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SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum - 30ml 30ml

4.6 of 105 reviews


$48.15 x 4

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$48.15 x 4

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum - 30ml

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum - 30ml

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4.6 of 105 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Can’t be without
I have fair skin with previous sun damage and some freckles-I have been using this product consistently for a year now after reading many rave reviews and dermatologist endorsements and cannot go without it in my daily routine. I order ahead to make sure I never run out. It is expensive however I find it lasts at least 5 to 6 months. The luminosity of my skin has improved and pigmentation cleared considerably. I receive more compliments on my skin now (at 41!) than I ever did in my 20’s.

Most Helpful Criticism

Disappointing Skin Ceuticals is not cruelty free
The serum is great; however, Skin Ceuticals is not cruelty free. I assumed that being 2019, most products would be cruelty free but unfortunately this isn’t the case. I wouldn’t buy this again and will look for a cruelty free alternative.
  1. Can’t be without

    I have fair skin with previous sun damage and some freckles-I have been using this product consistently for a year now after reading many rave reviews and dermatologist endorsements and cannot go without it in my daily routine. I order ahead to make sure I never run out. It is expensive however I find it lasts at least 5 to 6 months. The luminosity of my skin has improved and pigmentation cleared considerably. I receive more compliments on my skin now (at 41!) than I ever did in my 20’s.
  2. Disappointing Skin Ceuticals is not cruelty free

    The serum is great; however, Skin Ceuticals is not cruelty free. I assumed that being 2019, most products would be cruelty free but unfortunately this isn’t the case. I wouldn’t buy this again and will look for a cruelty free alternative.
  3. Love it

    My skin feels firmer and looks so nice already.
  4. Brilliant

    I have been using this product for a while now and simply love it. A few drops and it sinks into my skin it is definitely fading my pigmentation. I have tried other vitamin C products which have NOT given me results. This is one I will keep re purchasing absolutely brilliant.
  5. Must have product

    I have been using CE ferulic for many years along with other skinceuticals products and it’s my favourite serum in the range.
    It keeps my skin in beautiful condition and I seriously couldn’t live without it
  6. Brightening antioxidant serum

    This serum has helped lighten pigments and brighten my skin tone. It has really helped even out acne scars.
  7. C E ferulic

    I used to use SkinCeuticals products a while ago and have recently returned to them. I love the C E Ferulic serum. My face feels tighter and clearer even after the first use. the smell is a bit strange and you need to rub it in quickly after applying but l love it.
  8. Not sure

    I'm not sure if this product doesn't agree with my skin or vitamin c in general. I have very sensitive, dry skin that is prone to breakouts. I bought this to help lighten up some old acne scars I have. However, I noticed everyday I kept getting new whiteheads when using this. Also, the smell is horrific and couldn't get past it. However I will say the formula is really nice and lightweight. Just not for me.
  9. Amazing serum

    Absolutely amazing serum that really hydrates and brightens your complexion. Doesn’t make me break out like a lot of other serums. Smells beautiful too
  10. Great results

    I received this as a 5ml sample and it has already lasted me ages. It goes on my skin nicely and absorbs quickly. Skin feels nice and looks a little brighter. It does smell a little funny but the smell seems to evaporate as quick as the serum does into my skin. Great results so far !
  11. This is a must-buy!

    I had been receiving medical-grade fortnightly facials for 2 months, at $275 a session. I took a break and started using this product, and I have seen more dramatic results in two weeks of using the CE Ferulic serum than following any of the facials. My skin tone is more even, as is the texture. My skin is brighter and despite the cooler weather, it’s not showing any dryness or patchiness. Really loving the results and will definitely repurchase. The price is steep but it works and you only need a few drops each morning.
  12. Expensive... but effective!

    I was very skeptical and thought this might be another over-hyped product. However... it really does work. My skin is brighter, firmer and has a clear, youthful glow. Steep price tag... but worth it.

