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Skinceuticals Retexturing Activator 30ml

4.6 of 63 reviews


4 instalments of $31.50

Or 4 instalments of $31.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $31.50

Or 4 instalments of $31.50 with LEARN MORE

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A revolutionary resurfacing and replenishing serum, which surpasses the results of a 20% daily glycolic treatment, while simultaneously reinforcing the skin's barrier for healthier, more radiant skin.
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 83% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Skinceuticals Retexturing Activator

Skinceuticals Retexturing Activator

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Skinceuticals Retexturing Activator Reviews

4.6 of 63 reviews

83% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

gentle yet effective


My red and moody skin doesn't love physical or chemical exfoliants, so this is the perfect compromise! After about a week my skin felt considerably smoother and looked glowy! So gentle on the skin and feels lovely to apply.

Most Helpful Criticism

A very (very) mild exfoliation


My skin loves exfoliation. It also loves nearly everything in the Skinceuticals range. However, this product missed the mark for me. It contains urea which I’m all for as it is deeply hydrating and helps dislodge and exfoliate dead skin cells, however, in this formula, it leaves my skin feeling way too tacky and not in the good, let me skip a primer kinda way. This might be ideal for someone new to exfoliants, but for me, I’m all for the glycolic. The results with AHAs are almost instant while this serum on the other hand takes a while to reveal young, fresh skin.
  1. not sure


    the serum is easy to apply and absorbs into the skin. it did nothing for my congested skin but my skin did become smoother around my cheeks.
  2. Not sure of result


    I have sensitive skin with some open pores in T zone. I bought this in conjunction to the same brand Phoretin CF. But after almost two weeks of use didnt see much difference in term of exfoliation, my pores are too congested that I had to use a different exfoliate mask today. The overal impact on pigmentation was moderate which is still ok (I think it is more Phoretin impact), but what the activat...
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  3. gentle yet effective


    My red and moody skin doesn't love physical or chemical exfoliants, so this is the perfect compromise! After about a week my skin felt considerably smoother and looked glowy! So gentle on the skin and feels lovely to apply.
  4. Strong recommondate this anti-aging serum


    Used together with BE that making my face softer!! It works great on shrinking pores. Try it.
  5. Great


    This product was amazing leaving my skin soft, glowing and hydrated. I love this product and it does exactly what it claims tot do!
  6. Another Skinceuticals staple!


    verified purchaser
    Another amazing must have serum by Skinceuticals. This is so great, hydrating, glowy skin in one serum. I still like my AHA exfoliants but i use them far less than this baby. Highly recommend!
  7. A very (very) mild exfoliation


    verified purchaser
    My skin loves exfoliation. It also loves nearly everything in the Skinceuticals range. However, this product missed the mark for me. It contains urea which I’m all for as it is deeply hydrating and helps dislodge and exfoliate dead skin cells, however, in this formula, it leaves my skin feeling way too tacky and not in the good, let me skip a primer kinda way. This might be ideal for someone new t...
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  8. Extremely Hydrating


    This serum is extraordinarily hydrating on the surface and deep layers of the skin. It also sinks into the skin quickly and does not exacerbate by acne-prone skin.
  9. Helped with stubborn small bumps


    verified purchaser
    I had a stubborn white or black head on my chin for over a month and nothing would make it go away. I tried salicylic acid, acne patch, clay mask etc and it just wouldn't budge! I thought I'd give this a try and was wary that it may take a couple weeks to see its effect...but the bump went away over night and my skin was honestly so much smoother! I'm also looking forward to see how it goes with m...
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  10. My all time favorite


    This serum seriously keep my skin hydrated and complexion clear. I use it in combination of HA+B5 and it is particularly effective on my skin in terms of keeping my skin feels soft & comfortable, less breakout and blackheads. Highly recommended!
  11. Slow and steady


    It took a little while to notice results but i am starting to notice a smoother texture. Only 3 weeks in so feeling optimistic.
  12. improved texture


    I didn't immediately notice a difference to my skin with this product but after using it consistently for about 3 weeks I have noticed my pores look smaller and the overall texture of my skin is much improved. I also love how hydrating this serum is.
  13. Great alternative to retinol


    I alternate this product on nights I do not use retinol or do another AHA peel (I use the Cosmedix fruit enzyme mask 1-2 times a week). Very hydrating but also exfoliating - I do like products with more of a polishing feeling than this, but given I use retinol and AHA peels otherwise, I do think it is a good idea to take it easy with this on the other nights. I don't use it during the day as don't...
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  14. outstanding product!


