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SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum - 30ml 30ml

4.6 of 181 reviews


4 instalments of $50.00


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4 instalments of $50.00


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Super-antioxidant serum combining 15% Vit C and 1% Vit E with Ferulic Acid, to optimize protection against damaging UVA/UVB rays, help prevent premature signs of ageing, and stimulate collagen production.
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum - 30ml

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum - 30ml

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4.6 of 181 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

I love this!!!

Megan Ng

I have been suffered from acne marks and this product helped a lot to improve it. I can see my dark spots faded after a month of constant use. This product also left a glowing finish, which can work as a makeup primer. The serum absorbs into the skin pretty quick so you don't have to wait too long to move into the next skincare step. Definitely will repurchase!

Most Helpful Criticism

Unfortunately, caused breakouts


I'm ready to be crucified. I wanted this to work so badly but unfortunately, it just didn't and I ended up with a lot of congestion on my skin.
This smelly serum is said to be the be all, end all HG of Vitamin C serums and while I don't doubt it is for some, it just wasn't for me.
I introduced it slowly over two weeks and was using it daily for a further 3 weeks before I had to throw in the towel.
  1. I love this!!!

    Megan Ng

    I have been suffered from acne marks and this product helped a lot to improve it. I can see my dark spots faded after a month of constant use. This product also left a glowing finish, which can work as a makeup primer. The serum absorbs into the skin pretty quick so you don't have to wait too long to move into the next skincare step. Definitely will repurchase!
  2. this is the best for antiaging in day.


    i have been using this product for 2 years, my skin get brighter and smoother than before. This is the most effective product for antiaging!
  3. Worth every AUD$


    Finally, caved in and splurge on this awesome product. Been doing so much research about this and it's totally worth it. It works and I've always invest in buying products from skinceuticals. My skin has been great so far and I'm loving it. I just need to get a side hustle job to be able to afford this product.
  4. Worth the money


    This is one of the products worth investing in. It was recommended to me as part of a skin regime a couple of years ago by a facialist, and at the time I didn't purchase because of the price. I've now been using it for almost a year(not every day) and have noticed a definite improvement in the texture of my skin and the brightness. I have just repurchased.
  5. Beautiful serum!


    Ive eyed this serum off before but bought committed to buy it following the recommendation in the AB podcast and can say that I haven’t been disappointed! My skin can be quite sensitive and I haven’t experienced an aversive reaction. I’ve also noticed visibly brighter skin and noticeable differences when I wear make up - looks amazing! Only need to use a tiny amount so I anticipate the bottle will last a while which helps justify the investment.
  6. Best C Serum on the market for sure


    This is my favourite serum and always love to put it on every morning. I have used this serum for a year and noticed huge difference. Brighter skin and less break out.
  7. So amazing


    This has the perfect combo of ingredients I need in a morning serum. Doesn't irritate or make me break out (and I have sensitive, acne-prone skin). Can't say anything bad about it!
  8. Love the glow!


    This serum is a winner! Within a week of using this serum, I've noticed a natural glow and pigmentation also dramatically reduced. I love how it absorbs quickly even though it is a rich serum and it does not cause any irritation or breakouts. Truly worth the price!
  9. J’adore!!!


    Oh wowsers! I received a small sample which lasted for about two weeks. Using daily I almost immediately saw a change in my skin. Reduction of pigmentations, a more brighter appearance. My skin felt so amazing I didn’t even wear makeup as it felt and looked so good! The results were like coming out of a salon. The only downside was price for me but you do get what you pay for. After reading other reviews and my own experience, I will seriously consider purchasing.
  10. Game changer!


