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Skinstitut Microbiome Micellar Water 200ml 200ml

4.2 of 58 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.00

Or 4 instalments of $8.00 with LEARN MORE

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A gentle micellar water, with a difference. More than a gentler way to cleanse, Skinstitut Microbiome Micellar Water contains prebiotics to promote a healthier skin microbiome.

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 81% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Questions & Answers

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Skinstitut Microbiome Micellar Water 200ml

Skinstitut Microbiome Micellar Water 200ml

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Skinstitut Microbiome Micellar Water 200ml Reviews

4.2 of 58 reviews

81% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great make up remover


Perfectly removes make up and is very gentle on my skin. Highly recommended

Most Helpful Criticism

Didn't rate this one..


I usually love Skinstitut products but this didn't do much for me. I don't think this micellar water performs that well compared to others i've used and it's quite pricey for an average micellar water.
  1. An ok micellar water - good for skin, not best for makeup removal


    My LCA clinic gave me a sample of this to try and help with irritating my skin less when removing makeup (I have acne prone skin, especially around my chin). This was ok - worked well - didn't really notice a difference though but overall a nice product
  2. good choice


    It is refreshing and not greasy. It can be used in summer to moisturize. There is no burden on the skin. It feels good after using it once. It has no smell or irritation. It is very moisturizing and comfortable, and it is not greasy.
  3. Great make up remover


    Perfectly removes make up and is very gentle on my skin. Highly recommended
  4. Great product; delivery system let down


    If you have sensitive, easily reddened skin that is dry, oily and dehydrated all at the same time then this is an interesting micellar water. I found it quite soothing, once I could get it out of the bottle. The pump top is neither pleasant or simple to use. It really affected use of the product as regardless of how large or what material you used as a make up pad (I tried cotton wool, cotton pads...
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  5. ok


    Big fan of Skinstitut normally however after a full face of dance makeup i found that it doesn't cleanse deep enough and remove much makeup. With sensitive skin it didn't cause any reaction on my skin.
  6. soft and smooth


    A great product my sister uses who struggles with red skin pigments and has quite sensitive skin. This product cleanses the skin well and doesn't irritate skin. Definitely recommend!
  7. My morning go to!


    This micellar is quick, easy to use and effective! I use it of a morning of a quick way to cleanse my skin before my ‘morning routine’
  8. My morning go to!


    This micellar is quick, easy to use and effective! I use it of a morning of a quick way to cleanse my skin before my ‘morning routine’
  9. you pump it while upright


    the only thing i had trouble with was getting the product out, because i am used to turning the bottle upside down to dispense, and hardly any product would come out. it took most of a bottle to discover you pump it while it is standing. I've seen others complain about this, so it might be nice if they gave you a clue on the packaging. i broke the flip lid trying to screw the lid off - i really wa...
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  10. pump the bottle while upright


    this plus skinstitut multiactive mist were my holy grail this summer. light enough that my oily skin didn't break out, and yet not drying either.
    the prebiotics balanced my skin - the sebum around my nose lost that sebum smell, and i discovered it does the same for stubborn armpit smells that even scrubbing wasn't shifting.
    i saw someone else complain about the pump not working. it ...
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  11. Great micellar water


    This micellar water is great! It’s at a good price point and effectively removes all my makeup using just the one cotton pad.
  12. Didn't rate this one..


    I usually love Skinstitut products but this didn't do much for me. I don't think this micellar water performs that well compared to others i've used and it's quite pricey for an average micellar water.
  13. Honestly sucks


    The liquid itself is great... does the trick of taking off the makeup. BUT THATS AFTER 50 BILLION PUMPS. The design of the bottle is awful and once you get to almost the end say goodbye to the product as there is no way to take the lid off and it doesn't get sucked up by the pump. please just use a normal bottle. I don't even like pumping it onto the pads anyway just let me have the ease of gettin...
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  14. Refreshing but doesn't remove makeup


    Feels nice and refreshing on the skin but doesn't remove makeup very well.
  15. Great


    This takes my makeup off well and i follow up with a gel cleanser
  16. Great product


    Nice and gentle and removes all of the days dirt!
  17. I love my miscellar water


    I love my micellar water. I use after every cleanse and it really cleans those stubborn areas and spots you may have missed with your cleanse. It is very brightening and hydrating
  18. Beautiful


    Absolutely love this product. My skin feels so fresh and clear and deeply cleaned. Amazing product
  19. Good first cleanse


    I like this product to remove makeup and do the first cleanse. My skin (combination skin) liked this product, however I didn't find it super different to other micellar water. It did smell nice.
  20. Hydrating and fresh


    I bought this as a dupe for the Dior Hydra Life and it's just ... ok. While it's gentle and removed all traces of makeup in a single step [cc cream and sunscreen] I needed to rinse which I don't have time for. Another drawback is that it doesn't have a pump like Dior. Overall, a good product for the price.
  21. Love this product


    I recently received this as a gift with purchase. I really like this micellar water and have been using it daily to remove any remaining makeup after cleansing my face. I like how it is dispensed and it leaves my skin feeling really clean, which I haven’t experienced with other micellar waters.
    I will definitely be buying this when the current bottle runs out!
  22. just another micellar water


    I personally find this product to be just like many other micellar waters, nothing exceptional about this skinstitut one in particular.
  23. Great for residual makeup


    I love using this a gentle micellar water to cleanse any residual makeup or when I have light makeup days! It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and clean too!
  24. amazing


    This is great, gentle, smells good and literally removes everything!
  25. Make up remover


    I use this when removing make up! Clears all makeup really well and preps my skin for cleansing. Good for sensitive skin
  26. love this


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my skin very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone!
  27. Removes almost everything