  13. Totally worth it splurge

    No other vitamin c product compares in my eyes. Expensive, but by the end of the bottle your skin will be renewed, glowing and completely redefined!
  14. Believe the hype

    This is the most expensive skin product I've ever bought, but after using one bottle (which lasts a while), I could totally justify the expense. Clear, glowy skin and reduced pigmentation. I've tried products that are meant to be dupes for this serum, but they just don't cut it. I choose to spend less in other areas so I can continue buying ce ferulic. Love it.
  15. Works for me!

    I've been using this serum for almost a year now and results are already showing. My skin feels a lot tighter and plump and sun spots are slowly fading. Have not seen any new wrinkles and lines are not prominent. I love how this absorb into the skin so easily and is lightweight so does not feel sticky or oily. Will keep buying!
  16. Really Like it..but smells odd...

    I really like this, it's a nice constancy that seeps into the skin, not oily. I look fresh and glowy after using..but I agree with some of the other reviews...has a smokey meat smell which I'm not so sure about .
  17. Beautiful product!

    I love it! It kinda smells like Ham though, which is strange but it doesn’t once it’s been applied and settled in. Beautiful product!
  18. So far so good

    I can definitely notice a difference in my skin. I love the tightening and brightening effect. Hopefully with consistent use I can reduce my makeup and just enjoy my natural glow!
  19. amazing but pricey

    Have used many brands of serums but this one actually makes a noticeable difference from the 1st time you apply it. Have received many comments on how good my makeup looks!
  20. Amazing serum

    This serum is amazing!!! So good for my aging skin! Helps soften fine lines and really brightens and evens out my overall skin tone
  21. Wonderful!

    If you are looking for a powerful antioxidant, this is it!
    I have mature skin and spend a lot of time in Airconditioning, so it can get dry very easily. This product is well worth the money - 4 drops does my whole face & neck. My skin looks more hydrated & refreshed after using it.
  22. Feeling plumped

    I ordered this after watching many YouTube raving about vitamin c, so I did my research and found this little gem! Though it’s high in price I felt immediate results in only a few days of using the serum daily, I noticed more plumper and hydrated skin!
  23. Golden drop

    I have dark spots from acnes on my face. I have used this vitamin C every morning for last 3 months, and surprisingly, the dark spots have been faded. Not to mention, I have noticed the wrinkles surround my mouth have been gradually disappeared. And the firmness of my skin has been improved significantly, no more sagging feeling.
    I read lots of reviews about the smell of this serum, but it does not smell bad for me at all. The texture is not too thick either. If you keep it in the fridge, there would be no oxidization or change in color over time. The price could be on the high side, but this bottle could last you for up to 4 months. So, it is not too big expense for a product that solve your skin problems,
  24. Love

    I have heaps of freckles and pigmentation l. I found this has definitely reduced the darkness of them slightly but only on a little nothing too major. I think with continued use will defientaly see a better improvement
  25. Expensive but worth it

    I have oily/combination skin and this serum has become my morning staple.
    You won't see results instantly, but gradually as the months go by you will start noticing a change. In my case, I started to notice less pigmentation and glowy skin overall.
    The only thing I dislike about this product is the price, but surprisingly 30ml lasts a long time. A little goes a long way!
  26. Amazing

    I was recommended this by my beauty therapist. After trying the sample I am hooked! Nothing like it! So nice! Skin is plump and glowing
  27. Confused but hopeful

    I bought this because it’s so highly rated and it was recommended to me by my facialist. I used it daily for a week and didn’t notice a significant result. I have dry/dehydrated/pigmented and rosacea prone dark skin and it didn’t trigger my rosacea (as most new products do) so that was a win. Then I accidentally left the top open overnight but resumed using it for a few weeks, again to not a lot of results, so now I’m convinced I’ve spoiled the active agents by leaving it open. My friends swear by the benefits of this product for hyper- pigmentation so I am really keen to try this again and will buy again, but definitely make sure you leave the bottle closed and out of the sun.
  28. Best serum