    If your going to spend $195 dollars on a serum, it would want to work/ show results. I had been using other vitamin c serums for years (Ella Bache, Aspect) and has some discolouration on my face from a graze I had that wasn’t going away. Within days of using this serum it started to fade. I’ve had the bottle for about 3-4 months now and it looks like I have barely used it so I expect it will last for some time (using 4 drops at a time).
  11. Secret weapon


    I just love what this does to my skin! I can’t even describe what this does but I know that I never want to stop using it! It’s the best Vit C product I have ever tried, it absorbs so quickly and I love the dry oil texture of it.
    It brightens my complexion instantly and layers well with peptides. Just incredible!
  12. Great serum


    Received a sample size of this and really like it. It absorbs nicely into the skin and leaves a nice glow. I’m not sure on the long term effects as I didn’t have a full bottle. Price is a little exxy so not sure if I would purchase.
  13. Great serum


    Received a sample size of this and really like it. It absorbs nicely into the skin and leaves a nice glow. I’m not sure on the long term effects as I didn’t have a full bottle. Price is a little exxy so not sure if I would purchase.
  14. Good product, but the liquid is oxidized very quickly


    Love the ingredients and the combination of C, E and Ferulic acid. it could prevent ageing or spots. But it is used very quickly and if i do not use it quickly, the liquid will be oxidized fast, so the price is not nice.
  15. Unfortunately, caused breakouts


    I'm ready to be crucified. I wanted this to work so badly but unfortunately, it just didn't and I ended up with a lot of congestion on my skin.
    This smelly serum is said to be the be all, end all HG of Vitamin C serums and while I don't doubt it is for some, it just wasn't for me.
    I introduced it slowly over two weeks and was using it daily for a further 3 weeks before I had to throw in the towel.
  16. Very good product. I can feel the difference in first use itself. Very good Vitamin C serum , little pricey but one of the best in the market


    Very good product. I can feel the difference in first use itself. Very good Vitamin C serum , little pricey but one of the best in the market
  17. Essential for 40+


    Yes it's expensive, but yes it's effective. Worth the investment. I use this daily AM and my skin looks great.
  18. Great for hydrating skin and reducing signs of ageing


    Great for hydrating skin and reducing signs of ageing. It works particularly well and I think it's worth the investment.
  19. smells medicinal


    This smells herbaceous, like vitamin C, quite medicinal rather than perfumed. Skin feels a bit sticky after using it and it seems to exacerbate my hormonal breakouts on my chin. I don't doubt it's quite active probably full of antioxidants and good for your skin but it's not the best thing for me, especially considering the price.
  20. Best serum ever


    This product makes my skin look so much younger. It makes my skin look hydrated and gotten rid of a lot of fine lines.
  21. Great Vitamin C Serum!!


    Received this as a sample...and have been using it for a couple of weeks. And I love it!! It feels goes on nice and not sticky at all...fine to use under make up too...will definitely purchase when I can afford it as it’s expensive!! That’s the only downside!
  22. Best Vitamin C serum EVER


    This stuff is incredible, I couldn't believe the results. Spots which I thought were freckles are now gone after only 2 months of use. The only downside is that it oxidises quickly so I have to keep it in the fridge. Highly recommend, if you're still indecisive it is worth reading the research that has been done on this.
  23. Obvious results


    Received as a free sample. Really enjoyed using the product and definitely could see visible results after using. People at work we’re telling me how good my skin was looking. Only downside is the price. Want to purchase but not sure I can’t justify this price.
  24. My skins new best friend


    Having seen this product discussed a lot, I was always very curious to try, however was hesitant with the price tag.
    I received a sample from Adore Beauty and within a week of daily use I noticed a difference in my skin texture, volume and brightness . Now being a month in, the use of this serum has brightened majority of my little acne scars and my skin has become plump and subtle. This is my new holy grail serum.

  25. Very good


    My skin feels soft and more homogeneous when I use this product
  26. Impactful


    So i was really happy to get this as a sample and try it. Reviews say the smell is off putting but who really cares if it does the job. It lasted me about 2 weeks so i cant really tell if it had much affect but i felt good using it. The only negative is the price and i ended up going with the Aspect C Serum. If i dont see results with aspect i will go with the Ferulic next time!
  27. Notice the difference


    This product does give you a glow, its applies nicely and goes a long way.
  28. Fabulous for normal to dry skin


