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4.5 of 36 reviews


4 instalments of $37.50


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4 instalments of $37.50


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The intensive moisture-boosting SK-II Treatment Mask is enriched with Pitera which deeply hydrates skin. Reviving and relaxing, it leaves skin noticeably radiant, soft and crystal clear.

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.5 of 36 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This mask gives my skin an instant hydration. It leaves my skin so soft. Perfect for winter season.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not too impressed


I got the mask as part of the starter kit. I love the essense, I love the moisturiser, but, I had a breakout when I used the mask. I did, however, left it on longer than the packaging suggests. This stuff is so expensive, I had to maximise and left it on until it felt a little dry. The next day I had a few zits. It was good to try but I am not purchasing this on its own.
  1. Expensive but worth it!


    I got this in the starter kit and absolutely loved it! It leaves your skin super hydrated, clear, calm and GLOWING!!! I felt like my skin just looked so clear and flawless and incredibly smooth! The effects also lasted well into the next day. So while this is very expensive for a sheet mask, I think the effects are worth it and would recommend it if you have a special occasion to go to! Or as a weekly or fortnightly splurge!
  2. Hydration


    This mask gives my skin an instant hydration. It leaves my skin so soft. Perfect for winter season.
  3. skin felt so good


    skin felt so good after using, although i don't really like the fitting and the think and hard paper. serum is ways better than facial essences
  4. Expensive, but I just use these for special occasions


    No other mask makes my skin look so hydrated and dewy! It also doesn't cause me to break out in my oily t-zone. It is expensive for a mask but I just save these for special occasions, will definitely always repurchase.
  5. Leaves skin feeling amazing


    Gives my skin an instant glow and hydration but not sure if I would pay that much again
  6. Worth please price

    Regina Fuentes

    A bit expensive but this is the most hydrating and moisturising face mask ever. 100% worth the price.
  7. Best sheet mask


    Most effective sheet mask I’ve ever used. Better than Lancôme Advanced Genifique mask. It has become more expensive over the years but it’s a good quality mask! I save the extra serum to use over a few nights following application of the mask and after those few days, get a thorough pampering of my skin.
  8. great but expensive


    This is a great product but very expensive so hard to justify regular use
  9. Expensive but worth it


    This mask is amazing at restoring tired, dull skin. It’s expensive but great at giving skin a boost before a special occasion.
  10. Magical


    This is the best mask I've ever used. Leaves my skin extremely plump, hydrated and glowy. Complemented well with my oily, acne-prone skin.
  11. great product


    A great product that left my face feeling very moisturised and didn't irritate my sensitive skin!
  12. awesome


    great product. have to massage it after the mask. very good!
  13. Calming Mask


    I've been having a bit of trouble with my skin lately due to the seasonal change - I'm glad to say this had a calming effect on my skin and added some extra (much needed) hydration.
  14. Love this mask


    This is the first time I have used sk-II and I love it. The mask makes my skin hydrated and calm.
  15. Not too impressed


    I got the mask as part of the starter kit. I love the essense, I love the moisturiser, but, I had a breakout when I used the mask. I did, however, left it on longer than the packaging suggests. This stuff is so expensive, I had to maximise and left it on until it felt a little dry. The next day I had a few zits. It was good to try but I am not purchasing this on its own.
  16. Amazing


    These masks are amazing! Certainly pricey but an amazing boost of hydration in each mask
  17. If you can afford it....


    These masks are beautiful, they feel so self indulgent & left my skin soft, hydrated & plump. But I feel there are other masks on the market that are almost as good for less $$ as I treat I use them sparingly
  18. Love these masks


    These masks are luxuriously beautiful on the skin. It just feels expensive when you apply it. The mask is very comfortable and my skin looks gorgeously plump and hydrated afterward. I have quite sensitive combo skin and I am very happy with these sheet masks.
  19. Refreshing


    I received one packet of this as a sample and was quick to try it initially it was sooo refreshing and I really liked it I enjoyed the cold feeling it had on my face and was so nice to relax with it although the face shape was too small for my head but I made it work :) might purchase it is in my Wishlist now haha
  20. Ultimate Treat Yourself Mask