    Its expensive but I keep coming back to it. The best serum I have used. You notice an immediate difference. It brightens and somehow strengthens.
  29. Great for dark spots

    HG serum for dark spots and acne scarring. Doesn't feel uncomfortable on my skin and sits well under makeup.
  30. Skinceuticals obsessed

    Been using skinceuticals for years and love what it does for my skin. C E Ferulic, high in vitamin C is perfect for uneven skin tone, wrinkles and aging skin. I highly recommend skinceuticals range
  31. Best Serum ever

    I've been using this serum almost 2 year and love it. I had a lots of acne before but after using this serum my skin look clearer, smoother and younger. I can't live with out it.
  32. Expensive but lives up to its reputation

    Skinceuticals C E Ferulic: the award-winning serum with a huge price tag. I spent a year researching and road-testing alternatives.

    I read dozens of articles on ascorbic acid, l-ascorbic acid, etc... I tried vitamin c powder with average results... tried a sticky 20%-strength organic brand which clogged my pores, but otherwise didn't make much difference... I bought 2 different dupes of Skinceuticals C E Ferulic, one was sort-of good but oxidised fast. Skinceuticals patented the pH level of their serum formula which along with ferulic acid maximises its absorption & effectiveness. Vitamin C is unstable so dupes will never produce the same results

    Only a few months since investing in the Read Deal and I can see why this product is a best-seller despite the cost. My skin is plump and clear, even my forehead wrinkles are smoothing. When combined with B5 this serum is a heavenly treat for my face, neck and hands

    Save yourself the trouble of digging around for alternatives - this one is the Gold Standard
  33. So amazing

    This serum is so amazing!! Such a potent yet so amazing product! Must have
  34. Stunning

    Very strong antioxidants serum, works for my skin, brighten and lighten some dark spots. The only one thing not that nice is the smell, it got sort of bacon smell, like you just open the bacon bag from the groceries shopping. Otherwise, it is perfect, just finish within 1 month in case of ingredients get oxidising.
  35. Didn't work for me :(

    I was searching for a serum that would helps me to reduce my pores, acne scars and dark circle. I came across this serum online and after reading tonnes of reviews it build a huge expectations and so I bought this item despite of its price.
    I am in early 30's, with medium skin tone. I tend to get lots of breakouts in jaw line due to pcos and I have few pigmentations around my mouth and chin with large pores and dark circles.

    when I first opened the bottle, this serum was in dark orange color and I hope it supposed to be like that. The smell was not so good it was a bit rustic. It took around 4 to 5 drops for me to apply all over my face and neck and I have been using this item every morning for almost 4 weeks now and I haven't seen any result so far. I don't know whether I am using it correctly or I have to change my routine or apply more to make it work. But so so far nothing happened its very disappointing and I didn't expect this from a $192 serum :(
  36. Best serum I have ever used

    the serum is definitely one of the best serum I have ever used, compared to those high end skincare like La priaire, la Mer, this product is really money worth ! I can see the effect even just used for few days. Would repurchase !
  37. Effective serum

    I was reluctant to spend so much on a serum but a little goes a long way. Would have given the product five stars except for the price tag. The product is excellent, does what is says it will do and pairs very nicely with the triple lipid restore moisturiser.
  38. Luxe

    I've only tried a sample of this but it feels so luxe!
  39. The gold standard in ascorbic acid

    I use this to address some slight pigmentation on the face but mainly to prevent and enhance the integrity of my skin. I've noticed a vast improvement in the tone and brightness of my skin as well as fading exisiting pigmentation. CE Ferulic is moisturising and does not cause your makeup or sunscreen to pill after application. There have been many papers published that verify the scientific benefits of these three key ingredients and this product is the gold standard on the market
  40. Definitely improved skin texture

    I have been using this product for the past 2 months now, I feel like it has definitely improved my skin texture and made my skin look brighter. It is expensive, however I’ve only used approx 1/4 of the bottle in the time I’ve had it and that’s using it every night, so it is definitely worth it. Highly recommend
  41. Worth every cent!