    This has become the foundation of my morning skincare routine now and I honestly couldn’t live without it! Has an odd smell but otherwise feels great on and absorbs really well into my skin. Well worth the price tag as I find that a lot also goes a long way when only using it once a day.
  29. Brilliant


    Opinion/experience: At first I was a bit hesitant to purchase this product due to the price so I read heaps of reviews and decided to purchase it. I'm glad I did because within one week of using it my skin looks brighter, softer and the skin tone has evened out. My skin is quite dry and prone to eczema/psoriasis so I don't find this 'hydrating' enough to combat these issues, however I did get the SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel as a promotional sample and I combine the two together by using the B5 after applying the CE ferulic serum and the B5 helps to hydrate my skin. Also I don't know if I am having a good week (I have quite good genetics and look quite young for a 30 year old-so I don't get many breakouts or any other issues with my skin apart from the dryness) but I do feel that my face looks more plump and lines around my eyes and forehead seem less prominent.

    Suggestion: The only thing I'd suggest is allowing these oils to fully absorb before applying make up- in my case I use tinted moisturiser for the hydration but have noticed if I apply it immediately after that the product starts to almost peel. Like that look you get when you rub your skin and your foundation curls up (it's the best way I can explain it). Also if you have dry skin like myself then you will need to apply another product after the CE serum to hydrate your skin.

    Smell: I have read that the CE serum has a pungent smell to it and I would agree it does have a slight smell however it's really not that bad and you don't add enough on to notice it. You can't notice it once it has absorbed into your skin.

    All in all I would say this product seems to be working great for me at the moment and I would highly suggest to get your hands on a sample if you're still unsure about purchasing it. In saying that your skin is an investment itself so I think I will be repurchasing this product again...hopefully at a cheaper price haha
  30. Investment serum


    I got this small size to try. It is such an expensive serum but Thought it is good to give a punch to my idle skin. The smell is very funny. The texture is rather watery based and it sinks into skin straight away. I saw the difference on next day the skin tone is brighter and smoother.
  31. Love this serum, just wish it's a bit cheaper


    My skin love this serum, it feel much more hydrated and brighter after few weeks of using it. But the price is so expensive so will look for cheaper product.
  32. Awesome, except the price tag


    I love this serum, my skin just drinks it up and leaves it glowing! Unfortunately the price tag makes it lose a star for me.
  33. Holy Grail of Vitamin C


    This has been a game changer for me. I’m ultra pale with dry/sensitive skin, so it’s hard to disguise when I’m having a bad skin day. This serum has brightened my complexion, lightened my few spots, and just about erased a line under my eyes that used to be quite visible.
    I’ve tried cheaper vitamin C serums, but nothing has been able to replicate the brightness this gives my skin, nor have they been so gentle on it. If I could only choose one serum to use for the rest of my life, it would be this one, that’s how much I love it!
  34. Best skincare product I have tried


    I cannot recommend this product more highly. I have reasonably sensitive skin, and skin that I used to call dry and uneven. Using this serum has transformed my skin. It wasn't immediate (I'm onto my second bottle), but it has made such a difference. Softer skin, healthier looking firmer skin, for me it has shaved years off. Love it. Couldn't live without it now.
  35. Best serum


    I have tried different vitamin c serums before, spent money on another slightly less expansive one to avoid spending on this one but finally gave this one a go. This serum is no doubts expensive but it beats all other the moment you put it on. I saw the difference straight away. Love this
  36. Good value


    Can see very obvious improvement. Skin feels firm after using, worth the money
  37. Holy grail


    I received this in a sample and within 2 days, my face has brightened up like you wouldn’t believe seriously...... the price is a bit much ! But after seeing what it does in a time frame of 2 days, I would buy this and use it. No need to get facials done or buy 100 different serums...... acne scarring that I’ve been trying to rid for years have lightened in colour. It’s an amazing product
  38. Nice but expensive


    Love the ingredients and the combination of C, E and Ferulic acid. And i trust SkinCeuticals as a brand to bring us high quality products. It brings antioxidants to my skin and helps give it a healthy youthful glow, prevents ageing or spots. I have been using it almost every day and I really enjoy it. However, I think the price point is too high and I found that there are alternatives out there that offer the same combination of ingredients at half the price. So I wonder if I would purchase again
  39. Absolutely Necessary


