Which The Ordinary Foundation Should You Buy? Let's Find Out!

The Ordinary FoundationThe Ordinary Foundation

Sometimes a beauty brand comes along and completely changes the game.

No brand has ever done it like The Ordinary though!

The skincare world was shocked when The Ordinary hit the scene with its high-quality formulas, each of which highlights a single ingredient.

Not only is the brand completely transparent about the content of each signature ingredient, but its products are cruelty-free and vegan too.

Now that The Ordinary has perfected its skincare formulas, the brand has moved into the world of colour cosmetics.

Today, I’m going to put the two The Ordinary Foundations head-to-head and explain the difference so you can pick the best one for you.

It’s The Ordinary Serum vs Coverage Foundation. Let’s go!

The Lightweight Foundation That Glides On Like a Serum: The Ordinary Serum Foundation

What is it: The first Ordinary Foundation we’re going to cover is Serum Foundation: a lightweight, medium-coverage foundation. The pigments are suspended in this foundation in a way that lets it cover without looking cakey or masklike. This formulation also helps prevent the makeup from settling into any dry patches, fine lines, or texture.

Why is it so good: Serum Foundation dries to a satin finish, meaning you can customise the finish to your liking with primers or setting powders. This is The Ordinary foundation to go for if you’re looking for ‘my skin but better’ coverage that looks natural and wears well throughout the day.

How to use: The texture of Serum Foundation makes it excellent to apply with fingers. You can really work the makeup into the skin to get a sheer wash of colour that evens everything out.

Full Coverage with a Matte Finish for Flawless Skin: The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

What is it: The other foundation The Ordinary offers is Coverage Foundation. As the name implies, this is a full-coverage option, and it dries to a matte finish. The pigments in this formula are also suspended in a way that prevents the formula from emphasising texture, fine lines, or dryness.

Why is it so good: This slightly thicker, creamier formula also resists looking like a mask. If you naturally gravitate towards full coverage, this will be great for your everyday look. But it’s also excellent to keep on hand for when you need to look extra flawless for an event.

How to use: Apply with your fingers or a foundation brush and build up to your desired coverage.

In terms of the differences between the two The Ordinary Foundations, the biggest are 1) finish and 2) coverage.

Choosing between these two foundations is really down to personal preference.

  • Both formulas currently come in 21 shades and three shade depths.

  • If you prefer extra glow in your foundation, go for shades with ‘S’ or ‘G’ in the name. These contain silver or gold highlights respectively, adding further radiance to your complexion.

In terms of ingredients, both of The Ordinary foundations are non-comedogenic (aka won’t clog pores on acne-prone skin) and vegan.

They’re also both fragrance-free—great for more sensitive skin. Both contain Vitamin E as well to protect against environmental damage.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation formula also contains Glycerine to hydrate without overmoisturising oilier skin.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation is perfect for normal-to-dry skin, while The Ordinary Coverage Foundation is best for normal-to-oily skin.

The Ordinary recently expanded its makeup offering to include concealer as well. The concealer comes in 36 shades right now and gives full coverage.

This multipurpose product can be used under the eyes, on the lids as an eyeshadow primer, and on the face to cover blemishes. You can even use a darker colour to bronze or contour.

We hope this breakdown has clarified the difference between the two The Ordinary Foundations. They really are great formulas for a great price.

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