    This does exactly what it says it will do! I had some deep blackheads on my cheeks that no amount of retinol was getting rid of so I bought thus and within 3 weeks they were gone! But I also feel it's made my skin much brighter and clearer all round. For me, it's much better than retinol.
  15. Fave SkinCeuticals product


    I’ve used a few SkinCeuticals products and I whilst I like everything I feel like this gives very fast and noticeable results. I use it in the morning (I use retinal at night) after the CE Ferulic and it’s made such a huge difference to the smoothness of my skin. It use to be bit bumpy and I always got clogged pores around my nose by the evening. Even when wearing sunscreen and makeup this seems ...
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  16. Surprisingly effective at moisturising and softening


    I purchased this after reading about it from others and think it was worth it! I tend to have oily skin so avoid face oils, but this is more like a watery-texture and it is surprisingly effective at what it does - leaves the skin so soft and smooth. It also softens any dry patches so works for my oily-dry skin. You don't need much at a time.
  17. Amazing for Textured Skin!!


    I purchased this after hearing about it on the podcast and I will never live without it again!!! I had tiny small bumps on my face that used to really bother me, and after using this serum for a few months, they have completely cleared up! My overall texture is so so much better. I highly recommend this, and love that it's also quite hydrating.
  18. Great exfoliating serum


    This serum gently exfoliates without burning nor stinging my sensitive skin. This helps slough off that top layer and opens up the skin to help absorb the other products.
  19. Love love love


    I wasn’t sure weather I would be a fan of this but omg I love! This product is very gentle, I have never felt any tingling or stinging from this. I noticed after the first week that my texture was improving and now I don’t think I could go without!
  20. Would repurchase


    Bought this on the 20% off sale and was not disappointed. It’s an incredibly light serum and sinks in almost instantly. I have some light pigmentation on my left cheek from past adult acne flare up several years ago and I do feel this has lightened it. I love Skinceuticals and I have to pick and choose which products to purchase from the range as I’m not a billionaire but this and the CE Ferulic a...
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  21. Recommend!


    Love this product! Since starting this product my skin looks and feels so much better. Improved texture, hydration and brightness. Absolutely recommend!
  22. Multi-tasking serum


    This hydrates and exfoliates. This serum helps with my congestion and after using regularly, I noticed my skin tone improved a lot too. It also keeps my skin hydrated. I love it and am glad I took the dive. It is pricey but I am happy with the results. .
  23. Secret to flawless smooth skin


    Since using this my skin texture has improved dramatically. It feels so smooth and makeup applies a lot better.
  24. Why did I put it off for so long?


    I put off purchasing this for a while because I thought it would irritate my skin, but I have had no irritation whatsoever, and it has definitely hydrated my skin...it also looks more bright.
  25. My holy grail


    This is my holy grail of skincare. I tend to try different brands of skincare all the time but this is one I have stuck to through thick and thin. Since starting using this over a year ago my skins texture is so much smoother, my skin looks brighter and it help keep it feeling soft and hydrated. I have very sensitive skin and react to a lot of products easily but not this one! I will keep coming b...
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  26. WORTH IT 10/10


    Worth every cent. If you are considering the investment.. take the leap!!!
    My skin has transformed from this beauty. It is smooth and flawless. Smooth and hydrated. 10/10 again Skin Ceuticals.
  27. Favourite Serum


    This is hands down my favourite serum to date. I have purchased this multiple times, and love to try different things so have bought many serums in between, but always come back to this one.

    I can trust this serum to work wonders for my normal/oily skin, it's hydrating, improves texture, and seems to clear my complexion beautifully.

    I would highly recommend this product...
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  28. How's the glow


    Another product I bought from Jo and Hannah's PWDKWN list and it's another winner. Makes me feel very glowy after using it. It's not oily and it's not heavy either.

    I absolutely love their podcast, I've learnt so much (and spent too much) since they started it. Thanks ladies.
  29. Smoothing and hydrating


    This magic serum smooths and hydrates. Since using this at night with an HA serum I don't even need moisturiser after. Skin feels smooth, hydrated and alive.
  30. Didn’t live up to expectations


    I have oily, blemish prone skin; I had high expectations after hearing Jo rave about this on the podcast. I honestly havnt noticed any changes in my skin since starting this product a few months ago unfortunately. Very $$. I will not be repurchasing.
  31. Best serum ever


    I purchased this serum after a recommendation from a friend and I could not be happier with the results. This product performs as advertised and has everything you would want in a daily serum. It soothes, moisturizes, and gently exfoliates, leaving your skin with a healthy glow.
  32. Didn't live up to the hype :(


    I had such high hopes for this after Jo raved about it but I have been using this every day for weeks and I honestly can't see any difference in my skin texture or pores. It is fine for sensitive skin though as it hasn't caused my very sensitive skin any irritation and it has no scent. Don't think it's worth the $$$
  33. Still waiting on noticeable results