    I am on to my third bottle of this incredible serum. No other serum has performed so well in improving the texture and appearance of my skin. I've always worn SPF since being 14 years old and have avoided the sun so my skin looks and feels much younger than its forty-four years, but this product ensures it will keep in optimum condition for a good while longer. It's pricy but absolutely worth it!
  40. My hero product


    Love love LOVE this serum. I tend to try lots of different products but this serum is a constant in my routine.
  41. Really works but not affordable


    I bought once for my birthday. It really works, minimised pores and evened my tones. The price is too high for me to afford. If it had a big discount, I would buy again.
  42. Big yes

    Regina Fuentes

    Love this product. Helps with fading my dark spots and reduces wrinkles.
  43. Expensive but worth every penny!


    I have used this before and I forgot how lovely it is! I recently received a sample of this serum from my AB haul, and I have redicovered my love for this serum! It really makes a huge difference in terms of skin clarity. Plus point, it also helps to protect and prevent skin from ageing! Major love!! I am currently using Skinceuticals AOX vitamin C serum and I loved it as well. All in all, I really love all of the Skinceuticals Vitamin C range and I would highly recommend to invest in their products.
  44. Would repurchase over and over again


    This serum is game changing. My skin looks more even in texture, pore size is dramatically smaller and my skin is clear.

    I have received so many compliments within a week of starting to use this product. I would repurchase this over and over again!
  45. Worth the $$$


    This is a great serum that is worth every cent! Hydrating and leaves my skin healthy and glowing
  46. Instant glow


    I’ve been using this the last week and I’m in love already. It gives me an instant glow. Although pricey, I’d definitely buy it again!
  47. 3 bottles down already


    I purchased this for my mum last year and she absolutely loves it - saw results immediately. She is now on her 3rd bottle!
  48. Best antioxidant serum ever!


    After having continuous excellent experience with SkinCeuticals' products, I decided to purchase this very expensive serum, and it sure did the justice to its dearly price.
    Despite the sticky texture after the application, which goes away quickly, anything else about the serum is amazing. I have oily skin and one of the biggest issues with this skin type is that it gets dull fast due to the excessive sebum production.
    I have tried many antioxidant products over the years to address this skin issue and this serum has, by far, the best performance among all the other products I have tried. It keeps my skin bright and energised the ENTIRE day.
    This serum also does an amazing job on fading away my dark spots and giving me a more even skin tone.
    Another thing I have noticed with this serum is that it gets darker as I use it. The vitamin c in this serum is oxidising FAST, so please use this serum quick before this active ingredient goes away.
  49. This product is an absolute miracle


    I have been using this serum for about 2 years now. My skin has changed a lot, it is very soft and healthy. I generally get allergies from a lot of products and find it really hard to use moisturezers that wont give me pimples and this serum doesnt ! A lot of my skin marks dissapeared and I ve noticed a siginificant improvement on the areas where i was starting to get wrinkles.
    My skin is very sensitive so i try not to use it everyday as I live at the beach, but nothing that using a very good sun block wont help.
  50. Pricey but works


    Maybe its because im not a massive skincare fanatic but the price is just not justifiable - can get other vitamin c products that can get the job done. And the effects of vitamin c takes a while to be visibly seen so be patient!
  51. I’m impressed


    I can see a real difference and improvement in youthfulness of my skin.
    Most importantly It doesn’t irritate my highly sensitive skin.

    I’m not sure if the price tag is worth it, but hopefully it will last a while so I don’t need to replace it often!
  52. Highly recommend


    I received a sample of this with a recent order. The price point is high however I think it would be would every penny given how good this serum works. A little goes a long way and my skin appeared brighter the next morning after applying. Thinking about purchasing the full size!
  53. Worth the price tag


    I have tried a few Vitamin C serums, but this one actually gets results. You only need a few drops in the morning, so it does last a while.
  54. Best vit C serum I've tried so far


    It is pricey but I notice a difference on my skin after using it for a month. My friend even commented that my skin is glowing and she went to buy one too! I like that there is no weird smell like some other vit c serum. Absorb quickly and I can layer my other serums easily.
  55. Can’t live without!


