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Prevention is most definitely better than cure; sun exposure is the cause of 90% of wrinkles. As much as we love it, the sun breaks down the collagen and elastin in the skin and skin support is lost causing the skin to wrinkle.

UV is indeed higher during summer, but it doesn’t go away when the clouds come out. It is important to note that UVA can penetrate glass windows so that does mean you’re at risk of UV exposure at work, on the train and even in the car. As long as you can see without artificial light, then you need to be wearing sunscreen. If you wear sunscreen daily not only are you protecting yourself but it becomes apart of your AM routine and it feels as natural as applying a moisturiser.”

Backed by science Skinceuticals' SPF products have something for everyone. A great place to start is their Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50 fluid. This beauty not only provides UV defense and SPF 50, it also mattifies, is suitable for sensitive skin and helps increases skin defenses and resistance to UV and heat stress.

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