    SO Worth every penny, this mask is my go to when I need to unwind and relax, or when i am travelling.
    The mask is so hydrating i even make sure to rub in the extra serum after removing the mask onto my face and neck to soak up the goodness!
  21. An indulgence


    I gave these only 4 stars because of the price. They feel really nice on your skin and after removing it my skin straight away felt more plump and hydrated, and this feeling was noticeable for the next couple of days. I'm not sure if this is recommended, but there's enough liquid in the packet that I reused my mask a second time. Keep these in the fridge if you want a nice refreshing mask experience!
  22. Instant Benefits


    This is not a mask that I see long term benefits from using -simply because it is a mask and not a serum that you consistently apply, however for its purpose of providing instant hydrated and glowy skin, I love this! If you have a big occasion coming up, it is a go-to for prepping your skin, but for everyday I wouldn't use this and probably stick with cheaper face masks.
  23. Luxurious mask


    These masks feel very luxurious and really help my skin but they are on the more expensive side.
  24. product is semi worth the price


    This face mask works out quite pricey but is a nice treat when you want to relax and rejuvenate your skin.
  25. worth the expense


    I find these masks great as a treat. Super moisturising.
  26. Just not worth it


    I'm a big mask skeptic and haven't ever found one that does as advertised. This wasn't bad, but I really didn't notice the effects lasted more than a day. My skin was really hydrated and glowing the day after use until I washed my face, then they more or less disappeared. Not worth the pricetag for me.
  27. Expensive but worth it


    I first purchased these masks to keep my skin dry on a long flight to the US. So worth the money. My skin felt amazing even after a long 15 hour flight. I will be purchasing again for long haul flights and for use in the lead up to events
  28. Expensive but great product to use every once in a while


    These are very expensive but i think worth it! Definitely not an every day product since they are so expensive but they are so moisturising and immediately fix up dry or peeling patches of skin. Perfect for before a big event or night out or on a plane when your skin gets dry or to use the night before a big day in a hot place. Love this!
  29. Fantastic stuff


    Wonderfully hydrating mask. It clears up my dry spots and doesn’t irritate my sensitive, angry skin.
  30. Monthly Treat


    I treat myself to an SK-ii mask once a month. It's the best-- also during or post long haul flights. Seriously lovely, can't live without.
  31. My favourite mask


    This is a very expensive face mask but it is wonderful! After using it, my face feels softer, whiter and clearer. The effects last for the next few days too & my skin stays pretty clear. It is an expensive product so I use it with other (cheaper) face masks.

    The SK II masks are more hydrating, the effects last longer, your skin looks noticeably clearer & better & each packet holds A LOT of liquid containing the Pitera & other ingredients. In saying that, I think a few of the cheaper masks are good to use week to week to give my face a pick-me-up so I don't have to use the SK II masks as often. Now I only use the SK II masks for special occasions. I think they are great masks overall.
  32. Love this mask


    They are expensive, but oh so worth it for a special occasion or event. It leaves my skin soooooo hydrated and smooth, the morning after I use it my makeup sits perfectly!!!
  33. Good mask


    I use this mask at night when you need the extra moisturize. I don't recommend to use the mask and go out, this mask needs to be clean before .
  34. Stinky


    I heard so many rave reviews about this mask so I had to give it a go.
    It's made from a thick cotton drenched in the pitera essence. Unfortunately I can't bear to use the Skin Treatment Essence because of the fermented stink and this is the same. Actually it's worse because the smell from the Essence dissipates when it dries but this mask stinks for as long as it is left on the skin.
    My skin did look lovely and plumped up but these days there are so many great masks out there I don't want to have to put up with the smell.
    Also the mask does not fit well, the eye holes are too small for me and I have to pull and tug so the mask is not getting in my eyes.
    And it only just fits my face, no overhang for my jaw and chin.
    Not worth the high high price tag.
  35. hydration and glow


    I do love this product, it really hydrates my skin and the next day it does feel plumper and clearer. I have dry skin and it does give it a hydration boost.
    the mask comes with a lot of extra liquid so As I take the mask out I squeeze the product down into the foil packet to be used another time or on my neck and hands. They are expensive but lovely especially in the lead up to an event. I would use the mask every other day!
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