    This has done wonders for my dull skin! It’s brighter and smoother and feels amazing after using it. It’s become a go to product that I couldn’t live without.
  56. Does the job but not worth the price


    I just mix my vitamin c serum with The Ordinarys ferulic acid + resveratrol serum. Costs much less and you get much more. It works too. Having said that, to judge this product alone, it is amazing and does the job! Just personally dont think its worth the price tag
  57. I love SkinCeuticals serums!


    This is definitely one of my favs that suits during the day and brighten up your skin over time
  58. Not sure if I like this enough for the price tag


    Had received this as a sample and I think it’s pretty good. The price tag is just way way way too high to justify. I have tried many good vitamin c products and I don’t think $200 is a justifiable price at all!
  59. Love the product!


    Definitely brightened my skin tone after using!!! Can see obvious result!!! Love it!
  60. One of the best!


    I tried a sample of this serum and absolutely loved it! Skin was bright glowing and plump the next day! Can’t even begin to imagine what long term use would do using this! Definitely recommend
  61. Ok


    This serum had the weirdest smell. Like cat food lol. I don't know why i felt this consistency was more like an oil then a serum and wasn't sure it did that much great
  62. HG Serum


    I've been using this every morning underneath my sunscreen for the past 3 years. Yes, it's super expensive but one bottle lasts me about a year (using about 2 or 3 drops a day) and the results are amazing! Skin is so soft and my pigmentation has reduced heaps.
  63. Worth every cent


    I spent days looking up reviews online of this before I bought it, it's a crazy amount of money for me as a mum. Thankfully it has been worth every cent! My face has been through hell the last three years and it shows, but within just days of using this everyday my skin was like brand new! I dread having to purchase it again but I will make it happen as it makes this mama happy to look in the mirror
  64. The best of the best


    Hands down the best vitamin c serum. I’m always exploring cheaper options but they just never compare to this gold in a bottle.


    Whilst I've not had drastic changes in my pigmentation spots, I love this product. My skin is radiant and soft, acne flaring up a lot less, smooth and the spots are starting to fade. I think it is genuinely working on the hyper pigmentation. I think I just need to patient and eventually will achieve the results I want. Would definitely recommend and repurchase this product. Swear by Skinceuticals now.
  66. Wow!


    I was lucky to receive a deluxe sample of this and wow! It has helped my fine lines and post acne marks so much in a matter of weeks. Highly recommend for lovers of vitamin C! It didn’t irritate my skin at all either with other Vit Cs have done!
  67. Unsure


    I’ve been using this for two months. I have combo skin and it hasn’t caused any breakouts. It’s light and pleasant to use but has an odd smell - although I think this might be common with vitamin c products. I haven’t seen any improvement in my skin yet, but maybe it’s too soon to tell.
  68. Good


    This vitamin C leaves my skin glowy, radiant and healthy looking. However i find that I achieve similar results with a much affordable vit c too
  69. Yes Yes Yes! Love this so much!


    I received this as a sample and everything about it is a big YES! My complexion is so beautifully bright and hydrated! Everything I have ever wanted from a Serum!
    Best sample I have ever received from Adore and I’ll be purchasing the full sized product! I can truly endorse it’s worth the money!
    I’m so very happy with the wonderful results!
  70. Worth the price.


    I love this product, my skin was looking tired and fine lines seemed to be quite prominent, like they say as you get older your skin starts loosing firmness. After using this product for a week my skin is looking firmer and hydrated and am confident after continuous use my dark spots will lighten even more.
  71. Gold standard in Vitamin C day serums


    This serum is truly the gold standard in day vitamin C serums.

