought this product as an alternative to the way more expensive Moroccanoil, and Im a little disappointed. Its definitely hydrating and its fine to wear to bed at night - but for morning use its a little strong and makes my hair way too oily. I'll just go back to Moroccan Oil from here for what I need.
  56. good for dry skin in winter


    works really well as a protective layer over my skin in winter and stops it from loosing too much water overnight. The smell is fine, just like any other argan oil you would use. Also have used it occasionally in my hair, and it feels really soft after.
  57. Decent Argan Oil


    I use this Argan Oil on the ends of my hair when they're feeling dry and it works nicely. It does have a fairly strong scent compared to more expensive brands of Argan Oil that I have used.
  58. Magic moroccan oil - what a wonderful design!


    This is a great, travel sized Moroccan Argan oil that helps keep my curly hair strong and healthy instead of weak and frizzy. The bottle comes with a great lid that has a dropper, so it is so easy to apply the correct amount to your hair, unlike other brands where you lose so much pouring the bottle out. It may be a smaller size but it lasts me 3 months. It also helps my hair grow, whereas before ...
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  59. Best “Everything” Oil!


    I mix half a dropper with my conditioner, apply to lips under balm at night, few drops rubbed on the back of my hands at bedtime, rub a few drops into my partners beard to avoid “pash rash” - seriously the best all round oil ever! At this price too I’m not afraid to be generous in my use..
  60. Good but has a scent


    This oil like other oils from the ordinary does quite a good job at moisturising. I also really like that this can be used both on the face as well as for hair which i’ve noticed that my hair does seem softer after regular use. One problem I find is that the oil has a smell which I don’t particularly like especially since I prefer to use it on the hair.
  61. There are better oils


    This did the job bit I prefer the rose hip oil from this range. I find that a bit more moisturizing. Also this does have an odd smell.
  62. Amazing !


    I’ve purchased pure argan oil while in Morocco and I’ve tried to find some in Australia; impossible! this is the first and only brand that sells the real Argan oil ! I’ll be getting more; pure gem.
    I’m so excited :)


    Absoloutely love this!!!! My hair gets so dry from all the time in the sun and paddle boarding, this has restored its softness, especially on the ends :)
  64. Great quality and price


    Love the ordinary, quality pure Arian oil for a great price
  65. Cheaper but not as effective as other similar products


    I bought this product as an alternative to more expensive products of the same type which were far pricier. I'd read really good reviews but I was a bit disappointed. The product did not soak into my skin as well and it didn't nourish my psoriasis as well. It also had a funny smell after being open a day or two. I still use this product on my body if i'm feeling particularly dry but won't buy agai...
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  66. Love it!


    I use a little bit of this daily under my moisturizer, and my skin feels so. damn. soft! I haven't tried it on my hair yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing what it can do. It does have an earthy smell but this disappears after a few minutes and the smell honestly doesn't bother me, but it depends what you're sensitive to. I will either repurchase this or try the B Oil from The Ordinary.
  67. Economical, effective and good for sensitive skin

    Beauty Lover

    I have wavy, long hair. The lengths tend to dry out quite easily and I swim in a chlorinated pool regularly, which doesn't help things. I have been looking for a leave-in product that I could put in my hair before I go swimming that would both nourish my hair (work like a treatment/mask while I'm swimming) and help to protect it from the chlorine. Unfortunately, I'm also allergic to synthetic fr...
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  68. Smells like olive oil but is an amazing moisturiser


    Smells funny, like virgin olive oil but with only a few drops my hair and dry skin has been transformed into soft and supple. Amazing price point and will definitely use again when runs out.
  69. Love texture but hate the smell


    I got this to try and replace my Moroccan argan oil For my hair due to being
    A much better price point however I can’t stand the smell. Soooo disappointed :(
  70. Amazing


    Has worked wonders for my dry skin and hair. I use it on my skin when I have dry patches that need extra hydration. And my hair has never felt so healthy and strong since using it after every wash.


    This argan oil has worked wonders for my hair and skin. Yes, it has a funky smell but besides that it is incredible. I have been putting it on my eyebrows and lashes every evening and have noticed over the past few months that my eyebrows are more full and smooth and my lashes are longer and my eyes dont feel dry especially over winter. I put it in the ends of my hair when its still a bit damp an...
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  72. Affordable argan oil option.


    I took this product travelling with me to help with dehydrated hair/ skin when needed. It is super easy to apply. It was an okay leave in hair treatment, it just sometimes didn't blend in that well so left my hair looking a little bit oily at times but that is the same with most 100% argan oil products. I found it to be a great overnight face mask when my face needed some intense hydrating. I love...
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  73. Natures best friend


    Great price and quality with and easy to apply dropper. I will definitely repurchase when I run out.
  74. has a scent


    this smells not so nice, and i've tried other argan oils but this is the first where the scent has made me dislike an argan oil product

  75. Lovely shine


    I add a couple drops of this warmed in my hands to the lengths of my hair after I have dried my hair. It leaves a gorgeous shine and keeps the ends smooth and frizz-free. It doesn't smell great but I use such a small amount it doesn't worry me. I rather frangrance-free products over heavily fragranced.
  76. amazing


    I love that you can use this on your skin and hair!
    Makes both my hair and skin feel AMAZING
  77. Great value!


