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Skinstitut Repair Balm 50ml

4.7 of 106 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58

Or 4 instalments of $8.58 with LEARN MORE

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Skinstitut Repair Balm is a high intensity skin protector acting as an intense recovery balm to aid healing and repairing. Perfect for dry, cracked and extremely sensitive skin.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Skinstitut Repair Balm Reviews

4.7 of 106 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This feels thick and smells like olive oil. It is rich and is good for the night time

Most Helpful Criticism

Not a fan


I bought this before the Medik8 Ultimate Intense Recovery cream. This is thick, oily and very heavy on the skin. This is good if you may have had something more intense or need a lot of moisture from the oils. But for myself I felt it was just too oily and heavy, even though I persisted with it.
  1. Thick and rich


    Very think and rich with quite a strong smell. It's great for cracked skin. Good for popping on before bed and I haven't noticed any staining on my pillow.
  2. Creamy


    This feels thick and smells like olive oil. It is rich and is good for the night time
  3. rich


    This is very rich and seals moisture in.
  4. Good for repairing


    verified purchaser
    I use this balm as part of after care from chemical peels at Laser Clinics. It's a good product to help repair and heal the skin. I personally don't use it except for when I've had treatments done because it's very thick and oily for my already oily skin. Howver it doesn't clog my pores which is great for how thick it is. A good repairing product.
  5. Can't beat it for intense hydration post laser/peel


    verified purchaser
    I use this after I've had a laser treatment, a skin peel, have overdone it on my retinol, you name it... it is very thick but really soaks into the skin, so excellent for dry skin types that is irritated!
  6. Intense hydration


    I use it at night time after my serum as a hydrating balm to prevent moisture loss. Does not cause flare ups on my acne prone skin despite the thick texture . Has a strong scent to it , but other than that a great night time balm that does what it claims to do.
  7. Enjoyed but didn't love


    Wanted to love this. Used it for my dry nose (living that allergic hay fever life) and it just stung quite a bit. I tried it on my dry patches and it is super hydrating, but I just didn't love it. Does what it says it does, but it's not a life changing product.
  8. Soothing


    This is a wonderful product. It actually helped to soothe my irritated and sensitive skin! My skin is prone to inflamed and red breakouts and this helped cool and heal those breakouts. I'm very impressed and glad I came across this product.
  9. Intense moisture


    verified purchaser
    If you have accidentally over exfoliated (have now learnt my lesson) this will help as a barrier and rehydrate. It has an odd smell, is oily and appears thick, but spreads easily on the skin. This can be used only when necessary to add hydration back to your skin. I applied this before bed and noticed it does go on the pillowcase. Overall I found it supplied much need hydration!

    *I c...
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  10. Not for me


    verified purchaser
    I love Skinstitut but this was a let down. I used it for post needling but it doesn't settle in to the skin at all and is just very greasy.
  11. Nourishment


    This was great for my dry skin but it only lasted for a few months
  12. moisturises


    This is a great balm for dry, dehydrated dull skin
  13. Not a fan


    I bought this before the Medik8 Ultimate Intense Recovery cream. This is thick, oily and very heavy on the skin. This is good if you may have had something more intense or need a lot of moisture from the oils. But for myself I felt it was just too oily and heavy, even though I persisted with it.
  14. Winner


    This little guy is the best after harsh treatments or if you're using retinol daily and you need something strenghtening for you skin barrier. Very soothing and rich.
  15. Good Aftercare


    This product is great for the skin after mircos or peels as the skin is needs extra care. It very thick in texture and stays on all day. However, only use when skin needs an extra boost or is very dry as I had breakouts from constant use of it.
  16. Fantastic


    A beautiful hydrating balm that melted into my skin. Helped with my redness and inflammation
  17. For dry and irritated skin after a treatment - perfection


    This is the best product to use after you've had a skin treatment - it literally pushes all the moisture back in and 'repairs' you skin and also acts as a barrier from any further irritation
  18. Nice after resurfacing treatments.


    The only time i reach for this product is after clinic treatments when my skin is in repair mode. it's too heavy for me normally but lovely after strong grade professional chemical peels. Helps to repair the skin barrier after resurfacing procedures. It can feel a little bit peppery on the skin but that doesn't sensitise me or cause irritation. Way too heavy for day to day use though.
  19. Great for Dry Skin i.e. windburn, winter tightness


    Adds a protective coating to lock in the moisture, very thick so it was great to wear overnight.
  20. Amazing for dry skin!


