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Terax Authentic

Official Stockist of Terax Hair Care

Reclaim your crowning glory with products from Terax Hair Care. This family-owned company has changed its name to Terax Italia to pay homage to its Italian heritage. The company is proud to start an exciting new chapter this year with a relaunch of its conditioners.

Terax is particularly famous for its signature rinse-out Crema Original Moisturizing Daily Conditioner. Award-winning original Crema is suitable for all hair types and is formulated to reduce frizz while improving hair’s elasticity and eliminating split ends.

New from Terax is its Crema+Keratin conditioner for damaged hair. This rinse-out product is designed to revive chemically treated hair. SmartKeratin technology delivers keratin to the most damaged parts of the hair fibre, leaving your mane soft and shiny.

The brand also has reformulated its leave-in conditioners. Terax offers three different formulas to make any hair type looks its best. For best results, use these leave-in conditioners on towel-dried hair after using a Terax Crema conditioner. Choose Life Drops to add silk protein strength to damaged or chemically treated hair. Add a touch of healthy-looking lustre to your tresses with Terax Shine, or rejuvenate dry or brittle hair with Hydrate.

Aside from conditioners, Terax also carries a complete line of cleansing and styling products. All of the brand's shampoos contain its proprietary Gentlewash system, which is designed to cleanse without stripping the hair of its natural oils. Added botanicals, such as sunflower seed extract, protect hair colour from fading. Try Miele for normal-to-dry hair, Collagene for damaged hair, Delicato for normal hair, Bosco for normal-to-oily hair, or Latte for deep cleansing.

All Terax Italia haircare products are made in small batches to ensure freshness. They do not contain any sulphates, parabens, artificial colours, or added salts.

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Terax Hair Care products are designed to replace the two essential components of truly healthy hair: moisture and protein. The brand's full line of sulphate-free shampoos, luxurious treatments, and practical styling products will make your hair look and feel like you have always wanted it to.


All Terax shampoos clean with the exclusive Gentlewash system of plant- and sugar-derived emulsifiers, surfactants, and conditioners to retain hair's natural oils. Sunflower seed extract and other carefully selected botanicals preserve colour and nourish tresses. Sulphates, chemicals, and artificial colours have been known to irritate skin and cause colour fading; therefore, such ingredients are never used in Terax shampoos.


The iconic Terax Crema conditioner is the ultimate way to revitalise stressed tresses. This classic moisturiser is scented with rice flower, shea, bergamot, and juniper, so you can enjoy a pleasant fragrance while your hair gets the care it deserves. Terax conditioners range in pH from 4.0 to 9.0, with the leave-in products being more acidic and the rinse-out products more alkaline.


Every Terax product is researched, manufactured, and shipped with a philosophy that the company calls 'Handcrafted Haircare'. This means that Terax:
develops its own unique formulas
performs extensive market research
mixes, packages, and ships all products at the same facility.
This attention to detail ensures that all Terax products are fresh and effective and contain only the best ingredients.


The cult product of Terax, Crema conditioner is scented with rice flower, shea, bergamot and juniper. Cerma is the ultimate way to revitalize stressed tresses, with it's intense moisturizing properties.


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