    This is the best argan oil I've used. It is really natural and effective. I use it on my skin and hair and my boyfriend on his beard. Great value ! pd: its smell is strong! I don't like it very much. but the rest all perfect!
  78. Great


    My skin feels so good and hydrated after putting this on. It feels tighter, glowy and my complexion has improved over time
  79. Great


    This moisturises my skin and keeps it supple. Even though it is an oil, it does not break out my skin. It also makes my eyebrow and lash hairs longer
  80. Curly Hair’s New Friend!


    A fantastic two-in-one for hair and face—I’ll be buying this one again! I have dry skin and have been using this overnight on my face, but the biggest difference has been on my hair. I have a huge amount of curly, very thick and rather wild hair. Scrunching a few drops through the ends when wet after washing, or into dry hair, has softened my hair and helped to define my curls. Some reviews I read...
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  81. Value for money


    This oil is great for my dry skin in the winter time. I layer this underneath my moisturizer for extra hydration. This product is good value for money and you only need a few drops each time.
  82. sensitive skin friendly


    This product is one of the few oils which does not break out my extremely sensitive and dry skin. It is super hydrating and can be used on the face and even for hair. I find my skin absorbs this oil easily and my skin is left feeling smooth and supple. Highly recommend
  83. Good for my skin- But stinks!


    This leaves my skin feeling great but I can’t get over the smell! I know it’s because it’s pure cold-pressed Argan oil and completely normal, but I hardly use it because it smells like manure and I can’t handle it!
  84. Just as good as high end


    I really think this is as good as more expensive argan oils, i’ve Tried and own quite a few. My skin is dryish but prone to blackheads, and I find that if I use this alone or too much my skin gets a little bumpier. Personally I prefer the marula oil for my skin type but I think this is great value and quality for argan oil.
  85. Nourishing


    This is great for my dry skin, a little goes a long way too.
  86. Great value


    This product is great value for money. It does what it says. You don’t need much oil so the bottle lasts for a while. Doesn’t leave akin feeling oily. I use it morning and night after my serums and before moisturiser, mostly under my eyes where I’m prone to dryness. Great for normal to dry skin.
  87. Gorgeous


    After being recommend argan oil by a beautician I purchased this one, my skin is looking so lovely and even, I also apply it to my lashes for enhanced growth.... AND IT WORKS! My lashes have never been longer. LOVE
  88. Oil that works!


    Love this oil. Great for moisturising dry scalp and patches of dry skin on face. Will buy again for sure.
  89. Perfect oil, so many uses!


    This oil is lovely. I use it in my hair to control frizz, I also use it on my skin when I need some extra moisturizing in Winter. Will definitely purchase again!
  90. Great value!


    This is much cheaper than the Moroccan Oil range, and I think it's a no fuss 100% oil that does pretty much the same. Only difference is the smell, I love the smell of moroccan oil although all the oils in the Ordinary smell the same and its not so pleasant. Doesn't bother me really and does the same job!
  91. Very wonderful


    Very very moisturising and feels fantastic on the skin. Very impressive product!
  92. A Must Have


    I am obsessed with Argan Oil and am so stoked to find such an affordable one! I literally use it for everything, its great for those who suffer from breakouts as this can be healing and reduce the appearance of scarring etc. I also add this to my hand and body moisturisers for extra hydration and put it in the ends of my hair also! I cannot live without this product, absolutely LOVE!
  93. So light!


    I love this oil, it's light enough to use during the day and hydrating enough to use at night. Amazing
  94. Great, Genuine Product


    I have complicated skin that is both dry and oily depending on the day and product, so I've had trouble finding an oil or night time moisturiser that hydrates and doesn't just sit on the skin and make my skin feel greasy and gross. This product is my go to for overnight hydration - it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, it soaks in and by morning my skin is glowing. It may be too heavy in summer b...
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  95. My hair loves this.

    Angela Kay

    My hair loves this, I put it in after I’ve washed my hair and let it air dry with it in and it makes it feel so nice.
  96. Good quality for the price


    Good and nourishing, works just as well as pricier brands.
    It is very rich & oily though. So use sparingly or it will leave hair greasy & weighed down. I use it on my hair & my daughter’s hair - really leaves it feeling moisturized and soft.
    I didn’t have an issue with the smell.
  97. Weird smell but works amazing


    The smell is a bit weird I can’t lie but my hair loves this!!! My hair is very dry and damaged so I massage this through my hair and wrap it up and has repaired my hair drastically
  98. very nourishing


    Good cheap alternative to expensive argan oils and it does the same thing. Very nourishing but it is very oily feeling and takes a while to dry!
  99. Not too oily


    I've been using this in my hair to help fight frizz. I have fine, thin hair and an oily scalp which gets overwhelmed by heavy oils. I've been popping a few drops through the lengths after washing and have noticed a huge improvement in the amount of flyaways. Hair does not look oily, just a nice amount of shine. Total recommend.
  100. Perfect for dry and dehydrated skin


    I had been using an extremely expensive pure argan oil for years and loved how it made my skin and I wasn't sure if The Ordinary version would live up to my expectations. I'm surprised to say that it was just as good and is saving me money!
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