    You wont see dramatic results immediately, but once you stop using it, you'll realise how good it is. It has quite a medicinal scent, but I like that. I need additional hydration on top of this product, but I have dehydrated skin. I found all my other products just work better when using this.

    It keeps hyper pigmentation at bay. While it wont magically get rid of pigmentation altogether, it does reduce the appearance of it and helps to prevent new damage occurring. My skin just looks clearer and even when using this product.

    The downside is that it is expensive, but very much worth it if you can afford it.

    It does last a number of months and you only need a few drops per application.

    For reference: my skin is fair, dehydrated (I very rarely get pimples) with freckles and some pigmentation; I have green eyes and dark blonde hair.

    The best. The end.
  72. Wanted to love it


    I received a 5mL sample of this and I REALLY wanted to love it. I've tried cheaper vitamin C serums too and i just don't feel like the effect of C E Ferulic justifies the HUGE price. I don't suffer from melasma, discolouration or dull skin though, so that may be why my results haven't been as revolutionary as other people's. However, if vitamin C serums work for you, this would be worth the try.
  73. Amazing


    I recieved this as a sample and it was instant love , my skin was firmer and glowing, I will be purchasing the full size and trying other products they offer now in this brand.
  74. Really sad


    I was so excited to try this given all the amazing reviews. Can confirm it does brighten the skin and improve the overall appearance however I think it may be too harsh for me as every time, without a doubt, I end up breaking out. I’ve stopped and retried it a few times now and keep getting the same result. I’m really sad as I do love using it but the breakouts aren’t worth it.
  75. Good... but still waiting for amazing.


    This product certainly does nice things for the skin, I feel my fine lines are softening a little and the overall texture of my skin has improved. But after using for a couple of weeks it’s nothing amazing. Which makes me wonder if it’s worth the massive price tag. I have switched to using at night instead of in the morning as it can cause spotting and redness, but it seems to have a better effect on my skin when using on its own when going to bed. A little on the fence with this product.
  76. Can’t be without


    I have fair skin with previous sun damage and some freckles-I have been using this product consistently for a year now after reading many rave reviews and dermatologist endorsements and cannot go without it in my daily routine. I order ahead to make sure I never run out. It is expensive however I find it lasts at least 5 to 6 months. The luminosity of my skin has improved and pigmentation cleared considerably. I receive more compliments on my skin now (at 41!) than I ever did in my 20’s.
  77. Disappointing Skin Ceuticals is not cruelty free


    The serum is great; however, Skin Ceuticals is not cruelty free. I assumed that being 2019, most products would be cruelty free but unfortunately this isn’t the case. I wouldn’t buy this again and will look for a cruelty free alternative.
  78. Brilliant


    I have been using this product for a while now and simply love it. A few drops and it sinks into my skin it is definitely fading my pigmentation. I have tried other vitamin C products which have NOT given me results. This is one I will keep re purchasing absolutely brilliant.
  79. Must have product


    I have been using CE ferulic for many years along with other skinceuticals products and it’s my favourite serum in the range.
    It keeps my skin in beautiful condition and I seriously couldn’t live without it
  80. Brightening antioxidant serum


    This serum has helped lighten pigments and brighten my skin tone. It has really helped even out acne scars.
  81. C E ferulic


    I used to use SkinCeuticals products a while ago and have recently returned to them. I love the C E Ferulic serum. My face feels tighter and clearer even after the first use. the smell is a bit strange and you need to rub it in quickly after applying but l love it.
  82. Not sure


    I'm not sure if this product doesn't agree with my skin or vitamin c in general. I have very sensitive, dry skin that is prone to breakouts. I bought this to help lighten up some old acne scars I have. However, I noticed everyday I kept getting new whiteheads when using this. Also, the smell is horrific and couldn't get past it. However I will say the formula is really nice and lightweight. Just not for me.
  83. Amazing serum


    Absolutely amazing serum that really hydrates and brightens your complexion. Doesn’t make me break out like a lot of other serums. Smells beautiful too
  84. Great results


    I received this as a 5ml sample and it has already lasted me ages. It goes on my skin nicely and absorbs quickly. Skin feels nice and looks a little brighter. It does smell a little funny but the smell seems to evaporate as quick as the serum does into my skin. Great results so far !
  85. This is a must-buy!