    I have added this into my routine for night time, I have not noticed any major difference over the last few weeks but will keep it up and see how I go. It goes on nicely and absorbs quickly which is good.
  34. Didn't work for me


    I used an entire bottle and it did nothing for my skin. It didn't make it worse but for the price I was expecting it to do something at least but I'm sorry to say but it didnt absolutely nothing so I won't be repurchasing this.
  35. Exxy but worth the money


    Love the Skinceuticals range! My skin was really flaring out with hormonal acne (I'm in my mid 30s) - and so I purchased this product on the recommendation from one of the AdoreBeauty chat advisors. I use it AM and PM just before my moisturiser. It really has helped calm my flaring skin and reduce breakouts. I still get pimples here and there, but using this has definitely made my skin a lot brigh...
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  36. Podcast Purchase


    Heard about this on the podcast and I have really enjoyed using it and the changes it has made to my skin. The texture of my skin is smoother and softer.
  37. I like it but......


    I bought this product after hearing Joanna sing its praises on the Beauty IQ podcast. I was curious and had to have it. I am still unsure about if I am seeing results from this product or not, my skin feels better but I cant say if that is specifically attributed to this product or my good skincare regime. I don't think I would repurchase because I think it's a nice to have product, but not a crit...
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  38. Hydrated smooth skin


    After noting Kate use this in conjunction with Vit C and Hyaluronic acid, I decided to include in my morning routine and am so glad I did. The watery serum feels hydrating and refreshing and layers well with both other serums and moisturisers. I have used daily for 2 weeks and noticed overall my complexion has evened out, feels smooth and hydrated and spf and makeup sits beautifully. I have exper...
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  39. Smooth Skin


    Purchased this after hearing Joanna rave about it on the podcast many times and so far i love it, makes my skin feel very smooth, worth the money.
  40. Super hydrating


    I have been using this product for about a year and love it. Initially I expected more of an exfoliating effect, however I was amazed with how well this product hydrates my skin and helps to maintain its barrier, despite my daily use of retinol and BHAs. I have repurchased many times and continue to use it every day.
  41. brightening


    I heard this product praised several times on the podcast, and decided to see for myself. I am glad I did, it goes on easily and is absorbed quickly. I have rosacea and this really helps lighten, brighten and even out my skin tone. Very happy with this product.
  42. WOW


    If there is ever such a thing as a magic serum, this one just might come close. Another product I've been convinced to try based on hearing so much about it on the Beauty IQ podcast and I'm SO glad I did. Since I've been using this serum every morning I have noticed a HUGE improvement in my skin. I love how its exfoliating, but also works to strengthen your skin barrier, as I have struggled with t...
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  43. Wonderful


    My face love this, I can feel my whole face has been felt so much smoother after a week of use, pricy product, but worth it
  44. Beutiuf


    As a girl in my ealry 30s, I've started to become hyper aware of the fact that my skin is not what it once was. Always on the look out for a new product that will help maintain a youthful skin, I tried this. I felt my skin looked smoother or perhaps plumper after a couple of weeks of using. I'm not 100% sold on this though for my particular skin type, which I would describe as combination normal...
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  45. Good but overpriced


    Personally, it is a good product like really saw good improvements of my skin, but for the price point there are better and cheaper alternatives.
  46. Love love love


    This product is amazing and worth $$$
    I started using this about a week ago and I have noticed my skin Is smoother, plumper and that my redness on my cheeks have gone down. Will continue using!!
  47. Evens out texture


    Using this after looking for a quality AHA serum. Definitely smooths out texture and skin looks better after a week. Tends to make my skin feel quite sticky and tight after use though, even with moisturiser/SPF over the top.
  48. Love it


    Product is well worth it girlies. My skin feels super soft when using this and I have noticed a difference in tone. I did notice blackheads on my nose if I applied this all over my face, but I now avoid applying this near my nose and my blackheads have gone. I apply this morning and night, love it!
  49. Incredible!


    Absolutely in love with this serum! It has completely changed the surface of my skin! It feels less dry, smoother, plumper, brighter and break outs have cleared including acne scarring fading! Such a great product, I won’t live without this again!
  50. Great


    I love this product and it has helped the texture of my skin a lot. My skin is left very supple and soft
  51. Blown Away by this brand!


    I have never seen such great results in such a short amount of time prior to using Skinceuticals. I layer this over the CE Ferulic serum in the AM and the Resveratrol in the PM and my skin hasn’t never been smoother, more glowing or happy. I have fine lines, dehydration and pigmentation and this just helps so much. I also adore the texture, it’s gorgeous and a pleasure to use!
  52. Avoid your foundation picking up dry patches


    I have tried retinol products which always seems to dry out my skin and starts the peeling process very early on. I also noticed my makeup was picking up dry patches of skin. I use this serum on specific areas of the face to encourage natural exfoliation and smooth skin.
  53. Super effective... in the beginning only


    I purchased this after reading about it in Adore Beauty's skincare blog and thought this may help out with the grainy-like texture of my skin that I started to experience during the winter.