    This is a nice gentle micellar water but I find it doesn’t 100% remove waterproof/longwear makeup so I use this as a precursor to a cleanse or scrub. Great for removing eye makeup as it doesn’t irritate the area
  28. Love


    This product helps to take away any make up trace. It is really effective and not too harsh on my skin. Recommend.
  29. Pre-cleanse or morning cleanser


    My skin is breakout prone, but dehydrated and also showing early signs of ageing. I use this to remove my makeup which I feel like it does really well. I definitely noticed an increase in my hydration as skin looked much more plump and moisturised after using. So I loved that. I use it as a pre-cleanse at night and in the morning before my products.
  30. Good but not great


    Cleans oily skin and left feeling nice and fresh
  31. Necessary step to further clean the skin


    I enjoy prepping my skin and further taking off any left over makeup or residue that was missed during the cleansing routine. This toner hydrates my skin and gets it ready to absorb the serums and moisturizer.
  32. Okay but more drying than expected.


    I really like this product for cleaning my face but it’s a little harsh for taking off my make up. I have normal combo skin and it can feel a little drying.
  33. Best Micellar water


    I have been using this since it was first released, leaves skin feeling fresh and clean and I don’t feel like it leaves a residue on my skin. Effectively removes all makeup however I did find it doesn’t remove anything that’s water proof. Also found it didn’t have much of an odour and love the packaging, the push down pump dispenser is so easy to use.
  34. Not 100% Sold


    I use a lot of Skinstitut products and have found they are the best products for my combo skin. When I saw that they now sell miceller water I was very excited as I like to use it to get rid of any other residue (if any) after I’ve washed my face ( and I love the fresh feeling!) Unfortunately as one reviewer mentioned, this leaves a sticky residue on my face and makes it feel unclean.. There are o...
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  35. not as efficient as I thought


    This doesn't remove 100% of make up or my waterproof make up, but it removes most of it so I use it as a pre cleanse. Its quick and easy but costly if you use a lot trying to remove heavy make up.
  36. Fresh and clean skin


    This micellar water works really well at removing make up. It leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. It is definitely a nice treat due to the price.
  37. love this


    I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use. Another important factor is the amazing smell, I look so forward to using it everyday!
  38. good product


    This is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality! It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards
  39. Non-drying


    I received this product as a sample. It cleanses quickly and easily without skin feeling tight or dry afterwards, like many other products do. Will definitely continue to use.
  40. Quick and effective cleanse in the morning when I don't have time to do a full cleanse!


    This is a wonderful product that I use in the AM when I am rushed for work and don't have time to do a full cleanse. Also use in the PM when I get home to quickly remove makeup before I jump in the shower and do a full cleanse. Gets rid of all makeup, leaves no residue and my sensitive skin doesn't react at all! Love this, will buy again and again.
  41. so so good


    this is amazing it removes makeup so well and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight at all! i honestly love it so much so worth spending the money over
  42. First time user!


    Have not used any others Micellars but decided to give this one a try. Easy to use and removes all traces of my makeup. It makes my mature skin feel skin and very clean. Will continue using.
  43. Love it......


    Only had this for about 1 month or so now and absolutely love it. Removes all make up really well and doesn't leave your skin feeling tight nor dry. Highly recommend......
  44. Good but not my favourite


    I prefer bioderma. This isn’t horrible but not my number one!
  45. Best way to remove the day! A must have!


    Usually not into micellar waters as I have tried many brands that do absolutely nothing. This product however, is an absolute game changer it had me recommending it to my beautician! It actually clears and purifies your skin, and you can see the dirt your face accumulates through out the day come off and you are left with a wonderful, fresh, clean feel.
    Best used before you wash your face, ...
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  46. Removes make up well, very gentle on skin and hydrating


    Skin definitely feels more clean and fresh after using. Very quick and easy to use especially for on the go situations.
  47. good for dry skin


    really removed makeup without drying out my skin
  48. Gentle on the skin


    I really like the product but it doesn’t fully remove the mascara I wear. I do love using it as part of my morning skin cleaning regime.
  49. Micellar water


    Skinstitut’s new Microbiome Micellar water will become a staple. it hydrates the skin and removes makeup and damaging pollution, it has prebiotics that balances the skin
  50. Good, but not great


    Removed makeup well, however so does my cheaper Miceller Water. Left my skin feeling a bit tacky so you really need to use a cleanser each time you use this product.
  51. not worth it


    This product is great for sensitive skin but I found that it removes my make up just as well as cheaper micellar products on the market! I personally have oily skin so it made no difference in that at all. I found it a little pricey
  52. I like it!


    It’s a nice product but not sure about the price! I like it just as much as some cheaper micellar waters I have tried!
  53. Essential step in my routine


    I love this micellar water as it removes the last traces of makeup that I miss during cleansing, especially in hard to wash places like around my hairline and neck. The pump bottle makes it easy to apply to cotton round. My skin definitely feels cleaner and fresher after using.
  54. OK for sensitive skin


    I expected too much to this product but it's OK for sensitive skin . Little bit expensive . But I like the design of package.
  55. Fresh and clean


    This micellar water is really nice to use it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean and removes make-up well.
  56. Gentle clean


    This micellar water is a little more expensive than the ones I had been using but I feel it is worth it as I use all Skinstitut products in my skin care regime. It leaves my skin clean without feeling too harsh or drying.
  57. Nice product


    Love this micellar water. Works well to remove last traces of makeup . Has a nice natural scent . Recommend as part of your skincare routine .
  58. Beautiful product


    I received a sample of this from my beauty therapist and I love it - removes makeup without having to rub and there's no rinsing involved, just follow up with cleanser! So simple and easy after a long day. Will definitely purchase the full sized bottle.
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