    This is the best and makes such a difference to my skin. I have tried other brands of vitamin C but unable to compare. Yes expensive but this is a high quality product.
  42. Amazing

    Best vitamin c serum on the market. No need to look any further, this product contains all of the essential ingredients for healthy, radiant skin. Highly recommend.
  43. Did not help with dark spot

    I have a dark spot that appeared recently (pigmentation I think), it is a light colour but still bothers me a lot. I'm also in my 20s so I'm young to be having a dark spot. I used up the whole bottle over 3 months or so this did not help lighten it at all. however, i will still use it due to its photoprotective properties. it also did not help with blackheads or make my skin look super amazing like some people say it does, but maybe because my skin was alright to begin with.
  44. Luxurious

    I have combination skin type. After my pregnancy my skin changed a lot, melasma, dryness even wrinkles!! This serum has been in my Wishlist forever but I couldn’t get myself to spend that much specially now that I am not making that much money. I asked my hubby to get it for my Xmas present and what a change! My skin Looks alive this days!! I cannot say it helped much with the spots yet but my skin looks brighter, smoother and younger. I will buy again.
  45. Game Changer!

    I was so reluctant buying this mainly because of the price and have heard the smell is not so great, when I finally decided to purchase I was so glad I did! My skin was noticeably brighter in a few weeks, red spots and discoloring had almost gone completely and in general my face had a lovely dewy glow to it. Smell is not so great but totally worth the result!! Definitely re-buying this goody
  46. Great for acne scars

    I have brown skin and hormonal acne. I always get dark marks from the breakouts and they take ages to disappear. This product definitely accelerate this process. A bonus is that this product has minimised my breakouts. I’m happy with it and now I’m buying more products from SkinCeuticals. From what I have seen so far it’s an expensive brand but it’s worth the price.
  47. Little pricey, but very good.

    This product was a 4 out of 5 for me. I found it to be really good for day use leaving my skin feeling hydrated and glowy. Just a little pricey but I would purchase again.
  48. Pretty good

    Pretty good on antioxidant, the only thing I'm not happy with is there's no instruction on the label how many months you have to finish the bottle once open, with such pricey product we hope to use it correctly.
  49. Brightens

    This truely brightens up my skin. So far I really like this.
  50. Will keep trying

    My first bottle is nearly to the bottom, haven’t seen any obvious effect yet but my skin feels plumped after applying. I will try another bottle after this.
  51. Still waiting ...

    Recommended this by a friend who swears by it - its quite expensive but having read many reviews this is the vitamin C serum to go for given the concentration. Its easy to apply and I haven't had any adverse effect but not sure I have seen any benefit as yet. Its quite pricey so hope to see some results soon!
  52. Great product

    It was an expensive product but worthwhile since I could see my face skin becomes tighter and brighter. And it’s easily absorbable not oily at all. Use it before the daily moisturer and sunscreen. I will keep buying it.
  53. Worth every cent

    This, applied every morning, has brightened my skin and in conjunction with Skinceuticals Retinol used in the evening my skin has never looked better. Skinceuticals May be expensive but their products absolutely work giving the best results. I wouldn’t even bother with another brand anymore and I had tried a lot prior to discovering their products.
  54. Amazing if you do not have oily skin

    I’m a girl who does her research so l was very excited to get my hands on the CE Ferulic - Skin Ceuticals cult, age preventing Vitamin C. However, l had read a New York dermatologists review where she stated that the product was not for oily skin. I thought my oily skin days were over, however, shortly after l started using it - 3 red zits appeared on my nose. I’ll be purchasing the Skin Ceuticals Phloretin CF as my next vitamin C serum. This is the one the NY dermatologist recommended for oily skin.
  55. My all time favourite

    I started using this in my early 20's and I'm now in my 30's and attribute my amazing skin to this one product.
    A product worth its price tag...it actually works!
  56. Best serum

    I've been using this product for 3 months and I have to say yes it does make my skin look lot smoother and have noticed some of my pigmentations have slightly faded. Skin also feels tighter then before. Would definitely keep using as it is one of the best serum I have used so far. Highly recommended!
  57. Great product!