    I had been receiving medical-grade fortnightly facials for 2 months, at $275 a session. I took a break and started using this product, and I have seen more dramatic results in two weeks of using the CE Ferulic serum than following any of the facials. My skin tone is more even, as is the texture. My skin is brighter and despite the cooler weather, it’s not showing any dryness or patchiness. Really loving the results and will definitely repurchase. The price is steep but it works and you only need a few drops each morning.
  86. Expensive... but effective!


    I was very skeptical and thought this might be another over-hyped product. However... it really does work. My skin is brighter, firmer and has a clear, youthful glow. Steep price tag... but worth it.

  87. Totally worth it splurge


    No other vitamin c product compares in my eyes. Expensive, but by the end of the bottle your skin will be renewed, glowing and completely redefined!
  88. Believe the hype


    This is the most expensive skin product I've ever bought, but after using one bottle (which lasts a while), I could totally justify the expense. Clear, glowy skin and reduced pigmentation. I've tried products that are meant to be dupes for this serum, but they just don't cut it. I choose to spend less in other areas so I can continue buying ce ferulic. Love it.
  89. Works for me!


    I've been using this serum for almost a year now and results are already showing. My skin feels a lot tighter and plump and sun spots are slowly fading. Have not seen any new wrinkles and lines are not prominent. I love how this absorb into the skin so easily and is lightweight so does not feel sticky or oily. Will keep buying!
  90. Really Like it..but smells odd...


    I really like this, it's a nice constancy that seeps into the skin, not oily. I look fresh and glowy after using..but I agree with some of the other reviews...has a smokey meat smell which I'm not so sure about .
  91. Beautiful product!


    I love it! It kinda smells like Ham though, which is strange but it doesn’t once it’s been applied and settled in. Beautiful product!
  92. So far so good


    I can definitely notice a difference in my skin. I love the tightening and brightening effect. Hopefully with consistent use I can reduce my makeup and just enjoy my natural glow!
  93. amazing but pricey


    Have used many brands of serums but this one actually makes a noticeable difference from the 1st time you apply it. Have received many comments on how good my makeup looks!
  94. Amazing serum


    This serum is amazing!!! So good for my aging skin! Helps soften fine lines and really brightens and evens out my overall skin tone
  95. Wonderful!


    If you are looking for a powerful antioxidant, this is it!
    I have mature skin and spend a lot of time in Airconditioning, so it can get dry very easily. This product is well worth the money - 4 drops does my whole face & neck. My skin looks more hydrated & refreshed after using it.
  96. Feeling plumped


    I ordered this after watching many YouTube raving about vitamin c, so I did my research and found this little gem! Though it’s high in price I felt immediate results in only a few days of using the serum daily, I noticed more plumper and hydrated skin!
  97. Golden drop


    I have dark spots from acnes on my face. I have used this vitamin C every morning for last 3 months, and surprisingly, the dark spots have been faded. Not to mention, I have noticed the wrinkles surround my mouth have been gradually disappeared. And the firmness of my skin has been improved significantly, no more sagging feeling.
    I read lots of reviews about the smell of this serum, but it does not smell bad for me at all. The texture is not too thick either. If you keep it in the fridge, there would be no oxidization or change in color over time. The price could be on the high side, but this bottle could last you for up to 4 months. So, it is not too big expense for a product that solve your skin problems,
  98. Love


    I have heaps of freckles and pigmentation l. I found this has definitely reduced the darkness of them slightly but only on a little nothing too major. I think with continued use will defientaly see a better improvement
  99. Expensive but worth it


    I have oily/combination skin and this serum has become my morning staple.
    You won't see results instantly, but gradually as the months go by you will start noticing a change. In my case, I started to notice less pigmentation and glowy skin overall.
    The only thing I dislike about this product is the price, but surprisingly 30ml lasts a long time. A little goes a long way!
  100. Review & Earn
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