    This product has a balm texture and is incredible for dry skin
  21. Great for dry skin


    I have dry skin and in winter it can become very dry and very visibly flakey. This is great to use as a moisturiser for those super dry periods.
  22. LOVE IT


    Fantastic for use after needling, microfoliation or for very dry skin
  23. Great


    This is exactly what it says it is, a balm.
    it has a light texture to it, but is of an oily consistancy, i find best used at night after a good cleanse. it really rehydrates my skin without clogging my pores or feeling to thick or heavy. i feel like its a healing balm for my face and just gives it that extra nourishment, i dont use this everyday/night, as i feel you couldnt wear under makeu...
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  24. love it


    so hydrating and helps calm my skin after peels
  25. love it


    so hydrating and helps calm my skin after peels
  26. So soothing


    Such a nice soothing balm that also smells good. I often put this in the corners of my mouth and nose when using harsher products on my face. If I'm ultra dry I will add it to my moisturiser and apply to my entire face/neck.
  27. Soft and soothing


    I have dry skin, particularly after cleansing in the evening. This product delivers on it's promise to soothe and hydrate. This is my must use product after a day at the beach, pool or wind. I apply this in the evening and wake up in the morning with repaired, soothed, skin with no redness. Don't be put off by the fact it is a balm, skin easily absorbs and the product is super-easy to pat into you...
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  28. Just as good as others


    This is just as good as REN's Evercalm Balm for a third of the price. My skin drinks it so there's no moisture left by morning, but it's a good option when you need sometjing stronger than a cream to restore some immediate moisture.
  29. My Skin Loves This!


    This is an amazing balm to use on my skin for added hydration and after having chemical peels done. It instantly puts back the moisture in my skin, plumping it up and keeping it well hydrated. I like to apply it overnight as a night mask and when I wake I have hydrated, glowy skin! A great product!
  30. Great


    I only use this in the winter and this is really good. Sometimes I get lazy and use nothing on my face for days except a cleanser and my skin gets very dry but when I put this on, my skin immediately gets better
  31. Great


    This is incredibly moisturising for the winter but it has a yellow greasy texture
  32. Magic


    I had very dry flakey skin and after my dermabrasion it would only feel worse. This has completely changed my skin in a week. I only use it at night after my cleanse. I have the best glowing skin in the morning. Can be slightly sticky but because I use it at night it doesn’t bother me
  33. Good


    This is very helpful during winter and is a really nice balm. Not a fan of the smell though
  34. Keratosis Pilaris


    I really love this! I use it along with Skinstitut's Glycolic Scrub 14%. After using the scrub on my legs and arms for my Keratosis Pilaris, I use this afterwards on the same areas, and find the combination really help calm my skin. I also love the smell, it reminds me of black tea
  35. Saviour


    I use this product after my facial peels and it helps a lot. It calms and soothe my skin. Definitely recommend.
  36. Nice product..


    I have recently switched over to the skinstitut range, and was recommended this product for my dry sensitive skin.

    By itself, it is a little too oily for my skin, however I mix this in with my cream moisturiser and it mixes really well and works a treat. It adds more hydration, and seems to make my moisturiser last longer throughout the work day. It also preforms well under makeup.
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  37. appears good enough


    I have been using this on my lips in the night time and it seems to work. I will use it over my whole face after my next micro and see how that goes.
  38. Great hydration


    I highly recommend using this after chemical face peels. I use it as a night moisturiser or mix a small amount with a daily moisturiser for extra hydration. I have combination problematic skin and it doesn’t make me break out
  39. Exactly what I needed!!!


    This awesome product was exactly what I needed to make the other Skinstitute moisturisers a bit stronger! I love this brand but sometimes I feel I need something a bit stronger, so now twice/3 times a week I add this to my other moisturisers: excellent result!!!
  40. Hydration booster


    I was recommended this product after a microdermabrasion treatment to combat dry and dehydrated skin - and wow does it work! My skin felt plump and soft the next day and I use it whenever I feel that my skin needs an extra boost. It’s a little sticky at first when it’s applied but think of it as a leave on mask that just absorbs into your skin.
  41. Great


    Great product to use after getting proffesional treatment.
  42. Works magic


    I took this with me on the plane for a trip down to Melbourne last week. It was horribly windy and cold the whole time and my face dried up! Was glad I had this packed because within minutes of applying it my skin went from dry and flakey to hydrated and soft! It’s great for the emergency kit, and perfect size to keep in your handbag
  43. great ointment repair


