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Ultimate Guide to Masks
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Luxe Masks
Since Cleopatra bathed in goat's milk and her fellow Egyptians made facial masks of honey, skincare products have evolved. You no longer require a goat to gain the exfoliating benefits of lactic acid. The hydrating properties of honey have been developed into silky, not sticky, formulas. Although these age-old skincare secrets and recipes have evolved, their bases of natural ingredients have remained reassuringly similar. Today, you can enjoy the glow of Cleopatra's goat's-milk bath simply by reaching into the cupboard. Lovingly crafted, luxurious commercial facial masks promise to reward your skin with a multitude of benefits. Who'd have thought that just a 10-minute spa-worthy treatment could create such radiant skin? It's a secret beauty experts have known for years and an effect that specially formulated treatment masks excel at providing. Our Luxe range of masks showcases the best nature has to offer alongside simply boast-able results.
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Professional Masks
Some skincare products are everyday maintenance heroes, whereas other products are weekly saviours that renew, replenish, and revive. Facial masks fit into the second category, providing treatments or effects beyond the reach of your daily routine. Masks are targeted, concentrated, and efficacious. Unlike daily-use moisturisers and serums, masks provide an intense shot of revitalising nutrients to kick-start your skin's hydration and renewal process. Some of the most effective masks include exfoliating and collagen-boosting ingredients such as glycolic acid, an AHA; and salicylic acid, a BHA. These ingredients, when combined within a mask, provide instant hydration and conditioning teamed with long-term anti-ageing benefits. Masks are also perfect for preventing the caked finish that often results from applying foundation to dry skin. Pop on a hydrating sheet mask or an emollient cream or gel mask before makeup to prepare your complexion for flawless coverage. Whatever your aim, our Pro range of masks offers great ingredients in proven amounts to boost your skincare routine from average to superb.
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Essentials Masks
Has your daily skincare routine recently stalled in benefits? Are you still searching for that one miracle product that gives your complexion the right glow, firmness, or blemish defence? Have you been seeking a little indulgence to make your skin look and feel like it enjoyed an all-day spa experience? If you're presently nodding yes, yes, and yes, we have just the products for your skincare routine—or, should we say, just the masks! Facial masks are multipurpose products that can remove daily sebum build-up and impurities whilst also adding moisture, improving texture, and even defending against blemishes. The skincare benefits of a mask are far-reaching. Whether you're concerned with signs of ageing, hyperpigmentation, or sebum control, our Essentials range covers all bases. If you have dry or dehydrated skin, choose from one of our Korean-inspired, hydration-focused sheet masks. If you have combination or oily skin, choose one of our detoxifying kaolin clay masks. If you're concerned with signs of ageing, choose an exfoliating peel with active hydroxy acids. Whatever your concern, add one of our Essentials masks to your weekly skincare routine to ramp up the benefits your skin receives.
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Ultimate Guide to Masks

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