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Terax Crema Original Moisturizing Conditioner Tube 200ml

4.7 of 19 reviews


4 instalments of $8.24


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4 instalments of $8.24


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A cult favorite, the luxurious Terax Crema Original Moisturizing Conditioner is simply the best hydrating treatment created.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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4.7 of 19 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Suits dry and coloured hair


This works for dry and coloured hair

Most Helpful Criticism

Not impressed


I bought this product based on the great reviews. I have blond coloured hair and need good hair treatment to maintain my hair in a good healthy condition. This moisturizing conditioner is not providing enough care for my hair. A bit disappointed and will not buy it again. There are many more products that deliver better results to coloured hair for less of the costs.
  1. Why Did I Ever Leave You?


    I used Terax Crema for years and recently tried something new with much dissapointment.
    Crema is the kind of conditioner that instantly removed all knots in your hair as soon as you apply it (something I love)
    I have coloured, treated hair which is fine to medium so while I want the nourishment I don't want my hair to be weighed down and this really does the trick
  2. One of my holy-grail hair care items.


    I am quite amazed that I haven’t reviewed this product yet as it’s one of my most re-purchased products, well, ever. I originally started using Terax Crema back when it came packaged in a baby blue tube and smelt like a less than joyful mix of toxic chemicals. Since then, the packaging has changed, the smell has changed (it’s now a subtle vanilla sort of scent though hard to describe exactly) but the product is still the same and it still works wonders on my hair. I have fine hair that I wash every day, and this conditioner doesn’t weight it down at all. It does, however, leave it soft, silky and shiny. Perfection.
  3. Not impressed


    I bought this product based on the great reviews. I have blond coloured hair and need good hair treatment to maintain my hair in a good healthy condition. This moisturizing conditioner is not providing enough care for my hair. A bit disappointed and will not buy it again. There are many more products that deliver better results to coloured hair for less of the costs.
  4. No friz


    This notably helped the frizz of my hair and keeps it looking soft and silky.
  5. Suits dry and coloured hair


    This works for dry and coloured hair
  6. Very interesting!


    I have long, course and somewhat dry hair and this little gem works from the inside out! MOISTURIZING BRILLIANCE! :D :D

    Opening up my brittle cuticals to really nourishing and hydrate my long strands from within! With the summer heat I need all the help I can get that's for sure!

    Price point is high but the results you get are well worth it! :)

    Ensure to remove as much of the water as you can from your wet hair first though to give the terax the best chance to penetrate the cuticals and moisturise your hair!
    I like to use it prior to a big event where I am styling my hair!
  7. Deep Hydration


    Great conditioner. Deeply hydrates and leaves hair feeling soft and hydrated. Terrific for fine hair.
  8. Great hydration conditioner


    This is great, when I first started using it 2 bottles ago it totally changed the texture of my hair. It felt softer and healthier. I am still using it as I felt it repaired my hair after pregnancy.

    My hair is long, fine and there is a lot of it.

    The smell is fine not overly perfumes which I like as it can be a bit much everything having heavy scents.
  9. great conditioner


    Very happy with this product, I use after Green People Irritated Scalp Shampoo and its great on my combination oily/dry end hair.
  10. The holy grail for softening bleached hair


    I LOVE this. My hair is thin, foiled and mid length - the type of hair that needs to be curled for volume because it looks awful straight and needs to be worn up by the second day after washing. But this is magnificent for my hair because it provides softness and a sense of healthiness but doesn’t weigh it down. It feels nourishing and delightful during the wash and comb, but there’s no residual product. Only downside is the scent - my husband hates it, it’s a weird citrusy smell. Worth it though for the moisturising effect
  11. Look no further


    Anyone who constantly seeks the best conditioner for their dry hair, look no further.

    This stuff is the best.

    I constantly recommend this to my friends and they are extremely grateful.

    You only need a little and you can use it every day, no problems.

    I don't buy anything else anymore.
  12. Nourishing & light - Wont wieght your hair down


    I have super fine hair that can be quite dry so I need an extra nourishing and moisturising conditioner that wont weigh my hair down.
    And this product is the perfect solution! It feels very luxurious and is such great value at a very responsible price.
  13. Amazing conditioner


    This conditioner is like no other

    I try other conditioners but keep coming back to this one.

    I have fine hair with highlights and I find that this conditioner moisturises really well, without weighing my hair down. It leaves my hair so soft and shiny and a little definitely goes a long way, so it's great value for money.

    A must-have product that I cannot live without!
  14. Buy it!


    I have fine, curly colour-treated hair, which is probably 50% grey under the colour. As the years have gone by, the texture of my hair has become unmanageable......so dull, brittle and frizzy. In the past year I have tried so many 5-Star salon brands with varying degrees of success and wasted a whole lot of money.

    This morning I used the Collegene shampoo and this Terax Crema Original conditioner. Even though my hair's still a bit frizzy, it is the first time in ages that my hair looks like it has some life in it! It is actually bouncing and looks incredibly healthy! I cannot recommend these products highly enough!
  15. Amazing product


    I never do reviews on products but having used this now for a month I felt compelled to write a review. My long hair was badly damaged by a hairdresser using an ammonia product to do highlights on my hair and although I only ever use Kerastase it just wasn't cutting it to stop the breakage and return my hair to the healthy and shiny state it was in prior to the damage. A friend recommended Terax original and boy am I so glad she did!

    I read the comments on Adore Beauty and thought 'yeah right, how is this going to be better than anything Kerastase does'.

    Believe me, it is a super product, so much so that I won't have to cut my hair now! It is so hydrating, it has softened my hair, stopped the breakage and brought back the fullness and shine to my hair. The 'fluffiness' has gone and the glorious condition is almost back after only one month. Think I will start a stock pile of Terax in case it ever disappears off the market!!!

    I cannot recommend this product highly enough!!!
  16. HG Conditioner!

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I don't want to alarm you but I don't know who I really was until I met this conditioner.

    Yes it is that good, yes it is my holy grail of all conditioners, yes it is expensive but you don't need much and by jove it's so worth every cent. It smells sooo good, makes my hair feel soft and makes it manageable.

    I normally write longer reviews but I have nothing more to add other than you need to try this just once.
  17. Light but creamy moisturising conditioner


    This is a brilliant moisturising conditioner! I have medium-thick hair and I have used this on both long and short cuts. You don't need to use a large amount per wash because the light almost gel-like cream spreads well. It is really moisturising without making my hair limp, although I tend to keep it away from my scalp (which I don't really use any conditioner on), If you are happy to spend a little more on a conditioner, I highly recommend giving Terax Crema Original Moisturizing Conditioner a go!
  18. top product


    See my review of Terax Miele shampoo. The Crema moisturizing conditioner has been totally repackaged but it's still the same product, and I'm glad of that!
  19. Good for households with multiple hair types


    I used Crema years ago and forgotten about it until recently when I was lucky enough to win a tube of this conditioner! I have all different hair types in my house - fine & sraight, thick & coarse, and wavy. This works really well on all hair types. For thick & coarse, allowing the conitioner to sit for a couple of extra minutes is all it takes to make hair soft, smooth, shiny, manageable. I also noticed less of the kinks and stick-em-ups the following day after using this conditioner. This product doesn't smell like I remember - it's scent is very slight and kind of nondescript, which migh be a great selling point for those who are intolerant to fragrance. I actually like a bit more fragrance, but following up with a spray-on leave-in conditioner fixes that. I would definitely buy this one product again rather than the three separate types of conditioners that I normally have to buy.
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