    I used to use the weleda skin food moisturiser on my face but now I use this, its less oily feeling and lasts for longer on my skin and has no smell unlike the weleda. Its a good price and a little bit goes a long way, I use it after facial peels or when my skin is irritated or really red and it helps alot.
  44. Just What I Needed for Winter Dryness


    Winter was wrecking havoc on my skin and I was searching for an affordable yet effective product. This works amazingly! When the tube arrived it was smaller than I expected. However, the balm is thick so you don't need to use a lot of it so it has lasted me quite a long time. The balm warms up quickly if you rub it between your fingers so then it applies smoothly and evenly. It leaves skin hydrate...
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  45. Super moisturising


    I use this after chemical peels and skin needling. Absolutely love it and it smells incredible. I have oily skin so I only use it at night time before washing it off in the morning. Doesn't cause any break outs


    This is perfect for after chemical peels or cosmetic treatments. Locks in moisture all night without being greasy, and doesn't aggravate my skin.
  47. Goodbye dry!


    At first, the stickiness and thickness of this repair balm is off putting but you can literally see your skin soak it up within 5 mins leaving my skin looking lovely!
  48. Very hydrated


    I have combination skin type. This product is very hydrated. Great for dehydrated skin. I use it during the winter period, add a bit in my moisturiser and my skin feels hydrated for the whole day. Highly recommend.
  49. Hydration is wonderful for winter


    Hi purchased this product to use over the winter as my skin was feeling so dry. I add a small pea size to my night moisteriser and my skin feels amazing.

    I have also been adding a tiny bit to my day moisteriser and it sits really well under my make up and keeps my skin soft
  50. GREAT


    Great hydration for my skin. I have very sensitive skin particularly in the cold weather so this product has been a lifesaver!
  51. Didnt love it


    I have very sensitive skin, including excema and thought this product would really help. I found it made my skin - mainly my hands - more aggravated when I applied it and it was quite red and irritating. Maybe if my skin wasn't as inflamed it would work better.
  52. perfect for sensitive skin


    Great for night time use, leaves my skin hydrated and doesn't set off my sensitive skin.
  53. saved my skin


    has helped my skin so much after a harsh chemical peel left my skin feeling dry and tight
  54. Lovely rich moisturiser


    This is a lovely rich moisturiser but I'm not too keen on the smell of it so I mix it with the multi active oil.
  55. Saved my skin!


    Before trying this product, I had tried so many others that claimed to help dry, dehydrated, cracked and sore skin. Unfortunately, none lived up to those claims. Since using this, my skin doesn’t even get to that point anymore and it’s never felt more soft, supple and hydrated. I mix this with my night cream every second night and have had such wonderful results. I will never be without this produ...
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  56. Very hydrating


    Lovely moisturiser to use when your skin is feeling dry or dehydrated. Just a tiny bit is needed to repair any skin concerns. It’s amazing .
  57. Overnight occlusive


    Fantastic balm to layer on just before bed. I have ultra dry peely skin and this product really helps to lock in my moisturiser underneath and prevent water loss overnight. My skin looks plump and fresh in the morning. The soft tea-like scent is also very pleasant.
  58. Love it!


    I add this repair balm to my moisturiser at night (a couple of times a week)and it makes my skin feel like I've just had a salon treatment!
  59. Great!


    I add this to my moisturiser at night 2-3 times a week and it gives my skin a wonderful feeling, like I've just finished a facial!
  60. So hydrating


    This product is amazing - it is so hydrating, especially in winter when it is super cold and my skin is really dry. Could not recommend enough! Really good for after invasive or harsh skin treatments.
  61. Repair Balm is my new staple


    This is my new night cream and i love it! I mix it with the vitamin C product and i honestly think they work magic on my skin. Ive been using for just over a week and i can see the difference - my skin is fresh, bright and glowing. My new night time ritual
  62. Go to product


    As I have dry and dehydrated skin, this is my go to product to get my skin glowing again.

    I usually use it before bed or if i'm having a make-up free day I place it on top of my moisturiser for that extra boost. My skin feels much more hydrated, glowing and bright.

  63. Perfect product


    I sometimes fall asleep with makeup and after cleansing and washing my face in the morning, I apply this product and layer on the skinstitut moisture defence moisturiser on top and after a few hours, my skin looks healthy and youthful again. It also keeps my skin nourished in winter and I have never experienced dryness because of this product. Totally recommend it!
  64. Lifesaver in winter !