    This serum is amazing. Made my skin feel incredibly soft and look more even in tone from the very first application. It’s a bit pricey but worth the money. Definitely worth buying!!
  58. Can’t recommend enough

    I'm a skincare addict and I love my skincare products This product really does what it says it does. There is a reason why it is on every top list. With that said, it's crazy expensive But worth every cent If you can afford it, buy it!
  59. The best skin serum available

    This is the best skin serum I have ever used! Do not be dissuaded by the high price mark this serum is worth every dollar. The active ingredients including vitamin c and ferulic acid help to brighten the skin, refine the texture and minimise pigmentation. I have also noticed that my skin feels so much more plumped as well and is alot more hydrated. My skin no longer looks lacklustre and dull. I use this every morning with sunscreen on top and it helps to prevent free radical damage and future ageing. This is recommended by dermatologists that is how good it is! I could not live without. The only negative is that it does have a funny smell, almost like deli meat but this is just the active ingredients and I am not able to smell it after I moisturise. Despite the smell this is a must for your beauty regime.
  60. Worth it

    Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth the money? Personally, yes it is. The secret to getting the most out of this product is to apply it in the morning underneath a quality sunscreen. It does seem to oxidise quickly but I just make sure to use the dropper quickly and put it back in the bottle and tighten the lid straight away, A small amount goes a long way.
  61. Still waiting for the 'amazing' results

    I bought this serum as a beauty investment hoping for a game changer in my skin care. I have only been using it for two weeks so I need to give it more time for the results. I have still experienced a break out while using it, although I do not think its due to the serum. My post-inflammation marks do not appear to be lighter as yet. The smell isn't too bad at all and product goes on nicely. It is fine for sensitive skin. I am looking forward to hopefully seeing some results from this product with continued use.
  62. A little bit pricey but effective.

    My skin is from oily combination to normal. Because I'm just 25, I can not say at the moment if this product helps the me for the anti-ageing process, but it definitely helped even out my skin tone. Although it can be easily oxidised and the colour changed after just 1 month using, in the label they say that it will still remains effect. I would say that you should wait 3-5 mins after using this one before layering other products so that the pH of your skin to balance the skin's pH level for the most effective result.
  63. Will definitely be a repurchase for me, despite the price. It really works! My skin is clearer and fine lines are less noticeable. So glad I decided to give this a try.

    I've purchased expensive products before with no results so I really hesitated to buy this due to the price. Yes it is expensive but yes it does work! I noticed results after the first use. I've only used this for a couple of weeks so far but I know I will definitely repurchase. The difference it has made in the clarity of my skin and fine lines is noticeable. The smell is not pleasant but it dissipates quickly and I would prefer that to something heavily perfumed.
  64. My go to product

    Love this. Have been using it for a year now and have noticed a difference in he clarity of my skin and the radiance. It’s also helped with pigmentation
  65. Worth it!

    Expensive product but it really does brighten and firm. I use it twice daily though, not just in the morning as recommended. At night, I apply to clean skin and pat a hydrating night mask lightly on top to seal it in. The smell disappears within an hour. Overall, my skin is bright and clear.
  66. Pricey and stinky but super effective!

    I absolutely love this product. It has helped to even out my skin tone and has helped with my hyperpigmentation and acne scars. As others have mentioned, the scent is absolutely awful but you do get used to it. It is very expensive, but for me it’s worth the price. I apply 4 drops in the morning and follow with the Hydrating B5 Gel for the perfect makeup base.
  67. Expensive but (sort of) worth it

    Holy cow, this stuff is ludicrously expensive! Yes, it is probably the best Vitamin C serum on the market, but I can't afford to auction off a kidney whenever I have to repurchase it. I got a largish sample of this and loved it, but I just can't bring myself to fork out $180+ for 30ml of product. My quest for the perfect (cheap) Vit C serum continues...
  68. Best!

