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The Beauty Chef Hydration Inner Beauty Boost 500ml

4.4 of 32 reviews


4 instalments of $10.50


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4 instalments of $10.50


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Revolutionising skin hydration, The Beauty Chef Hydration Inner Beauty Boost is a delicious new organic, bio-fermented and coconut-infused probiotic designed to support gut health and enhance skin radiance from the inside out.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Certified Organic
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Beauty Chef Hydration Inner Beauty Boost

The Beauty Chef Hydration Inner Beauty Boost

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4.4 of 32 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This product is sooo delicious, I pair it with the glow drink and it’s so yummy! When I don’t use it for a while I definitely notice my skin gets drier! Have been using this for a year now!

Most Helpful Criticism

Gross taste


I so badly want to continue using this however I can't get past the taste.. tastes like drinking sickly sweet coconut oil.. yuck
  1. The Beauty Chef Hydration Inner Beauty Boost


    So tasty and I've really noticed a positive change in my skin. I used have more breakouts and I've started to see amazing improvement!
  2. Delicious!


    verified purchaser
    This product is sooo delicious, I pair it with the glow drink and it’s so yummy! When I don’t use it for a while I definitely notice my skin gets drier! Have been using this for a year now!
  3. Makes you feel so healthy


    You feel amazing drinking this hydrating drink and you can taste the coconut water and aloe that are a part of it's ingredients. I think of this as something I will buy when I need a hydration boost. Another awesome product from The Beauty Chef
  4. Love This!

    Sassy Girl

    verified purchaser
    In love with this. Of all the beauty chef products, this is my ultimate fave. I like the coconut flavour - normally not a coconut fan but if I dilute it to a mild taste it is refreshing with cold water especially in summer. Will buy this again.
  5. Good source of extra hydration


    I use a lot of products from the Beauty Chef range, so it is hard to tell which one is responsible for the magic or if it is a combination of them all. But, since taking these products my gut health has improved significantly, I hardly ever feel bloated now and the benefits are definitely showing in my skin.

    I prefer the other two boosters to this one, but do like to take this one w...
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  6. Wonderful supplement!


    This tastes lovely and is a great way to help me drink more water! It smells and tastes like coconut. I have tried the Collagen, Hydration and Antioxidant beauty boosts and this one has the strongest flavour. The Collagen and Hydration boosts are my favourite.
  7. Hydration goodness


    This supplement is so yummy and perfect for Summer. I don't tend to drink water during the day so this supplement truly helps me to keep my hydration levels high and encourages me to drink water more often.
  8. Tastes Delicious


    verified purchaser
    This is my favourite of all the Beauty Chef products, tastes really nice like coconut and encourages me to drink more water
  9. Tasty


    I have just purchased the Hydration booster and I am already feeling the benefit of being more hydrated. I drink 2 litres of water most days. However, more often than not I'm going to the toilet all the time. I've noticed that since adding the hydration booster I don't seem to go as much. I feel less tired. The coconut flavour is quite strong and reminds me of coconut sunscreen but I dilute it ...
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  10. Another great 'Beauty Chef' product


    I have been taking Hydration alongside Glow now for 6 months and have seen great improvements in the eczema I get on my face. I love this product and the brand! The only downside to this product is the taste; I usually love coconut but this one is not great. Taken with Glow though, you can't even taste it!
  11. Yum!


    This has a lovely subtle coconut taste and it really is encouraging me to drink more water, it is still early days of using this product but i like to think its making a difference to my overall health
  12. Awesome


    Great little boost of hydration! Really great and tastes delicious.
  13. Delicious


    I've been using this for about six months in conjunction with TBC Collagen, and have noticed a difference to my skin and overall health. Even if it made no difference, it tastes delicious and encourages me to drink more water!
  14. Daily Must Have


    Of all the BC products this has to be one of my favourites. I haven't always been the best at getting in my 2L a day, but this tastes amazing and definitely incentives me to keep up my fluids.
    Bonus my gut health has never been better - I leave one on my desk to always top up during the day.
  15. Morning and nightly routine must have


    I purchased thins at the same time as the collagen elixir - they both have opened my eyes to the world of looking after yourself from within and it'll show on the outer-self along with improving overall health and feeling better.
    I now have hydrated skin, fewer breakouts and blemishes, my fillers in my lips, check bones, forehead and smile line preventives have plumped up again. I don't loo...
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  16. Tastes amazing!