    I have very sensitive combo oily skin that absolutely suffers in winter. My face tends to dry out in winter and sadly after i use the most gentle of gentle cleanser the hyper pigmentation around my mouth gets dry,sore,textured and even flakes resulting in my hyper pigmentation getting worse. This product ALWAYS help me in winter, I use it mostly at night either for a few hours or while i sleep dep...
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  65. Fantastic balm


    I use this balm at night when my skin is feeling dry - not oily, easy to smooth on and does a fantastic job at rehydrating my skin.
  66. Very moisturising


    Winter left my legs extremely dry so I bought this along with the Skinstitut Glycolic scrub, then mixed the two together and rubbed the mixture onto my legs, and left for 10-15 minutes. After washing off my legs were beautifully smooth, moisturised and less dry and scaly looking. Would recommend.
  67. Love


    The balm is a great add on to my kit. Bought for my mum as well and she loves it as well.
  68. If you have dry skin you need this!


    This is my go-to overnight moisturizer. I have very dry skin and i just loves this. It is very thick and heavy, so would dry skin most!
  69. Great for dry skin


    Bought this for my partner who suffers from really dry skin. Since using this his skin has showed a huge difference. Will definitely buy this again for him.
  70. Cucumber & lime vaseline?


    I was recommended Skinstitut by an online AdoreBeauty consultant for my 50 year old dry, sensitive & red skin.

    This product is greasy, has a smell & contains alcohol.

    It sits on top of my skin like vaseline and leaves a shiny film all over my face. It does not appear to soak in. Would not recommend using during the day. Leaves a residue on my pillow at night.

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  71. extremely hydrating


    defiantly recommend if your skin needs extra moisture. perfect
  72. Thick and nourishing!


    I am a repeat buyer of the repair balm. Great for overnight use, feels nourishing and gentle and goes on very easily.
    I would avoid using during the day- the oil in the balm isn't great under makeup.
  73. Breaks me out


    I wish I could use this balm! The consistency is so lovely and you can really feel it soak in to your skin and hydrate it. Unfortunately each time I have used it, it has made me breakout like crazy!! Granted, it is not recommended for acne prone skins, thought I would put it to the test and they are correct. Something in the ingredients is super super thick and blocks up my pores. Still a great ba...
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  74. Calms and hydrates


    This calms and hydrates my dry patches. Really helps but does sting if you skin is cracked
  75. Great for extra moisture as needed


    I can only use this product occasionally and not on my whole face otherwise I break out but it is amazing to use in problem dry areas
  76. Amazing for dry areas!


    This product is amazing for dry spots. I often have dry spots caused by the weather, retinol use or just dry spots around my nose. This product is great at hydrating my skin.
  77. Very rich


    I enjoy this product when my skin really needs some TLC its very thick and hydrating but just too much for daily use for my combination skin.
  78. Skin Care after Jessner Peel


    I purchased the Repair Balm to use on my skin after a Jessner Peel. After the peel, my skin is dry and tight and this kept it as moist as possible until the old skin peeled off. It is also good for soothing sunburnt skin.
  79. Highly recommend - Extremely hydrating!


    This balm was used on my skin after receiving an enzymatic micro peel from my beautician and I instantly knew I had to purchase it! My skin has never felt so hydrated, it is a very thick and intense balm so I wouldn't use it every day but a couple of times a week works just fine. I always wake up with hydrated skin and it just makes my skin glow. I have dry skin and this has helped so much! Some d...
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  80. Amazing!


    I bought this for my boyfriend and he loves it. I recently started using it too and will never go without it again - it's amazing for my dry, sensitive skin.
  81. Amazing for dry, flaky spots


    This product is amazing for dry and flaky spot that I get on my face post retinol treatment or around my nose.
  82. Very good


    I have combo, ance-prone skin which often gets dry due to seasonal changes. I use this repair balm whenever my skin is very dry or if I’ve had a bunch of angry break outs. It hydrates my skin like nothing else, soothes my irritated and inflamed acne, and assists in speeding up the healing process of acne. The only downside is that i have to be careful of when and how i use it because it can clog m...
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  83. Miracle for my dry skin


    I have dry/flakey skin especially in winter and this balm is a miracle. I use it on problem areas after exfoliation and it really hydrates and clears up these areas allowing me to have smooth makeup application. Would definitely recommend for people with dry skin!
  84. Good for dry patches but not my whole face


    I have sensitive/ dry skin which can be prone to break outs. If I use this on my whole face I will break out but... it’s magic for the dry area on the side of my nostrils (where I am prone to dry, flaky skin) especially during winter!
  85. Don't be quick to judge!