    If you are considering upping your skin care routine this should be the first thing you ad- it is worth the price! I love it, my skin is glowing, it completely transformed my skin . I have sensitive skin and this did not irritate me at all.
  69. Love this magic serum

    Skin looks so much better hydrated and plumped. Yes the smell is not amazing but you get use to it. Would buy it again for sure!
  70. Instant results

    Skin instantly smoother, brighter and firmer.
    Only need one small drop every other day so product goes a long way.
    Only downside is that it has a slightly strange smell which lasts a few hours.
    Highly recommend
  71. Best serum ever!

    I'm a 40 year old with a tendency for dry skin. I've been using this serum for 6 years. I cannot live without it. I have spent a lot of money over the years on different products but this is one that actually works and keeps working. It is the only skin care product that has helped to keep my skin clear of pigmentation and wrinkles. Expensive but lasts me 4 months.
  72. Amazing product! Changed my skin completely

    I've heard this product from some where from YouTuber then I bought it after. It was but hesitate to buy because of price,,, but best decision ever!!! My adult acne has gone and now I have smoother skin ever in my life!!!
  73. Great brightening serum

    My face is so much brighter after using this! I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and dry cheeks. I use this each morning and have already noticed a difference after just 2 weeks. The only negative things I would say would be it does make me a little oily and the smell isn’t the best but If it’s results you’re after, this does not disappoint.
  74. Not suitable

    I have a combination skin with some acne scar and enlarge pores. I bought this when i saw many positive reviews. To me, it didnt help my skin at all , just making my pores become more obvious.
  75. Expensive but worth it!

    This is the only product i would splurge on because it really works. You get what you pay for. There is no dupe as they hold the patent for the ph level. Love love love
  76. HG product

    I love love love this so much but I find it very frustrating because it's so expensive and every time I buy it I only get about a quarter to half of the bottle used before it turns brown. I wish they made a smaller option so I could at least get my money's worth out of it fully because it really is the best.
  77. Noticing a difference already

    When I started using this I was having a lot of redness and break outs. I have used for three days in a row and I would say it has halved! Can't wait to see more results. Pricey but too early to tell if not worth it
  78. Love it!!!

    Just ordered my second bottle. Have been using this for a year and can confirm this has definitely improved my skin texture.
    I have had dark spots on cheeks, it’s visibly reduced now since using this product. It’s pricey but definitely a must have for every skin type.
  79. Wow!

    This is the most expensive skin care product I have ever invested in. I had it in my shopping bag for weeks before deciding to bite the bullet and buy it. And I'm so glad I did. Although the smell is quite awful, the product absorbs quickly, and the smell dissipates after a minute or so. I have quite acne prone skin, but at 32 am also concerned with anti-anti-aging. This product hasn't broken my skin out, which is a relief. I have noticed that some of the red marks on my face have started to fade after a few weeks of use. My skin generally looks better, and more even toned. I'm hoping to see the results continue the longer I use it.
  80. The Holy Grail of Skincare

    I purchased this product after reading so many glowing reviews from beauty bloggers and everyday consumers alike. I didn't want to like it because the price was so exorbitant. I'm happy (but also slightly sad) to admit that it does actually work. My skin is so smooth and even-toned. It completely blitzed other Vitamin C serums I've previously used in terms of effectiveness. I have decided I may have to sacrifice some of my other expensive skincare to keep using this as it is having the most transformative impact on my skin. I haven't had issues with oxidisation as yet however it is Winter. I think in Summer I may need to store the product in the fridge. I leave it in its original cardboard box in a dark cupboard and screech at my boyfriend whenever he leaves the cupboard open. I would recommend this product to a friend.
  81. The best serum!