    This tastes really nice and is a great way to keep up your water intake without it being boring. If I could afford to constantly have this every day then I would.
  17. Couldn't live without


    This liquid is like a holiday ! Its a pina colada, BUT the real benefit is that it's easy to add and makes me drink more water throughout the day.
  18. Awesome


    This range is great! I love all beauty chef products and this has to be a favourite!
  19. Gross taste


    I so badly want to continue using this however I can't get past the taste.. tastes like drinking sickly sweet coconut oil.. yuck
  20. Perfect start to the morning

    Catherine W

    A couple of splashes into a glass of water is the perfect way to start hydrated in the morning. Especially helpful after a long night at work or a few drinks!
  21. Hydrating


    Nice little add to water. Has a strong coconut sweet flavour.
  22. Love again


    Love all beauty chef products but this and collagen are my favourites. Beautiful light coconut taste. Find this so hydrating...also great for a day after few too many drinks
  23. Tastes great


    I love how this products tastes mixed with water and I love how I have noticed that my lips especially have been looking and feeling more hydrated.

    I have always heavily relied on lip balms and this has helped me ease off them.

    Very happy.
  24. Great Supplement


    This product perfectly compliments my daily routine of the glow powder.
  25. Too Sweet for me


    I really like the idea of this product as I have quite dehydrated skin and wanted to increase my intake of water. After using the Glow powder , I did notice I consumed more liquids. However this hydration booster was too sweet and the taste strongly shines through when mixed with other drinks /Smoothies.

    I will find it difficult to finish this product in the 3 month time span of cons...
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  26. Prefer the Glow Powder


    I love the beauty chef's products, and the glow powder is a daily staple of mine. I tried this as an alternative, but like the collagen boost I found that it lacked the punch of the glow powder. It tastes good with water, and is less of a hassle to use, but I didn't repurchase. HOWEVER, for someone who is starting the beauty chef's products for the first time, this is probably a good option, becau...
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  27. So sickly sweet!


    The product could be amazing, but unfortunately not for me. It's so thick and sweet! I couldn't even finish the bottle. It actually gave me shivers every time I went to use it!

    Unfortunately because I didn't finish it, I missed out on the benefits! But I bet it's great (apart from the taste!) because everything else by the Beauty Chef I actually swear by!
  28. Good for Gut


    I really like this but the only thing is when i have it, it reminds me of cough syrup, very thick and you can smell it before you drink it. I have been putting it in my protein shake which seems better. It has been great for my gut, I have definitely noticed an improvement, reduced bloating etc. Haven't noticed anything for my skin but i am only half way through the bottle. Once I get past the sme...
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  29. Makes me drink water


    Without this I would not drink water at all. I spent years struggling to drink a glass of water a day but with the range of collagen , antioxidant and hydration I have my own flavours which help memincrease my water intake as well as provide good gut health. I have found it improves constipation so for me it’s a hands down winner.
  30. Like the taste, not sure how it helped my skin


    I started taking this because my sister didn't like the taste when she got it as a free tester for her work training. Very sweet but nice when diluted with water, however I don't know if I noticed any benefits to my skin, only because I don't have dry skin.
  31. Its brilliant

    Anne Margaret

    This liquid is like a holiday ! Its a pina colada with benefits! Yes its on the sweet side but you only use 5mls in water. Its hydration the fun way.
  32. Sweet flavouring

    Louise (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This product has a nice coconut flavour, but I do find it quite sweet. I like to mix it with my protein powder which reduces the sweetness slightly. I think this product would go nicely mixed in a smoothie for that coconut taste
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