    The first week of using this, day and night, I could simply tell you that this product was a miracle and did something incredible to the texture of my skin. My sister even noticed and said my face...
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  54. Holey Smooth-Skin Moley

    Liz - Adore Beauty Staff

    Wow. Instant hero product status.

    I have rosacea and sensitive skin and exfoliating products are usually a gamble for me - some days they're fine, some days I wake up with tiny red pastules on my upper cheeks. Fun, right?

    This guy though - not a chance. Exfoliated. Plump. Hydrated. Smooth. Bright. You name the benefits of exfoliation and this lil buddy has my back.
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  55. Still finding out what it does


    This review is a lot earlier than when you would normally expect to see a full review but in saying that I still like it . My skin is mostly in good condition with the occasional breakouts but texture has been driving me up the wall off late. I like this product as it helps to keep my skin moisturized for longer periods . I use this in conjunction with the skinstitut even blend serum as I love tha...
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  56. Seems to be working


    I’m extremely sensitive and I can use this.... I’ve had problematic skin that gets dry and irritated in places, and breaks out when I moisturise.

    I’ve been using this product daily for two weeks and my skin tone has evened out and the dryness has reduced. I use in combination with the skinceuticals gentle cleanser (and an occasional Cremorlab gentle exfoliant)... retexturing activato...
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  57. Miracle Worker


    This stuff is magic in a bottle. My skin has never been so clear ever! Been using for about 2 months everyday and my skin loves it so much. Just makes my skin look amazing.
  58. Just finished my second bottle


    Highly recommended!!


    I love this product, not exactly what it does for my skin but absorbs really well, love the feeling of it and fits well into my routine. I know my skin is definitely benefitting from it, because when I stopped using it, my acne was more prominent and my acne scar (bumps) are decreasing in size slowly. Live for skinceuticals products.
  60. Pricey but worth it


    My skin’s texture has suffered after years of eczema and hormonal acne. I’ve accepted I will always have blackheads and need hydra facials to manage them.

    But after about 3 weeks of using this, the whole tone of my skin has improved and I can’t believe how much my acne scars have faded. For two years I’ve
  61. Miracle Worker!


    My skin has never felt smoother or clearer! From the first day I started using the Skinceuticals Retexturing Activator I could feel and see a difference and improvement in my skin texture. A friend I hadn't seen for some months said in amazement that I look 15 years younger! (I choose to believe him :-)
  62. Bomb.com


    This stuff is amazing. Doesn’t dry me out at all like the blemish and age defends serum does, I’m still in love with that one too but I find that Im always gravitating towards this now as I find I get the same result without the over drying of my skin. This skin care line has completely changed my skin FINALLY! I’m about to turn 25 again (wink wink) at the end of April and my birthday wish was to ...
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  63. Amazing!


    I have combination skin and this serum has completely changed my skin. It has reduced the amount of blackheads and pimples i get whilst also greatly improving the overall texture of my skin. I have only been using this a few weeks and have seen great results. I would definitely recommend this.
  64. Exfoliation and mosturization in 1! Incredible results


    This product is nothing short of amazing! I have combination dehydrated skin, but this is a product that will work for all skin types, even sensitive! It's incredibly concentrated and powerful, yet gentle and effective at smoothing out texture, small bumps, smoothing out the complexion, leaving it softer and more replenished and plump all day long! I use it every day in the evening and have not ha...
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  65. Amazingly smooth skin - without downtime or irritation...

    Beauty Yoda

    An absolutely superb product which totally refines the skin whilst hydrating intensely. This super product helps to reunite the complexion with its own softness, smoothness and clarity. Used twice daily, after my SkinCeuticals antioxidants, the RETEXTURING ACTIVATOR makes the skin translucent, fresh and soft to the touch.

    Roughness, congestion and dehydration disappear, whilst the...
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  66. Another awesome product from Skinceuticals


    I use this with other Skinceuticals products, Phloretin and Retinol 0.5% and I love it! Makes my skin softer, brighter and hydrated. I can feel my skin’s overall texture and tone has significantly improved in such a short time. I can now say I can confidently go out without wearing makeup as I noticed my skin has become brighter, glowy and plump. It is expensive but intend to repurchase as I can s...
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  67. Anonymous

    This is the perfect exfoliator. It's gentle, works really well and you just pop it on under your moisturiser after you've cleansed. My skin has never felt more moisturised or smooth after using this product. I had previously been using a scrub which ended up causing rough skin on my jaw line, after using the retexturing serum my skin has smoothed out and feels hydrated.
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