    The price is expensive, but it is well worth it. I was a bit hesitant and waited weeks to buy this, I should have bought it sooner! My skin is dry and oily, I also have pimple scars, along with small dark freckles that have been appearing in random spots. I derma roll often and I have been looking for a good serum. I have been using this serum for a month now, everyday of the week and applied in the mornings. After one use I did notice a slight difference, my skin looked more even. After a week it still looked the same but it had that glow. I started using it after derma rolling and that's when I noticed more of a difference. My skin tone is now more even, I had redness too and now they seem to be gone. I haven't noticed a difference with my scars, but I'm sure it will take time as they are a bit deep. I focused on a freckle for about two weeks derma rolling over it and applying the serum and the freckle has almost faded! This is deffinately worth the buy. If you are like me, waiting weeks and weeks coz your are thinking about the price tag. Don't wait. Just buy it, because it does work!
  82. Good product

    This product maybe expensive but it has helped with my breakouts. I also feel protected against the sun when I combine it with the SkinCeuticals sunscreen.
  83. Excellent product!!!!

    I've heard a lot of good reviews about this product but it's too pricy until there was promotion on Adore Beauty, and I then decided to give it a try.
    WOW! It worths every cent, my skin never feel better, fuller, my freckles faded, a little fine line under my eyes faded too. Will definitely repurchase it.
    Express shipping, got the product the day after order made. Every happy customer
  84. Evens and Protects Skin

    I purchased this after much research into what Dermatologists themselves use. This particular product appeared in most their routines.
    It is very pricey but I decided worth the risk. If I could have one skincare product that actually worked over ten less expensive ones I would be happy
    The serum comes in a dark glass bottle which I liked as it helps keep ingredients fresh and more active.
    To use, you simply dispense 4 or 5 drops into hand and smooth over cleansed face each morning. I was immediately shocked by the smell. It was awful. Like hot dog water!
    The serum itself was quite a watery texture and needed to be applied fast before it soaked into hands.
    It soaks into skin super quick and leaves no residue. Thankfully the horrible scent disappears fast too!
    After a few weeks of use I honestly am glad I purchased this. It has made me more confident and comfortable in my skin.
    Fine lines,marks are diminished and my skin just looks healthier and smoother.
    This fab product has definitely earnt itself a permanent place in my routine!
  85. Amazing

    This serum really does brighten your skin. 10/10
  86. Mum loves it

    got this for my mum, she is 53 and very new to using serums for the skin. she has had dark spots and pigmentation since many years and this serum is so good and potent that it has actually helped even out her skin tone and make a huge difference to skin quality and texture. she has been using this religiously since 4 months. her skin is super sensitive and literally every new product reacts but this one has been a dream so far. really good !!! worth the price tag
  87. Worth it , lightened my melasma

    This serum has been a blessing to my skin. I have melasma and it has not removed it but lightened it a lot and also made my skin brighter. A little goes a long way. Only use a small amount for your face otherwise your skin won't absorb it very well. Wait a few minutes before applying your SPF. Feel great knowing your skin is protected for 72 hours.
  88. The best of the best of serums

    I am a devotee of this serum. It never fails me and continues to pack a punch with every single use. Yes it is expensive but a dermatologist friend said it's the only one she would recommend so I went with it and have never regretted it. It melts into the skin and leaves zero residue. It's definitely helped with my hyper-pigmentation and inflammation. Never go without this product.
  89. The only skincare product you need

    I purchased this serum as I was recommended by a dermatologist.
    I use it morning AND night although the directions state only use during the day.
    Although it is quite expensive it has lasted me 8 moths and I’m still going, I only use 3 or 4 drops per use.
    My skin has become more hydrated, has a better texture, and looks glowing.
    It is the only skincare product I would never be without.
  90. Feels great on skin, but needs time to see result

    I have done laser to remove acne scars, and clinic recommended this serum for post recovery. I personally don't see a huge improvement yet, as I've only been using it for 2 weeks, so maybe still too early to tell.