    The repair balm has quite a thick consistency and my initial feeling was rather uncomfortable. I even contemplated washing it off but I persevered and soon enough, my skin absorbed it so well that it left me feeling completely refreshed and soft! I would highly recommend this to everyone to use as intense hydration for your skin as it works wonders for mine!
  86. Love this product


    Love this product! I have been using it for years. It is quite a thick consistency but I rub this between my hands with some Skinstitut Age Defence SPF50+ and apply to my face during the day and combine it with Dermalogica Ultracalming Serum Concentrate at night. Love it!!
  87. The best for dry skin


    Great product for my extremely sensitive and dry skin. It’s super gentle and soothing. Wouldn’t buy anything else.
  88. Nourishing and gentle


    My favourite moisturiser for night time. My main concerns with my skin are sundanage and aging. I use this product at night and wake up with my skin feeling moisturised and dewy. A tiny amount goes a long way so it’s great value for money.
  89. so good for irritation


    i had a bunch of extractions done on my forehead and i used this afterwards and the next day i had pretty much no redness or scabbing at all! it’s a pretty greasy product so only use the smallest amount it will go a very long way !
  90. Wonderful for irritation post treatment


    After advice from my skin care specialist, I had recently introduced Retinol into part of my skin care regime. As my face was getting used to the usage of Retinol, I found that I had some initial skin irritation over the first couple of weeks and wanted to find a product that would calm and desensitize my skin more than a general moisturizer.

    I found this product to be really effectiv...
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  91. Very moisturising


    I use this when I want a very moisturising cream. This is heavier than the normal moisturiser but it leaves the skin feeling plumper
  92. Best for dry, flaky skin!


    I tried everything from an intense moisturiser to oils but this was the only product that helped my extremely dry and flaky skin. With one application, I saw quick results and my skin started feeling smooth again.
    Fantastic product!
  93. Great for impaired skin


    This is a great treatment product for super dry skin that needs a bit of TLC. Super nourishing and repairing. It works wonderfully on dry lips, eczema and broken skin too.
  94. No more dry skin! :)


    This product works amazing for my dry skin during winter and also after chemical skin peels. It is a rich product that rehydrates my skin and puts the moisture back in! It absorbs quickly and my skin soaks it up, reducing the feel and appearance of any dryness! I like to apply it before bed and have it work it's magic overnight to reveal a glowing complexion upon waking!
  95. Deeply Hydrating


    Lovely balm. Thick and rich in texture - great for the cold winter months and on hands, cuticles, elbows, heels etc all year round. Good value too because a little goes a long way.
  96. Mixing products together


    I have rosacea and a semi dry skin and have issues with wanting to use all my skinstitut products.

    So I have found this regime, After using cleansing and serums including Vit C with desired product (mine is even blend) my skin feels satisfied but I know it needs a bit more hydration but not to much so I use equal parts Laser aide and moisture balm to cover my hydration and redness. ...
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  97. Super hydrating and healing!


    I have combo skin that gets dry during winter. I was using a $300 balm and thought I'd never be without it. But once I ran out, I thought I'd give this one a try just while I was waiting for the other balm to restock. WOW. This Repair Balm works just as well, if not better, and is a 10th of the price! I use this every night and my skin feels so hydrated and smooth in the morning. Yes, it feels a l...
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  98. Super Hydrating


    Absolutely in love with this balm. I have dry and sensitive skin, also acne prone, and this works so beautifully into my skin and does not leave a heavy sheet of cream but sinks in and makes your skin feel soft and dewy.

    I mix this in with my everyday moisturiser and wear foundation over the top. It keeps me hydrated throughout the day and gives me a glow.

    I have also no...
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  99. A good investment


    This product has helped my skin where I experience dry/scaly patches from cold weather or facial peals. It helps to seal the area and lock in moister. I have found (as recommended to myself by a skin therapist) that only using a small amount, warmed up between finger tips and then patting into my skin works best.
  100. Works a treat and It doesnt clog my pores


    My skin has been dry this winter due to being indoors alot with heaters on, and probably due also to my AHA skincare routine. I was using the ultra dry moisturiser from skinstitut but it wasn't resolving. I was afraid to add this balm in my routine as I thought it would clog my pores or break me out. So far it hasn't done either, and has worked very well at combatting the dryness. I mix a tiny amo...
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