    The texture feels good on my skin, absorbed really fast. I think it takes time to see big improvement for most products, so far I haven't seen what the product indicates it can deliver yet, I will give it a month and then update my new review.

    I have never used a serum as effective as this one! I have to save up for it, but i never regret it! love it! if you can afford it, you must get it!
  92. Effective Vit C serum

    I’ve used this for years and I probably won’t ever switch to a different Vit c product as it’s the most effective I’ve found. It sinks straight in, and keeps my skin glowing and strong. I spend a lot of time in the sun so this is like skin insurance for me.

    I have only just purchased this product and have been using for ten days during the day and I have already noticed a more even skin tone. I am so excited to have purchased this product as it get's rave reviews on almost every beauty site. It is also a patented product by Skinceuticals. You only need a very small amount and the bottle dropper is ideal to get the right amount so it is easy to use. So far so good - but I will know more in a month.
  94. Absolutely amazing!

    If you're going to invest in one really amazing product for your skincare routine I would highly recommend that it's this product! Although it's quite expensive it's absolutely amazing and does exactly what it says it will. I now understand why this is a favourite among so many people. A lady recommended it to my mum and she told me about it and I'm so grateful she did! After using it for a week I've noticed that my skin tone is more even, brighter, more radiant and I now prefer my skin without any foundation on it (which is huge for me since I usually want to wear foundation and concealer whenever I go out). It does smell a bit funny but the scent only lasts for a minute or so and the benefits of what this product does far outweigh the scent.
  95. Lives up to the hype

    This is one of those projects that you see on every beauty lovers ‘must have’ list. Celebrity, beauty blogger or just a random person who takes an interest in skincare, they all say that this product is one of their top favs.
    I must admit, having tried this product, I can see why everyone is raving.
    If you are going to commit any money to your skincare, then this is a product to have in your arsenal.
    For anyone over 40, you have nothing to loose by trying this.
    The trick to any effective skincare is consistency of use and buy the best that you can afford. I highly recommend you try this.
  96. Not sure

    I was recommended this product by a beauty therapist as I have pigmentation I'm trying to get rid of. It feels great and I enjoy using it everyday but for the price, I haven't noticed any difference in my skin. My pigmentation is SLOWLY getting lighter, but I'm also getting skin needling done. I'm going to try other Vitamin C serums before purchasing this again due to the price.
  97. Well worth the money.

    I have used this everyday for the last two weeks and my skin is already looking more even and fresher. I have pigmentation, rosacea, sun damage and blotchy skin. But after the 3rd to 4th day, I noticed my dark spots were not as noticeable and my skin was looking calmer and less red. They recommend 4-5 drops, but I can cover my face, neck and decolletage with 3 to 4 easy. Just rub it between your hands and dab it on. It goes a long way, but is not oily or greasy. Absorbs quickly and I haven't noticed any change to how my makeup applies. It has a light smell that quickly dissipates and I honestly do look forward to putting it on in the morning. It's nice to know I'm doing something good for my skin.

    I am now wanting to check out the rest of the SkinCeuticals' range.
  98. Great serum

    No wonder this serum is so popular - it is a great product and makes my skin feel much smoother!
  99. Great product

    It's an expensive serum but you don't need a lot of product so it lasts about 3 months. My skin feels really good since using it and some of my less stubborn dark spots have faded away. I've been using it ever morning over 6 months now and I love how my skin feels. I wish it was cheaper but it's the only product in that price range that I buy.
  100. Amazing serum

    This is the gold standard vitamin C serum, recommended by many dermatologist and skin experts. I use it in the morning on cleansed skin. It doesn't feel oily on the skin and other products go on smoothly on top. My skin looks brighter and I know this is protecting me from environmental stressors. It has a slightly off putting smell (like bacon), but the smell dissipates quickly and it's worth it for the results. I've taken one star off on account of the high price but I would definitely repurchase and recommend!
  101. Review & Earn

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